Oral Sex in Redline: Delicious, Plump Lips

Redline lips lipstick plump magenta

Late last night, I watched Redline, a racing movie set in an intergalactic world. The movie is a visual pleasure with some of the sharpest, smoothest, and boldest animation. The style easily shines through not only the actions and glamours, but the sex appeal. No, there is not really any oral sex in Redline, but considering how sexualized everything is, there may as well have been.

Redline Sonoshee racing

After coming to the end of the brilliant visual sensation, my one outstanding emotion—aside from satisfaction, awe, and warm fuzziness—is arousal. I suppose this is little surprise. After all, fast cars, tight suits, and hot women are the hallmarks of a racing film. In fact, the race itself in Redline is a fine metaphor for sexual intercourse. The thrust of the engines, the sliding, slipping, braking, and accelerating of race cars down a magenta track, the insertion of the egg, and the ejaculation of nitro all culminate to the final penetration past that blood red line. Post-coital heavy breathing, embrace, and a kiss give a very romantic finish to this titillating encounter.

Redline Sonoshee lips licking

So if the final race is sex, then what comes before that might be considered foreplay. And perhaps more specifically, oral foreplay. Indeed, Redline places a very strong emphasis on the eroticism surrounding the mouth: tongue, teeth, gums, and especially lips.

Redline shiny golden flashback lips

Redline cocaine syndicate boss finger mouth

Take for example, one of the first scenes to really give focus to lips. JP’s flashback is associated with a very luxurious sensuality—the arched necks and the lewd kiss—which all stem from the women’s lips. Oral imagery is also again presented with heavy sexual tones in the grotesque gum brushing and brutal fingering of the syndicate boss’s mouth by a voluptuous woman.

Redline Super Boins tongue kinky

Of course, the most prominent oral imagery come from the Super Boins. These two characters are symbols of female femininity and sexuality in Redline. Thye arrive on scene with a display of tongue tricks and mouth play, all while wearing nothing but loose fur coats.

Redline Sonoshee cherry

In a related fashion, a nude Sonoshee accompanies Super Boins’s first spotlight in the film. In front of her TV, wearing nothing but lip gloss and a pair of short shorts, Sonoshee chews on several cherries and lights up a cigarette, acts which are all quite oral and certainly very titillating—especially the way her lips envelope those delicious cherries.

Yes, Sonoshee’s lips are easily my favorite thing about Redline. There is just something so very sexy about lips.

Redline full plump delicious lips boin girls

A hormonal explanation have been used to explain this fascination: a direct correlation exists between a woman’s estrogen levels and fullness of her lips. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for female development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as breast and pubic hair. The more relevant basis for the eroticism surrounding lips, however, probably comes from its role in sex. Lips are an erogenous zone with heightened sensitivity due to the number of nerve endings in them. This makes them perfect for kissing and exploring all kinds of naughty things. As an added bonus, lips also swell upon sexual stimulation.

Redline Sonoshee lips full

It is little wonder then that there is a huge fashion industry focused on lip styling. Redline also pays very detailed attention to them. Whether it is wearing heavy, thick, bold colors of lipstick like the Super Boins, or simply applying a delicious gloss and light tints like Sonoshee, the characters embrace their lips fully. In a medium that often reduces features to single lines, those voluptuous pairs are especially fascinating. Sonoshee, with her gorgeous lips and lip-shaped Crab Sonoshee, is a sensual reminder of the pervading oral and erotic metaphor in Redline, for lips are signs of sexuality almost as much as genitalia are.

Redline Sonoshee lips red white striped dress

Or maybe, as Freud might possibly say, I was weaned a little too late… Well, regardless of the psychosexual explanation for this fascination, I would so love to “race” with Sonoshee, as well as the Super Boins, particularly the girl with the kinky tongue. Things are going to get freaky.

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68 Responses to Oral Sex in Redline: Delicious, Plump Lips

  1. 2DT says:

    I felt as though the sex-structure was also a very clever way to obscure Redline‘s weaknesses. By ending the film right when they won, not showing any kind of aftermath or denouement, we got to come down from the experience as if from a real orgasm. And in the throes of that hormonal cocktail, it’s easy to forget that I found some of the race preparation tedious, and that the bit about the biological weapon seemed to go on just a little too long.

    A hormonal explanation has been used to explain this fascination: a direct correlation exists between a woman’s estrogen levels and fullness of her lips.

