Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo | A Kiss for the Petals Series

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Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo (その花びらにくちづけを) began as a simple yuri visual novel that features a really light yuri story. It emphasized the soft romance between two girls and quickly became one of a kind in a world dominated by fetishist and heavy materials. It was also one of the firslonging t ecchi visual novel that features purely yuri relationships. Because of its uniqueness, it soon gained widespread popularity not only within the niche, but among many anime fans.

Following the success of the first game, Sono Hanabira quickly expanded into a series of games that all cater to the sweet fluffy side in us. Since its humble beginning, the visual novel series has also prompted several associated artworks, light novels, drama CDs, an artbook, and even an anime adaptation.

Impeccably complemented by Peko’s gorgeous artwork, Sono Hanabira is definitely one of the most adorable things I have ever seen.


Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Anata to Koibito Tsunagi anime OVA
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi
Hanabira OVA – Mai x Reo

Subbed Download.ass Subtitle Script [Yukaru]
Trailer 1 | Trailer 2
Release Spoilers 1 | 2 | 3

Visual Novels

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo download
A Kiss for the Petals
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo
Hanabira 1 – Yuuna x Nanami

Review/ Impression
Download | MirrorBuy
English Patch [Count Pacula] | Chinese Patch

Sono Hanabira 2 Watashi no Oujiko-sama download
A Kiss for the Petals – My Dear Prince
Watashi no Ouji-sama
Hanabira 2 – Sara x Kaede

Review/ Impression
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English Patch [AXYPB] | Chinese Patch

Sono Hanabira 3 Anata to Koibito Tsunagi download
A Kiss for the Petals – Joined in Love with You
Anata to Koibtito Tsunagi
Hanabira 3 – Mai x Reo

Review/ Impression
Download | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Buy
English Patch [AXYPB] | Chinese Patch

A Kiss for the Petals – Join by a Hand like a Lover – Remake
Anata to Koibito Tsunagi – Remake

Release Announcement
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Hanabira 4 Aishisa no Photograph download
A Kiss for the Petals – Beloved Photograph
Aishisa no Photograph
Hanabira 4 – Sara x Kaede

Review/ Impression
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English Patch [AXYPB] | Chinese Patch

Hanabira 5 O Anata o Suki na Shiawase download
A Kiss for the Petals – The Joy of Loving You
Anata wo Suki na Shiawase
Hanabira 5 – Mai x Reo

Review/ Impression
Download | MirrorBuy
English Patch [AXYPB] | Chinese patch

A Kiss for the Petals – Whisper with a Kiss
Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite
Hanabira 6 – Yuuna x Nanami

Download | Mirror | Buy
English Translation [AXYPB/Yuri Projects]
Chinese patch

Sono Hanabira 7 Amakute Hoshiteru Torokeru Chuu download
A Kiss for the Petals – Sweet Enchanting Kisses
Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu
Hanabira 7 – Runa x Takako

Release Date | Release Announcement
Download | Mirror | Buy
English Patch [AXYPB] | Chinese patch

Sono Hanabira 8 Tenshi no Hanabira Zome
A Kiss for the Petals – Dyed with an Angel’s Petals
Tenshi no Hanabira Zome
Hanabira 8 – Eris x Shizuku

Release Date | Release Announcement
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English Translation [AXYPB/Yuri Projects] | Chinese patch


Release Information
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English Translation in Progress [Unkind’s Eroge Blog] | Chinese patch

Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu
A Kiss for the Petals – Melting Hot Adult Kiss
Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu
Hanabira 9 – Takako x Runa

Release Date | Release Announcement
Download | Mirror | MirrorBuy
English Patch in Progress [Yuri Project] | Chinese patch

Lily Platinum

A Kiss for the Petals – Lily Platinum
Lily Platinum
Hanabira 10 – Eris x Shizuku

Download | Mirror | Mirror | Buy
English Translations in Progress [Yuri Project] | Chinese Patch

A Kiss for the Petals - Maidens of Michael Michael no Otome-tachi
A Kiss for the Petals – Maidens of Michael
Michael no Otome-tachi
Yurin Yurin – Risa x Miya

Release Announcement
Download | MirrorMirror | Buy

A Kiss for the Petals - Lovers of Atelier
A Kiss for the Petals – Lovers of the Atelier
Atorie no Koibito-tachi
Yurin Yurin – Risa x Miya

Download | Mirror | Buy

A Kiss for the Petals - Angel's Adoration Tenshi no Akogare
A Kiss for the Petals – Longing of an Angel
Tenshi no Akogare
Yurin Yurin – Chiaki x Ringo

DownloadDownload [torrent]

A Kiss for the Petals - The Angels’ Spring Romance Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi
A Kiss for the Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance
Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi
Yurin Yurin – Yuuno x Satsuki

Release Information
Download [torrent]Buy

A Kiss for the Petals - Snow White's Knight Shirayuki no Kishi
A Kiss for the Petals – Snow White’s Knight
Shirayuki no Kishi
Yurin Yurin – Rika x Sayuki

DownloadMirror | Download [torrent]Demo | Buy
CG | Mirror

A Kiss for the Petals - The Angels’ Promise Tenshi-tachi no Yakusoku
A Kiss for the Petals – The Angels’ Promise
Tenshi-tachi no Yakusoku
Yurin Yurin – Narumi x Akira

Download | Download [torrent]

Light Novels

Sono Hanabira light novel Christmas
Christmas for the two of us – 二人のクリスマス

English Translations [Wings of Yuri] | Raw

Sono Hanabira light novel Vacation

Our Vacation Together – 二人のバカンス

English TranslationsRaw

Sono Hanabira light novel Summer
Summer for the Two of Us – 二人の熱い夏


Sono Hanabira light novel Valentines
Valentines for the Two of Us – 二人のバレンタイン

English Translations [Wings of Yuri] | Raw

Sono Hanabira light novel Curtain Call
The Curtain Call Never Ends – カーテンコールは終わらない


Sono Hanabira light novel Lovers Kiss
One More Lovers’ Kiss – 愛のキスをもういちど


Sono Hanabira light novel Extra
Extra Story – 番外総集編


Sono Hanabira light novel Southern Island
Enchanting Kisses on a Tropical Island! – 南の島であまとろちゅ!

English TranslationsRaw

Sono Hanabira light novel Rhapsody
A Valentine Rhapsody – バレンタイン狂騒曲

English Translations [Yukaru / we define useless!] | Raw

Sono Hanabira light novel Tight Summer Squeeze
Seize the Summer! – 夏をぎゅっとね!

Release Announcement | English TranslationsRaw

Sono Hanabira light novel Noisy Girls of the Beach Hanahira Side Story
Noisy Girls of the Beach – 渚のかしまし娘たち

Release Information | Download

Sono Hanabira light novel Couple's Goal Tape
Couple’s Goal Tape! – 二人のゴールテープ !

Release Announcement | Raw

Sono Hanabira light novel Extra Story 2
Extra Story 2 – 番外総集編 2

Release Information

Sono Hanabira light novel Wrapped In Your Warmth
Wrapped In Your Warmth – ぬくもりに包まれて

Release Announcement | Raw

Sono Hanabira light novel extras
Light Novel Extras


Sono Hanabira light novel Spring Flash
Spring Splash – スプリング・スプラッシュ

Information | Download

Drama CDs

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Zutto Shiawase na Kiss Download
Zutto Shiawase na Kiss


Sono Hanabira Drama CD Kaede-chan Super Mode Download
Kaede-chan Super Mode


Sono Hanabira Drama CD Zutto Issho no Natsu Download
Zutto Issho no Natsu


Sono Hanabira Drama CD Suki Suki Mai-san Download
Suki Suki Mai-san

Download | English Translation Script [akayuki] | Audio Made Visual [dclives]

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Yume no Youna Hibi Download
Yume no Youna Hibi

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Kayoi Tsuma Dai Ari Download
Kayoi Tsuma Diary

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Kaede-chan no Niizuma Cooking Download
Kaede-chan no Niizuma Cooking

Release Announcements | Download

Sono Hanabira A Cozy Spring Vacation Risa Miya Drama CD
A Cozy Spring Vacation

Release Announcement Download | English Translations

Sono Hanabira Reo Mai Drama CD Reo no Wagamama Gohoubi Days
Reo no Wagamama Gohoubi Days

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Golden Vacation of Risa
Golden Vacation of Risa

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Our Campus Life
Our Campus Life

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Black-Haired Lovers
Black-Haired Lovers

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Hydrangea Season
Season of Hydrangeas

Release Announcement | Download

Sono Hanabira Drama CD Kitten Love
Kitten Love


Sono Hanabira Drama CD Our Private Morning Straight from a Movie Eiga Mitai na Futari no Asa
Our Private Morning Straight from a Movie


Xenocross – Music Box Of Memories

Xenocross - Box of Memories Sono Hanabira doujin

InformationDynasty Scans


Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Artworks
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Artworks
Artbook by Peko

Release Information | Scans

Animated or Audio Shorts

Sono Hanabira Reo x Mai Diaries Download
Reo x Mai Diaries

Download | Youtube playlist

Sono Hanabira Hanahira Anime Download
Hanahira Anime

Youtube playlist

Risa-Miya Theatre Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo
Risa-Miya Theater

Batch ReleaseYoutube playlist | English Youtube playlist

Chia-Rin Theatre Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo
Chia-Rin Theater

Youtube playlist

Reo-ppoi Radio Special - Reo-ppokunai (non-Reo-ish) Radio Summer 2013: The Regular Anzu Hana supported by Izumi Ayaka
Reo-ppoi Radio


 A Kiss For The Petals – Rikka-Sayuki Theater Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Natsuyuki Gekijou
Rikka-Sayuki Theater

Youtube playlist | English Translations

Bonus Stories

English Translations | Raw

Web Series

Girls' School Confessions Joshikou no Waidan 女子校の猥談 translation
Girls’ School Confessions – 女子校の猥談

English Translation [Ralen] | Raw


Hanabira music Amai Hanazono BGM

Amai Hanazono | Mirror

Hanabira Music Innocent Flower Fortune Telling

Innocent Flower Fortune Telling Information | Download | Youtube

We Wish You A Yurry Christmas InformationDownload

First Love Melon Kiss Download

BGM Soundtrack rips and others [Marking] | Mirror
Ending music


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4,608 Responses to Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo | A Kiss for the Petals Series

  1. ANGEL014 says:

    hi. where’s the cg for the latest sono game?? 🙂

  2. who else here bought the OVA?
    may i know what’s the other disc? saw this image somewhere:

  3. tamed lion says:

    just wanted to mention: the lovers of the atelier CG link is connected to the download link for maidens of michael CG.

