Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo | A Kiss for the Petals Series

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Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo (その花びらにくちづけを) began as a simple yuri visual novel that features a really light yuri story. It emphasized the soft romance between two girls and quickly became one of a kind in a world dominated by fetishist and heavy materials. It was also one of the firslonging t ecchi visual novel that features purely yuri relationships. Because of its uniqueness, it soon gained widespread popularity not only within the niche, but among many anime fans.

Following the success of the first game, Sono Hanabira quickly expanded into a series of games that all cater to the sweet fluffy side in us. Since its humble beginning, the visual novel series has also prompted several associated artworks, light novels, drama CDs, an artbook, and even an anime adaptation.

Impeccably complemented by Peko’s gorgeous artwork, Sono Hanabira is definitely one of the most adorable things I have ever seen.


Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Anata to Koibito Tsunagi anime OVA
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi
Hanabira OVA – Mai x Reo

Subbed Download.ass Subtitle Script [Yukaru]
Trailer 1 | Trailer 2
Release Spoilers 1 | 2 | 3

Visual Novels

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo download
A Kiss for the Petals
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo
Hanabira 1 – Yuuna x Nanami

Review/ Impression
Download | MirrorBuy
English Patch [Count Pacula] | Chinese Patch

Sono Hanabira 2 Watashi no Oujiko-sama download
A Kiss for the Petals – My Dear Prince
Watashi no Ouji-sama
Hanabira 2 – Sara x Kaede

Review/ Impression
Download | MirrorBuy
English Patch [AXYPB] | Chinese Patch

Sono Hanabira 3 Anata to Koibito Tsunagi download
A Kiss for the Petals – Joined in Love with You
Anata to Koibtito Tsunagi
Hanabira 3 – Mai x Reo

Review/ Impression
Download | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Buy
English Patch [AXYPB] | Chinese Patch

A Kiss for the Petals – Join by a Hand like a Lover – Remake
Anata to Koibito Tsunagi – Remake

Release Announcement
Download | Mirror | Buy

Hanabira 4 Aishisa no Photograph download
A Kiss for the Petals – Beloved Photograph
Aishisa no Photograph
Hanabira 4 – Sara x Kaede

Review/ Impression
Download | Mirror | Buy
English Patch [AXYPB] | Chinese Patch

Hanabira 5 O Anata o Suki na Shiawase download
A Kiss for the Petals – The Joy of Loving You
Anata wo Suki na Shiawase
Hanabira 5 – Mai x Reo

Review/ Impression
Download | MirrorBuy
English Patch [AXYPB] | Chinese patch

A Kiss for the Petals – Whisper with a Kiss
Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite
Hanabira 6 – Yuuna x Nanami

Download | Mirror | Buy
English Translation [AXYPB/Yuri Projects]
Chinese patch

Sono Hanabira 7 Amakute Hoshiteru Torokeru Chuu download
A Kiss for the Petals – Sweet Enchanting Kisses
Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu
Hanabira 7 – Runa x Takako

Release Date | Release Announcement
Download | Mirror | Buy
English Patch [AXYPB] | Chinese patch

Sono Hanabira 8 Tenshi no Hanabira Zome
A Kiss for the Petals – Dyed with an Angel’s Petals
Tenshi no Hanabira Zome
Hanabira 8 – Eris x Shizuku

Release Date | Release Announcement
Download | Mirror | MirrorBuy
English Translation [AXYPB/Yuri Projects] | Chinese patch


Release Information
Download | MirrorBuy
English Translation in Progress [Unkind’s Eroge Blog] | Chinese patch

Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu
A Kiss for the Petals – Melting Hot Adult Kiss
Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu
Hanabira 9 – Takako x Runa

Release Date | Release Announcement
Download | Mirror | MirrorBuy
English Patch in Progress [Yuri Project] | Chinese patch

Lily Platinum

A Kiss for the Petals – Lily Platinum
Lily Platinum
Hanabira 10 – Eris x Shizuku

Download | Mirror | Mirror | Buy
English Translations in Progress [Yuri Project] | Chinese Patch

A Kiss for the Petals - Maidens of Michael Michael no Otome-tachi
A Kiss for the Petals – Maidens of Michael
Michael no Otome-tachi
Yurin Yurin – Risa x Miya

Release Announcement
Download | MirrorMirror | Buy

A Kiss for the Petals - Lovers of Atelier
A Kiss for the Petals – Lovers of the Atelier
Atorie no Koibito-tachi
Yurin Yurin – Risa x Miya

Download | Mirror | Buy

A Kiss for the Petals - Angel's Adoration Tenshi no Akogare
A Kiss for the Petals – Longing of an Angel
Tenshi no Akogare
Yurin Yurin – Chiaki x Ringo

DownloadDownload [torrent]

A Kiss for the Petals - The Angels’ Spring Romance Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi
A Kiss for the Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance
Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi
Yurin Yurin – Yuuno x Satsuki

Release Information
Download [torrent]Buy

A Kiss for the Petals - Snow White's Knight Shirayuki no Kishi
A Kiss for the Petals – Snow White’s Knight
Shirayuki no Kishi
Yurin Yurin – Rika x Sayuki

DownloadMirror | Download [torrent]Demo | Buy
CG | Mirror

A Kiss for the Petals - The Angels’ Promise Tenshi-tachi no Yakusoku
A Kiss for the Petals – The Angels’ Promise
Tenshi-tachi no Yakusoku
Yurin Yurin – Narumi x Akira

Download | Download [torrent]

Light Novels

Sono Hanabira light novel Christmas
Christmas for the two of us – 二人のクリスマス

English Translations [Wings of Yuri] | Raw

Sono Hanabira light novel Vacation

Our Vacation Together – 二人のバカンス

English TranslationsRaw

Sono Hanabira light novel Summer
Summer for the Two of Us – 二人の熱い夏


Sono Hanabira light novel Valentines
Valentines for the Two of Us – 二人のバレンタイン

English Translations [Wings of Yuri] | Raw

Sono Hanabira light novel Curtain Call
The Curtain Call Never Ends – カーテンコールは終わらない


Sono Hanabira light novel Lovers Kiss
One More Lovers’ Kiss – 愛のキスをもういちど


Sono Hanabira light novel Extra
Extra Story – 番外総集編


Sono Hanabira light novel Southern Island
Enchanting Kisses on a Tropical Island! – 南の島であまとろちゅ!

