Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu (Sono Hanabira 9) Comes Out Today

Sono Hanabira 10 Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu yuri visual novel loli Takako Runa

Today is the day I have been waiting for for the last couple of weeks. The ninth installment of Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo is finally released… Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu (あまくておとなのとろけるちゅう) will be my early Christmas gift.

Sono Hanabira 10 Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu yuri visual novel CG preview

Most of the information on this game can be found in my earlier post. This is just a reminder for yuri fans and an excuse to post some lovely Peko art. With that said, I will keep this post short.

Sono Hanabira 10 Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu yuri visual novel

Takako will be in training for spring break, so she plans something very special for herself and her student lover, Runa. I love Runa’s lingerie on the cover. This sadistic seductive loli queen can be so sexy.

SonoHana 10 Runa Takako yuri kiss

The DL version was released on December 3rd, 2010 at a recommended price of ¥1700; the packaged version will be out on December 17th at a recommended ¥1900.

Sono Hanabira Couples Goaltape Athletic Festival Runa Takako Light Novel

The accompanying light novel, Couple’s Goal tape (人のゴールテープ), will also be released on December 17th. Runa and Takako join the athletic festival. It seems like Takako is forced into those bloomers by Runa.

Drama CD Dreamy Days Nanami Yuuna

Also out on December 17th is the newest Drama CD, Dreamy Days (夢のような日々), featuring Nanami and Yuuna from the original game. Because of home remodeling, Nanami temporarily moves in with her onee-sama, Yuuna. Good things ensue.

Well, my December should be pretty rich in terms of yuri.

More information on the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

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181 Responses to Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu (Sono Hanabira 9) Comes Out Today

  1. AXYPB says:

    I’m starting to notice a trend in the plotlines for this series. Starting with the previous light novel, there appears to be more of an attempt to show non-incidental stories. It’s no longer a string of expressions of romance, but actual episodic plots. Dreamy Days is the most apparent step; the first two drama CDs depicted inconsequential vacations, but there’s a lot of potential development to be seen when Nanami is forced out of her home for three weeks. Similarly, the new visual novel is about a heavily planned date–a single significant event, rather than generic character establishment. I’m looking forward to the next chapters in the other couples’ stories.

    • Yi says:

      I think this may just be a natural consequence of sequels. The relationship by now for most pairs have been fairly established. No longer is there a “chase”. Rather, we’re now seeing the fruits of all that.

      I guess that’d be an incentive for Fuguriya to continually pump out new couples every once in a while.

      • AXYPB says:

        This is the first time I’ve watched a series develop from scratch like this, so I felt the need to point it out.

        • Yi says:

          It’s a very good point. In fact, very rarely is there anything like Hanabira in the visual novel world. Of course, there’s the whole Nasuverse and less relevantly, Touhou… etc. But in terms of romance/ drama, I can’t think of another eroge series that has such depth, so much so that we can talk about sequels, structure, trends… etc.

        • AXYPB says:

          To be honest, when I started planning my analyses on the series, I intended it to be a joke. The idea of discussing character depth in a hentai seemed funny to me at the time. But the more I looked into it, the more I discovered that there’s a lot of legitimate depth to be explored, especially in the more controversial aspects. I might be missing the point since this is the only adult work I’m familiar with, but since the emphasis is clearly not on building a fully-fledged canon to the point that self-pleasure is a selling point, I was amazed when I realized there’s more to the series beneath the heavy sex appeal.

        • Yi says:

          Undoubtedly a pleasant surprise from a niche yuri adult v.n.

  2. Swordwind says:

    Still waiting for Shizuku & Eli take two…

    On a related note, when did you add the snow animation to the banner?

    • Yi says:

      Me too. It should come not too far in the future… Hopefully.

      “On a related note, when did you add the snow animation to the banner?”
      Thanks for noticing!
      I added that a few days ago in the spirit of winter and the upcoming holidays. I thought it’s a nice little touch. The snow will stop falling come January.

      p.s. They’re not just on the banner. The snow drops all the way. It’s just the white background makes the effect less dramatic. For example, if you check out the images, the snow falls through them too.

      p.p.s. If this is lagging the site, let me know… I’ll remove the snow.

  3. Verdure says:

    Any idea on when a download will be found? Seeing as it’s the download version being released, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was up within a few hours.

  4. shinra says:

    Won’t be expecting much cause I don’t like Takako n Runa that much….. BUT I WANT THE Drama CD of Nanami and Yunna!!


  5. EmperorG says:

    Ah, another episode to add to my long list of Hanabira games that I’m waiting to see translations of. Christmas will be fun, but Summer Vacation (which is when I’m speculating at least 2 translations will be completed) will be oh so much sweeter.

