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A Kiss for the Petals Sono Hanabira 7 yuri Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu Takako Runa

Much like its sister games, Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu, the seventh visual novel in the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo (A Kiss for the Petals) series, focuses on the cute fluffy yuri relationship of two girls. However, unlike its prequels, Hoshikute Chuu really highlights the edginess of forbidden relationships. [1] Before I delve further into this. I want to make this clear. This review will approach the visual novel as an artistic and literary work. [2]

Yuri visual novel eroge Sono Hanabira Takako Runa

Hoshikute Chuu opens with an adorable scene. Takako, a teacher at St. Michael’s Girls Academy, attempts to wake up her lover, who is also her student, but is instead manipulated, seduced, and bullied into performing sexual favors. The first chapter sets up the fascinating dynamic between this unlikely couple, and introduces their stark, cleverly written personalities, which are then explored in this irresistible story.

Sono Hanabira 7 yuri visual novel eroge kiss for the petals Takako Runa

The two lead characters add a lot of brilliance to Hoshikute Chuu. Takako, through whose lens we see events, is an inexperienced school teacher. Although she aspires to be the kind of teacher students admire, she just does not have the authoritative personality to be of any impact. On the other hand, Runa, a student in Takako’s class, is extremely beautiful, smart, and charismatic. She is all that Takako hopes to, but can never, be. In addition, the script does an incredible job of adding even more subtlety to these broadly-painted personalities. For example, Runa has moments of weaknesses when she lets down her guard or shows her naïveté, at which point Takako would reveal her protective warmth or her devious side.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo yuri harem Takako Runa

Moreover, because Runa and Takako’s characters develop alongside their relationship, their personalities and romance are very compelling. When Runa transfers to Takako’s class, her overpowering strong presence immediately captures the attention of not only Takako, but the entire class. Takako is faced with an inner dilemma. She is both in awe of Runa and jealous of her commanding power.

Sono Hanabira 7 Runa Takako yuri Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu

The two girls’ first meeting outlines this interaction. On her first day at St. Michael’s, Runa forces herself on Takako and publicly claims the teacher as her own. Takako could do nothing to deny Runa’s words nor convince the other students, who all blindly worship Runa, otherwise. But even she is unsure if she wants to deny it. As Runa slowly strips Takako of her dignity as a teacher, tension grows within the teacher until it explodes. The two’s relationship and characters are deepened when they finally overcome this.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu A Kiss for the Petals eroge

Of course, these two polar personalities also lend easily to sadomasochistic undertones in the erotic scenes. Runa has a clear sadistic streak, whereas Takako is a hopeless submissive, who arouses Runa’s deepest desires to train the teacher. It is especially interesting to see Runa dominate, bully, and often humiliate Takako, who is supposed to be the more powerful figure.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Takako Runa 7 finger lick

This reversal of power has important implications. Hoshikute Chuu is, at its core, a story about a forbidden relationship. Takako struggles with her conflicting roles as Runa’s teacher, guardian, and lover, but she does eventually reconcile them. Yet, though it explores extensively on the teacher-student dynamic, the visual novel barely touches on the arguably more controversial aspect of their relationship: Runa’s age. [3] Perhaps what makes the loli factor more tolerable is because Runa is the one holding most of the power in the romantic relationship. As such, there is no hint of exploitation by the older Takako, nor does this visual novel remind of abuse. In fact, Takako is quite a prude, and Runa does all the seduction. Nevertheless, there are a few lines that give me pause, especially those that flaunt Runa’s loli appearance.

Seeking a Melting Bewitching Kiss Takako Runa yuri Hanabira 7

Still, I really enjoyed Hoshikute Chuu. Regardless of the controversial loli element, [4] the story is wonderfully conceived and paced, the personalities pop, and every interaction is meaningful. For instance, I love the interwoven subplot revolving around Runa’s sister, a impressionable character who, despite having no lines, holds a cataclysmic role. This is truly a testament to how beautiful the script is and how strong the personalities are. [5] The seventh volume, Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu, is perhaps my favorite visual novel in this series. [6]

A Kiss for the Petal Sono Hanabira 7 Sweet Melting Kiss


  1. The forbidden love refers mostly to the teacher-student relationship, which is very frowned upon, as well as the big age difference between the two girls.
  2. The reason for and importance of this disclaimer should be be pretty obvious.
  3. Runa’s age is actually not explicitly stated, but her grade is. Take that how ever.
  4. I actually do not mind much Runa’s young age in the context of this visual novel…
  5. One of my favorite scenes, and a good example of the charming lines, is when Runa talks to other student about the possibility of Takako cheating on her. Runa’s surprising attitude on the issue really illustrates her queen-like demeanor (or rather, sadistic harem leader potential).
  6. There might be a bit of recency bias, but I really loved reading through the story.

Side Notes:

Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu Takako Runa

  1. For a further look at Runa and Takako’s relationship, some interpretations of their characters, and a few snippets of the story, this comment thread addresses a lot of those. Also, feel free to check out its sequel.
  2. Peko’s CGs are, as always, gorgeous. The style differs a bit from the earlier works in that the characters, including Takako, generally have a more loli appearance.
  3. Like its various prequels, there is a urinary incontinence scene, which I secretly find somewhat charming in an odd way… Although not as extreme as Yuuna’s cases, it does make me blush.
  4. Some past release information on Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu:
    Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu – Sono Hanabira 7 Release Date
    Hanabira 7 and 8 Announced: Takako and Runa Web Series Released as Visual Novel
  5. You can find all the Sono Hanabira games here.
    The English patch has been released for this game as well, much thanks to AXYPB, here.

I realize the subject of this post is more suited for a mature audience. If you are not comfortable with this, I apologize sincerely. You might want to check out my other safer posts (basically any posts not about Sono Hanabira).

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  4. A Kiss for the Petals – Beloved Photograph | Aishisa no Photograph
  5. A Kiss for the Petals – The Joy of Loving You | Anata wo Suki na Shiawase
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205 Responses to A Kiss for the Petals – Sweet Enchanting Kisses | Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu

  1. AXYPB says:

    You beat me to it.

  2. EmperorG says:

    Good to know this stuff. Two things:
    1: Congratulations on posting this before the mysterious alphabetical one.
    2: This will pump me up for the day when I myself will delve into the intriguing relationship this couple shares. As we all know, controversy creates cash and it doesn’t get more controversial than these two in the yuri nation. Lolicon male otaku support doesn’t count because they scare me.

