Petite Musings on Children’s Fashion: Characterization in Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop Rin shopping flapping arms

This summer season has some of the most fashion-forward anime in a long time. The panache of Mawaru Penguindrum and the eye-catching traditional aesthetics of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee are easily apparent. [1] However, there is a little girl who has an equally gorgeous collection, one which is perhaps more modern and certainly more wearable than the outfits in those other visually louder series. I am, of course, talking about the adorable Rin.

Usagi Drop Rin rabbits bunny

Children’s clothes have been an important part of fashion for a long time. From gossip magazines featuring celebrity moms to the somewhat dubious, creepy Vogue Enfants, kid’s wear have often been in the spotlight and on front covers these past years. Similarly, anime fans tend to pay close attention to whatever the loli is wearing—though for the most part, the majority of anime fans seem more interested in costumes than fashion, but that is a distinction for another time. While Usagi Drop may not have the flashiest clothes, what Rin wears certainly is not only chic, but also a fitting characterization of her.

Usagi Drop Rin orange tee neckline

For a fashion designer, an always important question is, “Who am I designing for?”

Who is the person wearing this collection? Where is she going? What is her attitude? In anime, these questions are too often either side stepped completely with bland uniforms or addressed with the subtlety of a falling anvil… or rather, falling striped panties. Unlike those anime, Usagi Drops gives Rin a very fine-tuned, personal wardrobe that highlights her layered personality.

Usagi Drop Rin orange asterisks shirt

Above is my favorite of Rin’s clothes. I love its beautiful and very modern neckline. I also really like its bold but not overwhelming designs as well as the autumn colors—as a side note, the autumn palette seems to be recurring motif that ties her collection together. [2] The movement and the silhouette are quite fashion-forward too; clothes that are chic, comfortably loose, easy to move in, but still shows the fits of the body are very in.

Usagi Drop Rin orange shirt animal sparkles

In addition to showcasing just how sophisticated Rin’s tastes in fashion are—she picks this shirt out in the store with fervor—the shirt’s simplicity and elegance fit Rin very well. She is this quiet, gentle young girl, who stands out in the small but unforgettable ways: the neckline, the prints, her innocence, her maturity, her kindness.

Usagi Drop Rin Reina play

Rin’s modern aesthetics shine even more so when compared to some of Reina’s looks, which often feels a little more traditionally “girly” and very constructed. There is something to be said about Reina being almost always in skirts and Rin in pants too.

Usagi Drop Rin rainbow tee phone

Usagi Drop Rin blue collared top

Usagi Drop Rin striped turtleneck

Furthermore, Rin also has several other long sleeved tees with whimsical prints—a rainbow for example—over an otherwise simple design. As well, she has a few collared tops and a striped turtlenecks that sport that are quite pretty. These various looks and my favorite top all feel very effortless, casual, a bit childishly cute, but still actively attractive, and never boring. Indeed, Rin is this adorable girl who is so easily personable and so hard to ignore… So hard to not love.

Usagi Drop Rin twintails adorable

When Daikichi first decides to take Rin in, I had my doubts. For a single man with seemingly little delicacy, raising a little girl is surely too much for him to handle. But after a few episodes, I find a lot of comfort in watching Rin. At such a young age, she already has a clear idea of what she wants, and she can confidently and gently assert herself. [3]

No, I think Rin and Daikichi are going to be just fine.


  1. This season really is one of my favorite seasons ever with so much attention to fashion and styles in so many anime. Not surprisingly, my first impressions and posts on my three favorite series this summer have all been about fashion:
    Fashioning a Fairy Tale – Transformation in Mawaru Penguindrum
    Paris Haute Croisée: Culture Fascination and Identity in Ikoku Meiro no Croisée
    and now this post on Usagi Drop.
  2. While other palettes are featured, none is quite as prominent as the autumn colors. These colors, whether on clothing designs or in animation, are a motif probably deserving of its own post.
    Usagi Drop Rin autumn shoes orange leaves
  3. Those twin tails have to be the absolutely cutest thing ever.
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73 Responses to Petite Musings on Children’s Fashion: Characterization in Usagi Drop

  1. eidrag says:

    Is Rin fashion sense is influenced by anime that she watches, and other kids clothing too?

  2. I’m not quite sure about the bits about but fashion but I agree with everything else ;D
    Rin is incredibly mature for her age. The most mature 6 yr old i’ve seen yet
    But Daikichi does display a very strong sense of responsibility, determination and caring. You have to agree with his actions when he decided to consult with Rin’s about feeling regarding her possible name change in Ep5.
    So yeah, I think they’ll do just fine.;D
    P.S Ep6, What Rin said to Daikichi after he proposed the idea of adopting her…..I want Rin as my imouto X3

    • Yi says:

      Rin is indeed very mature for her age, although the childish parts of her do show as well. Times when she’s unsure, scared, stubborn, and naive. She’s such a fascinating character. I really enjoy her.