    Dang, Takako looks sexy being seduced by Runa. The more hate I see against this couple, the more I sympathized with them and learned to accept them despite their huge age gap compared to Pure Water Adolescence and other Student/Teacher relationships. Also, it’ll be music to my ears to hear Runa saying “Sensei” 100 more times.

    It amazes me just how incredibly impact making an eroge series turned out. Fans love it so much,, that the H-scenes themselves are quite pointless without the couples’ development. We need more series like these that help make yuri more than just a fetish for lesbians and girl love admirers alike.

    • AXYPB says:

      I’m currently planning a series of character studies for my blog that I’ll start when more translations finish. I suspect Runa’s page will be the longest by far.

      • EmperorG says:

        Hohoho, a most splendid idea indeed. this ladies and gentlemen, is more proof that this series is more than just multiple love stories disguised as eorge, they are games with characters that intrigue the mind of researchers across the internet. so much so that they’ve dedicated their free time into researching the minds of these fascinating beings known as the students of St. Michaels Academy. (Sorry if I got the name of the school wrong)

        • Yi says:

          I love the fact that people can enjoy the games in drastically different levels. Some can look deeper into it as AXYPB has, while others can just breeze through the yuri scenes game by game without much thought given to the world and interactions created through the series and its associated works. Both ways are valid and enjoyable.

  6. hisui19 says:

    this is my happy christmas! Once again, you’re really good! >_< Another great review!
    Well there's still one thing… the art book?

  7. Smithy says:

    Mmhhh, will be keeping an eye out for this! Though I’ve yet to play most of the other stories, ack… curse you lack of time!

    At least we have Peko’s art to fawn over.

    “Because of home remodeling, Nanami temporarily moves in with her onee-sama, Yuuna. Good things ensue.” Yuri things = good things XD

  8. Zemial99 says:

    Huh, that quick? (I don’t know, it felt like Hanabira 10 came out quickly for me)
    I might as well check it out when I have time

    Oh, and since The 4th Hanabira Drama CD: Dreamy Days is coming out in December 17th…. Hmm…… O_O

    Oh wow, Dreamy Days is coming out the day of my 1st semester finals….. crap.

    • Yi says:

      It felt really quick between the first announcement and the release date. When I first heard the dates, I totally didn’t see that DL version would be out on Dec. 3rd. I just assumed it’d be on Dec. 17 for all. Dec. 3rd seemed so quick. Well, it’s a nice early gift.

      Good luck with your finals. And don’t let Hanabira get in the way of real life. ^ ^

  9. K-Nashi says:

    damn!!that was fast!! I thought it should be around mid-December or so~ but hey, not that Im complaining of course~(still waiting for 2nd story of Shizuku Elllis of course though)

    anywey, my first comment here, been lurking your blog for awhile, I hope you dont mind..^^

    • Yi says:

      Seems like most people are more excited about Shizuku Ellis than this. I’m the same actually. Still really happy about this pair getting a sequel though.

      Thank you so much for commenting. ^ ^ It really makes me happy to be able to interact with you and others through a shared interest!

      • K-Nashi says:

        and for a good reason too!!you have to admitt that Shizu Eri is probably one of the most beautifully designed girls by Peko*emphasizes that on Ellis though..^^)
        yeah, this sequel make me happy too, since im a pretty big fan of younger x older pairing, although sometimes Runa’s aggressiveness does turns me off a bit though~(just an itty bit ..)

        havent played this game yet, but I hope in this sequel the teacher will show some of her backbone(as in, being a seme even just for one moment?lol I wish..^^

        • Yi says:

          I agree. Based on character design alone, this pair is my favorite. I really like Shizuku!

          Anyways, Takako as a seme? That would be a rare sight.

      • Kim Jong-Un says:

        There is one CG where Takako became extremely mad at Runa, who appears naked on the bed. I lolled so hard when I first saw this.

        Can anyone who has played the visual novel explain me that scene?

  10. Zardas says:

    So if this game is the 10th, then which one is the 9th? I couldn’t find it here and too only shows 8 other games.

  11. reo 2040 says:

    Thank you very much for this happy news i love all the couple in this series they are all cute but my favorite character is the tsundere queen reo she is soo cute XD

  12. AXYPB says:

    An upload has been spotted.

    • AXYPB says:

      An upload has been spotted. *dead*

      • Yi says:

        Thank you so much! Uploads came out sooner than I expected. I’ll add it to the series page.

        p.s. For various reason, most of which has to do with google and search engines, I don’t link to hongfire. I hope you understand the slight edit.

