Sono Hanabira 10 Announced! Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu

Hanabira 10 Amakute Otona Torokeru Chuu Runa Takako yuri

The popular yuri visual novel series, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo (A Kiss for the Petals), will have a new addition in December! Including the recently released sidestory, Hanhira, Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu (あまくておとなのとろけるちゅう) will be the tenth in the Sono Hanabira canon from Fuguriya.*

Hanabira doujin novel Takako Runa athletic festival

Sono Hanabira 10 Announcement yuri eroge fuguriya

When I checked my email this morning, I was happy to see AXYPB’s comment detailing Fuguriya’s three-part announcement. I will quote from and add to AXYPB’s words. **

… the next game in the main series, also with Runa and Takako, あまくておとなのとろけるちゅう “Sweet Adult’s Melting Kiss”. It will continue where the seventh left off, and it appears that Takako is going to take the initiative to advance her relationship with Runa.

This is the part I am most excited about. Planned for a December release, Hanabira 10 will again feature the lovely teacher-student pair from the seventh. Takako will be in training for spring break, and will thus be apart from Runa the loli queen. So the two have something special planned.

I have always been a huge fan of this pair, so I love seeing them in a sequel. Furthermore, this release implies that Erisu and Shizuku from the eighth will get a continuation as well. This is all quite exciting.

Hanabira 10 doujin novel yuriThe second is a light novel about Runa and Takako, 二人のゴールテープ “Couple’s Goaltape”. It takes place during St. Michael’s athletic festival in the fall.


As per usual, the visual novel release will be accompanied by a doujin novel featuring the same pair. The thumbnail promises some cute ecchi yuri! **

Hanabira 6 Yuuna Nanami yuri Drama CD

… the next drama CD, 夢のような日々 “Dreamy Days”, featuring Yuuna and Nanami. I think it’s for the best that this pair’s story continues because of all of the current couples, their characters are the least developed. I’ve also been listening to the drama CDs frequently these days and I’ve come to like them more than the visual novels in a few respects because of their slice-of-life stories and the ability of the characters to speak over each other.

As the first pair of the series, Yuuna and Nanami have fairly safe personalities. The onee-sama dynamic has been a bit overdone in yuri media. Given that, they are often the most forgettable of the couples. So I feel the same way; it is great to see that Fuguriya has not abandoned them for the newer, more popular pairs. Yes, I am talking about Reo, Mai, Shizuku, and Erisu.

I am glad that Fuguriya is still regularly coming out with new visual novels, drama CDs, doujin novels, and various other productions. It shows that not only is the franchise still going strong, the fan base is as well. December should be nice for yuri fans.

*I consider the side story, Hanahira, as the ninth.
** Thanks for making this post easier for me. Also, it is kind of fun to vary the post structure once in a while.
*** Other than the small thumbnail, images from this post are from past works.

More information on the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series

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171 Responses to Sono Hanabira 10 Announced! Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu

  1. EmperorG says:

    Hohoho, so you’ve revealed yourself to be a fan of this couple have you? Well, I guess that does lower my level of shame as I do find Takako attractive, despite her
    weenie-ness. Maybe I’ll finally get my dream CG of Takako bodyslamming Ruuna. (Basically jumping on top of Ruuna and squishing her with her body)
    Yuuna’s not dead, Yuuna will always live on for I believe that she had a major influence in the formation of Reo X Mai, which I’ll confirm once the episode 3 patch is out.

    With Ruuna X Takako 2 now official, it’s only a matter of time before Elise X Shizuku 2,

    • Yi says:

      Haha, I don’t think I ever hid my love for this couple, although I have a feeling this is the most hated couple of all. They’re certainly the most objectionable.

      “Maybe I’ll finally get my dream CG of Takako bodyslamming Ruuna.”
      I have a pretty… interesting image in my mind now.

      As for Yuuna, I think she had a brief cameo appearance in Hanabira 2. She didn’t say anything too important though; she suggested the title “onee-sama” to Sara for addressing Kaede. She’s definitely not dead, but she just felt so forgotten lately with most of the releases/ covers focused on the others. Well, the drama CD changes things.