    Iiiinteresting! I can always count on you to bring out the most fascinating science-y bits. 😉

    • I wouldn’t call them weaknesses, but non-strengths. The film is focused on being a spectacle, and it succeeds at this. The story is an excuse for a race, and the movie is mostly race… and the race is an excuse for battles… LOL the important part is how awesome each entrance is, how nuanced each bit of presentation is, from the walk up to the cockpit, to the interface of weapons systems, to the starting up of engines, to the extremities of hairstyles, to the curvature of the lips. This is the content of the film… if you want layered meaningfulness… you must be willing to remember love… and know Revolutionary Girl Utena.

      • Ryan A says:

        “and the race is an excuse for battles” LOL, I agree. This is a pure-bred action film, and more important than the fabric of the story is the level of excitement [and also arousal]. Redline is completely sexual (imo, racing features have always had a strong association with sex; big engines, power under the hood, shafts, spinning gizmos, throttle control or lack thereof… yea), and it’s perfectly natural to walk away from the film wet and whetted.

        • You know it is an action film of the highest order if it can out-mecha battle Gundam shows and the like.

          Anyone else notice how Funky Boy is like crazy Tetsuo in Akira? Redline satisfies desires I didn’t even know I had… like having that Tetsuo assaulted by an even nastier monster LOL.

      • Yi says:

        @ghostlightning + Ryan A + 2DT: It looks like you guys have a great discussion going on so I won’t interject too much. Just going to say, agreed that Redline knows exactly what its selling points are, and presents it beautifully. And also, can’t wait to watch more Utena!

    • Yi says:

      @2DT: Ooh great point! The spectacle really covers up some of the weaker parts (or as Ghostlightning says, non-strengths). Its ending at the end of the race somewhat reminds me of how the majority of romantic comedies ends when the chase ends. The spectacle/ the romance is done, and so there’s no more need for more.

      And I completely agree with the tediousness of some expositions that just don’t feel like they’re part of this, and thus feel too long. I think I mentioned this during the watch, but I got really confused and sort of zoned out by all the politics involving that general guy. The visuals more than make up for it, but I can’t help but wonder if this would have been even greater without some of that.

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed the nerdy tidbit. ^ ^

  2. Overlord-G says:

    No wonder people praise this movie so much. I’ll have a more proper reply when I review this sucker myself once my schedule permits it.

  3. tomphile says:

    Welp, there’s a reason most anime don’t outline the lips. It’s usually reserved for “special” characters. I think Lust had lips; I’m not quite sure.

    • Yi says:

      That’s true I think. In most anime I’ve seen, lips are used very sparingly, and usually to denote either an especially sexy/ seductive woman, or an adult woman, as is the case with Victorique’s mother. In either case, lips are sort of a sign of sexual maturity.

  4. Valence says:

    And here I was thinking Redline was just a made-up term. . . . . .

    • 2DT says:

      To “redline” means to hit the accelerator so hard that your engine maxes out its RPMs– i.e. the gauge on the dashboard goes all the way to the red line.

      Not quite as exciting an explanation, I’m afraid. 😉

  5. gozieson says:

    Wow, that’s quite a mouthful of symbolism and metaphors you just jammed out. Maybe it is true that fully detailed lips are reserved for more prominent characters in anime. Since this is a movie, they can keep up the image of the details into subtle areas of the characters but it would be time consuming if these kinds of detail were implemented into ordinary anime.

    Should be interesting to see what would happen if full details of the characters were implemented into anime.

    • Yi says:

      I think you may be right about that, but I don’t know. It doesn’t seem that much more of a stretch to give characters lips for anime that already pays so much attention to, say, clothes and eyes, especially for those high production valued anime. I think the absence of lips in most anime is really just a stylistic evolution. It’s not a bad thing though. Just a different aesthetics (and one I usually like in many cases).

      “Should be interesting to see what would happen if full details of the characters were implemented into anime.”
      It would be interesting, but I fear at that point, we might get abominations akin to creepy movies like Mars Needs Moms. The distortion of features is charming in its own familiar way.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment, and love the pun!

  6. catchercatch says:

    I don’t think the sexual interpretation of the race was unwarranted. I feel the overall feel of the film was masturbatory in nature. The film revels in its animation and absurdity, constantly pushing further and further for the sake of awesome, bringing hyper sexualization into the fray. And I feel that it’s all the more enjoyable for it – it’s certainly a pleasure for the eyes and ears.