  13. AXYPB says:

    Based on the little I’ve played of this game, I’m starting to suspect that Fuguriya has some favoritism toward this couple. From the beginning I would assume that this is probably the most comprehensive chapter yet in the story, to say nothing of the background previously established with the web series. I don’t think any of the other visual novels opened in medias res like this does. It begins with Runa alone in Takako’s home, reflecting on how much she fears loneliness, establishing the theme for the entire game. It even starts with somber music for the first time. This kind of opening in a series where melancholy is otherwise secondary to the story’s purpose. My assumptions might be wrong since I only read the first few screens and brute-forced the rest to get a 100% savefile, but am I the only one impressed this much by the narrative?

    • EmperorG says:

      You think you have it rough, what about me? I don’t understand, but I want to understand the relationship between these two, without having to read your explanations. I want to feel the passion for myself, but I can only rely on my ears to do so for the time being.

      Also, I need help. As soon as the “you know what began and they got to the 3rd set, I….was….excited by this. not as much as the other couples though. I don’t understand, could Alphabetical code be right? Could Fuguruya truly be favoring this couples, or is it because of the fact that since they’re currently a couple, that their passion is 10x stronger and Fuguruya is portraying that? I’ve noticed this in most of the sequels.
      Somebody help me. I should not get excited by this. Is this the power of Sono Hanabira’s eroge side? I knew it was usually epic and powerful, but I never suspected it would be this strong that it would even make the controversial couple look this amazing.

      • AXYPB says:

        I’m currently inclined to believe that the more controversial the relationship, the more potential there is. All of the taboo sides are what gives this couple more room to expand. Yi mentioned in an earlier post that there’s a “forbidden fruit” quality to this couple. I don’t completely understand the circumstances that led to Runa’s personality, but once they’re fully mapped out, I believe we’ll have an answer as to what makes this couple work despite the controversy.

    • Swordwind says:

      Yes, you’re the only one :).

    • Yi says:

      In many ways, 7 represented a turning point. Looking at the release dates between the games. 6 and 7 have the largest gap. Runa and Takako added a much needed freshness to Hanabira. They also broke the symmetry established before hand in terms of sequels and such. The idea that Fuguriya shows an especial liking for this pair is very possible. Although not at the level shown to Reo and Mai, they probably put more time into Runa Takako than Kaede Sara.

      Well, time to get to 10.

  14. HiHeyHello says:

    Wow thats great that it came out nice and early. Also I agree with AXYPB on the depth of the game. Though I might add, since I have ventured into other Eroge and the such to see what I was really interested in, that in the Eroge industry today people are asking more for a background in most cases to what they are playing, as they get more advanced and people begin to buy it more and more, these companies have to add to their games more content to have more people buy it. So overall you will see intense stories like Hanabira and others compared to the old ones which were just hentai this and that with no story or character development. Well thats just my take on it and I also enjoyed reading all the comments so far added.

    Also to me Yuri needs a story to it to be good. Just my thoughts you can tell me what you think about that.

    • AXYPB says:

      I was able to enjoy this series well before I comprehended how deep the story can be. If you want an “intense” story, the longer manga series at places like Lililicious and MakiMaki cover more themes than Sonohana is willing to touch.

      • HiHeyHello says:

        Oh yes I completely understand. I have read some of the works from those groups you mentioned.

        Also I enjoyed this Series even before noticing how deep they actually went. It kind of made me think later on just like you how deep these games/visual novel are getting. Though the more I looked into the Yuri Genre, I found myself liking the ones that make it seem deep in a way. At least I ended up preferring the ones that ended up having a story to it like these.

      • Yi says:

        In terms of story and depth, manga will always have an edge on visual novels simply because the amount of information that can be covered through panels and images. V.N. is always going to have to dedicate text space to exposition and action, while manga can easily do all of that with a few panels. What V.N. does have is the interactive feeling, and I think that’s my favorite thing about Hanabira. Even though the choices have no consequence, even if most of it is just reading text, somehow Hanabira makes the experience more personal.

  15. Kim Jong-Un says:

    Chairman Yi!


    Is it just me, or judging by the CGs, Runa’s been getting physically bigger throughout the course of the visual novel?

    I can imagine Runa kinda resembling Erisu in physique by the time she reach third year in Mikajou. ^___^

    • AXYPB says:

      She’s at the right age for puberty so this wouldn’t be unnatural.

      • EmperorG says:

        Just think of her as a less disturbing version of The Queen from Seikon no Quaser. If you can do that, all done.

