Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu

Amakute Otona Torokeru Chuu Suminoe Takako Houraisan Runa

Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu, much like its predecessor to Amakute Hoshiku no Torokeru Chuu (Sweet Enchanting Kisses), is a fast-paced, character-driven short. The first scene opens inside Takako’s home right in the middle of a fight brewing between a pair of lovers. Takako has just returned from an educational retreat for teachers to a frustrated Runa. Tension and tempers build until, of course, the two make up with some angry sex. Indeed, Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu employs minimal exposition and eschews coherent traditional narratives; instead, it treats the readers to slices of Takako and Runa’s lives to simply highlight their delicious, bodacious, and awkward relationship.

sono hanabira ni kuchizuke wo amakute otona torokeru chuu 9 houraisen runa suminoe takako peko

And, what a relationship this is! A love affair between two girls, a teacher and a student—a teacher in her mid-twenties and her middle school student. At first glance, this may seem like a very uncomfortable premise (and it really is). However, that Runa is an exceptional character lessens the sense of pedophilia if only by a little bit. Her queen-like personality often makes the readers forget her age (at least for the first half, a point which I will address later). In particular, when she is juxtaposed with the oft inept Takako, Runa comes off especially mature.

Sono Hanabira Amakute Otona Torokeru Chuu Suminoe Takako Houraisan Runa nekomimi

This dynamic between the two girls subverts common expectations of age and authority, and drives this entire visual novel. I found the multiple levels of gap moe to be incredibly fun. Watching Runa completely submit Takako, who is supposed to be the older, wiser authority figure, tickles my masochistic tendencies. At the same time, I absolutely adore Runa for being able to so naturally fill the dominant, sadistic role.

Sono Hanabira Amakute Otona Torokeru Chuu Suminoe Takako Houraisan Runa queen

In several scenes, we see Runa easily break down Takako’s self-esteem, despite the two’s societal roles. Runa simply has a much stronger personality. She knows this. Her classmates—Takako’s other students—recognize this. Takako reluctantly accepts this. Runa easily commands Takako’s every thought, and at times, tear them apart, only to build them up again. Their relationship is almost reminiscent of Stockholm syndrome, but without the malicious intent or the distaste. Indeed, Runa’s charisma carries the visual novel, and her effects extend to the readers. I admire that arrogance. Confidence, after all, is the sexiest thing.

Sono Hanabira 9 Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu Takako angry Runa

Moreover, of note are the few moments when Takako tries to wrest control from Runa. However, what we see is that—despite Takako’s best efforts to assert authority—her fleeting moments of dominance are achieved through either losing her temper, being frustrated, or pleading with Runa to acknowledge her perspective. It is as if a young child is standing up to a bully. After each episode of these outbursts, Takako is quickly appeased with a kiss, a lick, and a few wet fingers. Runa remains her queen.  This is gap moe at its finest.

Sono Hanabira Amakute Otona Torokeru Chuu Suminoe Takako Houraisan Runa adult

Still, although Runa’s maturity and domineering personality is uncharacteristic of a child, the readers are forced to realize her age in the latter half of the visual novel. The story takes a slightly—no, a very—uncomfortable turn. The main conflict in Runa’s character development is that she struggles with not being recognized as an adult. Thus, she tries her best to be as mature as she can for Takako, for her classmates, and—I shudder to think—for the readers. However, she is not an adult; she is in middle school and a mere teenager at the oldest. Even worse, Takako acknowledges and even encourages Runa’s desires to grow up so quickly. [1] In an erotic visual novel such as this, her being an adult implies explicit sexualization of a child. As such, the previously overlooked age issue can no longer be dismissed. I guess we can only take solace in that this is both merely animated and just fiction.

sono hanabira 9 amakute otona torokeru chuu houraisen runa suminoe takako peko

  1. In sex, Runa and Takako hold much more balanced powers. It is perhaps for this reason that Takako agrees to Runa’s aspirations to being treated as an adult.
  2. This comment on sexism highlights another issue with this particular couple.


