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Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite (Whisper with Lips and Kisses) is the sixth installment of the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo (A Kiss for the Petals) yuri visual novel series. Due to recent releases, [1] I decided to marathon them all. In the past, I have neglected this one for a long time for one reason or another. However, this replay gave me a new appreciation for this game. [2] In fact, Kuchibiru to Kiss is perhaps among the top three games in this series. It is certainly leagues above the original Sono Hanabira.

yuri eroge anime cake sono hanabira 6

Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite revisits the couple from the first game, Yuuna Matsuhara and Nanami Oda. The story begins with a cute scene. Yuuna feeds Nanami some cake that Yuuna had made for her. Many more such episodic events follow. Yuuna finds an excuse to “punish” Nanami when she catches Nanami spacing out while doing a club task. They then proceed to have more sex in Yuuna’s home, on the stairways, and pretty much whenever and wherever they can. The two’s romantic and sexual relationships are firmly established.

Sono Hanabira 6 Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite Whisper with lips and Kisses

Through all these little events, Yuuna and Nanami’s characters really shined. In the original, the two felt like characters from popular yuri manga at the time, albeit with a more ecchi streak. In this one, both girls’ distinct quirks are really played up, and they felt a lot more three dimensional. For instance, Nanami’s wild fantasies spliced throughout the story are nice touches to her character. Furthermore, she is given drive in this game. Nanami actively strives to do her best and live up to the perfection of Yuuna. There is a really adorable scene in which Nanami saves other students from stray dogs even though she is scared herself. She succeeds in doing so with a bit of secret help from Yuuna.

Yuri kiss Sono Hanabira ecchi

I also love the innocent, perfect, role-model facade Yuuna shows to everyone. It is a fascinating contrast to her extremely ecchi mind and manipulative methods. It is delightful to watch her play around Nanami with fake tears and forceful ways. This woman knows how to get what she wants… And what she wants is a lot of Nanami. Yet, Yuuna is not without weaknesses. Her jealousy becomes an integral part of her personality and the story.

Nanami Yuuna A Kiss for the Petals yuri visual novel

The major plot surrounds two misunderstandings. Nanami falsely thinks that Yuuna will be a foreign exchange student for next year, while Yuuna irrationally believes that there is something going on between another girl, Mai, and Nanami. Yuuna’s jealousy becomes extremely relevant. This insecurity adds a nice dynamic to their relationship. One would expect Yuuna to hold most of the power because of her social status, but because Yuuna is so scared of losing Nanami, the relationship is more equal.

yuri visual novel sono hanabira 6 urination

Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite does a lovely job of really exploring Nanami and Yuuna’s character and their romance. It really breaks them away from being just an onee-sama and a tsundere to two very likable and developed personalities. In fact, the two are so cute together that I actually found the urination scene quite heartwarming. [3]

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo 6 Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite

Peko’s gorgeous art also helps to smooth things out.

Sono Hanabira 6 Mai Nanami

As a side note, the sixth really ties the Sono Hanabira series together. Not only does Mai (from Hanabira 3, Hanabira 5, and the anime) have a significant role and Kaede (Hanabira 2, Hanabira 4) make a cameo appearance, their lines are weaved together into the rest of the games. For instance, Nanami hears Mai scream after Reo, which is a line from the third game. Erisu’s (Hanabira 8) future arrival is also hinted when Nanami talks about wanting to speak English as well as the foreign exchange student who is coming next year. Those details are incredibly fun.


  1. AXYPB has recently released a translation patch for the second game from this series, My Dear Prince. You can find the patch here, and all the Sono Hanabira games here.
  2. I have said before on various places that this couple and this game is not as exciting. I take that back. My understanding of the script and of Japanese was at a pretty abysmal level back when I first played it. Yuuna and Nanami are comparable in character development to any of the other girls from this series, and their story is just as, if not more, strong.
  3. Yes, there is a urination scene again. And this time, Yuuna does in fact drink it… Charming, isn’t it?

I should probably mention that my blog is at times intended for an older audience. If you are not comfortable with this, I apologize. You might want to check out my other safer posts (basically any posts not about Sono Hanabira).

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322 Responses to A Kiss for the Petals – Whisper with a Kiss | Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite

  1. AXYPB says:

    I’ve already mentioned before that I wanted to write character studies for this series. I realized I could have started with Nanami and Yuuna since they already have their first visual novel translated, but I felt it was best to wait until this one is translated too. I had a suspicion that there was a good reason their story was continued last and it appears I was right. Now I have reason to believe that the climax here is what led to Fuguriya expanding to Runa and Takako.

    • Yi says:

      The timing for this story felt appropriate. Yuuna and Nanami were the first to introduce us to Hanabira. It’s fitting that their story is the one to combine all three of the original couples. It’s also nice that this introduces/ previews the next couple (Shizuku x Erisu) and a new chapter in the Hanabira series.

      Looking forward to more of your character analysis and discussions on Hanabira!

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  3. EmperorG says:

    Goes to show that having an understanding of kanji and JP helps getting ahead of the competition. Letting myself get riled up for no reason, I replied quite harshly to Alphabetic one and apologize for my rudeness last time. Oh well, at least Yi-san’s research revealed that this episode does in fact explore their characters after all. I thought based on Alphabetical one’s reply that all their development occurs in Drama Cds, but it turns out they DO get their chance to shine in this episode. Also the fact that episodes 1 to 6 can partially be classified as a “season” is even cooler. I wonder if now after this revelation, some people who have the skills and free time, might consider giving this episode more attention?

    • AXYPB says:

      The first three games are season 1. The second three are season 2.

      • EmperorG says:

        Okay, I stand corrected. In any case they’re all connected and take place during a certain time span.

      • Yi says:

        Yea, I was pleasantly surprised upon the replay. I’ll also admit that in my first run through of the game, I didn’t particularly read too much into anything having set my finger on the skip button for at least 50%. I missed a lot of the little things, such as the hint to Erisu’s later arrival.

        I’m really glad Yuuna and Nanami got a fairly good character development. Now I want to see the same for Erisu and Shizuku. I played the 8th pretty recently and with pretty careful attention to the script. While those two have my favorite designs, their interactions are a bit bland.

        Anyway, that’s getting a bit off topic, and would probably serve as a better discussion for a review that’s to come… Perhaps in 2012… (I should finish this cycle of reviews quicker.)

        Although there’s no strict season breaks, I also like to imagine the first three as season 1, the next three as season 2, 7th and 8th as season 3, and Hanahira as an extra OVA.

        I mean it almost parallels many anime season structures in which season 1 introduces the characters, and season 2 delves into them. The most recent example I can think of is Arakawa Under the Bridge.

  4. Verdure says:

    Wait wait she drinks it? I don’t remember what scene that was from, but I’ve played this game with almost no understanding of Japanese, and I don’t remember that. Can’t say I’m a fan of that, but who knows? Maybe we’ll see.

    • EmperorG says:

      Episode 1. It takes place near the end of the 4th act and if you didn’t make the right choices, the game ends there. If you did make the right choices, there’s a 5th act afterward.

      Oh and there’s an English patch available for the 1st game in case you haven’t noticed yet.

      • Verdure says:

        Well I did play SH1 (Assuming that’s what you mean by Episode 1) in English and I remember Nanami slapping Yuuna’s hand away before she could drink it. Apparently in this one, SH6, Yuuna actually does drink it?

