Lingerie: Choosing your weapon

by Foxy Lady Ayame.

Mawaru Penguindrum Double H Hikari Princess Crystal

“A little bit of naughty is a little bit of nice
She’s a lot of glam, sweat, sugar, sex, spice”

– Christina Aguilera, Show me how to burlesque

Lingerie comes in all shapes, colors and textures. And if you want to accomplish your task successfully, you’ve got to choose your weapon wisely and according to your goals.
Mawaru Penguindrum Princess Crystal Natsume Maid photograph voyeur

Through Mawaru Penguindrum we see that lingerie is a transformation device; it’s like a gun that targets straight to your partner’s brain, in particular the area that produces some exciting hormones which lead to some very delicious action in bed (or kitchen or wherever you like). This kind of titillating underwear is associated with two things: confidence and sex act imitation.

Just take a look at Natsume’s maid above- the shy and loyal maid turned into an alluring aroused woman with exhibitionistic tendencies once her lingerie was revealed a bit. She starts moaning and arching her back in front of the camera like she’s having sex. I really love this scene…

Mawaru Penguindrum Natsume Maid ripped clothes

To put in good use a weapon, you need to use the right ammunition and load it the right way. Lingerie is there to accent your physical traits and to underline your mood and temperament – meaning you have to choose the right piece of sexy underwear to achieve the desired image and effect. For instance, notice how the color of the maid’s bra accentuates her beautiful eyes and hair and how her bra compliments her rich bosom.

CLAMP chobits

Fortunately, there’s a variety of intimate apparel out there to choose from:

  • Types: corset, camisole, baby doll, waist cincher, stockings, bra (even cupless ones), thong, outfits… etc.
  • Materials: lace, sheer, satin, velvet, nylon, latex, and others.
Mawaru Penguindrum Ringo Princess Crystal lingerie Shikishito Dafei

Combining the types with the materials and the colors, one can go for many different styles like strappy or frilly, slick or smooth, elaborate or minimal, feminine or androgynous.

Take for example the Princess of the Crystal’s attire and Ringo’s chemise. The Princess of the Crystal is dressed in a black and yellow latex bustier, matching black latex mid thigh boots and black latex opera gloves, when semi-dressed. When she’s at the top of the scales, she also has a purple-pink scarf and a black outside, red inside half-skirt/ tail. This screams dominatrix, poorly covered by a royal tone that the scarf and skirt give her along with the arm collars and her hat. She’s dressed up to have a wild night and boldly show who the master is here and who the ‘lowlife who won’t amount to anything’ is. Ringo’s purple satin chemise on the other hand shows classiness and oozes sensuality. The color purple adds a royal tone and is a hot color for lingerie, since it’s a mix of red and blue, warm and cold, yin and yang. Generally, it goes for a more romantic effect, though both hers and the princess’ lingerie is slick.

CLAMP lingerie

One more example: Karen from X/1999 is shown in red sheer chemise adorned with black lace and matching panties. The red and black combination is strong, quite aggressive and classic; especially in her line of work (she works in a soapland) it’s very common. The chobits twins wear the exact same outfit (basque, gloves, garter belt and stockings) but in different colors- Chii gives off innocence in white and Freya is straightforwardly sexy in black. The red and blue laces of the basque are a unique and modern combination that tone down the overall image and spice things up.

Lastly, I want to note the use of lace. Among the many materials for lingerie, it’s by far my favorite. It has come back in fashion these one-two past years, too. Lace is a very teasing material, since it both hides and reveals in the perfect sense of hide-and-seek game. It’s chic and dainty and glamorous, and certainly makes the lingerie more refined. It can create the illusion of layers (see Karen’s bra part) or emphasize the lines of the body (see Karen’s brazilian and Chobits’ top of their basques). Lace is the perfectly multimode feminine material.