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124 Responses to Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu

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  2. AXYPB says:

    I’ve always wondered why Fuguriya chose to pursue a storyline like this. According to the roundtable discussion following the light novel Enchanting Kisses on a Tropical Island, the characters appeal to Sano San’ichirou and Peko’s own tastes. They are both aware of the contentious subject matter and make light of it, asking readers not to mention it to them. They implied that they chose an age gap angle as it gives them broader opportunities for storytelling.

    • Yi says:

      Ahh I see I see. Peko’s art leans toward loli, so I’m not too surprised that these characters appeal to them. Anyways, I don’t mind age gap at all. I revel in such “forbidden” loves, in fact. For that reason, I enjoyed the seventh since the big focus is on the age gap and the teach-student taboo, not on Runa’s age.

      However, in this one, it’s impossible to avoid seeing Runa as a middle schooler, because the core conflict revolves around Runa trying to act older, more sexual, than someone her age should. The story is no longer about the age gap angle, but rather about seeing a child as an adult. And it does not feel healthy.

      “asking readers not to mention it to them”

      Heh. I suppose they don’t write the stories after all, but the avoidance seems to imply that they’re not entirely comfortable with the premise either.

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  4. gozieson says:

    Hmmm, interesting. Well for the last part of your post, I guess sometimes, we do have to get back down to reality and realize that sometimes, we have to accept the way things are. Of course now that I think about it, the Hanabira series has always been a series that puts aside the norm to pursue the fantasies of certain people, in which caseIi for one am inclined to find out.

    The age gap dynamic and the role of dominance of this couple is what intrigues readers the most. Couples like these are rare and ones which include very few conflicts is something people can only dream about. Unfortunately, the authors still want to get readers to realize that the dynamic is still there and that we should acknowledge this dynamic as the main basis of the story itself.

    Of course there are often times where we have to get back down to Earth and think carefully about the choices we make in life. We can only dream about things that may seem unrealistic although some dreams that we make can be a viable goal to achieve with time but we must also carefully plan our ideas out.

    • Yi says:

      I appreciate that Hanabira has always pursued fantasies that are “outside-the-norm,” but at the same time, one of the draws of Hanabira has been its ability to stay comfortable and relaxed. That is, there has never been anything that feels remotely too hardcore—extreme bondage, rape, group play, or even just swinging—nor anything that feel ethically wrong. While I am not one to stress ethics and I definitely bend morals, I do appreciate this about Hanabira. This one, unfortunately for me, lingers on the borderline of being too… uncharacteristically uncomfortable.

      I love the age gap and the dominance/ submission role reversals. It’s super fascinating. It’s just a bit unfortunate that the latter half ended up not focusing on these themes, and is thus defined by the other, more awkward, thread.

      “the authors still want to get readers to realize that the dynamic is still there and that we should acknowledge this dynamic as the main basis of the story itself.”

      I disagree. Maybe it’s true for the seventh, but for this one, I don’t think so. The whole age gap dynamic was only relevant for a small, early part of the story, but it quickly gets ignored. And, I should note… Age gap and loli are two completely separate aspects of this couple. Age gap does not necessarily have to involve super young children. For the ninth, the authors wanted to focus mostly only on loli. (Or at least, that’s the immediate feeling I get after finishing the V.N.)

      It’s also not really a fantasy of mine to sexualize middle schoolers, although I don’t mind and even like Peko’s more loli-fied aesthetics. I guess once again, this couple proves to give me the most complicated feelings.

  5. Rinca00 says:

    I’m not sure if I’m turning into a lolicon because of Ruuna =.=
    At first I’m hesitating if I should try the first game, but as I play it, I’m feeling something unique.
    I just wish that someone can work on the English patch, I don’t trust my reading skills in Japanese,

    Thanks for the review Yi!

    • Yi says:

      Haha. I have to admit. Peko’s loli-ish aesthetics are turning me into a bit of a lolicon too. I love his artworks!

      Unfortunately, the story—especially this one—falls a bit short (pun intended). But the prequel featuring Runa and Takako was super enjoyable!

      Hopefully the English patch will come eventually.

      p.s. Thanks for visiting! And I hope you enjoyed the review. ^ ^

    • So you’re saying you want to pee on someone? Can’t say I find that to be a “pure” feeling. Pneumonia ain’t healthy.

