A Kiss for the Petals – Joined in Love with You | Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

Reo and Mai yuri

A while back, I got the third installment of Fuguriya’s Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo, Anata to Koibito Tsunagi.

Anata to Koibito Tsunagi means something along the lines of “joined in love with you”. It is a fully yuri visual novel that delivers with truly clean and beautiful CGs. The story is told through the point of view of Sawaguchi Mai:

A Kiss for the Petals Join in Love with you Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

My name is Sawaguchi Mai. I always get myself involved with my classmate, Kawamura Reo.
Reo is pretty, short, and has silky hair… In short, she’s cute. But sometimes, she can be really obstinate.
I’m trying to do my best to get her to get along with the rest of the class, but since we’re both headstrong we always end up fighting.
It’s so frustrating, especially since she can’t do anything without me around!

Mai and cosplaying Reo

But whenever I talk to her, Reo always acts like I’m bothering her. I wonder if she hates me…
But then, just when I got all depressed Reo came up to me and told me,
“You’ve got it all wrong! I love you, Mai! I love you so much!” Her confession completely took me by surprise. Could it be that I’m in love with Reo too!?

Hanabira Reo confesses to Mai

This is probably my favorite Hanabira so far. The pairing between Mai and the Reo is just so cute. I really like both girls, and the their yuri love and sex is great. Reo always looks so shocked and concerned at Mai’s advances, but it’s obvious that the tsundere loli secretly loves it.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo 3

Well, there is not much more I can say, so I am just going to post some images to show the cute Mai and Reo. In the spirit of Christmas season, these are going to be quite work unsafe.

Hanabira yuri

Mai and Reo yuri sex Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

Hanabira classroom Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

Reo and Mai yuri Sono Hanabira

Anata to Koibito Tsunagi Reo and Mai

Mai and Reo yuri h in the kitchen

Hanabira 3 Reo and Mai sweet yuri Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

The Hanabira games keep coming out with new sexy yuri; I think there are six now. I’m looking forward to playing the next ones.


Download can be found in the comments.
English patch

Like all the other Hanabira games, I want to stress that this is for sampling purposes only.
Please buy the real copies of the game. I bought mine in Taiwan. I think they can be found online too.
With that said, enjoy and drop a line if you downloaded from here. ^ ^

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi anime review

Reviews for the other Hanabira
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More information on the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

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276 Responses to A Kiss for the Petals – Joined in Love with You | Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

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  3. piggy-san444 says:

    your site is officially NSFW and NSFH 😉

    I’m going to need to clean the history from my family’s computer.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. KiK says:

    I like this part most
    really cute pic
    Thank you

  5. Yi says:

    Download linked.

    I like the third one the most too because the pairing is the cutest.

    Hanabira 3 download

    • kotenshi says:


      • Yi says:

        @kotenshi: First, if you’re running Windows in English, changing the directory name to something in English rather than Japanese may solve the problem. If that still does not work, Sellers had suggested some things that may help here:


        Further down the comments are also full of other things that can help.

        Good luck. ^ ^

        • kotenshi says:

          oh thanxs,but, is not that i don´t see the dialogues, is that when i click on the EXE
          it doesn’t open

        • Yi says:

          @kotenshi: Did you try changing the folder name into something in English?
          Also make sure that you have downloaded the right file.

        • Mai Nakahara says:

          ugh….Hi!i am having a difficulty of opening the folder….i had already download it… but its still doesn’t work…

        • Yi says:

          @Mai Nakahara: First, make sure you downloaded the right file. It should be a .rar file. Then what you need is a program to extract that file. I would recommend winrar. It’s a free program. (http://www.win-rar.com/download.html)

          With winrar installed, right click on the file you downloaded, and select extract folder.

          Now you should have a folder. Simply double click Hana3.exe to play.

          If that doesn’t work, and error message pops up or something, then you should try this. Make a new folder, and drag everything in the earlier extracted folder into this new folder. Now double click Hana3.exe.

          To install the English patch, head over to the link in the post and there should be instructions.

          Best of luck, and enjoy. ^ ^

    • Marcus Bek says:

      IS it wrong f i got the setup cause when i try too run it, i get a error in japanse

      • Yi says:

        Try changing the name of the extracted folder or moving the contents to a new folder. Also, there is no need for setup. Just run the game. Hope this helps. Cheers, Marcus Bek.

  6. KiK says:

    Thank you very much
    now, It s time to enjoy this hahaha ^^

  7. Yi says:

    No problem. Always happy to share downloads for a great yuri game.

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  9. Yi says:

    Chinese patch for Hanabira 3: Anato to Koibito Tsunagi – http://www.mediafire.com/?4qzvvjmdziz

  10. Trey says:

    is there english translation?

  11. Yi says:

    I don’t think so.
    http://sonohanabira.countpacula.com/ is still working on the first one, and as far as I know, that’s the only group/ person translating it.

    You could always try using AGTH text hooker, and translating it with either ATLAS or online translation programs, although it might not be as enjoyable, and the ecchi scenes will probably become jibberish.

  12. Ustnap says:

    Megaupload seems to have taken this one down, an alternate download would be awesome if you could.

  13. Yi says:

    @Ustnap: Your comment was blocked by spam checker. Sorry about that.
    I will link an alternate download. It should be up in a little while.


    Alternate download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H0U731PL

  14. Ustnap says:

    Heh, it’s alright. Thank you.

  15. Yi says:

    No problem. Enjoy the game. ^ ^

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  18. Yuki says:

    how do you install it? It seems like my PC could not load it or, I DLed it and it is corrupted… but, I managed to unrar it.. how..? XD

  19. Yi says:

    @Yuki: You don’t need to install. Just extract the .rar file, and play the .exe. If that does not work, try renaming the extracted folder from “恋人つなぎ_DL版” to something in English rather than Japanese, such as “Hanabira 3” or “Anata to Koibito Tsunagi” or “Anything you want”.

    It should then play fine.