To summarize, lingerie has many facets and when chosen wisely, its enticing potential is brought out.We hope you enjoyed the tour in the world of lingerie

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About the Guest Author:
With the shiftness of the world’s naughtiest tail, the innocence of youthful eyes and the smartness of a fox’s brain, she travels the world of ideas and articles along with her companion. Through their long journey, they have carried a great variety of spices (anime, manga, music, books…) to make their days and nights as tasteful as possible. You can find their diairies at She writes under the pen name Foxy Lady there and usually bears the nickname ayame in the wordpress-sphere.

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29 Responses to Lingerie: Choosing your weapon

  1. colourstormary says:

    This may kinda hentai
    But it’s not quite there so yeah
    But it is Yuro

    • Yuri you mean?
      It certainly isn’t hentai. There’s a think line between ecchi, hentai and erotic/sensual material. This is more the latter for sure.
      Did you like the post in any case?

  2. John Sato says:

    Nobody can make me feel uncomfortable quite like Ayame and her posts on this stuff. But the fact that I still always go back and read all her posts anyways speaks volumes of her skill and tastefulness. I’m gonna go ahead and give her my recommendation too. I’m really glad that I stumbled across her (and Neko’s) blog, and I have 100% confidence that I made the right choice when I voted.

    Recommendations aside, interesting post. I especially appreciated the part about the eyes.

    • Oh you flatter me *waves tail* This is A class appreciation words 🙂

      May I ask why do I make you uncomfortable? I understand that it has a tabbo value, but on the other hand not that big like incest or out-of-the-top hentai scenes… Perhaps I’m too liberal with such topics and I don’t think too much about it, though I should (?)

      It’s more informative than my other post on lingerie. Glad you found it interesting. The part about the eyes is pro tips, not mine alone. It certainly gives a different perspective/ depth on lingerie, doesn’t it? And yes, that means I’ve made my research before writing 😉 This is one source I used and forgot to mention. It will also help you apprehend any vocabulary you might miss.

      • John Sato says:

        I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t think it was true. 🙂

        Haha, no, it’s not you, it’s me. This stuff has never really held my interest or affection, which is why I figured I should point it out. Despite me being the way I am, your posts always engage me enough to read them through to the end, and are written well enough that I like them. It’s the same with Yi when she does posts on similar topics, really. Just goes to show that you’re both excellent bloggers. And no, you’re not too liberal. I think it’s cool that you can so freely express yourself on the subjects.

  3. jreding says:

    Thanks, Ayame, for this interesting analysis (and for the nice pictures)! I just gave you my vote (I would have done so anyways 😉 ) and I hope that you collect tons of additional ones!

    I must confess, though, that lingerie is not quite what I’m looking for in my anime. Therefore, I’d be interested in what you think of these white leotards/ panties worn by the Triple H girls in your pic above as well as by Nadine in the last pic of Yi’s recent Penguindrum post. I found them quite on the verge between seductive and aggressive. They seem to me as quite a contrast to the lingerie you so skilfully describe – on the one hand, their simple form and their colour associate with innocence. On the other hand… well, they pretty much focus the viewer’s attention to the part they cover and in a non-titillating and plain way at that, don’t they?

    • Thank you so much, jreding 🙂 Tons would be nice but reality suggests otherwise. In any case I’m content that people have expressed their liking for our blog and posts, and moreover, that we get more comments *waves tail*

      The post utilizes anime to speak about lingerie and not quite the other way around, so I guess it’s fine if you’re not looking for lingerie in anime – you can in your life 😉

      Now time for your question: Nadine’s or, as the official name is, Princess of Crystal’s attire is explained in the middle of the post. It’s certainly aggressive. If you ask about the focus in the pubic and vagina area, I can’t deny that it’s done in a very soft manner, but I don’t think that any other piece of lingerie or style would do a better job. The whole attire is already too sexually charged and ‘talkative’. If the panties had another color or design, then the taste would be lost and in Mawaru aesthetics play a great role. As for Triple H panties/ leotard, innocence is played with a promise of playfulness as the triple lace trims denote (three aren’t either too many nor too few). Their outfit as a whole keeps a wonderful balance between passive and agressive with the white and black used almost equally along with lighter colors (pink, blue, light pink). The black leather boots that usually go for a dominatrix style are toned down by the pure white (cotton/ acrylic/ silk) laced panties. All in all their outfit translates into glamor. They’re ‘a lot of glam, sweat, sugar, sex, spice’, don’t you agree? I hope I answered your question properly.