        • AXYPB says:

          Now that you mention it, the lengths she goes to assert complete ownership of Nanami does seem to bother some people. I would think that this is partly due to the obstacles between her and Nanami. Sara and Mai can see Kaede and Reo respectively whenever they want, but Yuuna’s obligations to the committee limits her time together with Nanami, so she has to put more effort to make time and make it count.

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep, she does drink it. The script has “gulp gulp” sounds as well as a pretty descriptive line. Anyways, I didn’t think I’d enjoy this scene initially, but honestly, I did…

      Here’s the scene:

      AXYPB’s comment on this has a point.
      I’d also add that to me, Yuuna always felt like the more sexually adventurous of the girls. In addition, she has two radically different faces… Kind of playing into the role of the mythical “lady in public; freak in the bedroom.” I think this particular sexual quirk really push this aspect of Yuuna by further contrasting her two sides.

  5. Panther says:

    Though I never watched/played the series that top cover picture (and Sono Hana series itself) still has some of the best 2D yuri pairings drawn that I have ever seen.

  6. shinra says:

    LOL…. I’m still waiting for the Drama CD…. :C

    The urination scene does bother me a bit at 1st, but after a few dialogues, its kinda nice. Nanami meets Mai is a bit shocking tho. Xd

    • Yi says:

      Is there no drama CD released for this?
      That’s a shame. 😦

      Anyway, I’m really surprised how I warmed up to the particular scene. It is kind of sweet if you really think about it.

      • EmperorG says:

        I thought you were reminiscing of the epically hilarious, yet moving pee-pee scene in episode 1, but you’re saying that they did it again in episode 6? Okay, I guess Fuguriya is saying that love between women can be transmitted through pee-pee as well. I hope Nanami only drank water before these segments but judging from the color…I assume she didn’t. Ah well, lovely scene once you get used to it.

        Speaking of Pee-pee…

      • Yi says:

        It is just water and urea, with a side of mostly harmless bacteria and ammonia. All fairly safe in moderation.

        When you break it down like that, it doesn’t seem too bad I guess…

  7. Swordwind says:

    Glad you finally got around to it 🙂

    • Yi says:

      Slowly but surely, I’ll finish writing reviews for all of these.

      It’s been more than a year since I wrote a review for the fifth. I went back to read it after posting this, and my style sure has changed… I’m certainly a lot more wordy now. In fact, the direction and the audience for this blog have shifted slightly as well. I think all of that, as well as simply issues with timing, has made progress on reviewing all the Hanabira really slow. But I’ll catch up one day.

      p.s. Thanks for reading and supporting me all this time! ^ ^

  8. Set-chan says:

    I loved your analysis, short and to the point XD. I really love this couple and I hope an Anime or OVA soon be released. Greetings and a Kiss ///>.<///

  9. Johnny says:

    All thats seems very very interesting…
    Hope this game will be translated by count pacula or someone else, despite another golden shower (well, on the other side, without this melting of “cul & cucul”, Hanabira wouldnt be Hanabira :p)… to think i didnt play 2nd game yet (hope to be able doing it now the bug is supposed to be resolved)….


    • Yi says:

      Hopefully, someone takes this up as well. In the meantime, the third and a few others are in progress. Anyways, good luck with the second game. That one is also wonderful.

      “YURI POWAAAA !!!!”
      Haha, cheers to yuri. ^ ^

      • Johnny says:

        I’m one of the greatest french fans of yuri i think… to think “Girl Friends” & “Sasameki Koto” (mangas) will be released in France…

        • afkeroge says:

          And I think I’m one of the most avid ones here in the Philippines.

          It’s just a shame that yuri stuff never reaches our shores… people here are too conservative. Not to mention anime in free tv here is always shounen and reruns of detective conan… it’s depressing…

        • Yi says:

          @Johnny: Yea, I heard about that! It’s awesome news for sure.

          @afkeroge: At least there’s still the internet. ^ ^

        • R0_oar says:

          @afkeroge: I feel your pain. ;_;

        • xX777Xx says:

          @ afkeroge: I understand your feeling. It’s totally depressing but luckily internet save the day

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  12. hoshiko says:

    I didn’t play this game – one of the disadvantage of not knowing how to read Japanese but I’m learning. But I must say from the pictures you’ve included in this post, the artwork of the game is really, really pretty.

    • Yi says:

      Yea, Peko’s art is gorgeous and clean. I love it.

      Anyways, if you’re interested in similar type of visual novels, you can find the first two volumes of this translated in English here.

  13. I really need to start playing more visual novels. And I need to start getting into more yuri. I just never seem to get around to doing either of those things, although I’ve been wanting to for a long time.

    I’m not sure how I’ll feel about the urination scene (I hated them in Enzai, but Enzai consisted of 90% rape for the main character, which might have something to do with it…) but I think I’ll follow the link and give this one a shot.

    • Johnny says:

      In the 1st game, there was a golden shower scene, but with the sweetest music in the game as a background… i think it helped to tame the ecchi side of this scene.

    • Yi says:

      If you’re not particularly into either visual novels or yuri, you might not like this at all. I think this game occupies a pretty niche genre. I wouldn’t recommend starting with this series of visual novels if you’re just starting to get into yuri materials.

      • ariannasterling says:

        Oh, I’m fine with the sort of content and all, it’s just a matter of not having gotten around to looking for anything. And I like visual novels, I just don’t dedicate much time to them. I think I’ll be fine with it 🙂

        • Yi says:

          That’s great to hear then. Have fun if you do get a chance to play this series.

          p.s. I re-read my reply, and jeez… did my comment have some nonsensical sentences… I blame it on the late nights.

  14. Hello says:

    is interesting to see that each “2 part” of each paring tends to be more serious, in all the second parts you have some short of “drama” if you could call it as such, i wonder if Fuguriya will take this as a “test” and try to push it a little further in future games, that would be really nice. If i have to chose a pairing, i think i would chose these two, maybe because they were the “first” hahahahaha.

    • afkeroge says:

      That would be nice indeed.

      I had this vision of Hanabira games having the plot and drama of Jun Maeda’s works. Just thinking about it made my eyes watery… all the sweetness of Fuguriya’s writing and the deep, moving stories of Key… I think that would be a fine combination. I don’t think I want people dying in Hanabira, though…

    • Yi says:

      Yea, it was kind of nice to see the progression from establishing a relationship to exploring that through introducing some conflicts. I think this structure worked very well for all three of the original pairs. I’m looking forward to playing the 2nd part for Takako and Runa, as well as (hopefully) the sequel to Shizuku x Erisu. The last pair really needs a little more story.

      “If i have to chose a pairing, i think i would chose these two, maybe because they were the “first” hahahahaha.”

      Loll. These two hold a special place for me as well partly because they are the ones who started it all.

  15. Aaah… I really want to play this, but got so many in the queue. I still haven’t played Planetarian yet >_<

  16. Duqs says:

    fairly disappointed that the ova didnt feature these two though =P

  17. yuu says:

    the top image definitely not safe for work XD
    this is my favourite couple by far, the tsunderexoneesama just does it so well for me~

  18. I say Yi-san, are you old enough to be reviewing eroge? Just curious… 😀
    Oh and three cheers for yuri! XD

  19. Fabrice says:

    At some times i really dont mind a piece of yuri time :9
    looks nice, i might want to try it out haha

  20. Compassionate Sadist says:

    I must thank you for all your fantastic Sonohana posts. I’ve been in the fandom for a little over a year (although I knew about the series before that; no idea why I didn’t look into it sooner) and I can’t get enough! ^.^

  21. wieselhead says:

    Ah the title is familiar,I watched the “cute” OVA some time ago 😉
    I haven’t played any of the games from this series,but from your report it sounds very interesting. I have a little silly question about the very title in this post, is there are possibility in the game, that for example Yuuna can part with Nanami and choose another love interest ? Or is it just about the two of them, with different achievable good and bad endings?
    The illustration you showed us here are really pretty.
    As chibi fan I really like the second picture ;D

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep, there is indeed a very “cute” OVA for this series featuring Mai (from above) and another girl, Reo.