      So I suppose since you’re a lolicon that means you want to sneak up to Runa in a mall and snatch her away or something? For shame bruh. For shame.

      • Yi says:

        Pneumonia from that? You need to brush up on your medical knowledge.

        Anyways, I’m not sure whether you’re being serious or facetious on the lolicon part, but it’s generally poor form to assume others’ sexual fantasies and then shame them for those.

  6. enri says:

    I guess the fact it’s a g/w relationship, not a g/m makes it acceptable..but that’s the awsomness of yuri.

    • Yi says:

      Yes. This is so true and so keen. There exists quite a double standard when it comes to yuri. (For better or for worse… Probably for worse because of its social implications.)

      Consider this: Pedophilia, rape, and other sexual abuse are often treated with less severity when the perpetrator is female. And when the illicit relationship is between two women, it is often glossed over in a sexist, male-dominant society/game culture because 1. this is the male pornographic fantasy and 2. lesbian sex isn’t really considered real sex.

      This is yet another issue this particular Hanabira doesn’t sit too well with me relative to the others. Granted, most yuri, anime, and media have these problems, but it’s especially evident in this one.

      p.s. I think I kind of went off on a wild tangent on rape culture and sexism just not. Please bear with me. ^ ^

      • enri says:

        I agree, me being male makes me automaticly not capable of seeing these issues clearly.
        No sarcasm intended.

        • Yi says:

          Oh I absolutely did not mean it in that sense. ^ ^ Nor was my intent to point out what others missed. I think these issues can be spotted, noted, fought, discussed, fought against, and experienced by anyone irrespective of gender. I’m glad you gave me a chance to talk about it too, enri. Thanks!

  7. Kai says:

    Even though she’s trying to be an adult, I guess facts are facts, she’s ultimately a middle schooler no matter how mature she acts. Not sure if I would come to love to this storyline myself but this pairing is still one of my favorite pairing in Hanabira 😀 Will still play it anyway if there’s a patch.

    • Yi says:

      I would further argue that that she’s trying to be an adult makes it worse! If she is naturally just more mature and more mentally ready for a sexual relationship, it would be a little easier to swallow. The prequel—in its avoidance of her age issue—works because we assume those qualities about Runa, and so we simply treat the series as an exploration into teacher-student and age gap relationships. However, in this one, we see that she’s actually actively trying to act more mature, and rushing into being a sexual object for Takako and for the readers. It’s uncomfortable.

      Also, agreed. As bad as this particular V.N. feels, I still enjoy stuff about them. ^ ^

      • Kai says:

        My most favorite pairing is still Mai X Reo though ❤

        • Yi says:

          Mine is still up in the air, but Mai x Reo are contenders. Takako Runa, maybe, but more just Runa. I’m not too big of a fan of Takako, especially after this one. But Runa’s just too boss not to love.

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  10. Yi says:

    As usual. Previous links to the V.N. and CGs are now here for my convenience’s sake.

    Sono Hanabira 9 – Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu:

    Sono Hanabira 9 – Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu CG:
    (Courtesy of Massaca)

  11. Mikoto says:

    Wait, wait, shoujo ai with a bit of lolicon twintails? Sounds like a VN I can get into, if a tad taboo for one that’s not a nukige. xD At least, more so than MangaGamer’s release of School Days. >>

    The characters’ personality complexes sound interesting as well, especially Runa’s desire to grow up quickly. It’s about time I tried out a Sono Hanabira VN, especially since I’ve seen an OVA of one of them without the proper background knowledge to make those 23 minutes of passion satisfying. xD

    • Yi says:

      Haha yea, twintail loli yuri wit SM tones and a taboo relationship, this V.N. is quite fascinating, even if a bit uncomfortable at times. I really enjoy this couple. And, agreed about the absence of nukige in the Sono Hanabira universe.

      Runa really drives the whole V.N. Without her, this might have ended up so bland. Personally, I found Runa’s motivations for this V.N. a bit uneasy, but it’s certainly interesting. At the very least, it gave me a rather strong impression of this couple.

