Occult Academy Review – The World is Ending, But Who Cares?

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Kumashiro Maya Haruyama

As a 90’s kid, I grew up in the midst of the occult fad: Nostradamus’s Prophecies, Roswell, hoax alien paraphernalia, X-files, and countless others; conspiracy theories and the paranormal were some of the biggest draws in media, news, and box offices during my childhood. Naturally, these curious, sometimes scary, themes have always held a special place in my heart.

Occult Academy Maya Kumashiro Ami Kuroki

Thus, I was extremely excited when Occult Academy (Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin) aired. However, much like most supernatural phenomena and pseudosciences, Occult Academy, though very entertaining, eventually falls apart under critical eyes.

Occult Academy Maya Kumashiro Fumiaki Uchida

As the series opens, our heroine, Maya, returns to the occult-oriented school her father founded to act as the principle after her father mysteriously died. On the same day, Fumiaki, an ex-psychic from a desolate future, arrives in Maya’s time, year 1999, at the academy to prevent an invasion by aliens that will happen in several months. According to Nostradamus’s Prophecy, this end of the world hinges on the Nostradamus Key. Knowing that the key is somehow related to the academy, Maya and Fumiaki team up to search and destroy the key.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Kumashiro Maya Kuroki Ami Haruyama

In their various investigations, the two are met with meddling forces, false leads, and emotional entanglements. Unfortunately, these events are merely randomly-inserted distractions that divert focus away from the core plot; they add little to meaningful character development or plot progression. Further, the attempts to tie these events back to the core story are too little, too late—a mere few minutes of passing mentions of past subplots after those episodes have long fallen out of memory.

Occult Academy Maya Kumashiro and father

This is exacerbated by the poor pacing. The plot twists and revelations, while poignant, lack proper set up and feel rushed mostly. For a story so convoluted—time travel is never straight-forward—Occult Academy really needs a bit more properly paced, well positioned exposition. Without it, the main plot feels as if it were erratically thrown together and not really all that important. Indeed, if there is one thing most extraordinarily impressive about Occult Academy, it is that it manages to make something as world shattering as an apocalypse feel insignificant and forgettable.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Mikaze Nakagawa

That most of the side characters are unimaginative makes the story even less relevant to the audience. The supporting cast never evolve past their gimmicks: fat dowsing student, the quirky father, occult-obsessed glasses girl, and Maya’s childhood friend. Perhaps the poor pacing and the unimportant early episode are to blame. And, while more important side characters are developed with more success, it only happens near the end of the series long after the story has begun in earnest. The hurried development makes the growth and changes of the characters a bit hard to digest, particularly with Mikaze, a relatively forgettable character, who would later get a surprisingly large role.

Occult Academy Maya Kumashiro tsun tsun

Luckily, the lead roles are colorful. Fumiaki, having had a more smooth transition from coward to hero, suffers less from development issues. More impressively, the even more compelling Maya is enough to save the series from its subpar cast alone. She has an incredibly memorable personality. Her drive and her attitude give the anime the bite it craves. Moreover, she is abrasive, yet likable, and she is able to easily command our total attention—I love harsh girls! Furthermore, Her father-issues and the resolution of that tense relationship not only makes Maya a very three-dimensional character, but ties Maya to the story. She is our strongest reason to worry about the end of her world, and continue watching until the end.

Occult Academy Maya Kumashiro crying

Though Occult Academy may feel somewhat trivial and boring early on, and the climax feel rushed into, the series finishes fairly strongly. The ending ties up loose ends, avoids plot holes, and yet still leaves enough room for us to ponder over time continuum and the concepts of (self-fulfilling) prophecies. These are not easy tasks for time-travel stories. Moreover, Occult Academy details how Maya and Fumiaki work out their inner issues with their vulnerabilities, childhoods, and parents. That is perhaps even more poignant than saving the world.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Kumashiro Maya

For all the weaknesses in the flow and the cast, the anime is wonderfully enjoyable. The childhood nostalgia inseparable from the obscure paranormal references and themes and the unique, beautiful character designs—I love the way the faces are drawn and Maya’s very sexy, elegant, petite dress—are part of this anime’s charm. Most importantly, the story tickles our fancy despite some undeniable flaws in execution. In that sense, Occult Academy is just like most paranormal studies.