    • Yi says:

      Yea, the sex appeal is very blatant (but not to a distasteful degree)… Masturbatory indeed~
      And I think this over-sexing works marvelously with the rest of the spectacle. A pleasure for the eyes and ears and the body. ^ ^

      Anyway, glad you agree. Makes me feel less like a perv haha!

  7. ajthefourth says:

    Aside from enjoying both the film and this article thoroughly, I loved that you brought up the fact that most anime tends to eradicate the lips entirely. For something that is such a vital part of a woman’s sexuality it’s a particularly interesting omission.

    Thanks for giving me lots of (sexy) food for thought! ^ ^

    • Yi says:

      The absence of lips became more and more outstanding as I continued to write this post. The distortion of the facial features is really odd. And what’s more interesting is the fan’s (including my own) acceptance and even embrace of this. I kind of don’t know what to make of it, because an anime character can be super sexy with full plump lips, yet also with simple lines for lips. Weird.

      Anyway, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Your opinion means so much to me. ^ ^

      p.s. Hopefully not so sexy you can’t get any sleep darling~

  8. Wonderllama says:

    you and your misleading titles… ! -_-

  9. MyHatsOffToYou says:

    I’ll make sure to pay more attention to anime girls’ lips in the future and maybe someday I’ll be able to write an article as awsome as this only bout lips

  10. Wow, Redline seems like an interesting series to watch, and I’ll be sure to check this out! Also, it is interesting that there isn’t much focus on lips in anime series nowadays. But I am reminded of the Hanasaku Iroha episode where Tohru stares at Ohana’s lips as she eats rice porridge to ease her flu. Nice post!

    • Yi says:

      Ohana’s lips… I’m going to have to catch up with Hanasaku Iroha soon just to see her delicious lips.

      Anyway, Redline is a very enjoyable film. Flawless animation and just so blood pumping, arousing, and smooth! Hope you enjoyed it too. ^ ^

  11. I found the whole sex appeal of this movie a massive turnoff because as is usual with seemingly testosterone laden anime, it is focused solely on women. Boobs and suggestive poses and boobs. I was not impressed at all (and I thought the script was extremely sloppy and arbitrary plot elements were all over). The bioweapon part was such a drag. Most of the drama and backstory was.

    The racing was pretty darn fun though, and the soundtrack was cool-funky. I was very impressed with the variety of character designs, though (countless alien species, ahoy!).

    Interesting write-up, I appreciate this stuff because it’s a viewpoint I don’t get it all, and that’s important to me. And you manage to make your case clearly and coherently and all that. Thanks. 🙂

    • Yi says:

      That’s a fair criticism. This movie is very much geared toward female fan service. Legs, hips, breasts, lips. Highly suggestive and highly sexualized.

      With that said, I appreciate that Redline has no pretense about it. It knows it wants to be an action packed, sexy spectacle that gets the blood boiling. And it tries its best to play up these elements. The comments above by 2DT, Ghostlightning, and 6ry are pretty good at pointing out various strengths and weaknesses/non-strengths of the film as well.

      Personally, I did think some of the plot elements were kind of distraction and the politics very much of a drag. I’d much rather this be all about fast cars and sexy women than the measly attempt at a complicated plot. So I’m with you in disliking some parts of the plot, but perhaps in a different direction.

      Love the designs too! Redline really did an incredible job on all the visuals and the music. Also really like the ending song: Redline Day.

      Anyway, thank you so much for reading and commenting!!

  12. First off wow! Watching this with what? 18+ viewers? was awesome! Glad you could join us for that Yin it was really lots of fun xD

    Nice post and yeahhh this whole movie was really entertaining and to some yes you could say very sexual xD

    • Yi says:

      It is totally awesome! I had a lot of fun with you all. ^ ^ And so many people there I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting ever. So that was a great experience.

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed the sexual post~

  13. Seinime says:

    I didn’t expect to watch this film, but I keep on reading the positive reviews along with seeing epic scenes. Plus, MAL recommended TTGL as a related series to watch because of both of them “being very epic”. Hmm.

    I never would’ve picked up such focus to the lips, and also in such detail. I always am amazed by how much different types of lipstick/lip gloss there are! Something I’ll never understand. One walk through The Bay and wowwwww. Or back when I visited the U.S., some Walmart and Target stores also had them.

    Well, time to get the 1080p and watch it on the T.V. soon. Hope you enjoy your trip!