      If you’re thinking of playing Sono Hanabira V.N.’s, I would recommend starting with either 1, 2, 3, 7, or 8. Those are the prequels/ origin stories for each of the couples.Their respective sequels will make more sense with these read.

      All the V.N.’s can be found on this page:

      Cheers Mikoto!

      • AXYPB says:

        Runa’s sister has had great influence on both Takako and Runa, and yet she appears to be mentioned infrequently in discussion. She is indirectly responsible for every aspect for their relationship, even though she is yet to be seen or heard in the visual novels, bar one line in narration. This is set to change in Michael no Otome-tachi — Getchu character data for the new visual novel by Yurin Yurin has a listing on the bottom for one Houraisen Rena, Runa’s older sister, Takako’s former tutor, and a new teacher at St. Michael’s. Note the arrangement of the characters on the list; Takako and Runa have been moved to the bottom despite not being the most recent characters so they could be grouped with Rena. Rena has much to answer for as of Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu, so it appears that the tension between all three of them will come to a head in Michael no Otome-tachi.

        • Yi says:

          Ooh. I really hope.Yurin Yurin won’t be afraid to shake things up a bit with Runa, Rena, and Takako. In this V.N., there was a mild jealousy thread with Runa, ajd a whole lot of ambiguous admiration/ love overtones by Takako. I’d love to see these taken further.

          Also I have a feeling my masochistic side will be completely fulfilled and overfilled with Rena. She hasn’t shown her face yet, and I already love her as much as most Sono Hanabira girls!

      • AXYPB says:

        See this post for more information on Rena.

      • Mikoto says:

        Thanks for the recommendations, Yi! Once I finished up my backlog of VNs, Sono Hanabira will be the first on my list of VNs to try out. ^_^

  12. TheNewTheory says:

    Yes I agree, I was also quite…reluctant to this couple, because of the young age Runa has. I´m therefore sorry to say that I never really liked these two VNs with this couple. Takako, SHAME on you. If Runa had been at least in the age of 15, the perhaps I would´ve liked this pairing.
    Though, personally, I still have to say that the first couple, Nanami and Yuuna, is my favorite (even though the overused Onee-sama phenomena ^^). Perhaps it´s because of the voice actors (I´m not talking about the *cough* private scenes, but their voices in general). The voice acting in the Mai and Reo VN was also incredebly good, the voices really fit the characters and didn´t make it awkward to listen to (which I´m afraid to say, that in the later Hanabira games, there are some voices that I just feel are a bit awkward). But hey, it´s Hanabira and I´ll still be a fan of this gameseries!!

    • Yi says:

      I didn’t mind Runa’s young age in the seventh as all we see are mostly just her mature side. There were few indications that she is a child besides her appearance and some brief mentions. In this one, however, that she is a child is the central conflict. We see how much pressure she feels in trying to grow up and be an adult soon for Takako and for otyers. This is a fine thread too, until we see Takako’s reaction. Instead of waiting and comforting a poor child strugglibg to grow up too fast–and missing all the things that entail childhood–Takako.has sex with Runa and encourages her actions by saying that Runa is a fine, mature adult. No she is not! Shame on Takako indeed!

      Anyways, I really like Yuuna Nanami as well. I think it’s because I am naturally drawn to girls like Yuuna. Pristine on the outside, but quite ecchi and manilulative in actuality. Love it!

      Thanks for the wonderful comment, darling TheNewTheory. ^ ^

  13. Nopy says:

    I’m not really sure what to think. For someone at such a young age to act mature is one thing, but to go and do things like that brings a whole new dimension to the story. I don’t think things would end well if this story took place in real life.

    • Yi says:

      Haha yea. You bring up a great point, Nopy. While playing, I keep thining about how unbelievable the story develops. By the end of the V.N., their relationship is not only public, but flaunted (by Runa). The school does not take any action, nor do parents of the other students. No accusations of indecency, criminal sexual abuse of chidren, or even nepotism. In fact, everyone–adults and children–gives them full support.

      I guess I am glad this is not real life. Indeed, fiction and anime/ V.N. are where we can have stories like this, so I do appreciate this volume for that.