      Anyway, this series is very linear in game play. There are only four choices throughout the game, and they do not affect the plot at all. The choices seems to only be there as a token gesture since it is a visual novel. They do affect one thing though, and it’s whether the player can unlock the last scene, but the overall story is the same with or without that scene.

      In other words, no, Yuuna cannot part with Nanami and choose another love interest. All the couples, and in fact, most of the script is set.

      I love Peko’s illustrations too. There’s a few more chibi CG’s throughout this game, and plenty in this series. You might like them too.

  22. Johnny says:

    Uunlike most of eroges, there is no really good or bad ending, simply, if u chose 2 many wrong choices, the games stops before the very end.
    To avoid it, u have to pick the top anwser.

    • Yi says:

      Yea, this is not as much of an eroge as it is a picture book. It’s one thing I think Hanabira could do better though. I kind of want a Hanabira game where there is actual “routes” or “flags.” Without choices that matter, the game isn’t interactive at all.

  23. Cell says:

    I wonder if a chinese patch will come out? Usually the Chinese patch comes out way before the english does. Just hoping that it’ll come quickly ><. I might try playing the Jap version, but then I'd only understand the kanji and some hiragana (wouldn't be able to understand more than 15% of what's going on -_-).

    • Yi says:

      There probably will be a Chinese patch some time in the future. I don’t know how long it would take though since these things are usually pretty random.

      Anyway, with a translator and some good guess work, it’s surprising how much one might be able to understand the story, but at the same time, a lot of little subtleties might get lost.

      • Johnny says:

        As far as i’m concerned, i will wait for an eventual english patch since i dont undertsand chinese (except “nihao” :p).
        Nevermind, i want to understand what the characters say… it’s H-game, not porn !

        • Cell says:

          You have a pont about it not being porn. With these H-games, some arousal comes from the words that the characters say, right? With porn, it’s just some people banging away at each-other while making loud, unrealistic sounds.

        • Yi says:

          Haha, yea. It’s much more satisfying to have an emotional investment in the characters. That’s one of the biggest reasons Hanabira is much more enjoyable than the average adult film.

  24. Haha wht would happen if yr dad got a hold on yr eroge? Get yr bro to take the blame and get punched in the face?! X)

    • Cell says:

      Most people who play eroge don’t live with their parents anymore…

    • Yi says:

      Loll, I hope that never happens.

      p.s. I just moved back in with my parents recently, but I guess it doesn’t matter too much since I’m over 18. It’d be quite embarrassing though.

      • Cell says:

        Well many Asians move back or stay with their parents when they are adults to take care of them. It really is only embarrasing and pitiful when seen through a Westerner’s perspective. Heck, I might even move back to Taiwan to take care of my parents if they needed me to.

      • Cell says:

        Wait, excuse me. I thought you ment it was embarrasing to live with your parents. But, I guess you meant that it would be embarrasing to have them discover your games, huh? I agree lol.

        • Yi says:

          Yea, I don’t think there’s anything embarrassing about living with parents. I’m sort of leeching off them right now though, so that’s kind of bad. 😦

          Anyway, yea, I meant it’s embarrassing to have them catch you playing these 18+ games.

  25. Nopy says:

    A urination + drinking scene in a yuri… I don’t think I’ve seen that before o.O

    • Yi says:

      It actually happens a bit more than you’d expect, especially in manga. It’s kind of surprising to me initially, but I got used to it pretty quickly.

  26. Haha cell says who? I know quite a few ppl who live with their parents AND play eroge at the same time… 🙂
    And i prefer playing DotA to watching eroge… ^w^

  27. necro says:

    chenging nick to simpler one from necrocosmos, its to long^^. BTw i still consider sec pair more perverted then yuuna X nanami, thou it was kinda funny to see Yuuna tease nanami and make her do what she please with her, thou i thing nanami going to become some exxtreme pervert if she will not stop being so deeply influenced by yuuna, which to my appear like a devil in some scenes, she is pretty tricky, and its fun to listen to her. Btw if it comes to seiyuu i prefer nanami voice over yuunas, and for me best combo is Rei x Mai, thou i thing Erisu voice is pretty good as well.

    • Yi says:

      I can kind of see Nanami’s defenses being slowly eroded away by Yuuna’s aggressive sexual appetite. It’s kind of fun to watch.

      Hm… I like most of their voices. It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite. Also, as EmperorG pointed out elsewhere, some of them have a very charming laughter.

  28. Y is it tht everyone I meet out there older thn me?!?! Anybody younger thn 16 give me a high-five! X)

    • Yi says:

      Ahh!!! Don’t let me know you’re underage….

      Now I feel obligated to tell you not to download anything 18+. I don’t want to get into trouble for distributing adult materials to minors. So yea. Don’t download them!

  29. abscissa says:

    I believe one of the special things about this duo is you can see bits and pieces of the other couples’ characteristics.
    1. Alter-ego (ero-otome – ouji-sama)
    2. Tsundere
    3. Secret affair and age difference
    4. Disparity in background or status (rich x commoner – foreign x native)
    Conversely, I also think that having multiple components kind of made Yuuna and Nanami’s storyline quite generic and somewhat forgettable. Nevertheless, I like this couple because of their funny and honest personalities. Also, because it is arguable that they possess the strongest fetish:).

    • Yi says:

      That’s very true and a very insightful point. In some sense, Yuuna x Nanami could be seen as the prototype to all the other pairs. The sequels all play up one particular trait in their relationship while downplaying the others. This is yet another reason I think this couple is perhaps the most important one, and the one that ties them all together.

      I don’t think it makes them generic or forgettable though. That was true perhaps for the first game, but with this sequel, they’ve really developed into incredible characters themselves.

      And yea… Who can forget Yuuna’s special fetish? ^ ^

      • abscissa says:

        The reason why I said the plotline is quite generic and somewhat forgettable is because the story has several traits which refer you to the other instalments, and most of these qualities are further expanded along with more concrete conflicts which in need of major resolutions. Because of these, the other couples create hype and overshadow this pairing’s storyline.

        Don’t get me wrong, I still think that this duo is unique plus the most important too because they are the original SH pair. Also, I haven’t really fully explored SH:( so my view might still change—thought I could finish Runa x Takako last Christmas break but I got hooked with Chu-bra. Arggh, time is always the villain!

        • Yi says:

          Having developed a more concrete conflict is one of the reason I really enjoyed Kuchibiru to Kiss though. In this one, we finally get a sense of just how massively jealous and senseless Yuuna can get about Nanami. We also see that Nanami desperately wants to catch up to Yuuna and be a fitting lover for someone of her status. These two dynamics create the main conflict, and it made the sixth into a story on par or even better than some of the earlier ones.

          Anyway, time is always the villain!! I’ve been soooo busy lately; I haven’t seen a single episode of anime in the last week. We need a time machine to just pause or extend time.

