A Kiss for the Petals | Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo

I’m back to my apartment near campus to take a prep course for a test. My summer vacation was unbelievably short (roughly ten days), but all for the greater good, right?

Anyway, I’m back to update regularly hopefully.

A little about my stay at home over the past week. I spent a lot of night time playing this game that I saw.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo roughly translates to “to kiss that flower petal.” The game is a yuri eroge and follows the love love of Yuuna and Nanami. Rather than a game though, this seemed more like manga. There were only a few choices to make, and the choices do not seem to influence the story line.

The CGs of this game are pretty and pleasant to look at, and some of the scenes are quite… hot.

Nanami Hanabira yuri


Hanabira yuri

Nanami and Yuuna Hanabira yuri

Nanami and Yuuna

yuri fapping Hanabira

Hanabira yuri Nanami Yuuna

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Nanami Yuuna yuri visual novel

………. good stuff.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Nanami Yuuna yuri eroge

The game has adult scenes, so yea… don’t check it out if you’re not supposed to. As for me, I’m off to play Hanabira 2 and 3.

Since I’ve gotten several requests for the game, and although it could be easily found online, I’ve decided to share:

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: download.

This is for sampling purposes only. Please buy the real copies of the game.
With that said, enjoy and drop a line if you downloaded from here. ^_^

Translation patch is out: Patch
Please go thank Count Pacula

Reviews for the other Hanabira

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  4. A Kiss for the Petals – Beloved Photograph | Aishisa no Photograph
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  6. Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite
  7. A Kiss for the Petals – Sweet Enchanting Kiss | Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu
  8. Tenshi no Hanabira Zome
  9. Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu

More information on the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

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426 Responses to A Kiss for the Petals | Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo

  1. piggy-san444 says:

    So that’s what that’s called! How did you find that name? And if it’s a Yuri thing, who do you, the player, play as? Some sort of weird dema-god that influences how the girls interact with one another?

    Woah, that would be a wicked weird game.

    Thx for the comments. 🙂 I only notice things that pique my interest, and I was totally lost on that double- L1-R1 push until I played G.O.W. What I’d really like to know is towards the end of Ep. 14 Cousin Yuri is rocking back and forth on a seat of some type… the heck was that seat?!

    I’m with you on Hell-Girl too. That kimono is amazing.

  2. "G" says:

    YURI game?!!!!!
    …i Am still checking out ur blog…:P

  3. Yi says:

    Anyway about the yuri game, you play as one of the girls. However, play isn’t really an appropriate term… it’s more as if you read a manga through her eyes.
    Visual novels really don’t count as games.

  4. rajaa says:

    looks like a fun game 🙂 where can i get it?

  5. Yi says:

    Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: download.

    Enjoy and drop a line if you downloaded from here. ^_^

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  8. Mandáh says:

    I would like to have the image where they are in
    lingerie, because here is giving ERROR. Below the picture are a ‘Nanami and Yuuna’

  9. Yi says:

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I didn’t realize the image was broken. Let me fix it.

  10. sleekie says:

    No translation, you say? Patience!


    Should be ready to roll very soon.

  11. Tony says:

    I thought you might want to know another yuri game that I just found out today.


  12. Yi says:

    Thanks I will check that out.

  13. pigger says:

    What’s the chinese name of this game?

  14. Yi says:

    Some groups have translated the games as 花吻在上. Some translated the title as 親吻花瓣.

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  16. nanami says:

    i wanna play the game

  17. Yi says:

    Download is linked in the comments.
    I don’t think an English translation is finished yet, but it’s being worked on.

  18. KiK says:

    OMG!! It had 2 and 3 part too.
    Thank you very much
    I wanna understand the story too. I m play jp version.
    Thank you for link

  19. Yi says:

    No problem.
    Uploading/ linking is easy.
    The real credit goes to those who made the game, made it available for us, and are translating the game.

  20. KiK says:

    In my country, it’s really hard to find this game.
    I wanna play much!!
    pic of game is so beautiful

    How can I download -Anata to Koibito Tsunagi (Hanabira 3)- ?
    I like that version most.

  21. Yi says:

    I’ll link it in about 2-3 hours, so check there later.
    I like that one the most too.

    Edit: My internet is having problems, so maybe tomorrow.

    The download link is in the comments of the Hanabira 3 post.