  2. FT says:

    hooray for another 18+ VN though I wanted more Shizuku&Eris…I don’t have anything against Runa&Takako(I like all Hanabira couples) but somehow I just can’t completely enjoy it when the characters are 10 years or so apart and one of them is a complete loli 😦 of course I’ll play the VN and I’ll love it -> I just hope the S/E sequel comes out sooner and who knows maybe another OVA 😀

    • Yi says:

      Yea, I’ve heard more than one person who feels the same way about Runa/ Takako. For me, the age difference and the loli factor kind of adds to the forbidden fruit feeling. Runa’s young age also makes a fascinating contrast to her dominating presence.

      My naive hope is that Hanabira 11 will be released as early as Feb 2011.

      • AXYPB says:

        The controversy is exactly what makes their coupling so interesting. I’m not familiar with other works that feature a couple with a large age difference, but the non-sexual components of their relationship alone, especially in relation to the unseen hypotenuse in the older sister, have a large potential for discussion.

        One thing I’ve noticed about the series is that the opposition between each couple goes up a level with each new pairing. It started with difference in class, then difference in temperament, then difference in age, and now difference in culture. Each new couple incorporates some factor from the type of contrast that preceded it. For example, the class difference between Yuuna and Nanami is also seen in the tension between the ordinary girl Kaede and Sara the teen celebrity, in addition to the clash between their personalities that is more pronounced between Mai and Reo, who are even further divided in social standing. Takako and Runa add in the age factor, and Erisu and Shizuku trade this for culture shock. All of these contrasts, as well as the evolution of the complexity of relationships throughout the series, can have entire essays dedicated to them and probably already have. It’s unfortunate that the OVA wasn’t able to depict more of this.

        I was surprised when the seventh visual novel was announced; Fuguriya demonstrated how bold they are in exploring controversial dimensions of romance to the point of spitting in the face of potential censorship laws, even after consideration of controversy within their own fanbase. For a game not known for its plot, there is certainly a lot of character depth that isn’t being addressed.

        • Yi says:

          That’s a really interesting thought and very observant note!! Now I’m left wondering what dimension will be explored with a next couple. Maybe they’ll even explore gender differences. Or perhaps they’ll come back around and give us two very similar characters… twincest.

          Anyways, Takako x Runa is definitely the boldest of them all. The seventh was a risky move, but it seems like it played out well for Fuguriya… At least well enough to warrant the tenth.

  3. FT says:

    on another note(just thought about it so that’s why it’s a different comment) I would really like a new couple and let’s say it should have(in my opinion) a studious girl(definitely meganekko with optional ponytail-my personal favorite) and a sporty girl(medium length hair or ponytail) I wouldn’t care who’s the aggressive one in this case 😀

    btw: sorry x 1000 I let my imagination go wild T-T

    • AXYPB says:

      Kaede and Sara don’t do it for you?

    • Yi says:

      I wouldn’t mind a sporty girl with a ponytail!
      I have mixed feelings about meganekko… On one hand, I love girls with glasses. On the other hand, I hate most of the glasses girls in anime nowadays: the clumsy airhead type. I like glasses girls that just ooze intelligence and sophistication. I’m also pretty particular about the actual glasses.

      I guess that’s part of why Kaede doesn’t do it for me. 😦

  4. Johnny says:

    Nice news !
    Fortunately, despite Hanahira, Fuguriya doesnt forget 18+ yuri fans !

    • AXYPB says:

      I find it interesting how every time Hanahira is mentioned, they feel compelled to remind their fans that they’ll never change. It’s something they’ve been doing from the start.

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep! It’s good to see that they’re still making 18+ yuri!

      It’s certainly reassuring to hear Fuguriya say that they’ll continue to do the things that make us love them in the beginning.

  5. ZT says:

    And December has never been better lol. Now I finally got something to look forward to in 2010.

  6. AXYPB says:

    I should add that the drama CD is about Nanami finding somewhere to live for three weeks due to construction at her home. It’s not hard to imagine what happens next.

  7. phro says:


  8. Swordwind says:

    Well, I’m glad Fugi isn’t dead.

    • Yi says:

      I’m also glad they’re not just constantly pumping out new couples, but spending quality time to develop each character!
      Anyways, they’re not just not dead, they’ve been extremely productive in the last year or two.

  9. shinra says:

    & I thought that my December will be dead without yuri.

