I’m moving to a new blog!

It has been such a long time, over two years, since I last wrote a post here. During that time, I’d occasionally queue up a post, scribble a few drafts here and there, but I just never could actually publish anything. A combination of busyness, laziness, and expectations have led to my feeling slightly burned out.

This has been an incredible run, and Listless Ink was a project that I had put so much emotions and efforts into. I’m extremely proud of what I’ve built, and I loved it all.

But it is time that I moved on.

I will now be over at lystlesse (http://lystlesse.wordpress.com/). I need something a little smaller and more intimate. Most of all, I want a change.

I’ll still be writing in a similar vein on anime and such. So if you are looking for my words, head over there! Update your bookmarks, email subscriptions, or links. I’d love to continue our conversations.

Cheers, love~

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4 Responses to I’m moving to a new blog!

  1. FoundOnWeb says:

    I hope you leave this blog up, so we can reread your past posts.

  2. Good luck with your new blog!

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