  22. yuri says:

    oh yeah! i’ve been searching for this game!!
    thanks for the links!

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  24. ja says:

    I cant find the link to the first one 😦

  25. Yi says:

    This is the first one.

    Download is about 10-15 comments up in the comments.
    It’s also right here now.

    Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: download

    For convenience, I’ve decided to put the download in the post as well, as I realized that people don’t want to read through 20 something comments to find it.

    It seems the link is dead. I’ll try to link a new one.

  26. crazy says:

    Awesome game and thanks for the links. I got a question though most of the text doesn’t appear right. Do i have to change my system locale or something. And by not appear right i mean its all dots.

  27. Yi says:

    No problem.

    Use Microsoft applocale and it should be fine. Or you can change your computer language settings.

  28. crazy says:

    Thx for the help it work fine now. 🙂

  29. Yi says:

    Chinese patch for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: http://www.mediafire.com/?fmnzdzmhnnm

  30. Shutterspeed says:

    Can you pretty please update the links? they’re both death *sad face*

  31. Yi says:

    The first link on for the game megaupload is indeed dead. The second link at Badongo should still be alive. At least it worked for me.
    Try it again, and if it does not work for you, post here and I’ll try megarotic or any other one you’d like, but that might take a while.

    As for the download for Chinese patch, that is dead too. I’ll fix the link.

    It works now…

  32. Shutterspeed says:

    Oh, it works now. Yeah, thanks a bunch 😀

  33. shalala says:

    Where can i find an english patch for this.

  34. Yi says:

    As of right now, the only group I know who is working on this is at http://sonohanabira.countpacula.com/

    They are still working on it.

    If you just can’t wait, I would recommend just using AGTH and a translator program (Atlas or online translations), although if your Japanese is shaky, you will unfortunately miss out on a lot of the juicy stuff…

    Best of luck.

  35. shalala says:

    Thanks for the reply. I started using atlas and agth on my al time fav anime and manga otome wa boku ni koishiteru but the translaton is kinda bad. but never the less i still try my best to play it.

  36. Yi says:

    Yea… Atlas is really ridiculously bad most of the time. It’s kind of like a puzzle with it.

    Also, Otoboku is pretty nice. ^^

  37. shalala says:

    Do you know any crossdressing Visual novels out there that are in english by any chance.

  38. Yi says:

    Not that I know of. In fact, Otoboku is the only cross dressing visual novel I know of, and even that is untranslated.

    Good luck finding one though, and if you do find one, I’d love to know what it is. ^ ^

  39. shalala says:

    Ok i’ll give you link when i find one.

  40. siegroad says:

    Theres group that are making a translation of Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo. I don’t now if is possible post the link of the site.

  41. Yi says:

    Yea sure. I posted a link to a translation group on the last page of comments and in another comment even longer ago. Is there another one too?
    The group is: http://sonohanabira.countpacula.com/

  42. Ustnap says:

    I hope the translation gets done and they keep doing the other Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo games. I got linked to the first game yesterday and I started playing for a while, and while I can understand spoken dialogue decently enough, I’m sure I’m missing out on something with everything else. Can’t wait to get to the rest.

  43. Yi says:

    @Ustnap: I sure hope translations are done soon too. Ps. your comment was spam blocked earlier accidentally. Sorry.

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  45. Kiesman says:

    I don’t think that guy at countpacula is up to much these days…His last post was in May. *sad face* I REALLY want to play these games.

  46. Yi says:

    @Kiesman: That’s really unfortunate. It is an open project though, so there is not set release date…
    Maybe countpacula will finish it soon, or some group/ person will pick the project up.

  47. shalala says:

    How do i uninstall the game.

  48. Yi says:

    @shalala: If all you did to play the game was extract the folder from the .rar, then you can just delete the folder.
    Btw., I did find a visual novel with some cross dressing involving the main character. Kira☆Kira (キラ☆キラ).
    KiraKira has been translated into English as well.

  49. Kiesman says:

    @Yi: Man, that KiraKira is a hard one to find. I wonder what else I can try to search for it…. Yes, I am about to play a visual novel about crossdressing. I’m open minded ^_^;;

  50. Yi says:

    @Kiesman: I actually found KiraKira a while ago. I’ll upload it, but it’s kind of big, so it will take sometime. Check back later. ^ ^

  51. Yi says:

    Download for Kira☆Kira:


    Download all the parts and extract with winrar.

