A Kiss for the Petals | Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo

I’m back to my apartment near campus to take a prep course for a test. My summer vacation was unbelievably short (roughly ten days), but all for the greater good, right?

Anyway, I’m back to update regularly hopefully.

A little about my stay at home over the past week. I spent a lot of night time playing this game that I saw.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo roughly translates to “to kiss that flower petal.” The game is a yuri eroge and follows the love love of Yuuna and Nanami. Rather than a game though, this seemed more like manga. There were only a few choices to make, and the choices do not seem to influence the story line.

The CGs of this game are pretty and pleasant to look at, and some of the scenes are quite… hot.

Nanami Hanabira yuri


Hanabira yuri

Nanami and Yuuna Hanabira yuri

Nanami and Yuuna

yuri fapping Hanabira

Hanabira yuri Nanami Yuuna

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Nanami Yuuna yuri visual novel

………. good stuff.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Nanami Yuuna yuri eroge

The game has adult scenes, so yea… don’t check it out if you’re not supposed to. As for me, I’m off to play Hanabira 2 and 3.

Since I’ve gotten several requests for the game, and although it could be easily found online, I’ve decided to share:

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: download.

This is for sampling purposes only. Please buy the real copies of the game.
With that said, enjoy and drop a line if you downloaded from here. ^_^

Translation patch is out: Patch
Please go thank Count Pacula

Reviews for the other Hanabira

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  4. A Kiss for the Petals – Beloved Photograph | Aishisa no Photograph
  5. A Kiss for the Petals – The Joy of Loving You | Anata wo Suki na Shiawase
  6. Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite
  7. A Kiss for the Petals – Sweet Enchanting Kiss | Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu
  8. Tenshi no Hanabira Zome
  9. Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu

More information on the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

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426 Responses to A Kiss for the Petals | Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo

  1. marcaluy says:

    ahahahahaha thanks just started playing the game this morning…..i just wish there would be another english sonohana^^…cant wait for the anime!!!!!!!!RAWRRRR

  2. Yi says:

    @Fatspanner: I hope Seller’s help solved the problem.

    @Sellers: Thanks for the links! ^ ^

    @kuurocks: I’m going to mirror what Sellers says. Big thanks to Count Pacula. ^ ^

    @marcaluy: There should hopefully be more coming out in the future. I might do one myself…

  3. FatSpanner says:

    @Sellers. I did as you said and changed the language to Japanese. What happens is that i receive an error, as this one: http://upload.snelhest.org/images/100302Namnlos.jpg

  4. Sellers says:

    Now that is interesting. My directions assumed that you were initially using a computer setup in English, not that (North European?) language that I lamentably, do not even recognize. So that may be an issue.

    Did you try running it with XP compatibility?

    • Sellers says:

      Edit: Marc, your enthusiasm is completely appropriate. Yi, best be careful about drawing peoples hopes out like that.

  5. FatSpanner says:

    @Sellers. Yeah, I’m from Sweden^^ I tried also to run it on XP compatibility and got the same result. I tried also on my laptop with Windows 7 (on English) and got the same problem… But thanks anyway for your support!

  6. Yi says:

    @Sellers: I’m seriously considering it but I shouldn’t have spoken so soon. ^ ^

  7. Sellers says:

    Sorry I couldn’t have been of more help, Span. Tell me if there’s something I can do.

    I’m Glad Yi. Better hurry up and pick one before they’re all taken, eh?

    On that Note, Hanabira 7’s being picked up:

  8. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Thanks for the information. 7 was actually the one I’ve started on… 😦
    I think I will contact them or something.

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  10. Sellers says:

    Haha. I’m glad I decided to mention it. It’s really kind of hilarious, in an unfortunate way.

    You really should probably talk to them.

  11. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Yep! Thanks for the link.

  12. FatSpanner says:

    Is there a link to download Hanabira 7? Or isn’t it out yet?

  13. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Your comment was automatically put into moderation because it contained multiple links. I’ve edited it a bit to direct straight to the comment on the correct page.

  14. Sellers says:

    Is that so? I’m sorry to have caused you trouble.

  15. hossammilan says:

    since thye sixth game is a continue to this couple story I think I can ask here
    is there a link to the sixth game CGs ??

  16. Yi says:

    @Sellers: It’s no trouble. I just need to approve it. I guess I also edited the comment to redirect just so that people will read those posts. ^ ^
    Again, thank you so much.

    @hossammilan: Hm… I don’t remember. I’ll have to look around. Check back later.
    Edit: CG: http://www.mediafire.com/?z2zedzytnk0

  17. hossammilan says:

    thanx Yi

  18. Yi says:

    @hossammilan: No problem. ^ ^

  19. FatSpanner says:

    Do you guys know any more yuri games to download?

    • Sellers says:

      Not really. There are a couple games with gay (les) option routes (that are generally hard to work for, and usually considered bad ends), there a couple of “trap yuri” games out there, and there even a few shoujo-ai games with little…physical interaction between the characters. But there is a startling paucity of female protagonist based Yuri games. That’s why Hanabira is respected for its niche role.

      If you’re still interested, I’d recommend Akaiito and Aoishiro, which fit into the last category (shoujo-ai without so much ecchi). Both have English translations, if that helps.

