A Kiss for the Petals – Dyed With An Angel’s Petals | Tenshi no Hanabira Zome

Sono Hanabira Tenshi no Hanabira Zome Angel Colored Dye Shizuku Eris yuri

Tenshi no Hanabira Zome opens with the delicate sounds of bristles softly brushing against paper. Surrounded by admirers, Shizuku is a skilled calligraphy writer focused on her art in silence. She is perfect in almost every way: beautiful, smart, athletic, artistic, and well-mannered; she is an ideal modern day yamato nadeshiko complete with an impeccable, stunning princess cut. Yet, as she finishes her words and leaves her classmates to their idol chatters, Shizuku wonders about the sense of missing in her heart. This opening scene sets the elevated elegant tone for the rest of the visual novel.

Kiss for the Petals Sono Hanabira Tenshi no Hanabira Zome Angel Colored Dye Shizuku Eris

The following day, she meets a gorgeous transfer student of Japanese and European descent, Eris. Upon seeing her, Shizuku feels something she has never felt before—a tense anxiety in her rapidly beating heart. Could it be? Love?

Sono Hanabira Tenshi no Hanabira Zome Angel Colored Dye Shizuku Eris

Yes, of course! The eighth installment of the yuri visual novel series, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo, is just as predictable and sweet as the earlier ones. Shizuku, as a highly regarded model student, is tasked with showing the new student, Eris, around school. After a few conversations, lots and lots of adorable, teeth-numbing moments follow. Tenshi no Hanabira Zome is driven mostly by the fluffy eromantic fantasy of girls’ love.

Kiss for the Petals Shizuku Eris yuri sono hanabira 8 Tenshi

Although the story is nothing special, there is some interesting dynamic between the two girls. Eris has a very direct personality; she tends to indulge freely in her curiosities and desires, whether that desire is about school life or Shizuku’s private parts. That Eris is unknowingly very flirtatious, even seductive, adds even more to the fun sexiness. This is especially highlighted next to the uptight Shizuku, a perfectionist who values proper lady-like form. The couple’s interaction often involves minor scoldings of an “indecent” Eris by a posturing Shizuku.

Sono Hanabira Kiss for the Petals Angel Dye yuri sex

This relationship of course also easily lends itself to the girls’ interactions in the bedroom. Over the course of the visual novel, Eris would slowly break down Shizuku’s barriers and help her to discover her sexuality. In doing so, Eris would help Shizuku to open herself up more to her own feelings (mostly through opening her legs to Eris).

Sono Hanabira Kiss for the Petals Tenshi Zome Eris Shizuku yuri

Underlying this sexually-charged relationship, there is actually some subtlety in the girls’ emotions. Perhaps because the visual novel is presented through Shizuku’s perspective, her character is especially nuanced compared to Eris. For example, Tenshi no Hanabira Zome plays with the idea of love and jealousy from a fascinating angle. Shizuku at various moments feels envy toward Eris. She misses being at the center of attention before Eris’s arrival; yet, she, as all the other students do, feels a strong attraction to this foreign blonde. Shizuku’s feelings for Eris wavers between love and jealousy. And, she is unsure whether she is annoyed at Eris’s popularity because she wants her fans back or because she wants to possess Eris’s sole attention. This confusion leads to her occasional uncontrolled outbursts at Eris, for which she would often later regret.

Sono Hanabira Tenshi Zome 8 Shizuku Eris tsundere yuri

This layer of emotional detail is what makes Tenshi no Hanabira Zome so enjoyable. Like many of the others yuri games in the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series, plot grinds to a halt right after the confession, and the story becomes mostly just sex, sex, and more sex. The stagnant progress, however, is kept fresh by the emotional development of the girls. After all those scenes—like the one in the classroom, while bathing, on the garden bench, in the nurse’s office, on futons, in gothic lolita dress, and in kimonos—Shizuku is finally able to be more honest with herself.

Oh, Shizuku, you tsundere!

Hanabira Kiss for the Petal Eris Shizuku yuri

Eris, on the other hand, remains a fairly two-dimensional character. We learn little about her other than a few personality traits and superficial background information. However, maybe that is part of her charm—an enigmatic foreign beauty for us to admire. Either way, Tenshi no Hanabira Zome does not really go that deep into her character, leaving that job to Shizuku’s fingers and tongue instead.

Sono Hanabira Tenshi Zome Angel Dye kimono gothic lolita Shizuku Eris yuri

Still, Eris is probably one of my favorite—if not the favorite—girl in the entire series simply because of her character design. Yes, it is her large luscious volumes of wavy hair. Further, the aesthetics of Tenshi no Hanabira Zome has that extra factor to make it an especially classy and enjoyable visual novel. The traditional architecture, the calligraphy, kimonos, Shizuku’s hime-cut, and Eris’s luxurious hair are all my favorite things. For something that is meant to titillate, its playing directly into my fetishes makes this an extremely pleasurable experience. I love it!

Sono Hanabira Shizuku Eris voluminous hair princess hime cut

And again. Oh my gosh! That hair. ♥

Side Notes:

  • I realize the subject of this post is more suited for a mature audience. If you are not comfortable with this, I apologize sincerely. You might want to check out my other safer posts (basically any posts not about Sono Hanabira).
  • Fuguryia has announced a sequel to Shizuku and Eris’s story will be released in late September. (Thanks for the heads up, AXYPB!)

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307 Responses to A Kiss for the Petals – Dyed With An Angel’s Petals | Tenshi no Hanabira Zome

  1. Cyurio says:

    Gah! I’ve wanted to read this since it was first announced two years ago. I instantly fell in love with this pair’s character design. Shizuku and Eris are easily my favorite pair of the series. Sadly, I can’t read Japanese (Yet! I’m working on it!). If Tenshi no Hanabira Zome isn’t translated into english by the time I’m literate, it’s definitely going to be the first VN I’ll read. Yay for long hair!

    • Yi says:

      I think this one is probably almost playable with only an online translator. The language isn’t particularly difficult and the story is fairly easy to understand and infer from a few lines and scenes. And the sex scenes really doesn’t need much translation for the gist.

      Of course, with that said, some of the more nuanced stuff may be lost, so yea.

      Anyway, yay for long hair!! And good luck with studying for Japanese. ^ ^

      Also, love Shizuku and Eris too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where can I watch or read this anime?

  2. This is what kept you up all night? Awesome!

    Out of all the pairs I’ve seen from your posts so far, Shizuku and Eris are my favourite by far. A stunning blonde transfer student who teaches a reserved japanese girl what it means to love? D’aww! That’s so cute! XD

    Every time you post a Hanabira post makes me feel so sad for myself. One of these days, I’ll start following these awesome yuri VNs… Till then I’ll just rely on you to keep me updated on all the Hanabira stuff.

    You are awesome Yi-san. Stay awesome k? ^-^

    • Yi says:

      Yea, this is what I was doing all of that night. I had planned a Sono Hanabira post last week or so, but things didn’t quite work out. So I spent last night replaying and writing this (and doing some things in between. ^///^)

      I love this couple too. They have the cutest design by far, I think. And their story is fairly cute.

      Anyway, translation patches are out for the first four and the rest are being worked on, so worry not. I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy them all in English soon. ^ ^

      p.s. Thank you!! I’ll try my best to stay awesome for you~ Hehe.

      • Doing some things in between… I think I can guess what it is. Ecchi! Hentai! X)

        I’m actually waiting for that life-changing moment when I get a laptop for myself. I can’t really walk into a cybercafe and start reading it now, can I? :/

        You’ll always be awesome to me, even if your appearence is a mystery to me. I’ve never met someone like you before. Your play on words, taste in fashion, commited in your work, life, and of course your insightful and witty anime reviews and titillating Hanabira posts. Haha and that ecchiness of yours… All-in-all an amazing woman. Stumbling upon this blog was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. Love you always Yi-san. ^-^

        • Yi says:

          “I think I can guess what it is.”
          Haha, what you’re thinking is exactly right! (Just kidding. ^ ^)

          Anyway, you flatter me way too much, but thanks. I love it!! Totally made my week. ^ ^

          p.s. Good luck with getting your laptop in the future.

  3. yunra says:

    Both of them are so GORGEOUS and HOT~~! (Yeah I too mean their character design). And both their costumes (the gothic dress and kimono) really stands out than other SonoHana. Maybe I just prefer more adult-looking ladies. The story is…a little…blatant…but gosh, the way Shizuku so easily embarrassed and excessively shy at almost all the time, makes me couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for her as well =.=”

    “Eris would help Shizuku to open herself up more to her own feelings (mostly through opening her legs to Eris).” – Oh Yi, this sentence made blush~

    • Yi says:

      Oh totally agreed. I love their designs so much. I think of all the girls in this series, Eris and Shizuku have just the exact things to really pique my interest in every way. It’s partly the haircuts, and partly the kimono/gothloli dresses. And maybe it’s also their relative maturity.

