Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu – Sono Hanabira 7 Release Date

Hanabira 7 Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu

Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu (あまくてほしくてとろけるちゅう) will be the seventh installment of Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo, which in my opinion, has become the flagship for all yuri eroge and visual novels. Hanabira has been a big part of both my blog and my yuri experience, so when I realized that Hanabira 7 and 8 featuring all new yuri pairs are going to come out, I was really excited.

Anyways, Fuguriya announced yesterday that Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu will be released on December 11th, 2009. This is undoubtedly wonderful news for all yuri fans, and this is definitely something I have been looking forward to.

Amakute Hoshikute Tokeru Chuu Runa Takako

Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu will feature the teacher-student yuri pair, the masochistic Takako and sadistic Runa. I wrote a bit more about these two characters and this reversal of roles in my earlier preview.

Runa is a really cute loli. I guess visual novels today are simply having younger looking characters. I do not particularly mind loli though (I actually kind of like it). This should be a really fun one.

Hanabira Novel South Island Runa Takako

There was also an announcement for the release of a doujin novel for Takako x Runa as well. That should be interesting as well.

Edit: I found some more previews online. I had some doubts about whether this one would have H content primarily due to Runa, but after seeing the previews… yea. I will post the work safe ones only. All CG’s are censored anyway. And in my opinion, works of art are always work safe. Still, I will only post the tamer preview CG’s.

Even if they do look young, all characters depicted are of legal consent age (18+ in the US). Further, I approach the visual novel purely from an aesthetics point of view, admiring the clean and pretty artwork of the anime artist, PEKO.

Hanabira 7 Preview CG Runa Takako

Takako Runa Ecchi CG yuri

Edit: As I have gotten numerous requests for the game, there should be a link I have in the comments. Of course, as usual, please buy the game when you can and this is only for sampling.

More information on the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

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75 Responses to Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu – Sono Hanabira 7 Release Date

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  2. Sellers says:

    So about a week hm? Very cool. Although, did they really have to give the student in their first teacher-student pairing pigtails too? They’re kinda hitting us over the head with the age difference. Whatever. Still good news.

  3. Ningyo says:

    Really, loli-studentXteacher is THE best device since yuri itself. Call me limited, but I cannot imagine a better scenario. I would say loliXloli, but after Kodomo no Jikan… No.

    Sigh, being a lolicon is hard to live with… I’m not closet about it, so I’m reprimanded a lot by peers. Most importantly though dangerous characters like Snark or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police want a piece of me :S

  4. Yi says:

    @Sellers: I’m interested in the massive age difference. In the web novel, Runa is in elementary school. I think they raised her age for the visual novel, but she is still very loli, at least in appearance. Anyway, yea this is awesome news.

    @Ningyo: Haha yea, loli x loli in Kodomo no Jikan didn’t work out so well. Once Snark comes back to the internet, if he sees this post, I’m sure I’ll be called a pedophile or something. ^ ^
    Anyways, I’m kind of a closet lolicon irl and I keep it 2D.

  5. 2DT says:

    You know, this seems sweet, but I keep thinking of that teacher who went to jail.

  6. FaS says:

    OMFG, I THINK I JUST CREMED MYSELF….>.>! LIKE WOWWWWW. But on to the actual comment lol, this does look quite exciting. I love the colors, the art seems nice and spritely, and if it’s the 7th part to a series, then it must be quite good since sucky shows/books don’t just go on and on…but let’s exclude Twilight, since that movie ACTUALLY does suck. Wonderful post and I can’t wait to see it! Will you be doing a review on it sometime after it does?

  7. FaS says:

    Oh and btw, I think you should skooch your search bar up to the top 😛 I was looking for a couple terms and I didn’t know where to look 😦 but I found it now 🙂

  8. Smithy says:

    Oh, this sounds interesting, have always liked the “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo” series, not only because of the yuri theme but also because the art is by Peko, a terrific artist. ^^

    Looking forward to seeing new games and new art out.