    • Yi says:

      @Fatspanner: Shining Star Lily is another company that makes pure yuri h-games. It’s a little more hardcore than Hanabira (3P, toys… etc.). I have only seen CGs, but I do know that it is yuri.
      The Yuri no Hana Gakuen Ryou (百合の花学園寮) series is their representative work.

      Other than those, Akaiito, Aoishiro, and Katahane are some other ones around. There are also a few lesser well known from various doujin circles, such as Amaranto.

      Also want to second Sellers’s suggestion.

  20. Koni says:

    Will the game work on ubuntu/linux ? (the pc I’m using atm is too slow for windows)

    • Sellers says:

      According to someone who isn’t me, as I’ve never tried:
      Wine can’t run this.
      Cedega can’t run it in Japanese, but can run it in English with some issues.

      Good luck.

  21. darkitsuki says:

    @ Yi: actually, the megaupload link for hanabira 1 worked for me. Darn it, looks like I’ve been visited by MR. CENSOR again…

  22. NETRiP26 says:

    Can someone help me, how to fix this error? I get this every 5-10 seconds. Thanks.

  23. NETRiP26 says:

    I’m using windows xp.

    • Sellers says:

      Make sure all the files, especially the BGM file are located in the correct place. If problems persist, you should probably just re-download the file.

      • NETRiP26 says:

        All files are in correct place. I have re-downloaded like 10+ times, but this problem persists.

        • Sellers says:

          Well, that’s a bit excessive of you. It’s also strange, as the error seems to be pathway-related. Where are you downloading it from? I’ll check the file.

  24. FatSpanner says:

    Is there going to be even more Hanabira games? Or just 8?

    • Sellers says:

      Barring major disaster, there will be more. Comforting, isn’t it? You get the first one to work yet?

      • FatSpanner says:

        Nice 😛 Can’t wait

        Yeah, i downloaded a complete one from another site, so it was a successful download. I loved it 10x more when it was subbed!! I hope some kind soul translates the other games too. x)

    • Yi says:

      @Fatspanner: Eight is a lot. I can’t think of any other “doujin” game series with so many other than Touhou. I really hope to see more though.

  25. NETRiP26 says:

    To Sellers: I have downloaded from this page.

  26. darkitsuki says:

    @Yi: no, I said that the megaupload link WORKED for me.

  27. FatSpanner says:

    @Yi: Yeah, i know it’s a lot. I better not get my mind carried away^^

  28. Sellers says:

    Yi, Fatspanner: I wasn’t just spouting off random hopes, I’m too much of a cautious optimist to do so. Good ol’ Fugiy announced another new couple game for early summer, from what I’ve heard.

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  30. NETRiP26 says:

    To Sellers -> Sorry for delayed reply.

    Yes I have in “Regional & Language Options -> Advanced Tab -> Japanese”.

    • Sellers says:

      You needn’t apologize. We’ve exhausted all the usual suspects. Is this a result of trying to use it English, or Japanese?

      • NETRiP26 says:

        Well I solved my problem. I only choosed Japanese in advanced tab, but I have forgotten to choose in regional options tab. Silly me, but anyway thank you for trying to help. Also I want to give thanks to Yi for updating his blog about Hanabira game series.

  31. Swordwind says:

    You’re such a tease, Yi -.-.

    By the way, I decided to change my tags because:
    A. I felt kinda weird, compared to all these really cooool names everyone else is running.
    B. I’m kinda curious if it’ll change my icon picture.
    C. ‘Cuse?

    I think “B.” is the predominant reason, though.

    • Swordwind says:

      It evidently has no effect on the picture. How very disappointing.

      • Yi says:

        @Swordwind: Your icon is based on your email.
        If you want a face to it, you could always get one from http://en.gravatar.com/
        If you used the email you’ve been using, all of your comments thus far will now show the new avatar.
        The gravatar that you use will also show up on many other blogs (all wordpress.com blogs, many anime blogs that use wordpress engine, not blogger).

        • Swordwind says:

          Well, I deduced that much when changing the nickname didn’t change it -.-
          Thanks for the link, I may very well use it.

          I feel kinda silly when I see the @Swordwind when you reply to just me, by the way. Is it your way for showing support for this wondrous renaming movement? Hahaha.

          Thanks, Yi.

        • Yi says:

          @Swordwind: I reply to whatever you’re using at the moment, but I like both the pic and the name.

        • Swordwind says:

          Erg. Not only did my attempted joke fall flat, but even the basis was neglected. Oww.

          Thanks again, though.

  32. FatSpanner says:

    Long time since there was any comments here. Has there been any new news?

    • Yi says:

      @FatSpanner: Nope. It seems Fuguriya is busy lately with promoting Peko’s artbook, which seems very timely considering that Mayoi Neko Overrun is currently airing.

  33. jurie says:

    hey! i just want to ask where can i buy Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o game online. ive been browsing around and can seem to find one. and i know i can buy it in this country coz its forbidden here. anyways, pls pls pls… thanks. and, does this have english trans of this?