    • Yi says:

      The interesting thing is that the visual novel does not quite treat Runa’s young age the same as her role as a student. It would seem that in Takako’s mind, the “illicit” relationship stems much more from her being Runa’s teacher than anything else. In short, the game doesn’t seem to really embrace the controversy surrounding lolicon. That, in turn, makes it a lot more accessible in that we can sort of just treat the age difference as simply that.

      • AXYPB says:

        This game skirts the implications of underage sex in the same way Kaede and Sara’s story glosses over the incestual implications. Fuguriya is wise to emphasize every other appeal in their couples without bringing attention to the potential controversy.

        • Yi says:

          I think it’s also partly because in anime, loli and incestuous cousins are so prevalent that Hanabira might not feel a need to specifically address those non-issues.

  3. Ristlin says:

    Excellent review! I can see lots of very thought out ideas went into analysing this… game. Those of us who sadly do not understand japanese will continue to wait for hanabira kun to finish the translation >.<

  4. William says:

    Shame the only thing I can see in this novel is the material that’s “supposed” to appeal to my gender. However, if the translation ever gets finished, I might be able to look back at this article in time and nod my head thinking “indeed”. Joking aside, it looks like this took a real turn from the former novels. Loved your analysis of it though 🙂

    • Yi says:

      This is, first and foremost, an eroge, so even with all this wonderful story and characters, it is still clearly a work that emphasizes the erotic stuff. Anyway, Hoshikute Chuu does indeed have a lovely, fun story though that does put it above some of the earliest volumes in this series, which focuses almost solely on progressing the sex scenes.

      • William says:

        Although to me, as an eroge, it doesn’t work as well. When I played through the (English patched) third game, I noticed the sexual content marred the experience for me, in that it would kick in the moment I was “really” getting engrossed in the genuine romance that’s found. It actually frustrated me a bit 😉

        • Yi says:

          I can sort of understand that, and I think the earliest games really prioritized the sexual scenes, and so we don’t have very smooth transitions between plot points or a very complete story. Fortunately, the sequel to each of the first three helps to round-out the relationships and characters. And the most recent ones have all had decent stories to back up those scenes.

    • AXYPB says:

      For what it’s worth, this game and the ones following it are noticeably longer than the first six.

  5. afkeroge says:

    Hmmmm… I’ll get to this… someday. Someday. When I’m able to buy it.

    I’m going to copy EmperorG and give my thoughts:

    1. I am looking forward to playing this game more than ever because of your in-depth character analysis.
    2. Runa is in fact in middle school and not in elementary. I am mixing up my Japanese now…
    3. I don’t mind student-teacher relationships. They’re not bad. Especially if it’s yuri.
    4. Saving money is hard, especially if you’re still a student.
    5. I hope I can get back to my translations soon. I’ve been holding it off for a long time.
    6. Congratulations on posting this before AXYPB. Maybe I should do one, too.
    7. @EmperorG: I have quite a few RL lolicon friends. They’re not bad at all. Most of them have a platonic admiration for lolis.
    8. I guess some unusual fetish fuel stuff are fine once in a while.

    • EmperorG says:

      1: Since the mysterious Alphabetical one and yi-san were discussing the depths of this couple a few months back I’ve been intrigued to learn more about them once it’s translated. This post pretty much confirms their depth and that the nay-sayers need to lighten up.
      2: The fact that runa can orgasm is enough evidence that she already hit puberty so there was no denying she’s an adolescent.
      3: Lesbian teacher-student relationships are saiko! Having read so many wonderful yuri mangas about such relationships. Sadly I have yet to see a live-action story on said subject. I saw a het story about it (Which ended with a breakup, of course) but no lesbian pairing…unless you count “Cracks”…which now that I think about it…kind of does count.
      4: Amen to that dood.
      5: It would be much sweeter if you had the power to help translate episode 8.
      6: An accomplishment worthy of praise this is.
      7: Most of the lolicons I know are from the internet and they’re all scary. I can’t say anything about real life ones.
      8: I still wonder whose bright idea it was that watching an anime girl get banged by an ogre is a turn on. Whose bright idea was that?

      • afkeroge says:

        1. So true, man.
        2. Does it work like that?
        5. I wish I could.
        7. The internet as a whole is scary. One of my friends said to me once I told him that another of our friends didn’t like lolis: “He doesn’t like lolis? BLASPHEMY!”
        8. I think that’s just sick, man.

        • EmperorG says:

          I’m not much of a biology expert but I think boys and girls hit puberty around adolescence meaning that they can “feel the heat” around this period in their growth. how else can we explain Runa feeling ecstasy while making love with “Sensei”?

          Well, we must remember the fact that youturds, shoryupricks, gamefaqs, spoonerds and many other species of trolls, freaks and weirdos hang out in the internet so all we can do is seek shelter and hang out with people we can trust.

          Back to Runa and Takako, I need to check out whether Takako has a catchphrase or famous action or not. I’ll find out eventually.

        • Yi says:

          I think Runa might be in sixth grade.
          Takako thinks this in reference to Runa’s class, 六年月組 (class 月 of sixth grade).
          Of course, merely being in sixth grade doesn’t exactly 100% tell us Runa’s age, nor is it an indicator of her maturity. Still…

          As for “real life lolicons”, do you mean people you know in real life who like 2-D lolis (which has more to do with a particular stylistic rendition of animated characters)? Or real life pedophiles who like kids? There’s a pretty big difference.

          It is possible for both sexes to experience orgasm before puberty. In any case, we mustn’t forget the mental aspect of adolescence and adulthood, which is far more important than the physical developments.

          p.s. There’s really nothing noteworthy about posting on a topic before another.
          p.p.s. Teacher-student stories are a lot of fun indeed.

        • afkeroge says:

          Rokunen Getsu/Tsuki-gumi?
          I guess she really is in sixth grade. Not that I mind, though. Haha!

          As for my lolicon friends, they’re really good people. Some of them like 2D lolis, and some really adore little girls in general (most of them are around my age [some of them are girls, too], and I’m still quite young, I guess). They adore them in a platonic way and I’m proud of them. They would not tolerate any form of child abuse, be it 2D or 3D.

