Honey Crush – The Bittersweet Yuri of a Yurei, the Impossibilities of Some Love

amemiya mitsu honey crush nohisa kyouko tsubaki asu yukata

It has been a while since I last wrote about yuri manga. After having read so many one-shots and short romances, many blander stories just start to blend together, especially, say, those about two young students in school mired in love triangles.[1] Yuri manga really needs something special–whether in theme, plot, or execution–to really grab me. And, Honey Crush by Asu Tsubaki does that with floating colors.

amemiya mitsu bike shorts honey crush nohisa kyouko summer dress tsubaki asu

In addition to having really adorable art styles, a wonderful pace, and very very likable characters, the story is incredibly emotional. Honey Crush finds a perfect balance between the cute, somewhat silly (in a good way), idealistic romance and the subtly-presented stark realities of life, death, and love. The short manga works its way slowly up to a beautiful climax.

Honey Crush Mitsu Kyoko yuri manga yuri hime

Mitsu Amemiya secretly had a crush on a girl from another school, but never had a chance to confess–or even talk to that girl–before Mitsu dies of an accident. Mitsu, now existing as a confused ghost, does the only thing she thinks sensible: stalk her crush. While following her crush around, Mitsu meets her crush’s best friend, Kyoko, who can see ghosts and demons. Kyoko also fancies Mitsu’s crush, but unlike Mitsu, Kyoko is a confident, charismatic girl who is not afraid of confessing even in the face of gender and societal barriers. Unfortunately for Kyoko, the girl rejects her love.

Honey crush supernatural yuri ghost Mitsu Kyoko Zashiki Warashi

The two lost lovebirds strike up a friendship, partly because of shared unrequited feelings, but largely because Mitsu will not leave Kyoko, the only person who can see and talk to her, alone. Various hi-jinx ensue. An adorable Zashiki Warashi and another ghost move in with Kyoko.[2] Some exorcists try to help the dead girls move on. And, some people disappear from the world of the living. As Mitsu and Kyoko spend more time with each other throughout all these ordeals, they begin to realize that their crushes prior are mere fleeting feelings that cannot compare to the deeper, more meaningful connection–love. Yet, there are certain impossibilities. Beneath the cute facade of the charming artworks, Honey Crush is actually a very bittersweet tale.

Honey Crush youkai yuri zakishi warashi Sayuri Hime

Honey Crush explores one of my favorite themes; I love supernatural stories with strong traditional folklore leanings.[3] Mitsu is a ghost, or more specifically, a Yurei. According to Japanese folklore, when people die, their souls normally enter a sort of purgatory (or heaven, or whatever most aptly describes the world of the afterlife), where they eventually move on to join their ancestors. However, under certain circumstances, a soul may not move on to this purgatory, often because of strong unfulfilled feelings of love or hate. The soul then becomes a yurei–a ghost who haunts the world of the living until either an exorcist forces the yurei to move on or the emotions are resolved.

Honey Crush yurei yuri Mitsu Kyoko heaven


Mitsu is bound to this physical world because of an unfulfilled love. Fulfilling those emotions will lead to the end of her existence here, and the end of any relationship that will have just begun. Mitsu realizes this. Kyoko knows it as well. They both have words that they must keep to themselves to preserve whatever “friendship” or whatever thing they have right now.

amemiya mitsu honey crush nohisa kyouko tsubaki asu

But maybe, just maybe, it is still better to let those feelings known.

Or not.

I really don’t know…


  1. That is not to say I am bored of yuri manga. There are plenty of school life romances of recent that are quite lovely: Sorairo Girlfriends, Blue Friend… etc.
  2. Zashiki Warashi is a child-like yokai that brings a residence good luck.
  3. Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls’ Academy also plays with youkai and folklore even more significantly than Honey Crush. It is another good read.
  4. “We… Can’t! If we do this… I’ll… go to… heaven.”
    Oh my~ ♥

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71 Responses to Honey Crush – The Bittersweet Yuri of a Yurei, the Impossibilities of Some Love

  1. What are you trying to do Yi?!

    You’re tainting my mind to go read more Yuri manga!

    Which…I think…isn’t all that bad of a suggestion ^^

    • Yi says:

      Haha SabishiiMiruku. ^ ^

      But yea, the world of yuri manga is super wonderful~ Feel free to ping me anytime you want suggestions on what to read!


  2. Ohhh nice I love the pictures so lovely xD Made me think of Misaka and Kuroko from Railgun similar designs well close but not all the way.