    Edit: (Files may not work… I haven’t tried it myself. If it does not work, make sure the crack is in the right place, try changing system locale to Japanese, or renaming the directory to something in English. I will not “fix” the links. The cross dressing is minimal anyways and there is no yuri.)

    I’ll keep an eye out for other crossdressing visual novels, and of course I’m always looking for yuri stuff.

  52. Kiesman says:

    @Yi: Oh jeez! So much MegaCrapLoad! This is going to take forever! Hahaha…..Oh well, I’d better get started. Thank you very much.

  53. Kiesman says:

    @Yi: Well that took a lot less time than I thought. Got it all in about 20 minutes.

    @AnyoneWhoCares: While I waited, I went a-searching for cross-dressing Visual Novels, and I came across some very obscure titles, that don’t even have Wikipedia pages XD I didn’t see any download links for them or anything, but you guys can try and look up “Cloth X Close” and “Tsui Teru”. I do believe they are both Yaoi-Crossdressing.

  54. Kiesman says:

    @Yi: I apologize for spamming the comments like this, but I don’t appear to be able to make that KiraKira game work. I get some error about failing to “initiate an authentication code” or something. The EXE in the Crack folder doesn’t work either, the error from that one is in non-english.

  55. Yi says:

    @Kiesman: You have to move the kirakira.exe from the crack folder into the main folder (the one with BGI.exe). Then double click kirakira.exe, and it should work.

    Also, Megaupload is really fast, at least in the US. It’s my preferred choice.
    Haven’t heard of those two visual novel titles, but I don’t really play that much yaoi.

  56. Kiesman says:

    @Yi: Hmmm, you say it should, but it doesn’t seem to want to.

    I don’t play much yaoi either (Should say, none). I just did some searching in order to contribute =P

  57. Kiesman says:

    It doesn’t appear to like the “system.arc” file.

    I really have to stop multi-posting like this….

  58. shalala says:

    Kiesman and Yi thanks for the info. are they in english btw.

  59. Yi says:

    @Kiesman: Did you either set your computer to Japanese or use applocale to open the crack?
    @shalala: Yes, KiraKira is indeed in English.

  60. Kiesman says:

    @Yi: Well I have the language bar on my task bar set to Japanese.

    @shalala: I doubt there’s English versions of what I found.

  61. Yi says:

    @Kiesman: hm… I think the language, not just the keyboard input, has to be in Japanese.
    In Windows XP: You could go to control panel and change settings.
    Regional and Language Options – Advanced Tab
    It should look something like this.
    Or you can use Microsoft Applocale, which is a bit easier.
    As of right now, I think your computer’s system is not set to Japanese.

  62. Kiesman says:

    @Yi: I used Applocale, and got it to work. Thank you very much. This is supposed to have random cross dressing somewhere or something? It seems like such a “normal” visual novel.

  63. Yi says:

    @Kiesman: Yea there’s one random cross dressing scene, and then there’s a transsexual route (with no scenes), but the rest are pretty normal.

  64. Yuki says:

    oh~~ I seemed to finish Hanabira, but when I looked at the Extras there seem to be more unlockable CGs… hmmm… does it depend on my answer at the last question to unlock more of them? XDD

  65. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Yes it depends on your answer. I think if you answered the first one for all of them, you can get further story.

  66. Windir says:

    English translation would be nice goddamn :<

  67. Yuki says:

    @Yi: So I have to repeat all of them (the parts where I need to answer) to get further the story? Or just the last question? (I answered the second one, XDDD)

  68. Yi says:

    @Windir: Count Pacula is working on it… not sure if it is going to be finished anytime soon though.
    Also, Kamyu from Wings of Yuri is working on the second one, and that is seeing considerable progress. ^ ^

    @Yuki: I’m not sure about that either. I’ve always been able to unlock all the CGs on the first try. But there is a skip function to help speed up the process.

  69. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Really? Wow you’re awesome, Well I guess since you understand it as a whole story, I can only understand it briefly gotta try again. XDD I don’t really know how the skip function works, can you explain to me? XDDD

  70. Yi says:

    @Yuki: There should be a button near where the dialogue box is. It allows you to either skip previously read messages or to skip all messages depending on the option you have selected in settings. By skipping, it’s actually more like fast forwarding through the texts.