  9. Yi says:

    @2DT: I had forgotten that story I posted earlier. But now that you’ve reminded me of it, it’s just so comparable on many levels. Underage student seduces the teacher, much like Runa and Takako. Well, I am certain no jail is going to be involved with this… I hope.

    @FaS: Hanabira is really quite successful and quite good; able to become the leader in a growing niche of yuri visual novels. Anyway, as per suggestion, I have moved the search bar to the top. Thanks. ^ ^

    @Smithy: Peko’s artwork is amazing. Cute and sexy at the same time. I really hope Peko continues to work on all the Hanabira games. I’m really looking forward to more artwork and more CG’s too.

  10. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    “works of art are always work safe”
    *writes down* Will be using this exc…er, very true fact the next time my boss catches me. (for once I’m glad I don’t have internet access at work…)

    The art and preview of the CGs are really looking great. And HOT (as ‘tame’ as they were). From the seifuku, Runa should be a middle schooler in this. Hehe, I don’t normally go for the loli charas in eroge/VN but an aggressive one would be kinda fun. =3

  11. GreenApp says:

    OMG,…SUPER hot (I mean the last picture :D)
    Thanks you so much for the information.
    Middle schooler X Teacher, i can see the loli will be the bully, yuri yuri…The CGs are nice and the story is very tempting as well.

  12. Guy says:

    Sometimes when I review anime, I say “The normal and expected animation quality for our period”, and then I add the following, “Which is to say, great.”

    I don’t find the art here unique, but damn if it’s not beautiful 🙂

  13. phossil says:

    I must say: the art is very superior. Teacher-student relationships are unforgettable.

  14. Sellers says:

    I seem to be in the minority here. Erg. I do agree that the art is high-quality, and I concur that it will be in the very least interesting though.

  15. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: Middle schooler huh? Well, sounds quite interesting. Anyway, I hope you don’t caught by your boss browsing sfw sites.

    @GreenApp: I know right? A bully middle schooler teasing the teacher… such a tempting story.

    @Guy: Agreed. The CG’s may not have the extremely creative designs or the unique textures of certain art books, but it’s so clean and so hot that I think Peko deserves a few nods.

    @phossil: Unforgettable indeed. Runa is a true jail bait.

    @Sellers: Haha, I think you might actually be in the majority. It’s just that most people not interested in a young student x teacher relationship probably did not bother to read on or comment.

  16. Sweet 🙂 Loving the SearchBar lol. But you know, I was looking at your post and I thought…hey! Wouldn’t it be great if these were ALLL in color??? lol, I know it takes far too long, but I can dream can’t I? lol. I’ll have to make a note to read this asap when I can get a hold of it.

  17. Lolorinixer says:

    Is there anywhere I can find the mangas online?

  18. Wow… that last picture… And this is a series of games you say? Very interesting. I can’t help but see Saber Lily in the first picture…

  19. Yi says:

    @finalanimestop: Haha, that would be nice. However, I’m not going to try to color in the image myself… I’d ruin the impeccable artwork of Peko.

    @Lolorinixer: It’s on the Fuguriya website. It’s not a manga. Hanabira is a series of visual novels, light doujin novels, and some web dialogues spliced with images. No manga yet. (Anime possibly coming).


    @lightningsabre: Yep yep. This series of games has amazing yuri. So awesome that it’s criminal. In fact, this one seems to be actually criminal…
    Now that you mention it, the first picture does look like Saber Lily with long twin tails.

  20. shijima says:

    Huh…the teacher looked sort of like Sara from Sonohana 2 on the cover. :p
    Thanks for the heads up as always and I look forward to your review of the game if you choose to do one. =)

  21. Yi says:

    @shijima: I actually thought she looked a little more like Kaede from Sonohana 2. I still need to play 6 before I do 7, but I’m sure I will get to it eventually.

  22. Sellers says:

    No, she looks like Kaede in Sonohana 4 :). In two, she always had the braid. And they’re not terribly long, so you’ll be able to sail through six right quick.

