Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Artworks – Artbook by Peko

Sono Hanabira Artbook Peko Illustration

With yet another release by Fuguriya, I thought I should do a quick short post on more Sono Hanabira stuff. An artbook by Peko featuring the stunning artworks associated with this series has been announced. It is planned for release on July 30th, the same day the exciting OVA will be released.

Fuguriya sure has been hard at work this summer!

Personally, this announcement actually makes me even more excited than the release of the anime. Artbooks have always been one of my favorite way to show support for the anime industry, and Peko’s gorgeous illustrations makes this an easy purchase. Further, priced at 1400 yen, it is really cheap for a 68-page full colored book. Though I really hope the artbook will have some original illustrations not seen before in the games or on the website.

Sono Hanabira Artbook Peko Illustration breast sizes

A funs side note. As AXYPB pointed out, in one of the preview images, Runa (blonde, second from the right) apparently has larger breasts than Reo (farthest right). This is particularly interesting especially because the seventh Hanabira with Runa has been one of the more controversial and less popular of the games. Many have thought that Runa is just too loli. On the other hand, though less endowed, Reo does not suffer from this lash back to pedophilia. She has really enjoyed her role in arguably the most successful yuri visual novel ever. Quite ironic indeed.

Perhaps the age difference in the romance between Runa and her sensei plays a role.

P.S. As always, thanks to those who kept me updated on Fuguriya: @jantp27 and AXYPB.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Artbook scans: Download
More information on the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

With my brother going to medical school and my sister and parents staying in Taiwan, I am left alone at home in California with so many bills to catch up on and so many errands to run. I will not be able to post as long and often as I would like for the next few weeks, nor will I be able to respond quickly.

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127 Responses to Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Artworks – Artbook by Peko

  1. miranda says:

    very good that subject ^ ^

  2. AXYPB says:

    The official page made a point of emphasizing that there will be new artwork exclusive to this book. The cover is the only such material made available for preview.

    • Yi says:

      That’s good to hear! I hope there’s a lot of them.
      Anyways, I kind of assumed it would seeing the cover, but I’m just a bit afraid that after putting all the artworks from the CG and light novels, the available pages for new artworks will be few.

  3. Selli says:

    Runa’s breasts are smaller than Reo’s? Really? I thought they were just a tad bigger ’cause of Reo’s size and the fact that Runa’s still growing…

  4. Dragon Of Hourai says:

    i Rofled when i noticed Runa ahead of Reo on the chart also

    “With my brother going to medical school and my sister and parents staying in Taiwan, I am left alone at home in California with so many bills to catch up on and so many errands to run. I will not be able to post as long and often as I would like for the next few weeks, nor will I be able to respond quickly.”

    I wish you the best of luck!

  5. ZT says:

    Who are the two girls between Shizuku and Mai? And the blue haired one too? I can barely make out “葵 ” (Aoi?) as that pink short-haired one’s first name and “麻生” (Aso?) to be the blue-haired one’s last name, but the picture’s too blurry to tell even with photoshop. Unless the three are from side stories that I missed, could this be a cue for a 3 way relation in Hana 9?

    • Dragon Of Hourai says:

      “could this be a cue for a 3 way relation in Hana 9?”

      I Like this idea! *Thumbs up*

      • Swordwind says:

        Those are Nanami’s friends (Rin Aso, Misaki Shitara, & Aoi Otsuki), though you don’t see them anywhere besides the light novels. If they are to be the focus of the next Hanabira, this isn’t a subtle tip-of-the-hand, they’re preexisting characters.

    • Yi says:

      As Swordwind and AXYPB have said, they’re Nanami’s friends. I would love to see them pair or three way each other, but that seems to be a bit unlikely. It’s fun to dream though.

  6. Swordwind says:

    I don’t think it’s terribly ironic. I, and most people who aren’t the Australian government, don’t judge maturity based on cup size. Looking loli is fine; actually being one can be a bit discomforting.

    • Yi says:

      Haha, yea… the infamous Australian ban on small breasts and female ejaculation.
      Anyways, well said. You’ve made me feel bad about a light hearted jokey post.

      Though visual cues certainly do have some weight in anime.

      As for who’s actually more loli, I don’t remember too well but I think neither’s age has been explicitly stated. And judging by mental maturity, Runa is probably the more mature one.