    • Yi says:

      Whelp! Oh thank you soooo much for pointing that out, tamed lion darling!

      It should be fixed now.

      I feel a bit embarrassed that I had gotten short now with another commenter for not properly looking for the information, when the link was actually misplaced. Managing a site can be frustrating work.

  4. got any idea on which online shop i can purchase “Reo no Wagamama Gohoubi Days” ? :O

  5. Zekrom says:

    Hey I noticed that you haven’t the link for We wish you a yurry christmas so I found it and here it is ^^

  6. hanaFan says:

    Hi! Browsing through the dl links (I don’t check all the stuff you add frequently, btw. thanks for you’re work!) I’ve noticed that the link for “Bewitching Kiss on the Southern Island! – 南の島であまとろちゅ!” on mediafire has an “Archive Download Blocked” error – could someone reupload it?

    Also the Audio Made Visual for “Suki Suki Mai-san” from dclives blog isn’t working anymore (the first link from fileserve… and the new links provided by dclives on his blog are dead too…). dclives created also tracks 1-6 for “Zutto Shiawase na Kiss/A Kiss of Eternal Happiness – Audio Made Visual” but those links are dead and the torrent files (for tracks 5 and 6) aren’t connecting to peers 😛 – likewise, could someone reupload it (if you have them)? (I don’t think that dclives would be mad for this :P)

  7. Joshua says:

    OMG>< just by watching Risa-Miya Theater, i really like this two pair. They look so adorable together. Another 1-3yrs before i can play Maidens of Michael English patch..

    • tamed lion says:

      I hope not. Miya and Risa seem like souch a cute couple and I just can’t wait to play there story. And is the translation of Risa-Miya Theater finished yet?

    • Yi says:

      Miya and Risa are adorable together!!! I’ve recently started playing a little bit of Maidens of Michael, and already loving them. ^ ^

      Hopefully, a translation will be up eventually.

      • Joshua says:

        yes they are! I just watched Risa-Miya Theater,08 and i am loving this pair more and more!
        Too bad i cant understand japanese.. cant play Maiden of Michael shall wait a year or two.. hopefully not three for the english patch.

  8. ★Kano★ says:

    for those who want to read untranslated games of SonoHana, you guys may want to use any of these programs. though it’ll give you “Rough” translations so you have to read between the lines in order to understand the translation while waiting for the english patch of the games.
    Enjoy your VN

    • Amazake Aihara says:

      i’d suggest knowledge of the japanese language especially their sentence construction, as well as knowledge in kanji are required

      • Yi says:

        Yes. Although I find that with some guessing and a rough translator, the gist can often be parsed. Of course, how much that takes away from enjoyment of the game will depend on the individual.

  9. tamed lion says:

    Does Anybody know, if Yuriproject is still working on SonoHana 9+10, or did they also wait for YurinYurin to make a statement about official translations.

  10. character voices for SonoHana: Longing of an Angel are now available

  11. VA for Ringo Aihara: Motono Shiori
    VA for Chiaki Takao: Ichinose shinka

  12. Aaaaaannnnddd…..
    I can’t wait for the release!XD

  13. GeReKo says:

    guys ..
    can any one tell me How long we gonna wait for any new translate of the new hanabira games 9 – 10 – maidens ??? -_____________-“

    • Joshua says:

      Well, 9 – i guess by this year its 10/18 done.. 10 – i guess next year.. well for maidens .. 1-3 years?

    • Yi says:

      Dear GeReKo, do you have anything meaningful to contribute, other than a thinly veiled frustration at the speed of the translation stemming from undeserved entitlement?

      I can only assume ‘-_____________-”’ implies that you are owed a translation—no, not just a translation, a speedy translation.

      In fact, checking your activity on this page showed that your last 4 of 5 comments are all about when the translations will be given to you. One even questions how hard it is to make a translation. Perhaps if you worked or contributed to one, you will know. 😉

    • if you’re that impatient, how about try studying or learning Japanese and help contribute translation? just a suggestion

  14. AXYPB says:

    In yesterday’s Reo-ppoi Radio, Anzu Hana made a number of announcements regarding A Kiss For The Petals – Longing of an Angel, which is scheduled for release on 31 May. This visual novel is the first of three releases in this new sub-series planned for this year. Anzu Hana will perform the opening themes for this series as she has with Maidens of Michael, which I isolated from the episode and uploaded separately. In addition, the follow-up to Longing of an Angel will feature a new couple. One half of this couple, Ishigami Satsuki, will be voiced by Anzu Hana. The latter half of Reo-ppoi Radio episode 54, where she made these announcements, has scattered samples of Satsuki’s voice, which is much deeper than Reo’s to the point where it doesn’t resemble her.

  15. Azzie says:

    I’m a little bit confused about the artist for the new game…. Is he/she the perminate new arrest for all the games from now on or just for this sub series? Did Peko quit??

  16. kumaichigo says:

    Peko-san does not quit. From the GirlsLoveFestival9 (26/5) doujin circle list, the representative of Fuguriya is Peko.
    And of course previous series is continued. Two series are parallel and from Maidens of Michael there are a hospital and a nurse school in the St Michaels. Probably, two series (if Hanahira! is counted as another one, three series of all) are progress in a same world. Then Anzu Hana will act double cast.
    It’s my recognize. It will be clear in the next VN.

  17. AXYPB says:

    Yurin Yurin published the opening video for A Kiss For The Petals – Longing of an Angel this morning. As noted previously, the song in the video was performed by Anzu Hana, who will have a leading role in this visual novel’s planned follow-up later this year.

    • The artist is still Peko, right? It feels kinda different from his style.. Is there any collaboration from another artist of some sort?

      • kumaichigo says:

        It’s not by Peko. The Artist is 会田孝信(Aida Takanobu).
        Probably Peko doesn’t attend the new series. I mean Peko is still in Fuguriya and main artist, but he doesn’t take part in every VN.

    • Yi says:

      Finally, I’m a little bit freer this weekend. What a nice way to catch up with stuff with an Anzu Hana opening video. Thanks, dear. ^ ^

  18. yuzuyuri says:

    uhm.. I might be asking a stupid question… Since I haven’t been here for a long time…
    Well, is there any news for translating the 11th game?

  19. capslock says:

    i can’t seem to complete the CGs, although i achievd the true end. this goes for games 1,2,3.

    • tamed lion says:

      I once had the same problem. I reinstalled the game and skipped trough the whole story. By doing that, I got the complete CG. Or you could just try to replay the significant scenes.

    • Yi says:

      You have to make different choices. If I remember right, for the first three, just go with all top choices.

    • anabona32 says:

      I sincerely hope they get separated …both would be better with someone else.
      Nor if they were of the same age they would be a nice couple for me.

      • tamed lion says:

        Why is that? Takako and Runa are such a cute couple!! I mean, maybe it’s worth discussing about age gaps and things like that, but it wouldn’t make such a law less stupid. In my opinion, this kind of relationship is totally fine, if both sides are fine with it. And according to Takako and Runa, that’s definitely the case, isn’t it?!

        • anabona32 says:

          Hmmm…to be honest?No i really dont think so :/
          I can only see the relationship of that two as toxic to each other….and i am not even talking about the gaps…this pair just does not fit.

          One is commanding and humiliating the other and the other leting the other to do whatever it want even if it against her will?even at the risk of losing her job and reputation? And then….sex and everything is fine again?

          …no, just no.
          Things do not happen like that :/

          Not to mention the part were Takako requires Runa to act EVEN MORE like an “adult” prematurely when she IS A CHILD.

          Maybe it would be a good “fap” matterial you can swallow the whole thing, but to be honest I just can not see that this “relationship” is going much too far from that…

          even if they were of the same age both would have to “mature” a lot to be a acceptable couple for me…psychologically speaking they do not make any sense ^^”

          I hope not to have offended you since you like them as i can see ^^”
          …but really can not see this duo as a real couple, is way too much “Forced to work out ” psychologically speaking and I have not even mentioned the “age factor” yet…so no sorry i cant agree with you on this >_<

          I do not even like the Yuuna …but at least they work as a couple, thing that Runa and Takako just definitely do not fit. :/

        • Yi says:

          I agree with anabona32 so far as that they should be separated. However, my objectio is not to the SM element, which I enjoy. It’s an objection to their age difference—more specifically, to Runa’s immaturity.