  23. I think that this is going to be my fave hanabira game! I really like this new couple ^_^
    Looking forward to the game and the doujin novel 🙂

  24. Yi says:

    @Sellers: I’m planning on sailing through six after finals. I doubt it will go as fast though because my Japanese is really bad. 😦
    Anyway, while she does look like Kaede, I have to say that I like her a lot more. I really did not like Kaede too much.

    @Yuri Downloads: Me too. ^ ^ I think this will be one of my favorite as well.

  25. CtrlAltDel says:

    Nice! There’s just something about student-teacher seductions that turn me on. I’m definitely looking forward to this couple. ;D …I’m not a pedo, I swear. >__>;

    Oh, and where can you get the 6th Hanabira game? I noticed that you didn’t have it on your website (or maybe I’m blind.)

  26. Yi says:

    @CtrlAltDel: Haha. Sure you’re not. None of us are pedos. 🙂
    I haven’t played Hanabira 6 yet. I will get to that soon, and once I make my review for it, ask me for the game again. Alternatively, you could always try googling or something.

  27. I don’t mean to use your comment box to say this, but this is a matter of life and death for my anime-blogging career and my following @ Please don’t delete this comment.


    Thanks for being a cool fellow blogger.
    Thanks, I appreciate it 🙂

  28. Yi says:

    @finalanimestop: I never delete any legitimate comments. While usually I don’t mind off topic comments here and there, because your post is particularly long, I have moved your comment about your blog issues to a separate page:

    Please direct your comments on your issue with your web host there.

    Let’s get back on topic. ^ ^

  29. Akira says:

    haha, after resisting myself to go to your site for a couple of days, because of school stuff, I get this big wonderful news! maybe I should start to check your site less frequently , hehe JK. I missed your site so much 🙂

    WOOT it’s only 2 more days before the release! yes this couple is really cute, they seem to have a lot of fun, particularly with Runa’s teasing ^^
    I’ve just ‘marathoned’ through 1 -5 Hanabira games now, I’m having so much fun *blushes* need to start 6th before the 7th comes out.

    And I don’t really Kaede too, she just annoys me for some reason probably because of her constant insecurity and doubts, but I love the cute cheerful Sara 🙂

    Btw, do you have any news about the hime x gothic lolita pair?

  30. Yi says:

    @Akira: Yea I need to play 6 as well. I might play 7 first though because this pair is just so cute and so new.
    Agreed on Kaede and Sara. I tend to like more strong willed women.
    As for the hime x goth lolita/ mixed exchanged student, no news yet. I assume it’s probably been pushed back too due to this one being pushed back.

  31. GreenApp says:

    How can I download this game?Really really need you help….

  32. j,ex says:

    pedophilia new hanabira

  33. Lolorinixer says:

    so, has it come out yet?

  34. Yi says:

    @GreenApp: It has been released and I’ll post a link before tomorrow. Check back then. ^ ^

    @j,ex: Haha, it actually seems that the story is a bit more convoluted and involves an older sister, so it might not be as illegal as it is.

    @Lolorinixer: Yes, it has. The DL version is out.


    Here is a download link on megaupload for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu:

  35. Lolorinixer says:

    CG sets soon? =D

  36. Yi says:

    @Lolorinixer: You guys are really on the ball this time. ^ ^
    Once I find it, I’ll post here.

  37. Zemial99 says:

    Sweet, it’s released. Let’s hope that it gets a Drama CD Release, and a Doujin in the works.

  38. Yi says:

    @Zemial99: I think there is a doujin novel set for release on Dec. 25th featuring this pair.

  39. Zemial99 says:

    Oh, and no need to be displeased. I got all your needs at Crazy “Yuri”. (An Ed, Edd, Eddy reference)

    (Translation: I found the CG set for Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu here: )

  40. Yi says:

    @Zemial99: Haha, I totally did not get that reference at all. Never watched that cartoon as a kid. Thanks for the CG set. ^ ^

  41. Sellers says:

    Here’s my quasi-Christmas present, provided you ignore the fact that I intended to put this on the site regardless of what day it is.

    Hanabira 7 MediaFire Download Links:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Dead links.