      Anyway, the story is pretty single-minded. After all, this isn’t winning any literature awards. Still, it’s a lot of fun and it’s certainly very arousing, I think.

      “Shizuku so easily embarrassed and excessively shy at almost all the time, makes me couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for her as well =.=””

      Haha. Her embarrassment never lasts that long though, and she succumbs to Eris’s desires pretty readily. ^ ^

      Anyway, sorry about the blushing and stuff. I think it was pretty late at night when I finished writing this, so it kind of turned a little naughtier than I expected. Haha.

  4. AXYPB says:

    I can’t help but wonder if this pair’s aesthetic is really what makes them the second most popular couple, despite the lack of content featuring them relative to every other couple at present. From the way you describe the plot, it almost seems like a rehash of the first. Nevertheless, they invert several conventions of the series on a visual and narrative level, so it should go without saying that I feel they need more attention.

    • Overlord-G says:

      Actually, without even understanding most of the text, you can pretty much call this a “remake” of the 1st episode, with a few tweaks here and there but overall, same thing. Still, the main reasons for their popularity are their undeniable beauty and the fact that (Takako aside) they are the oldest couple in the series. I think that’s the top two reasons why Western fans are so interested in them.

      • Yi says:

        @Overlord-G: I really wouldn’t say that this is a remake of the first. It plays out a bit more like the third with some key plot differences, but the interactions are more like Mai x Reo. Check my reply below for more details on this.

        As for the age thing, to be honest, these days, they all feel like kids to me. Shizuku and Eris are only a year older than Kaede and Yuuna, but third years in high school still just feel sooooo young. Maybe a few years ago, I’d have thought they were mature, but now I think I’m kind of too far removed from high school. Sigh…

        Anyway, I don’t want to generalize Western fans nor do I think Western fans prefer older girls, but it is possible.

    • Yi says:

      @AXYPB: I’d think so actually. Shizuku and Eris are the two with the most unique and outstanding designs with their kimonos and gothic lolita dress respectively. None of the other characters quite have that, even if they do have secondary outfits. Additionally, their backgrounds perfectly match those designs (a yamato nadeshiko character in kimono and an European in gothic lolita). All together, what Tenshi no Hanabira Zome has are two very memorable characters with very distinct looks.

      The plot is very cliche, but I wouldn’t it’s a rehash of the first. Shizuku is already an idol at the school before she met Eris, and Eris is instantly an idol too once she arrives. Both highly admired by all the other students. It’s very much a celebrity couple. On the other hand, Nanami and Yuuna’s relationship is more akin to a commoner and an idol. The other difference is that both Shizuku and Eris are fairly oblivious to dating and love. Eris may be the aggressor, but only because she follows her impulses and desires. She herself is pretty clumsy at romancing and calculated seduction. Similarly, Shizuku is even more uptight and less knowledgeable on these things. This is different from Nanami and Yuuna, who are both fairly sexual before the game, and Yuuna is especially manipulative.

      If anything, I’d say this pair feels a bit like a rehash of Reo and Mai; Mai helps Reo to open her tsundere self up to her sexual desires. In fact, the two couples fall into similar archetypes. Reo and Shizuku have a hard time admitting their own feelings, and Eris and Mai are fairly impulsive and honest with their sexual wants.

      I’m not too worried about Eris and Shizuku not getting enough attention though. I’m sure they’ll quickly become favorites–if they’re not already. Character design alone should catch quite a few eyes. (I’m a bit biased though…)

      • AXYPB says:

        I’ll correct myself and say that this couple and this game are amalgamations of all of the ones before it. In short, each character possesses some traits of past characters. For example, when I said I got the impression that this game rehashes the first, I was referring to how you described the story as minimal and secondary to the sexual content, which the first game was more than the ones that followed. I’ll elaborate further when I return home from Otakon, if not during.

        • Yi says:

          Ahh I see what you mean. I agree that the first and the eighth are relatively less story focused than the other games. With that said, I’ve always felt the entire series to be sex first, story second, even if the stories are usually quite beautiful in their own rights. I’m just a lot more vocal about it in this review.

          Hope you enjoy Otakon. ^ ^

      • Swordwind says:

        There is a notable difference between Shizuku and Reo though. Reo acts tsun towards her classmates as much as she does towards Mai. Shizuku, however, is generally polite or respectful towards her classmates (befitting a class idol) – her tsun side is reserved for Eris.

        • Yi says:

          Yes, definitely. Shizuku and Reo have very significant differences. The comparison is sort of just loose, broad strokes. I guess in the end, all the couples have their own quirks, and any similarity does not really take away their uniqueness.

          Thanks for the note, Swordwind. ^ ^

        • Swordwind says:

          And thank you for thanking me for my poorly-written note of something I’m sure you already know…

          I-It’s not like I want you to be nice to me, or anything!

  5. Johnny says:

    Nice post, a little more ecchi than the others… Did u write while u’ve just gone out from playing it, Yi-san ?
    Btw, I love ur using of my neologism “eromantic”, im glad to have inspired u. ^^

    • Yi says:

      Haha, yea. Once in a while, I’d write a pretty ecchi post, usually on Sono Hanabira. I think my last one on Torokeru Chuu (7th) and the one on Kuchibiru (6th) are just as ecchi, if not more. I think I talked about urination in the post for 6th too, which was a lot of fun for me.

      Anyway, I wrote this right after I replayed it. It’s been a while since my first play through, so yea, needed to refresh my memories on some thing.

      Thanks for the “eromantic!” I totally stole it from you. Haha. ^ ^

  6. Shance says:

    Sono Hanabira never fails with delivering the yuri in eroge. I just hope this “returning to one’s own roots”, i.e. the use of traditional Japanese elements such as calligraphy and kimonos, would make it at least as awesome as the third installment (which is still my favorite).

    • Yi says:

      In terms of story, I still like the third more since both Mai and Reo had very stark, strong, captivating personalities. However, the traditional Japanese and the elegant mood of this makes elevates this installment greatly. I really enjoyed it. And Shizuku and Eris really are the prettiest of them all. (Personal bias.)

      • AXYPB says:

        I think this game is a variation of the third game more than any of the others. It’s most apparent in the characters; the hair colors and general personality traits are switched between the two. The general feel of the narrative as a result of the perspective change has switched from casual and frank to very formal and concerned with appearances.

        I’ve noticed while editing the second and fourth games that the followups change emphases from one half of the relationship to the other. My Dear Prince was about Kaede rediscovering her protectiveness and love toward Sara, while Beloved Photograph was squarely focused on Sara and the impact of her job on their relationship, even going so far as to have her take the point of view. From what I know of the other games, this trend repeats itself in the fifth and sixth games as well. If this is any indication, we should learn a lot more about Eris and her background in the next game.

        • Yi says:

          I definitely agree. I think in an earlier comment, I mentioned that if I were to compare all the games to this one, 3 would match the closest in terms of characters and story. There are minor variations in personality, but the general “archetypes” are the same.

          I hope we do learn about Eris. She’s really lacking development in this one. In fact, I would really like to see the story told from the other point of view with the 10th: Eris’s. They’ve never done anything like that with any of the other characters, but if any couple needs it, it’s this one.

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  9. Jeffrey Goh says:

    Hehehe, hair….

    Been putting my Hanabira fanfic on the back burner for a long while now. Too many things to do these days. Hopefully I would be able to finish of my studies in time so that I can get the time to start actually writing it. The summary draft of the story is still up for a good read through if you want to.

    Anyways, looks interesting, looking forward to playing it once the translation comes out.

    • Yi says:

      Eris’s hair is lovely, isn’t it? And so is Shizuku’s cut.

      Real life usually takes priority. Take your time with the fanfic, and let me know when you finish. I’d love to read it. Also, I’d love to read the summary draft too if you don’t mind sharing, so feel free to either leave a link here or email me; whatever you feel more comfortable with. ^ ^

      Anyway, have fun when you do get a chance to play it!

  10. Exceed Kisamugi says:

    Honestly to say, for certain reasons I never get bored of the blond + blue eyes + western + transfer student + ojou-sama kind of characters, I’ve seen countless number of this kind of archetypes but it never wears off in me… Well, probably because most are usually depicted as the same typical evil and bratty princess (both in Western and some Japanese medias) so getting to see them as a fluffy loving yuri-machine main character is definitely a huge win.

    And woah, 8th Instalment… already? I didn’t even know there are more than two…

    • Yi says:

      I can kind of understand that. Certain things never get old for me, and as predictable as the story is, I still loved it. I guess the cliche, “cliches are cliches for a reason,” still holds true. I feel the same for both hime-cut + kimono oujo-sama combination and large blonde hair + oujo-sama combination. But yea, the characters are really really lovely in this one.