        • abscissa says:

          A Yuuna x Nanami duo alone is really enjoying and for them to link other characters is really interesting; however it’s easy to overlook them once the other couples come into play. Indeed, jealousy and trying to be fit are the main conflicts in this sequel, but these arguments are something that also applies to the other pairings. After seeing the other installments and considering the fact that they’re the original, I expected this pair to have a more in-depth disagreement that is specifically tailored only for them and something that you will never see on the other pairs. For instance, clash of culture and transformation are personalized only for Erisu x Shizuku and Kaede x Sara respectively.

          Btw, this is just purely opinionated; I deeply apologize if I wrote something that you disagree. And as always, thank you for sharing your thoughts and replying diligently to our comments. I hope it’s not a bother reading comments especially on busy times like this.

          Good luck with whatever you’re working on. 🙂

        • Yi says:

          I understand your point. They don’t have that extra “thing” that the others have to easily define their relationship. For me, it makes Yuuna and Nanami a little more down-to-earth, but I guess in other words, mundane.

          Anyway, please please please don’t ever apologize for having an opinion! I love when people disagree with me as much as I do when people agree. I also love hearing people’s feedbacks. It’s honestly the driving force behind my blogging. ^ ^

          Thanks for the discussion! Good luck with your stuff as well. ^ ^

  30. bluedrakon says:

    Time sure flys when your having fun – I don’t have much time to game with everything else. Even these Ero games – though quite interesting as noted above, time isn’t really in my favor.

    I will see about the downloads and check a couple parts of the series as I know it may interest my wife.

    Thanks as always for the lovely review and links~

    • Yi says:

      No problem. Time really does fly, and not necessarily when you’re having fun either. I’m pretty swamped lately so I don’t have much time for games or anime. It’s unfortunate, but something we all have to deal with. 😦

      “I know it may interest my wife.”
      That’s awesome!!

  31. In body I am, but in mind I feel like an old man… Heck I even forget things like whether I locked the door to my house or not… Dun wurry Yi-san, my 18th b’day’s in March. So yay me! X)
    oh and btw, how do i reply under my old comments? Haha I’ve nvr used wordpress before… :p

    • Yi says:

      I believe you’re mature enough mentally for these games. I don’t really care for the whole 18+ thing. But just in case of potential legal issues, I’d rather not know your age. Anyway, remind me of your birthday on March 17th, so I can wish you best wishes. ^ ^

      p.s. To reply under old comments, just find a little gray “reply” button under the comment you want to reply to. If there isn’t one, just look for the closest one above the comment you want your words to show up under. I hope that made sense.

  32. oops, sorry not 18th, 17th… :p

  33. xX777Xx says:

    “Ahh!!! Don’t let me know you’re underage….

    Now I feel obligated to tell you not to download anything 18+. I don’t want to get into trouble for distributing adult materials to minors. So yea. Don’t download them!”

    I lol when I read that xD, cause when the first time I know a bout Sono Hanabira, I’m still 16 xD. But don’t worry my mind I guess is old enough cause when I’m still 14 a lot of my friends in messenger thought I was 20 😛 (we’re only chatting and we didn’t send any photo, web cam or telling each others age). How bout you Yi? Do you mind telling me your age :)?

    • xX777Xx says:

      Sorry wrong type. I was still 16 when the first time I knew about Sono Hanabira 😉

    • Yi says:

      I really don’t care that much whether people are old enough to play the games, except I don’t want legal problems with this blog. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s on the internet gets exposed to much more questionable material than harmless Hanabira. Still, I have to cover for myself. ^ ^

      I’m 22. I don’t really mind sharing because it’s pretty common knowledge on the internet. I’m so active on Twitter; it’s pretty easy to guess. I talk about college and graduation and stuff.

      As for other info, I’m very reluctant to share personal stuff. So let’s not pry too hard. ^ ^

      • xX777Xx says:

        Yeah I can understand that, it’s a pain to deal with those legal problems :P. Don’t worry I respect other people’s privacy ;).

    • afkeroge says:

      Woah, I’m surprised… well, not really. It’s now very common to see young people in these kinds of sites, so, yeah. I knew about visual novels since high school (i.e. Clannad) but it took me a little while before I actually played any visual novel, let alone eroge. And about Sono Hanabira, I just found out about it when the English patch was announced to be released, so it was just fairly recently. We would have appreciated it if you sort of hid your age, though. 🙂

      • xX777Xx says:

        The first VN that I knew was Absolute Obedience (yaoi VN) that’s cause my bro bought the wrong game and I didn’t know about Sono Hanabira back there (at that time I was around 15 or 16). Oh btw, I haven’t told my real age. Up there I only said I was still 16 when the first time I knew Sono Hanabira ;).

        • Johnny says:

          We’d better stop talking about underage or not, in order not to cause some troubles to Yi.

        • afkeroge says:

          Absolute Obedience? Now that’s something! I can almost imagine your reactions when you played that one. I, for one, don’t even want to see the cover of a BL VN.

          And I jumped the gun there when I assumed that you were underage, I apologize.

        • xX777Xx says:

          I can see hentai, yaoi, and yuri but yuri is number 1 for me :D. Oh it’s ok no need to apologize. I didn’t make it clear enough so no wonder you’re confused :P.

        • Yi says:

          It’s pretty rare to see someone into yuri and yaoi. I should try more yaoi in the future.

        • xX777Xx says:

          It’s true that I can see both but I can’t enjoy watching yaoi as much as I enjoy watching yuri (except if the story is really good). There was a time that I see too much yaoi and then neutralized it by watching yuri (2-3 days straight full with yaoi manga). But the most important thing to me is the plot. Even if it’s yuri but the story and the plot is not nice for me I will not like it. Btw, I enjoy watching Absolute Obedience it’s really nice ^ ^(the story, the art, etc).

          @Yi: Good luck at trying it. It’s a lot different with yuri, not only different in the sex, the atmosphere and almost everything is different.

        • Yi says:

          I’ve seen some yaoi before, but it never really stuck with me. I’m really interested in seeing the differences between yuri and yaoi now, especially in terms of the kind of feel and the different tropes yaoi has.

  34. Wah! I can’t find the button! 😥 Maybe its cuz i’m using my mobile to browse wordpress?
    Haha my b’day is on 16th march. I’ll be 17… XD
    @xX777Xx U 16 bro? High five!!! 😀

  35. Yi-san, I sincerly apologize if I brought any trouble to your blog. Most of the time I just act 1st and think later, so I didn’t think about the legal issues and just posted up my age… I apologize once again for my rashful comments. If you can delete the comments then feel free to do so, so as not to cause any problems for the blog…

    • Yi says:

      Haha don’t worry about it! No need to apologize. Most of it is in jest; I doubt anyone would care that much for this blog to actually go after it. ^ ^

      p.s. I’m ecstatic whenever I see a comment! It was really nice to meet a yuri fan like you. ^ ^

      • AXYPB says:

        On that note, I will attend Katsucon this year and hope that any yuri panels there will be more aware of this series. Past attempts at bringing this up have met with blank stares and the occasional curious fan, but not anyone who is at least familiar with every visual novel. Now that I’ve seen for myself how much demand there is for translations, I’m hoping this year will turn out better.

        • afkeroge says:

          I wish you the best of luck.

          I just wish that people here can see the wonders of the series, but I guess I’m asking too much of a conservative country…

        • Swordwind says:

          It probably has more to do with Hanabira being a fringe sub-type of a fringe medium for story-telling.