  34. jurie says:

    can’t… i mean, i cant buy it in this country…

  35. Mira says:

    Hello can anyone provide me a source to purchase the “Peko Artbook” – I’m quite an avid fan of his Hanabira artwork

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  37. Moni says:

    Hello…. well i just download the this and i am having problem. Well when i trying to start playing the game the words doensnt come out the japanese or the english it comes out something like this “.;.(.-. . . .;. . .” can you help me?

  38. Swordwind says:

    It sounds like you need to set your local language setting to Japanese.
    For XP:
    Control Panel–> Date, Time, Language & Regional Options –> Regional & Language Options –> Standards & Format.

    Open the box and switch it to “Japanese”. If Japanese isn’t an option, make sure you’ve installed “East Asian Language Packs” (or something similar to “East Asian Language Packs”).

    This should work. You may need to take an additional step, if it doesn’t automatically change:
    Control Panel-> Date, Time, Language & Regional Options –> Regional & Language Options ->Advanced->Language for Non-unicode Programs to “Japanese” in the drop down box.

    After this, you may generally revert the 1st step to your native settings, if you so desire.

    Windows 7 Differences:
    Control Panel -> Change Display Language -> Administrative -> Change System Locale for non Unicode programs to Japanese.

    Run in compatibility mode for XP.

    Hope this helps.

  39. Yi says:

    @Moni: Also, make sure that the directory (folder name) is in English. That may sometimes cause problems for people.

    @Swordwind: Thanks!

  40. WJ_Kaoru says:

    hi…i’ve downloaded the full version of hanabira and the english patch as well…how do i make it english? i mean, how do i use the eng patch that i’ve downloaded? thanks

  41. Thomas says:

    I just wanted to point out that the “live” link is dead and the dead link is alive as of now.

  42. sora says:

    I really like this game is very kawai ^ ^. A1c hopefully make other ova! other pairs of this visual novel, very beautiful.
    Did not understand what I said because I’m abroad!, My english sucks ^ ^.
    This site is pretty cool, I like to visit here.

    • Yi says:

      @sora: Chuchu seems to be a purely yuri h-anime production, so I’m confident more anime from Hanabira will be released.
      Further, I think chuchu will also release other yuri material outside of Hanabira, so that’s great as well.

      “Did not understand what I said because I’m abroad!, My english sucks ^ ^.”
      It’s not bad. ^ ^ I can understand what you wrote.

      Thanks for visiting.

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  44. Marx-Taich0u says:

    Mmmm.. Yuri. I lieks. *w* Now if only I could actually find the game to buy it. T^T

    • Yi says:

      I like yuri too. ^ ^
      You should be able to find the games online.

      • Marx-Taich0u says:

        I did..but I tend to buy the stuff that really gets me..which is, unfortunately, most of the stuff I find D: xDD

        Now, off for some DFC yuri *w*

        • Yi says:

          You should be able to find places that sell them overseas online too… I think.

          Anyways, the third one and the seventh really take DFC yuri to a new level.

  45. Hana-chan says:

    the new download link is also dead 😦

  46. Duran says:

    hey…thank you for the link 😀
    i would love to play the game….
    and can you upload the game into : mediafire??? using megaupload takes lot’s of time… TT^TT

  47. yuri4you says:

    i need help!
    i’ve downloaded the game from your site, but i have no idea HOW to put it together with the graphics patch and script patch from countpacula.
    If anyone knows how to do this plz heeelp x_x

  48. Miki says:

    I am sorry for the inconvenience, but could someone help me please?! @ _ @
    I tried to play the game, but an error appeared “main window: file join” please someone help me, -;

    • afkeroge says:

      This may be a decompression error of sorts. Try decompressing the game again, make the directory name for the game something in English (if using the english patch), then changing your regional settings to Japanese. Oh, and dont forget to put everything (the patch) in the same directory.

      Hope this helps. [^_^]

  49. Miki says:

    >w< Thank you!

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  51. Toto says:

    How do you change the computer to make it soo that it can read jap and type jap and stuffs? xD

    • Yi says:

      If you’re using Windows. Go to control panel. Find something that says Clock, Language, and Region. Click into Region and Languages. Under the Administrative tab, find change system locale. Change it to Japanese. You might need to restart you’re computer to make it work.

      You’re also going to need to have East Asian Languages pack installed.

  52. nina5478 says:

    Oh! My God….Today is really the lucky day, let me find here. , I saw the good thing, although was English, if were Japanese or Chinese that can be better Thanks! YI….I love you

  53. ichigo says:

    okay. im new to all this game stuff. so i have vista and ive downloaded the game and the patches. ive put eveyrthing into the same folder but when i open the file, it says
    error “Main window-file join” and the game just goes “……-….” for the text whenive i play it
    Ive changed my settings to japanese and everything.
    I don’t know what eveyrone means by “running it in xp” how do i do that?
    please help me, i really wanna play this game

    • ichigo says:

      I got it. Thanks anyways. I did not change my administative thing to japanese, and i think this might be giving people problems
      DOwnload the game, the CCH, the graphics patch, and the script patch. extract them all and put all the EXTRACTED files in the english flder and then run the
      “hanabira en” file

      • Yi says:

        Oh awesome! Sorry I didn’t respond for a long time. 😦
        I was busy yesterday and the day before because I ran into some computer problems… And I’m not a very techy person.

        Glad you figured it out. ^ ^ Enjoy the game!!!