      There is more than 8 actually. A ninth has already been released, a tenth is coming out, and there is also a side story, Hanahira, that’s not adult.

      As an aside, 1-4 have been translated, so if you enjoyed the first two, it might be nice to check them out.

  11. Compassionate Sadist says:

    I LOVE reading you Hanabira posts… This one was great as always~ ////>

    • Compassionate Sadist says:

      Comment didn’t go through properly. Anyway, they certainly are a lovely couple… and Eris is gorgeous. >////>

    • Yi says:

      Thanks! I’m super happy you enjoyed it! And yes, Eris is soooooo gorgeous.

      p.s. Sorry about the comment. 😦

  12. Overlord-G says:

    Let’s not forget the fact that Eris is a vampire. Yes, no matter how old this gets, no matter how many times I repeat this fact, no matter how many times I relate her to Shizuma Hanazono, I’ll always refer to both as vixens of the night.

    Anyway,it’s no surprise that the College Queens’ episode (And hopefully their sequel) is the one whose EN translation I’ve been the most eager for (Like 90% of the Western fanbase I’m sure).

    I wonder if these are the evolved forms of Yune and Alice from Ikoku Meiro? It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they were…teehee.

    One of the moments I was looking forward to the most was Shizuku going on the offensive and when it finally happened…HAAAAAUUUUUU!

    I look forward to understanding Shizuku’s two faced mindset and Eris’ seductive words and reaction to receiving Shizuku’s bento when the time comes.

    • Yi says:

      Haha, I can see some surface similarities to Shizuma Hanazono, although their personalities are very very different. Shizuma is a lot more calculating while Eris is pretty… straightforward and impulsive.

      Also, I should note, Eris and Shizuku are not college students. They’re third years, and are only a year older than Kaede and Yuuna. They’re really not that adult nor mature. But design wise, they do look less loli than, say, Reo or Sara, and certainly Runa.

      “I wonder if these are the evolved forms of Yune and Alice from Ikoku Meiro? It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they were…teehee.
      Loll. ^ ^

      Anyway, I think you’ll really enjoy this! Have fun when you do get a chance. ^ ^

      • AXYPB says:

        I can’t go into specifics, but as Music Box of Memories takes place one year later than the main series, Shizuku and Eris are in fact college students.

        • Yi says:

          That makes sense. But in this game they are third years in high school, which makes them still just young kids. (At least from my perspective.)

  13. AXYPB says:

    Fuguriya announced today that the next visual novel featuring Shizuku and Eris will be released around late September.

  14. foshizzel says:

    Woooooo! Awesome post as always Yi! Love the pictures muhahaha and yes that hair! So nice 😛

  15. Ryan A says:

    Fabulously sexy art as usually from the Sono Hanabira series, but I really like how the girls, mostly Eris, have a more mature and less cutesy design. Totally hot.

  16. GreenApp says:

    Why do I get the feeling that the more posts about Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series you write, the more eroge your post becomes, Yi ? ( Sorry about my english o(>< )o )
    LOL at "mostly through opening her legs to Eris" and "leaving that job to Shizuku’s fingers and tongue instead " . I'm can't believe when I read those lines (>y<)

    • Yi says:

      I probably am getting more ecchi loll, but it might also just be because I wrote when it was really really late into the lonely night, and I had just finished playing this. So my mind might have been in a different place.

      I must admit though… I had fun being a little naughtier and a little more vulgar with this post than usual.

      “I’m can’t believe when I read those lines (>y<)”
      I’ll take that as a compliment. ^ ^

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  19. necrocosmos says:

    I like Shizuku very much, tsundere powa for victory, and teasing nature of Eris is good as well. Kinda i never thou Shizuku was jealouse, i am bit insesitive towards jealousity, i never get jealouse:D, and its caused cos am to self-centered. I like the mature look of this series its kinda contradicting other pairs, which consists of big X small boobs combo:D, I was disapointed in seiyuucast of Hanabira 8, i would say they had weakest cast compared to other games, and side characters were just horrible it was kinda suffering for me cos i put a lot attention into seiyuu play. For me it was bit unnatural, if i were to compare to other i think there is huge gap compare to other series. Gah busy lately

    • Yi says:

      Me too. I like both very much, and tsundere are always usually cute.

      Shizuku’s feeling envious towards Eris is pretty subtle, and I made some interpretations based on her words. I think it’s a very real emotion though–one bordering love and slight resentment/envy at the same time. I’ve felt the same thing often with my past partners and crushes. It happens especially often if I’m “dating up” and with crushes.

      Anyway, sorry for the tangent… ^ ^

      Agreed that it’s nice to have one without a loli-looking character, so I really like this one partly because of that. The seiyuus… I don’t comment too much about seiyuu usually. With 8 though, there isn’t anything too special with the voices, but there isn’t anything jarring either. It’s not bad. The side characters were terrible though, especially so because they were the first voices you hear, I think. I hated them

      Thanks for the comment!

      • AXYPB says:

        I have a strong suspicion that the voices of the extra characters are simply those of the main characters at different pitches.

        • Yi says:

          It’s possible. That might explain why they talk super super slowly with awkward drags and pauses.

        • necrocosmos says:

          It might actually be true, thou acting of side character is achilleas heal for hana 8.

          “I’ve felt the same thing often with my past partners and crushes. It happens especially often if I’m “dating up” and with crushes. “-Yi
          For me it was more like my girlfriends were jealouse over me, and i had hard time comprehending why:D, i understand i am pretty and look like a model but give me a break. Well cant have everything thats it:D

        • Yi says:

          ” i understand i am pretty and look like a model but give me a break. Well cant have everything thats it:D “
          Oh you~
          But yea, we can’t have everything, I guess.

  20. Verdure says:

    I find it very coincidental that your review and the announcement of the sequel are so close…conspiracy perhaps?

    But this is honestly my favorite couple, but mostly because of the aesthetics since I don’t understand Japanese =P. I just definitely consider both to be very attractive, especially Eris (don’t like Ellis or any other Romanization). But I definitely can’t wait for the translation so I have more to go on than how pretty they are.

    • Yi says:

      Hehe, I think I posted this several hours right before Fuguriya made the announcement. Impeccable timing, isn’t it?

      Anyway, I’m the same way. This is probably my favorite couple (although I always say so-and-so are right after I play their games), and their looks are a huge thing.

      Love Eris so much!! She’s very very pretty.

  21. Nopy says:

    OMG, a blondie and a yamato nadeshiko!? I really need to check out the Sono Hanabira series one of these days.

    I think I’m the opposite of you, I love Shizuku’s long, straight black hair more than anything else you mentioned or showed. While wavy hair does have its appeal, there’s something about a girl that can grow her hair that long and keep every strand perfectly in place.

    • Yi says:

      It’s a pretty good series if you’re into yuri, especially overly romantic, fluffy yuri. I think they’re really cute stories with gorgeous artworks, so it’s a wonderful little thing. And these games are relatively short too, so they don’t take that much time.

      Anyway, I loooove Shizuku’s hair too. Second to my fascination with large wavy hair is this type of cut, so I love it. And yea, there’s something to be said about the the impeccable clean looks straight bangs and hair.

  22. feal87 says:

    Ouch, they’re really cute. Please don’t make me play this game too….>_<

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  26. Smithy says:

    “In the classroom, while bathing, on the garden bench, in the nurse’s office, on futons, in gothic lolita dress, and in kimonos” Oh my!
    Have said before I should actually try and play some of these visual novels, it would be good training for my Japanese, but alas have not yet done so but seeing your posts on SonoHana series always rekindles my interests to play these games. My penchant for yuri has always made me a fan of Peko’s art for the series.

    • Yi says:

      When you get a chance, I really recommend trying the series out. Some of them have been translated, but there are several that haven’t. It’s definitely a very fun way to practice reading Japanese. Very.

      And yea, Peko is amazing.

  27. Swordwind says:

    I read this a while ago, so my memory may be a little hazy, but I’d agree with just about everything you have to say.

    However, Shizuku is way cuter than Eris.

    Also, you’re a pervert~

    • Yi says:

      I like Shizuku a lot too, but personally, I prefer Eris’s looks. But Shizuku is super super cute.

      And, yes. I guess I am. ^ ^

  28. tsurugiarashix says:

    I have yet to start this visual novel series. Seriously lacking time and energy for another VN to my list, but this one is already set to my list.

    • Yi says:

      If you haven’t played the earlier ones in the series, I think it might be better to start there, especially since the first four have been translated to English, and this hasn’t.