      • Swordwind says:


        I’m quite sure that Runa is quite a bit younger than Reo. I guess this chart conveniently obfuscates Runa’s Loli-factor, in addition to being vaguely interesting.

        • Yi says:

          @Swordwind: Haha don’t worry about. ^ ^
          It’s a musing I had that didn’t quite work out.

          “I’m quite sure that Runa is quite a bit younger than Reo.”
          Yea I think so too. I don’t know how I know that though.

  7. Persocom says:

    Awesome news, that’s pretty cheap for a good artbook. Interesting facts regarding Runa and Reo too, strange how things work XD

  8. ZeroQ says:

    *looks at the cover*

    Okay… Plushies. Or chibi, furry, doppelgangers from another realm?

    Either way, they’re suffocatingly cute!

    • AXYPB says:

      I hope that style is limited to promotional work. It looks too K-ON! to me.

    • Yi says:

      @ZeroQ: Agreed. Those chibi nekomimis are soooooo adorable.

      @AXYPB: I actually like this new style from Peko. It’s more K-On-ish, but I kind of like the more rounded faces and larger eyes. The glossy feel is nice too.

  9. Mira says:

    Runa’s is 70CM and Reo’s 69CM, I read off the numbers not the character alignment

  10. Fabrice says:

    mhmm ranging from 69 to 90 oppai size..
    :3 any is fine with me!

  11. Verdure says:

    “Runa (blonde, second from the right) apparently has smaller breasts than Reo (farthest right). ”

    That should say “larger,” not “smaller,” correct? Also, will the artbook be for all games, and will some of the art be…ummm…NSFW?

    • Yi says:

      @Verdure: Oopsies, thanks for pointing that out. ^ ^

      Anyways, some of the other preview pages have shown that it’s going to be NSFW for sure.

  12. Nopy says:

    1400yen is a pretty good price. Now I’m wondering whether I should order it or not since shipping is probably going to be as much as the book.

    • Yi says:

      @Nopy: Shipping costs can get kind of ridiculous sometimes. 😦
      Are books cheaper to ship than figures and stuff?

      • Impy says:

        Good question, the book is reasonably priced but if the shipping is to the point where its worth more than the book, I’m not getting it. I rather make a bulk order ;x

      • Yi says:

        That’s why I usually buy anime stuff in store when I go on shopping sprees during trips. That’s probably what I’m going to do with this artbook as well.

  13. softz says:

    This seems like an interesting art-book. Are you getting it, Yi?

  14. Johnny says:

    Beautiful boobs, even the smallest !
    D-4… “sigh”

  15. Johnny says:

    “D” like “day”… Like i’m french, i would say “J-4”, but it’s an english site^^

  16. Ningyo says:

    Hey, that is pretty affordable. Unfortunately I’m usually too much of a douche to buy goods in support of something. I’m trying though, I’m trying. Now that I’m in the orient it should be the perfect opportunity for me to shell out. Sadly though a downer season is killing my motivation to support anything… They don’t have Mitsuba-sama’s foot-shaped lollipops, by any chance?
    Forget I said that.

    • Yi says:

      The main reason I buy stuff though isn’t to support something, but simply to have something pleasant around the room. So I tend to like figures and artbooks. Still, being able to claim to support the industry, be annoying, and act “holier-than-others” is a bonus. Just kidding.

      Good luck with getting out of the downer season. Don’t worry though. This season, save for a few anime, isn’t that much more exciting than others.

      Hm… Mitsuba-sama’s foot-shaped lollipops. Yum?

  17. hisui19 says:

    oh! man! that was awesome!!! XD i hope you posted it in 30th too, along with the anime!!! yay! i’m too excited!!! >_<

  18. hisui19 says:

    what? a day or two???!!! i can’t… i’m dying…

  19. Johnny says:

    Even though it’s not pure DVDrip, i’ve seen it some minutes ago.

    Not as emotional as “Shoujo Sect”, not as well written as “Stainless Night”, but it’s fundamentally kawaii and romantic !

    • Yi says:

      Shoujo Sect has a better story, but the ecchi scenes I think are done better in Hanabira.

      I keep hearing about Stainless Night, but I think it’s actually futa.