  54. StayCold says:

    While playing this visual novel I couldn’t help but picture Nanami as Azusa and Yuuna as Tsumugi (K-On). But, that would just be too unlikely.
    You’ve got to admit that the seiyuu for Mugi and Yunna have somewhat similar voices, and that the seiyuu for Nanami and Azusa have even more similar voices. The characters’ appearences are also almost the same. (Mugi/Yuuna with long, blonde, slightly wavy, flowing hair; and Azusa/Nanami with twintails and similar eyes *not to mention under-developed top portion of the body*)

    • Yi says:

      Now that you mentioned it, I can see the resemblance. I didn’t see it initially though, especially since Azusa and Mugi are rarely paired together.

  55. Johnny says:

    The seiyuu are Fuyuka Toiro for Nanami and Uchino Pochi for Yuuna.

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  57. ConfusedBunny says:

    Oh, wow! I have a question, do you download the game first then download the patch or do you just download the patch alone? (sorry, this is my first time downloading a game)

    • Yi says:

      Download the game here first from the right link above. Then extract the folder from the .rar file using winrar or a similar program.

      When you have the folder, click on the link for the English patch and head over to AXYPB World. Download the English patch and follow the instructions there. Then you should have a working English game.

      Hope this helps and enjoy!

  58. AkkoMari says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this game. I’ll definitely buy this game after I’m done playing.

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  60. joe says:

    could someone upload this to fileape? please?

  61. Miryohki says:

    Hii! I just wanted to know why the translated version didn’t work D: I don’t know what to do, it always goes runtime error! D: How do I play the translated version?

  62. Johnny says:

    Maybe if u erased some japanese characters in the name of the text file, it’d be better.

    Or else : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YIOVYVII

  63. Shesmysecret says:

    can you play this using a mac?

    • Yi says:

      Hm… That’s a really good question, and I’m surprised no one’s asked this before (or maybe I just don’t remember.) I don’t actually know, so if anyone can help with this, or if you could try running it… Let me know if it works. ^ ^

  64. subzero008 says:

    I do not think it is possible to play this on the mac.
    Um, once you add the patches on the file directory, (on a PC) does it still look like a folder, or does it run like an application?

  65. Rachel says:

    Where is the setup because I can’t find it and so I can’t install it please help! I have the the game and both the English patches.

    • yunra says:

      There is no need to install. Extract the game, patch the English patches and run the appropriate .exe file to play.

  66. Rachel says:

    How do you extract the game? (Sorry first time doing this)

    • yunra says:

      Uhh. After you downloaded the game, it is in .zip format, correct? If it is not, meaning your computer don’t have WinRar installed. Go to http://www.rarlab.com/ download and install WinRar appropriate for your computer. Now you’ll be able to see your downloaded file in .zip format.

      To extract, simply double click it, a window will prompt out. Press “extract” to wherever you want to extract the file to.

      After that, all that’s left is the patching.

      I’m sorry if my explanation is confusing or blurry.

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  69. JbstormburstADV says:

    Y’know, not to necro this on purpose, but I have to comment here. Considering how different the graphics are between this and the other translation patches (I’m looking at you, AXYPB), I’m annoyed by the non-uniformity. This is the same reason why one of my ambitions is to one day make a unified release of the Full Metal Panic! light novels. But I digress…

    The point is, I wonder if it would be possible that AXYPB could consider releasing a patch with a, “modified,” translation (meaning just same rules of punctuation, as that also differs) and graphics similar to that of his other releases. While yes, it may cause Count Pacula to give some trouble, a unified release is a plus, especially with how many games there are.

    Again, I might be blaspheming here, but all I ask for is consideration.

    BTW, it’s been a while, but yeah, I’m back…

    • Yi says:

      I think one thing people have to also consider is speed too. What you’re proposing is for all the translation groups to get together and design the interior of the rooms when most people just want all the groups to finish building the house. I agree that it would be a plus, but I can see why it wouldn’t be a priority for now.

  70. Lau says:

    the english patch doesn’t work at my pc help plz :S

    • Yi says:

      Hm… Without any further explanation, the only help I can provide would be to make sure you have both the game and the patch. (2 separate things.) If you got the game from a link provided by the commenters here, then you might have to make a new folder and transfer the contents of the extracted file into the new folder. Then apply the patch.

      Good luck!

  71. Kai says:

    So…I’ve been reading all the replies, tried all the methods mentioned and I still can’t get anything from Hanabira 3 and onwards to run. With or without the patch applied, I still get the same error shown here: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/24/errorrvl.jpg/

    I played Hanabira 1 and 2 perfectly fine and they still work right now. Here are the methods that I’ve read and tried with no success:

    I changed everything (possible) in Region & Language to “Japanese.” Format, Location, Keyboards (added anything related to Japanese there), and Administrative -> Change system locale are all set to Japanese.

    I am running the games on XP compatibility and as administrator. I’ve renamed the Japanese named folder to English…and all of this does not help. Any insight/suggestions? :\

  72. Kai says:

    Okay. To my surprise. I got it to work! Solution was to really…extract all the inner files to a new folder. Apparently, there’s a difference between extracting and renaming and extracting all the files into a new folder. But anyway, it works!

