A Kiss For The Petals – Beloved Photograph | Aishisa no Photograph

Sono Hanabira Aishisa no Photograph Nekomimi yuri eroge

I finally got around to playing the fourth visual novel from Fuguriya’s Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series.

Hanabira 4 centers around the yuri cousins from Watashi no Ouji-sama (Hanabira 2).  Aishisa no Photograph (Photograph of Precious Love) continues Kaede and Sara’s story…

sono hanabira 4 kaede sara aishisa no photograph

I actually quite enjoyed the plot this time. Kaede has become one of the most popular sempais because of Sara’s makeover, which was simply taking off her glasses and letting her hair down. Sara, in all her jealous insecure cuteness, drives the plot along rather humorously. I particularly enjoyed watching her stalk Kaede because she suspects Kaede of an affair.

Further, when the school newspaper manages to capture a rather knightly picture of Kaede, the journalist asks the yuri pair for their permission to print it. Kaede is cautious of all the attention and fans she will be getting. On the other hand, Sara is totally blown away by her ouji-sama, and permits the printing of the photograph in return for 10 copies for herself. Of course, the next day, Sara becomes completely regretful and fears that some fan will steal Kaede from her.

Sound familiar?

The photograph

Sara’s modeling career also plays a rather major part in this sequel. Sara always comes home from work with various costumes, and her different approaches in getting Kaede to join her for some cosplay action are simply great.

miko yuri sono hanabira kaede sara chibi

The plot thickens one day when Sara comes home from work late and feeling extremely depressed. It turns out she has made some dismal mistake during modeling, and is feeling extremely defeated. Kaede tries to cheer her up through…

The plot reaches a really sweet climatic ending with Kaede’s proposal to Sara.

Wallpaper size!

I had expected the plot to become just mere transitional events that progresses the ecchi scenes from one to another. (I guess not unlike the writings and images of this post… does anyone actually read the words rather than just skiming through the pictures?) However the plot actually has more substance than I thought.

Also, there was an ending theme! In the previous games, the game always seems cut off, but now there is an ending song.

On a side note, I actually like Kaede a lot more without her glasses… I guess glasses just are not my thing. Also, her chests seem to have gotten really really large…

I just completely love Sara though. She is too cute.

Kaede and Sara Hanabira 4 yuri

In case you have not noticed, Hanabira is not work safe and is not for kids.

With that said, as always, I will link a download for the game or the CG set if enough people ask for it. Also, as always, very importantly, I only post these for sampling purposes. Please do buy the real copies of the game if possible. I bought mine in Taiwan and it was fairly cheap and 110% worth it. I think they can be found online too.

Download for the the game: Hanabira 4 – Beloved Photograph | Aishisa no Photograph
Download for the CG set: Sono Hanabira 4 – Beloved Photograph CG set

The English translation patch is out: Sono Hanabira 4 – Beloved Photograph English patch

Don’t download if it’s not appropriate for you… and drop a comment if you enjoyed it. ^_^

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More information on the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

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208 Responses to A Kiss For The Petals – Beloved Photograph | Aishisa no Photograph

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  3. shijima says:

    Nekomimi FTW!
    I’m so behind on these games…
    I haven’t played past the first 3.
    One day I’ll catch up!

  4. godz says:

    Please link the download for the game or CG please….(better the game actually ^_^’)
    If you could also do that for the previous game in the series too… I will be grateful

  5. piggy-san444 says:

    I read your posts 🙂 Yeah it’s tough with all the yuri pictures, but I try. But I agree with “godz”… I love completing collections so a CG collection & game dl would be fantastic.

    btw, I want to get more anime on my site but working 60 hours a week drains me. Thanks for reading (^_^)

  6. Yi says:


    Yea! Nekomimi was definitely the highlight of the game, as was the maid. I actually really like the cosplay.


    For the previous games, there are links near the bottom of the post that links to the reviews of the first 3, and there should be downloads to the game somewhere in the post or comments.

    As for this one, I will link downloads to the game and CG. Come back in an hour or two.