        • EmperorG says:

          Sorry for the duble post, but I just remembered to post this. To me, the Sonohana series accomplishes the following: Establishing a sexually active relationship between 6 couples (so far) and actually make the player/viewer care for the events that lead to the passionate lovemaking. The series succeeds in creating characters that we can like and go squee! over and not cross into typical male targeted eroge territory.
          It’s a world that belongs to 14 girls. the Academy is a paradise created for women who seek to find love in a place they know that they will not be persecuted for it. Think Strawberry Panic, except there are no nuns in sight.
          It is deep enough to consider exploring the girls’ minds, but not so deep that it’ll make fans ask questions beyond the very fabric of space and time.

        • Kim Jong-Un says:

          6 sexually active couples?

          Aren’t there only five of them? Don’t tell me you’ve included Koharu and Amane!

        • AXYPB says:

          If that’s the case, then there should be seven couples.

        • Yi says:

          @Kim Jong-Un: She is still developing… and that makes the game seem a bit… illegal.

          @EmperorG: I agree that Fuguriya has successfully incorporated a lot of kyaa~ moments into this series. However, I still think the series is very much targeted toward the male demographic. Of course, that’s not to assign gender roles… etc. etc. But yea, Hanabira has a predominantly male audience.

  16. hisui19 says:

    it’s ok Yi-san! You’re very helpful, I don’t mind if it’s not popular… I just want Yuri and not anything else XD oh and this is out of place but can somebody help me install the Hanahira game? I can’t do it… *cry

  17. Necrocosmos says:

    I came to like Runa, she is kinda awesome, resembles a bit otaku with her games and manga and ofcourse tsundere powa rulles >< Well still i want more Mai( my fav chara in hanabira), thou i want to see more Ellis and Shizuka as well. Got to finnish this one first i thing, and then wait for next production. Btw thx for a link Shana.

    • Yi says:

      Everyone seems to have different favorite characters. I love Runa too, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to Shizuka x Ellis more. Still, for this Christmas, the spotlight shines on our favorite loli S-queen. ^ ^

  18. Nopy says:

    I like Peko’s artwork, especially the hair and eyes. I wish he/she made some more Mayoi Neko Overrun images, but I’ll settle for some more Sono Hanabira.

    • Yi says:

      It’s too bad the anime was so… terrible. I wouldn’t mind seeing Peko do more Mayoi Neko illustrations. Actually, I’m just happy to see Peko artworks.

  19. hisui19 says:

    I can’t reply to you Yi-san so I just made another… My problem is, when I click the setup.exe, the small window will pop up with words I don’t understand and when I click the “ok” nothing comes next… so what should I do? I really wanted to try it out, and I really hope I can buy it here… is there anyone who wants to translate it?

    • AXYPB says:

      You need to use AppLocale to install and run Japanese games.

    • Yi says:

      First, make sure you’ve downloaded the file/ files successfully. Then extract them. Once you’ve done that, there are some things you can try.

      Change the folder names to English instead of Japanese.
      If that still fails, you can also try to move all the contents to a new folder.

      To play, I don’t think you need to double click set up. Just double click Hana9.

      Anyways, good luck and enjoy. ^ ^

      • hisui19 says:

        ok, I first tried to change the name to English and it works but I can’t understand the words in 3 buttons, except for the direct X…

        @AXYPB: it won’t harm my computer right?

        I’ll try it to install it again later… thanks for all of your advise!

        • AXYPB says:

          It only runs a program in a different locale temporarily, so it has no permanent effect on anything. Despite what the page says, it also works in Windows 7.

        • Yi says:

          @hisui: I’m not sure what you’re talking about with the 3 buttons. Just double click hana9.exe and it should play.

  20. some fan says:

    hey! thanks for the mediafire links! i was waiting for this game! i started playing sono hanabira a few years ago and became an instant fan! this site is nice, thanks for always psoting new things about this series.

    • Yi says:

      Thanks goes to AXYPB and Shana S.
      I hope you visit again. ^ ^

      • EmperorG says:

        I really need to work on finding the reply buttons on the replies that don’t have them, since those are sometimes the replies that I wish to reply to. (That’s a lot of replying in one sentence)
        Anyway, I did go overboard in calling the Hanahira cast sexually active. The point is that they’re somewhat couples as well, or at least they might be in the future.
        Now as for the male demographic statement, you’re correct Yi. Then again, most eroge are made with the male demographic in mind. It’s just that I think that this series in particular does have a larger female fanbase than other eroges. I mean, there have to be SOME Kirinos (female otakus) on this site and I know darn well that this game has a large female fanbase. It has to. It would be a sad day if there are Ayases secretly stalking this site.