    • Kai says:

      Sorry for posting again but I hope this post helps. Scratch what I mentioned above, I know why it wouldn’t work now. The problem was in the folder of the folder that I placed the game in. I copied and pasted the titles to rename my folders from the site instead of naming them myself…so…the issue was with the long dash in the folder name. The long dash (technically, a double — ) is not recognized, for one reason or another. Therefore, the game was having trouble finding the directory the files within the folder of the game folder… Hopefully this makes sense ><.

      • Yi says:

        Very glad you got it to work, and thanks for posting your problem and your solution here. This will surely be useful for others who may run into the same issues.

        Cheers, Kai. ^ ^

  73. Sai says:

    can you give the link for the mediafire mirror?
    I’m having a hard time downloading the first game..

  74. Kona-Chan says:

    Thanks for the speedy link revivals. This VN has to be my favourite out of the lot. I don’t know what It is about Yuuna and Nanami but they make such a pretty couple! ^-^

  75. mikuru says:

    I download the link you’ve given but I don’t know how it will work only the zip appears 😦

    sorry I’m new to this kind of things

  76. Shelle says:

    hey, how do I use the english patch? I’ve downloaded it but not sure what to do with it 😛
    I tried dragging and dropping it into the game file but it doesn’t do anything.

    What should I do?

    thanks ^.^

    • Yi says:

      Make sure you have downloaded the right files. Then you have to drag the patch into the extracted game folder and execute the patch. Select MGD and press install. If you run into problems, you might need to change your system locale to Japanese.

      Best of luck!

  77. ~~~ says:

    English patch is not working (

  78. Anamika says:

    Well, hi there! Kinda need some help here…. The thing is i am really new at this. Just a while back i somehow found really great animes and now after a few months of following the yuri genre, both in anime and manga, i came to know about “Light Novels”… (Go ahead, you can express your surprise!!! FYI, you should know that i am from India and things take quite a lot of time to get here.) So, i don’t really know how to operate it once i have downloaded all the files. I have the game and the english patch. But i am having problem in playing the game in english. So, how do i do that exactly? I have Win XP as my OS, in case it helps!! I will really be glad if you could provide me some info asap. Oh, and yeah almost forgot to thank you for being so awesome and posting all these amazing stuff here. I mean how do you guys do it??? It has not been long since i came across some awesome blogs related to yuri genre(esp. yurigirl’s anime/manga collection–just love it) and i do believe it can’t be that easy for you…. So, thanks, its cuz of people like you, i came to know about something so spectacular!!! I hope to get a reply soon.
    My best of regards

    • Yellowfruit says:

      What happens when you run the .exe file?

      • Anamika says:

        There are two .exe files those are supposed to open the game. The japanese version opens without any problem but when i for the hanabiraEn.exe(which i think is supposed to open the game in english) a pop up prompts something like “MainWindow:FileJoin” and a few symbols that i guess are supposed to be in japanese beneath that!!! What is the problem????

        • Anamika says:

          Also, i think i don’t have the East Asian Language Pack. But i don’t have the XP disc. So, can you tell me if the problem that i mentioned above is because of this or not??? And if so, how do i get only this particular language pack online??? Would be a lotta help!! Thanks.

        • Yi says:

          I would suggest following the links to the translation group’s page and check out their instructions if all else fails. Good luck!

  79. Yellowfruit says:

    I believe the instructs on how to change your local are above, and the language packs are standard if I recall correctly, so unless you activitly opted out of them, they should be on there (It is a bit hard to locate the option if you don’t know what you’re looking for).

    After that, run the English patched .exe file, and an unforgettable title screen should appear ^_^

    If you actually don’t have the Japanese language pack, just run a google search and you should find it soon enough. I would be surprised if something like this would be difficult to remedy.

  80. K3nsh1n says:

    Badongo link: http://www.badongo.com/file/13925359
    Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JMJJOJNZ
    Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?miuzujt5nqj

    The two first are down. Mediafire is working well. Thanks for the download link.

  81. Wicash says:

    At the moment this is my favorite Sono Hanabira VN , I like the setting pretty much.
    But Im waiting for Sono Hana 6. I really wanna’ know how the story continues.

    • Yi says:

      All the Sono Hanabira VN takes place in the same setting actually. The differences lie in the characters. But yea, this is also one of my favorites, along with 6.

      • Wicash says:

        I’ve an question , there are different ways to play the story , or?
        The story can end at the urinate scene , or?
        Sorry for asking so much.^^’

        • Yi says:

          There is only one route. But depending on your choices, you may not get the complete story. When it’s finished, just check if you’ve unlocked all the scenes. If not, replay making different choices.

  82. Wicash says:

    Ah , now I’ve unlocked all the scenes…

  83. GenjiChan says:

    This is the first of all the yuri ero games I’ve ever downloaded in my entire life. I’m not actually a yuri fan but seeing the CGs caought my attention. Nice scenes really.

    One dialogue touche me here whgich is undeniably true… when one of the girls said “We can’t possibly have a baby… we’re both girls.”

    • Yi says:

      The CG’s really are gorgeous, aren’t they?

      There are ways two girls can have babies. And in any case, the traditional idea of what constitutes a family unit is outdated anyway…

  84. AYANAMI says:

    hi, thanks for the dl link, however i’m a bit confused about where you download the english patch from?