    Yes!!! I really need more Drama CDs of Hanabira Series so that I can walk around while listening to more yuri conversations/moans. 😀 (no release date yet, right?)

    10th? so 9th is the non-ecchi, loli hanabira?

    • Yi says:

      To walk around in public while listening to yuri conversations/ moans? So daring and so composed. ^ ^

      Anyways, no release dates yet, but sometime in December. I am counting the non-ecchi loli sidestory as the 9th.

  10. Valence says:

    It looks like a good time for me to start playing Sono Hanabira games….

  11. necrocosmos says:

    Wow happy to hear. >< Hope for another good story nice to see them working on it, and want to get drama cd as well.

  12. hossammilan says:

    So the 10th is about Runa and Takako (I love this pair), which leads me to assume that the 11th one will be about Shizuka and Ellis (oh hell yeah), Which leads me to expect the 12th to be about Amane and Kaori (the family friendly one)???????……Ah…who cares, MOAR yuri is always welcome both +18 and ULTRA cute loli family friendly ones 😉

    • AXYPB says:

      It’s a toss-up as to who takes number 12. For all we know there could be yet another new couple planned.

      • EmperorG says:

        What I’m about to suggest could be very far fetched, but hear me out. We’ve had a pairing between preteens, teenagers and (sort of) college students. What age group does that leave us without? Adults. I mean two fresh adults, not a student-teacher one. I know adult couples are very rare in the yuri universe but I have an overoptimistic view on a the possibility of such a couple to become a reality in the Sono Hanabira series.

        • AXYPB says:

          I assumed before the seventh game was released that we would see the first three pairs after graduation next. I wonder how it would work out after that. It would be interesting to see how the story continues without St. Michael’s.

    • Yi says:

      I’m guessing 11th will be about Shizuka and Ellis too, unless they decide to throw something in between. I can’t say much about the 12th though. Hanahira is a side story, so I don’t know if it will follow the same structure as the others.

      Either way though, whether it’s a new pair, another family friendly game, more Amane x Kaori, or Amane x Kaori in 18+, I just hope there will be a twelfth.

      I think the possibility of two adults is likely. We might have two teachers. We might even see the school nurse in something. That’d be fun. ^ ^

      Or we might leave St. Michael’s. I’ll miss the cute fitting slender uniforms though.

  13. Nopy says:

    Hmm, maybe I should add Hanabira to my “to watch/play” list as well.

    • EmperorG says:

      Either Runa is as strong as Kaede, or Takako is a lightweight.

      • AXYPB says:

        I once had a bizarre vision of what a fighting game based on Sonohana would look like. I figure that if Azumanga Daioh and the Key/Visual Arts works can have fighting games made after them, then so can this. I don’t know how well it would work out, but I get the feeling that Mai and Reo would be considered top tier.

        • EmperorG says:

          Let me see, Azumanga, Key, Maria-Sama. I’m surprised they didn’t do it with Strawberry Panic….oh how awesome that would have been.
          A Sonohana fighting game. My number 1 question is which of the ladies will be the wrestler type fighter? Oh, there is one problem though. I don’t think 10 characters would be enough to successfully proclaim Sonohana as a fighter. Sure Arcana Heart succeeded, but it had sequels with even more characters. We might have to wait until 2 more couples debut before we can make a fighter, unless you plan to add the characters from Hanahira as well.

        • AXYPB says:

          Let the Hanahira! characters come too, then.

          Nanami would be the normal character, well-balanced and easy to use.
          Kaede would be the powerhouse character, slow and devastating in close range but less effective at long range.
          Sara would be the opposite, best at range but with few options up close and below average health.
          Mai would have a heavy emphasis on grabs.
          Reo would be the fast character, with a speed-heavy moveset rounded with a particularly annoying command grab.

          That’s all I have so far.

    • Yi says:

      Thanks for the link! I’ve updated the post to include that lovely image.

      As for Runa lifting Takako, it’s all about leverage. ^ ^
      Or maybe she is just that strong!

  14. EmperorG says:

    -Takako is the joke character who has a similar fighting style to Yumi’s from Maribato.
    -Runa’s the dirty fighter who uses weapons in battle,preferably her whip.
    -Shizuku would be the 2nd all round character next to Nanami. Mostly uses kicks in combat.
    -Yuuna’s the sub-boss. I don’t know what kind of fighting style she could have, but something challenging.
    -Elise is the final boss, who’s a vampire type character, both fast and can use Kaiser Wave.
    The Hanhira quartet, I have no idea what kinds of moves they could have.