  42. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Happy Holidays!
    Thanks for the present.

    @Guy: Very. ^ ^

  43. SparkyTheGryphon says:

    At first I wasn’t too thrilled about this one. I thought “ew, a kid and teacher relationship… No way I’m watching that XD.” But after reading into it more… It’s the one I’m most anxious to play! I think it’s because of the major role-reversal (and the fact that Runa’s so adorable x3)

    *sigh* I now regret taking Spanish instead of Japanese in school. I hate waiting for English translations of these to come out (which might not even happen for this one >.<)

  44. Yi says:

    @SparkyTheGryphon: The role-reversal and Runa are reason enough for me to really really anticipate playing this. Anyways, I also kind of regret taking German in school rather than Japanese back in the days… 😦
    I am still hopeful though of translations for all of them.

  45. hossammilan says:

    I’ve just finished the game but there was no ending credits like the previos 6 games ….(spoiler : the game end after the 69 sex scene ;)…….) and there are a couple of CG missing from the extras . Is there a special edition for this game or something ???

    • Johnny says:

      The same thing happened to me… only 3 CGs missing…
      Damn, i will have to play it again next week…

      • Yi says:

        This one is a little trickier. For all the games before, you could get the complete ending by just choosing all top choices, but for Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu, you need to actually read the answers and choose appropriately.

  46. Yi says:

    @hossammilian: If my experience with these games applies, that means you did not make the right choices, so your ending was cut short. Make different choices and you should be able to unlock all scenes + ending.

  47. Saberfang321 says:

    Holy crap, there are two new Sono Hanabira visual novels?? I’ve gotta get them, I love this series!

  48. Sellers says:

    Well, eight isn’t out yet. If you still consider six “new”, then yeah. I’m still looking forward to eight, especially because I have recently decided I like red eyes.

  49. Yi says:

    @Saberfang321: There are 8 announced, 7 released. Love this series as well.

    @Sellers: I’ve loved red eyes and especially hime cuts for a long time, so yea. I’m going to really enjoy eight too!

  50. hossammilan says:

    Thanks Yi that really helped . Now I’m waiting for the 8th one. Any news on a release date or something?

  51. Yi says:

    @hossammilan: Other than the few spoiled images, not really. I’ll write an entry as soon as something comes up.

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  53. Yuki says:

    Nyahaha~~ The epitome of sensei/student relationship. xDDD I can’t wait, haha to see them~ well, once I fix my Windows 7 problem, soon. XDD

  54. Yi says:

    @Yuki: I love this pair to. It’s so nice to see the pairing break out of just students.
    Good luck with Windows 7.

  55. conniie says:

    yeah D:
    being a loli is hard.
    i know because i am one xD
    all these guys hitting on me T-T
    (im lesbian D:)
    hard life ._.

  56. Sellers says:

    I take it you mean you look loli, not that you actually are one. If I’m incorrect, and you are around twelve years old, feel free to correct me.

    I’m sorry that your appearance has caused you discomfort. I truly hope no man finds you attractive, and, as a result, irritates you or makes you feel uncomfortable ever again.

    I Hope you enjoyed the game.

  57. Yi says:

    @connie: Haha. I’m sure being a loli has its hard times but hopefully it also has its good times. Good luck with avoiding guys hitting on you. ^ ^

    @Sellers: “I truly hope no man finds you attractive…”
    I wouldn’t go in that direction… ^ ^

  58. Sellers says:

    Ha, I’m glad you caught on.

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  60. Sellers says:

    Haha. I just realized that the fixed Mediafire links weren’t on this page.

    Yi, would you mind removing the inert links here and on the Hanabira 5 page?

    Hanabira 7, MediaFire
    Part One
    Part Two

  61. Gershom says:

    I can’t help but ask, is there other links for the cg pack?
    the one from above doesn’t seem to work.

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  64. Hello,
    Can you Upload the CG Pack to another Hoster?
    Megaupload says, the file are currently not available

  65. Johnny says:

    Just be patient, sometimes it happens to MU.
    Try again later. 🙂

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