  85. Watashi wa says:

    Uhm it’s all working the translation seems to be working but when i open the game and put it on full screen and start playing it after 2 sentences it goes minimalised so i have to click on it again to have it in full screen , that happends every 2 sentences 😕

    • Yi says:

      Hm… I think someone had a similar problem before, and what had happened was that he had something like MSN on. So every time there’s a message in the other program, it would interrupt the game. I’m not sure if it’s the same thing as what you’re seeing, but it’s a possibility. Other than that, I don’t think I’ve heard this to be an issue with either the patch or the game. Good luck!

    • NamlessX says:

      that happened to me before.
      restart your computer just to make sure all programs are closed.
      when the computer is on, dont run any programs/browsers, and start enjoy the game ^^.

  86. whoeverisreadingthis says:

    uhh, fyi, all megaupload links are down…do you have a mirror for the CGs?

    • Yi says:

      Yea, I know. I’m still getting around to fixing all the links… Thanks for letting me know. ^ ^

      Anyway, here’s the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo CG pack on mediafire: download

  87. chaine says:

    hi.. i downloaded the file from http://www.mediafire.com/?miuzujt5nqj but i don’t know what to do to make it an english sub… help please thanks..

  88. chaine says:

    ow… thanks.. it works , i can play now 😀 ❤

  89. KaNoMiko says:

    Whenever I do something else than play the VN while it’s open, it stops working. Anyone knows how to fix this??

  90. Sophie says:

    Hi! I opened the game before attempting to install the patches, and the dialogue was all squares. I then tried to install the patches by double clicking and choosing to open with the original program, and the dialogue was still squares. I don’t know what I did wrong.

  91. Joe Bloggs says:

    It’s been such a long time, but I finally finished playing the first Hanabira game(?). But I seem to have got an incomplete ending that cuts off in the middle of the bathroom scene, and I’m missing some CG scenes. What am I missing? Do I have to try other options in the two-choice answers in the middle of the game? Or is that all there is to this game?

    • Yi says:

      You probably still made the wrong choices. I think for this one, you can choose all top choices to get to the true ending. Enjoy those skip buttons. ^ ^

  92. Scotie says:

    Looks like I need some help. I downloaded the game, tried to run it, but there were squares instead of characters. So I tried opening it via AppLocale, but then all i got was that “MainWindow:FileJoin etc.” error message. When I try to use the patched version, the dialogue is comprehensible, but it has things like ( and @ underneath at the beginning of each line and sometimes a few letters of a word are cut off and put in next line. I have east asian languages installed on my computer, of course. I tried downloading and extracting the files again and it didn’t help. I just have no idea what is the problem. Maybe someone knows what’s going on?

    • Gust says:

      Hm, I had that same exact problem when I forgot to change my system locale to Japanese. Perhaps you downloaded east asian languages and forgot to set it on? To change your system locale go to control panel> clock, language, region > region and language >adminstrative (might defer depending on your OS) > change system locale > select Japanese (Japan) > and restart your computer. Then check again to see if Sono Hanabira would run. Hope that helps.

      • Scotie says:

        That’s what AppLocale is for. I’ve already tried that and I got the same message. But thanks anyway.
        I found the solution myself. I opened the マニュアル file (manual) and it said to use HANAINST.EXE and told me that it would extract the files to C:\Program Files\ふぐり屋\その花びらにくちづけを. So as I didn’t have the installer file, I manually created that folder and put everything there. Turns out HANABIRA.EXE just needs the files in that specific location, or else it won’t work. So if anyone has the same problem, that’s the solution.

        • Yi says:

          Sorry for the late response, but yea, this—“MainWindow:FileJoin etc.”—is actually a pretty common problem for a lot of people. The fix is super simple. Create a new folder (with any name in fact). Drag all the contents from the extracted file into that new folder. And it should work fine.

  93. Anonymous says:

    i can only really talk and read english (which sucks)
    but i dont know how to download the games or novels
    and when i do i dont know what to do to make it work
    it makes me sad but i shall try
    and i love the the ruuna x takako couple so far my favorite
    only in pics sadly

    • Yi says:

      A lot of these games are translated. So follow the links on this page to download them. Click into the links, and you’ll be directed to a filehosting site. On that site, you should be able to find where to download.

      After you have downloaded the game, come back to this page, follow the links to the English patch. Click into it. And follow instructions on the patch’s page for installing the patch.

      Good luck.

  94. Thaivy says:

    I need help, I got the patch downloaded and the Game downloaded, but I don’t know how to make it english, I try to combined them into one, but that didn’t work out. So can someone help me ? Email : )

  95. Akito_Kinomoto says:

    So I know quite a few people didn’t see the first game as anything more than average and I think I’ve found out why. It’s not because Nanami and Yuna don’t separate themselves from other onee-sama/kouhai couples but rather they don’t play on the appeal this pairing type has. IIRC Yuna was rather clingy toward Nanami when it’s usually the other way around for this kind of couple. The onee-sama is typically cool and distant until both parties are behind closed doors and the “aggressiveness” of both characters switches with each other. This gives the impression of the characters being well-rounded and makes it so it doesn’t feel like either side has a monopoly over the other.