  15. Kuchibiru says:

    Well all right! I do believe this December is going to be an excellent month indeed. A lot of manga comes out in December, and now this! I’m glad to hear that the series is still pushing on in much the same fashion as it began, and that it hasn’t changed too much. If things continue in this pattern, I’ll be looking forward to Shizuku and Erisu in game 11 as well.

    Thanks for the update.

    • Yi says:

      Yea, looks like winter season will be pretty stacked for most media. Anyways, although 10 has just been announced, and I’m already excited about Shizuku x Erisu 2.

  16. lovelyduckie says:

    The drawing of them at the sports fair is sexy…but I’m going to need something in the plot to explain why these two aren’t wearing bras to a sports event! I can’t just accept that a girl with boobs that big would ever willingly go braless in public, much less to run around. Not only because of public exposure but because I bet it hurts to have no support!

    • AXYPB says:

      The first thing you should be asking is why Runa was allowed to wear stockings in P.E.

    • Yi says:

      There are a lot of questions to be asked. Why is the girl with large breasts even participating? She’s a teacher!

      I guess everything is fine in the name of cute ecchi yuri stuff. ^ ^

      • AXYPB says:

        Or in the name of “yuri-yuri love comedy”, as it were.

        • EmperorG says:

          All’s fair in the name of girl love. So I have decreed it, so it shall be. Those who oppose my will shall suffer severely for denying women the right to love each other. Female teachers can love female students because……I dunno, just because.


  17. A Visitor says:

    Hi, hoping to drop by at this wonderful yuri post…

    I like the idea of a SonoHana fighting game, but I still have qualms about only having 17 characters max in a fighter. x___x

    So why not an FPS?

    Specifically, a SonoHana mod of Team Fortress 2! You only need 9 characters, each forming a class, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. I already thought up of a full roster:

    Nanami- Pyro (She’s a redhead after all, and she does seem a little fiery at times)

    Yuuna- Soldier (I really assigned her into this role since all other roles have been filled, but both do tend to be a little nutty at times)

    Kaede- Heavy (She’s the strongest character, so this is obvious. Plus, she’ll appear menacing with a minigun)

    Sara- Medic (Forms a perfect team with a Heavy)

    Mai- Engineer (She’s smart and likeable, which is pretty much what the Engineer is. Plus, both can handle a guitar)

    Reo- Demoman (She has an explosive temper, perfect for an explosive role)

    Takako- N/A (She’s too much of a wuss)

    Runa- Scout (She has a light frame and would look great with a baseball bat)

    Shizuku- Sniper (If a Yamato Nadeshiko would ever end up in combat, I alway think that a silent, long-range role would be most appropriate)

    Erisu- Spy (She’s a charming half-foreigner who looks sexy in a black outfit)

    Team Fortress 2 is a Valve game, meaning that amongst other computer shooter games, it tends to be easier to mod. So who knows?

    Whoever doesn’t like shooter games, my apologies. It’s just that this discussion really excited me to the limit! ^___^

    • AXYPB says:

      I have seen a set of images likening the Azumanga Daioh cast into the Team Fortress 2 roles. This could be done as well.

    • EmperorG says:

      Hanabira’s awesomeness has reached a new level that a doujin game based on the series wouldn’t be surprising. Sono Hanavania anyone?

      • AXYPB says:

        I’m somewhat disappointed that it doesn’t have one already.

        • EmperorG says:

          I can see it now, Shizuku Belmont travels to Countess Elise’s castle, facing many of the other Hanabira ladies in fierce combat to wrestle against the bodacious blond vampire.

          There’s also Super Takako World, where Takako and Runa collect 7 golden panties from the evil Queens Sara and Kaede, along with the Hanahiralings.

          Finally, MegaNana. Play as Nanami as you battle your way through the 8 dark yuri knights in order to rescue Yuuna from the clutches of Dr. Runalala.

  18. hisui19 says:

    oh, wow! XD nice!

  19. softz says:

    I definitely like this art style. But, yuri anime doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea.