        • Yi says:

          Agreed with Swordwind. Hanabira is kind of niche within a niche. I had thought with the anime, it would gain much more popularity, but that’s not really the case.

          Anyway, best of luck in letting more people know about this lovely series and have fun at Katsucon. Let us know how it goes if you want to. ^ ^

  36. Haha no need for thanks, its what I like aft all. 🙂
    You’re one of the few people who have loads of people following your blog, so congrats! My friends who have blogs hardly get even a single comment unlike you who gets more than a hundred most of the time. 😀 If only I could recommend them your blog… Too bad none of them are yuri or anime fans… 😦
    Anyways, do you listen to J-pop? Was wondering if you could recommend me some artists… Need to chill to new songs during exams… X)

    • Yi says:

      Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been dealing with some stuff, and it’s been taking up a lot of my time.

      Compared to some other bloggers, I’m still relatively obscure. Still, I really love the people who read this blog. I try to respond to all the comments with sincerity and really try to get to know the readers. I guess overtime, with the help of a lot of people and anime/ yuri fans, I’ve been lucky enough to have a fairly successful blog.

      I must thank you again for visiting and leaving such nice words! ^ ^

      Anyway, I do listen to some J-Pop. These are some artists I’m in love with recently. A friend recommended me these artists, and I think they’re pretty good. I’m not sure if they’ll fit your tastes though.

      Advantage Lucy

      Spangle Call Lilli Line


      I also really like Yakushimaru Etsuko, who sang both the Arakawa openings.

  37. Haha no thanks necessary Yi-san. I myself am really glad that I stumbled upon your blog, and got to read your posts which are amazing as always… X)
    I tried to dwnld the 1st 2 songs but couldnt find them… It sux to dwnld using my mobile. Toe’s song tickled my fancy, so I’ll definitely check up on her other songs. The song was a bit long though… -__-‘
    As for Yakushimaru, her voice sounded too soft and slow imo… I like listening to Arashi, Sugawara Sayuri and Kawada Mami. They are awesome. K-on’s songs are too… 😀

  38. I don’t know what’s happening in your life right now, but cheer up aites? It saddens me when a fellow otaku and friend’s feeling down… 😥

    • Yi says:

      I usually don’t like to talk about my personal problems on the internet, because I think we all have our own worries without having to take on the negative energies of others. But sometimes in the face of certain things happening, I really just need to vent about some things.

      Thanks for the thought. I’ll try my best to cheer up. ^ ^

  39. Johnny says:

    Gambatte ne, Yui. ^^

  40. Yi says:

    For proper organizational purposes:

    Download for Sono Hanabira 6 – Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=E7VHBLKA

    Download for Sono Hanabira 6 – Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite CG pack:

  41. Ooh Mizuki Nana. Gotta love her discotheque. 🙂 Kawada Mami’s sense and portamento are my faves. I listen to YUI too, but her latest album doesn’t suit my taste… 😦
    Thanks for the links, I’ll be sure to download them when I get my hands on a computer.

  42. icemonster987 says:

    is there a english patch? or english version? i can’t read japanese…

  43. Johnny says:

    Not yet.

  44. icemonster987 says:

    oww..any way that i could at least understand what they are saying?

    • Yi says:

      I’m afraid not. You might just have to wait for someone to translate this or simply brute force your way through with a Japanese-English dictionary.

  45. Tenshi-chan says:

    I’ve just recently entered the world of visual novels. I’ve been meaning to check them out for quite some time now, but I got held back for some reason. I’m not particularly new to the yuri genre, though. It’s been a good three months since I got into yuri, after hentai and yaoi. (hooray for bi’s? :P) I must say, I love this series. A nice little plot and steamy sex scenes. :3

    My favorite couples are Nanami x Yuuna and Mai x Reo, especially Nanami x Yuuna. I thought the first game was cute, though a little bland with plot and lacking in interaction. But the cute moments and the gorgeous CGs made up for it.

    I can’t wait for this to be translated. I can only read hiragana and katakana and I’m pitiful with kanji, let alone struggling to understand what they’re saying.

    Yay for Yuri! ^_^

    • Yi says:

      It’s not often I meet someone who enjoys both yaoi and yuri. That’s pretty awesome. ^ ^

      Anyway, after this game, my appreciation for Nanami x Yuuna definitely increased by quite a bit. While I still don’t know exactly who my favorites are, they’re up there.

      The CGs are really lovely indeed! Peko is amazing.

      Cheers to yuri~

      p.s. Thanks for visiting and leaving your thoughts. ^ ^

  46. K says:

    s-so dramatic =_=”…
    I enjoyed reading your post >w<!! I love it a lot!!

  47. Manfred says:

    well i noticed the CG pack for this game ain’t complete so i went to extract the whole thing. here you guys go:

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  49. yuri_fan says:

    I’m really looking forward to this game as i love me some Yuuna x Nanami. But i shall await the english translation.

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  51. Anonymous (For certain reasons) says:

    I don’t know if this has already been asked in the comments (There’s a crapload, so I didn’t want to scan every single one.) When I extract it and try and open it, I get a message that starts with “MainWindow:FileJoin” and then it goes to complete computer gibberish. This happens with all of the games, but I know that I downloaded them from here on my old computer. Is there any known reason this would happen? I have a windows 7 computer, use WinRar to extract it, I download from Google Chrome, if any of that helps at all.

  52. Anonymous (For certain reasons) says:

    Alright, I stand corrected, but for some of them, it can’t read the in-game text. It just shows up as a bunch of dots, with the occasional random letter.

    • Yi says:

      Oh I see you got it working. Anyway, the dots thing, I’m not too sure about. I think it may have to do with lacking the fonts or the language files. Try changing the language settings to Japanese… Hopefully it works then. Good luck, and enjoy. ^ ^

  53. Andreas says:

    is it me or is Erisu the older vers. of Yuuna-Senpai ^^ that’s my observation

    • Yi says:

      While they’re similar in some aspects, I found their personalities to be different enough. For one, Yuuna is much much more… “deviant.” ^ ^

  54. Andreas says:

    is Erisu American I wonder…

    • Yi says:

      I think she’s of mixed descent. Japanese heritage from one parent, and Caucasian from the other. I don’t quite remember if she is American though.

  55. Andreas says:

    amazing, Yuuna is 2nd-year student, Erisu is 3rd-year student. Coincidence?

  56. Andreas says:

    it could be Yuuna grow up into Erisu ^^ or they’re sisters

    • Yi says:

      Oh no, I don’t think so. The story gives no hints that they’re related at all. I highly highly doubt they are. Also, Yuuna is definitely not Erisu. The stories for this one and the eighth happen around the same time. It just wouldn’t make sense.

      The only resemblance I can see are the blonde hairs, which, by the way, is fairly common in this world and in anime. I don’t find the two to look very much alike at all.

      I think the parallels you’re suggesting might be a bit of a stretch.

    • Overlord-G says:

      the reason you’re wrong is that:
      1: Yuuna is from Latveria and Erisu is from Transylvania.
      2: Although both Yuuna and Erisu are from the Ventrue clan, they are by no means related family-wise…though Erisu and Shizuma Hanazono could very well be cousins.
      3: Yuuna, Erisu and Runa are the 3 Mega Powers of their respective grades and that’s all. They sadly don’t have threesomes lest they wish to feel the wrath of their respective spouses.
      4: Yuuna has ocean blue eyes while Erisu has crystal/icy Blue eyes.