        • necrocosmos says:

          “SOME Kirinos” made my day^^, thou if it comes to female fanbase its ussually just yaoi, but i thing hanabira might have some female fanbase as well, and btw i dont thing Ayase would dare to use this site, she would call it mostly explicite and leave in an instant.

        • Yi says:

          Hm… I’m not too sure if the claim that Hanabira has a larger female fanbase is valid. I don’t know if it’s not valid either. I really can’t say for sure since I don’t have any numbers to go on. I also don’t know enough about other visual novels to say anything.

          I’m positive there are quite a few women who like this series. I just don’t know if that makes this more female friendly than others.
          Love the OreImo references though. ^ ^

          p.s. In this example, if you wanted to have your comment under mine, just reply to this one.

          The reason some comments don’t have a reply button is because I set the thread level to 3. But if you wanted to have your comment appear below mine, just reply to who I was replying to. That way, it will line up underneath mine… Does that kind of make sense?
          Anyways, you’ll figure it out eventually.

          @necrocosmos: Is this site really that explicit? I feel like I keep it safe enough for at least high school students… I’m not the best judge of that though.

      • EmperorG says:

        In this day and age, human curiosity knows no bounds, so to worry about teenagers or the young accidentally peeking at the more “explicit” blogs by comrade Yi is the parent’s fault. In any case, the fact that once you click on Sono Hanabira and the first image you see is two women together, that should immediately give any newcomer an idea of what to expect. Either it be censored or not, expect many glorious and beautiful naked bodies to pop up in front of your monitor.

        • Yi says:

          That’s kind of the mind process I think most would have. At the same time though, there are readers who are here for the first time and aren’t really looking for NSFW stuff. It’d be a shame if they’re scared off. It’s a hard balance.

  21. alucard13mm says:

    whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa lol. thats some epic nipple stimulation.

    lol just wondering, im doing some product research. would you buy the following? Most of these PROBABLYwont be sold as “official gear” @_@.. because of lack of funds to procure license. i wonder if retailer stores will carry them. anyone reading this thread/post, i appreciate any inputs ^_^..

    1) “Touhou” wall graphics. Vinyl prints that u can apply, remove, and reapply onto your wall to make your own danmaku design. *although because of licensing issue, id probably call it “danmaku wall graphics” vs. “Touhou wall graphics” @_@.. not sure about the licensing issue, since there are doujin circles cashing in without license *i think*. doesnt have to be touhou/danmaku related.

    2) ice trays that mold anime related items. Ex: Leek (miku), Guitar, Bass, other instruments (k-on), heads of anime characters (Nanoha, Cirno, Ika). i dont think items are licensed =P..

    3) popsicle molds of anime related items *see above*

    4) anime related shower curtain. shower curtain with leek patterns! lol

    5) a clip adaptor that you can use to replace that boring plastic base for your figma/nendo/petite nendoroid. im sure people run out of places to display their figurse, soooo display them in thin air! lol

    if you have any ideas, feel free to suggest lol.
    sorry for posting a largely, 90% unrelated post haha.

    • Yi says:

      Personally, I’m very selective about the kind of anime merchandise I buy, so my opinions might be skewed. With that said…

      1. I don’t usually buy wall graphics since I move around way too often, even within my house. But this is one I think a lot of people might like.
      2. Definitely not. And I suspect I’m in the majority for this one.
      3. Same as above.
      4. No again… First, my shower doesn’t use curtains. It uses a glass panel. Secondly, it doesn’t seem worth it when I’ll probably only see the designs for at most an hour a day… and not even since I’m showering.
      5. Maybe. I’m not too sure what a clip adapter is… but if it gives me more space for figures, I’d be interested.

      Sorry to be such a downer on some of the ideas… Good luck with your products.

  22. ShizukuErisuFan says:

    Still waiting for Shizuku x Eris 2nd VN though… Got some free time to kill though, could anyone here give me idea to work on which light novel to be translated? Not VN, but a light novel, of course from Hanabira’s titles

    • Johnny says:

      There are so many… Why not translating “Vacation of The Two Of Us” (KaedexSara) or “Summer For The Two Of Us” (ReoxMai).
      The raws are here :

      As far as i’m concerned, id rather the LN with ReoxMai. ^^

    • Yi says:

      @ShizukuErisuFan: Thank you so much for dedicating your time to translating light novels!! That’s so great. They’ve been begging for translations for a long time.

      Anyways, the one I personally want to see translated the most are the Reo x Mai ones:
      Summer for the Two of Us – 二人の熱い夏
      One More Lovers Kiss – 愛のキスをもういちど
      Tight Summer Squeeze! – 夏をぎゅっとね!

      Followed by Runa Takako:
      Bewitching Kiss on the Southern Island! – 南の島であまとろちゅ!