        • Yi says:

          @afkeroge: That’s good to know. ^ ^

        • EmperorG says:

          Like I said, I haven’t met a lolicon in person yet.

          Hohoho, the fact that girls can orgasm before hitting puberty is scary when I stop and think about it.

          I should have known that there was more to Takako than her being a weenie. She’s a weenie, with a good reason as to why she’s weak. Hmm, I suspect that I may learn a thing or two about becoming a teacher from this novel once it’s translated.

        • Yi says:

          Boys can orgasm before puberty as well. Orgasm is hard to define, but most definitions don’t involve any of the hormonal and physical changes associated with puberty.

          Anyway, Takako might not be the most exemplary teacher. She’s actually a really bad one… After all, sleeping with your current student is usually a big no-no in education. In addition, she just doesn’t quite have that authority and presence.

          But at least she tries hard. ^ ^

      • AXYPB says:

        I should mention that most of my insights come from translations. In this case, almost everything I know about this couple comes from the translations of the web serial. And as you have already guessed, this couple is the most interesting simply because of the surface contradictions. My tentative plans for individual character studies will involve Runa being analyzed over multiple articles. The questions that her position and actions raise are numerous, including: Why does she feel the need to dominate? To what extent did her sister influence her? Was her sister anything like Runa? Now that her sister’s gone, does Runa feel any guilt or triumph in finishing what she started with Takako? Does her carnal knowledge come from her sister or anyone else, and if so, how much? If her sister trained her at all, why? Does her insecurity come from her age, lack of parental figures, or both? What about her background allowed her to enroll at St. Michael’s? How much of her romance with Takako did she plan? Did she genuinely fall in love with Takako the first time they met, or did she take all of her sister’s information about her for granted? Why did she rush to claim Takako as her own and why does she do it publicly? She shows concern that someone else will try to date Takako, so what does Runa see in her that she feels the need to defend her from potential suitors?

        I can only assume some of these questions are answered in the followup to this game, but without a translation, I can’t say for sure.

        • afkeroge says:

          That is much to think about, yes?

          I think Runa’s character can now be found easily as compared to the past. Knowledge about sex is very common in young people nowadays, girls are no exception.

          And about the other questions you raised, I think I’ll wait for a translation first, or I can play it in Japanese when I find the time, money and energy to decipher the kanji in the game.

        • Yi says:

          I think most of those questions can be answered with this game, which is part of the reason I found Hoshikute Chuu to have the better script of the series. The story is very complete and answers most of the questions it raises. So what we eventually end up is a thoroughly developed cast and relationship.

          The subplot involving Runa’s sister goes a long way in adding another layer to the story. We don’t have the usual “love at first sight based on flimsy reasons” common with most of the other couples (except Sara Kaede). What we have is a fairly intricate backstory involving past crushes, first loves, and new relationships.
          I’ll try to answer some of the questions based on this visual novel and my interpretations

          Runa’s need to dominate probably stems from her personality, which is largely genetics and upbringing. Both Takako and Runa have admitted starking similarities between the sisters in their methods, attitudes, and personalities. In fact, the first time Takako meets Runa, she is reminded of Runa’s sister even though Takako hasn’t realized they’re siblings.

          Runa does indeed feel a bit competitive against her sister, but I don’t think Runa’s sister feels the same way. (This is mostly my interpretation). Runa says a few times that she will not lose to her sister. On the other hand, Runa’s sister seems to support Runa x Takako.

          Btw. Runa’s sister is a fascinating character. We only catch glimpses of her via secondary sources. I would love to see her story. She seems to be quite a harem lead.

          Much like Reo, Runa definitely feels quite insecure and lonely at times, especially since her sister travels all over the place often, leaving Runa to live alone.

          “Did she genuinely fall in love with Takako the first time they met, or did she take all of her sister’s information about her for granted?”
          Now that’s a loaded question. She claims to have fallen in love with Takako after hearing so much from her sister, which would suggest the latter. But I think once she does meet Takako, Takako’s submissive personality really turned Runa on. Haha.

          On a related note, Takako’s first love -one sided, or perhaps not, crush- is Runa’s sister. The really cool thing is that we don’t find out until the very end whether she loves Runa for Runa, or she’s merely replacing her feelings for Runa’s sister with Runa. If the story is cut short due to wrong choices, this question is left unanswered. On the other hand, the last chapters after the premature ending include an arc where Runa’s sister asking to meet Takako. At first Takako excitedly agrees, but on the way, she realizes her feelings for Runa is deeper than the crush she feels for Runa’s sister, and bails on the meeting to return home to Runa. This essentially has a true good end and bad end I guess.

          I don’t think the kiss to claim Takako is done in fear of other competition. I took it more as a display to others her “possession”. It felt a lot like a kid showing off her toys. There’s a very fun conversation (the one in the side notes of my post) where she says that she doesn’t really care too much if Takako cheats on her, because she’s very confident about Takako.

          Anyway, there is a lot of space for different interpretation and that really shows how well developed the romance is.

          p.s. Sorry for the long reply. And thanks for the great questions. It really gave me a place and direction to address the things I left out in the review because of post length concerns.

        • AXYPB says:

          Think nothing of the long replies to my long list of questions. They’re the reason I write for my own site. I never worry about post length because the people who truly care for what I have to say will read it all no matter how long the final page turns out to be. But whereas you focus on a general assessment of the story, I prefer intensive studies on details that I’m unsure anyone else pays attention to. Even if one other person replies to my thoughts in earnest, it makes it all the more worth it.

        • Yi says:

          That’s true. Because this is a review, I didn’t want to focus too narrowly on a particular point.

          Plus, as a blogger, I have to be mindful of the audience and their attention span. But it works for me since I like writing shorter posts; I don’t have the stamina to write pages and pages. Haha.

  6. gozieson says:

    Wow, you are absolutely right about the relationship portrayed in this story. Though I vaguely know by the way the story goes that this story would be about the younger girl being the dominant one, it would be interesting to see how their personalities develop with it. Hopefully, this story would be translated in time. I’m officially drafting the full 1st chapter of my fanfic, maybe you can help me out later?

    • Yi says:

      From the CGs, it’s pretty clear that Runa has the dominant role.
      I hope translations are done in time too; it’d be wonderful if more people can understand this lovely story.