      I did really appreciate Daikichi being open about things with Rin. I’m not entirely sure if consulting with Rin on all decisions is a good idea, but in that case, I think it was a very good move. In any case, As long as Daikichi is trying to do his best and thinking the best for Rin, it’d be all right.

      p.s. Totally agreed. I want to take care of Rin too! ^ ^

  3. Knee House says:

    I’m also reminded of the scene in episode 3 when Daikichi’s mother dresses Rin in Kazumi’s old clothes–despite Kazumi’s objections that they were old & out of style. They also reflected on autumn pallette IIRC.

    The fashion of the show is a nice reflection of the show itself–subtle & tasteful, not hitting us over the head with its message, relying ably on the “show, don’t tell” mantra. It is adorably excellent, my favorite of the season! Writing about its fashion was a nice way to reflect on Usagi Drop from a different perspective, fun post!

    • Yi says:

      Oh yes, there is a very pretty reddish orange dress in that episode indeed. It is a bit dated as Kazumi says, but somehow works well.

      You’re definitely right about the fashion being a reflection of the show. Perhaps part of it is that the show revolves around Rin, so the fashion that helps to characterize her characterizes the series us well. And it is also perhaps a deliberate fashion sense that creates this subdued but warm atmosphere, kind of like autumn.

      Anyway, thank you so much for the comment!

      p.s. Love the “show, don’t tell” mantra. ^ ^

  4. ajthefourth says:

    Great post!

    Another thing that’s noteworthy about Rin’s clothes is that they also reinforce Daikichi’s situation as well. Her clothes are not flashy or extravagant because Daikichi wouldn’t be able to afford them. They reflect her personality because Daikichi let her pick them out, whereas Reina’s mother seems like she would fuss over Reina’s appearance a bit more than Daikichi would over Rin.

    I love that Usagi Drop pays attention to things like this since all too often in any television series or movie, be it anime or otherwise, the costumers/artists focus on making the characters look good over the audience’s suspension of disbelief when the characters are not wealthy. For example, I absolutely adore the series Gilmore Girls, and what leads Rory and Lorelai wear; however, if one pays attention to fashion at all they would know that there would be no way that single mother Lorelai would be able to afford all that clothing. Usagi Drop is a great example of sticking to the limitations set up by its own characterization and still making its female lead look adorable. ^ ^

    As an aside, I wish my parents had not let me pick out my own clothes when I was younger. I look back on the ridiculous 80s/early 90s trendy fashion that I loved and cringe at the photographs…

    • Yi says:

      There’s a lot to be said about how we dress. The clothes we go out in reflect how we want others to see us. What image we want to give out to others. What we think of ourselves. So yea, definitely agreed. I too thought it was super significant that Rin was the one to pick out her own clothes in episode 2, and even showed emphatic love for that chic orange shirt (the one I love so much). It’s her taste. It’s her personality. It’s her sense of self.

      And that’s a good contrast to Reina. Granted, we haven’t seen much of Reina, but take for example episode 1. Reina is in a black little dress with a frilly skirt and nice stitch work, while Rin is pretty much in just the blandest black dress. It’s another display of extravagance versus humility. Reina and her mother’s fuss for fancy stuff versus Rin and Daikichi’s taste in simplicity.

      Oh yes!! There’s a tendency toward the very costume-y looks that are just borderline unbelievable. And I think you’re absolutely right about Gilmore Girls and most shows. In trying so hard to make everything look pleasant, the shows often lose sight of certain details. In some of the more egregious cases like Gosick, the whole era is wrong. Another example, I have a hard time believing the whole cast of Glee, a bunch of teenage high school students, have such perfect skin. Of course, there has to be some degree of “prettying up,” but it’s just so wonderful when an anime takes the steps toward realism. (I also love how Daikichi is not your typical bishie middle age suave man.)

      Anyway, thanks for the comment!! Love it. ^ ^

      p.s. Haha, yea… Embarrassing old photographs. But maybe in a few years, those will come back in style and what’s hot today not. In any case, I bet you looked super cute as a kid in those 80’s/90’s. ^ ^

  5. Shinra says:

    XD I can’t wait to see what happens after she grows up in the anime! LOVE THE MANGA!!! And yeah, in most animes I don’t usually pay attention on their clothes…. but some reason Usagi Drop made me notice it! And its like in every episode! Cause Rin always wears more mature than the other kids. :3


    • Yi says:

      Me too. I can’t wait until Rin is a young lady. She’s so lovely in every single way. ♥

      I think after the anime ends, I’m definitely going to read the manga. It’s just such a marvelous title. And yea agreed. It’s amazing how Rin makes you notice her clothes even though they’re so quiet. It’s very impressive indeed.