  57. Andreas says:

    whoa. Nevertheless I prefer Erisu ^^ more mature+ more passionate

    • Yi says:

      I see I see. Passionate, maybe. Mature, debatable. Difference in opinion I guess. ^ ^

      • Overlord-G says:

        I’d say Erisu’s more elegant and graceful, but that’s where it all ends since…I consider her the most “experienced”…without going too deep into details of her other side. How shizuku’s been able to survive as Erisu’s girlfriend is beyond me.

        • Yi says:

          Really? I honestly don’t remember too much about Erisu. I like her though simply because of the character designs, but the eighth was kind of bland. I should probably replay the visual novel.

  58. Lela says:

    Thank you for doing such a thorough job going through the plot. It’s very frustrating to not have it easily available in English and though I’m working my way through learning Japanese (for other reasons), I don’t know nearly enough to begin to understand what’s going on. Though understanding the plot helps, I truly wish there were some venue where people could collaborate on translating this. It seems so many people are interested in seeing it (or others) done, I can’t imagine people wouldn’t be willing to give some amount of help. If it’s the coding (if there’s some involved to create the patch), there’s always the alternative of porting the English to Ren’Py or something similar — which wouldn’t require the esoteric coding. Oh, well, if someone decides do do something to that effect, I’ll keep my ears and eyes open as I’m willing to help if I can. Until then, I’d be lost without this page describing the plot, so much thanks! ^ – ^

    • Yi says:

      Glad this was helpful and that you enjoyed it. I’m not exactly sure about this game, but some other ones are being translated. In fact, translation for the fourth will be released soon in several days.

      Cheers, Lela. And thank you for reading and leaving your thoughts. ^ ^

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  62. Azzie says:

    Are they making a english patch for this game?

  63. Johnny says:

    No idea. But I think it could be released faster than you thought…

  64. Yellowfruit says:

    Yuna and Nanami are my favourite couple; they not over the top in their affection, with Nanami checking Yuna when she gets out of line, so it doesn’t descend into the ceaseless orgy that is RoeXMei, but Yuna is so (im)mature and confident she can snap Nanami like a twig when she wants her way, so it doesn’t turn into the pervert vs the upright honour student of KedeaXSarah.

    In the end, I’m really, really, REALLY, looking forward to hearing Nanami’s random daydreams, and seeing Yuna’s latest escapades. I know we just got the English patch of the last game, but I just…can’t…AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    (N.b. Some SSSSLLLLLLIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHTTTTT exaggeration may have been used in this comment =P )

    • Yi says:

      Yea Nanami does keep Yuuna in check, though I don’t think she really does a good job at it. Haha. As you said, Yuuna still always gets just what she wants, which just makes me love her sooo much. It’s not quite a ceaseless party like Reo and Mai, but it is pretty close. And Yuuna is into some really adorable things. ^ ^

      Anyway, I think you’ll enjoy this one. After I played through this, Yuuna and Nanami easily and completely won me over. I love them!!!

      When the patch comes out, let me know what you think of the two. ^ ^

      p.s. Your comment made me smile~

    • yuri_fan says:

      i agree with what you say. Yuuna x Nanami is my favorite as well and its pretty much how you described it.

  65. Jason says:

    Will there be an English patch for this game soon? I’m really a FAN of Sono Hanabira series, Thanks for all the patches anyway! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. can anyone tell me if and when there will be a english patch online for hanabira 6

  67. thouse anyone no if there is a similar game like sono hanabira like the same genre

    • Yi says:

      There are a few other yuri-oriented visual novels: Katahane, Aoi Shiro, and such. But to be honest, Sono Hanabira is pretty unique in its direction to stay very… light and simple. Anyway, look around, and I think you’ll find plenty of good ones. ^ ^ Best~

  68. yummy melon says:

    is there a media fire to this game? my country baned megaupload……. TwT !!!!!!!!

  69. Sai says:

    can’t wait for the english patch, T^T

  70. RandomRangerWhite says:

    Why I find out about this series so late? I am just so in love with it… *-*
    I love all the Sono Hanabira games…but for some strange reasons Yuuna and Nanami are the one that have greatly settled down as my top fave pairings out of all the other ones. I love Nanami’s Seiyuu…she just sounds so innocently adorable…I can understand how Yuuna feels wanting to tease her constantly. Ahhhhn~♥
    Why English patch take so long still…it’s hard being so impatient after playing all the ones that been patched already…
    I’m not all that into the whole urination drinking fetish there…but for some strange reason I’m okay with it. Magic of Yuuna x Nanami cuteness, I guess. >3>;

    • Yi says:

      Haha, I am totally in love with this series too, and Nanami Yuuna are definitely among my favorite pairs. They’re both so adorable. I didn’t mind the urination scene either; in fact, for some odd reason, I thought the two were even more lovely afterwards. loll.

  71. Demoiselle says:

    Hello, and thank you for all the work you have been doing on this series thus far. I can read kanji, but my best friend cannot, and while we are very close indeed, I have absolutely no desire to sit next to him and act as a personal translator while he plays his first yuri eroge. May I know if there are no updates yet on the English patch for this? Do we have any rough ETAs?

    • Yi says:

      I suppose it could be awkward to be sitting next to him while he plays this. Hehe.

      Anyway, unfortunately, no rough ETAs or announcements of a release dates for the English patch have been announced. When they do, someone will make a note of it here or on the index page usually. So I guess just check back occasionally.

  72. Striker says:

    Man I want to play this one so badly I wish that they would hurry up with the english patch come on guys

  73. Aelz says:

    Oh, so it turns out this actually getting translated. I’ve been checking the main SonoHana page frequently hoping someone had come along and picked it up to no avail, and I was getting really bummed because Yuuna and Nanami are my favourite couple.
    So the guys who are working on this -are- working on it, but they just haven’t announced anything or set up a blog like Hyarare and AXYPB did/do, is that the case?

    • Yi says:

      Hm… If I don’t have an official page linked, then it’s likely not confirmed… Off the top of my head, I actually don’t remember if anyone is indeed translating this. 😦

      • Aelesis says:

        Really? It’s just that I saw some other previous comments on this post about how there was a patch going on (some from you, I believe 😮 ), so I was curious.

        • Aelesis says:

          Or maybe I’ve just been reading too far between the lines!

        • Yi says:

          To be honest, I don’t remember anymore if someone did tell me whether they were going to pick up on the project. It’s been a long time since that comment, and there’s just so many things to keep track of… loll.

          Well, in either case, when there is an official announcement, people usually let me know sooner or later, and I’ll try to get the word out too.

  74. Snow says:

    wow Yi u been commenting dis site for year dat impressiv ^^

    • Yi says:

      I’ve been managing this blog for even longer than that! Also, I get email updates whenever there’s a new comment on any particular post.

  75. OtakuOtaku says:

    Aargh…where’s the lovely English Translation?? T.T

  76. HanaFan says:

    I won’t resist play the 7 before…
    Anyway, hope the english patch won’t take too long and ty for help spread the game xD

  77. Yuri lover says:

    oh plz !! just update it !! my heart is goin to explode with excited !!

  78. Yuri lover says:

    i just discover one fun way to learn japanese !! gonna tak time, but it fun ^.^ 1st g2 an anime website !! find the anime dat u lik n try to watch moree dan 1000 anime den u done !! it work great now i dun think i need the translation fur dis !!