  20. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Ah thank you very much =D Ah it works now, Thank you so much! =DDD

  21. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Enjoy. ^^

  22. Zero-Q says:

    I’ve downloaded and extracted the file, but when I click on the hanabira3.exe file an error message pops up. It says something like a file is missing… or a directory isn’t working… something like that, it’s mainly computer jiberish XP

    I’ve downloaded game 5 and it works just fine.

    Any suggestions?

  23. Yi says:

    @Zero-Q: Try renaming the extracted folder from “恋人つなぎ_DL版” to something in English rather than Japanese, such as “Hanabira 3″ or “Anata to Koibito Tsunagi” or “Anything you want”.

    It should then play fine.

  24. Zero-Q says:

    I had already changed the name of the folder before I sent you the previous message. But then I noticed that the txt file inside the folder had a title written in computer jibberish, I renamed it and now everything’s working fine.

    Thanks for the help and for uploading the games ^_^

  25. Yi says:

    @Zero-Q: No problem. ^ ^

  26. Guro says:

    I think I can’t Download it – -lll

  27. Yi says:

    @Guro: The downloads seem to be working fine for me…

  28. Dlanor says:

    Uu~ No CG Packs for this one? =(

  29. Yi says:

    @Dlanor: I usually don’t link anything unless someone asks for it. Since you asked for the CG, I have linked a download just for you. ^ ^

  30. Dlanor says:

    Yaaaay Thank you! *Hugs Yi* =)

  31. Yi says:

    @Dlanot: No big deal. ^ ^

  32. ning xin says:


    may i ask if there is another download site for this game that you uploaded? megaupload doesn’t work (since it always give me the ‘download limit exceeded’ thing). i understand that asking you to upload the whole thing to another site might be too troublesome. so may i ask if there is actually another download site floating somewhere on the internet available (preferably mediafire)?


  33. Yi says:

    @ning xin: Here’s an mf mirror for game: http://www.mediafire.com/?zzbklzcyzod
    And here’s the Chinese translation patch: http://www.mediafire.com/?injyty3t2ui

    I love Mai and Reo! ^ ^

  34. ning xin says:

    thanks so much! i will go get them, and once i am freed from the horrors of school examinations, i will start to play

  35. Yi says:

    @ning xin: Good luck on exams! Please do come back and share your thoughts on the game after. ^ ^

  36. Sellers says:

    One of the better ones, I think. Again, however, I again find myself preferring one of the pair quite a bit over the other (in this case, Mai). I suppose I didn’t find Reo’s helpless, angry, embarrassed, biting-people antics as endearing as intended. That being said, I didn’t dislike Reo; I just didn’t end up liking her as much as I wanted to. And this is probably the cutest pair.

  37. Yi says:

    @Sellers: I also think this is the cutest pair. I do love Reo a lot though… I have a thing for tsunderes.

  38. Sellers says:

    We’ll just have to agree to somewhat disagree.

  39. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Haha yea. It’s simply a matter of different tastes. I’m a rather masochistic person, so I sometimes find the angry and slightly abusive type cute.

  40. Minikomicweb says:

    I’ve downloaded the RAR file and descompressed it, yeah. (btw, thanks for upload it =D)

    But I have a problem; when I click on the file “Hanabira3” or “setup”, it gives me a error message in japanese or chinese (I don’t understand these languages xD), and I cannot play/install it. How I can play this game?

    My computer is a laptop, with the OS Windows 7 Home Premium.

    I pray for The Answer.

  41. Minikomicweb says:

    EDIT: Nevermind, I’ve fixed it. ^^”’


  42. Yi says:

    @Minikomicweb: No problem.

  43. minami says:

    lol this is interesting.

    my antivirus won’t let me download the patch since there’s a supposed trojan in it.

    this you can maybe re-up it to somewhere else? thanks~

  44. minami says:

    typo, ‘this’ is ‘think’, btw.

  45. Yi says:

    @minami: I assure you that there is no Trojan on this. I can personally attest to that as well as many others. Also, as for a mirror, look about 5 or so comments above. I have an mf mirror there.

  46. minami says:

    sorry, i’m not saying that you uploaded the virus. i know you didn’t, since there’d be a heckload of other complaints and i haven’t seen any. xD

    i’m just gunna disable it while i dl. no stupid antivirus is gunna get the better of me!

  47. Yi says:

    @minami: Yea no problem. If you look in the comments, there may be some mirror downloads.

  48. CtrlAltDel says:

    Yeah, I’ve been having the same problem with that virus. When I patch it, my anti-virus picks up on a trojan. I’m sure it’s not, though. However, even when I disable my anti-virus program and patch the game with the Chinese, the patch still fails to work.

    Also, the MF mirrors don’t seem to be working. xD

    But thanks anyway, for uploading this, Yi. ;3 You are my hero.

  49. Yi says:

    @minami + CtrlAltDel: Hm… That’s kind of weird. I have also heard other people mention this issue before. Personally, I have not had any problem with both the download link or the antivirus program. Both work for me.

    I have linked MF download for Chinese patch for Anata to Koibito Tsunagi again: http://www.mediafire.com/?fmzymywywzz
    I hope this helps. Beyond this, I’m not sure what I can do to help.

    Can anyone help with this or have suggestions?

  50. Sellers says:

    Apparently, some people over at Tsundere Translations have decided to work on an English translation. I wouldn’t mind seeing that.


    Notably, they reference your post, deeming it “wonderful”. Congrats.

  51. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Thanks. I’m glad someone thinks my posts are wonderful! ^ ^
    I really look forward to seeing this translated.

  52. godz says:

    Sorry but your link in MF get the “invalid or deleted file” result.
    Can you make another link in MF? Cause I always gets problem with MU

  53. Sellers says:

    Just about everyone on this site likes your posts. I, for one, wouldn’t spend any of my time here if i didn’t find you intelligent and helpful.

    @Godz: I take it you’re talking about the actual game file. I’m uploading Hanabira 3 on to MediaFire right now. If you mean something else, however, please says so.