  20. A Visitor says:

    SonoHana Fortress 2- “Meet Erisu”

    BLU Erisu- “If you managed to kill RED Erisu, I assure you, she is not like me. And nothing… nothing like the girl loose inside this building.”

    BLU Runa- “What are you, president of her fan club? Heehee…”

    BLU Erisu- “No… That would be your teacher!”

    [BLU Erisu reveals a folder labeled “Suminoe Takako”, showing several compromising photos of Takako with RED Erisu.]

    BLU Runa- “What the…”

    BLU Yuuna and Kaede- “Squee!”

    BLU Erisu- “So listen up, girl! Or pornography starring your teacher will be the second worst thing that happens to you today!”

  21. Yi says:

    A Visitor, AXYPB, and EmperorG. Your imaginations are endless fun!

  22. EmperorG says:

    An translated English version of a Sono Hanabira game would have made an awesome birthday present today. Someday.

    Oh yes, an artist friend who could make Super Mai Galaxy a reality. “Squees like a happy child” Hot doggy!

  23. AXYPB says:

    This is getting out of hand. I was thinking about games that actually make sense. Like this one.

  24. AXYPB says:

    As much as I would like to save my first blog post for a release, let’s not clog this thread further with irrelevant expressions of our imaginations. We can continue discussion there. I don’t want to burden this blog with more of my long-winded rambling, either.

    • EmperorG says:

      Fair enough. I suppose we’ve all let our imaginations run wild (As mentioned earlier) instead of discussing the primary topic at hand: Runa x Takako 2 + the new drama CD. What else is there to say about this until after its release when we’re all given sneak peeks from the JP experts about what to expect from the latest release.

      As you all know, I don’t have much else to say about Runa X Takako for the moment, because I don’t have enough data to defend this couple against bashers and whiners. yes, I stopped caring about the age difference and occupation issues because it’s irrelevant right now. As bad as the concept is, let’s face it, lolicons won’t cease to exist anytime soon, so why bother arguing against the fictional relationship of a college graduate teacher and a grade school student, where there’s actually A LOT more depth to it than the main concept? Once I have enough data, let the counterattacking begin. Yup, I’m a sad panda for actually choosing to bash bashers later on this year.

    • Yi says:

      @AXYPB: I don’t particularly mind and I don’t think it’s a burden at all.
      That said, it’s awesome to finally see your blog up and running. I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

      @EmperorG: Good to see another ardent supporter of Runa x Takako. ^ ^

      • EmperorG says:

        Well, since this couple has been bashed so many times for petty and now pathetic reasons, I now think that this couple is being unfairly judged. Plus I bet the bashers haven’t even played the game. So yeah, I wish to understand their story a lot better before I can make an official review on this couple.

      • AXYPB says:

        I really wanted to save my first post for a release and keep my blog stats clean, but at the same time, it’s been blank for far too long. Writing about the series in detail is something else I wanted to do for a while, but I wanted to save that for post-release.

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  26. Johnny says:

    @Yi : yes, me too, to imagine myself as a shy teacher seduced by a pervert loli with little but cute boobs ! :p :p

  27. ZT says:

    Since Hana6 lacks a topic, I’ll leave this here. I thought Hana6 was just gonna gather dust in the corner with no hope of translation, but here’s the script of the game in Chinese recently translated by YeYeFan. I am not sure how long it would take them to pack it into a patch though, but probably before X-mas I’d hope. But for now, the Chinese savvy ones can finally find out more about Yuuna x Nanami.

    • Yi says:

      Thanks for the notice! I’ll include it on the index page too.

      Not having a post on Hanabira 6 is starting to catch up with me… Discussions divided; resources scattered. I’m going to try to finally write a review for that within the next weeks.

  28. Johnny says:

    If only there could be an English script… ^^

  29. AXYPB says:

    Fuguriya posted an announcement today. All three of the above items will be released on 17 December. In addition, the light novel and the drama CD will not be written by Sano San’ichiro like all of the past works. Rather, it will be written by JUN, a writer for Joshikou no Waidan. I expect them to feel very different from the usual stories. I’m especially interested in how this will affect the drama CD as I’m looking forward to that the most.