      • Johnny says:

        “Stainless Night” gets futanari, but, when u think about it, what is futanari ? It’s a girl with a very realistic dildo !
        I saw it and it’s real girl x girl love !

        Back to Hanabira, i hope there will be another OVA’s, but with more episodes, please ! :p

        • Yi says:

          That’s a fair point. Categorically though, I just don’t think it’s in the same genre as yuri. Of course, whether those relationships and the underlying idea are any different is another debate. They’re definitely close cousins.

          I hope so too. This story really is too short. It just doesn’t cover enough for me.

  20. xX777Xx says:

    Nice artbook but I can’t buy online or find it in here thou TT^TT.

    • Yi says:

      As with all things, the scans will probably be on the internet soon. I still plan on buying this for sure though, just because the feeling of flipping through an artbook is a pretty nice feeling.

      As for online, I’m not too sure where you could get it. Maybe or Getchu?

  21. xX777Xx says:

    Seriously the Chibi Nekomimi is very adorable. The new art is adorable and perfectly suit at funny scene in visual novel. But the old art is very nice and perfect in yuri scene <3.

  22. tsuki says:

    i’ve just found your blog recently…..THANK YOU so much for all the info and pics about hanabira that u post your blog!! sugoi…. otsukaresama!!

    i love yuuna and nanami the most. ~__~ umm…..i wish i could buy this book at the local japanese bookstore, but they don’t have it. if u could possibly post up some scans from the book after u get it, that’d be SO AWESOME!!!

    • Yi says:

      I like Yuuna and Nanami too. And they are the original so they’ve always held a special place in my heart. Anyways, I’ll definitely do a post eventually when I get the book.

  23. Verdure says:

    Has anyone managed to buy a copy, or download a scan of the artbook?

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  25. some fan says:

    hey! here is the artbook! the images are PNG, 423 MB, reuploaded by me, taken from oreno imouto:—

    (edit: link replaced thanks to Massaca. -Yi)

    • AXYPB says:

      Thank you for uploading this. The scans here are much cleaner than the equivalents in Peko’s artbook. This should make recreating the menus much easier.

    • Yi says:

      Thanks you so much for finding the scans and compiling them!!

      I tried finding this when I was in Taiwan. I went to six different places that all boast a huge collection of paper materials, including the latest Comiket releases, but none of them carried this… 😦
      I guess I’ll have to order it online.

      Anyways, I’m so glad to get a chance to see the whole book in scans. Thank you so much!!

    • hossammilan says:

      Thank you for the scans, you are awesome 🙂

    • hisui19 says:

      Oh gosh! Thanks so much!!! I’ve been waiting for this!!! >_<

    • chatamelie56 says:

      The link is out :/ could you fix it please ?

  26. xX777Xx says:

    Is there any link beside the megaupload one? My internet connection prefer Mediafire than Megaupload -____-.

  27. Akina says:

    I am just curious, what is the publisher and the ISBN #? I cant seem to find any other info on the web besides this article here! =(

  28. ngsitu says:

    OH! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPLOADING THE SONO HANABIRA ARTBOOK, YI. It has been my greatest pleasure to have an art book of sono hanabira myself (since I cannot seem to have found any where selling this, if you know, please tell me). Once again, thank you very much, and I wish you good health to run this site for many years more to come. Yours sincerely

    • Yi says:

      I didn’t upload it, but you’re welcome, I guess. ^ ^ Thanks for the good wishes though, and I hope you have a wonderful life too.

      Cheers, ngsitu~

      p.s. I’m still looking myself where I could find it with little luck. 😦

  29. fj76ts4 says:

    Hey, can someone upload to fileape? That would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  30. Casshie says:

    Sorry to bother you but, if you ever find a site where you can buy this artbook(physical copy) pls do let me know. Thanks =)

    • Yi says:

      Will do. And same here. Artbooks are one thing I love to collect, but I still can’t find where to buy this. 😦

      • Casshie says:

        Haha sure no prob =). Having the digital copy is nice and all, but as from your above comments, nth beats flipping the book itself, as having the book itself is a different experience from the digital ones. The experience is just awesome for artbook collectors like us(?)

        • Yi says:

          I know right? Maybe I’m a bit too old fashioned, but paper, I think, is something that can never be replaced by digital. Not artbooks, not books, not writing. In fact, I still write out all my blog drafts in pen and paper before I type them in.