          The first installment of this couple sidesteps the issue nicely, and most objections people may have may only be from an aesthetics (loli-looking characters) point of view. The second installment, however, plays around with the idea that Runa is not mentally mature enough for sex; yet Takako is oblivious to that. They are not a good couple.

          I give more details on this in my review of Melting Hot Adult Kiss (Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu). The emphasis on adult in the title is especially disconcerting.

  20. maixreoOTP says:

    anyone knows the link for A Kiss for the Petals – Lily Platinum english patched? thanks 😀

  21. しづ says:

    is there any group that translates the light novels? I don’t care if it needs to be purchased but, do you guys know where it is available? I can’t understand Japanese

  22. kumaichigo says:

    Fuguriya announced new drama CD will be released at May 31. (Pre-released in Girls Love Festival 9 Tokyo, May 26)
    その花びらにくちづけを 璃紗のゴールデンバケーション (Temporary translation: A Kiss for the Petal Golden Vacation of Risa)
    Release announcement (Japanese):

    • Yi says:

      Ahhh thanks kumaichigo honey. I’ve added it to the index.

      As an aside, the cover looks lovely. Girls who read are so hot!

  23. Nanami Oda in Anime adaptation-
    NAH, just kidding. it’s just kuuko from Haiyore! nyaruko-san X))
    hahaha~ XD

    /gets brick’d
    /shot to death

  24. tsuki says:

    hello I know it has nothing to do with the sono hanabira games, but please sign the petition to a second season of sasameki koto anime *-*

  25. Wonderllama says:

    Can someone get a scan of Risa & Miya’s light novel? I want to see it so much~

  26. Wow… I know how important this is…. I just learned Sono Hanabira is a doujin!?
    Eff, but it feels like very official… tsk… I feel so stupid… Loving Sono Hanabira for 7 years now and I just know it… -.-”

    Ah guys, I want to know if there’s a site who have almost or all of sono hana’s merchandise? I wanna buy some.. Thank you very much..

  27. Kewl says:

    that awkward moment when my name is Oda Nanami too.Uwa~ such happiness
    by the way I’ve started playing SonoHana games just the other day and all I can say is..SUGOI~
    Although,I go to an all-girls school,It never crossed my mind to have a romance with a girl and much more I am not into yuri stuffs.But I think when I played SonoHana for the first time the other changed my views into girlxgirl romance ❤ I never thought it yuri could be such a bliss

  28. Xynkei says:

    I love Miya x Risa they’r my favourite couple ( i like Mai x Reo too but Miya x Risa it’s just WOOOOW ) and i have a big crush on Miya she is sooooooooo wonderfull * heart shot * and her voice is so powerfull *nosebleed*…. i think, the two last games are sooooo great ( yeaaah.. i love miya badly >.<' ) =D

    PS : the answer for the True End : 1-2-1-2-1, can help and i didn't see it ( =^_^= )

  29. Xynkei says:

    Whooops, gomenasai bug T_T

  30. Yuki says:

    Any English here 🙂 ?

    • I’m not sure which English you’re pertaining to but, some of the games here has english patch. if that’s not what you meant, we can speak English here. if it’s not that what you meant as well,some of the Drama CDs here has English translation. if it’s still not that, I give up guessing.Hahaha X))

  31. mutopis says:

    New drama CD Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Risa no Golden Vacation (その花びらにくちづけを 璃紗のゴールデンバケーション)

    It’s the first Golden Week since Risa and Miya started going out.
    Naturally, all their classmates will be taking trips overseas, but Miya says…
    “We’ll just be staying at our holiday villa like we always do,”
    and although she never actually says she wants to go, Risa ends up feeling a little dejected.

    However, after coming to visit Risa in her room, things take a sudden turn when out of nowhere, Miya pleads, “Won’t you come with me to our holiday villa?”
    And so… Risa decides to go stay with Miya at her summer villa!
    The two of them share an indulgently frisky Golden Week, full of yuri goodness♪

  32. Not SonoHana related but, it’s peko
    i’m loving peko-tan’s new drawing style (especially that mikasa fanart from Shingeki no Kyojin!XD)

  33. The world's biggest Idiot says:

    There’s something wrong when I download the Maidens of Michael!! The Risa and Miya version!!
    (>////<) Can you guys link me the direct download of it?

    ಥ_ಥ I'm hopeless….

    I really wanna play it….

    • Florentine says:

      With a name like that…….
      Anyway, please share us what exactly you mean by “wrong”

      • The world's biggest Idiot says:

        I clicked the link for it and after downloading it, I extracted the ZIP file.
        A folder appeared and inside the folder there are 2 items.
        1 ISO file named HANAMIKA and another file named HANAMIKA.mds….

        Is it possible that I downloaded the wrong file!??!

        ಥ_ಥ I’m hopeless….
        Thank you for responding to my question…

  34. AXYPB says:

    The final version of Risa-Miya Theater has been released in a torrent file. The first five episodes have updated translations, and several episodes have been edited manually to correct flaws in the original videos. Please change the link in the index to the batch release page linked above.

  35. Sa Sa says:

    I wanna play the Lily Platinum >.< !!!

  36. Jin_Jin says:

    i wish somebody would also translate or do a visual sound of ReoXMai and SaraXKaede Drama CDs just like what you guys did with RisaMiya Theater D:

  37. AXYPB says:

    Yurin Yurin published a new YouTube series titled Chia-Rin Theater (ちありん劇場 Chia Rin Gekijou) on 24 May 2013. Petals’ Garden will refer to the series using the characters’ non-abbreviated names for clarity.

    Like Risa-Miya Theater before it, it is a non-explicit mini-drama series to promote A Kiss For The Petals – Longing of an Angel. However, this video is very short compared to Risa-Miya Theater, and no scheduling details have been released at this time. Additionally, whereas Risa-Miya Theater began about five weeks ahead of the release of the visual novel it promoted, Longing of an Angel is scheduled for release in seven days.

    • Yi says:

      Oh this is nice! Always good to see more content to build on the franchise and the characters and the world, so I’m liking this.

      And thank you so much for the information and the playlist!

      p.s. Added to the index. ^ ^

  38. Rinca06 says:

    I’ve tried to download SH 10 using the filesonic link, but it seems that the link has a virus =.=

  39. Asta says:

    Where Is English Translation For :
    Hanabira 9 ??

  40. Blackfire says:

    Long-time lurker here, and a huge fan of all things SH.

    Just thought I might spark some interest by posting an original Reo x Mai fanfic. And a thanks to Yi for maintaining this lovely blog, and of course to all the TLers for their hard work.

    It’s titled ‘Our perfect Christmas’. I plan to do more like this in the future, if time allows.

    Back to lurking I go, then.

    • tamed lion says:

      Thank you Blackfire, for such a beautiful fanfic! I really enjoyed reading it and i’m also looking forward to your Eris&Shizuku story. Maybe that’s a little off topic here, but what really caught my attention was Pink. I just couldn’t let go and read through all the chapters in one evening. It’s so wunderful how Nina and Star interact with one another and I’m totally looking forward to read more of it. Thanks again, you just made my day!

      • Blackfire says:

        Very pleased that you enjoyed that as well. And I wouldn’t say it’s entirely off topic. After all, Pink and SH are both very cute Yuri stories. ^_~

        And unfortunately, I don’t foresee much writing being done in the next little while, as it’s crunch time for school. After graduation next month, I’ll likely get back to writing more on those stories.

        Again, glad you enjoyed both of those works, and thanks for reading!

    • Yi says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Blackfire, and thank you for the fan fiction. It reads fairly well—short and sweet. I enjoyed it quite a bit! It’s very cute. ^ ^

  41. hanaFan says:

    Wooo! New game announced!

    Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo – Shirayuki no Kishi (Knight of White Snow)

    Plus info from /u/: “Will be a full priced game and it’ll feature a boyish girl.”

    • Yi says:

      Thanks for the information! It seems as though there isn’t too much information on that right now. I’ve added a brief place holder for it in the index.

      Thanks again, hanaFan!

      • anabona32 says:

        Is it actually confirmed information that she will be a “boyish” character??
        …I thought that this role was for Mai (LOL)
        She really does not seem to, but appearances can be deceiving…and if she really were … I can not deny that I would love to see someone even more boyish appearing on this story full of rich and well-educated ladys.

        Oh yeah, THAT would be very interesting to see, i just love seeing breaking paradigms XD

        • Yi says:

          Just a note: Mai isn’t really the tomboy archetype though. She’s more of the big sister with a sexual streak.

  42. AXYPB says:

    After the conclusion of Girls Love Festival 9, Yurin Yurin announced their next visual novel, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Shirayuki no Kishi (その花びらにくちづけを 白雪の騎士, tentatively translated A Kiss For The Petals – Snow Knight), on 27 May 2013. Announced as their second full-price product, it features a new couple and the return of Peko and JUN as artist and writer. It is expected to develop on the same scale as Maidens of Michael.

    See the post on Petals’ Garden for more information as it becomes available.

    • Yi says:

      That’s exciting news! Snow Knight conjures up images of a fairytale-type knight-on-white-horse story. I’m looking forward to it.

      Also, I love that we’re returning to Peko!