  54. Yi says:

    @godz: Here’s an MF link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jgmzzjd2moj
    I’m not sure if it works. I have been having trouble with MF recently.

    @Sellers: You’re too kind. ^ ^
    Thanks for another mirror.

  55. Sellers says:

    MediaFire Link For Hanabira 3:

    • Yellowbird says:

      I really appreciate your re-up as the former links seem to dead.

      Played the first two games so far and I really love ’em.

    • Sairenji says:

      Hmmm..this link works fine but i’m unable to extract it. It said file damage or something like that.
      I must say. This such an awesome site. My Sono Hanabira collection is perfect now minus no 3. I wonder why they haven’t done with Hanabira 6 patch yet. Yuuna & Nanami are such a funny couple.

      • Yi says:

        I would suggest try re-downloading it. That probably means something messed up along the way. Good luck!

        As for the Hanabira 6 patch… Just keep in mind, these English translations are all done by fans who do them not for a job, but out of their free time. So yea…

    • Calm says:

      Same here, Thx!

  56. godz says:

    @ Yi & Sellers
    Thanx a lot guys….
    Still Yi, yours MF link has error on it
    But Sellers’ working well for me…\(^_^)/
    At my place, I always have problem with MU…that’s why until now I only had the 1st and 4th Sono Hanabira game…(T_T)
    Can any of you help making MF link for the rest of them???…if that’s not too many trouble of course…
    Domo Arigatou….

  57. Sellers says:

    Don’t mention it. I’ll go ahead and start uploading 2, 5, 6 & 7 then. I’ll post them on the appropriate pages on this website, as long as Yi doesn’t object.

  58. Yi says:

    @Godz: Hm… I guess I really am having problems with mediafire uploads… 😦

    @Sellers: Great! Thank you so much. I’ve actually been getting some emails about an MF mirror for other games, but it always seems like I have problems with it. Please post them in the comments. I definitely do not mind.

    Thanks again. ^ ^

  59. shiroiusachan says:

    hi sorry to bother you again =(
    but could you reupload the mf file for the chinese patch maybe on badango? cuz i just can’t dl it from mf =(
    thanks so muchh =D

  60. Yi says:

    @shiroiusachan: http://www.badongo.com/file/19612844
    Try this link for the Chinese patch.

  61. k1y0 says:

    Just wanna say I think your site is wonderful too, and Mai/Reo makes the cutest couple! ^_^

  62. Yi says:

    @k1yo: Thanks! That really meant a lot to me.
    Also, agreed about Mai/Reo.

  63. k1y0 says:

    Btw, also wanna say I looooooooooooove your work on Gokujou Drops too! Each chapter makes my day!! ^_^
    And Yukio is kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa lovely!

  64. Yi says:

    @k1yo: Thank you for the kind words. That reminds me that I need to get to the next chapter. I’ve delaying it due to school and stuff for too long. Sorry… 😦

  65. Yuki says:

    Are there videos of them?

  66. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Other than fan made ones? Not that I know of.

  67. deathofasin says:

    hey dude, i love the pics, where did you find them?

    also, do you know what the title is in english? also, is that game in english or japanese/chinese/tiwanese(is that even a language?)

  68. Sellers says:

    Copied from the first lines of the post:
    “A while back, I got a Chinese translated version of the third installment of Fuguriya’s Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo, Anata to Koibito Tsunagi.

    Anata to Koibito Tsunagi means something along the lines of “joined in love with you”. It is a fully yuri visual novel that delivers with truly clean and beautiful CGs”

    The game was originally in Japanese, which, to my knowledge, is still considered a language. As Yi noted above, it has been translated into Chinese. As I noted in the posts, an English Translation is in the works.

    I cannot comment on where exactly Yi got the pictures. He either took them from a site, which took them from the CG list in the game, or he took them from the game himself and then posted them. Regardless, you can copy them from this site, the game, google images, or associated sites without to much difficulty.

    Hope that helps.

  69. Yi says:

    @deathofasin: I think “Anata to Kobito Tsunagi” (ちづけを あなたと恋人つなぎ) means something like “Joined/ entangled in love with you”. It would be up to the translation group to see how they want to translate it.

    @Sellers: I think I got them from Yamibo forum.

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  71. asd says:

    don’t they look like shimako & noriko from marimite?

    • Yi says:

      @asd: They sure do! That was my first thought a long time ago. Their personalities are completely different though.

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  73. Johnny says:

    Is it possible someone to up the media fire translation again ? I try twice, but the link was unavailable.

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  77. kiehara says:


  78. slayer says:

    hey,have any English Patch for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchiduke wo Anata to Koibito Tsunagi Game..?

    and the walkthrough too…..i wanna know how the good scene like…..
    please give me this 2….!!! Yi-san ^^

  79. StayCold says:

    Reo is now my favorite character in Hanabira. I just love loli tsundere and think that there just aren’t enough in the world of anime ^^

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  81. icemonster987 says:

    Is there still no english patch for this game?
    I really love to play this game just can’t understand japanese…

    if anybody finds a english patch pls update me. can’t wait to play this game. tnx 🙂

  82. Johnny says:

    There is no english patch yet.
    Hanabira-kun will work on it after releasing this for 7th game.

  83. Joe0Bloggs says:

    DLed the game and Chinese patch from one of the latter links that still work. I didn’t get the virus alert for the Chinese patch but it didn’t work the first time. Since I’d changed my computer’s non-Unicode language to Japanese for the game installation (so the Japanese would display properly… like that would do me any good ^_^””) I thought maybe the patch is having trouble because of the computer’s language setup. Sure enough after I changed the language back to Chinese(PRC) and rebooted, the patch worked fine.

    It asks for the Japanese game installation folder in the 2nd dialog box, but if you’re downloading the Chinese patch, you should understand Chinese and know that already.

    Changing the non-Unicode language:
    Go to Control Panel->Regional and Language Options and open the Advanced tab. Under language for non-Unicode programs, select Chinese (PRC). Click Apply to install the language.

    If that option doesn’t come up, you probably need to go to the Languages tab and check “Install files for East Asian languages” and click Apply to install that first.