  31. Casshie says:

    Wow, talk about old fashioned XD. But true, paper is smth that can never be replaced, its part our lives. I do write stuff on a piece of paper before typing them onto the com/laptop, like my essays and stuff for schoolwork, cuz it makes me feel more assured, i guess. But its not always, you being able to write all your blog drafts out is very admirable :). Btw, sorry for commenting on your older blogs, this was the only post on the artbook XD. You’re the first guy who replies so consistently i can barely keep up XD. Many other people take many days or don’t reply at all..

    • Yi says:

      I think the reason I tend to write out my drafts are twofold. I love the sentimental romanticism that comes with inking out the piece,. More practically and relevantly, I don’t get distracted as often if I’m not on my laptop. It matters even more for some of the longer posts that require a lot of tweaking to get the right wording out (e.g. commentaries on certain aspects of shows). And also, yes. Writing things out gives me assurance as well. ^ ^

      p.s. No worries! I actually really really love when people comment on older posts. I put quite a bit of time into each entry, so it always makes me smile when I see that they’re not just forgotten in time. ^ ^

      p.p.s. I don’t usually reply this fast. You caught me on a good weekend, a brief retreat from my usually busy life. I always reply to all comments though even if it does take me a few days to get to them.

      Thanks for visiting, Casshie. It’s very very nice to meet you~

  32. Casshie says:

    Woah! It’s very nice to meet you too! At first, i came to your blog by chance while looking for the Hanabira games. Then, i started to read the comments on your blogs(they are so fun to read!), now i’m actually commenting on them. I usually don’t comment much on blogs or forums as i usually just read them due to my not getting replies 90% of the time. But now, i might actually start commenting because of you!
    ”I always reply to all comments though even if it does take me a few days to get to them.”
    I fell in love with you after reading this!! Bloggers should follow your example! Anyway before i get totally sidetracked, i will also inform you if i ever find a site selling the physical copy of this artbook, though i suggest you do not get your hopes up too high as i can’t guarantee i will definitely find one XD. I might not reply fast after this if you reply me due to my national examinations but i will definitely reply you, Yi-sempai!(i request to call you this from now on.)

    • Yi says:

      It always makes me smile to see a new face around here, especially someone who seems as much as fun as you are, doll. ^ ^

      Anyway, good luck on your exams!

      • Casshie says:

        Whew, 3 days into the exams and 3 subjects done. I’m done for now, the remaining subjects is a month away :). I just read this reply but i think i felt your good luck rub off on me during the exams!
        Thanks Yi-sempai! Now is the time to continuing reading your blogs, though i just saw one just now on your Madoka blog, omg the comments were so’s gonna take awhile =)

        • Yi says:

          Glad to be of help (even though your successes has nothing to do with me, but all your hard work. ^ ^)

          Anyway, yea, the Madoka post has quite the comments, and so much insight buried in there. Have fun! And as always, thanks for visiting. It really makes me feel like the effort is worth it~

  33. Sora says:

    Where can I buy that artbook?
    I searched ebay and amazon but i haven’t found it :c

  34. teddy says:

    Any chance anyone could reupload the artbook? Thanks!

  35. mutopis says:

    just wanted to point out all the links are dead for the artbook

  36. Umi says:

    I’m really sorry for troubling you but i can’t seem to get any of the link to work
    The only link that still exist is this one but mediafire doesn’t lemme download it. Can you please perhaps help me to a working link or reupload it?
    Thank you

  37. KB★ says:

    the links for the artbook are not working. the only link that’s working is the mediafire one but it wont let me download the files 😦 it would really a big help if you’ll reupload them again 😀
    i don’t really mind if you will upload them in many batch, as long it would let us download them, i’d really appreciate it 😀
    sorry if i sound kinda rude>___<
    i'm really in love with the series and even bought their goodies but i can't find the artbook anywhere and i can't purchase it online 😦
    thanks in advance 🙂

    • Yi says:

      I am well aware that the link was not working. If you look at the comments above, you would see the same address by several other commenters already. However, I had been super busy the last few days. There is really no need to repeatedly badger me about it. Thank you.

  38. Reina Nanako says:

    I found a torrent for the artbook from bakaBT 😀
    hope this might help 😀

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