Angel Sanctuary

Sara Mudo Gabriel Angel Sanctuary Kaori Yuki

After reading Angel Sanctuary, I fell in love with it. Kaori Yuki’s Angel Sanctuary excels in its character design, plot, and premise. The art looks nice and the characters are all likeable. In fact, the main character is one of the few male leads in all anime/ manga that I actually like a whole lot.

Setsuna Mudo Angel Sanctuary Kaori Yuki

The most interesting aspect of Angel Sanctuary though has to be its premise and storyline. A story involving fallen angels, devils, God, and forbidden love, what could be more enticing? There are definitely some facades of this story that some may find controversial. The male lead and his sister love each other more than normal sibling love. Yes, incest is very very wrong… but in Angel Sanctuary, this aspect has actually become one of its main appeals. The story can be quite touching at times; I think I might have shed a tear while reading this… just kidding (not really?)

Forbidden Love Incest Kaori Yuki

Further, Kaori Yuki is an absolutely amazing artist. Her style is just so elaborate ad elegant, and all her characters so pretty, the women, men, and the beautiful androgyny. That, together with a strong steampunk and Victorian influence, makes her the queen of gothic manga.

Alexial Angel Cage Kaori Yuki

A beautiful fall from grace story, Angel Sanctuary is quickly becoming my favorite manga.

Lost Angel Kaori Yuki Art of Angel Sanctuary

O yea, did I mention that I find the art extremely beautiful? Since I really like Kaori Yuki’s art, I am going to post a bunch of scans from the manga and the two associated artbooks, Angel Cage and Lost Angel.

Angel Cage Kaori Yuki Art of Angel Sanctuary

Kurai Angel Cage Kaori Yuki

Sevothtarte Sevi Angel Sanctuary

Sakuya Kira and Setsuna yaoi

Rosiel and Setsuna yaoi

Lucifer Angel Sanctuary

Belial Mad Hatter

Sara Mudo Angel Sanctuary

This is a revised version of a post (Jan. 2007) from my old abandoned blog. I’m trying to bring all my posts to a single place.

By the way, Angel Sanctuary still remains my favorite manga.

Sara and Setsuna sibling forbidden love

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18 Responses to Angel Sanctuary

  1. Fallen_Lilith says:

    Glad you like this series~~

  2. shidare says:

    my other friend is OBSESSED with the series.
    I read the first volume. It could’ve kept me, but I’m a rather serious Baptist so of course it’s rather offensive. Paricularly when I cheated & asked my friend about finer plot points (God knew all Hell was going to break loose so… he ran away?! Well that’s what she said…)

    I think I wrote an entry about the Japanese & how they like to push the limits of acceptability.

  3. strawberry_hana says:

    Thank you *hugs* 😀
    I love Angel Sanctuary, and I totally agree, the art in it is extremely beautiful, I adore Kaori Yuki’s work very much 🙂 Have you seen the other mangas by her? They’re all very good!

    P.S. Good Luck in your midterms!!

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  5. shijima says:

    I adore Kaori Yuki’s drawings and I still think Angel Sanctuary is her best work and is her most epic one at least.
    I thought Setsuna was very nice. I did like Michael cause he’s got that tattoo and with his inferiority complex.

    Belial was also awesome. Actually most of the cast was great.
    Aww…I felt a little for Kurai in the end though. She definitely got a lot cute as the series progressed.

  6. Hazuki says:

    Wow, nice picture.
    Angel Sanctuary was the first Yuki Kaori manga that I read from the beginning until the end.
    I must say I like most of the cast personality, though Kira and Katou is my favourite.

  7. Yi says:

    I think it is her best work as well. I like most of the characters; each one all have a lot of style.
    Belial is hella awesome. S/he is such a complex character.
    Kurai did get a lot cuter. She really grows on you.

    Kira is really one cool cat. I really like him too. He’s my favorite guy in the manga.

  8. piggy-san444 says:

    Still haven’t touched it since my initial encounter nearly 4 years ago. Maybe, now that I’m more open to suggestion, I should pick it up again.

    I do agree that the artist is queen of Gothic. The artistry is amazing. Since I’m die-hard fan of CLAMP I’d rank her along side them, but she definitely is way more edgy.

  9. Yi says:

    Glad you agree about the art. You should definitely pick it up again if you have time, because it’s worth it.

  10. angelica says:

    Muuuuuuuuuuito Legaaaaaaaaal

  11. Yi says:

    @angelica: One of the coolest ever.

  12. yeah!! i really do like Angel Sanctuary! the story ,the character,and the meaning i hope that Sara and Setsuna’s love story can be a real one! more power to the author of this story i salute you to the max!

  13. Yi says:

    @jenny olivare: I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I really wish Sara and Setsuna good luck on their love. ^ ^
    Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it.

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  15. Çløud says:

    i have not read the manga partly because i cant find it online to read but i did watch the 3 episode OVA that was released over this anime and thought it was great but they never went passed that and created a full series out of it and that sucks but i know i’m going to catch hell over this but i’m actually a fan of incest anime and manga and none of these kind of things bother me one bit but also if anyone has a link to where i can read this anime online (cause i buy the books after i already read them i’m wierd like that) can you plz send me the link

    • Yi says:

      I’ve seen the three episode OVA as well, but I think it doesn’t really do the manga justice. The manga is soooo much better than the anime. It’s incredible.

      Anyway, while I don’t think I’m an ardent fan of incest anime and manga, I appreciate a good emotional story about forbidden love. This is one of them. Angel Sanctuary is actually one of my favorite manga ever.

      p.s. I think this place might have all the chapters for download:

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