    Hope that helps! And thanks loads Yi! I watched the movie and it was really great. Reo and Mai are really chibi though (even if Reo (?) has giant boobs). I wonder if that’s my preferred taste. Will check out the first game with the English patch later to see which one I prefer. I’ll probably plonk down the cash for the official version for that one 🙂 Coz we always need MOAR YURI and these guys (gals?) need support! :]

    • Yi says:

      Glad you got it to work, and I’m sure a lot of people will find your words really helpful. ^ ^

      Haha, Reo and Mai are both pretty Chibi, but I think Mai is the one with the larger bosom, while Reo is quite flat-chested. Adorable either way!

      • Joe0Bloggs says:

        Yeah–now that I’ve finished the game I’ve remembered that down pat.

        I didn’t know there are already 9 games out–mad props for linking to them all! I actually found 百合會 one of the guys collaborating on the Chinese translation but haven’t even been able to get anyone to point me to a download because everyone is hush-hush because of the ban on porn there. Imagine my surprise when I did a round trip back here and find you’ve rounded up downloads for all the games and all the Chinese patches! 😀

        Like I said I’m probably going to buy at least one official version. Will probably be version 8 though, now that I know there’s so many versions. That’s the last one with a Chinese patch.

        You’re Chinese? I’m from Hong Kong.

        • Yi says:

          百合會 is pretty useful for finding stuff, but you’re going to have to dig. I think that’s where I found most of my Chinese patches.

          Anyway, I was born in Taiwan. ^ ^

        • Joe0Bloggs says:

          Dig, and have mining accidents. I first posted a request there for the Hanabira games, which was deleted (no requesting R-rated games). Then last night I took your links on a round trip back to their content sharing forum, and that was deleted too (they say I’m pirating your links) =.= I was running a record of having 1 out of every 5 posts deleted, what a n00b I’ve become =.=

          So, I’d just ask you, are you ok with me sharing your download links back at 百合會? Apparently it’ll be ok to do that if I obtain your approval. Should we worry about Chinese cops storming your site? 😛

        • Yi says:

          Oh I see… I tend to just lurk there, and occasionally dropping a comment or two on a particular yuri manga. I keep a pretty low profile on 百合會.

          I don’t mind if you shared a link to this page:

          You have my permission, not that you need it anyway. The only thing I have rights over are my words and works. As long as no one takes those her own, I don’t mind any sharing. ^ ^

  84. Cell says:

    Hey, very sorry for bothering you but, when I installed the chinese patch and launched it, a message that says “error launching installer” popped out. If you have any time, can you please help me with this? Thanks Yi.

    • Yi says:

      Oh no worries. You’re certainly not bothering me with comments. ^ ^

      I’m not exactly sure what the problems is. I think perhaps changing the language settings into either simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese will help. I don’t remember which one it is, but try that.

      Good luck.

    • Joe0Bloggs says:

      Cell–that’s the problem I was talking about in my post just above yours. Follow my instructions to change non-Unicode language to simplified Chinese, reboot and the Chinese patch should run properly. 🙂

  85. Cell says:

    Oh, that’s right, sorry for being so oblivious haha. Thanks for the help and advice, I really appreciate it.

  86. Wampz says:

    there is the translation already?

  87. Wampz says:

    i can’t wait for it I love all this cutie girls

  88. Wampz says:

    something new about the translation?

  89. David says:

    I have tried everything to try to download. When it goes to download, it takes me to a program Winzip. It has a bunch of files, and I don’t know what to do from there. I even looked through the responses on here and seen where you might need to rename it, and I can’t even find where to rename it, if I right click it, it won’t let me there. I know nothing about computers also.

    • Swordwind says:

      When you download it, elect to save it to a target location instead of just opening it with Winrar. After the download finishes, go to the directory you downloaded it to, find the file, right click on it, and choose ‘Extract Here.’ A folder should appear in that directory, with all the game files inside. Run the program from there – if you’re having further difficulty, rename the folder to something English (if necessary) and make sure your unicode setting are set to Japanese.

    • Yi says:

      @David: Make sure you’re downloading the right thing. It should be a .rar file. Once you have that, you’ll need to extract it by doing what @Swordwind said. To extract the file, you need a program like winrar. Just google for it; there are free versions around.

      Once you have the file extracted, a new folder should appear. Just click on Hana3.exe to play. If you have problems, @Swordwind’s suggestions are also nice.

      Hope it works out! Good luck. ^ ^

  90. Yi says:

    A Kiss For The Petals – Joined In Love With You

    English patch has been released: AXYPB world

    Downloads for A Kiss for the Petals – Joined in Love with You and resources for the other visual novels in this series:
    Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo | A Kiss for the Petals index page

    Review for the A Kiss for the Petals – Joined in Love with You

    Please go thank AXYPB and the gang for their hard work!

  91. Mai=luv says:

    english patch for Hanibara 3 please…..megaupload ÇxÇ(i cant use mirror its a too complicaded program!!)

  92. Johnny says:

    Just finished it !
    Very enjoyable, ecchi & nice, but maybe more romantic than erotic (despite Reo who becomes “Fountain Woman” two times !), with a best content than in the OVA…
    Mai seemed to me a little less pervert than i saw her in CG’s (less than Yuuna in all cases), Reo is stubborn, but her childish voice and look is 2 cute !
    Well, u can enjoy !

    • Manfred says:

      agreed 😀
      awesome with lovely interactions. and not just the sexual kind…..

    • Yi says:

      Agreed! There’s a very nice blend of drama and ero in this game, and I love the story too. I can see why this pair was most people’s favorite back when only three were released. We have two very strong personalities that clash at first, but eventually came together. There is also a slight sense of real-world troubles (particularly with Reo’s home situation), that makes this a little more rooted in real life than some of the others. It’s just a very lovely visual novel with a really interesting story.

      “Despite Reo who becomes “Fountain Woman” two times!”
      Haha, I actually have no problem with it. Dare I say… I kind of enjoyed it.