  30. AXYPB says:

    The drama CD has been announced. It has a runtime of 79 minutes, which is much longer than the other three CDs.

  31. Thank you for the most glorious news, Comrade!

    Ever since Dear Leader received a near-fatal wound on his mighty lips thanks to Rethuglican machinations, I thought this Thanksgiving weekend would surely be a rotten one. Well not anymore!

    • AXYPB says:

      Does anyone find it odd how the items were formally announced in reverse order?

    • AXYPB says:

      The digital version is scheduled for release this Friday. 17 December is the release date for the disc version.

    • Yi says:

      Thanks. CG looks great!

      Anyways, about the reverse order, I’m not too surprised. Fuguriya would want their biggest announcement/ franchise to be the latest in a bundled announcement before a period of inactivity so that it will stay on top of people’s mind the longest.

      • AXYPB says:

        I didn’t think of that. I want to start an initiative to get the light novels translated because I think they’ve been neglected for too long. They may be only incidental, but I’m still interested in the context for the pictures.

  32. AXYPB says:

    With official images for all of the new releases posted, I advise that you update the post to include them.

    • Yi says:

      I will probably do a post on December 17 and include the updated images then.

      Also, as always, huge huge huge thanks for keeping all of us updated. ^ ^

  33. Shana S says:

    Oh my God~!!! December 3 that will be the best day ever~♪♪ And December 17 too ♪~^o^

  34. haelycill says:

    yi are you a lezben

    • Yi says:

      Wow… That’s not very tactful at all. It’s actually kind of inconsiderate.

    • Kim Jong-Un says:

      Thoughcriminal, how dare you pose an uncomfortable question to the most venerable Chairman Yi!

      Grab a shovel, a bottle of vodka, and a warm coat, for you’re going to the gulag! Time for some salt mining to drill some humility into you for once!

      -Prog Off-

      Miss Yi, this is nothing political whatsoever. This is just light-heartedly satirical. Press my name and you’ll get to understand what I mean. ^___^

      • Yi says:

        I’m aware of the People’s Cube. And its satire is very political in nature. After all, it pokes fun at the left exclusively.

        Well, you’re free to make any comment you want.

        • EmperorG says:

          Trolls will be trolls. It’s the fact of life. But anyway, that’s besides the point. Point is that the big question remains as to how a little girl can lift a 150 lb teacher on her back. I’m serious, I can’t get that image out of my head. It’s very rare in anime to see a girl or woman use super strength on another woman if it’s not in a serious fight to the death. Usually their marvelous strength is shown during comedic skits where they can knock some idiot guy into space with one well placed “Dolphin Punch”. Runa MUST have met Kaede once before and for some reason, Kaede gifted her with the power of planet Krypton.

        • AXYPB says:

          We won’t know for sure why this is until it’s released. Covers have been known to betray the actual events of the story.

        • Yi says:

          I don’t want to call anyone trolls and I don’t want to discourage comments. At the same time, I guess just be mindful of what you write.

          Either way, I appreciate people contributing to anything.

          Anyways, about the cover. If we consider that a snapshot in time, it might be accurate. The next second might show both of them collapsing to the ground with Runa having serious back injuries.

    • jessekoonrad says:

      what an uthatful thing to say on a website this is an outrage you are a wich and should be locked up

  35. EmperorG says:

    I understand. It is your blog after all comrade Yi.

    This returning topic of Runa’s possible strength has given me another wonderful idea. Off to AXYPB’s thread for yet another epic H-D idea. Seriously, why aren’t doujin makers picking those up?

  36. haelycill says:

    you are all fucking bitches iam so fucking yi is so cute and i was iterested

    • Kim Jong-Un says:

      Chairman Yi, is there a way to ban certain trolls on WordPress?

    • Yi says:

      This is what I was afraid of… I don’t like hostility from anywhere on the comments. Granted, I know I probably started it with my first reply, calling haelycill “inconsiderate”. In hindsight, that was not a good idea. I apologize for that. But I hope we can all stop with the troll calling, the f-bombs, and the confrontational tone.

      I feel like I should also explain a little bit why I thought the question was not very appropriate. It’s certainly not something I would ask anyone.

      Consider for a second here. In a society where the LGBT have not fully been accepted by everyone, where there are still discriminations abound, where even families have a hard time understanding… Coming out is a very delicate issue. It’s usually not something anyone does over the internet to a stranger.