      I’d love to read the draft, but I’m not sure how helpful I can be. In either cas,e just shoot me an email via the contact page when you want some feedback, and I’ll try to reply soon-ish.

  7. Solaris says:

    Awww, time to go to sleep again till the next interesting post. See ya!

    • Yi says:

      Haha that’s fine. ^ ^
      I think I do about one yuri post every five. The next one should be on something else. My last post on yuri (Sorairo Girlfriend) is actually over a month ago. (The one on Himeko doesn’t really count as it’s more about K-On! side characters than anything else.)

  8. Proud Liberal Democrat says:

    So, it’s Kodomo no Jikan as a Yuri visual novel?

    I actually just discovered this site and I’ve been going back and reading your past posts, and I think the posts on this site are of a lot higher quality then other anime/manga blogs, thank you for writing this blog.

    (btw, EmperorG, why are you scared of me?)

    • Yi says:

      Sort of. But Kodomo no Jikan is a lot more in-your-face about sexualizing children, whereas this is simply a visual novel with a loli-looking character. And that makes a bit of a difference in its tone.

      Anyway, thanks for the kind encouragement. Please do visit again! It’s really nice to meet you. ^ ^

  9. Yi says:

    For organizational purposes, download links for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu redirected here.

    Download for Sono Hanabira 7 – Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1YPRB8KW

    Download for Sono Hanabira 7 – Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu CG pack:

  10. foshizzel says:

    Don’t know much about this game but nice artwork at least 😀

  11. Nopy says:

    I can’t say I would’ve ever come up with a female student seducing and dominating a female teacher. Runa (appearance-wise) reminds me of some characters from some… lets just say “mature” anime ^.^

    • Yi says:

      This has quite a fun premise. A reversal of roles and sort of plays to the audience’s inner S/M streaks. As a sadist, who wouldn’t want to dominate an authority figure? As a masochist, isn’t it humiliating to be toyed around by someone so much younger?

      “Runa (appearance-wise) reminds me of some characters from some… lets just say “mature” anime ^.^”
      Haha, well, Runa is from a mature visual novel.

  12. Ethan cubic says:

    I want to ask that where can I download the game!
    Reli want t play>///<

    • Yi says:

      Check the comments. ^ ^

      Also, for the other volumes in this series, try this page: http://wp.me/PgP0H-Ig

      • Ethan cubic says:

        Um… I checked this page already,but it seems that the fomat
        isn’t correct,so I couldn’t open it><

        • Yi says:

          Hm… It works for me. The link for the download on that page directs to this comment: http://goo.gl/LSbGI
          And there, you can find the visual novel uploaded onto MU. Best of luck.

          Edit: Actually, you’re right. There’s a slight mistake in the links. I’ve fixed it.

        • Ethan cubic says:

          thx a lot^^
          Anyway counld you send the file to me?

        • Yi says:

          Is there something wrong with the MU link? There’s also a mirror on MF if you can’t do MU. In any case, I can’t send it over via email. It’s too big of a file and I just don’t do that in general.

  13. Ethan cubic says:

    I think its still got problem on it…

    • Yi says:

      Are you not able to download it from here or do you have a problem with running the game? Because the download works fine for me.

      • Ethan cubic says:

        I think is cannot download from here

        • Yi says:

          Try the mirror then. It’s linked on the index page. If that doesn’t work… I can’t help much since my connection right now doesn’t allow me to upload big files. 😦
          Good luck.

  14. Ethan cubic says:

    reli reli reli want to play!!!!

  15. That teacher just looks flat-out adorable.

  16. Aya says:

    Always want to try Sono Hanabira series , just realized you have page for them ^^ the main reason I stop play visual novel is because too many loli looking characters 😦 boring , but since this one in different genre(yuri) I will try 😀

    • Yi says:

      Yea… This series tends to be very loli-ish, and this particular volume is all about a loli (and her teacher). Hopefully, the yuri will be enough for you. ^ ^

  17. Cell says:

    Wait a moment, you said that Takako was a middle school teacher, but I believe that that may be incorrect. In Japan, doesn’t middle start in the 7th grade? Runa is said to be in the 6th grade, which means that she is an elementary student. Forgive me if I’m wrong, and thanks for another great review on another great yuri game!

  18. E says:

    Something about this couple fascinates me. Student-teacher relationships, lesbian especially, are pretty out of the ordinary! Unfortunately, I can’t fully enjoy this game until an English patch is released 😦 The CGs are so pretty, though. My Japanese isn’t advanced enough to play through the story and actually understand it. I would just be picking out phrases I recognize, listening to the voices repeatedly, and Googling. Boo. You’re lucky to be able to read Chinese!
    Anyways, great review as always 🙂 Keep up the good work, Yi-sama.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed! This pair has, in my opinion, the most fascinating dynamic in the series. The age difference, the authority reversal, a lot of things are just a little uncommon about their relationship.

      Anyway, a translation is being worked on, so sit tight. ^ ^
      p.s. I actually played this one in Japanese.

  19. biotoxic says:

    Oh this one looks quite interesting, probably the most interesting of the previous games in the series you’ve reviewed. I’d like for an official release of these VNs so for now I’m holding off on trying them out. Peko CG are as beautiful as ever.

    Takako is very cute, although she’s not a very good teacher :lol:. I assume the VN doesn’t delve too deep into this aspect of the story and uses it more as a fuel for h-scenes and building the characters relationship?

    • Yi says:

      Hoshikute Chuu does go into the whole good teacher aspect. Because the game is played from Takako’s perspective, we have a lot of inner monologues. In the beginning when Takako first starts having feelings for Runa, she goes through quite an inner struggle between being the model ideal teacher and lusting after her student. She berates herself at times for being a terrible teacher.

      However, the actual consequences of her having sex with her student seems to be nothing, as by the end of the visual novel, it’s pretty obvious to most that they’re a couple. Even her superior seems to know a bit about what’s going on. So yea, the VN does skirt the issue just a bit.

      If it was real life, Takako would not only be fired, but possibly go to jail. Haha.

  20. hoshiko says:

    It’s quite unimaginable to see a student to dominate a teacher, especially when she is so much younger. But anything can happen when it comes to 2D right?

    As usual, love the artwork! It’s just beautiful.