    Manga sounds interesting, usually I pass on Yuri themed ones but I might give this a shot the ghosts and demons thing might be fun 😀

    • Yi says:

      Now that you mention it, I totally see Misaka and Kuroko in the first image too. Even the hair colors kind of match.

      Anyway, the manga is super lovely. And yuri is very fun I think (I’m kind of biased though), but yea. It’s a cute little romantic comedy about humans, ghosts, and youkai with the slightest hint of bitterness. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. inushinde says:

    Well damn, I knew I gave up on yuri manga too easily.

    • Yi says:

      It’s never too late to get back into it~

      • inushinde says:

        It certainly isn’t. I never really lost my will to read it, I just have trouble making time to do so in comparison to other activities. But no more, I say.

        • Yi says:

          I can kind of understand that. I haven’t been reading as many yuri manga, or just manga in general, because I’ve been preoccupied with other stuff. Anyway, If you ever want recommendations, you can always just tweet me or leave a comment or whatever. ^ ^

  4. Overlord-G says:

    I’m not 100% sure about this but I have a creeping suspicion that my review of Ano Hana had a hand in motivating you to review this manga, since I mentioned Ano Hana having similarities with Ghost and this manga. Whatever the true reason may be, Honey Crush is indeed a bittersweet tale of one last chance at experiencing eternal happiness at the cost of being unable to maintain said happiness. Instead it becomes an eternal memory…or something like that. I really don’t have a fav character because everyone was so lovable and huggable (Female-wise). Even what’s his name was okay.

    • Yi says:

      I think your suspicion is a bit off… Maybe somewhere very deep in my subconscious. ^ ^

      I’ve had a draft of this review written in my notebook for more than a few months, but just never felt like the timing’s right. A few days ago, I needed a post, but the post I was writing just wasn’t quite coming together. So I looked back in my back-up drafts, and there Honey Crush was. Honey Crush turned out to be even more relevant to my feelings I think than the post I was writing. (For those I interact with regularly on Twitter, they might have a guess what’s going on…) Anyway, a few edits, and some time later, this was done. Ano Hana hasn’t really been on my mind lately, especially in terms of anime. (Usagi Drop, Penguindrum, and Utena pretty much have my total attention right now). Anyway, so there it is. ^ ^

      Anyway, Honey Crush is a pretty sad tale, and it doesn’t feel like happily ever after is ever possible, but maybe just as you said, the memories itself are worth all the bitterness.

  5. Oooh, definitely going to check this out. The characters look great, both in designs and personalities, the plot sounds interesting and they didn’t forget to add a slight yet worthy pantyshot on the last pic.

    I always like romance stories (whether in a form of anime, manga, drama, or movies) that involves; Chara A has a crush on Chara C –> Chara A befriends or “used” Chara B due to Chara B’s relationship with Chara C –> Chara A and B develop a special relationship with each other for staying together all the time; you know, sorta like ToraDora, Sasameki Koto (haven’t finished watching this yet) and Ultra Maniac.. well, I just state down Ultra Maniac since the main heroine, Nina initially just pretend that he likes that one guy in their class just to convince her best friend that she has no crush with her friend’s boyfriend but eventually, she did end up loving the guy whom she faked to be her secret crush.

    The Zashiki Warashi loli looks Hnngh-ly adorable too~ ❤

    • Yi says:

      Yea, I enjoyed this manga a lot. All the characters are very lovable and I do like the art style. The slight pantyshot pic isn’t that indicative of the manga though; there isn’t that much or any fanservice at all.

      Indeed, the story follows the Toradora and Sasameki Koto plot progression. It’s fairly predictable, but there are some twists that are really quite emotionally impacting.

      Ultra Maniac sounds like a pretty cute romantic anime. I should check it out sometime~

      Anyway, the Zashiki Warashi is totally super adorable. She’s just an innocent quiet little youkai.

      • Err.. please don’t take my comment regarding Ultra Maniac as a full brief review of the show, I’m actually not that sure if the storyline actually centers around Nina, the main heroine’s mission to be a perfect magical girl or her unexpected romance with the guy she faked her crush with since I watched the series in Animax in a skipped order, considering I didn’t have any internet access that time. A few earlier episodes centered around her helping her best friend (heck, the ED actually made the show looks more like a yuri themed anime) with her basic magic skills. Later after I managed to catch up the series again I found that episode sort of revolved about her friend noticing that Nina seemed to fancy the guy she tried to match-make her with. I’m still unsure if the romance development and conflicts only happened near the finale or they were already building them up in those episodes I missed.

