School’s Out

F*ck YEA! I’m done for the school year!

Actually not really. Summer for a Bezerkeley student is just an extension of our cutthroat days. The only difference is that instead of beating out the curve to get that high GPA, we are pumping up our resumes. A long break necessarily means aggressively seeking enriching experiences, such as research or internship, to out compete the other students. It also means this is the time to get ahead on your future careers.

With that in mind, my plans for the summer….

Well that’s the end of this topic.

On a complete unrelated note, this year’s NBA playoffs have been rather disappointing. Starting with Warriors’ not making the playoffs, to LA Laker’s rise to first seed… Yea, not a good year. Though I live on the West Coast, I will now root for the two teams from the East, Celtics and Pistons, in hopes that Kobe does not get yet another ring and the Spurs do not take home the championship again.

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2 Responses to School’s Out

  1. piggy-san444 says:

    Yeah the art on the DVD case is cool. The box is incredibly varied.

    Go get on that resume! It’s my one big big mistake on graduating college… I never persued internships until the last 2 months & by then it’s WAAAAYYYYYYY too late. So I’m a low-end pencil pusher for a mortgage company. yay.

  2. Yi says:

    @piggy-san444: yea… I should really get on what I need to get done.

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