    Loll. Most of my posts are pretty safe. But when reviewing a game like Hanabira, I just don’t feel I did the game justice if I don’t post some of the ecchi pics. These are actually the relatively tame ones.

  7. Winterbraid says:

    Hehe, I like the wedding pic. Also, thanks for your work on the Gokujou Drops extra pages! ^-^

  8. Hazuki says:

    Wow, I love nekomimi pics.
    Btw, thanks for Gokujou Drops extra. ^^

  9. Yi says:

    No problem. And I love both of the pics as well.

  10. Sprieger says:

    Are any of these games, shown on this site, in English or are they only in Chinese?

  11. Yi says:

    They are released in Japanese. There’s been Chinese translations for some of the games.
    There is also someone working on an English translation here: http://sonohanabira.countpacula.com/

  12. Iceaby says:

    How can I get the chinese patches for this series of games?

  13. Yi says:

    They can be found on various Chinese forum, but those usually require registration.
    Alternatively, I have them and I can upload them for you.

    Chinese patch for Hanabira 4: Aishisa no Photograph – http://www.mediafire.com/?ugtz44zmzyl

    I will link the Chinese patch for the other three games in the comments of their respective posts.

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  15. K. says:

    Hello. I’m from the Philippines and I can’t seem to download from megaupload. T.T Can you please re-up the game into maybe Mediafire (2 parts) or Badongo please? 🙂 Thank you in advance =D

  16. K. says:

    Thank you so much Yi 😀

  17. Yuki says:

    Ah Yi~ I have a question. Can you post who are the VAs for the series? Even if it’s just this one. I always see in the credits that the list of VAs are there, do you know who they are? (even if it’s only Sara or Kaede it’s fine), and also hahaha, I think the Newspaper club president sounds like Kana Ueda, XDDD

  18. Yi says:

    @K: No problem. ^ ^

    @Yuki: Sorry, I have no idea who they are. Doesn’t it list them in the credits at the end?

  19. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Yeah well, but, I can only read their first names. Their last names are in Kanji @.@ Do you know anyone who can read it? XDDD

  20. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Hm… sorry, can’t help you much there.

  21. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Oh no problem it’s alright =DD Thank you so much =D

  22. Yuki says:

    This is a bit sad. T.T I actually upgraded to Windows 7 (we got early release and free copies) And the Sono Hana series works but… the window sometimes flashes white, and then the Japanese Characters won’t appear… maybe I should try changing my locale. XDDD — Just Sharing for soon to be Windows 7 users, the game works, but not as smooth as it was in XP. XDD

  23. Yi says:

    @Yuki: I have the same problem when playing on my Vista… It’s barely noticeable for me though. Thanks for the heads up. ^ ^

  24. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Eh? the Japanese characters won’t appear as well? Maybe I should take a picture of it when I get the time to. XD

  25. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Maybe you could try setting system locale to Japanese.

  26. Zemial99 says:

    I have a question to tell you:

    I was listening to Kaede-chan Super mode (Sono Hanabira Drama CD, Vol. 2, focuses on both Kaede and Sara), and was listening to act 8 of the CD (“Sex” scene). All of a sudden, a certain song just appears out of nowhere after the “Sex” scene. (Luckily, I was able to cut it out off)

    And my question is, what’s the name of this song: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?h0nbttyyode (I named it that, since it’s unknown, and I need to find out the real name of the song. It appeared after the “Sex” Scene with Kaede and Sara)

  27. Yi says:

    @Zemial99: I think the song is 甘い花園 by 春奈有美.

  28. Ryano says:

    Hey – thanks for the other 3 links to 1,2 and 3. When data allowances and time permits, I’ll down this one too 😀

    I have a question. The main theme song that is on all of the Hanabiras – does anyone know what it’s called and how to get it? I want to play the theme without having to load up the game – it could be embarrassing in public 😛

    Thanks in advance

  29. Yi says:

    @Ryano: I’ll look around for it.

  30. Yi says:


    @Ryano: Is this the song that you’re looking for? If it is, I’ve extracted the BGM from the games.