        Yea, still trying to find its complete episodes now in order to watch the whole episodes.

        • Yi says:

          Ahh icic. So Ultra Maniac sounds like a magical girl anime with some romance, some friendship, and some other stuff. I’ll still keep it in mind, but I might not ever get the time or the chance to watch this. Thanks for the intro though, heterodoxlymade!

          Also, hope you find the complete series in order. ^ ^

  6. Swordwind says:

    Is it perverse that I’ve always liked bittersweet stories?

  7. yunra13 says:

    Finally I register a Gravatar =P

    Anything supernatural and traditional got me excited, and when combined in yuri manga this surely is like a dream come true….or so I thought. I actually got little bored reading through it.

    The genre is great, the story is somewhat…unmatched. Stalking your love interest does not creep me out, willing to stay a ghost to be with your someone you love is bittersweet(I like it) BUT. I just can’t FEEL enough of this manga to have much interest in it. And knowing me, I’m always interested in yuri manga. When the end chapters were released I continue to read through it simply because I’ve started it… I think it lacks something… And despite the manga title, it just doesnt deliver that much sweetness (or bitter-ness). Maybe it’s just me… =/

    Btw, I like that bit from your note 3 too~

    • Yi says:

      Yay, you have a cutie in your avatar instead of a generic square now. ^ ^ Love it!

      I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t quite enjoy this. I actually found the story to be really good. I thought it was well-paced and has just the right amount of weight. It’s silly at some parts, funny at others, and emotional at the end. But I guess it’s just not for everyone. (Or maybe I’m praising it a little too much because it’s resonating a bit with some stuff.)

      Haha, the misleading line is cute; I thought.

      • yunra13 says:

        Haha, I don’t know, maybe I just find it not-so-believable (the interactions and behaviours of characters, not the story) though many manga are unrealistic anyway..I think I’m contradicting myself… *smack forehead*

        Not to say I don’t enjoy it though. I do enjoy the bittersweet ending (it isn’t bitter enough for me to stop reading..).
        Having to move on to somewhere else, maybe, letting the feeling known will at least feel relieved, than keeping it in the chest and suffers. I don’t know either

        • Yi says:

          That’s a perfectly fair critique. Many elements of this manga border on the silly for humor values, and that may indeed have made things too unbelievable.

          “maybe, letting the feeling known will at least feel relieved”
          No regrets, right? ^ ^

  8. gozieson says:

    I’ve had quite a number of ideas of these kind of stories in my head for a while now. Looks like someone beat me to it in the manga department T.T.

    Though it is quite an interesting idea of ghosts stalking whom they are attracted to. It really plays a sense of unrealistic romance that to some people just feels like it’s real to them. Do you have a link to the manga, I would really like to read this story. The characters are portrayed nicely and the story line looks good. Hopefully I would be able to enjoy this story

    • Yi says:

      I’m sure you can still write a captivating story with a similar theme. This idea of sacrifice for love isn’t really that new. I remember there was another manga (the title escapes me…) about a guy who died as a child but was pitied by the mountain spirit, who brought him back to life to live among youkai. However, if a human were to ever touch him, he would fizzle. And, well, he and this girl fall in love, and…

      Agreed that there is a sense of unreal to the story, even for a story about ghosts. However, I found it to be an interesting approach to a pretty universal idea: love often comes with sacrifices. The elements and the developments may be supernatural, but their feelings sure aren’t.

      Anyway, here’s the manga on Dynasty Scans. Hope you enjoy it!

  9. feal87 says:

    While the graphical style is excellent and they look as cute as you can get…
    I really can’t resist to sad stories so pass for this time…>_<

  10. Cyurio says:

    This looks very very interesting. I love them bittersweet stories.

    *Goes off to find download*

    • Yi says:

      Yea, I thought it was a very lovely little manga.

      Anyway, check my reply to gozieson’s comment above if you can’t find this manga.

  11. hoshiko says:

    I lol’ed at the “Hmm, I’d like to be more popular with humans”. Honey Crush sounds interesting, especially when it involves cute ghosts. >.<

    But maybe, just maybe, it is still better to let those feelings known.

    Or not.