    However, I say this with the caveat that the last yuri manga I’ve really read was Girl Friends so maybe my knowledge is archaic at this point haha.

    • Yi says:

      Hm… Interesting. I like this theory. Personally though, I found Yuuna to be the more charming of the two though, despite the reversal of archetypes. In fact, I like her especially because of the disconnect to the classic cool onee-sama character. I found the perverted obsession with Nanami to be quite appealing.

      But then again, I’m a big fan of this couple, so I might not be the people you’re talking about. (I found the story average though…)

      Anyways, thanks for the comment! Always lovely hearing from you, Akito Kinomoto. ^ ^

  96. Pingback: Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu | Listless Ink

  97. Anonymous says:

    Ugh it been a year since someone comment on this, so I’m hoping that you guys would get this. Um…So…I set the format and non-unicode program to Japanese. I downloaded the game on mediafire and when I played it, it was in Japanese…Did I do anything wrong or did I miss something?

    • Yi says:

      It’s… a Japanese visual novel. I’d think that much is obvious. What you need is an English translation patch, so you know, read the post. There might even be stuff in the post that helps with your question.

      • Anonymous says:

        XD, Sorry. I was a complete noob at this since this would be my first time downloading a visual novel. I don’t usually read posts since I usually get my answers from the comments.

        • Yi says:

          The answers are in the comments too. But in any case, you should give the posts a read. I put in the time to write them and all…

  98. RA says:

    I’m looking for a picture which features all of the girls, i’d love it if someone can send me a link

  99. Vatican Cameos says:

    Heyo, I just have a question on a problem I’ve been having with playing this game. When I start it up, a box of gibberish pops up with something about “BGMPLAY”. After that, a second box comes up with more random Japanese/Chinese/whatever, this time having to do with “NSLOG” or something of the sort. After that, the entire game window automatically closes off. I’m using Windows XP and have already downloaded the East Asian Language Packs…but it didn’t solve the problem. 😦

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    • Sari says:

      You are trying to run the unpatched version. Cliff notes: Download both parts of the patch, copy all the files from the zip files into the game directory, then run the hanabira-en.exe, not hanabira.exe. Refer to the extensive readme file included in the zip.

      • Vatican Cameos says:

        Thank you for responding. I was originally using the patched version, and all the parts (the script patch, graphics patch, and original game) were in the same folder, as well as the files labeled BGM and NSLOG, but the problem still occurs. :/

  100. Vatican Cameos says:

    That didn’t work either. Perhaps my computer just can’t play these games…

  101. Chrischen says:

    why doesn’t it finish? it gets up to a certain part and all of a sudden it just goes to the menu…

  102. Axe says:

    the link for the cg is broken

  103. Sooo… I can I have the patch downloaded, and set the regional language to Japanese, but all that does is read the japanese characters. I don’t really know how to use the patch, do I have to install in somewhere or place the file in some other folder?

    Please help, this is my first time trying out a visual novel, and so far it’s a very discouraging experience.

    • Sari says:

      Read the readme in the patch zip file. It’s all detailed and step by step. Or try one of the other games in the series, their patches have foolproof installers.

  104. konata84 says:

    game for VISTA?

  105. lanfear says:

    where can i get a kiss for the pettals

    • Yi says:

      Seriously? Read. You have made several comments already with the same question. You have also been spoon fed answers already. Yet you continue with your willful ignorance, laziness, blindness to answers, or whatever this is.

      Please, read, for heaven’s sake. Read.

  106. Anonymously Anonymous says:

    Erm.. I have a problem with the Chinese patch for this game if someone can help me. I ran the Chinese patcher and received two executable files called “HANABIRA_BGK.exe” and “HANABIRA_BIG”. However, when I run the game, the font only shows “???????????” or “???????!???” . I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve already tried to install the Chinese font given in the folder after applying the patch and I’ve even tried directly dumping it into my font folder. My language locale is set to Japanese . I tried various different compatibility modes and they all give me the same result. I’m using a Window 8 but I’ve tried everything on my Window 7 laptop too but both of my computers gives me the same result. All games runs perfectly in both English and Japanese, but Chinese just won’t work for me. Perhaps I patched it wrong, but I don’t think I did.. Does anyone know the reason why?

    • Yi says:

      If I remember correctly, you may need to change your system locale to either Chinese traditional or Chinese simplified (depending on whether you use BGK or BIG. Of course, this means you will need to have Chinese language pack.

      To change system locale, go to languages and regions setting under control panel. Find the tab that says system locale. You should have to restart.

      Hope this helps. ^ ^

  107. turtle says:

    Help me please!:”< what program do i use to run the file? please help me :"<

  108. turtle says:

    thank you very much :))) but how do you put the english patch? sorry i’m new at this

  109. Virgo says:

    How do you use the patches? I’ve never played a game like this, let alone used a patch for one and I can’t figure out how to use them. I’ve read the ReadMe texts for both the graphics and script patches but I still can’t get them to work. Can someone please explain how to use them in the simplest terms possible? I have Windows7 if that helps any.