    • Yi says:

      I think most reviews and writings I’ve read on Redline have been overall positive as well. And personally, I really enjoyed it! Epic is a good word.

      I don’t think my screenshots really did the movie enough justice. There are just so many gorgeous scenes and flawless animation that it’s hard to capture with just images. It’s really something very impressive.

      It’s so interesting how big lipstick, lip gloss, and the whole industry surrounding lip beauty and care are. In fact, there are even people who undergo lip surgery (collagen implants) to get those plump lips. I think that’s a little too much, but it just goes to show how we have grown to appreciate the sexuality embedded in those pairs.

      Enjoy! I think I should’ve gotten the BD, but the version I had wasn’t too bad either I suppose. Very beautiful.

      p.s. Thanks for the good wishes~

  14. flomu says:

    Am I the only one who’s repulsed by the lips? The visuals of Redline and the excessive lips of this post make me not want to watch the thing.


    • Chris says:

      You aren’t the only one. The lips and the large breasts turn me off to the film. I don’t care for anything that features large boobs and other extreme body parts as a part of its main character design.

      • Yi says:

        I don’t know if the voluptuousness of the characters’ breasts and lips are “extreme.” They are curvy, but I think they don’t cross into the unrealistic ridiculousness.

    • Yi says:

      I don’t think you’re the only one, flomu. Just like anything else, large lips may not appeal to everyone.
      I think I simply find plump lips to be really sensual, but yea, everyone has her own tastes, aesthetics, and sexual kinks.

  15. Snippett says:

    Very nice and sexy post. I also find Sonoshee’s lips as the most evocative and alluring of all because I loved how glossy and pouty they are.

    Also, you just made me stretched out my imagination, the pumping of gas or nitro, production of adrenaline rush and sweat, bumpy surface, screams and moans are all metaphors and elements of arousal. Not to mention the attainment of maximum speed and explosions every after race perfectly fit together as climax and orgasm. And then, put them all together and you’d have a picture perfect saucy sex.

    Btw, thanks for the nice read! ^^

    • Yi says:

      I know right? Pouty, glossy, thick. They must be a pleasure to kiss. ^ ^

      “production of adrenaline rush and sweat, bumpy surface, screams and moans are all metaphors and elements of arousal.”
      Yep yep. This line reads like a literal portrayal of sexual responses. The metaphor is certainly there, and so is the arousal.

      Thanks for the sexy comment, Snippett!

  16. akinari-kun says:

    “The thrust of the engines, the sliding, slipping, braking, and accelerating of race cars down a magenta track, the insertion of the egg, and the ejaculation of nitro all culminate to the final penetration past that blood red line. Post-coital heavy breathing, embrace, and a kiss give a very romantic finish to this titillating encounter.”


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  18. MkMiku says:

    Interesting analogy! The movie makes a lot more sense now. I see similarities between Redline and Sucker Punch in that they are both amazing visuals experiences, but can be interpreted many different ways.

    P.S. I would go for the girl with the forked tongue, as well. 😀

    • Yi says:

      I can see the similarities too. Though thematically very different, both excel in the visuals. I would say though that Sucker Punch has a much more complex story, at least at the surface level.

      While I like the Super Boin, Sonoshee is still my fave. The forked tongue girl does offer that extra kink, which could be super fun! ^ ^

  19. Shin says:

    So this is Speed Racer for adults. Colour me sold

  20. Persocom says:

    Can’t say anything about this yet as I haven’t watched it. The animation style looks interesting at the least.

    • Yi says:

      The animation style I think is the main draw of the film. I really love Redline’s panache.

      If you ever get around to it, I hope you find it as splendid as I did. ^ ^

  21. Nopy says:

    I felt Redline drew attention to not just the lips, but breasts and private parts as well. I’ve been hearing a lot of people complain about it being shallow with nothing to pay attention to except the nice animation, but I think they’re missing themes like this one.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed on both. The lips are part of a package of female sensuality that includes breasts, hips, legs, and genitalia. Very sexual imagery is everywhere in this anime.

      Also, agreed on your other point. ^ ^

  22. bluedrakon says:

    Looking forward to catching this once it hits the US. That is the first time I can remember seeing a forked tongue in an anime.