      Then Yuuna Nanami. And finally Kaede Sara.

      Good luck! And you’re super awesome!! ^ ^

      • ShizukuErisuFan says:

        Woa… that’s too many (+..+)
        Anyway I’ll my best. Next one will be : 夏をぎゅっとね!

        • Yi says:

          Haha, that’s what happens when you open your doors. ^ ^

          Thank you so much for doing this! And best of luck!! You’re awesome.

    • AXYPB says:

      I’d like to see 二人のバカンス and カーテンコールは終わらない translated first, but only because the character studies I’m planning will begin with Kaede and Sara. If not that, the C78 omake volume is only seven pages long and is the first instance of two different couples (in this case, Reo, Mai, Shizuku, and Erisu) in a single chapter, so I want to see how that worked out.

  23. necrocosmos says:

    @Yi: Is this site really that explicit? I feel like I keep it safe enough for at least high school students… I’m not the best judge of that though.
    Ammm, i was using hiperbola, but if u look at Ayase, she is otaku hater, so i thou her response would be over a heel. I personally thing that site is on pretty good level and high schooler might view it without greater scar on his psyche. ^^
    Btw Runa is so similar to Fate from nanoha from appearence, and about oreimouto, simply meruru looks like rip off nanoha.

    • Yi says:

      Ahh I see. Sorry I totally misunderstood your comment. 😦

      Runa does look like Fate with her blonde twin tails. Their personalities are worlds apart though.
      I am 99% positive Meruru is a parody of Nanoha. A running theme/joke with Nanoha is that Nanoha “befriends” everyone with a powerful magical blast to the face. Kuroneko points that out about Meruru in one episode.
      Also, the demographic, doujinshis, and stuff surrounding Meruru all parallel that of Nanoha.

  24. RedKnight says:

    Guys this site is getting better.
    thanks for this most yuri novel of Sono Hanabira.

    • Yi says:

      Thanks go to all the anime/ yuri fans.
      We’re always trying to improve, trying to expand, and bringing together more and better content, especially when it comes to yuri.

      • EmperorG says:

        With the anime world’s yuri on hold and new manga coming at a snail’s pace as well, all we have to look forward to now is doujinshi and PC games. Either that or they’ll pull another trick like in Final Fantasy XIII and add another yuri couple just like they did in said game.

        • Yi says:

          There’s still some yuri manga coming out steadily, ie. Octave. Just nothing that really interests me. Anime-wise, it’s definitely a slow season.

  25. hisui19 says:

    That’s ok! Thanks for your help, Yi-san and AXYPB-san! ^_^

  26. wingberg says:

    I haven’t play the game yet, fearing that once i start, will get addicted.
    Can someone tell me the story please?

    • Yi says:

      Have you played the others?
      I think doing so will give you a good sense of what the series is like.

      As for this particular one… Basically teacher and student are in love, and they have lots of sex.

  27. Johnny says:

    I’m afraid this will be the last yuri game :

    • Yi says:

      Some things I want to point out.

      First, Sankaku, while entertaining, is highly sensationalized and often don’t get the exact message across.

      Secondly, Bill 156 is not a ban. What it does is provide a loose definition of “harmful materials” to the youth. Stuff deemed harmful will not be allowed to be sold to people under 18.

      Things that fall under “harmful”: loli, homosexual activities, rape, cruelty, stuff that encourages suicide, and probably a bunch of other stuff.

      So Hanabira is probably safe since it was already 18+. Hanahira would probably have to be 18+ even if it contains no sex scenes. However, even though Hanabira will mostly be unaffected, the consequences are dire. Manga and anime companies/ producers/ mangakas that specialize in BL or yuri will have to either self-censor or risk losing a large chunk of their audience (and money). Stuff like Aoi Hana will likely not get a second season simply because it can only be sold to adults. Of course, stuff like Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches, and others might be affected as well. Yuri Hime and all our favorite BL mangas will probably mostly be weak sauce as hell (i.e. “friendship-only).

      This bill just shows how backwards Japan’s government is. I fucking hate Ishihara. Close-minded intolerant asshole.

      There is still hope though. There’s a pretty strong opposition from various communities. This might get repealed, hopefully.

      p.s. I don’t direct link to sankaku for various reasons, mostly having to do with google rankings.

      • Yi says:

        An edit on this. Upon further reading of the current bill, gay activities are not directly called out as harmful activities like incest is. While Ishihara has publicly stated his disdain for the LGBT community, he wasn’t able to get it into the bill. So, yuri and BL is probably OK.

    • Kim Jong-Un says:

      So homosexuality is effectively banned in anime and manga?