  31. Ryano says:

    @Yi – That was it – How did you do that? I’ve been trying to work out how you rip the BGM out and it’s been defeating me.

    Thanks heaps for that!

  32. Yi says:

    @Ryano: I extracted the BGM with ExtractData119 and converted it to mp3 with Power Converter. Both of those programs are found online.

    My new post includes downloads for the BGM if you want them: https://listlessink.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/more-hanabira-stuff-amai-hanazono-and-background-music/

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  34. Ryano says:

    @Yi: Thanks – I can’t seem to find Extract Data 119 online. I found one copy of it on Badongo or whatever that hosting site is called but I can’t unrar it cos it’s passworded! 😦

    Can you upload a link to where I can get it? Thanks

  35. Yi says:

    @Ryano: If you just want to download the background music, you can just go to this post: https://listlessink.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/more-hanabira-stuff-amai-hanazono-and-background-music/
    You’ll be able to find a download link for the extracted Hanabira music there so you won’t have to extract them yourself.

    If you want the tools for extracting the bgm from Hanabira games, I’ve linked ExtractData119:

  36. minami says:

    rawr… the same virus message came up on this patch too.

    what’s the happening?! T_T

  37. Yi says:

    @minami: That’s probably just an oversensative antivirus program. I don’t upload viruses and I’m not malicious like that.

  38. mitcha says:

    must agree with you, sara does seem hella cute XD
    is it possible for u to reupload this onto mediafire or summin? cuz megaupload doesnt wowork in my region. thank you =D

  39. Yi says:

    @mitcha: I think Sellers is reuploading this. I have a bit of problems with MF. There’s also a badongo mirror in the comments, so look for that if you want to dl from bdg.

  40. Sellers says:

    I suppose I am
    MediaFire Download Link for Hanabira 4:

  41. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Thanks. ^ ^ Sorry for putting this on you…

  42. Sellers says:

    I’ve already said it’s fine, so please don’t worry about it.

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  44. Ritsu says:

    Um, can you post a new link for the Extract Data 119? The previous link is dead. ~thanks in advance, sorry for the trouble

  45. xX777Xx says:

    Nice game XD. Btw, why I can’t find Sono Hanabira 6 but instead Sono Hanabira 7? Can you tell me or give me link about it??

  46. Ichigo says:

    This game looks awesome!!! too bad the english patch isn’t out yet…im waiting for it!
    hows it coming along?

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  48. icemonster987 says:

    is there any way i could play this and understand it? i know the english version or English patch is still not yet out. im just really desperate in playing this. It’s such a nice game..

  49. Johnny says:

    If u dont understand or read japanese it could be hard…

  50. icemonster987 says:

    ya i know.. i know little bit of japanese but i still suck haha!! tnx johnny.

    • Yi says:

      I find that it’s not too hard to understand the gist of the story with some Japanese knowledge and a translator like google translate. Subtleties might be lost though.
      Alternatively, you could just wait for a translation.

  51. sana_san says:

    “did someone read?”

    of course yes!
    I READ!!
    i love the story!O_ó

    the characters are sooo loveling *-*

    i just fell sad because i just hate NanamiX Yuna…
    and the pair that i love the most is ReoXMai but i cant see translations of this game in nowhere *cries*

    Mai and reo rocks!XD

    in true…i love Nanami but i just hate Yuna…this is my problem with this game…”XD
    an SaraXKaede for me its normal.. i like them but not too much XD

    • Johnny says:

      Strange… Sara is 2 cuuuuuuuuuuuuute !!! (i love the way she says “Kaede-chaaan !!” !!)

    • Yi says:

      @sana-san: Thank you so much for reading! ^ ^
      I love the story and the characters too.

      I’m pretty surprised to hear that you hate Yuuna. Though I know she’s not the most popular girl in this series, I haven’t heard anyone actually hate her yet. But I can kind of see how she may have some objectionable qualities. Different tastes I guess. ^ ^

      Mai and Reo do rock!!

      @Johnny: Agreed with you there.

