More Hanabira Stuff – Amai Hanazono and Background Music

Sono Hanabira light novel Mai Reo

To many yuri fans, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo is a series of visual novels that quintessentially define the genre in terms of eroges. Further, the franchise has since its inception grown to such popularity and success to branch into many differnet mediums, including light novels, drama CDs, comic strips, anime, and music albums.

Amai Hanazono Complete Mix Sono Hanabira theme song

On Listless Ink, I have blogged ad nauseum on Hanabira; in fact, those posts comprise of a really large portion of my views. Recently, I have gotten a few comments about the various music that appear in Hanabira visual novels and on drama CD’s. Thus, I’ve decided to make a Music Monday post.

Amai Hanazono ~Complete MIX~ (甘い花園~コンプリートMIX~) contains the theme song for all the visual novels and the drama CD. Performed by Yumi Haruna, Amai Hanazono is a nice listen. While it is a bit generic as J-Pop, it nevertheless has quite a relaxing, soft, and catchy refrain.

Sono Hanabira Amai Hanazono theme song

Amai Hanazono Hanabira theme song

The album includes seven tracks, but all seven songs are almost exactly the same… I would not recommend buying this only for its music.

Amai Hanazono Hanabira music track list

01 Amai Hanazono ~Complete MIX~ 4:38
02 Amai Hanazono (Game Version) 1:43
03 Damp evening Sky (Game Version) 1:43
04 Seductive Etude (Game Version) 1:43
05 Amai Hanazono (Bonus Version) 2:24
06 Damp evening Sky (Bonus Version) 2:24
07 Seductive Etude (Bonus Version) 2:21
Disc length 16:56

Sono Hanabira yuri Kaede Sara

As for the background music for the visual novels, the main theme is actually quite an addictive tune. In fact, it is one of those songs that is immediately recognizable if you have ever played the games.

Sono Hanabira 8 yuri visual novel character previewI was a bit surprised that there were people interested in the soundtrack. With most visual novels, the background music tend to be overlooked. In fact, I definitely do not pay as much attention to the BGM as openings and endings, especially for visual novels, h-anime, and eroge. Actually, do people listen to background music in general?

Anyway, I think Hanabira 7 and 8 as well as the anime are soon to be released. Hanabira 7 in particular should be out sometime this month. (Edit: It seems that this has been delayed according to a recent announcement…) I am really looking forward to the new characters in Hanabira 8 as well. Gothic lolita and kimono. Yes, please.

Music download

More information on the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

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94 Responses to More Hanabira Stuff – Amai Hanazono and Background Music

  1. Well, given my tendencies, it’s pretty much a given that I’ll pay attention to the music in the background regardless of whether it’s a game, visual novel, or anime series. :p

    As far as the music sample you’ve provided, it captures the upbeat themes, but doesn’t really stand itself out from music of most visual novels. The theme song is far better in my book despite its J-pop feel. Like you said, it’s pretty calming and if it weren’t for that upbeat part halfway through, it’d remind me of Aoi Hana’s OP.

  2. Ningyo says:

    Actually, imo music plays a huge part in eroge nowadays. Many new and coming games get big name artists to do their OPs; it’s the very first thing that breaks the game to the public. Whenever my friends and I discuss new titles it always starts at the OP – how it sounds, who sang it, how it’s executed – it pretty much defines the new games, and often makes the difference of ‘looks great, I’ll give it a shot’ or ‘looks stupid/generic, nvm’ for us.

    As for BGMs, they play a big part for me – and I think that some of the games that left the deepest impressions in me did so partly because their BGMs complemented their dramatic scenes so well, making it all the more memorable (Planetarian immediately comes to mind).
    Well, that’s for the classics, anyhow. I’ve yet to see the effect of the BGMs in games such as My Childhood Friend is the President or Majikoi (but I gotta say, the OP of the former immediately won me over).

  3. Guy says:

    Really loving the art style, it’s like a combination of some eroge I’ve seen shots of in Dengeki Hime and Tony Taka’s style. Cute faces, but more.. differentiated than Tony gives us.

    Very cute.

  4. kluxorious says:

    i don’t like yuri but girl in kimono is just so delicately yummy it’s hard for me to resist.

  5. Yi says:

    @zzeroparticle: I like your site. I really appreciate reviews for OST’s besides openings, endings, and insert songs. Anyway, I think the music for Hanabira isn’t bad. It certainly fits the relatively tame feel of the eroge.