  71. Windir says:

    @Yi: Well dammit, I think now would be a good time to learn japanese then :s
    Or maybe I’ll just get that second game and wait for the patch if it’s closer to finishing. What’s the name of that game?

  72. Yuki says:

    @Windir: It’s Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuki wo : Watashi no Oujiko sama =D

    @Yi: Oh, yeah I’ve used it before when I accidentally uninstalled Sonohana 3 XDDDD I guess I’d just use it again if ever, I’m still missing 6 CGs XDDD

  73. Yi says:

    @Windir: I actually linked all 6 games at the bottom of the post, so check there.

    @Yuki: Sounds like a good idea. Hope you get all 6 CGs, or just get the CG pack.

  74. Windir says:

    @Both: Damn, didn’t see those. Thanks.

  75. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Ohhh~ Did you upload the CG pack for Sonohana 1? XDDD It’s not that I’m not willing to re-play the game though, but maybe you can upload it for us~~ XDDD

  76. Yi says:

    @Windir: No problem.

    @Yuki: Sure. CG set here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HS6MSW8Y
    Enjoy. ^ ^

  77. Yuki says:

    @Yi: ohhh Thank you so much!! =DD Thank you Yi~~ So far I’m liking Watashi no Oujiko Sama XDD

  78. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Yea, Sara and Kaede are a great pair. ^ ^

  79. Guro says:

    How Can I download from badongo = =a

  80. Yi says:

    @Guro: Click on the link. On the right side of the screen, there should be four letters. Under it should say “enter the text above.” Just enter the four letters into the box, and click download your file here. Skip the Ad. Wait a while, and on the bottom should say download your file here. Click that and begin download.

  81. shalala says:

    Yi I can’t seem to install kira kira. It says i need a sereal code for it. and the one in the crack file does not work eather. Do you know how to fix it?

  82. Yi says:

    @shalala: I’m not sure. Make sure the crack is in the same folder as everything else. If it still does not work, try setting the computer settings to Japanese.

  83. Namii says:

    Kyaaa~ I tried to use the download link but i’m too stupid i guess. I couldn’t figure out how to download it. >< I found the "Download your file here" but it wouldn't load at allll~

  84. Yi says:

    @Namii: Try the Megaupload link. Enter the 4 letters next to the box into the box; click on download, and wait for the counter to count down.

    If you’re not in the US or Megaupload does not work for you, try the Badongo link.

    Click on the Badongo download link. Then on the right side of the page, there should be a box with 4 letters above it. Enter the 4 letters into the box correctly; then click “download your file here”. An ad might come up. If it does, click on a red button that says “skip this ad”. Then scroll to the bottom of the page, and there should be a counter that counts down. When that count down is done, it should say “download your file here”. Click on that, and download.

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  86. Lorinix says:

    Hey I was just wondering if these games are in english or not.

  87. Yi says:

    @Lorinix: Unfortunately, they are not in English as of yet. Some groups have been working on it though, but progress is slow/ halted.

  88. ning xin says:

    may i ask if there is another download site for the game that you uploaded (with the chinese patch)? megaupload doesn’t work (since it always give me the ‘download limit exceeded’ thing). and for this case, Badongo doesn’t work too. i understand that asking you to upload the whole thing to another site might be too troublesome. so may i ask if there is actually another download site available (preferably mediafire)?


    edit: sorry the badongo link actually worked. i guess it must be my internet problem earlier.

    hi, sorry but i dont mean to spam your blog with 3 consecutive posts.
    i just downloaded the game, and realized that i need the chinese translation patch. the game texts are currently in japanese instead of chinese. could you upload them up? i would really appreciate it.

  89. Yi says:

    @ning xin: I’ve actually already uploaded the Chinese translation patch in an earlier comment.
    Here it is again on mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?fmnzdzmhnnm

    File did not upload well… Don’t download.

    P.S. I’m going to consolidate your comments.

  90. ning xin says:


  91. Yi says:

    @ning xin: No problem. Sorry it took a while to link a mirror.
    I hope you can come back and share your opinions on Hanabira later. ^ ^

  92. minami says:

    hey, I was wondering how I can get the chinese patch to work?

  93. Yi says:

    If I remember correctly, extract the game file. Put the .exe patch into the Hanabira game folder. Double click the .exe and follow its installation instructions. I think you need to have East Asian languages and possibly be in the right language settings, but I’m not sure.