  52. K says:

    Sara is super cute!!! I love all of her! I enjoyed reading your post XD!
    Though, I’m not good at English [I’m thai ]. I’m glad you love Sara too 😀
    Please keep going for good post!! I’m little jealous that you can read Japanese language..
    Thank you for the review and your kindness XD

    • Yi says:

      Agreed! Sara is soooo cute. I love all of her too!

      Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying these reviews. It gives me motivation to keep writing. ^ ^

      p.s. I actually played this in Chinese. While I have a basic understanding of Japanese, my Chinese and English are much better. I was fortunate enough to find a Chinese translation patch. Anyway, people are working on the English translation for this, so yea.

      p.p.s. Your English seems very good. ^ ^

  53. K says:

    I’m going to wait, until it release the English patch!
    I wonder.. when will the English patch release ?
    I can’t wait to play! ’cause the couple I enjoyed the most are Sara and Kaede. XD

    P.s.Thank you for your praise.

  54. Johnny says:

    AXYPB said the translator was MIA, it can take a certain time.
    I can wait for hearing “Kaede-chaaan !!!”‘s cute Sara again !

  55. K says:

    Thank you for the answer… I wish to hear Sara said it too and I wish the English patch will release soon.

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  57. W says:

    Gotta agree with K on this. I can’t understand a lick of Japanese, so I really have no choice but to wait; but dammit! The Kitajima girls are my favorite! I wish they’d get on it! *overly theatrical* Why’d their translator go MIA? WHYYYYYYY!?!?

    *is done ranting now*

    • Yi says:

      Have some patience, darling. ^ ^

      It’s a bit unfortunate, but I’m sure this will get translated eventually. In the mean time, enjoy the ones that have been translated, including the Kitajimas’ “My Dear Prince.”

      • W says:

        I have no choice but to be patient…*sigh*

        But I do enjoy the others. Very much so. This series quickly overtook the “Final Fantasy” series as my favorite, and I’m very grateful to you for keeping us updated on it. Danke sehr schön!

        (And BTW, I suffered a massive kawaii overload after Watashi no Ōji-sama. So damn cute!!!)

  58. anon says:

    I’m very excited for the English Translation. I like the story (maybe because it is Yuri we are talking about here. Haha). But seriously, the story, the scenes are pretty much quite romantic. I find Yuri/shoujo-ai stuffs to be pure and unique.

  59. fansu says:

    hey, can you give me the english patch of this? ^^

  60. Johnny says:

    There’s no one.

  61. yunra says:

    hello there. I had downloaded both hanabira 4 and the chinese patch but it doesnt work. is it possible for someone to list down step by step the process of patching it? i might have done something wrong without realising..

    • Yi says:

      Extract the game file. Check to see the game works by double clicking hana4.exe. If it doesn’t, make a new folder and move all the contents of the game folder into the new folder.

      Then extract the patch file, and double click the Chinese patch. Follow its instructions, and it should work.

      • yunra says:

        patch is successful but when i tried to run it, some kind of message popped out in chinese-but-not-chinese letters that i’ve never seen before, so naturally i dont know what it’s telling me.

        …oh well maybe i should just be be EXTREMELY patient and see if anyone will pick this up and translate into english. my chinese sucks compared to my english anyway, pardon my language >.>

        • Yi says:

          You might need to change system locale to the appropriate one to get the patch running. Go to language settings in control panel, and change it to either traditional Chinese or simplified Chinese or Japanese. See if that works. Good luck. ^ ^

  62. Anon says:

    Dammit… a week ago I hadn’t even heard of this stuff, and here I am waiting for the English patch for season 2 now…

    • Yi says:

      That seems to happen a lot with this lovely series. ^ ^

      • Anon says:

        It’s… just… so… cute… 😦 and now that they’re continuing the stories of the original characters, I just have to know what happens… please put me out of my misery, does it look hopeful that there will ever be an English patch, or should I start brushing up on my Japanese?