      I want to hug Rin too!!!

  6. I love the rainbow shirt! And her orange shoes. She’s just so cuuuuuuuute.

  7. Will of the Wisps says:

    I think this is the kind of analysis that we are all looking for — to put into word what we implicitly feel about Usagi Drop but cannot understand why. I also enjoyed the fresh look on anime through the lens of fashion. I look forward to more of your work!

    • Yi says:

      Ahh thank you so much for the comment, Will of the Wisps. This is why I blog. ^ ^

      Anyway, Usagi Drop really just give off such a wonderful atmosphere that you don’t get from anime too often. The heart warming stories, relaxing music, slow pace, lovely details, and the weight all add to this incredible experience. It really does a good job of making us feel it indeed.

      Cheers, darling~

  8. Itachi says:

    I think Rin looks the best in the orange shirts. Rin is so cute and giving such heartwarming aura too.

    • Yi says:

      I agree. Her orange shirt is my favorite too by a pretty large margin. Not overdone, but still modern and elegant. And yea, rin is so super adorable. ^ ^

  9. @fkeroge says:

    I’m usually oblivious to things like fashion since I’m the kind of person who wears what’s on the top of the dresser, but I did notice Rin’s simple yet elegant taste for clothes. It’s just “Rin-like” to me for some reason. And she can sort her outfit without being overbearing like how they do it in some shows I know (-_-);.

    About the show itself, I think Bunny Drop is a solid show. Like someone else has said, the way the story is told is so smooth and relies more on the events than on direct or implicit narration, which is always a good thing.

    PS: Aren’t you watching Yuru Yuri? I thought that was one of the series that you looked forward to this season.

    • Yi says:

      I think Usagi Drop does a really good job of grabbing you with even the smallest details. I really enjoy everything Rin does, even down to what she’s wearing. She’s a pretty well designed, adorable character overall.

      Also, totally agreed about the series. Show not tell~

      I am watching Yuru Yuri. I do most of my talking about the show over Twitter. It was one of my most anticipated anime this season, but it really just couldn’t compare with these other shows. And I can’t really think of much to say on it yet. Still, I’m having a total blast with it!

  10. CainHyde says:

    Nice to see you also enjoying this show too.
    Rin is really a good and smart girl.
    She has been showing that she has food fashion sense and money management too even as young as her.
    She’s really adorable yet independent.

    • Yi says:

      Oh yes, CainHyde. Wonderful point. She also shows a very assertive taste in her food, insisting on making certain cuisines and trying certain things (cereal, making curry…etc.). These really help to characterize her maturity as well as naivite as well.

      “She’s really adorable yet independent.”

  11. wieselhead says:

    Usagi Drop is such a nice show, so mature and entertaining at the same time.
    I like how Usagi Drop portrays Rin as a young girl in a realistic way, she’s cool.
    In other shows these kind of characters are mainly lolis who want to marry the main character ;D

    I also noticed her nice style of fashion really nice clothes, my fav is the rainbow shirt so far, reminds of the 60 & 70’s as well as the opening song “sweet drops”. Well Im not that old to know this for sure XD

    The uneven twintail hairstyle was really adorable ❤

    • Yi says:

      Agreed. As adorable and perfect as Rin is, Usagi Drop still feels very real. She doesn’t seem like just a loli that caters to certain anime fans (and their sexual desires…). Rin’s way cooler.

      Anyway, I think she has one dress that does kind of have a 70’s feel, but updated to modern tastes. Very nice~

      “The uneven twintail hairstyle was really adorable ❤
      YES!!! Best twintail ever!

  12. Bladezer says:

    Wow. I really do love it when you show that anime does have some interesting background imagery.
    I’ve been meaning to watch more of Usagi Drop. Mainly because for once its focusing on the idea of a single Male parent instead of the usual single female parent idea.

    • Yi says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. ^ ^

      Anyway, yea Usagi Drop is a very refreshing anime indeed. We so rarely get such a serious story about parenting or a male lead who’s a single parent in his 30’s who’s not a bishie. It’s a very nice, realistic break from the usual.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • treeofjessie says:

        what about yotsubato! ?

        single male parent who is not bishie, awesome little girl, super fun times. i am really surprised people don’t make more comparisons between the two, really.