    • 八意 says:

      Since ‘Shirayuki’ refers to ‘Snow White’ don’t you think that “Knight of Snow White” or “Snow White’s Knight” (I’m bad at names) suits better? Just a suggestion though.

  43. anon says:

    I found the last Mai x Reo drama CD (Reo no Wagamama Gohoubi Days) on yamibou. I uploaded to mediafire.

  44. ShiraYuri says:

    I have some information about Shirayuki no Kishi and 2nd nurse series with scans from Dengeki Hime that I found in internet.

    • Yi says:

      Ooh how awesome. I really do love Peko’s artwork. The girls seem super cute. They remind me a lot of the pair from Hanahira though.

  45. Wonderllama says:

    Blue hair girl is extremely cute. I love her already! But the other one looks nearly EXACTLY like Reo, right down to the hair

    • Unknown :D says:

      she dye her hair blue or something cuz thats a big change compared to her dark hair :s

    • Yi says:

      I really like this couple already. The images in the magazine look very sharp and I appreciate Peko’s art style. And I enjoy that shade of blue. ^ ^

      • anabona32 says:

        Maybe they have changed the color tone of the hair after noticing the similarity with that other character of Hanabira! or…it has been only an illumination effect that affected the camera image. (Often happens)
        But one way or another I must agree that I also found this new tone more beautiful than the previous. ^^

  46. alandim says:

    I uploaded a CG pacth of Longing of an Angel on Mediafire:

    Ishigawa Satsuki (character voiced by Anzu Hana) make an appearance in this game, she seems to be a friend of Ringo.

  47. alandim says:

    Credits scene:

    • RiokichiSnow says:

      Either that credit scene swapped Yuuno and (assuming that’s how it’s read) Narumi’s surname or that magazine had a typo…

  48. for those who want to play Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Tenshi no Akogare(A Kiss for the petals:Longing of an Angel) and can’t afford to buy the game or you just can’t buy it, the torrent is already out. LOL.
    the game was released yesterday and the torrent file was also released in the same day. internet sure is a scary place. anyway, enjoy:

  49. Sasuke says:

    Hey guys! I’ve recently browsing about light novels and found these two novels
    1 the third novel of Mai x Reo and 2 the first novel of Kaede X Sara!Both translated btw! if anyone need those feel free to drop a reply here!

  50. Sasuke says:
    For anyone who want to read the Light Novels and cannot read Japanese!
    BTW u cant use the same tools to read the Visual novels which are not translated.

    • Shinya says:

      This is very helpful to those who can’t understand Japanese..although I’m a half-japanese..I can’t understand kanji’s this is helpful for me as well…thank you so much 🙂

    • ShizukuErisuFan says:

      How did you ever pull that .NET compatibility errors? Version 1.1 is pretty old and aged…

  51. Kiki says:

    Hello guys,
    Just want to say how fortunate i feel to have stumbled upon this website like 5 years ago lol.
    I played the first and was immediatley hooked. Even if a game wasn’t translated yet i played it just because the emotions that were displayed were so well done. You don’t need to no japanese to know that kimochi means ‘feels good, feeling good etc” or that iku means a ‘climax’ lol.

    But anyways what i really want to ask though is if anyone can explain to me how i get to the ecchi parts in the 11th game(the first vn of risa and miya)? I have played through it like 12 times and everytime it ends with no one doing anything. I mean if i can’t understand the story i could at least see the ecchi scenes right? I sound like a total perv but i really really like this couple and really want to know how they interact on that level.


    • nxgprasad says:

      Hey mate! i guess we started playing at the same time *cheers* btw use this to get to the happy ending of Miya x Risa
      Risa x Miya: 11112112 (apparently 21212122 works too)
      Yuuna x Nanami: 111221222
      Kaede x Sara: 111222212-1
      Reo x Mai: 111223212
      Shizuku x Eris: 111224111
      Runa x Takako: 111225111

      • Kiki says:

        @nxgprasad :Thank you so much! I know these guys did a good job on the risa x miya pairing. Visually they match perfectly lol. But anywayz i’m gonna go try it out so i can finally be at peace lol.

        Thanks again 😉

      • ShizukuErisuFan says:

        Is that hexa codes? Can you please tell me how to play with that codes?

      • ShizukuErisuFan says:

        Sorry my bad. I thought those are the binary/hexadecimal codes. So they are just a choice-sequence. Silly me. Lol.

        • nxgprasad says:

          1- means first choice
          2- second choice
          btw Erisu-san I heard u’ve started some translation of mai x reo light novel. is it true?

      • ShizukuErisuFan says:

        Nah. I’ve halted that translation project as AXYPB requested me to do so. If you want to read the translation, you have to purchase the Music Box of Memories doujin, of course, officially translated by AXYPB and his team.

        • flameofthepheonix says:

          So does that mean that any of the other light novels, such as the 2nd KaedexSara one, can’t be translated because of this?

        • nxgprasad says:

          awww! I need only the light novels! but Xenecross is down right?

        • brainrotter says:

          Personally, I see nothing wrong with fan translations in this situation. EoX keeps going offline, and in any case seems to have stopped issuing Xenocross volumes (which are the only way to purchase the English LNs). If the fans don’t do it, they’ll probably never never be translated.

        • unknown says:

          Japanese police arrested a man who called “god” in April. He distributed Japanese games 90% of illegal copy.
          In this May, over 100 games were released but please see download sites. Can you get them? Tenshi No Akogare was released May 31. Can you download it for free?
          Please remember when Megaupload shutdown.

          Sonohana fan translation depends on his success to get official localization license, or die.
          And I must say, Yi, RUN AWAY IMMEDIATELY.

        • ShizukuErisuFan says:

          Replying to my own post… I really hate the non-user friendly WordPress commenting system..

          Back to the topic;
          @brainrotter, EoX was never a good doujin to begin with. The plot is pretty unrealistic and heck, Asagi Ryuu’s story only focuses more on *cough**sex**cough*, and that alone. The plot itself is unbearable to me (this is an IMO, please do not take it seriously), and it was… stupid. Giving Asagi the obligation to write and draw for EoX was a stupid mistake, really. He can draw, yes, but he never once executes a good romantic yuri manga/story to begin with. From all his works (I have read some of them, maybe 50% of his works), never once I found a good story made by him. Unless you are expecting some extreme yuri/lesbian manga you’ll be satisfies with his works. If you are expecting something sweet and romantic stories from him, just forget it.

          As for the fan translation case, well, if the officials giving the red sign telling any of the scanlation groups (including me) to stop pirating and unofficially translating for fun, the scanlation groups have no choice but to stop or else possible lawsuits will reach to them. So I do hope you understand this kind of cases well. As an addition, Detective Conan Translation Project (DCTP) group have disbanded their anime subbing team due to the notice given by Funimation or some other anime localization company.

          @unknown, yeah, we all are aware of that. Please behave yourself.

        • kumaichigo says:

          I don’t believe fuguriya or yurinyurin will intercept fan translation immediately.
          That means they will lose oversea fandom.
          (I’m not related to light novel translations, so I don’t know about light novel’s license. )

        • Yi says:

          @ShizukuErisuFan: I apologize for the comment reply system. I’ve set nested comments to only three levels deep for aesthetic and functional reasons. Any levels below three, the width becomes too skinny and the comment unreadable. Unfortunately, the result is a super unintuitive system. 😦 Thank you for bearing with it.

          Anyways, on this particular thread… Oh my, what a touchy subject.

    • Yi says:

      @Kiki: I’m so glad you’re enjoying Sono Hanabira. This is one of my favorite yuri works (or series of works), and it always me smile to see others love it!

  52. Shinya says:

    hey guys is it true that Anzu Hana is Hisako Kanemoto (Ika Musume and Yayoi Kise’s CV)?

  53. Jin_Jin says:

    Mai with a different partner/lover? what do you think will happen? XD

    out of topic, what would you do?

  54. KenShinohara says:

    wth!? Anzu Hana is Kanemoto Hisako!? can’t believe it~ someone explain this to me 😥

  55. satsunyan says:

    Same here. I also want to know how Hikasa Yoko = Miei (Shizuku) hahaha

    • KenShinohara says:

      lol Miei and Yoko-sama’s voice aren’t alike or not even close..XD
      but when I watched Girls und Panzer…I noticed that Katyusha’s voice is like Reo’s voice in the OVA especially when Katyusha shouted 😦 then I just saw some rumors that Kanemoto Hisako is Anzu Hana the same day I watched Girls und Panzer~ 😦
      but still~ someone explain this to me~~~~

      • satsunyan says:

        I agree. (On Yoko-sama part and Kanemoto part) Although I don’t know. Where did you see the rumors though? Also, what do you think about Nishimura Chinami (I think) Aoki Reika, for Miya? A bit like tho? xD

        • KiraKiraPoka says:

          I re-watched smile precure and skipped to Yayoi’s transformation…all I can say is..her voice is like Reo’s voice :/

        • ShizukuErisuFan says:

          You guys think to much of this kinda stuff.
          No. Yoko was never Miei, vice versa. Their vocal range are pretty different.
          I cannot say the same thing for Kanemoto and Anzu though–no real evidence here.

        • it’s voice acting.

          they’re bound to sound like the other voice actors/actress when they need to fit the character and their voice

  56. Daveee says:

    Are there any Yuri Visual Novels like “Lonely Yuri” ?