    @Ningyo: Agreed that OP’s and ED’s play a huge role in my preference in anime. In terms of eroge, many of them now include its own intro theme songs and ending themes as well, so I definitely do listen to those.
    As for BGM, I hardly pay too much attention, unless the music is really exceptional, such as those composed by Yuki Kajiura. In eroge especially, like you, I have yet to see a dramatic effect of BGM except for very few.

    @Guy: Yep yep. The artist is Peko, who draws really cute characters.

    @kluxorious: Yuri is not for everyone. My sister hates yuri too, and she hates it when I try to trick her into watching/ reading yuri material.
    Anyway, Kimono + Hime cut will always do it for me.

  6. Snark says:

    Definitely looking forward to the anime.

    I’m rather curious though, who exactly is Hanabira’s target audience? Most guys like lesbians, so I can see this appealing to guys, but the games themselves seem very shoujo-like. So are males or females the target demographic?

  7. Guy says:

    Guys don’t like lesbians.

    Guys like “lesbian porn”. Because in porn made by guys, these are not really women, but guys with female sex organs. Same as in slash, there are basically “chicks with di**s”.

    It’s not really “The other side”.

  8. hyun says:

    i am really looking forward to hanabira 7 >.<
    hope it release soon

  9. phossil says:

    Lol, 7 different versions of the same song. Only buy it if you really, really like the theme. ^^

  10. Yi says:

    @Snark: I believe the target audience would be male readers. The game itself, while very very tame compared to other straight eroges (no BDSM, no hardcore stuff, no rape… etc.) is still quite explicit at times. For truly shoujo like yuri material, think Marimite or Aoi Hana. Comparatively, Hanabira is more action than delicate detailing of emotions and relationships.

    @Guy: That’s somewhat true. However, I think guys do like hot real, as in not in porn, lesbians as well. Guys like anything good looking.

    @hyun: Me too. Can’t wait for teacher x elementary school kid.

    @phossil: Seriously… Those versions don’t even sound significantly different… The only possible reasons I could think of anyone buying it would be if the person is a huge Hanabira fan and is out collecting all related merchandise or for the few slides of cover and insert art.

  11. Akira says:

    @Snark yes i agree too with @Yi on Hanabira targeting to males. Sadly

    I find this eroge is quite enjoyable since it’s not some mindless men-handling rape/torture all the time. There’s actually some plot to it and the best of all, love could be seen quite clearly between the girls.

    I guess that’s one of the reasons why I liked Hanabira so much ^^ (well… and the hot and clean images and seiyuu voices 😛 ) but I can see why Snark would think that Hanabira might target female audiences as I have thought of that too since it is not the usual eroge.

    @Yi Thanks for the tip on the regional proxy on viewing the fuguriya website.

    Now I’m super excited for Hanabira 7 . Hope it will come out soon 🙂 They’re quite cute. Please notify us when it is out? Please Yi?
    I guess goth lolita x kimono could be our early or late Christmas present 🙂

  12. 2DT says:

    I’ve always seen these two and assumed it was some erogame, but I never knew it was quite so broad.

    It looks very sweet; I’ll check it out. Cheers.

  13. 2DT says:

    Ah, to be clear: I mean the ponytailed redhead and the blonde. Interesting that there are multiple couples in this series.

  14. matt says:

    omg then hanabira 7 isnt going to be released this month??

  15. Yi says:

    @Akira: Those are the same reasons I like Hanabira as well. Most other eroges are simply too much mindless unoriginal sex with uninspired boring characters.
    Actually, I think it seems that the loli-teacher one has been delayed, so it will not come out until mid December.

    “ただ、新作ゲームの 「あまとろ」 の方が11月中が少々厳しくなって来まして……

    I should also be a little more conservative about assuming that it will be a visual novel.

    @2dT: It did start out as an eroge. Because of the mass success of the series among yuri fans, Fuguriya has branched out to different media.

    @matt: Seems like it was delayed. See the response to Akira. 😦

  16. shijima says:

    Thank you for the links to the music.
    I haven’t actually finished any of the games, but I did find the music pretty soothing.
    I’m looking forward to Hanabira 8.
    I’ve always been a fan of those ojou-sama/Yamato Nadesico types. =)

  17. Came here from the forums. Just a suggestion. The no. of tags/categories together should not exceed 10-12 or WP will treat it as spam and this blog as spam blog. Keep in mind.