        • Yi says:

          I didn’t say they don’t exist, merely they’re rare. But yes, Yotsubato is super lovely too! (It’s a shame that Yotsubato will never get an anime… :()

          Anyway, now you’ve got me thinking of detailing a comparison of the two in various aspects. ^ ^

          As an aside, Yotsubato never seems to get enough attention. Most everybody has read it, and everyone loves it, but I just don’t see it popping up in talks as often. Perhaps part of it is because it’s a manga only work, and part of it is its slow release. Honestly, I’ve totally forgotten about Yotsubato until this comment (and Tiboreau’s tweets). Thanks for reminding me of it again and getting me thinking, darling! ^ ^ You’re the best~

  13. Tsuki says:

    I’m not quite sure if I’m remembering this right, but Rin also chose out some of her own clothes right? If so, she certainly seems to have a decent eye for fashion.

    I do feel that Usagi drop is the best slice of life anime airing this season, more so than with Ikoku meiro. The character dynamics just work really well, where Rin and Daikichi make a perfect duo. Rin’s personality itself is a very appealing aspect to this show. Now if only all 6-year olds were as collected and mature as Rin is now, the world would be a better place…

    • Yi says:

      You’re absolutely right. She picks out the orange shirt as well as many others. In episode two, we see Daikichi take her shopping, and she takes the lead to pick out her things. I think that’s especially significant because what we wear is perhaps a reflection of what we want to put out to the world. And in choosing her clothes, Rin is showing to us and the world what she wants to be seen as. A very characterizing thing.

      Totally agreed that Usagi Drop is the best slice-of-life anime this season (if it counts as slice-of-life). I’d even go further to say that it’s probably the best anime of the season. I really really enjoy it. Rin and Daikichi are perfect together. I think they’ll do just fine in this parenting thing.

      “Now if only all 6-year olds were as collected and mature as Rin is now, the world would be a better place…”
      Yea… And if everyone of all ages are as compassionate and nice as her, the world would be soooo great.

  14. bluedrakon says:

    It would be really cool if those anime designers got with the fashion designers and made real clothes. I don’t mean cosplay, but every day clothes like Rin has.

    I think this would help them to branch out and take anime to a new level.

    • Yi says:

      It would I think, but I have a feeling a lot of the artists already have a very keen eye on what’s trendy and what looks good. And the costumes are part of what defines anime culture, so yea. ^ ^

      Plus, there is a sense of editorial haute couture going on sometimes with some of the more outlandish outfits, which is nice too. But yea, agreed in general. ^ ^

  15. Ryan A says:

    “Who am I designing for?” Yes, Heidi would be proud. ^ ^

    Rin’s outfits are so fitting for the character, though I didn’t realize how her style might be interpreted until your wonderful post here. Remember the scene where Rin first starts hopping over her newly planted seed? I noticed for a second her pants looked strangely like bell-bottoms or flares, just a little. Of course, I didn’t think much of it, nor did I compile her distinct style outside the other children, but I totally get a modernized 70s retro vibe from her fashion sense. (That 70s Show!)

    Why is this fitting? At the core, it’s her maturity in attitude and taste, which I feel is something she learned from ojiisan, being a more refined parent. And I think that goes back to the house she was previously growing up in, the environment, which may have been quite retro in feel. Rin has beautiful memories there, and I have a hunch she has embraced that environment within her heart. Did the old man have retro clothing, dishes, knickknacks, and other little thing Rin learned to adore? We don’t know. But I feel Rin’s fashion sense is preserved from before life with Daikichi; a memento reflecting back to Papa. In a way it’s her, as something individual apart from her new home life. I am positive her style is not the lone hallmark she carries foward, but it’s visibility to the viewer is quite precious.

    Yet I’m a dreamer… I could be wrong, but I’d find it very interesting to see how her style evolves through influences in her life with Daikichi; finding a sense of admiration and love in her new home. Saa~

    There is just so much to love about Rin.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed with the modernized 70s retro vibe. She certainly does not dress like the other kids, especially for clothes that she picked out. (Kasumi’s old clothes do feel a bit more what you’d see on, say, Reina though). Anyway, I love your reference of That 70’s Show too. To be honest, the plant imagery (clovers), the rainbow, the cut of that orange dress, and just her overall vibe gives me a very… free-spirited vibe. Puff puff… (Probably thinking way too much now haha.)

      That’s an interesting connection to draw to the ojiisan. I haven’t really thought about where she got her influences and her aesthetics from. You make a great point on that. The retro feel, the refined mature tastes, and the color schemes all feel elegantly old school. It reminds me of something Daikichi repeats: “You’re ojiichan’s daughter through and through.” Not just in her mannerism, it seems, but also in her aesthetics, her very essence. At the end of episode 6, Daikichi also mentions that their connection and tradition has been set up from long ago in reference to the three of them having the same tree. I think it is exactly as you said: her style, herself, is carrying forward all these past influences. The trees is an obvious connection, but even in the fashion, we can see it. Really awesome point!!