English TranslationsRaw

Sono Hanabira light novel Rhapsody
A Valentine Rhapsody – バレンタイン狂騒曲

English Translations [Yukaru / we define useless!] | Raw

Sono Hanabira light novel Tight Summer Squeeze
Seize the Summer! – 夏をぎゅっとね!

Release Announcement | English TranslationsRaw

Sono Hanabira light novel Noisy Girls of the Beach Hanahira Side Story
Noisy Girls of the Beach – 渚のかしまし娘たち

Release Information | Download

Sono Hanabira light novel Couple's Goal Tape
Couple’s Goal Tape! – 二人のゴールテープ !

Release Announcement | Raw

Sono Hanabira light novel Extra Story 2
Extra Story 2 – 番外総集編 2

Release Information

Sono Hanabira light novel Wrapped In Your Warmth
Wrapped In Your Warmth – ぬくもりに包まれて

Release Announcement | Raw

Sono Hanabira light novel extras
Light Novel Extras


Sono Hanabira light novel Spring Flash
Spring Splash – スプリング・スプラッシュ

Information | Download

Drama CDs

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Zutto Shiawase na Kiss Download
Zutto Shiawase na Kiss


Sono Hanabira Drama CD Kaede-chan Super Mode Download
Kaede-chan Super Mode


Sono Hanabira Drama CD Zutto Issho no Natsu Download
Zutto Issho no Natsu


Sono Hanabira Drama CD Suki Suki Mai-san Download
Suki Suki Mai-san

Download | English Translation Script [akayuki] | Audio Made Visual [dclives]

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Yume no Youna Hibi Download
Yume no Youna Hibi

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Kayoi Tsuma Dai Ari Download
Kayoi Tsuma Diary

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Kaede-chan no Niizuma Cooking Download
Kaede-chan no Niizuma Cooking

Release Announcements | Download

Sono Hanabira A Cozy Spring Vacation Risa Miya Drama CD
A Cozy Spring Vacation

Release Announcement Download | English Translations

Sono Hanabira Reo Mai Drama CD Reo no Wagamama Gohoubi Days
Reo no Wagamama Gohoubi Days

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Golden Vacation of Risa
Golden Vacation of Risa

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Our Campus Life
Our Campus Life

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Black-Haired Lovers
Black-Haired Lovers

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Hydrangea Season
Season of Hydrangeas

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Kitten Love
Kitten Love


Sono Hanabira Drama CD Our Private Morning Straight from a Movie Eiga Mitai na Futari no Asa
Our Private Morning Straight from a Movie


Xenocross – Music Box Of Memories

Xenocross - Box of Memories Sono Hanabira doujin

InformationDynasty Scans


Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Artworks
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Artworks
Artbook by Peko

Release Information | Scans

Animated or Audio Shorts

Sono Hanabira Reo x Mai Diaries Download
Reo x Mai Diaries

Download | Youtube playlist

Sono Hanabira Hanahira Anime Download
Hanahira Anime

Youtube playlist

Risa-Miya Theatre Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo
Risa-Miya Theater

Batch ReleaseYoutube playlist | English Youtube playlist

Chia-Rin Theatre Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo
Chia-Rin Theater

Youtube playlist

Reo-ppoi Radio Special - Reo-ppokunai (non-Reo-ish) Radio Summer 2013: The Regular Anzu Hana supported by Izumi Ayaka
Reo-ppoi Radio


 A Kiss For The Petals – Rikka-Sayuki Theater Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Natsuyuki Gekijou
Rikka-Sayuki Theater

Youtube playlist | English Translations

Bonus Stories

English Translations | Raw

Web Series

Girls' School Confessions Joshikou no Waidan 女子校の猥談 translation
Girls’ School Confessions – 女子校の猥談

English Translation [Ralen] | Raw


Hanabira music Amai Hanazono BGM

Amai Hanazono | Mirror

Hanabira Music Innocent Flower Fortune Telling

Innocent Flower Fortune Telling Information | Download | Youtube

We Wish You A Yurry Christmas InformationDownload

First Love Melon Kiss Download

BGM Soundtrack rips and others [Marking] | Mirror
Ending music


FAQ on playing the games (Marking)
Buying Japanese Visual Novels (Marking)
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Purchase Hanabira Products:

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4,633 Responses to Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo | A Kiss for the Petals Series

  1. Luna says:

    Do you still have the Sono Hanabira Ova? The download link was broken Y_Y

  2. mutopis says:

    It took them a while but China delivered the Sono Hana Complete Album

    Here is a Mediafire link

  3. popo says:

    I think this website is dead, there has been no english of the semi-new sono hana series released in such a long time.

  4. for those of you still here. some update.
    maidens of michael has been translated upto chapter 57

  5. devilhai31 says:

    the link for A Kiss for the Petals – My Dear Prince english patch is down 😦 anyone who have another link for me to download?