      • jreding says:

        Ayame, thank you for your kind reply and explanation!

        “If you ask about the focus in the pubic and vagina area, I can’t deny that it’s done in a very soft manner, […]“

        I was quite attracted to Nadine’s/ Princess’ outfit but indeed mainly to her panties/ whatever-they-are. One reason for that was that this part is white and therefore pretty much highlighted against the black bustier piece (you see it best in the pic in Yi’s Penguindrum post). This seemed actually almost crude to me as it focuses the viewer’s attention to an area one (at least I) would feel almost bad to focus on when it’s a dressed person. This crudeness is further emphasized by the simple and non-laced nature of the panties in question. I wouldn’t call it soft at all. But then again, it may be just me whose attention is focused on this area 🙂

        In any case, Nadine’s outfit turns out to be quite a refined one combining elaborate lingerie items with this simple but effective piece right in the center. It reflects her nature: She’s dominant and outspoken but also quite clueless so maybe she simply forgot to put on a skirt. (This was a joke.)

        “Their outfit as a whole keeps a wonderful balance between passive and agressive […].”

        I liked this as it seems to refer to one of Yi’s favourite expressions 😉

        “The black leather boots that usually go for a dominatrix style are toned down by the pure white (cotton/ acrylic/ silk) laced panties.”

        Are you sure it is their panties which are laced? To me it seems the lace is on the black piece (bustier?). In any case it’s the other way round for me: The black boots turn down the white panties!

        • “this part is white and therefore pretty much highlighted against the black bustier piece (you see it best in the pic in Yi’s Penguindrum post)”
          Yes, I’ve checked the pic. Well, different people see things differently, but I think that if Princess’ panties were anything else than simple white, the outfit would seem dull and not that nice to the eye. Try photoshopping a bit and you’ll get what I mean. It’s not a simple bra-panty combination to expect the same color. Then you forget that when she wears that long tail of a sorts, the frills are also white. And of course, I don’t argue against it, that this part attracts attention. I just believe it’s done elegantly. That’s always me ofc.

          “Are you sure it is their panties which are laced? To me it seems the lace is on the black piece (bustier?).”
          Check Yi’s previous post. You’ll see that at least Himari’s panty is laced on the back. And yes, lace accents are placed on the top of the bustier, as well. This fanart suggests that the other two might also wear the same underwear

          “The black boots turn down the white panties!”
          The black is a very strong color. It can’t tone down the lighter one, hence white. Toning down happens from the lighter color to the most vivid or strong. Perhaps I’m getting too serious about this, hehe…

          Anyways, I really enjoy this conversation 🙂

  4. Anime says:

    For some reason, I’m not enticed with lingerie anymore even in reality 😛 I find bikinis more sexy!

    • Oh is it the wet see-through effect? I’m not that fascinated by swimwear. Perhaps Yi might want? Not sure in any case. Sorry. I hope despite your preference that you enjoyed the post.
      About not liking lingerie anymore… have you danced for someone or have got yourself a lapdance/striptease? Perhaps you might have a change of heart then 😉

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. Nopy says:

    I like lace too, it’s nice to look at and highlights all of the nice areas of the body 🙂