    I really don’t know…

    Hmm..I also don’t know about that. It depends whether the person’s feelings is strong enough or deep enough or if that person is satisfied with the current situation whereby the feelings remain hidden and that he or she will never regret it. Matters of heart are confusing, most of the time.

    • Yi says:

      Haha, yea. That made me laugh too. Poor (or probably more like lucky) Kyoko, attracting all the adorable supernatural beings and creating her own little ghastly yuri harem. ^ ^

      “Matters of heart are confusing, most of the time.”
      Yes, definitely. I feel like I’m confused all the time.

      Anyway, thanks. ^ ^

  12. Smithy says:

    Love cute yuri stories but am not big on these ghost stories, so this might not be much my personal taste of story I like reading.

    • Yi says:

      Hm… It’s not really a ghost horror story like, say, The Grudge. It’s really just a super cute, somewhat bittersweet romance story, where some of the characters happen to not be human. Anyway, if you have time, I hope you give a try. ^ ^

  13. jreding says:

    I have been following your enticing reviews of Yuri manga and games and feel that I would really enjoy to read some of these manga myself. It’s a bit of a shame, but so far I haven’t read any proper Yuri manga at all. However, I very much enjoyed those manga I read that were a bit on the Yuri side, like “A Lollypop or a Bullet” which you also reviewed. I also liked the anime Sasameki Koto, which, I assume, might somewhat qualify as yuri and also the yuri elements of other shows.

    However, I feel that for enjoying a yuri manga (assuming that they are somewhat like “A Lollypop and a Bullet”) I would need a quiet and peaceful reading environment and also some peace of mind. Unfortunately, I have neither of that at present. The sorry truth therefore is at present that I download yuri manga and shows only to put them on my “Plan to read” list and stick with the current anime shows until I have an environment better suitable for enjoying the more delicate fare.

    By the way, how do you read your manga? I always prefer printed books and quite often I am lucky and have the manga I want to read published in English or my native language. Yuri, however, seems to be such a niche audience that it’s hardy published at all. (Well, maybe also for legal reasons…) These manga I have to download and currently read them on my computer. This is okay, but I would like to get closer to the reading experience of a book. I am thinking about bying an ipad or some other, more paper-like device where reading a manga e-book might feel more like reading a physical book.

    • Yi says:

      I think I kind of understand that feeling. I go through a similar thing a lot nowadays with anime (and less so but also with manga). Sometimes I’d come across an anime that I have high expectations of, but I’d put off watching it for months waiting for the right, relaxing time to fully enjoy it. And lately, that time just never seems to come, and hence the growing and growing backlog.

      A Lollypop or a Bullet is one of my favorite short manga ever. Such a beautifully dark tale of a young girl. It made me cry. It’s not exactly yuri manga though; at least it’s not the same time type of yuri romance manga like Sasameki Koto is. (btw. Sasameki Koto is certainly well within the yuri genre._

      I always prefer printed books, but I don’t always have a chance or budget to buy my manga. Sometimes I rent, but most often, I just read scanlations. I do own quite a few full manga series though (e.g. A Lollypop or a Bullet in raws as a gift from a very kind friend). And I love love flipping through them.

      Yuri is still a more niche genre for a niche audience, but there are many titles that have been published in English. I think Aoi Hana is one of them. Anyway, and iPad for reading manga or books sounds lovely. I’ve been thinking about getting one too with the amount of reading I do and the limited space I have.

      Still, nothing quite beats a physical books and pages though. ^ ^

  14. I’ve been put off Yuri before as most of the ones I’ve come across deal with nothing but school yard crushes; those types of stories aren’t really my cup of tea. It’s nice to see a genuinely interesting title that balances other elements as well, plus I’m a sucker for bittersweet stories. Must check this out when I have time. Thanks

    • Yi says:

      A lot of yuri is just school yard crushes, yet there are quite a few among these that are nice gems. Blue Friend, for example, is one I thought was really gorgeous, even though it is just about school romance. This is another too, and I enjoy Honey Crush a lot as well.

      Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

      p.s. If you’re interested, here are my thoughts on Blue Friend.

  15. 2DT says:

    Yes, a ghost can be beautiful, even loved. But they’re supposed to move on. This world is meant for the living, and living means endless change.

    What I mean is this: Whether you tell her how you feel or not, things won’t stay the way they are. So why hold back?

    To tell you the truth, Yi, I don’t even believe in ghosts. 😉

    • Yi says:

      Yes, I think I agree. You always have a wonderful way of putting things into perspective and into words. Thank you, 2DT. ^ ^

      p.s. I don’t believe in ghosts either.