  6. Aliza says:

    Does anyone know if there’s an english patch for Lily Platinum? I’ve been waiting forever! I could have learned japanese or chinese by now 😦

    Can someone help me please?

    • no patch is available but it is fully translated.
      if you want to know the update, emailing Craig directly is probably the fastest but he seems busy nowadays.
      and also, learning japanese might be better since you can also use that for reading other stuffs/real life applications.

  7. fairytailez says:

    all of the sonohanabira games have disappeared from the install menu on playonmac. what happened?

  8. anon says:

    is maidens of michelle being worked on?

  9. anon says:

    are the latest hanabiras going to be translated? im not really concerned about a time or date would just like to know if they will get an english translation, so far 1-9 fully translated.

    • tamed lion says:

      Yes, they’re working on maidens of michael. They are almost halfway through with the script. Of course it doesn’t mean, that the translation progress in total is halfway done. So, t’ll surely take a while.
      Dunno, if any other games than lily platinum and maidens of michael are being worked on.

  10. mutopis says:

    ChiakixRingo drama CD Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Ajisai no Kisetsu

    • Tigress56z says:

      Where can i download the song “reason” from sono hana. its the end song in maidens of michael, Lovers of the Atelier, and Shirayuki no Kishi. where can i download the song? it also has a japanese name, Someone plz give me a link.

  11. anon says:

    Is the CG for the iOS/Android game A Kiss For The Petals – For Old Times’ Sake available for download? No clue if the fact it is an app game would prevent that. thanks

  12. Mister Rabbid says:

    Will they ever update this page? Or are the translations that say “in progress” actually still in progress? It’s been several months….

  13. membership4 says:

    hey guys i think i found an english patch for my dear prince aka the second game in the series

    heres the link

  14. Tigress56z says:

    Where can i download the song “reason” from sono hana. its the end song in maidens of michael, Lovers of the Atelier, and Shirayuki no Kishi. where can i download the song? it also has a japanese name, Someone plz give me a link.

  15. Tigress56z says:

    all those light novels look good!! i want a translation!!!!

  16. Tigress56z says:

    I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but my visual novel reader suddenly stopped working on for my Sono Hana Maidens of Michael. If i try to open the game with the reader a message saying “Hanamika Exe has stopped working. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is found,” The novel works, just not with my translator. I thought about redownloading the game but then i would lose my saved files and im not even sure if it will work. The VN reader works on my Lovers of the Atelier and Shirayuki no Kishi, but not for Maidens of Michael. Does anyone know how to fix it? The name of my Visual novel reader is: Visual Novel Reader.

  17. Tigress56z says:

    ugh. and i just found out my vn reader doesnt work anymore on my lily platinum. whats the deal? i guess it could be my translator and not my novels. but it used to work…


  18. Gabii says:

    where are that photo album who have the size of the nipples of each characther >.<?

  19. Zay99 says:

    Hey guys ^^
    when I launch Snow White Knight, an error message is displayed in japanese except one world : “extrans.dll”
    so if you know what it is, I would like some help please ^^

  20. St. Michael Girls’ School has announced an official English release of A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met, the latest visual novel featuring Risa and Miya. This marks the official launch of A Kiss For The Petals outside Japan. More information will be available on 4 July.

  21. ROD silva says:

    The english patch links for the Visual novels arent working for me, atleas the one’s associated with AXYPB, can you fix it? pls.

  22. Do you guys know when the translation will come out for SonoHana 9 and 10? Haven’t heard any updates in half a year. -.-

  23. anime says:

    hey is there a link to download sonohanabira 2 for mac ? and the english translation link seems to be down. your help is greatly appreciated !!!!

  24. mutopis says:

    New drama CDs for C88
    >A Kiss For The Petals – My Extraordinary Lover
    >What will become of Rikka’s feelings for her extraordinary lover?!

    >“Huh? We’re gonna be guidance counsellors?”
    Freshmen Rikka and Sayuki from the main campus are both going to become guidance counsellors for the students at the annex campus…
    But the supposed career guidance counselling center turns out to just be for advice on life and love!

    >“Which is why we, of the ‘Best Couples,’ were called to service.”
    However… Rikka, ignorant in matters of love, isn’t very helpful!
    Sayuki, on the other hand, being the annex’s former student council president, is adored by scores of underclassmen…
    With her self-confidence in tatters, what will become of Rikka’s feelings for her extraordinary lover?!
    >A Kiss For The Petals – HappinessSweets
    >Their first time cooking together will be to make mouth-watering sweets

    >Aya and Ai are twin sisters as well as lovers…
    Aya has certainly adjusted to her new home now, but when she was first brought in, she could never gauge the mood, and was constantly stepping on landmines, disrupting the family harmony!
    “Every time you opened your mouth, you would say something wrong. Mom ended up looking like she wanted to cry.”

    >So today, Ai has announced she’s making sweets to make it up to their mother!
    But of course she’s never made anything before, so she’s totally dependent on Aya for help…
    “Hey, are you going to make them or not? Which is it?” “Aya, you’re so heartless!”
    Their frisky yuri cooking has only just begun

    • mutopis says:


      >Yuricycle Radio Special – Risa and Miya’s Kamakura Pottering

      >Risa and Miya’s Yuri Kamakura Pottering!! A special edition of the web radio series, “Yuricycle Radio,” on location at the long-sought, distant(?) locale of Kamakura!