  57. Nursing School Series 2 (working title) OP song
    脈拍異常 Myakuhaku-Ijou (Heart Beat Disorder) Anzu Hana
    (The sound is cut from Reo-ppoi Radio ep57)
    The left black haired girl is Ishigami Satsuki (CV:Anzu Hana)

    …This is Anzu Hana’s true voice.
    And Ishigami Satsuki is different from Reo or this song’s voice.
    Satsuki’s voice likes …. likes … Haster (calm mode) in Nyaruko-san, or Reizei Mako in Girls und panzer.
    Voice acter’s voice variation is usually like this, I feel Anzu Hana can never be Kanemoto-san.

  58. KumaIchigo says:

    JOYSOUND will release two Sonohana songs’ karaoke at 21, June.
    純真な花うらない Innocent Flower Fortune Telling – Anzu Hana
    (Maidens of Michael opening song)
    Twinkle Star Sweetie Star – Anzu Hana & Izumi Ayaka
    (Reo-ppoi Radio ending song)

  59. OMG, I love Sono Hanabira! ❤ Thanks for all of this~

  60. flameofthepheonix says:

    For some reason, when I try to play Sono Hanabira 11 I can’t save. Can someone help me out with this so I can complete the entire game?

  61. coldenic says:

    Caramelldansen Mai x Reo ❤

  62. Marking says:

    There was a SonoHana doujinshi that was released during GirlsLoveFestival9. I took part in the doujinshi musically and wrote about it here:

    • KumaIchigo says:

      Thank you very much for introducing and your impressions of my song.
      It is on sale at Toranoana (via the marking lifestyle’s link) but Toranoana can’t send to oversea.
      I heard Kamibukuro Works is planning English version (I don’t know when it will be released) … mix…I agree …

      Your song is just like Sonohana game song itself as you said, and I feel it’s morning,
      “Good day”
      “Good day, Onee-sama”
      like Maria sama ga miteru. 🙂

      (My song full ver: “Wind, Sky and You” (same mix (; 😉 )
      Yuri novel game’s PV)

    • Yi says:

      Ooh this is a nice piece, a great listen, and a wonderful read. ^ ^

      Thanks, both of you!

  63. Miku says:

    Anyone have the link of Sono Hanabira 9 in english? I think it’s “Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu”
    I’ve searched but I don’t find it… TT_TT
    I have it but in Japanaise, so I don’t understand nothing ;_;
    Anyone have it in english? Or if not have got yet the translation, when will get it?
    Answer me please… TT_TT I really love Takako x Runa and I would understand the game ;_;

  64. brainrotter says:

    Has anyone played Lovers of the Atelier or Longing of an Angel yet? If so, what’d you think?

    • ShizukuErisuFan says:

      Risa’s family problems, involving her relationship with her mom is just too draggy for me.
      I don’t really favor stories involving characters with such problems because somehow it mentally disturbing me. Yeah, those are my two cents on Lovers of the Atelier. I’d give it 7/10 because Risa’s chapters ruined my joy playing the game itself.

  65. AXYPB says:

    It is my belief that the Super Smash Bros. series is in need of greater female representation.

  66. coldenic says:

    hi guys!
    well, here I leave the official caramelldansen gif MxR … so, share it, use it and enjoy it > w <

  67. alandim says:

    Coming soon… Our summer doujinshi:
    Sorry, it’s Mai and Reo again!

  68. empbike says:

    just a quick update on the A Kiss for the Petals – Sweet Grown-up Kisses and A Kiss for the Petals – Lily Platinum
    sweet gorwn up kisses have been fully translated according to yuri project, so the patch may be released sooner.
    as for the lily platinum, 8 chapters has been trranslated, which is good because last time i checked (last week), only 2 chapters had been translated.

    • Yi says:

      This is exciting! Thanks for the update on translation progress, empbike!

      • empbike says:

        yeah, forgot to say that they need people to check the translation so if you have time, please, go to the yuri project and check the translation please everybody 🙂

    • anabona32 says:

      I cant wait to see that blond airheaded lady again!XD
      Shizuku is so cute and cool in her own way, but I have so much fun with some of the airhead moments of Eris, i love her for that too as much as i love Shizuku for be always thinking about being perfect and controlled and at the same time showing discreetly her gentle and warm side.

      They are like Yin and Yang; Opposites that complement each other
      perfect for each other ^^

  69. Tiffany says:

    Can someone tell me the right choices for Sono hanabira 11…?

  70. Tiffany says:


  71. empbike says:

    Anyone can tell me small synopsis of lovers of the Atelier pleas? I know it’s spoiler but I can’t get that VN to work and I really want to know the story

    • ShizukuErisuFan says:

      Just a really really short spoiler.
      The story involves Risa’s problems on her relationship with her mom, and Miya doing the hardworks to support Risa. The end.

  72. Marking says:

    For those playing SonoHana on Mac or Linux systems, the first release candidate of the PlayOnMac/PlayOnLinux scripts are now available. If you wanted to check out Longing of an Angel for yourself, now’s your chance. There’s also plenty of fixes and updates for the older scripts, so be sure to download the new scripts!

    • flame says:

      Awesome, thanks a ton! Had success (with your help) on the first 12, hoping the 13th works just as well

  73. ImmSketch says:

    Hey, could you tell me what I did wrong? It’s the first time I’m playing 😀 Img->

  74. popo says:

    Still no translation for Maidens of Michael? 😦

    • empbike says:

      Please be patient, they’ve just finished the translation for 9th visual novel and checking them through right now, 11th may take some wine since it’s newer visual novel


    • ShizukuErisuFan says:

      Translating, editing, typesetting, and quality check are not easy tasks. So, you need to have some patience until the fan translation groups complete their works.

  75. tamed lion says:

    I’m so happy they’ve allmost finished SH9! Even SH10 is halfway translated.
    Huge thanks to everyone who worked on the visual novels!!
    By the way, is Fuguriya planning on doing a drama-cd for Eris and shizuku in the near future? I’d really like to see that.

    • Yi says:

      I wonder. They haven’t done one for them yet at all. That’s odd.

      • anabona32 says:

        Hmmm…maybe because of some long dialogue in non japanse language?Most of the voice actors have difficulty pronouncing English after all…
        or … they may be planning something big … something like a reunion or a drama cd showing the farewell Eris and Shizuku. (since I did not played Maidens of Michael but I judge by the images that is clear that she will be leaving…)

  76. natelee says:

    Is there a guide to Sono Hanabira ni Kuchidzuke o: Michael no Otometachi? I can’t get a few of the CG’s. (I’ve only completed the first couple)

  77. Lauto says:

    I have always wondered what types of people enjoy thisgame series and moreimportantly why then enjoy them. I found this series right before SH10 and thought the artwork was beautiful. I kept up with it but when I saw that it was an erogue novel I was detoured. I decided to perservere through and check out more of the artwork and I really like Peko’s style. I wisht the series wasn’t erogue so i could show my friends it but it will forever remain a secret that i like it.

    Reason I like it: Art style looks amazing. G:M

    • Yi says:

      For me personally, I enjoy this franchise because sometimes it’s nice to have an eroge that is so light. Granted, darker or heavier stuff have their charms too, but I want my share of sweet, fluffy stories to take my mind off things.

      And also, as you said, the artworks are amazing! It’s also a huge draw for me. ^ ^

    • Public_Enemy says:

      Beside being awesome as hell, I follow it because I was getting a little sick of all pseudo-yuri games that I tried before who at some point included some weird stuff or worse A BOY *shudders*. Also all the characters are lovely and sometimes badass, the story maybe so-so at times but in the end it will get a laugh out of you, or a “Oh [character]” moment, and makes you feel warm and fuzzy in the inside. The art is awesome and it gets better with each game. The H-scenes are just a nice complement

    • empbike says:

      since i started following this from OVA, i didn’t mid the H scene at all. i wanted some nice story that doesn’t go overboard with sex and good art style.
      also since i started with OVA, i fell in love with the characters especially Reo.
      granted some part i do feel weird like Runa x Takako, but overall i enjoy it for the story.
      and i generally skip the sex scene depending on my mood that day 🙂

      • ShizukuErisuFan says:

        If you are interested in yuri genre visual novel with light H scene (Hanabira is heavy),
        I recommend you Okujou no Yurirei-san (Yuri Ghosts on the Rooftop). It has nicely written stories.

  78. AXYPB says:

    The English translation for A Kiss For The Petals – My Dear Prince now supports the remake version.

  79. AXYPB says:

    NaAaF of Yuri Project has decensored the CGs in the first A Kiss For The Petals visual novel. See Petals’ Garden for more information, or the Yuri Project thread for download links.

  80. empbike says:

    this is quick question.
    i’ve been making playthrough video for sono hanabira on dailymotion, and when i want to upload the video it ask for the channel i should be in. now there are two possible categories i can associate with, Gaming and Gay/Lesbian category.
    i know SH doesn’t fit into these but these are closest possible categories i can think of and dailymotion won’t let me upload the video unless i chose one….
    what do you guys think?

    • Yi says:

      I would actually put it into entertainment – anime (if there is one) or animation/comics. Make sure that Dailymotion is OK with adult content though.