      Japan needs its own Stonewall if we want to repeal this.

    • Swordwind says:

      I really wouldn’t worry too much about anything actually happening.

      • Yi says:

        Most stuff I’ve seen online are knee jerk reactions, including my comment. You’re probably right about the real consequences. I’m optimistic about this whole thing.

  28. Johnny says:

    Anyway, “Aoi Hana” wouldnt have got 2nd season, because the dvds didnt get good sales ( i had seen it somewhere). But i understand your sorrow, Yi.

    • Yi says:

      That was just one example. The point is though that fortunately, Fuguriya can continue to make all their lovely games, although mainstream yuri/ BL/ loli/ anything-not-strictly-missionary-position will be severely hurt.

  29. ShizukuErisuFan says:


  30. HiHeyHello says:

    Well some interesting news. Super publishing giant Kadokawa has announced they intend to boycott the Tokyo International Anime Fair to protest against the Tokyo government’s extreme hostility towards the anime industry. Not sure how much this will help but it might. I read this once again on the site previously mentioned. Even took a glance at the comments and they had a thread of Leek or Green Onion argument. Beyond that, I think it might have a small chance of being over turned since it just makes things more difficult for people and even so it makes the highest sales go down. Though we won’t know exactly whats going to happen I just hope that it doesn’t ruin some of the ecchi based manga I read that can sometimes be labeled as border Hentai. Well time will tell as they say I just pray that nothing changes.

    • Yi says:

      We’ll just have to wait and see. Overall though, I have a optimistic view of how this whole thing will eventually go down. There’s a pretty strong opposition from a fairly economically influential industry with a large community presence. So yea.

  31. lovelyduckie says:

    Seems pretty late for me to be asking this…but you don’t need English translations do you? If so, how do you play these games?

    • ShizukuErisuFan says:

      you play these games with your common sense and knowledge… haha joking.
      As for me, I know japanese at least the most commonly used in anime/manga/songs/dramas. Better learn some japanese if you really wanna fully understand the dialogues and stories written… (uh sorry for my bad english, haven’t been using ’em for awhile)

    • Yi says:

      For the ones with Chinese patches, those are a treat. For the others, I kind of just brute force through most of them with my basic level Japanese, a translator for some of the harder stuff, and guesswork in others.

      Also, as ShizukuErisuFan mentions, common sense can actually get you pretty far as the storyline isn’t too terribly convoluted.

      • AXYPB says:

        Some of my notes on the series are based on my own inferences and rudimentary knowledge of the language. I expect to have to revise a lot of planned material once another visual novel is translated.

      • AXYPB says:

        For example, at a glance, the storyline in this game seems to be much more involved than the ones before it, so I won’t be writing any essays on it until it’s translated. In particular, I’m interested in exactly when the dominance shifted.

        • Yi says:

          Haven’t played this one yet, but hearing that the dominance is shifted has me very interested. Runa has such an overpowering personality; it’s going to be a fascinating dynamic to see that reversed.

          Anyways, looking forward to the eventual translation and what you have to say later.

  32. EmperorG says:

    @Johnny: You actually like Aki Sora? Okay then, no point arguing over another person’s tastes.

    Anyway, back to episode 10 as the main source of discussion instead of Bill 156. So as mentioned earlier by the Alphabet man, Takako will be taking the helm most of this episode, which begs the question of how Runa will behave being the submissive one? It intrigues me to learn how a dominatrix behaves ones she becomes the dominated.

    • AXYPB says:

      At the very beginning, Runa suffers a bout of depression partially related to her loneliness, leaving her vulnerable to such advances. She even mentions that she wants to “end it all”. I haven’t gotten far enough to see how Takako chooses to resolve it, but she is not happy about it. Somewhere between the last game and this one, Takako apparently grew a spine.

      • EmperorG says:

        Hohoho, most interesting indeed. Looks like Runa’s problems stem from somewhere much deeper than expected at first.

        @Johhny, yup, I expected that kind of answer. I need not ask anymore as now I understand everything. Thanks for your time.

      • Yi says:

        Despite her submissiveness, Takako is still a teacher. She has had proper training not just in education, but also in dealing with children’s mental and emotional states. I’m glad the game is taking an extra step to showcase that part of her. It adds to her role as the adult much more than just her label and her design.

    • Johnny says:

      @EmperorG : yes, i do. ^^
      I prefer OVas than manga, however (except one particular scene).