  25. for those who still ask where to download english patch, especially sonohana my dear prince (sonohana 2)
    here’s the link :!r0VjgBpI!VVJLhDe0JovRGmKboMA0okHJiCqxkGTrMUqwFBYt_ls

    the credit goes to “Kotori” (original post july 18, 2015)

  26. Kuroshi says:

    Sorry if someone had already mentioned this, but I just found out that “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o – Deatta Koro no Omoide ni (Remembering How We Met)” is going to be on steam. So I thought i’d share in the case that some didn’t know. (also pardon my english/ grammar)

  27. random8822 says:

    Hey, am i allowed to post a link for games 1-17 (only 1-9 is translated)? It also includes cg, the ova, some of the light novels, the cheats (in game choices), and hanahira. let me know if i can post it here, anyone who wants to can translate it too.

  28. dunno about you guys but, I’m actually worried about Yi right now O_O

  29. Micah says:

    Hey I just recently upgrade my windows to Windows 10, any idea how to run sono hanabira’s VN such as Hanamika or Shirayuki in win 10? cuz when I tried to run them they the kanji’s didnt turn out well and the settings for regional language is different than in windows 7 😦

  30. Kiyria says:

    Try to do this:
    open Control panel > click Clock, region and Language > click Region > click tab Administrative > click Change system locale > click japan >>> your PC will restart
    After restart it should be fixed. ^-^v

  31. Centifolia says:

    This may come off as sudden request but does anyone have the video of We Wish You A Yurry Christmas wherein the CGs of SonoHanabira Otometachi is being presented in a slideshow?

    It is a simple slideshow but it holds too many memories for me. Ever since my harddrive broke, I became desperate to redownload it but I just can’t. Whereever I look, it is nowhere to be seen.
    By any chance, does anyone here have it?

  32. I simply couldn’t depart your site prior to suggesting
    that I extremely enjoyed the usual information an individual supply on your visitors?

    Is going to be again often in order to check up
    on new posts

    • Centifolia says:

      If by, “new post” you are reffering to updates on the VN, then you are out of luck…kinda. This guy has not updated the place in years and there has been alot of new SonoHana releases lately.
      Hope he updates it once he gets back online . Hopefully

  33. Sign123 says:

    Can anyone give me some information on anything related to Sono Hana since Yu stopped posting like new games any updates on translations i know that the creators pretty much said to stop it but im sure there are still some people that are working on the translations and some people with connections to Sono Hana downloads.

  34. Miun216 says:

    Where i can download A Kiss for the Petals Lily Platinum in English ?

  35. Yuriko says:

    I am a fan of Sono Hanabira and I want to support your webiste, I am a lot of latest file, please contact me by e-mail =) , let’s construct a yuri world

    • Annonymus123 says:

      Do you have A kiss for the petals – My Sworn Love for you in english ?
      I Really want to play the Game but i can’t find the english pach anywhere

  36. Dalsoon says:

    Did you play the new SonoHana ? I’m so disappointed cause Peko doesn’t draw anymore..

  37. Kotori says:

    Sono Hanabira 1-9 English Patches!r0VjgBpI!VVJLhDe0JovRGmKboMA0okHJiCqxkGTrMUqwFBYt_ls

    Sono Hanabira 10 Patch (Lily Platinum)!jlcQTb5a!jD4QC9v4DmdxruCwoqGZTRKO-bo9-tZniGEPQLKLX-A

    Patch instructions:
    Sono Hanabira 1
    Just extract and drag the files into the game directory. If you don’t understand there’s a Readme file for it.
    Sono Hanabira 2-9
    Run the .exe file. Choose the directory of the game and patch.
    Sono Hanabira 10
    Extract and drag the MGD file into the game’s directory

  38. Sakura Anaru says:

    An anon on 4chan uploaded the new game:

    ” As I promised, here’s the Rinagisa game

    Event and character CGs

  39. yurichan220 says:

    Hey, everyone! I missed you all! I am now known as YuriChan220 instead of YuriFan300. How are you all doing? Here’s a new story for you all~!

  40. yurichan220 says:

    Anyone have the Chiaki-Ringo Theatre translations? The YuriProject site seems to be dead.

  41. YukaMitsu says:

    Someone please reupload all the patches with dead links.

  42. I have two questions, 1st question, when are we going to get a Rikka x Sayuki game?
    And 2nd question, How would people feel about a kiss for the petals game taking place in New York?

  43. Namiko says:

    If at all possible can someone please upload the 3 music cd’s
    – Innocent Flower Fortune Telling
    – We Wish You A Yurry Christmas
    – First Love Melon Kiss

  44. SkyTheGoldenKitty says:

    So, I can’t download Hand 10? None of the links work. The main gives me a 403 error, and the mirrors won’t download. Any help or a fresh link?

  45. Long Phạm says:

    Sorry, I got two bugs when playing SH5
    I captured screenshot and post in here:
    Can you help me?

  46. Can someone send me a zip file of both Kitten love and My Extraordinary Lover?

  47. Here’s the link for the Rikka x Sayuki story I’ve been working on since March
    I’m hoping St. Michael might turn this into a game, so that way I could direct and co-write and voice one of the characters for the game.

  48. Kyuu says:

    Where i can find A Kiss For The Petals – Lovers of the Atelier english patch ?

  49. If there was a crossover rhythm game, that crosses over Fig2090 Reviews (my original series), A Kiss for the Petals, Yuru Yuri, K On, Sakura Trick, and A channel, which characters do you want to see as the main representatives for A Kiss for the Petals?
    (Only from the main generation)

  50. I have a question just a question. always not be able to run the game sono hanabira maidens of michael with a language pack in English or Spanish that I searched the game in those two languages ​​and only have it in Japanese or when a language pack was launched to English Please somebody answer

  51. Ever since Lovers in New York, I’ve been wondering, which of the of the other couples (excluding nurse garden) do you want to see with fig and ayano?