        • yunra says:

          my situation is almost exactly the same as you… it’s very difficult to describe the desperation of “it’s here within grasp but it’s not” kind of thing. i simply refuse to play it if i cant understand it at all 😥

        • Yi says:

          @Anon: I think a patch should be coming out sometime in the future. It is in the works, and by very competent and wonderful people. So I’d say maybe wait a little while longer.

          Of course, it’s never bad to brush on Japanese regardless.

  63. yunra says:

    uugghh okay i can’t take this anymore. can anybody help me on this?
    after i patched the chinese translation, i run the game but it prompts out a message “MainWindow:FileJoin” followed by weird characters which i’m sure is not chinese…

  64. yunra says:

    my system locale is already is chinese (simplified, PRC) then I tried changing it to chinese (simplified, Singapore) and patch it again (though I dont really think it affects anything). The problem I encountered is my anti-virus popped out and says it blocked something while patching, therefore I had the “MainWindow:FileJoin” problem. My solution is disable my anti-virus while patching, and enable it again after. It works! I typed it all down just in case this might or might not help others who has the same problem as me.

    Thanks Yi!

    • Yi says:

      Great! I’m so glad you finally got it work, and thank you so much for putting it out here. This will undoubtedly be helpful for someone else as well. Thank you. ^ ^

  65. Anon says:

    It’s great to know it’s being worked on, none the less, I’ve decided to take the lessons any ways 😀 couldn’t hurt to know another language…

  66. Kataru says:

    Maybe I should study Japanese language instead of just sit and wait for the english patch.

    • Yi says:

      I’d recommend people doing that if they have the time and the means to do it. It is just good to know another language, I think. It opens up a lot of opportunities both professionally and personally.

  67. Kataru says:

    Thx. I will try my best.

  68. Kataru says:

    Aaaaaw, I cannot find any japanese class in my city. Guess self teaching is the only way then.

  69. Howie says:

    I’m from the U.S and so far I only understand Eng. The story between Sara x Kaede is so fantastic, I’m lost in the cute voice ” Kaede-chan” already ^^’. Keep going on the Eng. patch, I’m looking forward to see it, thnks.

    • Yi says:

      I totally love the dynamic between Sara and Kaede as well. And Sara certainly does have one of my favorite voices in this series. Just lovely!

  70. Howie says:

    I could see the Pacific within Sara’ eyes, ehehe 😀

  71. Yellowfruit says:

    Do we have any news, or is our translator still MIA?

    I get really annoyed get really annoyed when I have to read/watch/play things out of order, so I’m hoping this one comes out soon.

    Either way, this series has a great story, and the characters aren’t half bad either (plus the other elements of the games are…. satisfactory XP )

    • Yi says:

      While I don’t know the exact status of the translation, it is in progress. Please do have some patience.

      Agreed about the story and the character. I love it!

      (p.s. I’ve mentioned this before, but the translation groups are doing that on their own time. So yea…)

  72. Andreas says:

    question about Sono Hanabira 8. Is there any Eng. patch for this one released yet?

    • Swordwind says:

      No, not yet…

    • Yellowfruit says:

      From what I can see, 5’s going to be the next released, outside of that I’ve got no idea.

      It annoys me, because I hate reading/playing/watching things out of order, so I’m gonna have to wait until 4’s released XP

      Either way, I think 8’s going to be lost in the ether for some time to come. We can all hope though. Right? ….right?…. guys?

      • Yi says:

        Some one is working on 8 if I remember correctly.

        In any case, not much we can do if it does get released out of order, but personally, I don’t think it’s too big of a deal since 4 is a direct sequel of 2, whereas 5 is direct sequel of 3. One doesn’t really need to have read 4 to understand everything in 5.

        Also, I think it’s too early to tell which one is going to be released first. The translation groups don’t update us on every little progress, nor should they need to.

        • Yellowfruit says:

          Perhaps I should clarify, in case anyone’s got the wrong impression of me:

          I am inexpressibly grateful to the translators for their efforts, and the fact they do not ask for anything in return is simply incredible.