      Anyway, you can find more information about all of these here: http://goo.gl/qb6cA

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  31. wieselhead says:

    Ah that was interesting and amusing, “(mostly through opening her legs to Eris)”
    Your style of writing is so cool even when you write about ecchi stuff like that.
    Eris is the blonde and Shizuku is the black haired one right? At first I didn’t get who is who 😀
    Seems like Eris is molestering Shizuku all the time *kyaah* *blush*

    Do both have nice voices in the game?

    • Yi says:

      Glad you enjoyed it~ It’s fun to be a bit more frivolous sometimes, no?

      Anyway, yep yep. Eris is the blonde and Shizuku the black haired. I should’ve made that clearer early on. And yes, Eris is molesting Shizuku all the time. Haha. ^///^

      They both have decent voices. Nothing too particularly outstanding, but not terrible either.

  32. hoshiko says:

    Ahh..all the characters of this series are just so cute and pretty. Love that pic of Shizuku in kimino. Maybe I can print it in large size and stick it on my wall.

    • Yi says:

      Hehe, I love that illustration of Shizuku too. Peko does incredible artwork. Maybe some day, Fuguriya will start making posters.

  33. CainHyde says:

    Cute review Yi… ❤
    I always like to read your review, especially games that I hasn't played.

  34. bluedrakon says:

    To very sensual ladies with long flowing hair – a dream come true for any yuri fan 🙂

  35. Snippett says:

    I think this is the most realistic couple for me. I enjoyed how it turned cultural misunderstandings to something romantic and stretch it all the way to becoming erotic. Well, it’s really entertaining. Character-wise I liked these couple because they seem mature and know what they’re doing. Also, of all SH characters, I especially like Eris the most because she does her flirtations with suave and flare–without really being too pushy and just really being smooth. She’s my idol lol!

    And as for Shizusu, I like how they sexualized her perfectionist and very traditional characteristics. For me that sort of exoticness, and I mean that in a good way, is very seductive and sexy.

    • Yi says:

      That’s interesting. I’ve never really thought about realism with these couples, as most of these all seem very idealistic romantic to me. But now that I think more on it, maybe. Shizuku and Eris do feel a little less like fantastical characters than some of the other girls. (And perhaps that’s why they feel a bit bland at times, as they don’t quite have that extra spice).

      Anyway, totally agreed about Eris. She’s a natural at courting woman and seducing them, and she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. Eris just goes with whatever her heart wants, and easily makes all the girls fall for her because of that. I fell for her too. Haha. ^ ^

      And yes Shizuku. For me, there’s almost a bit of a… sadistic satisfaction watching Eris erode away her sense of lady-like propriety as she peels away her boundaries and clothes. It’s a very sexy scenario indeed.

      Thanks for the comment, Snippett. ^ ^

      • anabona32 says:

        Oh my! Another one with pee trends…?Oh my.

        But indeed i have to agree with Snippet, there are some failitures this series but i have to say that they are a lot realistic when it comes to the psychological question, i mean everything that happens there have a reason, and not just a stupid one random one,
        they just are not as explicit.

        Among other examples: the sequel of the erogue of Mai and Reo, many spoke of the fact that Reo was “shameless and sassy” when in fact they didnt saw that she was sad a lot because she was thinking that she would have to leave Mai, but she dont had the heart to tell her what was happening.

        Then she wanted to enjoy the most when they were together (yes, sex!)
        because she had not sure when he would see her again after that, so this is why she said so little and seemed so vulnerable and bossy at the end of the game (in sex scenes)and so cold and Angry in the classroom, because she really was sad and worried, but chose to keep it all to herself, and this is why there was this change in her attitude ^^

        Some people tend to say mean things to Mai but what I like most about them is the fact that they are human, they strive A LOT together but yet if you look at the details you notice that there is a very strong love between them, and that one really cares about the other(Mai just get “distracted” sometimes and then this is when she is pusshy ^^)

        And reo is just too proud sometimes, even when she do enjoy she will never say it in words so this is why is difficult to differentiate for some people when she’s enjoying it or when she is REALLY complaining about something,this is why Mai is seen as cruel and heartless when she is not, even her gets confused with reo sometimes ^^

        As I said is only necessary to observe the details and you understand the complexity of interaction between the characters, i could also explain why the scene of “apparent rape “of Sara and Kaede but I think it would be too long ^^”

        Yes its very anime like, but also is very realistic when you Note the details, so i think that they are realistic in this way ^^

        In this one i was shocked as how the two looked so relaxed and normal in their normal relations(YES “NORMAL” IN A GOOD WAY!^^)everything seemed so natural and soft that even with my limited knowledge of the language and the not understanding the dialogues, I fell by the two of them…it was adorable they should make an awesome couple together. ^^

        I just hope that translation occurs soon, because I can not wait for see more of them!
        I was scared at first thinking that this would be as bad as the first one or the one with Runa and Takako and that everything would be about the visual dynamic of them, but apparently I was wrong. And i hope so!^^

        • Yi says:

          Yea, realism is done relatively well in this series. Of course, it is a lot fluffier and rosier than most relationships I know and have experienced, but the emotions the characters display seem genuine. Anyways, thanks for all the great points about the characters!

  36. @fkeroge says:

    Oh, darn it. I’m so late to the party! Real life really sucks.

    Anyway, from what I can remember about reading Tenshi no Hanabira-Zome, what really won me over, aside from the character designs, is Shizuku’s personality. I don’t really like abusive tsundere (but Reo gets away because she fails at abusing Mai) like say, most Rie Kugimiya-voiced tsundere, so I find Shizuku’s traditionally reserved, yet truly tsundere personality to be very refreshing. And my goodness, this was the first visual novel that I played that lets you be the tsundere. I finally saw what’s behind that tsun side! Besides, I have a thing for princess cuts.

    Erisu’s honesty and playfulness is also very nice to see. As you have pointed out, we don’t really get to see much of her personality, but I guess that’s part of her charm. Oh, and those blue eyes and blonde hair…

    Fuguriya is trying to kill me, I swear it!

    All that said, Nanami x Yuuna still occupies my “Best Sono Hana Couple” throne. Shizuku x Erisu takes second, Kaede x Sara third, Takako x Runa fourth, and Mai x Reo for the fifth (oh man, fans are gonna kill me).

    Also, I’ve noticed that you’ve raised the ecchi bar higher this time around, while you kept the NSFW pics to a minimum. Not that I mind, though. I actually liked it better. >///< For the record, I skip all H-scenes in every eroge I play (they bore me to death) except for Sono Hanabira, so I kind of share your sentiments about the naughty component of the games.

    • Yi says:

      You can never be late for the yuri party~ ^ ^

      Shizuku does have a very reserved internal tsundere quality that makes her different from Reo. Swordwind touches on that in an above comment as well. Agreed its part of her incredible charm.

      “I finally saw what’s behind that tsun side!”
      Loll, yea. It’s a pretty refreshing angle to approach the story. It’s nice.

      I’m really looking forward to what more we can see from Eris. I believe she has the potential to be my favorite girl in this entire series. She certainly has the looks and the mystique. I’m very looking forward to the one coming out in September. It should be nice~

      Nanami Yuuna is one of my favorites too. I think I always have recency bias when it comes to the Sono Hanabira series. I remember really loving Yuuna and Nanami right after I played the sixth, and thinking they’re my favorite. And then again with Takako Runa. Now I’m feeling the same with Shizuku Eris. They really all have their charms, so yea.

      I think I was being a little more loose with the words this time. I had a lot of fun writing this post.

      Anyway, I never skip the H scenes with this series either. I love it!

      Thanks for the comment, @fkeroge.

      Cheers, hun. ^ ^

  37. Yi says:

    For organizational purposes, download links for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Tenshi no Hanabira Zome redirected here.

    Download for Sono Hanabira 8 – Tenshi no Hanabira Zome: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xwrviw

    Download for Sono Hanabira 8 – Tenshi no Hanabira Zome CG pack:

    • Nyanjou says:

      Reposted from the bottom of the stack. Not very familiar with WordPress; didn’t realize “Reply” would nest subsequent comments. Sorry for the clutter; hopefully the other comments are delete-able.

      BGM and VOICE in the sendspace upload are broken. Here are replacements, from DLsite’s version.
      Voice: http://www.mediafire.com/?8d7hcrucgshlc0t
      BGM: http://www.mediafire.com/?6obkrhir328a0rj
      Also, sendspace is a horrible site, and you should feel bad for using it. 86kb/s cap + free malware is just wrong.
      Here’s a mediafire link to the full version: http://www.mediafire.com/?9r6x3y6zoebblbj
      Try it, like it, give Fuguriya some cash so they can keep making delicious yuri, yah?

      • Yi says:

        As I replied in the other thread, I do not appreciate the strong language nor do I enjoy being told to “feel bad,” but thanks regardless. Mediafire is preferred (although Sendspace does not give free malware as far as I know).