  52. Ioni says:

    the new generation!eY4mUTwD!qCQXkTJqtKyyPjofD1WwdrjbLqSBkK_NPR89OiK0XI4

    unrar with the password:

  53. Hanabira waitingfan says:

    About its light novel, are there anyone be translating it?

  54. Ekaril says:

    Someone have the english translation for “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Nukumori ni Tsutsumarete”?

  55. Hope says:

    I hope the light novel will be translated 😀

  56. B-ko says:

    any walkthrough for the new generation series, please? QwQ

    • Kiyria says:

      Hazuki x Manami : 2-2-1-1
      2nd Hazuki x Manami : 2-2-1-3-1
      Aya x Ai : 2-2-1-1-
      I won’t let her go
      Nagisa x Rina : 2-2-1-2-

      I havent play the other route…so I only know the answer
      Hope it will help u 🙂

  57. Alucard says:

    Anyone wanting to get ANY Sono Hana release – . Even the first 1 is uploaded. And yes, checked today. So that makes 10 times 4 hours of sweetness if you let it go on Auto. With the newest addition it goes up to around 46 hours, maybe even longer.

  58. wizurai says:

    Does Anyone have the english patch for hanabira 3?
    if it so,please give me the link to mediafire.
    yoroshiku ^_^

  59. hi everyone, i finally found ‘A Kiss For The Petals – The Day We First Met’, is ‘Remembering How We Met’ version with H-scenes, but too bad is Japanese version only. So i just leave the link down below if you guys still wanted it.

    Scroll down and look for “GET THIS TORRENT”, and click it. (remember to change your computer to Japan locale before play it)

    For those who still looking for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 1 to 10 English version,

    Go find them in A and S

  60. xixi says:

    Hii!!! Can somebody help me? Someone who can share the
    Drama CD: Making Up Like Never Before ( mai x reo … 2016)

  61. I know it’s a bit late to ask, but if Nanami is chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee now, does that make Yuuna retired or something?

  62. kevin says:

    Been a fan of this blog for what feels like 10 years… I’m happy to see its still up!!!

    • Me too! I remember browsing this site a lot 4-5 years ago when i was going through a yuri and Sono Hanabira phase. Hahaha, It feels nostalgic visiting this page again. And it brings back quite a lot of memories… ^^ It’s somewhat saddening that it’s inactive and not getting updated anymore, But hey, at least the download links are still up, and elicits all sorts of recollections…

  63. DarkHeartedAlchemist says:

    Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I translated the Shizuku and Eris novel, Wrapped In Your Warmth. If you’re interested you can grab it here:

    A little disclaimer: this is an amateur translation, done by an eager fan who decided to contribute to the Sono Hanabira community, even if just a little. If it isn’t too much trouble, I’d like it if you guys could drop some feedback (doesn’t matter positive or negative, I don’t discriminate) at my mail adress here:

    Also, in the near future I’m planing to translate the Sara and Kaede novel, Curtain Call wa Owaranai, so look forward to it. I’ll certainly update you guys on it whwn the translation will be finished. So… I guess that’s from me for now. Keep on rocking, and may the yuri side of the force be with you all.

  64. Jiwei says:

    A lot of these download link is not working tho, I wonder if there’s anyone that can help

  65. Jan says:

    On the wiki a project was created dedicated to “Sono Hanabira”

  66. Jatrawut says:

    Drama CD – Cooking Kaede-chan no Niizuma Cooking deleted by Mediafile. Please Reupload too.

  67. Tsuki-chan says:

    My Sworn Love for You – Anata ni Chikau Ai walkthough is 2-1-2

  68. yozora says:

    Anyone got the 10th anniversary songs?
    I want to buy in the gyutto tho but doesn’t have cc. trying to find a way to pay with other payment method but if there’s anyone got the songs I’m very thankful

  69. DerpMan says:

    Does anyone even have the English patches anymore? I was hoping to play Eris and Shizuku’s second story but I can’t seem to get my hands on the patch.

  70. crunchychenara says:

    Welp. I’m here six years late. Links for the nurse games are down. *wipes tear*

  71. Megumiaki says:

    Walkthrough for Revolution! Rinagisa (れぼりゅーしょん! りなぎさ) is 1-2-1. (I actually got this one on the first try for the first time in my time with this series, even though it was in Japanese…)

  72. Megumiaki says:

    “Yuririn” (ゆりりん) or “Yuricycle”, which started as a web series about cycling featuring Sono Hanabira characters and then was adapted into a visual novel, includes a ton of real-life photographs of the locations the characters visit on their bikes. As I played through the VN, I thought it might be fun to use the information in the text and the images to find the locations that the images depicted on Google Earth and follow the characters’ progress on their bike trips. It ended up being both a lot of fun and a pain in the ass, since some of the locations were particularly difficult to find, but I eventually compiled a Google Doc with links that take you to the closest approximation of each photograph in both the web series and the visual novel that I could make by positioning the camera in Google Earth. I initially did it so that I could easily find each location again when I replay it in the future, but since it took quite a bit of time, I thought it would be nice if more people other than myself could take advantage of it. Once you click on a link, you can then look around yourself to see what the area and scenery might look like from the perspective of the characters in the story.

    Here’s the link to the doc:

    It contains links to a Google Earth version of every single real-life photograph (in the order they appear) in both the web series and the visual novel (so if you don’t have the visual novelーI had to actually buy it, since I couldn’t find raws anywhereーyou can follow along with the web series instead), STARTING FROM Chapter 30 in the web series. There are a couple of real-life photographs earlier in the story, but I didn’t bother tracking them down since they weren’t part of an actual cycling expedition.