      • empbike says:

        dailymotion is ok with adult content. it is bit strange that they don’t have caegory for animation…

        • KumaIchigo says:

          In case of Niconico-Douga, SH related movies are mainly categorized for Gaming. Because of Reo-ppoi radio, many SH movies are categorized for Radio also. It is bit strange that they don’t have caegory for gay/lesbian … that’s real Japanese society.
          (Gay/Lesbian tag is functioned, so practically no problem. Niconico does not allow adult contents)
          In addition, Yurinyurin inhibit playthrough video ( , then it should be banned immediately in Niconico.
          English subbed playthrough video is missed (ignored?) by Yurinyurin in youtube. Japanese original play through video is immediately deleted even in youtube usually.
          I don’t know about dailymotion’s situation.

        • empbike says:

          i do upload my videos on youtube as well as on daily motion, but if they want me to remove the videos, i’ll be happy to do so.
          thanks for the good information. 🙂

        • empbike says:

          actually, dailymotion just deactivated my sonohana1209 account now.
          now i can only upload it to youtube and make it censored 😦

        • Yi says:

          Oh that’s too bad, empbike. 😦 I guess adult material still crosses their terms. 😦

  81. AXYPB says:

    Yurin Yurin revealed the second visual novel in the blue label series, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi (その花びらにくちづけを 天使たちの春恋), on 11 July 2013. The release date is scheduled for 30 August 2013.

    This is the first of two sequels to Longing of an Angel announced for this year and stars two side characters from that visual novel, Hikawa Yuuno and Ishigami Satsuki. Translations for character profiles and story information are forthcoming.

  82. empbike says:

    can anybody tell me the choices for A Kiss for the Petals – Sweet Enchanting Kisses please?

  83. KumaIchigo says:

    Fuguriya is preparing new sonohana radio CD, It is announced in Reo-ppoi Radio ep59.

    玲緒っぽくないらじお 2013 SUMMER

    Rough translation:
    “Reo’s Reo-ish Radio Extra
    Non-Reo-ish Radio 2013 SUMMER
    ‘AS IS’ Anzu Hana feat. Izumi Ayaka”

    ‘Probabry’ the Radio CD will be released at Comiket84 … now preparing.

    • Yi says:

      Thanks for the information, kumaichigo. Is this the same ones as the three drama CD that were released on August 10th?

      I’m a bit behind on all the recent updates.

  84. coldenic says:

    uuuff … I’ve finally finished part of the saga MunyaDora! …
    with the help of my friends Kuma and Leon, it was possible to finish the first translation…
    I hope you enjoy it and share it or give like;)




    • KumaIchigo says:

      Thank you very much and I’m sorry I couldn’t make video by myself because of my family mourning.
      That is very good and … It is better than I’m making.

      • coldenic says:

        don’t worry, look forward to working with you on this project > . <

        • KumaIchigo says:

          there are some typo probably by me, and these two mistakes are something critical.

          0:37 O-on Valentine’s day, I will give Mai some gifts. (opposite)
          1:38 Reo said “WITH A HOLE?!!” (disappear)

    • AXYPB says:

      If you have the source files for this video, I’d like to take the opportunity to attempt to re-create it with cleaner and more consistent typesetting.

      • KumaIchigo says:

        If coldenic agree, I’d like to ask you.
        And also I want to resume typo and mis-translations.
        Now, I’m talking with her.
        (And I’m searching translators and editors for ep2 and later. Reo-ppoi Radio is now reached to ep59. I’m busy now and yuri project is seriously over loaded.
        Reo-ppoi Radio also has opening drama. Kanduki Kamibukuro made videos until ep10, but no English sub. I also want to make English sub for them but …)

    • anabona32 says:

      Wtf was … that conversation?
      I have to say that i find funny on the beginning but… both were very out of character.
      (Mainly Kaede, Reo escaped of character sometimes she could return sometimes)
      Well..I was disappointed.But still I must say that I appreciate the efforts and work of you guys in this project. ^^

      • well it’s a web radio XD

      • KumaIchigo says:

        That is why the radio show is named Reo-ppoi (Reo-ish) Radio. XD
        There’s no boundary between Reo and Anzu Hana.

        Ep1 was distributed at Feb.14, 2011. I think Anzu Hana has been good voice actress from the beginning but she had have no experience of radio personality, especially free talking before the radio started. Then first 9 episodes are called as “Dark Period” by Anzu Hana herself, she was not fluent and sometimes silent in the radio, these web radios were always tagged “She is pity alone”, “Please give her a guest host”.
        In ep4 and 5, Kaede (Gogyou Nazuna) came again by Anzu Hana’s request but Reo and Kaede were like Recruit and Sergeant though. … she was young only two years ago… I can’t believe she is Anzu Hana now. And I believe it is an important reason why Japanese fans are attracted by Anzu Hana, they’ve supported her from the earlier.
        Reo’d waken up from ep10 that Mai-ppoi Izumi Ayaka has been attended.

        In addition, Anzu Hana has mentioned to oversea fans from ep7 that AXYPB’s letter was read (read? Anzu Hana abandoned the letter because she couldn’t read English) , it was the beginning of all, for me, and the first time Japanese fan know about oversea fandom.

    • Yi says:

      Wow, this is lovely and super adorbs! I really enjoyed it. ^ ^

      Thanks for the hard work! ❤

  85. Anyone knows the correct choices on Longing of an Angel (Hanabira 13: Chiaki x Ringo)? By the way, I have all the answers up to Lovers of the Atelier (Credits to all users that posted first on this website):

    Hanabira 01: 2-1-2-1
    Hanabira 02: 1-1-1
    Hanabira 03: 1-1-2-1
    Hanabira 04: 1-2-1-1
    Hanabira 05: 1-1-1
    Hanabira 06: 1-2-1-2
    Hanabira 07: 2-2-2-1
    Hanabira 08: 1-1-1-1-1
    Hanabira 09: 1-1-2-2-2
    Hanabira 10: 1-1-1-2
    Hanahira! : 1-1-2-2

    Hanabira 11: Clear the game once with the Happy End of Risa x Miya:
    Then, start a new game and select the next options:
    Next, you will now be able to go to another couple ending:
    1. Nanami x Yuuna: 1-2-1.
    2. Kaede x Sara : 1-1-2.
    3. Mai x Reo : 2-1-1.
    4. Shizuku x Eris: 1-1-1.
    5. Takako x Runa : 1-1-2.
    6. Replay Risa x Miya.

    Hanabira 12: 1-2-1-2-1

    • empbike says:

      Looks like eris, shizuku, runa and takako are missing then. I wonder why. Are they not going to apper or are they going to release another cover image with them included. I really hope erisu and shizuku appear

      • AXYPB says:

        They were confirmed to make returns in a director’s interview in the July 2013 issue of Dengeki Hime. They are implied to take lesser roles.

        • empbike says:

          Yeah, I found that out after reading your site. Silly of me to ask question without any research.
          Anyway, then it is safe to assume that since that they are taking lesser role means that they won’t have their individual story like maidens of Michael. Understandable seeing that they are keep adding list of couples and they might not want to make it too long
          Also it may be that the new clothes suggest that all the characters are now older so nanami, risa, miya are now second year students and so on. This is just pure speculation but I hope it’s the case, this also explains the lesser role of eris and shizuku as they have graduated.
          Its good too see they they are still supporting older characters, yuna and nanami are still one of my favourite couples.
          This post got longer then I intended so I’ll end with one question
          I heard that eris leave Japan after maidens of Michael, is that true?

    • the_elevator_man says:

      Awesome cover image. Love how it mirrors the previous RisaMiya feature and fits with the “massive” game motif.

      Reo turning the tables on Mai is a cute bonus ^^;

    • anabona32 says:

      My my! Kaede sure is getting more and more bold as the times goes on!
      ( And Reo too!The shocked looks on Mai Face is priceless ^^)

    • Yi says:

      Once again, thank you AXYPB. Without you, this page would be nothing. Snow White’s Knight has been added to the index.

      A new major work featuring all the characters. I am ecstatic!

      Also, I think revisiting the characters are a wonderful idea. They still have a lot of room to grow as characters, and the franchise can save some of its ideas for the future without overwhelming its fans with a few new girls every year.

  86. ShizukuErisuFan says:

    Sorry, I need some help here. As Yi’s blog is one of the most active blog, allow me to ask one.
    Probably @AXYPB could help me with this; I have encounter an error while playing visual novels–that is the introduction videos and cutscenes using video playback only loaded half of the screen, while the other half just showing some big black bar. I further noticed that only visual novels that uses kirikiri engine with .xp3 files are showing this problem. How do I fix this error? Do appreciate any help. Thanks.

    • Marking says:

      If I remember correctly, the KiriKiri engine makes use of WMV and MPEG video, so I would make sure that you have the proper video codecs installed to play those. Installing Windows Media Player should make it work. If not, try installing the latest version of FFDShow and see if that helps with video playback. In the case of SonoHana 13, I think it uses WMV, but I could be wrong.

  87. alandim says:

    Pre-order for The Angels’ Spring Romance is now available on Manga Oh (

  88. eempbik says:

    Isn’t it strange that all the product beside from visual novels are taking place a year after visual novels?

    • AXYPB says:

      The drama CDs and light novels explore the lives of the students outside of school, so it is natural for them to take place in advance of the visual novels.

  89. ShizukuErisuFan says:

    I am getting a weird vibe when first playing Tenshi no Akogare. I feel like JUN’s writings were a lot better as compared to Madoka’s when it comes to SonoHana…

    • Yi says:

      I have to agree a little. Perhaps I’ve been too familiar with JUN, or perhaps the artwork affected my reading, but I found Tenshi no Akogare to be not as… endearing.