  94. minami says:

    i stuck it in the game folder, but when i double click it comes up with the “open with” box…

    my language options is on japanese, btw, do i need to change it to chinese?

  95. Yi says:

    @minami: I think so. Sorry I’m not too much help. It’s been a while since I installed it.

  96. Sellers says:

    For XP:
    Control Panal–> Date, Time, Language & Regional Options –> Regional & Language Options –> Standards & Format.

    Open the box and switch it to “Japanese”. If Japanese isn’t an option, make sure you’ve installed “East Asian Language Packs” (or something similar to “East Asian Language Packs”).

  97. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Thanks. ^ ^

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  99. devilhamster says:

    hello, i’m new here but i have always wanted to ply this game but unfortunately my laptop doesn’t allow me to ply or read RAR file. Do u have any other way i can ply this game and if have eng translation will be best too.

  100. Yi says:

    @devilhamster: .RAR file is the only way it can be conveniently packed. To read .rar files, you would need to download WinRAR, which is a useful program for not just this, but in general.


    Extract it using WinRar and enjoy.

    Also, so far there has not been any Eng. translations.

  101. SparkyTheGryphon says:

    Wow, I definitely have to check these Hanabira games out. They look great. 😉 But I’ll probably wait a little while and see if they come out with an English translation first.

    How long does it generally take to finish playing these games?

  102. Sellers says:

    The games are quite short. The visual novel database estimates them to take around two hours, which is relatively accurate, I suppose. Unfortunately, most of them are not and are not planned on being translated into English. A Count Pacula was apparently planning on translating this one, but I’m quite sure that project has been indefinitely stalled. As noted on it’s page, a Hanabira 3 English translation is in the works, however.

  103. Yi says:

    @SparkyTheGryphon + Sellers: Kamyu from Wings of Yuri has translated Hanabira 2 into English. Yuriko from Tsundere Translations is doing 3. We’ll see how 1 goes… Count Pacula seems to have stalled it indefinitely.

    It might be longer if you listen to all the dialogues, but 2 hours does seem right.

  104. Sellers says:

    That’s news to me. Sorry for giving out false information. Worse, I can’t seem find it anywhere. I’d appreciate a link, if it’s not too much trouble.

  105. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Sorry, I can’t seem to find it now… 😦
    It’s in the comments somewhere on the site.
    Kamyu may still be working on it or he may have finished. I don’t think there is a patch or anything though.

  106. Sellers says:

    Huh. Alright I’ll look for it, thanks for alerting me.

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  108. Yuri4life says:

    Thx for the link,Seems interesting.

  109. Yuri4life says:

    Is this the full version ??? and is there MU link for no.2-5 also in the comment section ???

  110. Sellers says:

    There are upload links on both MediaFire and MegaUpload (and probably at least one more site) on the each of the game’s individual pages. If they aren’t in the comments, then they are in the actual post itself.

    The links posted of the game are the full game; however, there are CG set download links posted too. Since those are labeled as CG Sets, it shouldn’t be an issue.

  111. Yi says:

    @Yuri4Life + Sellers: As Sellers, links for 2-5 are in the comments/ posts of their respective posts.
    Thank you again Sellers!

  112. Sellers says:

    The MediaFire link for the first Hanabira (ironically, it’s the final one I’m posting)

  113. Yuri4life says:

    Thx for the reply ! much appreciate

  114. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Thanks!!!

    @Yuri4life: ^ ^

  115. Regret1694 says:

    Does anyone know where I could download the 1st drama cd?? I can’t seem to find it (besides lime wire torrents that DON’T work). Thank you very much.

  116. Yi says:

    @Regret1694: I’ll try looking around for it. If anyone has a link, feel free to post them in the comments.

  117. Decliner says:

    I don’t really know what’s going on, but my computer was only able to play the 1st and 4th games only. Do you know how to fix this?

  118. Yi says:

    @Decliner: Hm… I had no problem playing everything. If it does not play, try changing the name of the directory (the folder that was extracted) into something in English.

  119. shiroiusachan says:

    hi which kind of chinese is the translated game in?
    simplified prc or traditional taiwan or traditional hk?