      “Yes, Heidi would be proud. ^ ^”
      Nice catch. ^ ^ This is why I always always love hearing from you, Ry! So keen and so fascinating. Anyway, Project Runway is totally influencing my blogging this season. Haha.

      • Ryan A says:

        “Free-spirited” indeed, and positive. In the passing of ojiisan we see a lot of sympathy and sorrow around Rin, for the family and also for her. But she isn’t feeling sorry for herself, despite the attention. She never compromises her own attitude when many children would fall right into “poor me”; she’s sad, but she’s trying to shine. Puff puff, you’re adorable.

        I had sincere doubts about the idea that the Rin we understand to be mature and tasteful is a product of ojiisan’s environment, but I was somewhat reassured in a rewatch of episode seven. I’ll leave it at that until you get a chance to watch the episode.

        And let it influence your blogging! Project Runway is mesmerizing for a number of reasons, but in thinking about the challenges, trying to gauge what the designers are envisioning, and then getting great perspective from Heidi and co, it truly lets in an interesting train of thought; creative, but charged with social awareness.

        What can I say, your entries are inciting.

        • Yi says:

          Yea, I think Rin does have a very innately honest attitude toward life. She cries when she’s sad. She gives the flowers she thinks ojiisan would like when she thinks that’s right. She enjoys life when she feels warm. There’s something very innocent and strong in not compromising her attitude. I really like her.

          Yep yep. Project Runway is such an inspiring show. And there’s just so much to the ideas of taking on a challenge, finding your voice, and making that voice fit your and others’ aesthetics that apply to things outside of fashion. The lead into anime and other media are there, and it’s so much fun to try to find them.

          Anyway, I always love your comments so much, especially on fashion related posts. You’re just so spot on and you add so much more to the discussion. ^ ^ Thanks, Ry!

  16. catchercatch says:

    Admittedly, I have a rather poor knowledge of fashion (read that as “no knowledge”). Thus, I always find your posts fascinating. I think it’s something wonderful that I can relate to what you write even without deep knowledge of the subject.

    I think it’s interesting to see how minimalistic Rin’s choice of wardrobe is. Nowadays, where it seems minimalistic style (at least in architecture and cuisine) is becoming more and more popular and associated with “maturity” and “class”, I love how Rin’s choice of clothing is not so much forced (such as parents would do) but chosen naturally by herself. Does she even know about minimalism? No, probably not. But her wardrobe goes leagues reflecting about the simplicity of the girl and the expectations that she’s grown up.

    • Yi says:

      Yea definitely. Compared to Reina, Rin is a lot simpler in her looks. No fancy frills or stitching. Even her hairstyle is uncomplicated. I mentioned in a reply to a comment above that we get a sense of just how minimalist Rin’s clothes are starting in episode one. Whereas Reina has a complete dress, Rin just has a black little dress with no designs at all.

      I think you’re right about minimalist being more popular. Utilitarian and not overdone is something that’s really big in fashion now as well. Simpler looks certainly have a refined elegant humility to it.

      Yea, I think it’s a really important thing to notice that Rin picks out her own clothes and that Daikichi gives her that independence and that autonomy. It really sets up this very interesting parenting dynamic between Rin and Daikichi, who’s not exactly her father, but not her brother either. And it also just reflects what kind of person she wants to be and how she appears to others.

      p.s. Thanks for reading and the comment! I’m really really glad you find my post interesting.

  17. gozieson says:

    o.0 Looks cute XD.

    I am definetly not anywhere near being called a fashionista. I have no sense in fashion or chic looks. I wouldn’t even know what certain clothes are called. Heh, I wouldn’t be the person to call for fashion emergencies.

    It is really interesting to see animation using fashion as an accent to their story. Hopefully, more animations would be able to embrace this opportunity to use fashion as a way to move a story forward, create new characters and generally make a quick distraction to let watchers admire the artist’s handywork.

    • Yi says:

      The beautiful thing about Usagi Drop and fashion is that you don’t need to really be a fashionista–I don’t think I’m one either to be honest–to feel it sometimes. I think Usagi Drop does a really good job of, as you said, embracing fashion in a way to really help create the atmosphere it wanted to and the character Rin is. And I think the audience can feel that just by looking at Rin.

      Anyway, agreed she looks totally cute!

  18. 2DT says:

    Reina’s wardrobe reminds me of what I saw among elementary schoolers in Tottori. I got the sense that their parents dressed them. Rin, on the other hand, is strange. She’s like a little adult, in many ways.

    • Yi says:

      Haha, yea. Rin’s shirt isn’t something you’d see parents dress their little kids up in usually, especially that shirt. A little adult indeed. Very cute little adult. ^ ^

      It is a bit strange indeed, but I don’t think it’s quite as creepy as, say, Vogue Enfants.