  79. Kai~ says:

    I stumbled upon the oav a little back and thought nothing of it but now that i play the game… I’m about to die bcuz this one isn’t translated. >.<
    And does anyone know the name of the translator group working on this? 😮

  80. Kai~ says:

    *Grabs dictionary & Chips*
    Well then..

  81. Nyx says:

    Anyone have a download link of the english translated hanabira 6 and 8??? I really want to play those. ty.

  82. Nyx says:

    I see.. I’ll just wait then. ty.

  83. Richter says:

    What I am wondering is: Why hasn’t anyone gotten around to translating the sixth episode? I mean, it skips from five to seven……

    Someone else has probably already asked this, but I’m in a rush ATM. (College student)

  84. TheCesar says:

    Is there anyway i could be informed when the English patch is done? (if it ever gets done)

  85. Nyx says:

    Hello everyone. Can you recommend any good games for me?? I Like hanabira because it has low MB’s. Thanks.

  86. KaNoMiko says:

    Ugh, the wait for the English patch is kiiiiiiiiiiiiling meeeeeeee >.😦

    • Yi says:

      I have a script sitting on my laptop alongside numerous other exams, projects, and essays. My schedule is killing me. 😦

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        You’re working on a script? Mind sending what you’ve got to me? I just might work on it from where you left off, even though I pretty much only know Chinese and English (and what Japanse picked up from listening to subbed anime and these games). My lack of a schedule is killing me 😀

        • Yi says:

          Sorry for the late response! To be honest, I haven’t really started at all much. Things got in the way. I could give you the email of the person in charge, Saluki, who has the full script.

  87. Joe Bloggs says:

    Just finished playing Hanabira 1 and 6. The pee thing was actually right up my alley as far as fetishes go, so much so that I had a “just here for Godzilla” (as seen on tvtropes(r) 🙂 ) mentality going into 6. But I saw the story kick into high gear right after the “Godzilla” episode such that I couldn’t resist pulling an all-nighter to finish it and I must say storywise this beats the other episodes I’d played (Hanabira 1 and 3) into a cocked hat (or maybe I’m just new to any sort of conflict in a Hanabira story)

    As far as relationship stories go I always had a sore spot for the “misunderstandings from things left unsaid” kind of storyline. It always just made me want to throw things at the TV at the dumb people acting out the (to me) unconvincing story. Maybe I’m just not the kind of person to ever hold back words, or maybe it’s just hard to depict this kind of storyline in a convincing way to me.

    Maybe it’s thanks to my relationship with my wife these few years making me understand the futility of saying things you aren’t ready to say or the receipient isn’t ready to understand, or maybe the storyline in 6 is just that good, but anyway in this case it was good enough to make me suspend disbelief just long enough to anxiously click through to the end, so much so that I almost wanted to skip through the last few ecchi scenes (!) Nanami and Yuuna were each so anxious to know the answer to the respective questions burning in their hearts yet so afraid of hearing the answer from their significant other–a seemingly glaringly illogical conflict standing out like a sore thumb in the simple story–yet it somehow convinced me that love could make one so illogical.

    And my heart almost jumped out when I saw the accident that brought their misunderstanding to a head–the fact that I’m not sure I made the right choices and was afraid the story would end in a cliffhanger or even worse a bad end really helped the suspense here!

    • Aelesis says:

      Hanabira 4, 5, 6 and 7 all contain more of an emotional conflict (than the first three in the case of all the ones that aren’t 7), although the fifth falls into the trapping you’re talking about quite badly. It does make for some interesting reading in the way the characters change, though – still worth a look.

      • Yi says:

        Yep yep. As sequels, they have a lot more room to work with subtle emotional conflicts, not having to spend time on the meeting and the chase. The writing also got substantially better with more installments and time. They’re all definitely worth a read.

    • Yi says:

      @Joe Bloggs:

      The urination fetish is right up my alley too. I didn’t mind it at all, and I actually kind of enjoyed those scenes. I’d agree too that this is one of the better stories. I found this sequel a little more interesting than the ones for Reo Mai and Kaede Sara. And, it’s not just because of the urination (although that did help. ^ ^).

      Silent msunderstanding as a plot device is super common in dramas and romantic stories. They just build angst so easily. I understand your frustraton though. At times, I would put off finishing something because of this annoyance. But often times, the resolution is that much more sweeter because of this angst.

      I love that you found something in this story. And thank you so so much for sharing the little bit of your personal life. I really appreciate it. I wish you the best. ^ ^

      “Nanami and Yuuna were each so anxious to know the answer to the respective questions burning in their hearts yet so afraid of hearing the answer from their significant other–a seemingly glaringly illogical conflict standing out like a sore thumb in the simple story–yet it somehow convinced me that love could make one so illogical.”


      Thank you for the comment, Joe Bloggs.
      Cheers! ^ ^

      p.s. It’s a nice touch that the true ending is actually relevant to the resolution, and the choices matter more in this one.

  88. Joe Bloggs says:

    Has nobody picked this up for English translation? At least I don’t see the link to anything here. Not even an English script yet? If not I just might start from the Chinese translation and what little Japanese I know to start writing the English script?

  89. Joe0Bloggs says:

    Yeah, I’ve picked up the project at YuriP. They had ch.1 and ch.3 out of 15 chapters completed (well, first draft). I’m going full steam ahead now but won’t make the mistake of talking about the rate I’m going ^^ Anyway ch.4 is the first chapter I’ve completed http://wiki.yuriproject.org/kuchibiru_to_kiss_de_tsubuyaite:s004

  90. joe0bloggs says:

    I’ve created my own wordpress blog initially to blog exclusively about translating Sono Hanabira 6. Right now it’s just a stub site but everyone’s welcome to come in and ask questions about the translation, progress, cheer me on or shout at me to get it done already 😀 (but then I only picked up this project on 10 April 2012)

  91. Aelesis says:

    To someone who’s played this, are Yuuna’s orgasm screams as loud and ear-piercing as they were in the first novel? Because those killed my enthusiasm so hard. 😦

  92. joe0bloggs says:

    No, the audio levels are much steadier just as in the other sequels beside 1. I guess Fuguriya wasn’t experienced with the sound editing at first and didn’t normalize the audio levels well in the first game.

    • Aelesis says:

      That’s good, but it’s more the fact that she screams. And freaking how she screams. Luckily Nanami’s voicing is so… well… to balance it out. :3

      • Aelesis says:

        Also, I just want to thank you for getting a start on translating this. You have no idea how much it made my day to read.

      • Joe0Bloggs says:

        >That’s good, but it’s more the fact that she screams. And freaking how she screams.
        Well don’t they all 😉 I think it was more an audio editing issue. Anyway I didn’t find SH6 any harder on the ears than the other sequels unlike 1. And thanks for your thanks 🙂

      • Yi says:

        I didn’t find either Yuuna that objectionable to be honest, but then again, I suspend most belief when I play Sono Hanabira games.

  93. Shaffy-Chan says:

    can I have the english translation?! Q___Q

  94. Commentator says:

    So, I just got a new computer with Windows 7 and everything and even though I have a Japanese language pack installed I can’t see the text properly when I try to play the game. I get a bunch of gibberish. Any ideas or help?

    • Aelesis says:

      Are you -running- the Japanese pack? Is it set to Windows XP SP3 compatability mode? Have you tried using it with AppLocale instead?