  120. Yi says:

    @shiroiusachan: I think for this one, it’s simplified. For some of the other ones, there is an option of both simplified and traditional (I don’t know the difference between trad. Taiwan and trad. HK).
    I couldn’t get traditional to work though in any of them though and I played with simplified.

  121. shiroiusachan says:

    thanks so much! =D

  122. shiroiusachan says:

    oh and sorry to for double posting, but could you put up the link for hanabira 6 too on badango or mediafire perhaps?
    thankss!!!! =D

  123. Sellers says:

    To be honest, there already is such a link, on this very site. I suppose it’d be a tad more appropriate to post it here.

    If you intended to ask for the Chinese translation for Hanabira 6, I apologize. The following is simply the Japanese Game.

    MediaFire Link For Hanabira 6 (Same as link on Hanabira 2’s Page)

  124. Yi says:

    @shiroiusachan + Sellers: Thanks to Sellers as always! You’re always so quick to respond with really helpful stuff. ^ ^

  125. Sellers says:

    Aren’t I just the paragon of considerate helpfulness? Kidding, of course. It’s no problem, Yi. It wouldn’t be fair for me to post links on your site and then have you…regulate(?) them.

  126. Yi says:

    @Sellers: You really are!

    “It wouldn’t be fair for me to post links on your site and then have you…regulate(?) them.”

    Regulate them?

  127. Sellers says:

    The most simple verb I could use for “making sure they’re in the appropriate place, making sure they’re working correctly, and fixing them if they are not.” I’m saying it isn’t fair to make you deal with these issues if I was the one who who decided to post the links in the first place. Sorry for any confusion.

  128. Yi says:

    @Sellers: That makes a lot more sense. Anyways, please feel really free to post anything in the comments. ^ ^

  129. FaS says:

    omfg, I didn’t even realize you made a link to this?!?!? Definitely gonna get on this ASAP. Thanks a bunch Yi! You’re the best omfg.

  130. Yi says:

    @FaS: Most of the links were made in the comments by someone, and I eventually put them in the posts as well for easy navigation.

  131. Sellers says:

    Apparently, Count Pacula isn’t indefinitely stalled. Seems that she’ll release an English patch in a bit less than a month.

  132. Yi says:

    @Sellers: That’s great news! I look forward to its release. ^ ^
    Also, thanks for the info.

  133. Ana says:

    hey about these game, I’m sorry I’m new at this, I don’t get them I have downloaded this like a thousand times and I never get to play them, when I open the rar non of the files works, or they don’t have format so, I don’t get it, sould pleeeaseee somebody help me??

    sorry 4 the bad english.

  134. Yi says:

    @Ana: After you extract the downloaded .rar with winrar, if the folder name is something in Japanese, it might help to change that into English. Also, make sure you have the game, not just the patch.

  135. Ana says:

    woouu well almost hahaha.. the setup that didn’t even open before now does,, but doesn’t run well, it has a cute pic but the buttons have weird characters, not japanese but weir stuff like &%$/°| hahaha.. and whenever I try to run the game it gives me an error.. I think it’s my computer, it never lets me do anything fun… but thank you for your help..

  136. Sellers says:

    It sounds like you need to set your local language setting to Japanese.
    As posted above:
    For XP:
    Control Panal–> Date, Time, Language & Regional Options –> Regional & Language Options –> Standards & Format.

    Open the box and switch it to “Japanese”. If Japanese isn’t an option, make sure you’ve installed “East Asian Language Packs” (or something similar to “East Asian Language Packs”).

    Windows 7 Users need to also:
    Control Panel -> Change Display Language -> Administrative -> Change System Locale for non Unicode programs to Japanese

    Hope that solves your problem.

    • Aldo says:

      what can I do if I have the windows 7 starter? im looking everywhere but I cant change language, help please D:

      • Yi says:

        Control panel > Clock region languages > and look around from there.

        • Aldo says:

          Is nothing there :C but im installing the japanese language from the vistalizator, anyway I already downloaded the game and enter in the principal menu, I see that is in english, do I only need to have the patch to run the game? or i need to move the records form the patch folders to the game folder? I leave it in the 3 folders (game, graphics patch, script patch)? sorry its just I donn know, this game is my firts galge >_<

        • Yi says:

          You don’t need to run the patch to run the game. You only need it to be if you want to play it in English. Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “principal menu.” Anyways, extract the game file (not the same as the patch usually). Follow the instructions on applying the patch. Make sure you have Japanese languages installed on your computer. And you should be fine.