      Yuuna is still the most ecchi, but Mai comes close. The next installment of Mai and Reo also showcases a little more of this side of Mai. And, Reo is cute as always. I like tsundere personalities.

      p.s. This kind of makes me want to write a more proper review (since this post is done ages ago and is more of an impression)… But I think the comment section should suffice. I look forward to hearing what people have to say about this visual novel.

  93. xX777Xx says:

    Played the game a bit and I still like Sara x Kaede as my number 1 fave couple 😛

    • Yi says:

      Ahh, an ardent supporter of Sara x Kaede. They’re a lovely couple.
      I wonder if finishing the game would change your mind about Reo and Mai.

      • xX777Xx says:

        To be honest I still haven’t finish playing the second game 😛 (around 2/3 of it). But like what I said before, good things must be saved for the last (bad habit of mine) :P.

        • Johnny says:

          The second game is rather long, i did it in 3 times. 🙂

        • Yi says:

          I always save the best for last too. Sometimes, I might even hold off finishing an anime series for months because I don’t want it to end ever.

          But yea, let me know what you think once you’ve played through both completely.

        • xX777Xx says:

          @Johnny : 3 times? Wow, I bet you like the game a lot ^ ^. Yeah the game it’s a bit longer than the first one but the story is more interesting and the problems in the story is more complicated, thus Kaede is the only girl that has two different side of personality in Sono Hanabira.

          I see Kaede and Sara is the only couple that can change role as a seme or an uke and equal to each other. Now I see Takako in Sono Hanabira 9 a bit like Kaede (can be a seme or an uke or semuke for short) but in my opinion she is more suitable as an uke :P.

          @Yi: I know your feelings about it. To be honest I played the first Sono Hanabira a year later after I downloaded the game ^ ^;;. Cause I know it’s a good VN and I want to treasure it as long as I could but once I played the game, it’s hard for me to stop myself from playing the game lol :P.

          I will let you know what I think once I’ve played the games but it sure will take a long time to go as for now I’m facing final exam ^ ^;;. Have you read Seikon no Qwaser that I recommended before?

        • Yi says:

          Haha icic. I save too much stuff and wait for the right moment for them too often, and now I have a huge backlog of anime, manga, and VNs. 😦

          And unfortunately, a busy schedule only compounds the problem. I hardly have much time to watch anime or read manga these days, and I consume much much less stuff.

          I haven’t had a chance to get around to Seikon no Qwaser yet. I am interested in at least checking out a few episodes of the anime though, since it seems to promise some good yuri.

        • xX777Xx says:

          I haven’t watch the anime yet but from my friends information and from what I’ve read, there’s more yuri in the manga than in the anime :P.

        • Yi says:

          Ahh I see I see. All the more reason for me to get to it soon. ^ ^

  94. Johnny says:

    Reo x Mai are a great couple, but as an individual character, Sara is probably my favorite… she’s 2 cute (and less stubborn than Reo) !!!

    • Yi says:

      I really like Sara too. I think if I were to rank each girl based on personality, Sara would probably be in the upper half.

      • Mirc_hatter says:

        I agree, I love the way she is animated, always hugging and trying to take some chunks of Kaede

        after playing the game in English i confess that I was a little in doubt which one I like best in this couple, but in the end the hand always kind of Kaede chan gets me XD

        in the personalityfactor I would say that Sarah is in the first place yes now I dont know decide whether the second would be with Reo or Mai(X_X), they both have very strong personalities!! XD

        • Yi says:

          “I agree, I love the way she is animated, always hugging and trying to take some chunks of Kaede”

          Yea, I usually really enjoy girls who are very proactive, and Sara is definitely one of the most aggressive girls in the series. That makes me happy!

    • Rei says:

      I think so too! I mean, I like Mai x Reo (well mostly because of Mai), but I still like Sara x Kaede better. I just loooooovee Sara. I can play the 2nd game over and over again and it will still feel as if it’s my first time playing.

      Sara. ❤

      • xX777Xx says:

        Another comrade for SaraxKaede fans =D. Sara sure is lovely but I like Kaede more cause she has two side of personality and she is quite charming when she is in her prince mode. Kaede may look weak at first but she will be totally different when she is in her super mode :D.

      • Yi says:

        Sara can be so lovely. I love the way she attacks Kaede at every chance!
        Princely Kaede is nice too with her cool demeanor. They’re certainly a nice pair.

        Although I don’t know if I like them more than Reo x Mai. Reo is just so cute and Mai so fun. I really enjoy watching them interact.

        • xX777Xx says:

          I can see Reo is a true tsundere while Mai is totally in love with Reo and sometimes she give Reo hard time cause her act. I can imagine how funny they’re when they interact with each other :D.

        • Yi says:

          Agreed. p.s. I love it when Mai gives Reo a hard time, especially when she teases her. ^ ^

        • xX777Xx says:

          I understand why you love when Mai teases Reo. Reo’s responses sure is cute by Mai’s naughty act ^ ^.

  95. hanabiralover says:

    This couple is definitely my favorite. I love Reo’s tsundere personality, and the way she says “Mama”. Hehe. Is it just me or did the first H-scene in this game take longer to happen than in the previous ones?

    • Johnny says:

      I’d say maybe. But it’s not very bad at all. Maybe the story is as important as H-scenes in this game.
      Well, that’s my feeling. 🙂

      • Mirc_hatter says:

        I agree with you, I noticed that too and thought it much more interesting(AND CUUUUUUUUUUUTEEE!!!*-*)
        I hated the first game of the first scenes, they were practically rape Oo

        one knows the other and there without more Yunna playing Nanami on the floor and get a. … well … for me this was almost a rape i really dont like it… ‘XD

        I know that all she is the worst for me but there is already too much “XD…really….

        • Yi says:

          Hm… Interesting take. I’d think what Sara did to Kaede during their first h-scene is more of a rape than the times when Yuuna plays with Nanami.