      • Syu says:

        Welp. The sendspace link is not giving me the Windows:Pleaseripyourhairout problem. Feel bad I shall! I don’t know how the mediafire link is different, but it was giving me the former problem. Also, the file sizes are different.

        • Yi says:

          It’s not an issue with mediafire actually; it has to do with the file itself. The “Windoes:File something something” error (if that is what you’re having) can be fixed by just moving all the extracted files into a new folder.

          Cheers, Syu, and don’t feel bad. ^ ^

          Just imagine how I feel to manage this site out of my very busy schedule, and have to bear harsh words from strangers. Then again, I suppose that’s why I’ve been far less vigilant these days with responding to comments. Because honestly, I don’t know if it is even worth it.

  38. AXYPB says:

    I think that one of this couple’s greatest appeals is that they were designed to be safe. As you noted, they are still as children, yet aesthetically, they’re much more mature than the other pairs. In your post of Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu, you prefaced your review with a disclaimer that the discussion will be more academic and safe. In this post, you were much more adventurous with your language and described your approval of the entire package lovingly. Your established readers approve of this change in tone, which reflects the wisdom of Fuguriya’s timing with this new couple’s debut. This couple was designed for aesthetic and sex appeal more than anything else as very little plot is described in this post, yet like the six games before it, there is still room for analysis. It remains to be seen how Eris’s character will be elaborated on, and whether Fuguriya will provide an official transliteration of her name.

    • Yi says:

      That’s a very brilliant and insightful point. I had never thought of it before. And what a cool thing that my two different reviews corroborate exactly the point you made unintentionally. I wanted to make sure Runa’s game isn’t treated too sexually and frivolously because of how young Runa is and what a controversy something like that might spark with certain groups, especially in the US. I had a similar thought process years ago with the Reo OVA. On the other hand, such thoughts never crossed my mind at all with this one.

      That Shizuku Eris follows immediately Runa is indeed very smart timing. I wonder if Sono Hanabira might have been “typecasted” as a yuri loli series if Shizuku Eris are lolis again, because we would then have at least 5 yuri games featuring lolis (including Hanahira). Shizuku Eris breaks this chain.

      Great point! Thanks for the comment! ^ ^

      Edit: These comments were acting strange earlier w/ timestamp issues. Sorry if anything looked off briefly.

  39. anime says:

    do you play these game in japanese or is there an english patch? and would you have to download a different patch for each game or the same one for all the games? also if it is a different patch for each game do they all have an english patch? also do you have to install the game if i download it from the links you put up?

    sorry for all the questions, it would be helpful if you could answer ^ ^

    • Yi says:

      I played this one in Japanese a long time ago. Then more recently in Chinese.

      There isn’t an English patch out yet for this, but some groups are working on it. This is the eighth game in a series, and the first four have been translated. You need the right patch to play each of the four in Englih.

      Read the post for links to more information.

  40. Wonderllama says:

    I wish the characters of this series would crossover more, just to freshen things up. I would love to see Eris devour Reo with the same passion that Mai does. and then poor Reo would be forced to choose, or you could choose for her! yes… that’s exactly what this series need!!

  41. I just read on /u/ that the first two games are being republished. Do you know anything else about this? Are we getting updated CGs or something?

    • AXYPB says:

      They are being remade in the same way the third game was remade, with the same artwork, but with a revised script, backported music, and bugfixes.

  42. E says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this review. This pair might be my favorite (Mostly because of their looks. Yeah, I’m shallow when it comes to the ladies ^_^)
    You have such a way with words. I love reading your blog. A girl writing about yuri is just so..kyaa.

    • Yi says:

      I really love this pair too because of their looks. I’m shallow like that as well. ^ ^
      Anyway, thank you. I’m so happy you enjoy the blog!!

      “A girl writing about yuri is just so..kyaa.”
      Haha. ^ ^

      • AXYPB says:

        At first, I found it hard to believe that this couple’s popularity came largely from their appearance alone even before it was released, especially since the couples before them were substantiated by the complications in their relationships. I was especially surprised that their hairstyles were what most of their fans were looking at. The only reasons I was piqued from the beginning was that they were both third-year students and removed from all of the previous couples. Personally, I would like to see more of their story and non-sexual interactions before I invest more interest in them.

        • Yi says:

          It’s possible the comments here have either been influenced by my writings or that similar minds are more likely to comment on things. I have, for a long time, written about hair in anime and such. And even in this post, I gave Eris a special note. So, the fascination with hairstyles may not apply necessarily to all the fans, but may instead simply be because of how much emphasis I gave it, which in turn make people more likely to comment on it as well.

          With that said, I’m not too surprised this couple’s popularity lies on appearances (although I wouldn’t have thought hair’d be the most important thing; rather the “exotic” kimono and European flavors). Sono Hanabira is very sexually-oriented, and most people are especially shallow when it comes to sex (not that that’s a bad thing). Furthermore, this couple came out before any translations have come out. For English-speaking only, long-time fans, the only thing they have to make first impressions on are appearances.

        • AXYPB says:

          I’ve seen comments on their hair outside of this blog as well, and there’s no indication those places read this or similar blogs. I was simply surprised that I wasn’t appreciating the same appeals as the majority.

        • Yi says:

          Fair enough.

          p.s. Is there a link? I’d love to read those comments too!

  43. Ryo_kun says:

    Both Shizuku and Eris are very very pretty. Now I feel like playing this game XD

  44. TheNewTheory says:

    hahaha it´s as intresting and enjoyable to read your reviews as always 🙂
    But there´s one thing l´ve always wondered… Where is the nurse?? xP she´s always away when the characters (in all games) goes to the infirmary xD What she´s out smoking or something?

    • E says:

      Word of God says that a certain meddling perverted maiden (Yuuna) has something to do with it.

    • Yi says:

      Glad you thought the review is enjoyable!!

      I’ve been wondering about the nurse for a long time too. She’s not a very responsible nurse if she’s letting students have sex (and even raped in the case of Sara and Kaede) in her office… I could see Yuuna having a hand in her absence though. Yuuna seems like the kind of person who would do that.

      p.s. I’m secretly hoping there will one day be a story about this mysterious nurse~
      p.p.s. Thanks for reading and commenting, TheNewTheory and E. ^ ^

    • nurse in anime usually wearing a glasses, medium-sized chest (WhatThe!?) , and smokers… that is the individuality of nurse in anime i think

  45. oh yes the part 2 of Tenshi no Hanabira Zome, i can`t extract the rar file and its says “VOICE.CRC error, Wrong Password?” whats wrong with that??

    • Yi says:

      Hm… I just tried it and I have no problems with the extraction at all. Make sure you have both part 1 and part dl-ed and in the same directory. There shouldn’t be a password or anything. Good luck.

  46. asa89 says:

    The chinese patch for this on mediafire seemed to be broken, could you reupload? Thanks!

  47. hime says:

    hey yi i downloaded the game hanabira 8 it was succesful but when i downloaded the chinese patch my norton antivirus thingy said it was a treat and remove it automaticly for 8 times…… is there any other new sides to download the chinese patch… i was so eager to play it but…. it all sank in deep… !!!! P.S help!!!!

    • Yi says:

      I think the problem isn’t with where you’re downloading the patch from. It’s an issue with your over sensitive virus scan. I’m not sure how to fix it, although I can assure you that the Chinese patch has no problems. I’ve used it myself and it works well.

      Maybe you could disable norton antivirus for a bit while you play?

      Good luck, and I hope you get it to work somehow. Enjoy~

      • hime says:

        okay i ll do that anyway thank you. btw i am just wondering the hanabira 6 and 7 have their download link but its in japanese right , but no english patch nor chinese patch?

        • Yi says:

          No problem. ^ ^

          Neither 6 nor 7 has English or Chinese patches yet, although both have groups working on the English translations.

  48. hime says:

    hey i download the patch succesfully but another obstacle just came in when i tried to put the patch inside the folder this keep popping up! C:\Users\KS Lee\Downloads\Hanabira 8.part2.rar: Cannot modify volume is there anything to fix it?

    • Yi says:

      Make sure you’ve downloaded both parts of the game, and extract the folder. You might need to change language settings to either Chinese or Japanese. You might also need to execute things under administrator settings. Beyond that, I really can’t help much without knowing what your computer settings are.

      Best of luck, and enjoy~

  49. Verdure says:

    =O Any news on the sequel?

  50. Anna says:

    A sequel? This month?


  51. guest says:

    Does someone know something about hyarare’s website ’cause it seem like it doesn’t work anymore. –‘

  52. Dude says:

    It said the link no longer exists so they might have moved, or something. I hope this doesn’t effect the english translation of hana 8.

  53. guest says:

    I hope so too.