  21. hisui19 says:

    d*mn! your review makes me want to play it >_< thanks for this! It's really cute! XD

  22. abscissa says:

    I think, yuri is more luscious if there’s extra forbidden love on it ^^
    Haven’t really played this yet, but I guess Runa as dominating goth-loli is ftw.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed. I really like the forbidden teacher-student relationship in this, and I love watching Takako eventually succumb to sinful desires and stop resisting Runa’s advances.

      I kind of wished we saw more of Runa’s casual clothes. There were a few shots of those, but mostly, she’s just in uniform. Her style is really cute though. I love it!

  23. Ichigo says:

    Oh god…im on the last “sex” scene for the 2nd game and im taking it slow cuz the wait for another game kills me…so ill be taking it slow with the 3rd one aswelll….sucks I can’t read Japanese and have to wait for the english patch…is this being worked on yet? Not to sound like a snob or anything…just curious because I want these games to come out quickly

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. It is being worked on, and should be done in some time. Look forward to it! I think it’s one of the better visual novels in the series story-wise.

  24. koyot3 says:

    I think the whole loli Yuri S&M element is new and recently popular with the loli as the dominant. This made me think of the other popular pair Katija and Hana from Seikon no.

    It is a strange twist to the S&M subject that is strangely appealing.

    • Yi says:

      Yea it’s a pretty new trend, but I’m loving it!

      “It is a strange twist to the S&M subject that is strangely appealing.”
      Well said! ^ ^

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  27. angeloidx says:

    When is the the english patch done.
    Im bleeding out here! From the nose!
    … It’s so intense!!!

  28. wendy says:

    excuse me can you send me the link to the english patch for this?

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  35. watanabe says:

    Any update on the patch?

  36. Wicash says:

    Argh , im looking forward to the english translation.
    Hopefully it’ll be finished soon. ._____.

    • Yi says:

      Me too. Have patience~

      • Wicash says:

        The CG looks pretty good. This little girl seriously dominates her teacher. Maybe this will be my new favorite Sono Hanabira VN , the story must be very difficult compared with the other games , or what’s your opinion?

        • Yi says:

          I don’t think it’s particularly difficult, although it is certainly one of the more different stories both in the characters and in their relationship.

  37. Klaudia says:

    I really can’t wait for the English translation for this couple. They seem really interesting! Especially that gothic lolita thing going on there, I just can’t seem to find the release date of the English translation.. Would you be able to link me up or tell me? I’m so lost, I’ve been looking everywhere for it…

  38. Johnny says:

    2 bad, i did too many wrong answers, even though it’s same time on top… Curious…
    Well i will play it again!

  39. Momo says:

    Loove this game…just keep getting the halfway end 😦

  40. Syu says:

    Yeah I did the save/load things for the other games too. 😛 Time to do it for this one!

  41. Went all M, screwed up. Chose to reject Runa all 4 times, also screwed up. I managed to mess up with 4 options! A record XD

  42. AXYPB says:

    I believe the high volume of people reporting that they aren’t getting the ending speaks to the increased complexity of this visual novel overall.

  43. Syu says:

    Not sure if I’m allowed since I don’t see anyone else sharing but. Down, up,up,up.

  44. Akito_Kinomoto says:

    That point about how the lolita elements aren’t magnified due to Takako’s lack of power is spot-on. Then again, that brings me to the subject of mental age; was it the teacher or student who was older in that regard? I would say the game points to the answer being Runa, which only served to make Suminoe somewhat of a chore to read.

    Part of the reason I take issue with her character is that severe lack of competence. Kaede was younger and had much of the same confidence problem but IIRC was better at being Class Rep than Takako was at being a teacher. Keep in mind, we’re talking about a woman who’s already an adult; no matter how awkward one might be as a teenager, I would think that’d be overcome for a communication-demanding job like a teacher, and somehow Suminoe kept it and went on as if she hadn’t changed. The 7th game does not seem to grasp this.

    Runa OTOH was quite delightful to watch and I’d say an improvement over Reo. Her personality never felt like it ran extreme hot or cold and I never noticed until the game pointed it out. Then again, precocious girls seem more numerous in animedom than backwards adults, so it could be just a matter of exposure.

    IMO this one was simply a good time killer. Far from the best, but not a complete waste of my time.

    • Yi says:

      Interesting note on mental age. I honestly can’t say for certain that Runa is older though even if she is much more in control. I get a slight feeling that Takako is holding back on a lot of things, and letting her parental instincts show through the subtlest ways. (For example, getting Runa to eat her breakfast.) That, in itself, is a sort of maturity comparable to Runa’s bold leadership and charisma.

      I can sympathize with your feelings on Takako. Personally, I’ve always been so much more attracted to the more confident and competent personalities. So I remember I was a bit annoyed by Kaede when I first played the second game. And I didn’t find Takako especially lovable (though she still is) unless she’s with Runa.

      It’s fascinating to compare Runa and Reo, as they both overlap on the loli and tsundere archetypes. However,as you said, Runa leans more toward the precocious little girl and appeals via gap moe. Runa and Reo thus come from different angles.

      Anyway, thanks for the thoughtful comment!! It’s so nice to read a serious response to the review. Thank you. ^ ^

  45. Metaler says:

    This is probably my favorite couple in the series. They’re extremely cute (Takako reminds me of the teacher from Nichijou. lol). ;A;

    I don’t mind teacher-student relationships at all. Nor do I mind the significant age gap. To be honest, I’m tolerant with pretty much everything, but that’s another story. lol

    But yeah, I love them. So cute. :3

    • Metaler says:

      To be honest, I really need to re-read it… When I did for the first time, my Japanese was still really poor at the time, and now that its been a few months and its gotten a little better, I may enjoy it even more. *nods*

    • Yi says:

      I don’t mind teacher-student relationships or age gaps either. It’s actually got kind of a nice, different flavor. In fact, among all the couples in Sono Hanabira, I find Takako and Runa to be the most fascinating. Their back story and their dynamic are developed quite well. I love them.

      p.s. Hope you enjoy your second read.

  46. Renee Lou Trinidad says:

    I cant download because of the SOPA thing.. please do another download link 🙂

  47. Sari says:

    Hated it. The whole in medias res thing, the characters, everything. Takako is a pathetic, incompetent pushover in any given situation, to the point where it really destroys the illusion that she is supposed to be a teacher. Runa on the other hand is so annoying and abrasive I wanted to slap her.