  • Maya is yet another girl, by whom I would love to be abused. Step on me please wearing those knee socks!
  • Just an example of the numerous references to some of my childhood’s favorite stories on the supernatural: Slit-Mouth Woman (Kuchisake-Onna)

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91 Responses to Occult Academy Review – The World is Ending, But Who Cares?

  1. mrwan says:

    I’ve been stepped on by alluring women before. It just hurts.

    • Yi says:

      So jelly~ I want an alluring woman to step on me… hard!

    • misaki says:

      Oh man, why is this the first comment… I had quite a bit of stuff to say, but I can’t remember any of it now thanks to this dumb conversation.

      I liked the character designs of Occult Academy. Very, very nice. I never got around to finishing the show (Mikaze got too annoying by episode 9), but I’ve generally heard bad things about the last few episodes..

      • Yi says:

        Loll. Haha, not a fan of getting stepped on?

        Anyway, Mikaze annoyed me too for being so inconsequential at first, and so jarringly important later. The flow just feels wrong. I actually thought the ending is fairly strong. It’s pretty epic in the sense that we get a real hero and a sacrifice. I enjoyed it.

  2. Cyurio says:

    I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, so I was planning on watching this, then halfway through reading the review, I decided not to, but by the time I finished reading, I couldn’t decide anymore.

    *flips coin* Okay, I’m eventually watching this.

    • Yi says:

      There were good and bad parts. Nostalgia, paranormal, interesting beginning, solid ending, and Maya were good. But the plot is so bad and the pacing terrible. The middle stretch were excruciating as well. I guess in the end, the good outweighs the bad by just a bit, so still a slight recommendation if you have time.

      I’d probably give this a 6/10.

  3. Jeffrey Goh says:

    Looks like we all are a little intrigued about how the world would end. It is interesting cause we don’t really know if the signs are there or if the signs are correct. It always keeps us guessing to the point that we would have to brace ourselves and keep everyone together when it happens. As humans, we can’t really predict the downfall of earth so the only thing we can do is to keep close to the ones we care about and hope for the best.

    • Yi says:

      I agree with that. I’m usually very skeptical about most end of world prophecies. In fact, I find it all quite silly–entertaining, but silly. It’s usually based on questionable interpretations and/or false reasoning. To get too caught up in that is… not so good. So I think you’re absolutely right. We should just do the best we can with the things we know (or can know) and control.

  4. Overlord-G says:

    The main reason I gave this show a high rating back then was for the nostalgic value, oh and Maya of course. Your review has pretty good bashing moments so I won’t disagree with them.
    I was watching this show together with Ookami-san so it’s clear that I saw this show as the superior one but if I saw it separately, I would have felt the same way you did giving this show a 7 instead of an 8.

    • Yi says:

      Both the nostalgia and Maya are huge incentives for watching Occult Academy, but there were flaws. To be honest, I think I may have bashed it a little harder for how much I liked it–that’s not to say I really like it. It’s just slightly better than mediocre I suppose.

      Anyway, I actually gave this a 6/10, but my rating scale is probably different from yours. (There needs to be a universal rating system for anime, but that’s another discussion for another time.)

      • Overlord-G says:

        Understandable rating Yi-san as far as quality goes but my ratings are based on personal entertainment value rather than critic appraisal. Believe me, most of the shows I give high ratins to barely qualify as Academy Award material, just like my most recent review.

        I’m kinda envious of your fanbase but you have so much more to talk about than I do and the fact you use Twitter helps. I still think Twitter is a waste of time.

        • Yi says:

          Hm… I think mine are based on my personal enjoyment mostly as well… at least the rating’s heavily influenced by my bias. With that said, I probably just have a more spread out system, preferring to have 5 be the average (mediocre, not good but not bad), whereas I think many tend to have 7 as the average, thereby making a lot of the lower numbers really quite irrelevant.

          “I’m kinda envious of your fanbase but you have so much more to talk about than I do and the fact you use Twitter helps. I still think Twitter is a waste of time.”
          There’s nothing to be envious about. ^ ^ We all have our own friends and social circles. I have some friends here and some on Twitter, just as I’m sure you have people who care deeply about you and what you’re doing (p.s. I’m one of them~).
          And Twitter does provide a very easy medium to discuss things with people on a wide range of topics, I think.