    • first, download the game of your choice
      set your system locale into japanese(you can google how to do it)
      install your downloaded game
      download the patch of the game
      install it then select the location of where you installed the game

      • Virgo says:

        “”install your downloaded game
        download the patch of the game
        install it then select the location of where you installed the game””

        …and that’s where we veer off. I have WinRar so everything I download pretty much goes there and there IS no installation process. I double click the executable file and the game just starts right up without any installation process or anything. Same thing happens with the patches although only the script patch has an executable file HANABIRA-EN.EXE while the actual game is HANABIRA.EXE. I can open the game right up and start playing but it’s all in Japanese (I already switched my locale) but I can’t get either of the patches to work. Every time I try to open the HANABIRA-EN.EXE file I keep getting some kind of weird MainWindow:FileJoin message. I’ve tried moving the files from the patches to main game folder but it didn’t work when I tried that. It would start to load and then it would tell me there was already a file named something-I-can’t-remember-right-now and would ask if I wanted to rename the file or overright it or something. I tried not renaming it and continuing and when that didn’t work I tried to rename it when i opened it the second time, still didn’t work. I think I got some kind of weird error message in Japanese that I didn’t understand (I can’t read Japanese for jack). What is it that I’m doing wrong?

        • Yi says:

          You should overwrite it when it says there is already a file named something-something. Also, if you click into the review pages, in the comments you may find answers to problems you may have that others may have encountered.

          Good luck.

          p.s. Thanks Amazake Aihara, dear, for all your help! ^ ^

        • Virgo says:

          Um, I’m sorry if I’m annoying anyone (I’m starting to get pretty annoyed with myself right now to be perfectly honest…) but what you mean by “overwrite”? And “extract”? I’m not very computer savvy, I HAVE WinRar but I don’t actually know how to USE it other then going into it to open up a manga or a doujin or whatever I’ve downloaded so I can read it there.

        • Veryberry says:

          To overwrite means to save the same thing under the same name. To extract means to save it to your computer.

          In order to play the game open it.. Just double click it.. And your winrar will open by itself.
          Then, select all of the contents and save to whatever place you want in your computer..it could be on your desktop, hard drive, whatever(make sure you create a folder for it)….by extracting it…(I don’t have my laptop ATM and it’s been a long time since I last extracted anything but here goes nothing) theres should be an extract button on the toolbar, if not, just right click and you’ll see something like “extract to”
          And there you have it….I just hope memory serves me well or else I’m not much of a help

          Happy gaming if you succeed 😀

        • Virgo says:

          Thank you so much Veryberry! That totally worked! And thank you to Amazake Aihara and Yi for your help as well!

        • Veryberry says:

          Glad I was able to help!! ^^

        • Yi says:

          Thanks for helping out, Veryberry dear! ^ ^

        • Veryberry says:

          My pleasure 🙂

  110. AXYPB says:

    NaAaF of Yuri Project has decensored the CGs in the first A Kiss For The Petals visual novel. See Petals’ Garden for more information, or the Yuri Project thread for download links.

  111. Kevin says:

    excuse me , i wanna ask , im actually have download this and the english patch , i play it in full screen , but sometimes when i play , it suddenly like (alt + tab) automatically , i dont have idea what’s going on , can you guide me please ? im also new in this kind of game , sangkyu .

    • Kevin says:

      and also , i have to re-enter the game rapidly or the game is going to be not responding,any idea ?

      • Yi says:

        Odd. I haven’t heard of this problem yet, but I have heard of something similar. The fix for that was to run in compatibility mode with Windows XP. So right click the .exe file, and find the compatibility mode thingy. Good luck!

        p.s. My response is almost two months late!

  112. Ek1ipze says:

    This couple’s story is the best out of all of the couples stories in the series. Hands down. 😀

    • Yi says:

      They are the original, the ones who started it out. Yuuna is lovely! I love her so much~ (p.s. Their second story might be my favorite, at least for now. ^ ^)

  113. anya says:

    my computer is running on windows 8 and the game’s language is in japanese. how can i change it to english?

  114. cyanwaw says:

    well its been a long time since the first comment, but the game keeps on minimizing itself after a while, can you help me?

  115. NillocKeep says:

    So I know its been awhile since you posted this but I could use some help, I can get the game running (albeit a few issues) but the text is always just dots or lines and most of the menu stuff is still in japanese, do you know the cause of the problem and how I can fix it?

  116. bless upon this post, this is 5th galge
    been trying to find the place to download this

    already downloaded the games, script, and graphic, and it’s working well
    hope there won’t be any errors

  117. Kaneki Ken says:

    hi guys im new on this series…the first series i watched was reo x mai i dont even know where should i start there are so many download links and i dont even know which is the very 1st one to read…..and also i saw a random video of reo and mai on my friends laptop…since i also love yuri i started searching it then i happened to be drag on this place…can somebody help me on where should i start tnx in advance 🙂

  118. Harutora Ren says:

    i really love yuri anime but i dont even know on what series i should start…i finished
    a kiss for the petals-remembering how we met (risa x miya (the setting is on st. michael school)) the series that make me like yuri

  119. Lord Sithis says:

    Some hours ago I finished the first game of the series. So fluffy… Thanks for sharing this.

  120. Drewking666 says:

    This game released 15 years ago and i know I’m just a little bit late but… how can i play the first game if i have windows 10 on the computer?

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