  18. I am waiting for the new games too and also I really hope we can see some images about the anime soon, but I think that it will late a little bit…

  19. Yi says:

    @shijima: You should really try the games. They’re really short and takes about 2-3 hours to finish playing through. I’m loving the combo in Hanabira 8 too. ^ ^

    @VIKAS: I appreciate your suggestion, although I probably would’ve liked it better through private contact or something rather than a random irrelevant comment. Thanks though; I’ll keep that in mind.

    @Yuri Downloads: Yea, can’t wait for more previews of the anime. Fuguriya has some really small resolution sketch images.

  20. Reltair says:

    You’re right about the calming music. I like the character designs as well, but yuri isn’t for me. =/

  21. Snark says:

    @ Reltair
    “but yuri isn’t for me”

    You don’t like lesbians? What are you? Communist?

  22. Yi says:

    @Reltair + Snark: What Snark said. jkjk.
    I suppose some people just don’t like yuri… The characters sure are really cute though.

  23. Yuki says:

    Wow. I’m really excited for the following Hanabira series too! Gothic Lolita and Kimono, how I expect that the Yamato Nadeshiko is such a tsundere, and then the Transfer student is such a seme. XD

    And oh yeah, Yi, I’m kinda having a bit of problems for Windows 7. @.@ Well I got it to work, with the Japanese characters appearing. Now I lost the Voices. @.@ Do you have any clue on what to do? XDDDD

  24. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Yea, I’m guessing for a tsundere x seme super S personalities too.
    Sorry, I can’t help you there. I don’t have Windows 7… This sounds really bad though. The voices are integral to Hanabira. Good luck figuring this out.

  25. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Haha yes. I want to see that. very awesome clashing of personalities and yet sweet. XD Well, if I find a solution for this, I’ll inform you, so we can all help everyone, having the seem difficulties. Thanks for the Good Luck, gotta need it. XD

  26. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Please do post somewhere your solution to this if you find out. I’m sure many people who have switched to Windows 7 would find it helpful.

  27. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Sure would. =DDD

  28. Regret1694 says:

    Is there something wrong with the download link because when I try to download it, it says “Something went wrong.” and when I open the file, there’s nothing there. Am I suppose to do something before hand?? (Thanks.)

  29. Yi says:

    @Regret1694: I just tried the megaupload link. It seems fine. Simply download and extract the file with winrar. If it does not work, try changing the title of the file into something in English.

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  31. yUrIkO says:

    where can i download all Hanabira?…
    i just finish playing one, but i don’t know what version it is?..

  32. EmperorG says:

    How silly of me to take this long to notice the soundtrack to this series. Me want right now. mine mine mine. Thanks a million for the old, yet noteworthy upload doods.
    Now to hear some of my fav tunes in the series.

  33. Fuuko says:

    Thank you so much for the soundtrack of Yumi. I’ve been listening to it nonstop these past few days. XD

    Also I downloaded the file right above the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo BGM Track 1 youtube video on your page, but all those songs contained in it are of Yumi Haruna singing. Is there another link with the BGMs from Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo? Can you please upload those? I would love to add it to my collection. n_n

  34. sekiryu says:

    I noticed the song was different for 8. I was wondering where I can go to actually buy ther game itself and if you have a link to the song in hanabira 8.

  35. Just recently started getting back into Hanabira now that 2 and 3 are translated. The music in the game is all right for the most part, but the ending songs are better. I noticed that no one has ripped all the songs from the game, so here’s all the BGM and ending songs from all 10 Hanabira games. For those who like the music, enjoy:

    You’ll notice that Amai Hanazono is missing from the set, but you can still download it from Yi’s post.

    • Yi says:

      Thank you so much!! I’ve been looking for it. You and the music are lovely. ^ ^

    • Fuuko says:

      Thank you very very much for the music!

    • Haha, it’s not a problem; I’m just surprised there isn’t a complete rip of the game’s music before now. Nonetheless, it’s nice to listen to the hip Hanabira tunes on your MP3 players rather than always loading the game up.

      I really like 誘惑のIMPROMPTU as my favorite ending theme from the series. It’s too bad that there’s no full version of it yet like with the first one. Until then, maybe this will do?

      • Yi says:

        Ooh I like that one a lot too. Again thanks for the rip! ^ ^

      • Shyolk says:

        The link to Dropbox doesn’t work anymore. Is it possible you could kindly paste another link to a download to 誘惑のIMPROMPTU? I can’t find it anywhere else because it’s so rare. 😥

  36. Robin says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics to “Amai Hanazono” by Yumi Haruna? I’ll take Japanese or English. Google is turning up zilch for me.