        • Mirc_hatter says:

          so true….i forgot to say that…
          yes,Sara was very worse i got scary when it happens XD

          i mean…if someone attacked like that i would punch the person in the face,no doubts XD

          “OMG!another girl is trying to…?O-O-punch-TAKE IT, SEX MANIAC!!!GO TO HELL!!!O0ó”

          that scene was VERY scary,but in the end i realized that that ONLY happened because Kaede was a little ok with it and because Sara was DESPERALY for see her again…she is very impulsive so she do that….

          but even so….THAT WAS SCAAARRYYY >XDD
          good for Sara that was the gentile Kaede and wasnt me,she would have lose some teetsXD

        • Yi says:

          “that ONLY happened because Kaede was a little ok with it and because Sara was DESPERALY for see her again”
          But does that make it OK for Sara to attack Kaede?
          I really don’t know.

          Anyway, if someone were to attack me like that, I’d probably pepper spray her/ him. But if it’s Sara, I think I’ll make an exception. ^ ^

    • Yi says:

      @hanabiralover: Oh me too! Reo has a really cute loli voice, and I love it when she says mama too. It’s just so darn adorable.

      • Mirc_hatter says:

        definitely! I know it’s just a character but when she says “Mama” give me a desire to take she up to hug her she would not take it anymore> X33

  96. Johnny says:

    I meant i played Hanabira 02 three times to complete it, because of its longness.

  97. nanazzha says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew what the song at the end of the OVA was called? And if it isn’t too much too ask, can somebody please also put a link of the mp3 on here too? I really like it, it’s so soothing ^^

    • Yi says:

      That’s a good question… I don’t know if it has a name per se. Minor productions, especially 18+ anime, rarely release soundtracks, and the compositions are too often just lost. I looked around for a long while, and nothing comes up.

      Still agreed about the music. Very soothing indeed. If someone knows how to rip music from the anime, I’d love to have a copy of the ED. Thanks!!

  98. Pingback: Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu | Listless Ink

  99. Neviril says:

    …I’m on constant “moe overload” since I started playing this part…they’re just…so cute together, these sparks constantly flowing between them and chemistry…AND SEIYUUS MADE AN OUTSTANDING JOB!!! No earbreaking squeaking and sqealing…I can’t get enough of them, I’m addicted T__T *sigh* I want Mai to whisper in my ear too *mumble*

  100. Owen Fabian says:

    Excuse me. I downloaded the Hanabira 3 file and changed the name to Sono Hanabira in english. Now, I dunno what to do next. I’m already about to install it but when it asks me to choose which folder to put it on, in which I made a Hanabira 3 folder, I clicked my folder but it doesn’t want me to continue. The “Next” button isn’t lit and can’t be pressed. Help me please!

    • Yi says:

      Hm… I’m not exactly sure what your issue is.

      If you’re playing it in Japanese, just extract the game file, and find Hana3.exe to play. There’s no need to install anything.

      If you’re looking to play the English patched version, make sure that you have dl-ed two things: the patch and the game file.
      With the game, just extract it, and rename it/ move the files if needed. Don’t worry about installing it. With the patch, execute the patch, and find where your Hanabira game file has been extracted to. Find it, and click through the instructions. That should work then.

      Hope this helps. ^ ^

  101. Mirc_hatter says:

    I saw the link they left Hanabira 3 and downloaded without having to use mirc (THANK GOD X_X)
    My opinion:
    and I have to say this is my favorite XD
    not that I’m different, I actually think until very funny that this pair being the “favorite” of all XDD

    I loved even before playing!(XD)I did something never done in my life, which was download in Japanese without understanding anything
    (which I believed I would lose the grace)

    anyways … thanks to translation I fell even more in loveXD
    to tell the truth when I heard in Japanese I felt very sorry for Reo, which was always yelling and complaining … but I thought they were permitted at the same time felt sorry because I also saw her as a victim

    when I saw the version in English and understood what was happening I felt very relieved, finally she was not a victim but a great tsundere!> XD

    what I most love about this duo is that Reo loves calling Mai of idiot but in the end I guess I never saw so great a couple of idiots> XDD
    I have fun with these two XD

    there are people who say they love the voice of Reo, (because it resembles a child”>>) but in fact I do not think anything else, I think it just suits her

    in fact what is i really like her personality
    the fact that she is small and yet dont like being called cute or feel cute and be aggressive and retracted captivated me much,and the fact that she put people off and feel bad about it, I like this conflict and I like characters with That
    beyond the fact that she is adorable trying to disguise what it feels XDD

    (because of it, That i really like Kaede, actually do not think she has low esteem or something,i think that it makes it a more complex character with doubt and not 100% happy and carefree)

    and about Mai I got nothing to say …. Besides being terribly kind and patient
    after all she is pure awsomeness *-*

    would be nice if they quarrel less
    but still is interesting because it’s a tone of realism, and shows that even a lot of beating before they really like each other, its very cute, love isn’t perfect after all … X3

    this pair definitely captivated me XD
    for me sono Hanabira may come down to them and Kaede and Sara

    (mainly Kaede for begin so kind and loveling character, especially with Sara who is a love too XD)
    I really like to see more things from them … I think i really turned a fan of these two
    (and for Kaede an Sara too!!XDDGOGO KAEDE CHAN!!Oó)

    • Yi says:

      I really like this pair too. And I played it a long time ago before the release of the English patch. I’m a little luckier though that I was able to find a translation patch in another language.

      “I felt very sorry for Reo, which was always yelling and complaining …”
      Haha, this made me chuckle. Reo is always yelling and complaining. I loved that part… Such a tsundere. I loved how Reo’s always getting mad at Mai, but she actually really want her. She just has a hard time admitting it. Reo’s so bad at expressing herself that she comes off combative a lot of the time. I find that extremeley charming.

      Good point about Kaede. At the end of the 2nd, she definitely grew to be much more outgoing and confident.