  14. Lentsu says:

    Yi, do no know if the creators of this series of VNs are still making them?

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  16. wait Runa reminds me of Rin from Kodomo no Jikan and wait Runa and RIn both have a romantic feelings for a teacher….Takako has feeling for Runa, and Aoki from Kodomo no Jikan has quite a feelings for Rin… do you think the story plot for RunaXTakako vn is based on Kodomo no Jikan? :/

    • Yi says:

      They do remind me of Kodomo no Jikan as well. However, I am a bit hesitant on whether one is based on another. Student-teacher relationships have been around and popular since it was taboo, and lolis are a mainstay in ACG culture. Kodomo no Jikan and this could’ve simply been two works playing on a theme by accident or following a common trend.

  17. @fkeroge says:

    Hmmm… I never really found any of the games disturbing. But then again, I’m a person that doesn’t care much for social norms. That, or the fact that I ignore most of the sex that happens. If anything, Takako and Runa’s story is quite rich for the SonoHana standard – something that I consider to be a plus… if only Takako wasn’t very weak-willed.

    Eh, whatever. I still like my Yuuna x Nanami.

    • AXYPB says:

      Perhaps the unsettling dichotomy between the narrative merit in the unique conflict this story presents and the intent to arouse visually as a nukige is a statement this visual novel and the previous chapter were intended to evoke.

      • Yi says:

        Hm… Interesting thought. Indeed, I think you’re right. Perhaps this is Fuguriya’s way of introducing something a bit more “hardcore,” but still keeping within the fluffy, light feel of Hanabira.

    • Yi says:


      I do appreciate Runa and Takako for giving me the most to talk about in my reviews just by the nature of their roles. As a sensual erotica, I think this particular one falls short. The thematic elements are too distracting to me as masturbatory material.

      However, as a literary work a la Lolita (not at all an apt comparison btw), I find this has more value than some of the other Hanabira. After all, it has evokes a stronger response from me than all the others. More rich indeed. ^ ^

      p.s. I love Yuuna x Nanami too!!

  18. Wieselhead says:

    That sounds interesting a middle school loli dates a teacher and is the dominant part as well ;D
    “In fact, everyone–adults and children–gives them full support.” An easy way to sugarcoat over a questionable relationship. Well I guess the author didn’t want to get into a morally captious discussion and just wanted to portray this fantasy of a lesbian couple of different age ^^.

    it’s far from reality overall. I haven’t played it but I guess if you can ignore the “thats kinda wrong” in your head it might be a nice VN.

    • Yi says:

      It’s not that the creators wanted to explore an age gap relationship. In fact, I would argue that this story isn’t about that. It stresses simply the infantile child part, and in the process, depriving Runa of any semblance of childhood. That I have an issue with, not their difference in age.

      You’re right that the authors wanted to avoid a serious discussion, which is OK, though irresponsible when they dump a story like this on us. It shows a bit the immaturity of the writers. Then again, I don’t play this for its literary value.

      Cheers, Wieselhead. ^ ^

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  20. Andrew says:

    Ei people how can i get the english patch of the ninth chapter?If someone nows the link plz could u display it?

  21. rob says:

    cant wait for the english patch:)

  22. Andrew says:

    wen it will come out?

  23. unknown :D says:

    can someone pls make another download link, mediafire is blocking it so i cant download it from there. i really want to download this game so im ready for the english patch 😀

  24. Verald says:

    hey how about this
    it seems like the english translation
    I’ve downloaded all of them but i don’t know how to use it . .

  25. Verald says:

    I can’t wait anymore >_< . . I've completed 1 to 8 and I got so curious for the next series . .
    if only I knew how to make the patch then I'll make it . . even if just for change dialogue into English, it is enough, I've tried to translate by myself, but still no luck T_T
    By the way Yi do you know how to edit this VN dialogue? . . If you know, can you tell me how? ^_^

    • Yi says:

      Unfortunately I do not know how to make patches. I’m pretty bad with computers and stuff. You may have better luck asking around YuriProject or AXYPB. ^ ^

  26. rob says:

    pff the translaters are slow!! to bad i cant read japanese! i do it with 1 day if i`m free:(

    • Yi says:

      I wouldn’t be so sure. I think you may be over-simplifying the translation process. And, I think you may not realize that people have other stuff going on in their lives besides providing free fan translations, or maybe you don’t realize it because you don’t have a life outside of demanding things.