          And because of that single reason, I invite the translators to take as long as they want. I just have a small behavioral quick (Not OCD) where I get annoyed or bothered when a pattern or sequence is not followed.

          Sorry for any misunderstanding.

        • Yi says:

          I can kind of understand that. When I’m watching TV shows or anime, even it’s an episodic series, I generally don’t like to watch things out of order.

          Anyway, cheers, Yellowfruit. ^ ^

  73. yunra says:

    Sara X Kaede 2 is simply too cute for words! Especially Sara! Though I don’t think I love Kaede any less since it is because of Kaede, that made Sara soooo loveable XD. This have better, longer plots than expected, which is really great. Nice to see that Kaede come in terms both of hers’ and Sara’s feeling and propose to Sara. A pity though…, Kaede should just dump her glasses and let her hair down, she look much better that way. Not to mention it’ll lead to more cute outburst from Sara…

    …Oh Sara, you shouldn’t plea for such help in the workplace ^-^

    • Yi says:

      I really really love Sara too, and I like Kaede as well. But, yes, Sara. She is sooooo adorable!

      Anyway, I’m really glad you enjoyed this. ^ ^ I thought the story was really nice too. The characters and their relationships were developed really well in this one. Really quite a blast to read through.

      Also, totally agreed about Kaede’s glasses. I like her better without the glasses. And it indeed brings out the “best” in Sara.

      “…Oh Sara, you shouldn’t plea for such help in the workplace ^-^”
      Haha. *blushes

  74. Isah _ Lucy says:

    Yi, can I get an picture of this anime and put in my deviant art with your permission ? Please??

    • Yi says:

      You don’t have to ask me. ^ ^ I don’t own anything on this visual novel. Fuguriya, the makers of the game, owns all the rights to the artwork and the official contents.

  75. Isah _ Lucy says:

    ahh ): , There’s some persons in my deviant art that are annoying me because I get the picture out of permission. I asked for you cause you post it in your site…. so I think i’m stealing this >.<

    • Yi says:

      I’m pretty much stretching copyrights issues here with my blog posts and its images, but I think under fair use in the US (where I currently am):
      “[A] reviewer may fairly cite largely from the original work, if his design be really and truly to use the passages for the purposes of fair and reasonable criticism.”

      Still, I don’t own the rights to anything here other than my own writing, nor do I claim too.

      Anyway, have fun with what you’re working on. ^ ^

  76. Isah _ Lucy says:

    Oh, okay, thanks. ):

  77. wendy says:

    not to sound silly…but what does CG mean? I’m sorry i’m very new at this >.<

  78. wendy says:

    is the english patch coming out july 22nd?

    • Yellowfruit says:

      …. Make that three… I mean… What are you talking about? I said three days >_>

      But yes; the link in AXYPB’s post says it will be released on the 20th.

  79. wendy says:

    oh lol sorry but yay im so excited! ^_^

  80. Only a few hours left 😀

  81. wendy says:

    i also can’t wait and also wonder what timezone AXYPB is in, but hopefully when i get back from work he’ll have it posted so everyone can enjoy the game! ^_^

  82. Mars says:

    what’s the name of the ending song and where can I find it ? thnks

  83. Mars says:

    thank you ^^

  84. Johnny says:

    I’ve finished it an half hour ago !
    Probably the summum of eromanticism (in french, i would say “le summum du mariage du cul et du cucul”)… so emotional, Kaede is more enjoyable than in the 2nd game, but my favourite remains the so cuuuute Sara ( I love when she runs in order to find Kaede back), i still love her loli voice and was sad for her when she cried because of a mistake whom i thought it was worse than it is indeed… Sex and romanticism mix very well, i love when Sara and Kaede tribbing and licking mutually their pussies while saying “I love u” to each other… but my favorite quote is from Kaede : “Your butt is cute… It’s round… and this little hole is cute too.” :p p :p… i enjoyed watching Sara in this naughty position !
    Well, im pervert but fundamentally sentimental, i still appreciate the sweet music when they’re on a hidden street… and the ending is so cuuute ! Well i suggest it strongly !