      Now, you don’t know me. You don’t know who also reads this blog. A question like that puts me at a tough spot. Is it not enough that I blog about stuff I like and that we can maybe share our passions?

      I hope this is the end of this little thing… And let’s please move back to talking about Hanabira. ^ ^

        • AXYPB says:

          Funny how you can say that immediately after calling someone else out as a troll.

          Let’s just forget it. The tenth visual novel has been released.

        • Yi says:

          @haelycill: Don’t worry about it… Let’s just all forget this whole unpleasant thing.

          @AXYPB: I’ve been waiting for today. I’ll make a new post today and hopefully the conversation/ discussion can shift there. Thanks for the heads up btw. ^ ^

    • AXYPB says:

      How can you know that if Yi doesn’t have any photos of herself posted? And why ask it here?

  37. Swordwind says:

    …What the hell happened to this response thread?

  38. Yu-Kami says:

    Well, seeing as this is the fourth couple to have a sequel, a new couple may be introduced somewhere within the next three visual novels (If they make them…).

  39. Pingback: Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu (Sono Hanabira 10) Comes Out Today | Listless Ink

  40. HiHeyHello says:

    First off I like this Pair and I’m happy they are releasing a remake/continuation of this nice Forbidden kind of love that seems to me a very interesting type since its probably the most rarest in my opinion. I hope to see another amazing review of the game once you play it since all of your reviews have made me buy the games myself, or downloaded when I was running out of money since the University Increased its tuition again and left me penny-less :/. Back on topic now, I also believe they may unveil another interesting couple in the very near future since business speaking you can’t alway’s play the same card twice. In my Opinion I would like to see either the earlier described sport girl and book girl or maybe something completely out there. No matter what I will buy or download it and enjoy it/or not enjoy it…I will cross that bridge once I get there. Anyway Thank you for the News and I can’t wait to see your opinion on the story. 🙂

    btw Interesting Comments I read just about all of them, haha, it was like a roller-coaster ride. Also Amazing Blog Yi!

    • Yi says:

      Thank you so much for the comment and the really really nice encouragement. ^ ^
      I like this pair too. They’ve got that edge that none of the other couples have. Anyways, I’d loved to see some new characters too; I think I’d love them regardless of what their “type” are. Anyways, now you’ve reminded me that I should probably get back to writing the Hanabira reviews.

      Hehe, what’s the internet without some drama?

      Anyways, you might be interested in my most recent post and its comments (AXYPB and Shana S.):

      • EmperorG says:

        I guess its replies from forgiving and less stuck up fans like the gentleman above you that makes it less of a nuisance to be a fan of Runa/Takako, especially the fact that Fuguriya obviously must have created both Runa and Takako to be more in depth than they appear to be. at any rate, their complexity has been discussed many times and intrigued many of us who accept them, so until the day of the EN or CH subs for those who understand arrives, let us continue enjoying Runa saying the word sensei 100 times and go squee due to how adorable she says it.

  41. ShizukuErisuFan says:

    …uh what the hell happened here? (=___=) It was really disturbing… I mean, that particular comment above.
    My translation progress is going quite ok, but I do not really sure whether I can finish this work soon… just wait and have patience, eh?

    Currently translating light novel: Natsu wo Gyutto ne! (Mai x Reo)

    • Johnny says:

      Don’t worry, as far as i’m concerned, i will be as patient for the light novels as i am about the visual novels. ^^

    • Yi says:

      @ShizukuErisuFan: I probably could have handled the innocent question a little bit better and avoided most of the drama. Anyways, it’s a pretty rare sight to have something like that on here.

      Take your time with the translations! And thank you so much again. ^ ^

  42. Emperor says:

    excuse me but where is the dwnlaod link for Kaede-chan Super Mode?

  43. Emperor says:

    @Yi- yes… that is my problem… ^_^

    • Yi says:

      Oh wow… I just understood what you and AXYPB were saying. Totally dropped the ball on that one.

      Anyways, I’ve fixed the link. It should point to MU.

  44. TheNewTheory says:

    heheee if there would be a new couple l´d really like the missnderstood yankee and sport girl with ponytail pairing 🙂 oh now l feel evil…..

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