    • Yi says:

      I just spent about an hour looking for the lyrics to no avail. Guess this just isn’t popular enough. 😦
      Best of luck, I suppose in your search.

    • Yeah, it looks like no one bothered to put the lyrics up online, Japanese or otherwise.

      Here, I scanned this page for you:

      The lyrics for the song are on the left side. Someone still has to translate, romanize, etc., but it’s a start I guess. If you need it to be more readable, I’ll see what I can do; my scanner’s not the best in the world, haha.

    • Robin says:

      Yi and The Marking Dude: you’re both super awesome! Thank you both so much for the effort you put in for me. I’m thrilled! ありがとう

  37. 熱れた果実を求めて ひたすら 薄明かりの中探った

    遠い諦憶の中 茜蔽の花びら
    埋め尽くした夜 狂おしくて

    咲き乱れてる 花は甘くて 蜜の香りが 今も残る花園に
    全て忘れて とけてゆく・・・

    熱い吐息がこぼれた 途端に 世界が愛欲に染まる

    赤く潤うタ空 胸に突き刺す
    あと少しなのに 掴めなくて

    ふいに響いた あなたの声に きづく瞬間 何もかも忘れきせて
    ひとつになって 滲んでく・・・

    泣き出しそうな表情して ききやく 甘い誘惑のEtude

    素肌に触れる指 時間を止めた
    花開く瞬間を 見つめていて

    降り出す雨に すべて濡らして 払の想い どんな事も受け止めて
    このままずっと 抱きしめて・・・

    せつなく揺れる 心は可憐 ふたりの記憶 きつと忘れられなくて
    感じ合えるの 寛女だけ・・・

    Just for fun, I messed around with the scanned image I put up earlier and converted it into Japanese text. I apologize in advance for any mistakes found. Someone who knows the language, please double-check this to make sure it’s correct. I used a machine converter and manually edited the characters that it couldn’t find. It looks right, but again, someone double-check just to be sure.

    • Yi says:

      Thanks! You’re super awesome. I’m sure this will be useful for not just me, but other fans of this wonderful yuri series.

  38. ZGD says:

    Excuse me for butting in but I’d just like to ask something…
    Which one of the series had 誘惑のIMPROMPTU as one of it’s tracks?
    Thanks for hearing me out~

  39. No problem, man. 🙂

    So a long time ago, someone asked about the ending music of that OVA that was released about a year ago. While I’m sure some people probably have the song already, I’ll posted the version I ripped from the DVD for those who don’t:

    While it’s not directly related to the topic, it’s still Hanabira music, so yeah.

  40. Suslik says:

    Guys, where can I get the BGM from OVA? I really like that kind of music by piano, quite, slow melodies… But I can’t find them. Does somebody knows something about it?

    • Yi says:

      Check the comments:

      The super awesome lovely Marking Dude has graciously ripped the ending music from the OVA. As for the BGM from the OVA, I’m not entirely sure if it’s ever been ripped, so yea…

      • Just “The Marking Dude” would be fine, Yi. 😉

        As for the BGM, unless you want to hear Mai and Reo talking/moaning/making noises/etc., that ending song I ripped a while back is the next best thing related to the OVA BGM.

        • Yi says:

          Haha, oh you. But you are pretty awesome!

          Anyway, yea there was never an official soundtrack released, nor do I think there ever will be for a single adult OVA. And ripping the music is indeed impractical with all those “dialogues.”

  41. Thanks, Yi. 🙂
    Speaking of music, now that Lily Platinum is out, the second version of the new ending theme is available as well. You can get it here:

    And a “combined” version of the two versions for those interested:

    I want to update the original zip file with all the Hanabira songs with the proper tagging (Song title, artist, etc.) this time, but I’ll need some assistance with getting the song titles and such on them. If anyone wants to help with that, that would be great.

  42. So I noticed that a lot of the download links originally posted here are pretty much dead due to Megaupload getting shut down. Given how rare it is to find a legit copy of the Sweet Garden (Amai Hanazono/甘い花園) CD these days, I went ahead and upload my own ripped version for you guys. You can download the single here:

    If there’s interest, I suppose I could upload a FLAC version for the lossless crowd, heh.

  43. NamlessX says:

    i LOLed on that youtube video.

    this video has been removed as violation of Youtube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.