  19. jreding says:

    As always, Yi, thank you so much for this excellent post which spot-on describes what I might have felt but did not think about!

    I felt somewhat affected when you accurately pointed out the autumn palette of Rin’s clothes. Even though I like autumn, I also associate it with transience, even decay. This may fit for Rin, being at the most of times a silent and thoughtful girl who already had to deal with loss and death in her short life. However, I was relieved for her when I skipped through the episodes again and found that Rin also has quite some outfits with more summer-like colours (e.g. combining blue and yellow as in the pants and shoes in your first picture).

    I could imagine that Rin’s fashion would also look good if she didn’t have this “autumnly” anime-hair. I think it can look quite awesome when Asian children with jet-black hair wear some colourful peace of clothing (to give you an idea cf. – Miyazaki Aoi in the movie Pakodate-jin)!

    On a sidenote, I second you if “creepy Vogue Enfants” refers to the Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau editorial, which I have seen on the net. It is really creepy! For a decent childrens’ fashion magazine I can recommend “Milk” magazine ( cf. but they don’t show many editorial pictures on their website).

    On a second sidenote, the rainbow tee reminded me a bit of Mittan from Eden of the East (cf. )!

    • Yi says:

      Transience and decay. That’s an interesting association. Very grimly romantic. I like it!
      Personally, I associate autumn palettes with tranquility and the cool breeze. Just a very subtle, relaxing atmosphere in general. But I can see your connection. And it’s interesting to note that the first episode begins with a funeral, which really does set a somewhat bitter tone that is complimented by the autumn themes.

      Anyway, yes, though not as often, she does wear several other colors too, which all look cute on her too. My second favorite outfit of hers is probably the rainbow shirt. It’s so cute and upbeat!!

      I like Rin’s blonde hair, but that may just be because I’m so used to seeing her with that hair that I have a hard time imagining her without it. But I suppose she’d be just as cute and fashionable, if not more, with black hair. Anyway, Miyazaki Aoi is adorable indeed~

      Yep yep. Spot on about Vogue Enfants. The editorials in her set really is pretty… creepy. I’ve always found Vogue Enfant to be kind of questionable whenever it pops up on my favorite reads on fashion, and Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau really shows why. But yea… That’s in a fashion gray area, and maybe I just don’t have the eye or the taste level for something so couture loll.

      Thanks for the link! I don’t browse children’s fashion often (since I’m a little past kid’s age and don’t have kids myself), but it’s good to know where to look for it if I ever need to look for stuff, like for a niece or a nephew or something. Milk is definitely a good publication!

      Thanks for the really well thought-out comment too, jreding! Very interesting points. ^ ^

      • treeofjessie says:

        autumn being the season of death and decay is a very, very old idea indeed. in fact, if you look to most pagan religions (wicca especially), you’ll see that that’s exactly what autumn is for. it’s the crone’s season; things are starting to die and rot so that new things can be born again. it’s part of why samhain is such a good day for reconnecting with the recently passed…
        it’s really interesting. :>

        • Yi says:

          It is!

          I have so little knowledge of the pagan religions, so this is really fascinating. The crone’s season, samhain, and all these are new stuff to me. Time to go hit the books. ^ ^

  20. Snippett says:

    Rin’s bright coloured shirts are very refreshing to look at and very summery. It’s simple yet eye-catching. And you’re right, Rin’s clothes are really suited for her age. I guess my favourite one is her blue shirt. I also liked Reina’s clothes because they’re so girly and looks comfy to wear at.

    • Yi says:

      I love how Rin’s clothes, while bright, is never overpowering or sharp on the eyes. There’s something very calming and subdued about her colors. I’d actually say that Rin’s clothes are very mature for age, but suited for her personality.

      Reina’s clothes are cute too, though in a different way from Rin’s. Much more girly indeed.

  21. Persocom says:

    I absolutely adore Usagi Drop. I’m going to be sad when it ends. Rin is like a rainbow to Daikichi’s stormcloud, bringing his dull world into a colorful one, from her fashion to her ways. So many things about it touch on my own experiences with raising a child and it’s really enjoyable to see anime like this. I like her sense of style too, I can only imagine how she’d be as an adult.

    • Yi says:

      Ooh how poetic. I love it.

      And I agree. Rin may just be the thing to give Daikichi’s life a new direction, a direction he never expected. Anyway, I had thought this anime must resonate a lot more with parents, and it’s good to see that it’s true. I’m still far from ever being a parent (and I can’t imagine having kids), but just seeing the interactions between Rin and Daikichi is heartwarming and somehow very inspiring.

      I can’t wait to see Rin’s fashion sense when she grows up too!

  22. Hana says:

    Usagi Drop gives Rin a very fine-tuned, personal wardrobe that highlights her layered personality.