        • Aldo says:

          (i cant reply in the other commentary) thanks a lot ^^ the vistalizator dont work xD so I cant play it in japanese, but i can quith the english patch, the game run well in english, anyway i dont know japanese xD again, thanks a lot ^w^ , later i’ll download the others, for now i’ll enjoy the game n_n
          P.D: sorry for my bad english D:

        • Aldo says:

          I talked soon xD, the game minimizes by itself, why? D: im not clicking nothing and doing nothing but it minimizes, :C can you help me?

        • Aldo says:

          Nevermind…. i solved it, anyway i just wanna apologize for all the, you know, annoying messages, sorry and thanks, for the games ^^ I only downloaded 1 but whatever xD this is a great thing, what you’re doing, soo.. yeah, thanks ^^ and sorry for all its just how i sayed it before, its my first galge

        • Yi says:

          It’s no problem. Have fun, Aldo. ^ ^

  137. yUrIkO says:

    where can i download all Hanabira?…
    i just finish playing one, but i don’t know what version it is?..

  138. Yi says:

    @yUrIkO: Look through the posts under the category, Hanabira: https://listlessink.wordpress.com/category/games/hanabira-games/
    You should find what you’re looking for either in the post or in the comments.

  139. Yi says:

    @Neko_Len: Thanks for the information. And thanks a lot to CountPacula!

  140. Neko_Len says:

    also something i noticed: when running on Vista, you may have game crashes. Switch the game to XP mode.

  141. Yi says:

    @Neko_Len: Thanks for the information. I remember running into some trouble on Vista too. This will be helpful. ^ ^

  142. Flaem says:

    I must say this: THANK YOU.

  143. FatSpanner says:

    I got some problems. I have Windows 7 and i can play the game and run the patch. But before and now the text in the game is like “—–.———, ———” There is no words, it’s like dots and some signs. Please help! Thanks

  144. kuurocks says:

    How the hell do u find the games? and what if u dont know the laugugge does it come in subbed titles or something. also I tried looking but I found no website that lead me to the game also can it be put into an R4?

  145. Sellers says:

    It sounds like you need to set your local language setting to Japanese.
    As posted above:
    For XP:
    Control Panal–> Date, Time, Language & Regional Options –> Regional & Language Options –> Standards & Format.

    Open the box and switch it to “Japanese”. If Japanese isn’t an option, make sure you’ve installed “East Asian Language Packs” (or something similar to “East Asian Language Packs”).

    Windows 7 Users need to also:
    Control Panel -> Change Display Language -> Administrative -> Change System Locale for non Unicode programs to Japanese.

    Additionally, ALWAYS try running the game in XP mode, whenever possible.

    The game has been patched into English, thanks to CountPacula. It’s originally Japanese.
    There are multiple links to the game on this page, in both the post itself and the comments.
    *Edited by Yi*
    Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?tev8v87ul8fx24a

    The English patch link is at the bottom of Yi’s post. Seriously, thank CountPacula.

    As to R4 use: It certainly was intended to used as such, and the game is not a ROM. Of course, I’ve never heard of anyone trying to do so, much less the results. Why?

    • fgghjjkll says:

      Is it just me, or is the .rar corrupt in the mediafire link? Megaupload and Badongo links are dead 😛

    • WereMagi says:

      So the Media fire link no longer works anymore, could you update it?

    • Kukk says:

      For me text said “——.—–.—” etc too and I made the changes you mentioned. Now text isn’t “———.——-..-” etc but it turned into japanese now. Yes, I replaced original MGD with english one but it still shows only japanese. Menu texts and texts next to dialoque text are in english though.

    • Yuuko says:

      Sorry…may i ask a question…? about the 1st game of sono hanabira…after i download it i can play…but just for a while only…it keep say that the game is ‘not responding’…Do anyone know what is the problem??? please someone help me….i am so look forward for this game….and now i already download it but it keep not responding…T.T

      • Yi says:

        It usually happens if you switch out of the screen, whether intentionally or because of a pop up message or something. You could run it in Windows XP compatibility mode (right click > properties). Or you could just try not to have other stuff running as you play it.

    • medomomin says:

      it doesnt work (it tells me to choose a program to open it) i dont know what to do !!

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