    • Joe0Bloggs says:

      Go to control panel->Clock, Language and Region->Change Display Language
      Go to the Administrative tab, under “Language for non-Unicode programs” click “Change system locale…”
      Change current system locale to “Japanese (Japan)”
      Click OK on all the menus to back out, you’ll be prompted to restart the computer. Either click OK to restart immediately or cancel to go back out and save your work and then restart manually.
      The game should display Japanese properly after you restart.
      If you don’t want all non-Unicode programs to assume Japanese display you need to use AppLocale instead.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try installing AppLocale

  95. raven668 says:

    Haven’t been here for a while. Can I ask if the translation is complete??

  96. Nyx says:

    Still have to wait i guess.. thanks.

  97. Pingback: Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu | Listless Ink

  98. Metaler says:

    Okay, finished this game today… It was pretty good, but Yuuna’s possessive personality really annoys me. I hate characters like that, mostly because I’m really bothered by relationships where both parties treat each other as if they were each other’s “belongings”. I like it when both characters trust each other to the point where they don’t have to see their relationship like that.

    Also, while the whole misunderstanding surround the plot was a nice driving force for the couple, I felt like I wanted to throw my mouse at Nanami as say “ASK HER ALREADY, DAMN IT!”. But I didn’t think her anxiety was out of place. In fact, I thought it was very believable. In that kind of situation, anyone would be afraid to ask a question of which there’s a high chance the answer they get won’t be very pleasant.
    Speaking of which, I found the part where you can have Nanami ask Yuuna “straight” about the rumors to be hilarious. Nanami’s reaction with that choice is priceless. Hell, this game managed to make her even more adorable than the first one.

    I’m glad to see that Yuuna finally managed to do what she couldn’t in the first game… Drink Nanami’s piss. Made even more Hilarious by the fact that she did so in the staircase to the rooftop.
    In fact, this game managed to prove that Yuuna might be the goddamned batman. I mean, the stuff she does to help Nanami throughout the beggining of the game is… outstanding.

    But yeah, overall, while I’m still bothered by Yuuna’s behavior, this game managed to succeed in developing both characters and make them close to each other through a relatively silly conflict. It managed to show that both characters have similar insecurities about their relationship, even the “mighty” Yuuna. This ended up making them more believable, and a bit less idealistic.

    • Yi says:

      I think I can kind of understand what you mean. Yuuna treats Nanami like a pet in a lot of cases. She is patronizing toward her, manipulates her as a pet owner would a dog via conditioning and passive aggressive forcing, does whatever she wants to Nanami, and–wheb Nanami tries to assert her boundaries–Yuuna uses Nanami’s puppyish blind love for her to placate her momentarily before goint back and doing the same. Their relationship is really much like an owner and her lovable pet.

      But I think that’s precisely why I like Yuuna so much. That she is able to so easily manipualte Nanami to accept this unequal power balance is impressive. (I guess I’m an M…)

      I really enjoyed the insecurith displayed as well. I think it’s a very real part of any relationship, particularly one so young. And anyone serious about tbe relationship experiences it, even one so manipulative as Yuuna. It also adds a lot of depth to the characters the first one lacks. Love Nanami as well!!

      Also, loooovvveee Yuuna’s urination fetish…

      • AXYPB says:

        I suspect the insecurities will come to a head when the story continues in the winter.

        • Yi says:

          Insecurities are always there. Relationships are fragile. I look forward to how the ladies handle the upcoming ones. ^ ^

      • Sari says:

        I generally loathe these relationship dynamics, especially in yuri because the characters there are usually more on the same level whereas in hetero romance writers seem to confuse being an emotionally crippled and abusive jerk with “cool” most of the time. Yuuna’s insecurity is what redeems her for me because it balances the scales somewhat, precisely because it shows that Nanami isn’t a pet or a disposable toy for her. Nanami does have power in this relationship, she just doesn’t exert it most of the time. It also helps that Yuuna is, well, nuts. Her playfulness with Nanami and her school personality doesn’t come across as deliberately calculated most of the time, more like manifestations of her chaotic psyche if that makes any sense.

        • Yi says:

          “Her playfulness with Nanami and her school personality doesn’t come across as deliberately calculated most of the time, more like manifestations of her chaotic psyche if that makes any sense.”

          Yes! This I agree. In some ways, she reminds of the Joker—but with a lot more yuri and a lot less violence—if that makes sense. She has some pretty wild ideas and she gives in to her impulses, regardless of whether they are socially acceptable. In fact, I almost feel as if she wants to challenge those norms. And worse yet (or better yet), she has the intuitive grasp of human psyche to make those chaotic ideas happen. That is, drink Nanami’s urine. This is why I love her!

        • Metaler says:

          Hm, I wouldn’t say it’s not calculated. For me it seems more like she’s just really confident about herself, considering her position in the student body’s hierarchy. Her recklessness apparently stems from the fact that she’ll be able to “fix everything” if something happens.

        • Yi says:

          Agreed. She is a blend of schemes and impulses. She indulges in her wild impulsive fantasies, while at the same time, is extremely calculating at how to make those ideas come her way. (And have Nanami come her way as well.)

  99. Joe0Bloggs says:

    A beta patch to Sono Hanabira 6 is out!
    Please help us complete the patch by reporting errors on the yuriproject thread and editing the script on the wiki!

  100. KaNoMiko says:

    Where’s the download link? T_T I can only find one for megaupload, but that’s down, so I don’t know what to do! >_<

  101. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryōko_Ono ……Kaede-chan’s voice actress real identity 😀

  102. Oroan says:

    is the english patch out for this yet?

  103. Johnny says:

    It’s been so long… I should go back 2 the games…

  104. Anito says:

    I am playing this game right now. And the orange and red pallet for the texts doesnt really suit my taste. The colors are too ambiant for a cheerful show.(Just like the suspenseful music of the first one which is inappropriate for the sex scenes)

    Is there anyway I can change it?

  105. anabona32 says:

    Another that surprised me!^^
    Despite not liking Yuuna(or urine) I still quite liked…
    I mean…i liked to see how her character is more humanized now and that pleased me very much, she definitely still isnt my favorite character but I must admit that she made ​​me laugh lot during the erogue, especially her reactions of jealousy!I never imagined she would react that way, is hilarious XD Nanami and hers illusions made ​​me give many face palms too…

    Besides the “possibility” of Nanami and Mai making a couple was a huge source of laughter too, that was absurd…i definitely can not see these two together!Yunna goes too far on that one! XDDD
    I’m also VERY sorry for the tricked classmates…they dont have any idea of the demons who they are dealing with daily XD

    It was funny and even flufy sometimes, without saying that was a big evolution compared to the first but this is all that I have to say ^^ at least now the pair is a lot more believable XD

    • Yi says:

      Ooh yes! Great point. She is much more humanized in this sequel, and has become a much more developed character in her own right, independent of her interactions with Nanami. I enjoyed that immensely. ^ ^

      I really enjoyed this couple after this one, and Yuuna may be my favorite character of all!

      • lanfear says:

        is a kiss for the petals an anime or manga

        • Yi says:

          Haven’t you asked this before? It’s a visual novel. Take 2 seconds please to read just a bit. If you look at the top of this page, there are words. In the first sentence, it tells you what it is. Seriously, read. It’s a good thing.

  106. lanfear says:

    ok ok i will read it just i want to bye it

  107. Ek1ipze says:

    I nearly cry on the following parts:
    – Yuuna crying when she thought Namani was cheating on her.
    – Namani getting knocked out.
    – Both Namani and Yuuna confessing the truth.

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