    Love the layered look, and love it on Rin. I also like how she’s often presented wearing bandanas and aprons. I guess this highlights her maturity when she’s shown to be cooking and doing those little bits of housework etc., but I like how it might be interpreted as little pieces of armour as well; she seems to be very aware of the need to protect herself and maintain her own independence, as is particularly apparent in her desire to keep her name.

    In many ways, as others have suggested, she’s an almost perfect child, as is reflected in her non-traditionally girly/ mature wardrobe. I particularly like the oranges and reds though, because it also makes her look like a tiger cub – she’s a tough little girl! 😉

    • Yi says:

      Definitely agreed, Hana, about the bandanas and aprons. I didn’t think of them as armor though, but that’s a super fascinating take. And as you said with the name and her protective garments, there is a sense that she’s preserving her own independence, and maybe even her identity and her traditions/ connection to the grandpa.

      Loll love the tiger cub look too. And now that you mention it, I keep seeing a little Rin tiger. So tough and so adorable!!

      Cheers, Hana, and thanks for the insightful thoughts. ^ ^

  23. Fabrice says:

    Good point you mention in this post. I dont think people in general realise or pay attention about the clothing in the anime. I can tell that the anime industry are taking a next step with there animation and design, clothes being one of them. Like you said the clothing design looks fine and i agree, Seeing for example usagi drop i wouldnt mind my child( if i have one) wear similar clothes as rin, it is simply cute even the shoes!. The attention to detail is great, shows like Hanasaku too are showing off their wardrobe lol

    • Yi says:

      I wonder how many people do pay attention to fashion. People certainly do look at costumes, but I feel like that’s less true with fashion for sure. After all, costumes do attract a lot of attention. Anyway, my humble hope is that this blog can steer more toward having an eye for the better and better designed fashions in anime that we’re starting to see today

      Anyway, Rin’s clothes are totally chic! I wouldn’t mind my non-existent child wearing them either. In fact, I would wear her look today. She really does have very sophisticated, matures tastes.

      I need to catch up on Hanasaku Iroha, but from what I’ve seen, the girls in there have a pretty good collection as well.

      Thanks for the comment!

  24. feal87 says:

    Rin’s look is “more childish” and its good this way as she’s a child.
    I don’t like parents that make their children go around like some random soubrette…:P

    • Yi says:

      I’d actually say that Rin’s clothes are very mature for her age. 2DT above makes a great comment on this too about what he saw in real life with children’s clothes in elementary school.

      I actually would wear the exact look that Rin wears with the orange shirt. It’s so chic!!

      “I don’t like parents that make their children go around like some random soubrette…:P”
      Agreed. ^ ^

  25. hoshiko says:

    In anime, these questions are too often either side stepped completely with bland uniforms or addressed with the subtlety of a falling anvil… or rather, falling striped panties.

    Which is why it’s so great that we see none of those in Usagi Drop and Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. They breathe much needed freshness in anime’s fashion department. I myself am a fan of Rin’s fashion sense. She picks really good clothes and you and I share the same favorite! =)

    • Yi says:

      Yea, I agree. What we have in both is what we’d expect to see in real life during those eras. None of the ridiculously fan servicey but bland school uniforms or anything.

      Glad you also like that orange top too! Isn’t it just sooo cute? Love it!!

  26. ~xxx says:

    I love Rin…
    From the moment I first saw her on the show, I know she’ll rock the house down.

    I was kinda surprised on Daikichi on adopting her.
    Well, For a man who is living a life of simplicity, having a child was a bit hard.

    But I guess, I will Enjoy the show.

    • Yi says:

      Yes totally! She rocks!!

      When Daikichi took her in, I was surprised as well. For a man in the midst of his career who has not before given having children any thoughts, this is a very impulsive and daring decision. I really applaud him for it. Daikichi totally rocks too!!

      Let’s both enjoy the show. ^ ^

  27. tsurugiarashix says:

    To me, Rin seemed to be balance of both maturity and child-like qualities in her manner of dressing. Interestingly enough, I did notice that most of the time Rin did not wear skirts opposed to Reina, but guess that is me failing to be observant. Kudos for point that out!

    Also, I must agree with footnote #3 ^^
    Excellent post ^^

    • Yi says:

      The absence of skirts is something that really jumped out to me. If I remember right, Daikichi even asks Rin if she wants skirts, and Rin replies with, “Kindergartens don’t allow them.” Utilitarian, simplicity, and modern. That’s what Rin’s fashion is all about, and it is soooo trendy today. I really enjoy her style.

      Thanks! I’m really glad you enjoyed the post. ^ ^

      And gosh, Rin is just so adorbs!!