  44. Marking says:

    A while back I posted some lyrics for “甘い花園” (Amai Hanazono/Sweet Garden), but it wasn’t until recently that I noticed there were some errors in the Japanese, so I went ahead and fixed that. Also, Soulfully ( actually went and found lyrics posted on a Chinese website along with a Hiragana (I think) version and a Chinese translation.

    I put them all in a PDF file for your viewing pleasure if you’re interesting. You can thank Soulfully for finding the Hiragana and Chinese lyrics:

    Also, we have a request if anyone’s reading this. I want to also put in Romaji and English translated lyrics as well, but I’m really iffy about the accuracy of the Romaji lyrics I have. If anyone’s willing to take this task on (as well as translating the song into English), Soulfully and I would greatly appreciate that.

    ure ta kajitsu o motome te hitasura, usu akari no naka sagut ta,
    tooi kioku no naka bara no hanabira,
    ume tsukushi ta yoru kuruoshiku te,

    sakimidare teru, hana ha amaku te, mitsu no kaori ga, ima mo nokoru hanazono ni,
subete wasure te toke te yuku…

    atsui toiki ga kobore ta totan ni, sekai ga aiyoku ni somaru,
    akaku uruou ta sora mune ni tsukisasu,
ato sukoshi na noni tsukame naku te,

    fui ni hibii ta, anata no koe ni, kiduku shunkan, nani mo kamo wasure sase te,
hitotsu ni nat te nijin de ku…

    naki dashi sou na hyoujou shi te sasayaku, amai yuuwaku no Etude,
    suhada ni fureru yubi jikan o tome ta, 
hanahiraku shunkan o mitsume te i te,

    furidasu ame ni, subete nurashi te, watashi no omoi, donna koto mo uketome te,
kono mama zutto dakishime te . . .

    setsunaku yureru, kokoro ha karen, futari no kioku, kitsu to wasure rare naku te,
kanji ae runo anata dake . . .

    • Yi says:

      As always, you are the most awesome marking dude I’ve ever known. ^ ^
      I have once again put this back on my jogging playlist. Should be a nice run later.

      Love you, darling. ♥

  45. Marking says:

    With a new release comes an updated rip of the BGM, endings, and “extended” endings from the visual novels currently released. I had a chance to look at the newest entry in the series from Yurin Yurin and I noticed that the music files are encoded at a higher bitrate than the previous games were. As a result, I replaced the old files with these ones, still in Ogg Vorbis format.

    All of the previous links I posted (except for Amai Hanazono + Lyrics) are dead since they are all included in this zip file:

    For those who like the music, enjoy.

    • Yi says:

      Hiya MarkingDude honey. Thanks a bunch! I’ll redirect the links to this post. Love the music!

    • Anito says:

      Can you provide an mp3 version?
      I dont think that ogg formats will work in mp3 player

      • Chibiya Amamiya says:

        there’s a free ogg-mp3 converter available online

      • Marking says:

        A lot of modern MP3 players/phones not called the iPod/iPhone should have the ability to play Ogg Vorbis files easily. The reason I haven’t transcoded the files to MP3 is because transcoding a lossy format to another lossy format is a big no-no in my book. I also didn’t think there was a demand for MP3 versions of the BGM in the visual novels.

        Since it’s easy to transcode files to different formats, I went ahead and uploaded a zip file that has all the songs in MP3 format. Go ahead and download the music files here:

        I recommend those who are planning on listening to the music on the go to try the Ogg Vorbis files first. If they do not play on your MP3 player/phone/tablet/whatever, you can try the MP3 files.

  46. Marking says:

    With the newest visual novel out, there’s another version of the ending theme “Reason” out as well. Since that was the only change from the other VNs, I uploaded the second version from the VN and an “Extended” version:

    Now that they have more ending songs, Yurin Yurin really needs to think about releasing them on CD again. It’s kind of odd that they only have “Amai Hanazono” released.

  47. sonoFanatic :) says:

    Hi guys thanks for the BGM OMG i have looking for this BGM’S Houtoni AGIRATOU!!! 😀
    My Favorite is Twilight in Sono Hanabira 8 ❤

  48. Marking says:

    Dropbox has suspended all my public links for my account. As a result, all current links are no longer accessible. That being said, these files are now being hosted on my site, so be sure to click here to download the music collection.

    This is what you’ll get:
    Background music
    Opening and ending themes
    Amai Hanazono single CD
    “Extended” versions of ending themes made by yours truly
    Other songs such as the OVA ending song

    Happy listening, everyone!

  49. Firehorse says:

    Does anyone have the OGG version of the upload? His site seems to be down now.

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