  90. Alex says:

    Я ненавижу новый стиль анимации.

    • empbike says:

      what do you mean animation? do you mean new visual novel? i’m sorry if you specified what you meant on your comment but i had to use google translate.
      if you are talking about longing of an angel, yeah i do prefer the old ones…

  91. Lenora Whipple says:

    Been looking at the Yuri Projects page for like 30 minutes and still can’t find status updates for translations for the games…Help….

    • empbike says:

      When you go to Yuri project page, look on toprightcover and find wiki button, press it and after page reload, look on the left hand side for translation projects

  92. Vocal Korosu says:

    Hello, I am new to this website. I am here to ask if theres a English patch for this? I downloaded the game but I can’t read it at all. I only understand the voices sadly..

    • empbike says:

      Depending on which game you have installed, if you have first 8 games, yes there are patches, look for them at the top where the list of games are or at axypb’s website. If you have later ones, nope, not yet

  93. alandim says:

    New doujin!!
    A Sunny Day for the Petals

    Once again this doujin is about Mai and Reo and takes place in a public pool on summer.

    Art by: Yuri
    Story by: Amanda Landim
    Editing by: AXYPB, Kuma Ichigo.

    Please, look forward for more doujinshi.

  94. empbike says:

    i need some help.
    i would like to start Korean translation for light novels but i need some help to get it started
    more information

  95. empbike says:

    for those of you who haven’t heard the story, 2 days ago there were update on AXYPB’s website about Snow White’s Knight.
    the story brief and updated character information has been translated by Ralen and for those of you who haven’t read it yet, it is quite interesting story.
    story brief also tells that i was right about story taking place a year after previous VN 🙂
    i think i have posted bit too much comment here lately and i apologize for that.

    • Yi says:

      No worries. I opened up this comment thread specifically with the intention that everyone can post discussions and share information. ^ ^

      Thanks for being so active, empbike! ♥

  96. Blackfire says:

    As a follow up from my last post, I finished the Fanfiction for Reo x Mai’s perfect Christmas. It lacked an ending and I put of finishing it for a while, but I did finally wrap it up.

    Here’s the link for anyone who would like to read:

  97. Ritsu says:

    Hello everyone!
    I don’t know if here is the right place to ask this (and if it’s not, I’m so sorry), but I have found problems to play the Tenshi no Akogare. I download it, then after I unzip it, I mount the .iso thing with the daemon tools, then execute the setup. Until here, everything is fine, but then when I go to really play it, it appears an error, something with “max regex search depth exceed” and a window with a lot of codes (the image to see better: ). Does anyone knows how to fix it? Or how can I make it work somehow? I tried to download both torrent and with mirror, but both gives this problem.
    If anyone could help me, I would be very glad 🙂
    Thank you.

  98. coldenic says:

    hola seguidores hispano-hablantes de SH, he aquí la traducción de “amantes de cabello oscuro” y “nuestra vida en el campus”.

    Also, in the description I let them the translation in English 😀

    • Yi says:

      The dark haired sisters, so adorbs! I always thought Mai and Shizuku had a similar look with that hime-cut, which I absolutely adore!

      Thanks for the cute translation~ ❤

  99. empbike says:

    Does anyone translating light novels into English? I read on the comment that ShizukuErisuFan halted his/her translation due to EoX translating them but I don’t think they will be translating anymore light novels.

    • ShizukuErisuFan says:

      If given the green light, I will reconsider translating one more LN.
      I’ll pick up Nukumori ni Tsutsumarete if so. Then, I’ll be needing someone to edit/qc/proofread my script.

      • empbike says:

        alright. hope you will be getting the green light. as i said. i don’t think EoX will be translating another light novels but i don’t know….
        wish i could help you with the translation if you do translate but sadly i can’t speak japanese 😦
        BTW, if you read the Music box of Memories, what do you think of it? i personally don’t like it that much.

        • ShizukuErisuFan says:

          If you could help me to proof read and do the quality check for the translated English scripts, I’d be happy to work with you for the LN translation project.
          As for Music Box of Memories, personally I don’t really like the way Asagi Ryu presenting the Hanabira characters in his own view. Well, to be frank, his works contains lots of sex and focus less on the content itself (except the his latest works). Well, he can draw and make yuri manga by his own perspective but, sorry, for me, he really does not suited in presenting hanabira at all. To be honest, the story concept itself loooks stupid to me.

        • empbike says:

          replying to myself…
          i will help where i can as much as possible.

        • ShizukuErisuFan says:

          Okay. I’ll informed you once I can get my hands on the translation works.
          Currently busy with real life stuff.

      • Yi says:

        Good luck, you two! I would offer to edit, but my days of editing translations for manga and such are long over. Time is so hard to squeeze out (much like Reo’s cleavage, I guess). In any case, if you need an additional proof reader for the script, and don’t have one yet, I can help.

  100. Zekrom says:

    Someone has the link for The Angels’ Spring Romance????

  101. empbike says:

    guys, i made Korean Translation for light novel Christmas for two of us.
    hopefully someone out there will enjoy it 🙂

    • Yi says:

      While I don’t read Korean, I’m sure there will be someone who finds this super helpful! It’s always good to see fans put so much into the Sono Hanabira community. ^ ^

  102. Public_Enemy says:

    Still no torrent or at least a CG pack of the new game, guys, Im scared

  103. Miyuki Nee-chan says:

    Is there an english translation for Maidens of Michael?

  104. Public_Enemy says:

    Torrent for Tenshitachi no Harukoi is here, thank /u/ not me

  105. Klaudia says:

    “Max regex search depth exceeded” Am I the only one getting that error for the torrent to the new sono hana game? 😦
    anybody know how to fix it?

    • Marking says:

      You’re not the only one to get this error, don’t worry. KiriKiri-based games tend to be more picky about system locale settings than other VN engines.

      As I mentioned earlier in the comments, you have to make sure that you set your Windows locale to Japanese (recommended) or use AppLocale in Japanese mode. English DLsite has details on how to get this working. Click here to see the instructions.

      Perhaps we need a FAQ section for those common questions and/or issues running the VNs? Just a suggestion.

      • Yi says:

        I think we do need a FAQ.

        I haven’t the time to compile them yet. I have a long weekend coming up, and I’ll see what I can do. But if someone would be willing to create a page (or even just a long comment where all the common questions are), I’ll definitely link to it in the index page.

        Thanks again for all the technical help, super awesome Marking. ❤❤❤

        • Marking says:

          If you want, I could probably compile everything into a readable page so people don’t have to ask the same questions again (or if they do, just simply refer them to the page). I have time this week, so it’s no big deal.

        • Yi says:

          If you can, that would be great, but don’t stress out about it. ^ ^ Whatever is easiest for you. Thank you so so so much!!!

      • Tsukinomiko says:

        I want to thank you for the FAQ! =]
        Just a comment cuz someone else might also have this issue, since I have windows 8.1 I tried changing the language and region on the normal configurations interface that the new windows has and it didnt worked, it only worked when I went through the control panel directly and changed the region from there.. I dont know why, but that was a problem I had and I thought it might be helpful to others..

        anyway, THANK YOU soooooo much for the help!!!

    This page says that Sono Hana is translated and edited…..does that mean it’s true or not?

  107. empbike says:

    Yurin Yurin has released more image at their website, now total of 12 images are available.
    6 new images are NSFW by the way.
    thanks to AXYPB for the news 🙂
    i really like the image of Kaede and Takako swamping their clothes 🙂

  108. Yiwen Zhang says:

    Just downloaded Hanabira 2 but it couldn’t run for some reason, keps on having an error code

    Here is a picture ;_;

  109. kaimi says:

    nice work !

  110. AXYPB says:

    Yurin Yurin is accepting submissions for tanka poems relating to A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight. See this post for more information.

  111. anon says:

    The Eris x Shizuku Drama CD was posted some time ago on /u/.

    Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Our Life on Campus

  112. empbike says:

    Just pointing it out, name of drama CD for Ringo and Chiaki is wrong, it’s suppose to be season of hydrangeas not Golden vacation of Risa

  113. i feel like im shrifiling up like an old woman waiting for the patch to com out.ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  114. Nickpo says:

    Sorry guys i just started this vn series i have already finished the first two but whenever i close the game despite saving the game or simply reaching the end.The cg sets just vanish and i have to repeat the scenes again in order to unlock them is there any fix to it?

    • Marking says:

      When you save the game, does the save slot show up again when you quit the game and open it again? If not, then it sounds like a read-only issue. I usually install the games using the installation program (Setup.exe). If you haven’t done that, that is one way to fix the issue. Just make sure to set your system locale to Japanese before doing so.

      Another method would be to right-click on the folder where SonoHana is stored in, click on “Properties” and then uncheck the “read-only” box if it’s checked. Let me know if these methods worked.

  115. Marking says:

    I had some time in my hands, so I went ahead and created a FAQ for some common issues that people run into when installing/running the SonoHana visual novels. I hope I have covered the common issues that people usually have trouble with.

    If you’re just getting into the series, and are having problems with SonoHana, you may find your answer here!

    • empbike says:

      i also found this video on youtube. it says it’s for Lovers at Atelier but it can work with other ones as well.
      only comment about the video is that i recommend using DAEMON tool lite. it’s free to use.

