Sono Hanabira ni Kuchiduke wo Anime!!!

Hanabira Anata to Koibito Tsunagi yuri anime adaptation

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchiduke wo series are perhaps the foremost yuri games ever and they are definitely among the most popular. So when I heard the news of the announcement about Hanabira being animated, I was ecstatic.

Hanabira anime adaptation announcement yuri

Anata to Koibito Tsunagi (Kissing the petal 3: Join by a hand like a lover) is the third installment of Hanabira by Fuguriya. An announcement was made during Comike that an anime adaptation of this visual novel will be published under the new adult yuri anime brand chuchu from A1c. Character design will be by the same people who made Strawberry Panic.

Hanabira anime Reo

Hanabira anime Mai

Reo and Mai from Hanabira 3 and Hanabira 5 have always been my favorite pair. That the anime will be about the third one featuring this couple is just such good news.

Hanabira yuri animated Reo and Mai

Anyway, there was so much yuri, and in particular, Hanabira, for me this week.
Also, is it just me, or are there a lot more yuri anime these days compared to a few years ago?

Edit: Anime is released!

Edit: Spoiler images and release dates confirmed.
Thanks hossamilan and 10sigh_baka.

Visual Novel: Hanabira 3 – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

More information on the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

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61 Responses to Sono Hanabira ni Kuchiduke wo Anime!!!

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  2. shijima says:

    Very exciting news and awesome pics too.
    I wonder if they’ll use the same VA.
    I do like both their voices. =)

  3. This most certainly is a great bit of news. I can’t wait, I really hope they do their best on it. I wonder if any translation groups have decided to work on it yet when it comes out.

    So the anime will be an adaptation of the 3rd game… think they’ll do the other games too, or focus only on the plot of game 3, or do that and go beyond with a new, continuing story?

  4. Yi says:

    @shijima: I wonder that about the voice actresses as well. I hope they do use the same ones, but it’s not such a big deal for me if they don’t.

    @TsundereYuriko: As long as Reo x Mai is kept, I am satisfied.

  5. Snark says:

    Oh, this sounds pretty nifty indeed! I’m presuming there won’t be any sex scenes though, which is a bit of a bummer, but I’ll probably watch this anyway >=D

  6. TheFatherCat says:

    @Snark: It is an adult anime adaption from the visual novels so I’m sure there will be.

    @Yi: Thanks for the info. I finally fully understood what is said on the official website. Google translate combined with my poor knowledge of Japanese didn’t help much. XD

  7. Yi says:

    @Snark: I do think it will most likely be adult. Still, I actually would not mind it at all if they do not have explicit scenes. I think that would be kind of nice in its own way.

    @TheFatherCat: Yea, no problem. It was actually from your comment where I first heard about the announcement.

  8. omg! what a great new!
    i am really happy with this new, i think that we will have another good adult yuri like shoujo sect, and also have others romances yuris coming out! And also the people who made S.Panic was awesome, so I am sure that the character design for the anime will be awesome too 🙂
    thanks for the information Yi ^_^

  9. Yi says:

    @Yuri Downloads: Yea, hopefully this will be good like Shoujo Sect.

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  11. piggy-san444 says:

    I think there has been an increase in yuri of late… and yaoi to be honest. Actually I think I’ve seen more yaoi come out than yuri, but that’s only my opinion from the east coast 🙂

    If the same people who did Strawberry Panic are doing the characters here, I’m a little worried. My first impression of SP was “Wow those are skinny limbs!” I think some of the soft artwork inherent in this series may be lost. That would be a shame…

  12. Yi says:

    @piggy-san444: Hm… I’ve been kind of out of touch with yaoi lately. Perhaps I should get back into it. Anyway, now that you mentioned it, SP characters are kind of skinny. However, I do love that type of really skinny, fashion drawing-esque style. I guess we’ll see how it is when it comes out.

  13. glothelegend says:

    Nothing at all wrong with yuri…in fact, I just finished reading Pieta, which was really good.

  14. glothelegend says:

    Also, I don’t play games, so I don’t know about this, but that girl with the blonde hair looks like a typical Rie Kugimiya character to me. I would love to see her in that role, then again, I would like to see her in just about every role, including the role of Glo the Legend’s wife.

  15. Yi says:

    @glothelegend: I agree that there is nothing at all wrong with yuri. In fact, I very much enjoy yuri. Also, Reo is indeed a very Rie Kugimiya character. Her voice also sounds very much like Shana or Louise, the typical loli tsundere type of voice, which is just so cute.

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  18. Fatekun says:

    This sounds exciting! especially because I can’t play it.
    Hope this news are true 😀

  19. Yi says:

    @Fatekun: It’s unfortunate that you can’t play the games. There are several people working on translation of them though. Anyway, I am almost positive that this new is true, as it was announced by Fuguriya with unambiguity.

  20. katy lee says:



  21. Yi says:

    @katy lee: Agreed. I really hope it is the best yuri ever.

  22. Jam says:

    Cool one for the taking! great one.

  23. Yi says:

    @Jam: Yep. ^ ^

  24. yuri_is _love says:

    When’s the anime series coming out?? Must. Know. @-@;

  25. Yi says:

    @yuri_is_love: As of yet, there has not been any information on release date yet.

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  28. frogster says:

    OOOOhhhh !!!! Just can’t wait. They’re so good looking !!

    Yea, there seemed to be more yuri anime now than it was a few years back ! 🙂

  29. Yi says:

    @frogster: Yea. Yuri was all the rage. I’m really glad the game is getting an anime adaptation and I can’t wait either.

  30. yUrIkO says:

    miss yi…., i download all kira-kira, but when i tried to open it a small window open saying: [1911] Failed to Issue Authentication Code

    what does that mean?……

  31. Yi says:

    @yUrIkO: I’m not sure what the code means. But if the files extracted successfully, that probably means you have to put the crack file into the directory, or you have to change the system locale (under language settings) to Japanese, or you need to rename the folder into something in English. So try doing those; see if that works.

    Also, please post your comments under the right post. This post is meant for a discussion of the Hanabira anime. It would make much more sense if this comment is made in the post where Kira Kira was.

    By the way, someone else seems to have a problem too, so maybe the files are just corrupted…

  32. FatSpanner says:

    Is there any date of when it’s coming out?

  33. Yi says:

    @FatSpanner: Not at the moment… Although there has been a feature of it in Ichijinsha for a sneak peak.

  34. dita says:

    i’dont like what this a lesbiam girl?? idont like!!! 😦

  35. makoto says:

    this is so hot walpaper!! this is not goood!! i hate this walpaper not yet >_<

  36. Yi says:

    @dita: To each her own I guess…

    @makoto: Agreed on the hot wallpaper, but I think it’s good. ^ ^

  37. Jen says:

    Has it been made into an Anime yet?

  38. Jojo says:

    does anyone know the release date????? :O

  39. Swordwind says:

    Jen, no, and Jojo, no.

  40. Yi says:

    @Jen + Jojo: As Swordwind eloquently put it, no. The moment release date is announced and the moment the anime is released, I will be sure to write a long love rant.

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  42. PhantomPhreek says:

    There’s definitely more Yuri out there..but this is ganna’ be one of the best
    IS the release date announced yet?

  43. yurijin says:

    @Yi : Do you have other episode? Or it have only one?

  44. EmperorG says:

    Episode 8 OVA next year please. If they were able to create such magic from episode 3, I can only imagine what an epic presentation can be delivered from a Ellis X Shizuku OVA. Oh the joys of something like that coming true.

    Seriously, this OVA was 25 minutes of pure bliss.

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