Just Some More Personal Updates

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Has it really been that long?

Mid-April. That was the last time I wrote a post in sincerity—a quick colloquium on Nekomimi, and with the help of a guest nonetheless. The last time I completed a piece alone was even earlier. Just a tad ironically, that post is on writing, albeit on letters instead of blogs. In any case, it has been too long.

So here it is: What have I been up to the last three weeks? (And where do I start?)

Other than being mired in my studies—exams, papers, the usual jazz—I spent most of my free time in the last month playing host. First, my brother had visited with his friend. A week later, a friend from college did as well. It was fun, exciting, familiar, and absolutely exhausting.

And, now, I am back in California for the weekend. It was both a planned and an impulsive trip. I had needed to be here for only a day, but somehow extended it for a week. This is possibly not the best idea ever, as I am in the middle of exam season. Between flying, meeting old friends, and taking care of business, I have almost little time left for anything else. Still, for now, I am loving being back…

Once I return to Taiwan, I should be able to get into my usual rhythm again—the hum-drums of watching the newest season, and the occasional splash of a gem. And, hopefully, write.

Cheers, my loves. ♥

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55 Responses to Just Some More Personal Updates

  1. Joe0Bloggs says:

    Meh I wish that pesky thing called real life would go take care of itself too. I might never even get to see the Avengers on cinema. Bought a ticket today and had to bug out at the last moment…

    Thought I‘d start translating SH9 but looks like I‘ll be busy with EOX stuff too similar to what AXYPB is doing…

    • Yi says:

      Yea, life can be too busy at times. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to see Avengers again (or eventually).

      Good luck with all your projects. ^ ^

      • Joe0Bloggs says:

        Finally got to see the Avengers and it’s awesome as you said it would be. Hey your blog was my inspiration for starting these projects too, so I‘ll definitely come back no matter how often or not you post–so like they say, take care of your studies.

  2. @fkeroge says:

    As always, best wishes to you, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Listless Ink was the first anime blog that I have ever read, and I will continue to read it, regardless of post frequency.

  3. wieselhead says:

    Well, it seems it had been some time since your last own post.
    Studies always take a lot of your time, there is not much space for fun activities.
    I still have time for regular posts, but there are also some drafts that should have been published since some months, arghh 😉

    Hope you had some fun in California again, all the best Yi

    • Yi says:

      It does seem so, doesn’t it? I feel quite bad about it to be honest, and I really do wish I could have more time to spend here and around.

      Anyway, thanks for the good wishes, and good luck to you and your drafts as well, wieselhead! ^ ^

  4. Sounds like you’ve been keeping yourself busy, haha. Even if I don’t usually comment on LI, I do check it out when a new article’s out, so don’t sweat it. Just keep doing what you’re doing. We’ll still be here. 😀

    • Yi says:

      Thank you, super awesome lovely Marking Dude. ^ ^

      That does mean a lot though—knowing that I’m not losing everyone by being so distant these past days. I worry. So, yea. Thanks!

  5. gozieson says:

    Hmm… a girl X3

    Just make sure to enjoy life to the fullest, as usual. XD

  6. Overlord-G says:

    I can only imagine what you meant by said post. Hohoho, could you be teasing your fellow members about something big? I hope so. Anyway, keep up the good work and post when you’re able to. I’ve got all the time in the world to wait for the eventual day we can converse about shows again. Until then, keep on rockin’ your smokin’ bod, take care, wash your hair. I hope you still remember the rest dood.

    • Yi says:

      Haha, you think too much. I have nothing particularly special planned… Or so I think. I’ll try to have something though. ^ ^

      Anyway, thanks, and take care of your awesomeness too!

  7. Vampire(G)Girl says:

    like the pic from what anime is it and hope you have fun

  8. John Sato says:

    Take care of your exams and real live commitments first. A few weeks spent neglecting studying can set you back a full semester; a few weeks neglecting you blog can…be a few weeks neglecting your blog. Your a wonderful enough blogger that we (I guess I shouldn’t speak for others though, so I) would still read your blog if you didn’t post for a month, two months, or even three. Anyways, thanks for updating us, and I hope things go well! Good luck!

    Also, @Vampire(G)Girl above, I believe that’s a fan-pic for the Touhou series.

    • Yi says:

      Yea, priorities can make things so inflexible… Sigh…

      “Your a wonderful enough blogger that we (I guess I shouldn’t speak for others though, so I) would still read your blog if you didn’t post for a month, two months, or even three.”

      Thank you, darling. You are so sweet. ♥ Hopefully, I won’t make readers wait that long. ^ ^

      Cheers, John!

  9. crazydave says:

    Be sure to get some In-N-Out while your in Cali!

  10. Smithy says:

    Good luck and hang in there! ^^

  11. chikorita157 says:

    I could understand the time being taken away because of studies since I’m still in college, but somehow manage to make time. Aside from that, I wish you have fun in California!