      • rob says:

        it sounds you are a little bit frustrated! and no, i work 5 days in a week (most people are)
        Saturday friends Sunday= doing nothing . i only think the translation takes long because they do more than 12 weeks for 1 hanabira . not that i demand you do it with a week or 3, or something like that. bud it takes very long (and if you disagree then we think both different from each other)

        • Yi says:

          Then you should know how hard it is to budget time for a side project. 12 Sundays, with some Sunday unavailable because of other things. That’s really not a lot of time, is it? Plus, it’s not exactly fun to translate these, and thankless entitled comments certainly don’t make it better.

          p.s. I would think my language is a bit calmer than your initial outburst.

  27. rob says:

    all right, you are absolutely right!
    I will not complain. anymore!

  28. Andrew says:

    How much more time it will take for the 9th and 10th patch to come out yi?

    • Yi says:

      I have no idea. It’s in the works, so that’s something. ^ ^

      • Andrew says:

        at least thats that, but still i think only on april or may but ill wait as any fan of hanabira.
        Its just too bad i cant read japenese since im tooooo slow on learning, lol

        • Lena K. says:

          You are not the only one, and I’m only at the very beginning of learning the language… It’s really hard, but fun nonetheless.
          That was a really good review by the way, I enjoyed reading it, just as always.
          Personally I do like this game, but I like all the other couples more, maybe Runas age really is spoiling the fun for me.

        • Andrew says:

          I like this game a lot but my opinion is different than yours, because the couple i like most is runa and takako but after all each person has its own opinion and the others should respect it as i respect your opinion

        • Yi says:

          Runa’s age does spoil the fun for me too—for reasons I talked about in the review. When her age and maturity becomes a specific plot device, the visual novel becomes uncomfortable. I dislike Takako for her role in this.

          p.s. Thanks Lena K. for the kind words. I’m really glad you liked the review. ^ ^

  29. r says:

    the translate site
    is down!! and its longer then a week !
    is there a backup site?

  30. r says:

    I found a new site .org does not work anymore! new site is

  31. anabona32 says:

    I had already read this…but dont played it ^^
    (thanks GOD XD)
    I did not have the stomach to play the first until the end
    and do not intend to check the second.

    I am responding here just to continue what was started before in another place ^^

    Honestly for me the perfect sitution would be if Yunna got interested in another a girl of her age
    and if Takako after of that deception, had some guts to look for Rena and ended with her ​​elder sister :/

    It would be perfect!
    Takako would continue with a partner as a sadist deep down she likes

    Runa would be able to have a girlfriend AND at the same time be able to have all the time in the world to act like the child that she acually is

    And Rena would be able to have some fun with someone she really loved back then (or maybe the only one…)
    I would die of happiness if that happened…really.

    I mean…wtf…at the end the whole school knows and actually nobody complains?everyone is happy?seriously???

    • Yi says:

      I agree! Runa needs to have a chance at being a child, having a childhood, not having to worry about being in a relationship, and most importantly, taking the time to develop her sexuality. Runa is rushed into this hyper-sexual environment and “relationship” that has her worried about not being adult enough… And both she and Takako forget—Runa is only in middle school. By the end of this, I find myself thinking the same thing as you. Can Rena please come back and bring sense and morals back to Takako, and can Runa please find someone else who doesn’t pressure her into maturity?

      The story is just unbelievable in a bad way. 😦

      Thanks for the comments, anabona! It’s really good to hear your thoughts and insights. ^ ^

      • anabona32 says:

        Thanks! ^^
        Haha…But i have to say that at the same time that I would love to see this idea in practice I also I find it funny when i think that Rena would bring morals and good senses to Takako when it seems like she is a crazy lover, THAT would be very funny ironic.
        But who knows?I guess nothing can be more absurd than an ending where a rich school with great prestige in a whole accepts an act of pedophilia of a teatcher and says “Yay”. XD

        I think the minimum that a story can offer is psychologically realism of his characters, and this does not occur here, which in the end forced the writer (“Peko”? I dont know.)to adapt and do it in a forced way to have a “happy and nice ending where everything will be fine and the two are going to be happy and nothing bad will ever happen because i want it”.