    There’s currently no translation patch for the visual novel, but the script is almost completely identical to that of the web series, which HAS been translated into English. You can find the whole translated web series here and use it to follow along in the visual novel:
    Note that the visual novel includes an additional chapter that wasn’t part of the web series, so that short section has not been translated. I was able to almost completely understand it even as a relative beginner in Japanese, but if you don’t speak any Japanese at all and don’t care about hearing the story voiced, you may want to just read the web series instead of potentially paying money for the VN.

    I personally enjoyed the story quite a bit, so, even though it’s all-ages and the focus is more on cycling than yuri, I’d still recommend it. (Plus, any excuse to hear Anzu Hana playing Satsuki again is a good excuse.)

    • Jan says:

      Interesting idea. Can you do it through google map? Not everyone has chrome installed

      • Megumiaki says:

        There’s no easy way for me to convert it to Google Map links as far as I know, so you may just have to install Chrome. A better option for people without Chrome though might be to get the Google Earth app on mobile. The links work with that just fine.

  73. Megumiaki says:

    One more thing to add for now:
    I compiled an exhaustive list of the walkthroughs for every game in the series that has choices in a Reddit post here:

    I personally verified each one, and I did a bunch of testing to figure out what the true correct answers for each game are (since most games allow at least one wrong answer, most of the other walkthroughs found online have some answers wrong, even though they still work). Hope you all find it helpful!

  74. サクラ says:

    If anyone passing by happens to have any of the most recent drama CDs, particularly the Narumi x Akira, Yuuno x Satsuki, and Aya x Ai ones, I would seriously appreciate download links for those. I don’t live alone, so it would be really risky to actually buy them since they can only be purchased physically. That cover art is not discreet at all. I’ve scoured the internet, and haven’t found them anywhere. Thanks in advance!

    This is the Sono Hanabira discord I made around last year, there are only 24 members on here, but growing bit by bit, you can all join if you want to.

  76. YuriAddict30 says:

    I don’t know if you all know this but Lovers of the atelier has an translated version now! But the translation is kinda off in some parts but still it’s in English!

  77. Jan says:

    If there is an opportunity, throw off covers of disks in high quality, it is desirable, of very first disks

  78. SkyDevs says:

    Does anyone have the link to those Angel’s Series? I’m looking for (Longing of An Angel & The Angel’s Spring Romance) ,the original link posted is dead, and another one i found on the comment section data got corrupted, i’ve been searching in other website too but no hope, if anyone have the game/link pleases reply here it would help me alot and for other people that is searching for the games too, thank you

  79. Sturluson says:

    how many series does it have? I really don’t know T.T
    i’ve played only 1-10 (lily platinum) it seems like there is more than that, thank you

  80. KH says:

    Does anyone have the link to Mai x Reo diaries with english translation?

  81. jayme mcginley says:

    Anyone feel that Sono Hanabira is truly dead? Cause it’s not as active as it used to and now nothing’s new going on, nor translations to the nurse games or any other game are out. IT SUCKS!!

    • Jan says:

      Yes, you’re right
      On “hanabira fandom” I’ve gathered even more information about this series

      • jayme mcginley says:

        Oh, show me!

        • SealedOff says:

          I don’t think it would be wise to just stop here for them even though they probably already have made a lot of money(I don’t know exact). If they were to even overpay a translator to translate all their works, they’d still profit—prob even more than they alr have in the long run—as the series would definitely gain even more popularity among the large English speaking audience.
          I just like to think they are translating some of their works and preparing to release them(that’s what I hope).

    • SealedOff says:
      It’s not completely dead, they probably just advertising older works.

      • jayme mcginley says:

        I can’t read Japanese. XD What are they doing nowadays?

        • SealedOff says:

          I can’t read Japanese either, but Twitter has built in translator. According to [], they are apparently working on this web series? (the date says “5 October 2017 (active)”) I don’t know anything about it at all though, apart from what I read from the synopsis.

    • YayaSamuko says:

      Possible. Maybe they are waiting for new people to start invest in the game as now, their sales were rather low. I am still hoping that we will get awesome news from them soon though

  82. Yurii says:

    Does anyone has Suki Suki Mai-san audio made visual?

  83. How would you guys feel about an Animated Sono Hanabira feature film, that primary focuses on Rikka and Sayuki, in terms of further developing their relationship?

  84. SealedOff says:

    Does anyone have the original high quality CG pack for “Remembering how we met” please?? I would really like to download the CGs.

  85. KH says:

    Does anyone have Remembering how We Met game but with H scenes? I know that it is yet to be translated

  86. J.S says:

    Does anyone here still want the ‘A Kiss For The Petals – The Day We First Met’ download link? (It’s japanese btw, but still… <3)

    • Ruby says:

      Me, please

      • J.S says:

        Here’s the link [torrent/magnet]: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6ae494ee0d3587b77c45772dccf3efd3e91f35fc&dn=%5b161028%5d%5b923254%5d%5b%e8%81%96%e3%83%9f%e3%82%ab%e3%82%a8%e3%83%ab%e5%a5%b3%e5%ad%90%e5%ad%a6%e5%9c%92%5d%20%e3%81%9d%e3%81%ae%e8%8a%b1%e3%81%b3%e3%82%89%e3%81%ab%e3%81%8f%e3%81%a1%e3%81%a5%e3%81%91%e3%82%92%20%e5%88%9d%e3%82%81%e3%81%a6%e5%87%ba%e9%80%a2%e3%81%a3%e3%81%9f%e3%81%82%e3%81%ae%e6%97%a5%e3%81%8b%e3%82%89%20%e3%83%91%e3%83%83%e3%82%b1%e3%83%bc%e3%82%b8%e7%89%88%20(iso%2bmds).rar
        Tell me if it’s working later ^^

  87. 赤紫りん says:

    Does anyone have English patch of all series Sonohana?
    I just find some english patch of 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9

    • Jan says:

      Open “web.archive” and insert a link with AXYPB. Select the desired patch and delete part of the link to the second https in the search bar

  88. Onochie Nebedum says:

    I don’t know if anyone is still around to answer this question, but has anyone noticed that the ending song for the 7th and 8th entry of Kiss for the Petals, ‘Impromptu Seduction’ is nearly impossible to find on the internet?