  6. You know I just left an insanely long comment regarding the actual transformation power of lingerie and how it propelled woman into an almost supernatural state of being in real life, but it got deleted….-_-” it was a pretty epic comment I must say 😦 but unfortunately, the Internet hates me today. Anyways, I just wanted to say, GREAT post. It was amazing. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces:
    – tradetang(dot)com/for-sale/Wholesale-NWT-Sexy-Japanese-Style-Top-Robe-Kimono-Lingerie-LSL01/141537-2686313.html
    – yandy(dot)com/Plus-Size-Open-Cup-Lace-Apron.php

    Anyways, after I was rudely interrupted, I don’t think the word “goddess” to describe a woman clad in ruffled attire is an accident. I think lingerie is for men, yes…but I sincerely think lingerie serves more as an empowering device for woman. Aphrodite…please move over. Wonderful post guest 😀

    • Oh my goodness! Such an enthousiastic comment! I feel so sad that your initial comment got deleted 😦 Perhaps later, when you are less upset, you can rewrite it? Don’t forget to copy it before publishing in case of another accident! I know the frustration *le sigh* (I still want to see it though *waves tail*)

      Your links were interesting. I’d go though more with the first that with the latter. Short kimono are hot and have a nice cool feeling on the skin. I love the cuffs in the latter but I’m not that thrilled by the design that covers breasts with ‘ribbons’. Imho it takes away from the beautiful round shape of the breasts instead of emphasizing it gracefully. you can already see my preferences in this post but you can take a further idea on my tumblr here I went through a lingerie spam 🙂

      Lingerie are Aphrodite’s secret for sure 😉 Yes, it’s not only for men. It’s first of all for ourselves. That wonderful naughty feeling of the air grazing the uncovered area of your legs that’s left between your stockings and your panties when you wear a skirt is thrilling! Plus it’s said that a woman falls in love first of all when she can see her image in her man’s eyes, namely when she has power over him. And let’s not forget women who love women who also have their share in the lingerie fandom 😀

      Thanks for your kind words and your comment!

  7. jreding says:

    Ayame, it seems I can’t for technical reasons reply to you above, therefore at this place: You are right re the Triple H outfit – for some reason I didn’t recall the other pic. It looks playful indeed! And I quite enjoyed our conversation as well!

  8. The three ladies of Mawaru Penguindrum really got my blood pumping and I have seen them cosplayed by some lovely lasdies as well. However I like the main character with the full outfit with ‘tails’. It invites you to peak a bit, but hide the true ‘assets’ of the figure.

    I will need to watch closer to see more of the color compliments you noted.

    • When you say ‘three ladies of Mawaru Penguindrum’ do you mean Triple H or Himari, Natsume and Ringo?
      Princess of Crystal is unparalleled indeed. If someone, anyone, were to choose only one outfit from the series to cosplay, that’d be the one 90%.

  9. Compassionate Sadist says:

    What an interesting article! I personally love lingerie, so I quite enjoyed this article. Wonderful perspectives.

  10. Me again. Idk if I’ll be able to leave an insanely deep comment or expand too much on what I already said, but as a guy, what would you think if a guy was to ask if you wanted some lingerie for a present (who you were into)? Idk…I’ve thought about it, but I don’t want to be thought of as a weird guy. I’d say I’m a freak, but a considerate one. @ any rate, I was just wondering what you thought as a girl.

    Anywayyyyssssss, lol, I still need to catch the last 2-3 episodes I think. I stopped a while ago @ the scene where the love interest of ringo(?), the (ex)psycho girl’s love interest goes absolutely berserk to everyone and tears up that guys arm (I’m so bad w/names -_-“). Do you think there’s anything to colored lingerie & how it relates to how it makes a girl feel & in relation to anime? Like I was thinking about anime & how I usually see black & pink. But never blue or green?

    Elaborating a little on what I said, I love how japan is with sexuality. It’s interesting how they’re open….yet taken seriously behind closed doors. Definitely a work hard, play hard kind of mind state. The US feels like it’s the opposite…though the media is technically sex-crazed, it’s a taboo thing in the public…but we’re absolutely so mixed up about it. What do you think?