  28. I have a simple rule that keeps everyone happy: I let the mother decide. Happy wife, happy life!

    My daughter isn’t two yet so she has no real preferences on what to wear. As long as it’s comfortable.

    Practically, the way children’s sizes are made here… it’s quite difficult because the variation is wild and it would seem that there is no standard. Sometimes we end up buying a piece that says for 4 year olds on the label but barely fits her.

    One other thing, for very young kids a lot of designers and manufacturers fail in accounting for how large the kids’ heads are in proportion to their bodies. This results in anatomically correct neck sizes but impossible to wear clothes because the gigantic heads won’t ever fit through that tiny hole.

    • Yi says:

      A comment from a parent. ^ ^ This is a perspective I don’t think I can truly understand for now and probably for a while. (So I’ve kind of strayed away from writing anything substantive on parenting…)

      “Happy wife, happy life!”
      That’s a smart thing to do, haha.

      Anyway, my cousin in Taiwan has a 2 year old too. I tried to get her a gift several months back and that was a definitely a very difficult thing. My sister and I probably spent an hour debating which size is right… Some supposed 2 year old clothes just look way too small. I’ve heard that you should always err on the larger side since the kids can grow into them, but it’s still super hard to choose.

      Interesting. Kid’s heads are larger… That’s certainly something designers must consider. Now that I think about it, there’s a lot of nuance to kid’s fashion that are specific to kids. They’re not just little adults in many ways.

      Thanks for the comment, Ghostlightning! It’s really awesome to hear about these things.

      p.s. Your daughter is super super adorbs!

  29. seinime says:

    A good pair. Daikichi needs to work on his barbering skills! I’m not that well-versed in fashion since my parents don’t really care for it that much even when I was a kid, so seeing detail like this is a freshener. Rin has some really neat outfits!

    P.S. Turtlenecks. Had to wear too much of those back then.

    • Yi says:

      Haha, yea. Daikichi should learn how to braid hair. Still, it was such a heartwarming and adorable moment to see that Rin loves her twin tails. As weird as this may be, that scene kind of made me tear up.

      I have really mixed feelings about turtlenecks, but mostly negative actually. I think I just can’t get used to having something so constricting around my neck… As warm as they may be, they’re just a little too uncomfortable for me. They can look really nice though.

  30. Okumura says:

    This anime is adorable. I didn’t really notice Rin’s outfits too much. Thank you for pointing them out to us. She really does have nice fashion. I remember what I used to dress like when I was a kid .. no fashion what-so-ever. But on a side note, I got up the nerve to read the manga. Even tho this anime is amazing, I don’t really like how the manga ends. I won’t say anything other than that. But, I will say, it’s VERY UNEXPECTEDLY WEIRD!

    • Yi says:

      I don’t quite remember all the things I wore as a kid, but I did remember my mother had a yukata for me when I was a kid for some special occasions. My mom spoiled me a lot. But yea, side note.

      Anyway, I’ve heard a lot about this mysterious, weird, bad manga ending. So it is that weird! I’m very curious now, but I guess I’ll find out eventually. (Please no spoilers!) After the anime completes, I’ll be reading the manga.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! I don’t think we’ve met before. Hope you enjoyed your stay, hun, and please do come back. ^ ^

  31. redmaigo says:

    Rin dresses like a late Show era kid (mid-to-late 70s to mid-to-late 80s). Even the houses that Daikichi and his family members live in are almost a throwback to that era. Except Haruko but she lives with her in-laws so…
    This show seems to reflect an aesthetic of an older era.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed. Rin’s fashion is like a contemporary look at a past style. It’s very chic. In fact, there’s something to be said about how Rin is ojii-san’s child through and through. It’s very interesting to see how pervasive the older era’s influences are on Rin’s character and in the show.

      Love the aesthetics of the older era!

      Anyway, thanks for the insight!

  32. Xine says:

    I love Rin! Usagi drop easily became a favorite because it’s such a heartwarming and realistic story. It’s nice to see how Daikichi and Rin mature in every episode. As for Rin’s clothes, they’re cute without being too childish.

    Can’t wait to see how the Little Pusher will dress himself up when he gets a bit older. ^^

    • Yi says:

      Usagi Drop is totally my favorite too by far because of how heartwarming it is. I can rewatch the episodes over and over again, even if they make me tear up quite often. Rin’s clothes are totally cute and not childish. I love it!

      Anyway, Little Pusher is super super adorbs, and I’m sure he’ll be just as cute as he grows older! ^ ^

  33. Nopy says:

    I started noticing Rin’s fashion sense when she went with Daikichi to buy some new clothes. For a six year old, she certainly has some style.

    • Yi says:

      That she does. She’s got a very good eye~

      Anyway, I picked up on her fashion sense pretty early on too, probably also when Daikichi took her shopping.

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