    • SealedOff says:

      Nearly impossible, but at [] it exists(find the game)but you would have to record it and turn it into an mp3/m4a file for only audio. Also, I don’t think those 2 ending songs are exactly the same?(they have a minor variation I think)

      • Onochie Nebedum says:

        Ah, thanks. And yeah, you’re right. The songs have different lyrics in those games. Shame, though…I really like that song. 😦

        • SealedOff says:

          If you really like the song, honestly, it’s not that hard to record it and turn it into an audio file because… there are online converters!!

    • YayaSamuko says:

      I have noticed indeed. I really like the song as well

  89. Onochie Nebedum says:

    One more question regarding this, but is there a reason Impromptu Seduction is difficult to find? Is it copyright-related?

    • SealedOff says:

      I don’t think it’s about copyright issues. I do think that they own the rights to the song and stuff but I highly doubt they would be searching all over the internet for that 1 song just so they could claim it.
      Some examples are their most famous song, “Innocent Flower Fortune Telling”, on Youtube, not copyrighted. Another is the “Twinkle Star Sweetie Star”, all 3 versions of this song exists on [], 1 version of it exists on Youtube. I mean the list goes on from “First Love Melon Kiss” to the “Amai Hanazono” songs. To me, it seems like they don’t really care about copyright unless someone claims it as their own song.

      • SealedOff says:

        So I think the reason is that the visual novel/couple/song are all not that popular, so they don’t get attention and don’t get their ending song shared.

  90. Laya Chaz says:

    Thank you very much. You guys are awesome

  91. YayaSamuko says:

    Hello. I just wanted to say that I am very thankful to everyone here for being awesome.

    Though if it’s not too much to ask, does anyone still have the link to get Shirayuki no Kishi? All of the download links available that I found are no longer working. Thank you and have a yuri day

  92. Princess Sakal says:

    Hi everyone it’s my first time messaging here. I am searching in the internet about the Full version of the Sono hanabira kuchizuke wo New generation OPENING. Do you guys have the link of the song???

  93. Naguya says:

    Are there some news about english translations for Sono Hanabira games up to 12?
    And does someone have links for light novels or anything related to Eris and Shizuku (mainly in english)?

    • Naguya says:

      No news specially to Sono Hanabira Anata ni Chikau Ai? I want so bad to read the continuation about Eris x Shizuku!

      • SealedOff says:

        Nope, I don’t think so. Visual Novel translations seemed to have stopped right before VN_13(Snow White’s Knight) and I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more translations soon.

        • Aya says:

          I heard Snow White’s Knight (Shirayuki no Kishi) was translated somewhere and available to play? Do you have any information?

        • SealedOff says:

          Nope, well at least not fully. There was a project on youtube some time ago though where a team translated it as far as the trial version covered, but their “current translator (t2k) being extremely busy with IRL stuff,” and I don’t think they ever got back at translating it… sadly.

          First episode

          Last episode

    • DarkHeartedAlchemist says:

      In regards to the light novels, I translated the Eris x Shizuku one a while back

      Enjoy, and I hope the grammar mistakes won’t make your eyes bleed too much 😉

  94. Arch says:

    I want to tell and asking about reoxmai drama cd link is broken. Anyone who knows the replacement?
    The title is Kayoi Tsuma Diary

  95. Leve says:

    I found most of the drama CDs, but i can’t find 23th which is A Kiss For The Petals – A Kiss Heralds Happiness (Rina & Nagisa). Does anyone have that CD?
    And i also want to find a music CD Party Time!
    I’d really appreciate it if you could upload it.

    • polocool95 says:

      Hi Leve! I don’t know if you will read this, but are you still interested on the Party Time album? And well, that’s the 10th anniversary album of the franchise, right?
      If you want it, on these days I’ll upload it as an (possible) advance of a Sono Hanabira music collection, in my Nyaa account (same name as here) and my blog

      • SealedOff says:

        Yes! You should absolutely upload it, as well as whatever Sono Hanabira music you’ve got on you! I’m really surprised this blog is still active here and there.

  96. Leve says:

    Does anyone know about this game called Revolution! ai aya?
    It said it’s under development, but it still hasn’t been released. Above link is all i have found. Is there any other news about that game?

    plus, what happened to this series? why isn’t the new work coming out? Is it hard to expect new games to come out?

  97. SealedOff says:

    Hello, does anyone here have the full anime that I can download or watch WITHOUT ANY SUBTITLES OR CAPTIONS? I really need it so please help me out here!

    • Leve says:

      Download part 1. You don’t have to download all the files if you want just anime. In OVA folder, there are anime file.
      It contains subs but the video is not encoded with the subs, so you can turn on and off subtitles.

      • SealedOff says:

        Umm, yeah thanks… but I can’t unzip it, “split archive not supported”? Do I have to combine to unzip it or something?

        • Leve says:

          First of all, I want you to know this. Even though it contain subs, the reason i tell you this is that i thought that turning off subtitles is the same as without subtitles. Is this what you were looking for?

          Plus, i’m sorry for my mistake. There are three files in OVA folder, but i find two files contain captions at the end. So if you want without any subs or caps, you have to download part 2 too.