  54. No matter how many times I read this review, I still love it. I must commend you on your excellent analysis and great writing. Really excited for an English patch for Tenshi no Hanabira Zome, whenever that may be released.

    • Yi says:

      I’m really glad you like this review!! I put in a lot of time writing these, so it’s always super nice to hear kind words about them, so thank you~

      Anyway, I’m looking forward to the English patch as well. ^ ^

  55. Dude says:

    I still can’t wait for the english patch to come out on this one it seems to be taking forever. That is probably due to the fact this is one of my favorites by far. Also, the fact that they could never move fast enough in their translations for my tastes, but I do understand that patients pays off in the end. I will wait and watch till this patch comes out.

    • Yi says:

      “they could never move fast enough in their translations for my tastes”
      Heh. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world where we have no priorities or responsibilities. I’m just glad people are willing to spend their free time working on a translation patch so that others can play it. ^ ^

  56. Dude says:

    That is so very true. I am very glad that people do take the time to translate these novels, and make them available for us to watch. I just don’t understand how someone can take on the responsibility and not update us on some progress that they are making it would put a lot of us at ease to know it’s being worked on. That is just my thoughts on the matter.

  57. Yuri lover says:

    OMG !! dis patch is takin moree dan 1 year n 4 months !! but they still not update !! nooooooooooo !!

  58. Yuri lover says:

    wow then wat AXY ?? didnt he/she want it ??

  59. Noel says:

    COME ON Now where is the English patch for this?

  60. Yuri lover says:

    moree dan 1 year !! dis kind of way tooo long !!

    • Yi says:

      On the contrary, I’m happy this is being translated at all, considering just how niche this series is, and considering how little attention anyone gave this at first.

  61. Alucard says:

    I actually wouldn t mind if Hyarare says 1 more month or sth like. It d be a huge relieve just to no it s being worked on. But no Update for more than 1 year, so i think u understand why ppl r getting impatient 😉

  62. Yuri lover says:

    but didnt they drop it alrdy ??

  63. Yuri lover says:

    hahhaah ty !!

  64. i want the english patch

  65. Aelesis says:

    I hope Hyarare is okay… being a fellow Australian and all.
    Oh right, and I would really like some new yuri. ;o

  66. Alucard says:

    News about the translation. http://nsfw.yuriproject.org/

  67. Addonexus says:

    how’s the translation going? this pair looks interesting, cant wait to see how it unfolds!

  68. Lisa says:

    Wow I really enjoyed your review.
    Really everything I read so far was highly readable.
    I love it! And now I’m very excited about the game as well 😉

    • Yi says:

      Thanks Lisa! That really a lot to me to hear this. It’s the motivation I need to keep blogging. ^ ^ So thank you.

      p.s. I don’t think I’ve seen you comment before. Welcome and feel free to look around. ^ ^

  69. Nu says:

    Hope you doing the translation ok ^^
    We are waiting for it to be done everyday. 0-0
    Thumbs up for you 😀

  70. Yuri Lover says:

    Are they ever going to get finished with this game?
    Look I dont care who does the english patch okay I just want it done so I can enjoy playing the Visual Novel
    are they even working on the game or not?
    look I have been waiting for an english patch for this one and all this waiting is killing me so does anyone know if how far how much progress they made on the english patch or progress for that matter

    • Yi says:

      All I can say is that it’s in progress. Hopefully, this will assuage you for the moment.

      p.s. I’m not sure if the aggressive tone is really needed, darling…

    • Alucard says:

      Well, it s getting worked on since 2 days ago. How many times do u think i wanted to push them to continue? I really have to think bout what i write, otherwise it would sound like “Go on, ffs”. That s no help at all, and since they translate it for free (and i dont speak Japanese >.<) we have to wait. Btw, translation itself is done, so if u want to play that bad use the Scripts in the Browser while playing the game.

      P.S.: Even when i think bout it, i DO sound arrogant, right? 😦

  71. ThornsForest says:

    Well, the main reason I like these two the most is not their hair or their maturity, it`s rather that Erisu and Shizuku are just a normal couple, with no blood relation, of the same age, both well-developed and, of couse, stunningly beautiful.
    There`s no selfishness or treating the other one as a toy, for which I disliked Mai and Reo – this tsundere is way more well-mannered, elegant and refined, and the teaser is courteous and more ethical, with an ability to feel what`s inside another one`s soul, and with honesty to her own feelings and wishes, and kinda more smooth in interacting, a personality with engima – unlike Mai who`s as plain as a wooden chair.
    Tis is neither a forbidden love between two cousins(Kaede and Sara) nor that of a student and teacher(Runa and Takako) which is simply behind the law and the principles of human morals.
    And their love shows more sincerity than Yuuna and Nanami`s, showing not a relationship of a spoiled princess and her “court lady” from common, “mortal folk”, but that of two idoled beauties, both admired and classy…
    And I certainly liked how the two different cultures, Eastern and Western, are interacting here. In this world, there isn`t a better combo than a yamato nadeshiko with hime-cut, always wearing a proper kimono and keen on classical tasteful Japanese activities such as calligraphy, and a gorgeous platinum blonde in gothic lolita outfit which is unfamilliar with Japanese custom to be always reserved, so that she prefers to show her emotions and tell directly what she feels.
    They`re my favourite couple of all times!

    • Yi says:

      That’s a really good point. Shizuku and Eris have a more expected flow of relationship. They met under typical circumstances. They developed their relationship at a reasonably expected pace. The power balance between the two are distributed fairly evenly, both in terms of in the bedroom and in view of society. In short, we have two very balanced characters. (Although I hesitate to use “normal” to describe relationships here as it implies the others’ health relationships are otherwise abnormal.)

      “In this world, there isn`t a better combo than a yamato nadeshiko with hime-cut, always wearing a proper kimono and keen on classical tasteful Japanese activities such as calligraphy, and a gorgeous platinum blonde in gothic lolita outfit”

      Hard to argue with that. I love these two as well!!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, sweetie. ^ ^

  72. ThornsForest says:

    You actually made me blush(^\\\\^)
    Well, they really do have the healthiest relationship cpmpared to others.
    And yeah, that blonde hair…Lily Platinum-sama….KYAAA!!!!!!!!

    • Yi says:

      Hehe. I have yet to play Lily Platinum actually, but once finals are over… ^ ^

      • ThornsForest says:

        So that`s the case why there isn`t a review on Lily Platinum yet.
        Well, won`t spoil it to you, looking forward to your analysis!

        P.S. just allow me one little spoiler: the tenth game is awesome!
        It`s even better than the eigth one.

        • Yi says:

          Yea… I have yet to play the ninth one either. I’ve just been so busy. But looking forward to it!

  73. ThornsForest says:

    does BBCode not work here?
    so how to make italic?

  74. ThornsForest says:

    just to give it a little try..
    Tenshi no hanabira zome

  75. ThornsForest says:

    worked. Thank you!
    I actually practiced HTML around a half-year ago, but might have forgotten the majority of codes, so probably I should go check out some tutorials.
    Er… do you know anything about progress on translating this game?
    * I know you are already pretty much irritated with that question you hear from everywhere, gomen-gomen…

  76. ThornsForest says:

    Well, I heard the person who had been translating it, dropped the project, but recently some manga scanlation group picked that up, so I hope to read SH-8 in English someday, even though I understand Japanese a little. By the way, that same group seemed to start a project of an all-ages visual novel about ghosts on the rooftop, which I am currently playing in Japanese. Interesting plot, cute drawing style, somehow reminding me of a shoujo-ai manga. And the music is also not bad.

    • Yi says:

      You heard right. It’s been picked up, dropped, and picked up, and now it’s still in the works.

      Anyways, the visual novel about ghosts sound really interesting!

      • ThornsForest says:

        If you`re interested, here`s the description from VisualNovelDataBase

        Okujou no Yurirei-san

        “Set in a prestigious all-girls high school, second-year student Yuna mysteriously gains the ability to see and speak with the ghosts of two long-dead former students — ones
        that are quickly revealed to be lovers unable to move on due to the circumstances of their deaths, and regrets that bind them.

        They have a plan though: they want Yuna to help make a “Yuri-topia” within the school so they can experience (see) what they didn’t while alive, and thereby free themselves. Through their guidance, Yuna sets about the task of bringing couples-on-the-verge together.”

  77. Pingback: Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu | Listless Ink

  78. icemonster123 says:

    Is the english translation for the game out yet? Is there a date set for the release?

  79. Yuri Lover says:

    are they done yet? or have they even done for it?
    i dont think any of the groups have been anything for this one we have yet to see any news or results of a english patch i mean come on how much longer must we wait for a english patch of this game?

    • Alucard says:

      They r not close to be finished, and at this rate they ll be done in 2030. Just give up or learn to edit, otherwise it won t be done earlier. So sad.

