Re:Zero: Camera Shots and Angles in the Foot Fetish Scene — lystlesse

“I’m the foot fuckin’ master.” – Jules, Pulp Fiction. The third arc of Re:Zero -Starting Life in another World- begins with a tedious grind of forced misunderstandings and annoying displays of male chauvinism from the protagonist, but it also contains my favorite scene in the anime thus far: the foot fetish scene.

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Breakaway Phenomenon and Escapism in Amanchu! — lystlesse

McDIVITT: They want you to come back in now. WHITE: Back in? McDIVITT: Back in. GRISSOM: Roger, we’ve been trying to talk to you for awhile here. WHITE: Aw, Cape, let me just [take] a few pictures. McDIVITT: No, back in. Come on. WHITE: … Listen, you could almost not drag me in, but I’m […]

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Witchcraft and Occult Philosophy in Flying Witch — lystlesse

So witchy! While performance of witchcraft in Flying Witch is sparse, it would have been enough for executions in the 15th-early 16th century. The defining blueprint for witch-hunts at the time, the Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches, 1486) traces all supernatural as commerce with demons. The anomalous symptoms of demonic possession is illustrated in three […]

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I’m moving to a new blog!

It has been such a long time, over two years, since I last wrote a post here. During that time, I’d occasionally queue up a post, scribble a few drafts here and there, but I just never could actually publish anything. A combination of busyness, laziness, and expectations have led to my feeling slightly burned out.

This has been an incredible run, and Listless Ink was a project that I had put so much emotions and efforts into. I’m extremely proud of what I’ve built, and I loved it all.

But it is time that I moved on.

I will now be over at lystlesse ( I need something a little smaller and more intimate. Most of all, I want a change.

I’ll still be writing in a similar vein on anime and such. So if you are looking for my words, head over there! Update your bookmarks, email subscriptions, or links. I’d love to continue our conversations.

Cheers, love~

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Silver Spoon, Animals, and Ethics


Some time ago, I took a course in the English department—Literature, Animals, and Society—that had us read the works of Alice Walker, Roald Dahl, Alice Munro, and others.[1] While literature was emphasized, the main focus actually laid more on animals and humanity.[2] The readings explored large ideas: animal rights, gender identity, feminism, Freud, sexualization of animals, and such. The course also dealt with more immediate issues, such as stray animals, pounds, and conservation of wildlife in Taiwan. The overarching theme was a simple question: how do we interact with animals? The answer, however, is a convoluted clutter of contradictions and emotions.
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