  33. ShizukuErisuFan says:

    I’ve completed the game 2 days ago. Well, overall I think it is better than the previous takako x runa game, and the ecchi scenes also very romantic especially the last scene(FTW!). Still waiting for someone to upload the new drama cd though… but no luck for now (well, I’ve no money to buy it because I’ve bought lots of manga, dvds, and action figures)…

  34. Johnny says:

    As far as i’m concerned, i will wait for an english translation.
    It always seems a melting of cul & cucul !

    • ShizukuErisuFan says:

      I don’t think someone will translate the vn for now… if you said you’ll wait for the translation patch, I think it’ll take you forever.

      • Johnny says:

        No matter, i can wait. For the moment, i will see (when it will be translated ) 7th VN… hope also seeing Reo x Mai VN too next year.

        I know u understand japanese (u are translating some light novels), but i dont, and i dont see the interest to watch visual novels without understanding them… For example, in the 1st novel, i had needed to understand the bridge between the golden shower scene and the “Nanami, i want to have a baby with you”, from cul to cucul (it’s french, hardly translatable in english) !

      • Yi says:

        Yea… It’s going to be a while before any translations come out. Luckily, different lovely people are working hard at it.

  35. wingberg says:

    Is there any CG for this game please?

  36. Compassionate Sadist says:

    I agree, Runa looks really good in that lingerie. (She’s my favourite loli ever. XD)
    The cover is lovely. Takako x Runa are so good together. ❤

  37. xX777Xx says:

    When I looked at the cover , I keep thinking if Takako is M lol xD. Haven’t play the game, but from the CG I saw Takako’s character changed quite a lot from the previous game. She managed to stand in the same position with her beloved Runa 😛 (well you know what I mean) plus she became more aggressive than before. And in the CG you can see Takako’s perverted look when she xxx Runa (OMG). *cough cough* But I still prefer Takako in Hanabira 7 thou, cause for me she is a nice uke type of character X3. But it’s very interesting to see that new side of her thou :P.

    • Yi says:

      “Takako’s perverted look when she xxx Runa (OMG).”
      Loll, that made me laugh.

      Anyway, I actually still need to play this one, but hearing multiple comments about the shift in dominance has me really interested. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about Takako in a dominant role since on of the reasons I loved the seventh so much is because of the whole “S-M” relationship Runa has, and the idea that Runa, a younger student who’s supposed to be submissive to an authority figure, holds more power. But I’m sure Fuguriya can make it work.

      Takako for me feels like a nice pushover type of girl too.

      • xX777Xx says:

        Takako is a perfect pushover type of girl and somewhat clumsy too plus she is too kind so she is more suitable for the uke role than the seme one >=3. Have you ever read Seikon no Qwaser? Runa reminds me with Katja from Seikon no Qwaser :P. Here’s the pic of her:

        Looks cute and innocent but love to BDSM and torture the brown haired girl beside her.

      • xX777Xx says:

        But I still love Runa more than Katja thou :P.

        • Yi says:

          Now I feel like I should pick up Seikon no Qwaser for the yuri shenanigans. I’m really interested in watching Katja do her stuff.

        • xX777Xx says:

          Ah btw, in Seikon no Qwaser there’s straight relationship and yuri relationship. And there’s quite a lot of fanservice but the plot is nice so I enjoy reading it 🙂

        • Yi says:

          I never really mind fanservice too much. I’ll pick this series up once I have more free time, which probably won’t be for a while. This is not a good time for anime for me. 😦

        • xX777Xx says:

          Yeah RL things is more important thou :P. Enjoy the manga Yi 😉 tell me what you think about it after you read it :D.

  38. TheNewTheory says:

    Hey guys, need some opinions/advice! been thinking about listening to the drama cd, but what´re they like, radio shows or something? in short, can someone tell em what the drama cd´s are 😛

  39. Mars says:

    Yuuna-senpai :” We swear, no more kisses !!” XD

  40. Saberfang321 says:

    I can’t seem to find the download link for Yume no Youna Hibi, can anyone help? 0~0

    • Yi says:

      Sorry about that. I think the link I had on the index page is misdirected after a recent change I made in the comment pages.

      I’ve fixed the link, so you should be able to find it on the index page again.

  41. it looks like there isn’t english translation ongoing for this Sequel
    If I know the materials needed to translate this Hanabira I would translate it

  42. NamlessX says:

    is there a chinese patch? thank you >.<

  43. NamlessX says:

    or a english one Lol

  44. GenjiChan says:

    This teacher is truly a pervert… hahaha, when will it be translated?

  45. Reo's lover says:

    help upload the game please

    • Yi says:

      Please take a second and skim through the post or the comments. Then you’d realize that others have already linked the games somewhere. ^ ^

  46. Andrew says:

    Does anyone know if this game works in win 8?

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