      I love Mai too! She has such a bright personality to be able to put up with Reo… Or maybe it’s her ecchi side that makes it work. ^ ^

      I actually found all the bickering very fun to watch. It adds to both’s personality, and make-up sex is often the best sex! … j/k

      It’s still so hard for me to pick a favorite. They all have their charms and individual dynamics. But Reo, Mai, Kaede, and Sara are lovely for sure.

      • Mirc_hatter says:

        is that I played too, and there is proof of what I said,she was LO VE LING, if she was just a character with low self esteem that she never had this change of attitude ^^

        Kaede and Sara is the only Couple That Can Change the role to an uke and seme or equal to each other, and I think it’s great, to be honest I think cute and very much more enjoyable to watch ^ ^

        (Reo and Mai are my two favorite couple,and I’m in love with oral jobs of Mai *___*, but I’d much if I saw Reo attacking Mai more often! Mai can be pushy but it’s always very kind, since the Reo is far more aggressive in the sex XD)

        anyways …i like the complexity of this game, not a thing that is amazing but it is the only game of the genre which interested me in my life, only to see the images by which the thing is not focused on pornography, but in relationships, i really like That, if have sex or not this is just a consequence of that

        this is the only game of this style that I play in my life I do not see any other that I be interesting XD

        • Yi says:

          That’s a good point. Compared to some of the other couples, this couple has much more balanced roles in bed.

          “this is the only game of this style that I play in my life I do not see any other that I be interesting XD”
          Me too! … sort of. This series and a few other games are the only eroge I play.

  102. Mirc_hatter says:

    I really love the voice of Kaede chan and Mai as well, would I have preferred for it? i really dont like Yunnan and still really like her voice too> XDD

  103. Mirc_hatter says:

    Yes!her voice is amazing too!!*-*

    especially in the ecchi moments=w=
    when that happens I do not really tell you what is the best she or mai, she is the only of the team of the “ukes”from which the voice is really great! ^ ^

    (I do not know where to define “group” she fits exactly…XD)

    sometimes i even think that is better than Kaede’s voice…
    but just in the ecchi momentsXD
    Kaede chan have a loveling voice all the time XD

  104. Nicole says:

    I played the 3rd one and i really liked it. But what’s the “Halfway END” thing mean? There’s a part 2? I really want to play the rest of the game. XD

    • Yi says:

      As a related note: To check if you’ve gotten the true ending, just see if you’ve unlocked all the CGs. If you got the halfway ending, usually the CG will have a few blank boxes.

  105. Johnny says:

    Start again and choose every top choice.

  106. wendy says:

    can i get the link to the english patch for this..?Thsnk you very much if anyone replies

  107. Mai Nakahara says:

    Hello! ☆-(^ー’*) May i know which program must i use to open this? (A Kiss for the Petals – Joined in Love with You | Anata to Koibito Tsunagi) thank you!

  108. Pingback: Tenshi no Hanabira Zome | Listless Ink

  109. yummy melon says:

    yi can you send me the link of hanabira 3 part two? i only found part one on your above link. thank you

    • Yi says:

      I’m not sure what you’re talking about part two… All the links have only one part.

      • yummy melon says:

        erm when i download this game , on a certain point it stated halfway end and thats where they end i thought theres a continue of the second half?….

        • Yi says:

          If you scroll through some of the comments, the answer is in there. ^ ^

          There is only one part to the game. You made wrong choices so you got a premature end. Go back and remake your choices.

  110. w321 says:

    Hi, can you tell me the answers in game? I can’t seem to get them right =/

    like 1-2-2-1 or something.

  111. Johnny says:

    4 the 4 first games, all the first anwsers were good (except one, where i chose 2-1-1-1).

    • Yi says:

      Different combinations may work. I would recommend for everyone to just play it through with your own choices, and only use these answers when you just can’t get the true ending. It’s more fun (I think) this way.

  112. sasuke says:

    error d’ont work

  113. i have a question about hanabira 3 and 5 i get each time half way end in the tekst bar and then the game and dose anyone no how to fix it

  114. TheNewTheory says:

    haha there´s one thing I´ve realised. in the english patch before they get together it says something along with “reo´s always so perverse so I couldn´t help but always get concerned with her” but isn´t that what she DOESN´T seem to be like :P? I´m not critizising, just asking if someone can explain to me xD

  115. reo-chan says:

    has an indepedent group that produced several films in the world yuri cosplay porn, I think they will want to do adult movie sonohanabira.

    this group produced the yuruyuri: acs.kir.jp/cross/dvd/M07/m07.html
    sorry to post this kind of thing this blog is that I wanted to show it to you, why do think it will have sonohanabira also *.*.

    excuse my poor English rsrsrsrsr, I’m brasilian

    • Yi says:

      Thanks for the note. I guess this could be fun. ^ ^ Don’t worry too much about posting this type of stuff. I kind of like it~ Let me know if they do make it.

      p.s. Comment edited slightly for various reasons.
      p.p.s. Your English is fine. ^ ^

  116. Yuki N. says:

    Please… Could you re-upload the files? D: Megaupload is dead.

    • Yi says:

      There are actually plenty of mirrors to the download that are on mediafire. But in any case, the link has been fixed. Hope this helps.

  117. zippie says:

    really sexy!!
    uuhh.. where i can download this game?

  118. Wixzmaster says:

    um hello is this already in english or not?

    • Yi says:

      It’s not in English. You have to get the English patch and patch it to get the English translations. The patch should be linked in the post, which it may be nice to read. After all, this was kind of intended to be an impression post with words.

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  120. veryberry says:

    I despite playing 4 hanabira so far. (1,2,3,4. Hanabira3- still working on it xD)
    This is my favorite so far. Maybe because of Reo’s tsundere touch?
    anyways, I could have seriously admired this better if there’s lesser hentai scenes. (I’m a girl so I really don’t get fascinated by it too much)

    I really love the story on this one. I just really hope they could lessen the hentai scenes. Well, that’s my opinion, and as a girl as well.

    • Sari says:

      I agree that less would’ve been more but it’s eroge. Sex is kinda the point of those. If I had to criticize the series for something though is how forced some of those scenes feel, like they had a quota to fill or something.