    • Yi says:

      Haha, yea. Totally one of the best eromantic visual novels I’ve ever played, and it really delves into Kaede and Sara’s relationship much deeper. And I agree. Kaede is so much better in this sequel, but yea, my heart’s still more on Sara. ^ ^

      “i love when Sara and Kaede tribbing and licking mutually their pussies while saying “I love u” to each other… but my favorite quote is from Kaede : “Your butt is cute… It’s round… and this little hole is cute too.” :p p :p… i enjoyed watching Sara in this naughty position !”

      Oh my god!! This is making me blush so hard… ^///^

      p.s. I’m a pervert too, I think.

      • Johnny says:

        Great spirits meet each other, Yi-san !
        Hope the hypothetic 2nd OVA of Hanabira will be with Kaede and Sara !

  85. Johnny says:

    I forgot : thanks to AXYPB tachi !

  86. Mars says:

    if you buy the real copies would you see Eng. sub. or you see Jap. sub. ?

  87. Mars says:

    the original game would just have more stuff added to it, right ?

    • Yi says:

      Original game? If you’re talking about Sono Hanabira 2 (My Dear Prince), then it’s about how Kaede and Sara met at St. Michael’s.

      • Mars says:

        i mean the game you have to buy in real money ^^

        • Yi says:

          Ahh icic. The game you buy in real money will have the same content. That shouldn’t discourage you from buying though. I really hope more people purchase the games to support Fuguriya and as appreciation for the joy they have brought us.

  88. Johnny says:

    No more stuff… except if u picked up too many wrong choices.

  89. Mars says:

    1 question before i buy it: Will all the text, choices be translated into Eng. if i buy the game in real money?

    • Yi says:

      No, the game you buy will be in Japanese, but AXYPB’s patch should work on it as well so you can enjoy it in English.

  90. Mars says:

    actually the game i buy will have the final scene ^^

    • Yi says:

      Is that right? I’m under the assumption that you’ll only miss out on the final scene if you made the wrong choices.

  91. Mars says:

    ah they will give you a CD, something like that if you buy it ?

    • Yi says:

      If you want the CD, make sure you buy the physical copy, not the download version. If you do so, it will come with a CD and cover arts. (Which is totally worth it!)

  92. The thinker says:

    thnks for your responses ^^

  93. Pingback: Tenshi no Hanabira Zome | Listless Ink

  94. Kaede-nyaan says:

    When I played the download link from mediafire
    why did it says that half-way finished
    the game is finished up to neko part only 😦

    can you give me the full game link?

    • Yi says:

      If you downloaded from here, then it is the full game. The reason you’re not getting all the CGs is because you made some poor choices. Don’t be so mean to Sara! Try again and make different choices to unlock the final ending.

      Have fun~ ^ ^

      • Johnny says:

        Yea, u musnt be mean to Sara-chan !
        When I think one of the wrong anwser is “Not really” about whether Sara missed Kaede or not… such a stupid answer !

        • Yi says:

          Ahh I see. I never know the exact answers you have to give, but this one seems more common for people not to get the final ending. Wonder why.

  95. Kaede-nyaan says:

    Hahahaha!!! right right right
    Ohh gosh it’s actually my fault ^_^;;
    I was just experimenting if the story would get spice if I try to be mean to Sara 😀

  96. NamelessX says:

    Norton keep blocking the chinese patch 😦 what can i do

  97. Minato Souji says:

    Umm… I’m sorry, but it said that Megaupload has been taken down by the government when I tried to download it…

  98. MikiMiki says:

    I tried to download the CG for this and every time it finishes I get an unexpected end of archive…not sure if its only me or something

  99. Pingback: Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu | Listless Ink

  100. shinsei says:

    yi-san, the download link on sendspace is down. can you update it? 🙂

  101. Yuki AMV says:

    Sorry dear but could you re-upload the english patch? it says that it can’t be opened…probably because it’s an old link >3<
    I hope you reply to me, thanks ❤

  102. Juan francisco says:

    Ah Qué bueno

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