    • Yi says:

      I’m finding it harder and harder to make time these days… But hopefully I’ll manage somehow. Anyway, thanks! I did have fun in Cali. A bit short, but loved it!

  12. Cratex says:

    Then, there is a girl.

    It happens. I’m told it’s a Good Thing, so try not to let it get you down. 😉

  13. Kai says:

    Good luck with your studies and with everything else going on in real life^^ Your blog is one of the blog that got me inspired to start my own blog. So whatever happens, I’ll still read your blog regardless of how long you updated^^

    • Yi says:

      Thank you so so much Kai! You are such a darling~ ^ ^
      It’s people like you that inspire and motivate me to continue blogging. Anyway, I hope I can get back to regularly updating soon.

  14. Aniplogs says:

    You’ll be more busy when you finished your studies and starts working for a living… Not unless your work is not that stressful then you’re so lucky!!!

    • Yi says:

      I’m sure I will. My next few years will be swamped in work, research, and so so much responsibilities… The future of this blog does not look bright. 😦

  15. jreding says:

    Good luck with all you’re doing, Yi! I’m looking forward to new posts of yours but what you report from your RL sounds like fun… maybe even more than some anime…

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. Offline life has its ups and downs… and consequences and priorities. It takes so much more effort and time too. Anyway, yes, the ups have been great!

      p.s. I hope you’re doing well. ^ ^

  16. Justin says:

    Huh…so I guess it’s good that I recently finished exams… 😀 All right, all right, I’ll stop. I can definitely tell everyone’s waiting for you to get back into blogging, but school >>> blogging, so study hard Yi 🙂

    • Yi says:

      Haha, oh how I envy you! ^ ^

      Anyway, thanks for the kind words, although I’m afraid a few have left during my hiatus… But what can we do?


  17. It’s great that all is well on your side. You deserve the break both from blogging and your studies. Especially if it’s for a girl 😉 And you always keep your aura of mystery around your person. So laconic and titilating~We wish you all the best!

    • Yi says:

      Thanks thanks! I wouldn’t say all is well, but there are certainly ups, which makes me smile. ^ ^ By the way, I hope you’re enjoying your recent days as well, my darling Ayame. ♥

      “And you always keep your aura of mystery around your person.”
      Hehe. I’ll take it as a compliment~

  18. playing host can be exhausting but also quite fun.

    Hope you have had time to relax away from your studies as they can be draining as well. Have fun and enjoy your time with your new friend 😉

    • Yi says:

      Yea, it’s super tiring, but also so fun. Totally worth it! I loved taking my brother and my friend around and hanging out with familiar faces.

      Anyway, thanks! Hope all is well with you too. ^ ^

  19. glothelegend says:

    Hey as long as you’re having fun!

  20. Canne says:

    Busy life and lots of work is not a problem as long as the fire of passion in anime is still burning!

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. One of my problems though is that I’m afraid my fire is waning just a bit, but hopefully, not so much that it’s completely dead. Cheers, Canne.

      p.s. A while ago—back when I was putting up a post every 3-5 days—you left a comment about how it’s almost unbelievable that I was a med student. Now that I’m back in school, I’m beginning to understand what you mean. Cheers hun. ^ ^

  21. 2DT says:

    I’m impressed at how things have turned around, and very happy for you.

    Take your time, Miss Yi. You’re worth waiting for. 🙂

    • Yi says:

      I have you to thank for that! I still remember your words on Twitter when I first got back on the stages of culture shock. It took a while, but I think I’m getting used to and enjoying life here. (And I feel you are too in your return to the US.)

      May we both have pleasant days ahead, my 2DT. ^ ^

  22. feal87 says:

    Real life can be stressing at time leaving you few time to enjoy your hobbies, but don’t worry and keep going Yi.
    We’ll be waiting for you just as always, we love your posts after all…:P

  23. bladezer says:

    Ohh A girl? Do tell, Do tell. Just kiddin’
    Exam season for you? I know the feeling, I’m getting assessed for my Final major project this week. Good luck with them if they haven’t been yet. Hope you do well.

    • Yi says:

      Eh… Not much to tell, and more drama than I’d like to share here, so yea… Edited.

      Anyway, thanks for the good wishes! Hope everything’s swell with you. ^ ^

      • bladezer says:

        No worries, no worries *waves hand* Just need too work a bit more and my break will start. I plan to use it to finally get through SH4, nothing will stop me from finally seeing more of Sara and Kaede’s cutescene together!!!

        I say good luck with all aspects of your life weather it be social or work

  24. Yi is so FRICKIN AMAZING!!!! you’re one of my favorite bloggers ever since I started. When people ask me, Heyy, “what’s tha~” I stop them mid-sentence and go, “WHATCHU KNOW BOUT LISTLESS INK BIYATCH!?” lolll. No but seriously, I applaud you doing all that. My sister just got into UofM here in Ann Arbor & she’s about to Go into medicine so I’m excited for you & her. Keep it going Yi

  25. xxmikotonakadaixx says:

    You deserve any type of break you can get, man. 🙂

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