    Is it Fast Cars and Hot Women or Hot Cars and Fast Women – always get confused 😀

    • Yi says:

      The forked tongue is only a very brief scene, but the Superboin made quite a strong impression. ^ ^

      Haha, I don’t know. Fast cars hot women, hot cars fast women, hot cars hot women, fast car fast women~

  23. wieselhead says:

    interesting interpretation, but have we watched the same movie 🙂 ?
    Oh man, I think all the silly fanservice animes I’ve watched have deaden my senses a bit when in comes to more or less subliminal sexuality XD I actually planned to watch it a 2nd time and this time I will keep in mind the interesting things you’ve mentioned in this post.

    Anyway it was a cool movie I increased the volume with every action scene, a good trip ^^.
    At first I needed some time to get used to the animation style, Im not a big fan of pitch black shadows.

    • Yi says:

      Haha, I would think so. ^ ^

      I think with topics like fan service and sexuality, there’s always so many different ways to approach and react to them. Usually, I’m not a big fan of silly fan service, but I didn’t find Redline’s to be that juvenile. Its take is very mature and sexy, and maybe that’s why I really mebraced it.

      The bold black shadows and use of high contrast and bright colors feel very Western comic book-y. (As are lips, btw.) It’s a little different from the usual anime, but it’s a refreshing change for me.

      Anyway, at the very least, we can agree that Redline is super cool!

      Hope you enjoy the re-watch. ^ ^

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  26. Ryan A says:

    I have to say, I didn’t focus so much on the lips during the first watch of Redline, but since reading this post a couple weeks ago, I’ve had trouble not noticing even the most average lips in various art and photos I browse (so many wild [instinctual] thoughts running through my mind as I browse the tumblrs and such ^ ^).

    Sonoshee, with her gorgeous lips and lip-shaped Crab Sonoshee, is a sensual reminder of the pervading oral and erotic metaphor in Redline, for lips are signs of sexuality almost as much as genitalia are.

    Oh yes, mm, and maybe lips don’t get enough attention in media, or surely not the attention they deserve. I find it fantastic for Redline to really give lips a proper sexual focus, and their own weight to balance out the highly arousing display; we see Sonoshee’s gorgeous body, but also get a nice view of her lips. I feel the viewer is meant to perceive lips (and perhaps other things) with a qualified erogenous effect, and that’s brilliant. So delicious and sexual.

    I want more sexy lips in anime.

    • Yi says:

      I never used to pay that much attention to lips in anime (or their absence rather) until fairly recently. A kind friend introduced me to a variety of Western comics sometime ago, and there, the pouty full lips really stand out especially when I switch back and forth between anime/manga and Western comics. In fact, that’s probably the most outstanding thing I got from my brief (but continuing) foray into comic books. Redline has a very comic booky style that we don’t see in anime much, so it really stood out to me.

      I actually think lips do get quite a lot of attention in pop culture, maybe just not overtly. Take for example, Angelina Jolie. She is the modern gorgeous sexy symbol that she is in large part because of those huge pairs. Although, to be fair, people don’t talk about the lips as much as her other voluptuous parts. As an aside, Anne Hathaway also has very full lips, and she has, in my opinion, one of the most feminine looks. Very sexy and very cute.

      Anyway, I really would like to touch Sonoshee’s lips. They just feel so soft and firm. Should be very sensitive too. Haha.

  27. tsurugiarashix says:

    Okay, that is it. I am going to set this on my watch list now. I am not sure why in the world I am avoiding this (or why I never heard of it for that matter), but looks interesting enough to warrant a list. However, glad (for some odd reason) their is no actually oral sex in this, lol.

    • Yi says:

      Oh yes definitely. It’s a great film and I think it’s worth at least checking out. I was actually pretty late about getting into this as well, having only heard about it months after the announcement. I didn’t really plan on watching this, in fact, but on a whim, jumped into a viewing session with a huge group of people. So glad I did. ^ ^

      Anyway, Redline is very sexual, and may border on the slightly vulgar, but not quite. I love it!

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  30. ayame says:

    Lips are sexual for another reason, that I find artistically titlating: look carefully at their shape. If you put a bit of imagination, don’t they look like a couple having sex? And if you see them vertically, they may well be another set of ‘lips’.

    • Yi says:

      Ooh that’s a neat shape. They certainly are very aesthetically arousing. As an oft-used euphemism for female genitalia, lips certainly embody a sexy shape. And now that you’ve mentioned this, I can’t not see lovers having sex on a cute girl’s plump lips. Haha.

  31. CC says:

    they’re tomatoes
    and damn i love sonoshee’s tits

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  35. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    Reblogged this on compass on my field trip.

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