    • Welcome back 🙂 Well, lingerie is a very intimate present. I’d love to get a piece of lingerie as a present from my lover, but there are 2 issues: a) he should know what kind of lingerie I wear and prefer (size number, comfort issues, color), meaning that if it’s the first time he’d do me such a gift, it would require of me to be with him while shopping. There are lingeries though like a nightgown, a chemise or a baby doll- sth that avoids bra size, so you don’t need to spoil the present. b) not all girls are so comfortable with talking or wearing lingerie. It’s a cultural and personal issue. If you haven’t had already some fun with her in bed, don’t consider such a gift. If you just haven’t discussed it before, try doing so, but start talking generally first as not to be considered a perv in case she’s conservative with such topics. Btw you’re not a freak, relax.
      More tips for buying lingerie you can find here:

      Hm… anime are reflecting at a certain level Japan’s values. That doesn’t mean that Japanese are more carefree than Americans when it comes to their sex lives. They are pretty shy and conservative people, especially when it comes to their spouses. And let’s not forget their workaholic ethics and how they translate into very little personal time. That’s why there are so many soaplands and sex service ‘offices’. About the colors now, you know how much kawaiiness is praised. Pink is a very kawaii color. Black is the sexier one, I guess. As for blue and green colors on lingerie, they suit red heads more than others. And they aren’t very sexy or cute colors either, so they are rare in the West, too.

      I hope I answered all your questions. If I didn’t cover you, you can always still ask 😀

      • Ohh no lol you did. Great response. I was actually saying I like the Japanese mindset about sex better. Aside from anime stereotypes, it seems a bit more genuine. Now, EVERYONE likes having sex (except virgins of course), so all countries are freaks and don’t worry, I AM a freak…but that’s another story lol. Yeah, trying to figure out size can be a biiiiit tricky, but I have my really stupid ways lol. I think you’d laugh if you heard them. They probably won’t work now, but at any rate…thanks 😀

  11. Yi says:

    I really like this idea that lingerie is a weapon. I think at its core, it stems from the idea that sex can be ver powerful. Sex–if used in the right hands–can be empowering. Of course, it can also be used to control and be abused, but that’s another huge discussion, isn’t it? 😉

    That lingerie is one of the most seductive wears, and a whole fetish in of itself, makes it especially potent. Secretaries, maids, librarians (my personal favorite), and all these fantasies are so easily elevated to the erotic by a slight reveal. And its inclusion can make fanservice in anime just a tad classier and a lot sexier.

    Such potent feminity and sexuality. Love it!

    p.s. I looooovvvvee lingerie and lace. The texture and the look are just so titillating.

    p.p.s. It’s been a while, but just want to say this again: Thank you so so much for the guest post. It’s such a pleasure to work with you. Cheers!!

    • Yi-chan, I love YOU! You are an awesome blogger and hostess with very fine tastes~
      But let’s take things one by one; I always get so excited when you leave a comment, hehe.

      Yes, sex is sth that should be handled with respect above all. Education from the family, perhaps school, and other organizations about health, feminism and sexuality should be not only available but also compulsary. Young people need to be able to ask important questions about relationships. This is a big discussion in itself, indeed.

      Secretaries, maids and librarians huh? Librarians and secretaries have that intellectual air to them, too, which maximizes the sexiness ❤ Not to mention that all of them can don stockings… Since you love librarians, you'll love the book "Chut!" by Jean Marie Gourio. I read it in Greek, but there isn't in English from what I've searched. If you can read French or you are fortunate enough to find it translated in another language you can understand, pick it up! Highly recommended… the humor and eroticism with a tinge of melancholy are marvelous~

      I'm looking forward to working with you again!

  12. Overlord-G says:

    Copy/paste my comment from the Panty and Stocking lingerie discussion post and replace it with, I miss The Penguin Hatter (Nothing else from Penguindrum though) and that photo shoot will always have a special spot in my heart, the naughty spot.

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