    • Yi says:

      @Yuri Lover:

      … Such aggressive tone in asking for something you so obviously deserve, right?

      Why should anyone bother to make patches, especially for you?

      It takes sooo much time and frustration. Not to mention people are mean to you in the process.

      • Justin says:

        I know he is being rude but I must agree. I have been waiting a while the game has been out since 20….10? They trasnlated appanrtly 4 scripts only. And the game isn’t that long either the others were like 2 hours only. I saw a VN 50+ hours get trasnlated in 2 years, this is about 2 hours long and it is over 2 years being translated? Something seems wrong.

        • Alucard says:

          Every script is translated. It s only about editing. But as long as you or sb else wont edit it we have to wait. Last Solution: Play the game while reading the scripts in ur browser. Nothing to complain about, not like it ll be done faster that way.
          Btw, 2 hours? How fast do u read? O.o

        • Justin says:

          Well if I could help I wuold but I don’t know how. How do you read it in your browser?
          ? I don’t really remember how long it was I read it a long time ago. Was it less than 2 hours?

        • Alucard says:

          It s pretty easy to read in ur browser. Just click on the translated Scripts. Kind of fishy though, my game crashes every time i click on sth else than SonoHana. And as far as i can remember it was about 4-6 hours, depends on autoread-speed.

        • Justin says:

          Where are the scripts? And you use autoread? I just click once I finish…..

        • Yi says:

          @Alucard: About the game crashing once you click outside the game window, try running the game in windows xp compatible mode. That might help.

        • Justin says:

          Where do you obtain the scripts?

        • Alucard says:

          Thanks Yi, will try that. @Justin I use autoread cause i like their voices 😉 The Scripts r on a special site, made only for Yuri. Google “Yuriproject” and click on the first link. it s in the 18+ area. Look for the game and click on the project page. There r all the scripts.

        • Justin says:

          But it takes way longer to read it?

  80. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh, that hair! O_O It’s so fabulous! So lucious :”> I played this game with the draft english script opened in another window lol It was pretty hard switching back and forth between the two windows, but it was totally worth it for me 😀 I seriously love this game…so kawaii~ My heart can’t take it! :’) By the way, I really enjoy reading your reviews XD funny.

    • Yi says:

      I loooovvvveeee luscious hair. I’ve written on it in several cases across media. It’s just so fluffy and so pretty and so my type of style (not to wear but to enjoy).

      I’m glad you enjoyed the game and my review. I really appreciate the support. ^ ^


  81. Hana says:

    Hello ^^ I was just wondering how come you haven’t written a review for the 10th game yet? Not that I’m forcing you to write one or anything like that. You don’t even have to answer me lol I was just curious. I just meant that I would really love to read your thoughts on the second Eris x Shizuku game. I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews so I’m really interested in seeing a review for that one. (>^_^)>

    I guess I’m pretty invested in the Hanabira games because there aren’t enough yuri stuff out there. Plus, the art is beautiful (which makes a big difference to me because I’m sort of shallow like that lol ^_^), the story is cute, the characters are likable, and everything’s just wonderful. I really really love this game! ❤

    • Yi says:

      Hi Hana. Thanks for the comment. It’s really heartwarming to know that my reviews are read. ^ ^ So thank you. I really appreciate it. Anyways, I recently just wrote a review for the ninth Sono Hanabira (https://listlessink.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/amakute-otona-no-torokeru-chuu/). So I’ll probably not write another for a short while. But I’ll definitely review it eventually. ^ ~

      Agreed about Sono Hanabira. There really isn’t much like it around, and certainly no yuri visual novel franchise as large and developed as this. Love it.

      p.s. Love Shizuka and Eris too. ❤

  82. SomeoneAnyoni says:

    That akward feeling when one of the characters has the same name as you
    and still has many physical similarities ….-_-“”
    It was unpleasant….but at least the the two are more fluffy than I expected and this novel wasnt so cliche as Hanabira 7…pity that I could not enjoy the game for it, near the end of the game I just skipped the sex scenes…

  83. Evanaire says:

    Hanabira 8 is unique. It’s the first in the series where there’s a nurse in the infirmary! She was skipping work in the previous 7 games lol.

  84. Cheddar Moose says:

    Got a question for you, I couldn’t find it along the list, but maybe I’m just being clueless here. After downloading both the first and second parts of the game, it asks me to replace 3 files when I’m adding them to a folder. Is this what is supposed to happen? I’m not sure if I should be trying to merge the files or replace them, as each file in part two, seems to already be present in part one.

  85. DS says:

    based on what I have read on the comments, is the english patch a complete and good translation or I will expect to meet bugs?

    • Sari says:

      It’s a beta. Read the disclaimer on the download page. In short: It’s a complete translation except for the latter dialog choices – the text is translated but not the option graphics. But the decision tree is as complex as most other Hanabira VN , always use the first option and you’re good. There are no bugs except for some minor text glitch, the translation is good but not perfect, the latter half isn’t yet edited after all.

  86. kyoyamachan says:

    :3 This is a full english patch~ Please enjoy the awsome cuteness of this VN >////<

  87. Unknown says:

    I played the beta. I find Shizuku awkwardness really cute and amusing. I can’t wait til the official English Patch is release.

  88. Lariie says:

    Aaah, the link of the first part of the game is not working. Could you pleeeease repost it? I kind of have a huge crush on Eris, and not being able to play the game is definitely saddening me. Well, thanks either way. ^^

  89. Axe says:

    Someone please can give me the download link from this game cause the actual link have a virus

    • Yi says:

      No it does not. It is your anti-virus software being overly-active. I’d also appreciate it if you refrain from posting such misleading comments and from having such an entitled attitude.

  90. SomeoneAnyonimou says:

    My worst nightmare is becoming real @@
    If this game really goes to the united states and become famous I guess I’ll have to hide on the caves.>< I would die if any fan stop me on the street to take pictures…sorry for be being selfish…
    Its a very nice eroge…but being extremely similar to a character of an EROGE is not so funny and cool as they show in animes…i want to die so much…!

    • Yi says:

      Oh haha. I’m sure you’re over-reacting a bit. I think you may be overestimating the popularity of eroge in the U.S., people’s reactions, and your own resemblance to an animated character. I doubt it will reach celebrity status. I hope this calms your nerves. Cheers, hun. ^ ^

  91. Axe says:

    i can`t extract the rar file said is something wrong with the data

    • Yi says:

      The file worked for me.

      It might be a corrupted file while downloading. Try re-downloading again. If you can successfully extract the rar file, but cannot execute, then you can try this: copy the contents of the extracted file to a new folder. This tends to solve a lot of the problems some have.

  92. Anito says:

    I am downloading this right now and when I tried the link for the english patch, I cant find the appropriate link. The patch is for SonoHana 6. Is it available yet?

  93. KaNoMiko says:

    How do I patch this? I’ve downloaded and installed the game, but when I run the English patch, it can’t find the folder, and even if I find it manually, the “install” button is still grayed out. Please help 😦

    • Yi says:

      Not sure what your issue is. The ReadMe files that comes with the patch may help, as well as the people who made the patch. Also, make sure you have the right patch.

      • KaNoMiko says:

        Hey, I found out what was wrong. It seems that I downloaded the patch for Hanabira 6 instead of 8. But in my defense, I just followed the link and downloaded the file at the top.

  94. Anito says:

    I downloaded the game but it says that “This certain BGM is corrupt” and I cannot open the game at all. Please tell me what to do

    • Anito says:

      I already redownloaded it. But same results. Should I download it once more?

      • Yi says:

        Hm… Unfortunately, I have no idea what the issue is, and I don’t know what you should do. I just tried it myself, and it works fine for me. I extracted with WinRar. Moved all the contents of the extracted file to a new folder. And played it fine. So at the very least, the file itself isn’t corrupt. Anyways, good luck I guess.

        • Hanae says:

          I faced the same problem as well. I re-download it 3 times and finally able to extract it well lol.
          But when I run the setup, some kind of short window message appear with unreadable texts (just like before you run the english patch), and it only lead to close it down.
          Now I’m stuck since I can’t install it….help please??
          I’ve been looking forward to the 8th series TAT

        • Yi says:

          You do not need to install the game. Just install the patch. Also, make sure you’re using the right patch, and make sure you have East Asian Languages pack.

          Finally, if you’re getting a windows file join problem, just move all the files from one folder to a new folder.

          Good luck.

          p.s. You should try seeing if you can play the game without the patch first. Then install the patch. This might help you find out where the problem lies.

