I occasionally might link downloads, mainly games, OSTs, videos…etc, unlicensed and inaccessible in the U.S. These links are mainly meant for U.S. viewers who would like to sample these materials but cannot. If for some reason, the contents of my links become licensed and I am unaware of this fact, send me an email or post a comment, and I will remove the links. Also, if anyone would like me to remove anything for any copyright reasons, I will do so immediately as well.

At times I also link images by others in some posts; the same applies.

I do try to credit everything though, and if I missed something, I apologize.

While I think it is good to provide certain unavailable materials for sampling or use appropriate media to further the qualities of my posts, copyright is a serious legal and ethical issue, and I will try to find a good balance between the two, with an emphasis on obeying ethics and copyright laws.