        Even anyone seeing such a thing is ridiculously impossible…

        I do believe that they couldnt make a good thing precisely for this particular story because this one have this “adult X child” theme, so apparently they could not pass true to the story and then were lazy and wrote “anything with a happy ending” to match with the other stories.

        In the real life besides being a heinous crime, a relationship like that hardly begins or ends well and leave serious emotional scars in the individuals, even for the adult this is bad…people with sexual attractions by animals or objects or children are people who need medical treatment and satisfying their sexual disturbances do not lead them to get more healthy…

        Besides, the fact of not having any real barrier or feeling of apprehension about this atmosphere also kills me. Nobody mentions denounce, nobody disapproves,no one finds it odd or actually confronts Takako and Runa about what is happening, and they do not even need to hide anything!On the contrary, Runa actually makes sure of spreading the news for everyone who can hear it!

        …I have not played, but with THAT AMAZING conclusion I do not even need, because I see like they do not even attempted to do this right anyway…:/

        • Yi says:

          Agreed. The story feels so forced. While I recognize that this franchise is set in a flowery yuri wonderland, there are still boundaries—that is, we have established suspension of belief to only a certain degree. This couple crosses that. That the school is totally OK with this… criminal relationship is only a part of it. I mean, if even this is allowed an easy slip, what conflicts can Sono Hanabira really have that is serious? Ridiculous indeed.

          p.s. Peko is the artist, not the writer.

  32. Andrew says:

    Is there still nothing about the patcxh of 9? Its been a year now

  33. Veryberry says:

    I am DYING to play this,8,9 & 10…
    Is there really no English patch for those yet!?

  34. veryberry says:

    waaah! cool! thanks for the awesome news! it made my day!

  35. lucas says:

    does this game has english patch? please tell me

  36. knightsking says:

    Any updates with 9,10 English patches?

  37. Sam says:

    I don’t quite understand what we are supposed to do here Are we supposed to do something with those files or are we supposed to read it along with the game running? Oh by the way, thanks for your hard work and… don’t mind if I did some mistakes… I’m Frrench and I don’t masterize english. Thx in advance

    • empbike says:

      i believe that they are just translation files that they will use to create a patch for the games.
      i don’t actually know what TLCs are though…
      i mean… you can read along while game is running i suppose but i advise you to wait for the translators to finish their work and release the patches.

  38. hunterXhunter says:

    excusme.. my name is D.. i already play game Sono Hanabira for this week and i think this game is so awesome <3.. i love it so much this game.. and if you can tell me where i'm to download Sono hanabira 5,6,7 sub english please tell me.. really this game make me so crazy ahahaha..

  39. Xis123 says:

    One thing thats intriguing me… is Runa really in the middle school in this and the seventh game? From what I’ve intepretated from Maidens of Michael she is ending the elementary school and going to the middle school, so in this game she was in the elementary school right?

  40. セイラ says:

    Runa was in elementary school in the 7th game, and then ended as a middle schooler in the ninth game. She is in middle school in Maidens of Michael.

    • Xis123 says:

      So what about that graduation stuff at the end of maidens of michael? In the character profiles on snow white’s knight its described that runa has gone into the middle school only that year, and from what I know there isn’t an one year gap between the seventh and the ninth game.

  41. Andrew says:

    Hey YI~ how much until the patches come out is there still no news??

  42. lucasdeis says:

    and we’re sill waiting and nothing happens

  43. lucasdeis says:

    GGWP English pathches. I better learn japanese if i wanna play these games

  44. Andrew says:

    Should i just give up or still hope for the patches release?? 2 years for a damm patch. they had enough time.

  45. Fairytailez says:

    please help me i tried installing the game but at the eng it always says “POL_System_unzip failed with error 1” what do i do? and if i tried using the english patch it says “Error in POL_wine WIne seem to have crashed” please help i really want to play this game.

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