          If you use WINRAR, you can unzip that. Select OVA and click extract. I want to help you but cause in my country, possession of anime is illegal so I can’t upload anime for you.

        • SealedOff says:

          Oh I’m so sorry, I was trying to unzip using “WINZIP” for iOS but now that u said it, tried it on my laptop, and it works without an error message. Thanks for the correction anyways, I really appreciate your help! Needed the version without subs to get frames from the anime 🙂

  98. Rosmah Desu says:

    Do any of you have a link of where I can download the English Ver./Patch of Shirayuki no Kishi? (And maybe Angel/Tenshi Series) Because that’s the only game I haven’t played in SonoHana series and it is indeed kinda frustrating TwT (I can nderstand Revolution Rinagisa! Still don’t have English ver) But I badly want to play Snow White’s Knight

  99. Rosmah Desu says:

    Still, I am surprised there are still people commenting here despite this site stands for a long time. It would be lovely if the site is still alive hihihi (Hoping there are working for the translation of Shirayuki no Kishi. I will be patiently waiting for the complete English translation. If only I know how to make an english ver /translate a VN, I would gladly lend my hand. Tho I can understand some Japanese due to watching anime for years, tho I can read mainly at Katakana) anw Good Day Everyone UwU

  100. Rosmah Desu says:

    I hope they’re still working for Shirayuki no Kishi and Tenshi series’ English Trans. Only these series I haven’t played in all of their VN games. It doesn’t matter if how long it is I just want to make sure that the series is still alive. huhuhu

    • SealedOff says:

      If you have the job and money perhaps you could hire a team of translators and coders 🙂 help us all!

      • Rosmah Desu says:

        That would be great but the problem is I am a broke weeb and still a mere senior high school student, I would love to help and contribute but I don’t have a power to do that. Indeed a great idea you have there but I hope you understand 😔

        • Rosmah Desu says:

          If only someone with the big heart who can afford it, I would be very grateful to that person. It will save us all SonoHana fans :3

  101. Jan says:

    We wish you a yurry christmas

  102. GG says:

    Anyone who still has active links for Shirayuki no Kishi? Will definitely appreciate it

  103. Pingback: 백합관련사이트 -

  104. Jambrong says:

    Link CD Drama? :
    Kayoi Tsuma Diary
    Kaede-chan no Niizuma Cooking
    Black-Haired Lovers
    Season of Hydrangeas

  105. Suzuku Naki says:

    Hello I’m looking for CD Music Party Time! Does anyone have it?

  106. Anis restrict says:

    Does anybody have the free download link for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata ni Chikau Ai ? (To translate it’s a kiss for the Petals My sworn love for you) I hope to get a reply soon on this, thank you

  107. Anis restrict says:

    and another question, no body have an english patch for Both snow white’s knight and My sworn love for you games ? please reply posting their links, and thank you again

  108. Jan says:

    If someone has questions about this series, write them here:

  109. SealedOff says:

    I’ve recently found out that Calpis Soda was somehow involved in the making of the We wish you a yurry christmas’ music CD.
    Fuguriya stated that they were a mystery voice actor in their official website, also appearing under the “Song and appearance” section.
    Does anyone here actually know how they were involved in this as a “mystery voice actor”? Did this drink brand just send some random employee to go sing with them or what…

  110. Eroge Protagonist says:

    Does anyone has the “Extra Story 2 – 番外総集編 2” is the only Light Novel I can’t find it, I would love to have at least the extra story「二人と二人と二人の夏祭り」that is exclusive from this compilation.

    • SealedOff says:

      A tip for those who change their system locale in order to play the Visual Novel games.
      Instead of having to change back and forth, there’s a ☑️checkbox you can check that says
      Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support
      I ran a few of the earlier games and it works fine for me, so you no longer need to change locale and restart to run the VNs.

    • SealedOff says:

      You can buy it at
      It’s 128 Pages long and costs ¥1400.
      There’s a sample of the story in the sample images gallery.

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  123. polocool95 says:

    Here’s the link of the 10th anniversary album in flac, enjoy it!
    I’ll apreciate any help on finding all the other music CDs in flac, and maybe the Drama CDs, just contact me on any of the methods listed on the torrent description

  124. SealedOff says:

    Greetings, do any of you remember seeing the “Reo Kawamura” album cover in the light novel 愛のキスをもういちど(Kiss Me One More Time)? It was on page 12 I think.
    As the story goes, the album was released by Reo with the help of her mother as she was acquainted with a record company.

    Well, I cleaned it up in photoshop as Mai’s head was clipping slightly into the album art, as well as made a transparent .png file of it so you can layer in whatever background you like.

    ↓here’s the link to the album art↓

    • Jan says:

      What materials do you have in English?

      • SealedOff says:

        I have some materials in english, here’s a brief list of them.

        1. Anime English sub, and Turkish if anyone wants.
        2. Main series visual novels 1-6 but I don’t have the patch, just the post-patched game in their entirety.
        3. Light novels, main series 1-11, not counting the Extras Roundup, and all the Comiket bonus stories, 75-86.
        6 of the main series light novels were officially translated and released for free(without the CG) with the help of translator Ralen and editor Craig Donson. These 6 are 二人のクリスマス、二人のバカンス、二人の熱い夏、二人のバレンタイン、南の島であまとろちゅ!、夏をぎゅっとね!. When Craig Donson’s website was still up and running, there was a download which included all the translated Comiket bonus stories and the 6 light novels mentioned above, that’s where I got them.

        That’s about it, there also an unfinished translation project for Snow White’s Knight and more patches, ↓link below↓

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