Hyakko Review

I read the manga Hyakko right when it first came out, and fell in love with it immediately. Thus, when I heard the anime version was released, I knew I had to watch this.

Hyakko is a slice of life anime about Torako and her friends. Torako is a charismatic, charming girl who befriends all kinds of people from her school. Together with Ayumi, Tatsuki, and Suzume, she meets the different personalities. Hyakko is a rather relaxing and comedic anime and manga focused on the characters, and it is the characters who really make it shine.

Ayumi and Torako (yuri???)

The anime is a lot different from the manga in terms of pacing. I also had different impressions of the characters. Comparing the two, I could really get a sense of the contributions voice actors add to the anime. For example, when I read the manga, I did not feel much for the photographing girl, Kobayashi Koma, but in the anime, I really like her. Moreover, some characters I already liked a lot were even more lovable after I saw the anime, such as the tsundere Tatsuki, and the cool Oniyuri.

Hyakko Characters

There is a zodiac, Shijin, and mythic animal theme running through the characters, which is pretty cool to pick up on.

Nene Ando (bisexual sexual harraser) – rat
Ushio Makunouchi (the “delinquent”) – mouse
Torako Kageyama – tiger
Minato Oba (the clumsy, dumb, curvy girl) – rabbit
Tatsuki Iizuka – dragon
Ayumi Nonomura – snake
Touma Kazamatsuri (the library type glasses girl) – horse
Hitsugi Nikaido (the cute loli) – sheep
Chie Suzugazaki (the glasses robot engineer) – monkey
Suzume Saotome – rooster
Koma Kobayashi (the photographing girl) – dog
Inori Tsubomiya (the creepy one) – hog

The few supporting characters are all somehow related to Torako (tiger) as well. Her sister Oniyuri represents a demon, and her brother Kitsune is a fox. The teacher’s name suggests wolf. Together, oni, fox, wolf, and tiger are common entities in traditional stories. Lastly, the male photoshop guy and his friend who has a crush on Torako represents respectively cat and lion; the connection here is rather obvious.

Torako Kageyama

Tatsuki Iizuka

Further, the four main characters also form their own shijin (四神獸) theme based on the four cardinal directions. Torako is obviously the tiger (west). Tatsuki is the dragon (east). Suzume’s name is actually more applicable here, as 雀 is the phoenix (south). Ayumi represents 玄武, which is a beast that is a combination of snake and a tortoise (north).

Ayumi Nonomura… with her rather impressive chest…

Suzume Saotome

That was just about everything you need to know about the animal theme in Hyakko.

Hyakko scan

Overall, I really enjoyed both the anime and the manga. I look forward to the next volume/ season.

And I also really like Tatsuki.

I really like her look, long straight hair and banes. Her being a rich girl tsundere (the best kind of tsundere) also make her that much cuter.

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22 Responses to Hyakko Review

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  3. "G" says:


  4. piggy-san444 says:

    this is queued up in my download slot, but I need more drive space 😛 the one bad thing about having a laptop. That is intriguing about the connections all the characters have to the animal mythos. Clever too.

  5. Yi says:

    Yea you should definitely watch this. It’s pretty good.

  6. blur says:

    Wow… Cool! I didn’t know about the zodiac theme. Erm.. Did I totally missed it in the anime or was it something only revealed in the manga?

  7. Yi says:

    @blur: It sure is pretty cool. It’s in both the anime and the manga because this theme is inherent within their names.

  8. blur says:

    Erm.. Does this mean if I don’t know Japanese, I’d probably won’t be able to get the zodiac theme?

    I wondering cause for example Tatsuki Iizuka – dragon,
    I thought Uryuu is dragon? Or is there some Japanese kanji/wordplay involved?

  9. Yi says:

    Sort of… What happens a lot in Romanization of Japanese is that subtle meanings get lost. For example, reading Naruto jutsu in English just feels weird (unless of course meanings are given).
    Tatsuki Iizuka in Kanji is written as 伊井塚 龍姫. 龍姫 = Tatsuki = dragon princess.

  10. blur says:

    Ahh.. Ok. So there is some wordplay involved after all.

    Thanks for the informative comment!

  11. Yi says:

    @blur: Yep. Sometimes I prefer to watch/read things with Chinese subs just so that I won’t miss out on all those minute details because Kanji to Chinese preserves a bit more of the subtlety.

  12. blur says:

    Lol… Talking about that. From where I’m at, the chinese subs totally >’s the english subs in terms of accuracy and plain grammar.

    Too bad I can’t read chinese. Lol!

  13. Yi says:

    @blur: hehe. Well some fansubs also do add a little line to explain a bit the meaning behind certain titles and names, so that’s always nice.

  14. elizabeth says:

    when is the next episode coming out? i dont like the way t ended….. =_=

    • Yi says:

      @elizabeth: I think there has been an OVA out, but no news of a second season or anything. The manga continues further from the anime though, so you might want to try checking that instead. My memory is fuzzy, but the ending is not too terrible for me. It’s a slice-of-life anime so I expected this ending.

  15. Ivory says:

    Does this Anime contains yuri? :3

    • Yi says:

      Some characters do the usual blushing around others. There is some comedic yuri with one of the characters. Most importantly, one of the major characters, Touma Kazamatsuri, seems to really have romantic feelings for Torako.

      So yes, there is a bit of yuri. And with the right yuri goggles, there is a lot of yuri.

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  18. kai592 says:

    I greatly enjoyed Hyakko, I was able to relate to it myself! Although, instead of high school, college instead! Just like Ayumi, I was the shy quiet person who didn’t have many friends. But then I met one person that would change it all, and then I’d have a nice big group of friends. It’s exactly like what happened to me, so I was really able to relate with the anime; which made it more fun to watch!

    I thought Hyakko was very funny and cute, it had good morals and very hilarious scenes too. It was nice to see the characters grow, and find more sides to them.

    My favorite character is Ayumi, she actually reminds me of myself!

    I actually thought Nene was going to be the main antagonist, Not the perverted character xD

    • Yi says:

      Ooh good to hear that you were able to connect with the anime on some level! (And thanks for sharing about your college experience. ^ ^)

      For me, this also brought back fond memories of friendship. My high school “clique” had pretty diverse personalities, and the way we interact with each other is kind of similar.

      Hyakko is definitely very funny and cute! I loved it!! And all the character are just so lovable~

      “I actually thought Nene was going to be the main antagonist, Not the perverted character xD”
      Haha, Nene is sort of perverted too! But she’s not really the “antagonist” as much as I guess Torako’s brother is.

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