      • veryberry says:

        yeah. hmmm.. I wanna see a visual novel version of this one.. if there’s even a difference between eroge and VN. (sorry, new to this eroge thingy)
        but. just my opinion. so there.
        But I still LOVE hanabira. great art, voice actresses, story and more.

    • Yi says:

      @Veryberry: This is an eroge after all, and as far as eroge goes, this is relatively tame. Make no mistake about it, Hanabira’s primary goal is to titillate. Its intended audience is also primarily those looking for sexual stimulation. Considering that, the criticism that there are too many adult scenes is curious.

      I do agree with Sari about the forced feel of some scenes.

  121. Oroan says:

    as much as i enjoy the yuri i do love the story on these.

  122. Oroan says:

    i do find it hilarious that yuuna makes an appearance again. lol its like she knows something is going to start.

  123. DS says:

    I almost finished it. But on the last scene, after Mai said “I love you Reo” the screen blacks out and the dialogue said “Halfway END”. Then it exits to the menu. I played the game twice and different routes but I had the same ending. HELP ME PLEASE 😦
    I suffered the same thing with the Sono 1. But it didnt occured on the second gameplay

  124. Verald says:

    Hei guys, Can help me about “Halfway End” problem? i always stuck there . .
    anyone can tell me how i finish all the story . .

  125. JbstormburstADV says:

    Hey, Yi, in case you haven’t seen my post in the main article, the link to the second part of the RAR for the rermake of Anata to Koibito Tsunagi is not working (something about exceeding the DL limit for split archives), so if you could provide a new source for the complete RAR (preferably MediaFire, as SendSpace is giving me horrible speed issues), I would appreciate it greatly.

    • Yi says:

      The link has been fixed. Also, please keep redundant comments to a minimum. I get an email whenever there’s a comment, and I get a lot of other emails as well. (There are roughly 60 or so that I need to attend to in my inbox). So yea. ^ ^ It really saves me some hassle. I usually read them all within a timely manner, and I try to address them as quickly as possible. However, I’m not always available to reply right away,

      As for the Mediafire issue. I prefer Mediafire as well, but they do not allow uploads over 200 Mb.

      • JbstormburstADV says:

        I apologize for my redundancy then. XD

        On an related note, did someone ever find the remakes for the first and second games? And on a completely unrelated note, did someone translate Seven Days with the Ghost yet?

  126. Jaron Ellis says:

    if anyone can help me i am so lost i completed the first 2 games easily and they were both amazing but the third one I always get the halfway end i looked on google to try and find a guide but could not find anything i have tried the game four times with different combinations of choices so if anyone can tell me the “true choices” or give me a link to the guide that would be much appreciated. i must say i love these stories and the Mai x Reo are my favorite couple so i want to finish this story and move on to the next one.

  127. lanfear says:

    i need to get this manga tell me the web site i can get it on please

  128. Jose says:

    .<…saddly i couldnt continue reading for work T.T…soon…soon i will back.
    ty for this blog 😀

  129. Meow says:

    I downloaded them, thank you for hosting these! ^^

  130. Mr. Tyra says:

    Oh you might want to switch the download link in the post itself from the megaupload one :3

    So hard to pick a favorite between these two, and the original two T>T

    • Yi says:

      Good idea. I’ve removed megaupload’s link.

      I understand the dilemma. I have moments when I favor these two, and moments when I favor Nanami Yuuna (mostly because of Yuuna though).

  131. Brooklyn says:

    i downloaded the Hanabira 5: The joy of loving you i downloaded the English patch for it too and whenever i try and click on the application it keeps saying mainwindow: filejoin i have no clue what to do i tried to extract to a new folder but it wouldn’t work still xPP

    • Yi says:

      Try this: Extract to a new folder. And then create another one, and drag all the content from the extracted folder to the newly created one. (Don’t just extract to a new folder)

      Hopefully this works then.

  132. brooklyn55 says:

    It didnt work ugh xP tht would be great if it did tho

  133. Tricks123 says:

    Wanna tell that chinese patches cannot installed, keep appear this “NSIS ERROR” & “Error launching installed” after i download it and try to installed but failed.

  134. brooklyn55 says:

    the English patch keeps messing up the game n whenever I hit start a box pops up I don’t understand what it says tho xP

  135. brooklyn55 says:

    nevermind it works now strange but im glad :’)

  136. Azre says:

    Yi’s the best ~

  137. itozlus says:

    i can’t seem to run the 1st hanabira 😦 followed the instruction and all but in the end it keep saying
    “Error in main
    HANABIRA-EN crashed.
    Click on debug link to get more details.”
    on my PlayOnMac. damn it ;___;

  138. itozlus says:

    thanks for helping again, Yi! 😀 you’re the best :3

  139. Mayjaplaya says:

    I decided to read this book first (for the loli), but over the course of the story I found Mai surprisingly cute as well. At first I was doubtful about her tomboy designation, but as the game went on I found her sheer aggression and horniness around Reo to be downright dude-like. The chemistry between the two is quite nice. The hallmark of any good romance is that both parties are better together than apart!

    I know pretty much all of this series’ VNs are full of porn, but I still wish there was more character and relationship development between the sex scenes. At least they were hot though; I was fearing for my health after a couple of hours into this book!

    I have a huge weakness for submissive lolis (and not really anything else), but I’ll try to give the other couples a chance.

    Thanks for collecting the supplementary material.

    • Yi says:

      My feelings regarding Mai and Reo are similar. Coming into this, I thought I would like Reo more: tsundere, cuter design, long silky hair, and such. However, I ended up really liking Mai’s personality. Perhaps it has to do with my general preference for the aggressor in the relationship. Whatever the case, Mai was certainly what made this romance work for me.

      Anyways, I hope you enjoy the other ones!

  140. miklla says:

    hi.i want to downlod this anime where is link??

  141. Valky says:

    How to download?

  142. DINO says:

    I have download the game, it can work but I cant understand this weird language :((

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