    • Yi says:

      Haha, not a fan of this pseudo-dominant submissive relationship huh? Personally, I’m a fan of the abrasive Runa and pushover Takako (although significantly less so). But yea, I didn’t really quite like how the story started either, although it’s not such a big deal for me.

      Anyway, I love your comment regardless of our difference in opinions! It’s so rare to see negative comments in these posts, so it’s pretty refreshing.

      Thanks for visiting, Sari. ^ ^

      • Sari says:

        No, I’m really not a fan of this kind of relationship but I can usually get over it. If e.g. Nanami and Yuuna had such a dynamic that would’ve been fine. But the whole loli-student-teacher thing really didn’t help. I usually don’t mind this kind of story, on the contrary, but if you can swap two characters’ personalities and it instantly gets creepy and just plain wrong…

        Anyway, different strokes. I loved the other games – thanks for making me aware of them btw – but this one really just didn’t do it for me.

        • Yi says:

          Ahhh I see I see. I’m curious; so is it mostly the teacher-loli thing that you object to?

        • Sari says:

          Eh. No, not really. What bugs me is this specific combination of student-teacher and dominant-submissive relationship, don’t really know why. A non-creepy student-teacher story should somewhat balance the scales personality-wise so there’s no exploitation. Here they just take it too far and it becomes a complete role reversal and for a good portion Runa just comes across as exploiting Takako for her own amusement and to one-up her sister. Yes, that improves somewhat but by that point I wasn’t enjoying the story anymore.

          The thing I dislike the most on reflection is Takako. Reo would’ve annoyed the hell out of me if Mai hadn’t been such a good foil for her, here Takako’s weakness just emphasizes Runa’s abrasiveness. And even the submissive one in such a character dynamic shouldn’t be a doormat.

        • Yi says:

          Interesting. “Doormat” type characters are not usually my thing, but I don’t mind them as much since I love abrasive characters. How do you feel about Kaede and Sara in the first one? For me, those two have a similar dynamic.

        • Sari says:

          They’re not really that similar. Kaede lacks self-esteem outside her comfort zone and wants to be left alone. That’s a bit similar to Takako but the important difference for me is that Sara is encouraging and helping her to get more confident, for Kaede’s sake and not her own – jealousy issues aside. Sara wants Kaede to see herself as she does. Runa on the other hand downright exploits Takako’s weak points for her own amusement and discourages any development. There are stretches where I sincerely doubt she has any genuine affection for her at all.

        • Yi says:

          That’s a pretty harsh view of Runa, but one that I don’t think is too far of a stretch. I guess it all depends on how one sees it.

          Thanks for the comment. ^ ^

        • AXYPB says:

          I’m most concerned at this point about Runa’s sister. She still has much to answer for and is indirectly responsible for the entire storyline between Runa and Takako.

        • Yi says:

          To be honest, and I know this is probably not going to happen, I kind of want to see the return of the sister and a love triangle among the three develop.

    • anabona32 says:

      I agree completely.
      Maybe lose some teeth might be the best to make her think before acting like this again…I would laugh about it until my lungs fall. >XD

      • Yi says:

        Coming in so strong!

        I would not advocate violence on her… Nor do I think Runa stepped out of reasonable bounds. She simply has a stronger personality.

        • anabona32 says:

          Hehe..If she continues this way she will have to has some strong teeth too…life is not always so gentle, especially with those who think that everything should revolve around their own.. and after all she is young and and rich, I think the permanent teeth arent even born yet so i think that she will overcome it >D

        • Yi says:

          Violence takes it to another level though. Plus, all children are a bit egocentric. ^ ^

  48. KaNoMiko says:

    Is there a link for the translation patch anywhere? I’ve looked up and down the page, but can’t seem to find it ;(

  49. KaNoMiko says:

    Nevermind, I found it 😀 Sorry, I’m used to having to find it in the comments, so I didn’t look at the article >.<

  50. chie says:

    somethings wrong with the part 2 on mediafire =/ it keeps on repairing but it wont DL ….help meee T_T

  51. chie says:

    nvm 😀 i optimized browser and it worked 😛 thanks guys for the hard work! we appreciate it!

  52. Kardinal Roth says:

    I have to say I didn’t like this one either. Runa just strikes me as an arrogant spoiled brat who’ll dump Takako as soon as she finds a new toy to play with and Takako just isn’t a very interesting character. They should have used Runa as the viewpoint character or at least give her the mic for a short scene like with Yuuna in Whispers to make her a bit more relateable. And it’s kinda regrettable that they haven’t really used any of the potential a Student x Teacher story usually has. I know SonoHana is pretty much devoid of conflict but at this rate Takako could’ve been the school janitor and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

    To be fair, I haven’t played Grown-up Kisses yet but this is my least favorite pairing in the series so far before Sara x Kaede (and I kinda like those, the stories are just a bit lazily written imho)

    • Yi says:

      I agree about Takako. She’s not nearly as interesting as some of the other more striking personalities in the Sono Hanabira universe, and especially more so when juxtaposed with Runa. Runa, however, I love.

      “Runa just strikes me as an arrogant spoiled brat who’ll dump Takako as soon as she finds a new toy to play with”

      Exactly! This is what I love about her. Maybe I’m just a bit bored of the usual, vanilla, totally secure (from the reader’s perspective) dynamic that we have gotten over and over again in this series. Having a dominating, flirty, and just a bit of a playgirl character is so refreshing. I really loved Runa. I guess we simply have different tastes. ^ ^

      I also disagree that the teacher x student dynamic isn’t explored well. I think it played a pretty big role in certain scenes, especially some of Takako’s monologues. Sure, she may be boring, but whatever parts that are interesting derive mostly from her status as a teacher. For example, the opening scene, we get a sense that Takako is still able to rein Runa in (as a role model figure/teacher figure would a child) through gentle manipulations via pancakes and sweets.

      I agree though that it would’ve been interesting to have Runa as the viewpoint, especially because she is so much more interesting. But then again, I’m afraid if that were the case, Takako, deprived of her inner monologues, would have nothing going for her.