  16. It would make me too sad! I can’t do it.

  17. Fabrice says:

    Im not partically in too yuri but when watching series with kuruko and misaka, it makes me laugh.
    but hey i dont think ill be into yuri in general.

  18. Sayuri says:

    this was awesome wish there was an omake a few days/weeks/years later

    • Yi says:

      Agreed. I think I would’ve liked an omake a little after where the manga ends, just to see where Kyoko is and how she has moved on. Still, really liked this manga. ^ ^

  19. Bladezer says:

    This manga made me tear up at the end. But for something to actually make me cry you have to make me attached to a character, then you have continuously hit heart wrenching blows to me.
    Is it weird that I always watch the sadder part of anime more than once instead of the parts where characters do something awesome?
    I really do wish they made this an anime, but I also have lots of Yuri Hime titles that would make into anime as well.

    • Yi says:

      I kind of teared up at the end too, even though the tears didn’t quite drop all the way down. It’s a very subtle bitterness driven beneath the silliness and the sweet romance. It’s not quite a tragedy, but it isn’t quite happily-ever-after. Just a light, sad, but fun romance.

      It’s totally not weird that you revisit the sadder parts. I often do the same with anime/manga. After all, those parts are usually the most emotional effective. ^ ^

      I don’t know if this anime quite has enough substance for a whole season, although I think with the right execution, an adaptation can be beautiful. Still, agreed there are a lot of anime that I’d like to see get the anime treatment way before this.

      Girl Friends, anyone?

      • Bladezer says:

        I second a Girl Friends Anime.
        Ah I still remember crying at the going merry’s funeral in one piece, and bawling by eyes at Ano Hana’s ending.
        Well I was referring to titles like First Love Sisters and Strawberry Shake Sweet.I’d also love to see Fujieda Miyabi’smanga adapted.

        • Yi says:

          ^ ^
          Fujieda Miyabi’s manga are great too. I’d like to see Iono the Fanatics in anime form. Love that manga!!

  20. Ryan A says:

    I’m not much into ghost stories, but after seeing the post and looking into the title, I realized I could read overnight. It was really enjoyable Yi, and bittersweet is the perfect word. I didn’t quite understand how Madoka would play into the chemistry, but things worked out beautifully between Mitsu and Kyoko. Maybe the story was a little expected, but it felt convincing; the connection between these two. Adorable Mitsu was especially a sympathetic character, so maybe that helped.

    For one chapter, when they met the girl on the bridge, I though Kyoko and Mitsu could continue on experiencing little encounters with other ghosts, but I feel it ended in the best way. Their honesty and consolation, sharing sentiments together, was satisfying.

    • Yi says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Madoka’s role felt like the unassuming and unwitting catalyst. She’s the girl that Kyoko and Mitsu both crush on, yet realize the shallowness of their feelings. I thought everything really quite worked out beautifully indeed at the end, even though the ending may be slightly sad.

      I agree. The story feels very expected. It’s partly why I didn’t really worry too much about spoilers in this review. Mitsu and Kyoko’s feelings for each other becomes fairly apparent to the audience (though not to themselves) within a few chapters. Still, even with a predictable plot, I didn’t find Honey Crush boring or the plot turns cliche.

      Totally agreed about the adorable Mitsu. I really liked her character a lot. So oblivious, and so in love!

      I liked the ending too. In the end, it was an inevitable that they must part, but I’d like to think both went on with their lives with precious, satisfying memories.

  21. I’m now tempted to read this…good thing I downloaded it yesterday ;D
    Gotta read it soon!!

    • Yi says:

      I really hope you like it! Let me know your thought after. ^ ^

      • Well. I love it XD
        I was pissed I couldn’t cry at the bittersweet end DX
        But it was a really wonderful story with a rather interesting plot that i’ve never read before. I’m definitely going to write a post on this after my exams are over

        • Yi says:

          So glad you love it!

          I didn’t cry at the end either, but I still think it’s very emotionally satisfying. Sure, it is a very bittersweet story–and the bitter part is very bitter–but the sweet parts, the happy parts, the ending is beautiful, romantic, and leaves on a hopeful note. It’s bitter, but it’s not tragic.

          Anyway, good luck on your exams!