    • also, i just found this out. if you have windows 7 ultimate (like i do), you don’t have to change locale setting. i just downloaded japanese language pack from windows update and it worked too

    • Yi says:

      Thanks for that compilation of FAQs. I’ve linked it on the index page for now. This should drastically clean up a lot of the comments.

      p.s. Sorry for the late replies on things. I’m really swamped lately by school. 😦
      p.p.s. Thanks again!

  116. Vampire(G)Girl says:

    ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)do i feel like a snail in a tortoise race!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Marking says:

    Mac and Linux users don’t need to feel left out in the “Angels” sub-series, as the PlayOnMac/PlayOnLinux scripts have been updated to support the newest visual novel, The Angels’ Spring Romance. I have also added the ability to automatically download a patch for SonoHana 13 (provided by Yurin Yurin) that fixes video playback for some users.

    Be sure to continue the “Angels” saga on your Mac/Linux system by downloading the new scripts!

    Also, thanks for the find, empbike! I went ahead and added a link to that YouTube user’s SonoHana installation playlist on the SonoHana Technical FAQ.

  118. Seriously, waiting sucks. But Sono Hana is SOOO worth it! :D:D:D

  119. empbike says:

    not really related to sono hana but i can’t think of anywhere better to ask.
    are there any other yuri (doesn’t have to be VN, it can be manga, anime, anything) that is worth while getting into?
    all i could find that interested me was Sono Hanabira and Shoujo Sect.
    i will appreciate any suggestions.

  120. empbike says:

    new character relationship chart and new images for Shizuku, Eris, Takako, Runa and Rena is available.
    english (Petals Garden)
    character chart is most interesting one here. especially Rikka, Risa, Miya and Takako. there also seem to be relationship between Reo and Miya.
    as always, thanks to AXYPB for the news.

  121. nonbi says:

    Hey there, Yi!

    Long-time lurker here-I found your blog a while ago and I’ve been following since! I also found out about Sono Hanabira from your posts, back when I was starting to discover yuri. I have to thank you for your hard work maintaining not just your Sono Hanabira posts but your entire blog; really, I (and many others) appreciate the time you take out of your busy life to maintain your blog. Your insights are a delight to read!

    Anyways, thought it was about time to show myself and contribute to the international Sono Hanabira community – whether by comment or fanart.

    Yi and everyone else here, don’t overwork yourselves and let’s get along fine!

    • Yi says:

      Hey nonbi. Thank you so much for such kind words. I’ve taken a far more passive role nowadays, and most of the thanks for this page go to the community surrounding it. (I’ll take some credit for the other posts though. :))

      Anyways, I’ll keep looking forward to your fanart! ^ ^

      p.s. Your comment is just the encouragement I need to get back into blogging (…when time allows). Cheers! ❤

  122. has anyone downloaded the comiket bonus stories from eden of xeno before they got shut down?
    i’m talking about bonus stories not light novels. i believe some of them are translated into english.
    also, does anybody know why their web site got suspended?
    finally, i have some raw comiket bonus stories. if anybody want them

    Kaede, Takako, and Skimpy Swimsuits

    Miya’s Secret Gourmet

    Steamy Secrets

    The Bud Has Thorns

    P.S Steamy Secret and Miya’s Secret Gourmet hasn’t been translated yet.and also, if anybody have Light Novel Spring Splash, could you share it please? that’ll be awesome.

  123. hey all.
    few questions here
    does anybody have comiket bonus english translations?
    i would buy them from eden of xeno but it seems like their web site has been suspended for some reasons… speaking of witch.
    does anybody know why their website has been suspended?
    thirdly, does anybody have light novel spring splash? been searching for it for hours without any luck 😦

    by the way, it seems like Yi does not have some RAW for some of the comiket bonus stories. if you want them, here they are

    Kaede, Takako, and Skimpy Swimsuits

    Miya’s Secret Gourment

    Steamy Secrets

    last two has not been translated yet. and i think it’s upto fans to translate light novels/bonus stories as i don’t think EOX will be coming back.

  124. Miiku says:

    I really want to know who is the main character of the game beetween Rikka and Sayuki …. !

  125. does anybody have english copies of Sono Hana comiket bonus stories they downloaded before EOX shut down their service? i want them for my future project. and does anybody know why they shut downed their service?
    and strangely, my comments have been deleted multiple times…..

    • Yi says:

      The comment didn’t get deleted. It was simply put in moderation. When a comment contains too many links, it needs my approval to show. This is to prevent spam comments from overrunning the comment section.

      As for EOX, I wonder too. Perhaps you can contact AXYPB about it.

  126. when is the patch gonna be finished!!!!

  127. Just watched the OVA for Reo and Mai. 2 Things I have to say about it: One; I wish that the voice actors in the visual novel voiced them and Two; I wish they had an OVA for all the couples. Anyone agree?

  128. Miiku says:

    An ova for all the couples …. sounds nice 🙂 Shiziku x Eris ova ❤

  129. samzzz says:

    I cant download english patch plz help me.Do i need to buy the english patch?

  130. AXYPB says:

    Yurin Yurin has published the opening video for A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight on 4 October 2013. The song in the video, “First Love Melon Kiss” (初恋メロンKiss) has a decidedly much more light-hearted than previous songs, a summer theme with great emphasis on swimsuits, beach activity, implied sexual scenes, and English text. The song was performed and written by Anzu Hana.

  131. Masami says:

    Hi. I want to ask when I play the game in window mode, the game always pop out. Is there a way to fix it?

  132. Okay I just finished the first installment for Shizuku and Eris. I have to say I understand why people love them sooo much. I loved them too. But I don’t have a favorite. I can’t choose between all the couples. I just can’t. But I can’t wait for more installment translations! I’m so excited! Thanks to the people who translate and thanks Peko-san! For making such a great yuri. And yes, I watch the visual novels for the stories too not just for the sex. Though it adds a nice touch. :D:D

    • Miiku says:

      Ah I understand i can’t choose either 🙂 I finished all the game and it’s too …… you can’t choose 😀 Ahhhh can’t wait for Shirayuki no kishi ….

    • Yi says:

      I can’t choose between my favorites either, but I do have my leanings. Shizuku and Eris are my favorite in terms of appearances though. I love their hair! Such luscious locks!

  133. alandim says:

    Preorder for “Snow White’s Prince” is now available on MangaOh.
    This is a cheaper option for those who are interested in buying this visual novel.

  134. Biohunter says:

    As someone with the inability to play/understand the new and untranslated ones, can anyone tell me how good the new couples are in terms of story?

  135. samzz says:

    how 2 download the patch for 1st game nd how 2 run d patch for 2nd game

  136. still no patch!!ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  137. satsunyan says:

    I… wait. Is it me or there is only one Shizuku/Eris drama cd? D;

  138. ShizukuErisuFan says:

    Real quick comment on Tenshi no Akogare;
    This stuff is seriously not up to the standard of Hanabira, to me.
    I mean, the story and plot itself a repetitive stuff (I don’t mind that, really) but as the story progress, the it turned into seriously boring shit… Ah… This is the first time I felt like nothing actually appealed me when playing Hanabira yurige. I would say the first Hanabira is better than Tenshi no Akogare.
    I hate this feeling. Need to recover my shitz with Futari no Campus Life drama cd all over again.
    JUN and Sano works were better than this. Seriously.

    No offense to those who actually think this installment is good. It is just my rant and opinion after all.

    • 八意 says:

      Is it really that bad? I haven’t play but I kind of like the setting, though. It’s not like I know much about the setting, but as far as I know it’s about the chestnut hair character who got to live with the person she admire so much (the black haired one) only to have her delusion about how perfect her idol was destroyed. It is bad when you find out that your idol fart when eating, but then you realize that you’ve came to know them a little better, and then you smile.

      If anything, I think this story is all about the journey of two-dimensional star and her fan gaining more “depth” along the journey. That’s Shoujou Manga up to the letter T.

      Bear in mind that I haven’t actually played it yet. But if it turns out really that bad, then I think they’re just bad at the execution. People try and stumble sometimes.^^

    • Yi says:

      I agree mostly. It almost feels as if this one was produced simply to expand the Sono Hanabira universe, i.e. so that the stories and characters do not feel so one note (almost all the characters are students). Tenshi no Akogare is there to expand the setting and cast, but does not actually put the effort to give them much beyond a character background.

    • Marking says:

      What is odd to me with the Angels sub-series is that it should have been its own series rather than using the SonoHana name. I think it was first brought up as a new series back in January before it was revealed to be part of SonoHana. I’m sure there are many reasons as to why this happened, but I can only speculate at this point.

      There is definitely a more serious tone when reading the Angels sub-series compared to the main series which has caused controversy among fans (and the artwork as well). In the case of the first VN, it was pretty meh in both the story and art style. However, I felt that the second VN improved from the first, in both art style and plot. The two characters in that one were more fleshed out compared to the first pairing.

      Don’t get me wrong; it’s good that Yurin Yurin is trying different things with their visual novels, but I think this should have been its own (mini)series. That’s just me, though.

      • Yi says:

        I think you make a great point about it feeling more like its own series! Perhaps it would’ve been more appropriate to treat more akin to what Fuguriya did with Hanahira, which is that it’s a separate title that still references the original.

        All that said, it’s a fairly trivial thing, and I agree that Yurin Yurin is doing wonders to expand the Hanabira world.

  139. whoa! so there’s a new PV for the new VN,eh? OuO

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