      Thanks for your thoughts, sweetie. ^ ^

      • Roth says:

        Yeah, I can see your point, it really is a matter of different tastes. I just cannot enjoy a story that tries to be fluffy and sweet as hell like the others in the series with the specter of the inevitable ugly breakup in the back of my head. If they made Runa the viewpoint and Takako more reluctant and harder to get to be more interesting for Runa to conquer, I probably would’ve adored this part.

        Anyway, keep up the good work!

        • Yi says:

          Interesting that you feel that there will be an inevitable break up. I don’t quite agree (nor do I disagree). Although knowing that this is Hanabira, it’s unlikely they will ever break up. Still, relative to the other couples, this feels the most insecure.

          “Anyway, keep up the good work!”

        • anabona32 says:

          I could not agree more with you…
          I really dont see that this is a relationship that will last for very far “XD
          And I do not have any problem with this sort of “breakup” thing or the fact of her flirting with others…in fact maybe a breakup would be good for Takako

          Honestly I think she deserves someone better than a spoiled brat who just puts her down and then console her with sex :/

          There is a line between being sadistic and being abusive (I know that very well because I am very very very sadistic…)and to me this seems an abusive relationship more than anything else ._.

        • Yi says:

          Having recently played the sequel to this, I’m inclined to agree that a break-up might not be the worst thing, although our reasons differ in small ways. I think a split will be better for Runa. Her personality is too strong, and she deserves someone less insecure about herself and more resilient than Takako. Further, Takako’s incapabilities and her lack of bigger pictures make her influence a rather negative one on the still developing Runa. Thus, I wouldn’t mind a break up for the good of Runa.

          While I am sure that Fuguriya will never split then up or even shake things up enough to give the two serious troubles, I could still imagine how it could happen. After all, Takako is too insecure. And more devastating, I feel that she is unsure of love and admiration. Cue Runa’s sister.

          Thanks for the comment, anabona32. ^ ^

    • AXYPB says:

      I infer that any insecurity in this relationship can be traced to the one common thread between them: Runa’s sister. She is a kind of X factor, influencing both Runa and Takako in vastly different ways still yet not fully understood, as much of her character is still unexplored to the point that neither Runa nor Takako mentions her by name. All we know about her is that she set their relationship in motion by shaping each of their personalities and left just before it began, and she is currently too preoccupied to directly watch it develop, or she is content with not watching it. Runa resents her sister for leaving her, while Takako longed for her when she disappeared after graduation. The phone call at the end — as well as the equivalent event in the web serial — made it certain that Runa’s sister intended for the relationship to build as it did, but it is never explained why she wanted this (at least in the currently available translations).

      An argument could also be made for Runa’s parents: Little if anything is mentioned about them except that their absence forced the two sisters to fend for themselves. It is not mentioned when or how they became unable to care for their children, be it abandonment, death, or any number of other causes, but it had to have had some effect on Runa and her sister. I imagine that if we did get to see the story from Runa’s point of view, even if only briefly, many of these questions will be answered. That Runa only talks about her sister when asked about her family suggests to me that her parents left before she could retain any memories of them, so her resultant personality caused her to not give them much thought and also to fall in love with Takako, the woman who loved her only mother figure.

      • Yi says:

        Agreed. I’ve been super curious about the sister every since I first played this. She seems to be quite the character, able to exert considerable influence on both Takako and Runa. I remember, while playing, that I even considered that there was something between Takako and Runa’s sister at one point.

        Runa’s family background would help to shed a lot of light on the pair. At the same time, I do enjoy this sort of unexplained mystery and suspense (both from Runa’s parents and especially Runa’s sister)—the insecurity in relationships that makes relationships such headaches.

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  54. Anonymous says:

    Hm…I’m suppose to copy part 2 and the English patch to part 1 right? When I tried to do that the English patch said “Cannot modify volume” And same thing for part 2…Did I do something wrong? o.O

    • Yi says:

      You have to use winrar to extract both part 1 and part 2 into the same folder. To do so, get winrar. Download both parts. Pick one of them (either one), right click, and find extract to folder. After that, apply the patch to the folder (there should only be one).

  55. anabona32@hotmail.com says:

    Hi ^^
    well im just here to post my vision on this erogue

    First I must say I love the idea of these series
    Hanabira actually has a special shine to me that I do not see elsewhere
    the dynamic between the characters are realistic, and focused on the feelings involved
    and shows that a story that involves sex do not need to be appealing cliche and rude to be good
    (or is less sensual because of this!>X3)
    love and sex in a way sentimental but also realistic.^^

    many define Runa as “mature” … but I do not see anything in her that is “mature”
    I see only an untutored child imitating the footsteps of her sister…just a spoiled brat in short “XD

    In all others I could always see different elements in the characters but however…i do not seen anything in these one

    Also i do not see anything revolutionary in a relationship between student and teacher
    to me this is more than cliche and is very difficult to follow a series when the protagonists sounds too much unrealistic…

    I enjoyed all least the first and this eroge because of this ^^”
    still this was not all bad…because at least I liked the personality of the teacher
    and found it a very nice character (although in many instances she dont sounded very convincing for me)and at least this one can be less bad than the story and Yuuna on the first erogue…

    (I found so irritating and silly could not even finish the first one until today XD)

    I really liked Takako
    I just find it a shame to her have to pair up with Runa…a child or do not I still find her very annoying,i just hope for the next one to improve ^^”

    sorry for long post ^^”
    but its just that I like to post reviews and do some reviews ‘XD

    • Yi says:

      I find the charms of the Hanabira series to be just what you said–an erotica that avoids the “rude” things that tend to pervade sexual works in this medium and related media. Sex with sentiment is ❤ indeed! (And possibly MORE sensual.)

      On Runa's maturity… Having recently played the sequel (https://listlessink.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/amakute-otona-no-torokeru-chuu/), I agree. She is not as mature as the front she puts up. Still, when I first played this, I bought into her overwhelming confidence. I'm not sure if she is so much imitating her sister as following her footsteps because they have a similar personality though. There's likely a bit of both.

      Inauthenticy can be quite an issue. On one hand, expectations of such a rosy story to be also realistic in its plot is asking for a lot. The characters and their emotions should be autbentic though. That you found the characters lacking is unfortunate and a fair criticism. I found Takako a bit flat myself.