  95. metalwatcher says:

    I’m sorry to intrude again…
    About that file join problem, I tried as u said, but nothing changes. It still won’t do even when I run it before patching.
    From the very start when extracting files, there are some corrupted files already. Idk where it went wrong if it’s all running fine in yours…
    A little more help please? pretty please?? Sorry for adding extra works on your shoulder >.<"

  96. Kenshin says:

    I’ve the same problem 😦 The thing is:
    When I first started it, everytinh went super and I could play. Later there were no problems too. But then I wanted to delete a folder which I made and I couldn’t start it anymore with teh same problem above. I deleted everything and redownlaoded it 100x and there is always the same problem. Help ;(

    • Kenshin says:

      I know what the problem is but I can’t solve it. When the datas of the game are in my download folder it works. But when I move them in an other folder the error with the filejoin appears. I can rename the folder, I can even create a new folder IN the download folder but it will stop to work.

      • Yi says:

        There is now a working file in a new link provided by someone. I hope this solves whatever problem you were having. Sorry for the delay in response. ^ ^

  97. Yumih says:

    Can someone post the Walkthrough ??

    • Yi says:

      Hm… There was a walkthrough of all the games some time ago floating around, buried within the myriad of comment threads. I can’t find it anymore. If I remember though, just pick all the top choices, and you should get to the full ending. I think.

  98. anabona32 says:

    Im finally back!And finally I could see this in English!lucky!^_^

    I must say that I was disappointed with the previous eroge and was fearfull with this one, but I loved it… long ago wasnt reading something that amused me like this, Eris should be a comedian she is so much funny!I love the way she acts like an excited child always looking for fun thingsXD

    Everything is so calm funny and natural, reading and understanding … I loved the story even more.
    Everything fits together and makes sense of to fully understand both sides, Eris must have suffered much to adapt, after all only knowing how to speak the language is only half the problem. The poor thing …she was just being herself and being mistunderstood by Shizuku all that time XD
    And Shizuku…poor one too!I have seen why she hesitated so much!She thought that a Eris was a Playa type!No wonder why she refused so much to accept what was happening and was so waryXDD Poor thing!Her perfectionism also not helped anything :\

    I loved both personalities and how the perfectionism was shown there, I know many people who have these problems and it actually makes little things turn into big source of frustration I thought it was not shown fetishistic as some people said,quite the contrary, I found realistic.I know people who have a golden heart and who suffer from a much higher level than hers, and it is terrible :\
    Mostly for me…because I see how they suffer…and i have to say that my heart sank to see certain scenes (spoiler here)where she was close to having breakdowns…I totally saw it coming since the start X_X
    Anyway i loved the dynamics of the couple, reminds me a lot about certain adult couples I’ve ever met who are already married: “The serious and perfectionist wife and the crazy husband”
    I loved it…and maybe is because of that I can totally see these two married years later…Eris have a familly over the seas so this neither so much impossible for this couple XD

    Shizuku is a formidable japanese-formal-lady…and i also loved the H scenes and how different they are (refined?maybe…dont know how to describe it but Eris causes them to be VERY passionate… that girl really know what shes doing!XD)

    again sorry for thr long post but… it seems that I cant do small reviews on this series anyway xx’

    • Yi says:

      The best thing about Eris is that she is unintentionally funny. She has this super lovable quirky charm. I really enjoyed her presence! That was definitely something that made her and Shizuku’s interactions work. It was a fine contrast to see Eris’s intuitive approach to life versus Shizuku’s over-thinking, meticulous perfectionism. Although a bit formulaic, the way these two come to understand each other at the end of the visual novel is touching.

      “Anyway i loved the dynamics of the couple, reminds me a lot about certain adult couples I’ve ever met who are already married: ‘The serious and perfectionist wife and the crazy husband'”

      I definitely get this vibe too!

      Anyways, I enjoy your long comments. It’s really great to hear your insights and have a little discussion on something we both enjoy. Cheers, hun. ^ ^

  99. twalker500 says:

    Hi all. I was wondering if there was another way to download Hanabira 8. The mediafire link above says that the user doesn’t have enough space for it on their account and that I’d have to get a Premium account to download it (or something like that). Do you guys know anything about this?

  100. DarkWyldchilde says:

    Sadly I do not speak Japanese, so I have been limited to the first eight Sono Hanabria’s so far. I opted out on 7 because… well just NOT my thing.

    Eight however is my personal favorite with Eris and Shizuka being my favorite couple in the series.

    I loved how where most every other couple has one of the girl’s worrying about secrecy Eris’ love confession had an audience.

    I loved how Shizuka DID become at least slightly more comfortable showing her emotions, and how Eris made it clear she loved Shizuka just like she was. Honestly I just see that as how a genuinely healthy relationship should be, being willing to grow for the one you love, but loving each other regardless.

    Unfortunately I am running into a problem that I’m hoping someone here can help me find a solution to. Out of the 7 I’ve plays I finished 5 just fine (also having problems with 5, but I mention that in that thread).

    I just finished my second playthrough and have gotten “Halfway END” both times now, and with there being 5 decision points, and any single one of them being able to sink the ending yet again I’m dreading having to take my favorite visual novel and draw up a chart so I can remember which permutations I tried until I hit the right one.

    So could anyone help me find the decision tree that will help me unlock everything so all my subsequent playthroughs can be for pure enjoyment? (Google fond me one for 1 with Count Pacula.)

    • Yi says:

      I agree. There is some nuance to this relationship that makes the couple especially charming, and their story, sweet. However, the main attraction for me are still the aesthetics. I found their story a little more cliche (not that cliche is an inherently bad thing, just not as exciting). In any case, I enjoyed it, and I’m glad you did too!

      Anyways, I think for this one, to get to the complete end, you should to 1-1-1-1 (all top choices). I hope this helps!

      Cheers, DarkWyldchilde darling, and thank you for the comment! ^ ^

      • DarkWyldchilde says:

        You make an excellent point on their story. Couples 1-3 have some other dynamics that are a bit more non-standard. So the fact that they are effectively just classmates with their own identities does lend itself well to cliche.

        Thank you again for the tips.

  101. boto says:

    I am getting so frustrated 😦 downloaded the game and english translation pack. run the translation set up in the game folder, but i still can’t play the game D: i played the other hanabira games before and it always worked….when i click on the application to run a window pops up that says “MainWindow:FileJoin” then gibberish. not sure what is going on.

  102. Yutsuki-Yainima says:

    Oh god I played this game once on my pc… Eris’s si gorgeouuuuuuus I was like “kyaaah kyaaah” during all the game long. And now I am wondering if some hanabira application for tablet exist. Gould someone answer?

  103. Vempriex says:

    Konnichiwa and I couldn’t agree more with this awesome post tho I am a little late and discovered this VN and game 2 months ago ( after stumbling upon Mai and Reo OVA on YT).

    This itself has spot on:
    “Still, Eris is probably one of my favorite—if not the favorite—girl in the entire series simply because of her character design. Yes, it is her large luscious volumes of wavy hair. Further, the aesthetics of Tenshi no Hanabira Zome has that extra factor to make it an especially classy and enjoyable visual novel. The traditional architecture, the calligraphy, kimonos, Shizuku’s hime-cut, and Eris’s luxurious hair are all my favorite things. For something that is meant to titillate, its playing directly into my fetishes makes this an extremely pleasurable experience. I love it!

    However, maybe that is part of her charm—an enigmatic foreign beauty for us to admire. Either way, Tenshi no Hanabira Zome does not really go that deep into her character, leaving that job to Shizuku’s fingers and tongue instead.”

    Eris truly is a Lumiere Nova and of Japanese and European descent and Shizuku my dark-haired beauty that reminds me of Rachel (Kim Ji-Woon) from the Korean drama: “Heirs”.

    Slowly awaiting for English Translation: A Kiss for the Petals – Lily Platinum
    Lily Platinum
    Hanabira 10 – Eris x Shizuku

    The couple became my 1st fav then to 2nd since watching the SH game series so Kaede and Sara moved to 1st and Eris and Shizuku 2nd. there on.

    Thank you again =)

  104. yuriluvsme says:

    Why don’t they make a version on android / ios so we can play on phone earlier for everyone

  105. Aira Harune says:

    where can i download this game?

  106. Well now, and I’ve finally gotten around to reading this after putting it off for a year because reasons. Aside from Shizuku’s development (development in my eroge? wut?), I noticed that compared to the rest of the novels, the sex scene explicitness is directly proportional to how honest Shizuki is being. IE I think this one installment knows foreplay-fu. Is it any wonder I found the last scene the best?

    I gives a runner up to Eris unveiling herself out of the futon and her unkempt kimono/yukata. Oh my goodness. *_*

    • Yi says:

      Agreed. The best part of this visual novel is that it makes the eroge part more than just plays on character archetypes. Rather, as you said, character development is built into the sex scenes.

  107. heronum11 says:

    Why don’t create this kinds of games on mobile more easy and fun i bet people will like it 🙂

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