  22. baka~ says:

    I’m never really fond of yuri unless it’s H-doujin but this review is inviting… I’ll bookmark the manga just in case XD

  23. CainHyde says:

    I think… my supernatural yuri sense just tingling.
    Love the supernatural yuri harem on that page 310. ❤

    "But maybe, just maybe, it is still better to let those feelings known.
    Or not.
    I really don’t know…"
    Out of yuri and ghost context, lol, I'm pretty sure many people had and will experience such thought.
    I'm personally stuck in those "I really don't know" and "Not" category.
    Though looking back at the past, sometimes it feels like letting hidden feelings known might be better.
    Or not…
    I really don't know… XD

    • Yi says:

      It’s a nice tingling, isn’t it?
      That little harem bed scene made me smile. It’s so cute!

      Anyway, yea, it’s quite a dilemma sometimes. And I’m not sure if there is a right answer either. I guess we’ll both just have to figure it out when the time comes…
      or not… ^ ^


  24. ToastCrust says:

    Sounds positively solid. Yuri’s not really my thing specifically, but this sounds like something that would be foolish to pass up.

    • Yi says:

      It is yuri, but it’s also just a cute, somewhat silly, but still emotional love story at its core. I hope you enjoy it, Toast! ^ ^

  25. Pingback: [manga] Sorairo Girlfriend Ch 1 to 3 scanlated!! « Yasashii sekai…

  26. Snippett says:

    Ohh, you just gave me such a pleasure read but at the same time awfully painful. I’m lost for words after reading this manga, Yi.

    But maybe, just maybe, it is still better to let those feelings known.
    Or not.
    I really don’t know…

    What I got from this manga is two of the worst things in life are wasted opportunities and missed chances, so it’s always worth it to give it a shot. ^^

    • Yi says:

      Honey Crush is a surprisingly enjoyable but sad read, which is belied by the adorable style and humorous parts. I’m glad you thought it was a pleasure (and I hope the awfully painful part is a good thing too ^ ^).

      Anyway, yea. I suppose it is good to give it a shot sometimes. Missed chances…

      Thanks, Snippett. ^ ^

  27. Choco Titi says:

    I read it in one shot and really liked it ❤

    PS: the kiss scene at the end… I couldnt help my tears. T,T good ending… VERY good.

  28. Late to the party… Oh, well, it’s never late to join the yuri party!

    My thoughts on this (I’ve actually read this a while before you came up with this post and considered writing about this but scrapped it):
    It was such a great, bittersweet story, and I really enjoyed the interactions and the plot. I admit that the ending did make me tear a bit, and it was a good ending. The way it turned out actually kinda reminds me of a missed chance with one of my previous crushes (actually successfully confessed, but she then moved away shortly suddenly)…

    • Yi says:

      “Oh, well, it’s never late to join the yuri party!”
      You’re right about that!!

      I loved the interactions too. The way the relationship between the three girls developed: friendship to crush, crush to friendship, rivals to love… etc. It’s very interesting indeed. I love the ending especially. Sad, but satisfying.

      “The way it turned out actually kinda reminds me of a missed chance with one of my previous crushes (actually successfully confessed, but she then moved away shortly suddenly)…”

      😦 But I think it’s a beautiful thing that you both shared a moment, however brief that is, and that you two let your feelings know.

      Thanks for sharing something so personal, Ephemeral Dreamer. ^ ^

  29. Ai-to-Yukai says:

    Read it all today and found myself really touched. Thanks for reviewing this Yi! Though I’m really sad it had to end the way it did. So… Bittersweet. It was a good ending, but it really left me wanting to see more, or at least get a little more of the characters since I found myself becoming really attached to them.

    Haha, I’d say something about a personal experience, but it’s exactly the same as Ephemeral Dreamer’s little tid-bit, save for the fact that I never got to confess.

    • Yi says:

      I’m glad the manga touched you. I was very surprised at how much it resonated with my own feelings too, since it began with a fairly silly premise. The ending… is super sad, but I guess that’s love and that’s life. Sigh… I kind of do want more, but not really. I think the bittersweet transcendent love that exists between the two girls is romantic left as is.

      It seems we all have experiences of missed and impossible loves. Is it too late to confess now?

      • Ai-to-Yukai says:

        It’s tragic, and while I say I want more I’m incredibly satisfied with the ending in a sense, but I guess the ending is rather symbolic of many other yuri novels and manga.

        Yeah, it’s much too late to confess now, especially since I never got a number or address to contact. It was all just horrid timing on both our parts.

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