      As an aside, I enjoy Yuuna and Nanami, but that's another discussion. ^ ^


      Anyways, thanks for the long comment, anabona darling!

      • anabona32@hotmail.com says:

        Indeed… i have to agree with you on this, Takako is a good person, kind but also a VERY weak one, the doormat type of hers kind of leave the things irritating and borings too…Runa isnt the one to blame on this eroge, I think the authors were a little careless with this one particular uu’

        Well i dont think that is asking for a lot..^^”
        I mean…until now i dont see any BIG problem with the others ones until now and im okay with the stories ^^
        (least the first one and this one…the first one was very weak too…)

        I just hope that the rest of them will be better than this ^^
        (since I already can almost say that I’m becoming a big fan of the series…)

        Thanks you too for the long reply, darling!

        • Yi says:

          I do not quite think this is as much careless story writing as it is simply not to everyone’s tastes. I found the juxtaposition of essentially two polar opposite characters to be interesting, even if their extreme personalities (bossy and doormat) can rub off the wrong way.

          Well, I hope you find the rest more enjoyable as well! ^ ^

  56. Thank you very much for all of these wonderful downloads. I am new and just starting the Sono Hanabira series. I am enjoying it so much. I can’t wait till I get the english patch for the sixth one. Other than that I am currently downloading the seventh one of this sersies. I adore all of the characters so far and the plots. Some of it isn’t as good as I wish it to be but I am a very happy fan right now. The stories always keep me smiling and laughing hard sometimes. My girlfriend also appreciates it so thank you from both of us. I hope to look forward to the other Sono Hanabira’s in the future!

  57. Yi says:

    The backlash to Runa surprises me a bit to be honest. The most violent and strongly negative attitudes toward her makes me wonder if it has something to do with the translation. After all, there is not nearly as much hate for her in either the Japanese or the Chinese yuri communities.

    I found, from the language (Chinese translation), that Runa is much more of a queen than a spoiled brat. In fact, I found her less spoiled or bratty than, say, Reo.

    • AXYPB says:

      I never got the latter impression myself, even before the translation was available. Furthermore, I would not call anyone who maintains her own stock portfolio spoiled or bratty.

      • Yi says:

        Latter impression? Which one are you referring to?

        • AXYPB says:

          I didn’t view her as much of a spoiled brat as some of the commenters here do.

        • @fkeroge says:

          All the hate comes off as a mystery to me as well. From my personal contact with other fans here where I live, there is hardly any animosity towards Runa or her character even after the translations were released. Perhaps it’s the difference in culture that evoked the negative response, no?

        • Yi says:

          @AXYPB: Yea, glad to hear that. If anything, Runa is the furthest from being bratty. She’s independent and super capable, even more so when one considers her age.

          @fkeroge: Glad to hear that. Perhaps our own backgrounds give us different takes on her dominating personality. When I first read some of these comments, I was for a moment unsure whether we read the same thing…

      • Sari says:

        I think the main issue why she makes that impression is her sister complex. At points it just comes across like her whole relationship with Takako is primarily fueled out of a desire to one-up her sister, despite the more tender scenes. And that is a very immature and bratty attitude, sabotaging her role as the dominant part of this character dynamic to the point where Takako looks more like an incompetent mom placating her spoiled child.

        Just my interpretation though and I still haven’t played this.

        • Sari says:

          This = the sequel, got a bit mixed up there.

        • Yi says:

          Perhaps. Althougb her attitide toward her sister I found to be ambiguous to admiration at best. I did not get a sense of competition at all (at least not this one). Further, Runa stands on her own and mentions of her sister are far apart and few.

          I may be defending her too much. But I simply feel that while there are things not to like Runa about–manipulative, egocentric, selfish, and all the things I love–a spoiled brat is not one of them.

          p.s. Agreed about Takako being an incompetent mother figure.

        • AXYPB says:

          Runa has little reason to compete with her sister. After all, she already won, at least in her own mind.

        • Yi says:

          True. Although I’d say Runa feels a bit more insecure in the sequel, but more just in the sense that she see Rena as an equal.

  58. Kaori says:

    i downloaded it but somehow my anti-virus software says that some of the content is unsafe and i can’t play it at all. is there possibly a torrent that i can use with all the contents? maybe that will work. thanks.

    • Yi says:

      If you downloaded from here, then I can assure you that there are no viruses. But that’s all I can do. I don’t have a torrent nor do I know anything about your computer.

      Good luck.

  59. Axe says:

    Hey I´ve a problem I can’t finish the game someone please can tell me which are the right choice to make to finish the story

  60. K says:

    Its not on Mediafire anymore 😦 can someone help out?

  61. e. says:

    Right choices are: top, top, bottom and top. 😉

  62. e. says:

    No problem 😉

  63. Anyone else notice that their voices werent echoed in the bathroom like the previous ones?

  64. Wakizashi says:

    PLEASE! A new link to download, the link of sendspace is not working!
    Thanks 😀

  65. lanfear says:

    is A Kiss for the Petals – Sweet Enchanting Kisses | Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu
    the name of this manga or is there a difrint name

    • Yi says:

      This is the title of a visual novel. A Kiss for the Petals is the title for the series, while Sweet Enchanting Kisses is the title of this particular game within the series.

      If you bothered to just read one sentence—just one—you would know that. Reading is really good. It will do you wonders.

  66. Ma says:

    the Story is Awesome
    thank you for this novel

  67. Tutu22 says:

    am i the only one here who hated this game

    • minicronos says:

      then why come here ?

    • Yi says:

      @Tutu22: No I don’t think so. And I think your displeasure is very justified as well. I hadn’t realized it when I wrote this review—or perhaps this wasn’t as much of an affront in this particular installment—but the immaturity of Runa is actually quite disconcerting. It is much more evident in the sequel. For me, that is reason enough to not like this.

      I didn’t feel quite that way about this particular game, and I guess that’s mostly because that aspect wasn’t played up as much.

      If you’re interested in my review of the sequel, feel free to visit: https://listlessink.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/amakute-otona-no-torokeru-chuu/

      @minicronos: I think it’s fair to express an opinion, positive or negative, about a piece of work.

  68. Questions says:

    Heya, just downloaded the game today, but it seems like the patches for AXYPB have been taken down. Do you know where I could find other ones? Thank you!~

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