  5. 2DT says:

    I wrote my post on magic(k) right after you posted this. I guess we’ve both got Fortean phenomena on the mind? 😉

    I’ve heard that Dance in the Vampire Bund’s anime adaption was a deliberate attempt to evoke the feel of 80s OAVs, with its weird cinematography choices and haphazard plot design. Looking at Occult Academy and how much it feels like I should’ve watched it in 1998, I wonder if perhaps it’s the same.

    Also, did it bother you at all that Maya wore the same dress in different sizes from childhood to adulthood?

    • 2DT says:

      Deja vu. Weird.

      • Yi says:

        The post? The comment? Or something else entirely?

        • 2DT says:

          It feels like we’ve had this exact exchange in the past, where you talk about Occult Academy and I bring it up in relation to Vampire Bund. Or there’s been a change in the Matrix, who knows? 😉

        • Yi says:

          I’ve talked about both shows on multiple occasions, but it’s more fun to think that the matrix changed. We do both have conspiracies and cyberpunk on our minds, I think.

    • Yi says:

      Maybe it’s all the summer blockbusters about alien robots and super powers, but yea, I find myself more enthused about sci-fi, paranormal, and ghost stories around this time of the year.

      That’s a very good point about both Vampire Bund and Occult Academy. With Vampire Bund, I just couldn’t get into its directing, but now that you’ve mentioned it, it does seem to be a very old school execution. As for Occult Academy, the anime is just timed wrongly I suppose. It would’ve been much better back in the late 1990s. Either that, or the 2012 fad just didn’t last quite enough or reach deep enough, I suppose.

      “Also, did it bother you at all that Maya wore the same dress in different sizes from childhood to adulthood?”
      Yes! I don’t ask for a whole wardrobe for the characters a la OreImo, K-On!, or Kimi Todo, but at least realize have a loli dress or something. She cannot have worn that same look for 10 years, as pretty as that look may be.

  6. catchercatch says:

    The show bored me as a whole.

  7. Choco Titi says:

    It was interesting in the 4 1st eps, but then it’s soooooo boring…. I went until the end just bc of Hanazawa and Youko Hikasa.

    Btw, the 1st ep of Yuruyuri is out !!!!
    (even it got licensed, but tonde is gonna do it)

    • Yi says:

      That’s how I felt as well. The first few episodes were really fresh in that it is about the occult and it was fairly funny. But then it gets very tedious in the middle. Luckily, the ending is fairly solid, pulling my overall impression to just slightly above average.

      Hanazawa is always a plus though. ^ ^

      Yay!! Yuruyuri. Can’t wait until I find the time to watch it. I want to catch up with some anime before that though.

      • Choco Titi says:

        Even though I didnt like it much, I watched it twice, TV version and BD ^^;;
        I agree the ending is not bad, but the way they pushed through everything and arrived to that end, it always seems forceful to me. It’s like “the anime must end like that!”.

        Hmm.. Yuruyuri is so fast… much faster than what really happened in the manga. I’m afraid ppl who havent read the manga could get the joke.
        Btw, Morita-san ep 1 is out too, Length: 2min 36sec. ^^;;
        ShinGX subbed it.

        • Yi says:

          That I agree with. The build up to the climax is really forced indeed. But the actual ending I found to be quite… epic. It’s an issue with pacing. I wish they would’ve set up for that ending a little more smoothly.

          I’m afraid ppl who havent read the manga could get the joke.”
          Perhaps… But I have a feeling those who don’t get the jokes wouldn’t have liked it anyway. This is a fairly niche series.

          Morita-san is only 2 minutes? Wow, that’s shorter than I expected. I’ll check it out.

  8. Mushyrulez says:

    Alian Domination, hehe.

    Anyways, Occult Academy started off strong, but quickly got boring. Really, the ending was the only thing that saved it, and wow was that an epic ending or what?

    • Yi says:

      Loll, yea I saw the scan and I was very amused.

      Also agreed. Starts strong, finishes strong, but gosh, those middle filler-ish episodes are so unbearably boring. But yes, ending is very epic, and Fumiaki as a character really grows and succeeds into someone we root for and care about.

      Thanks for the comment. ^ ^

  9. foshizzel says:

    Lovely pictures 😀

    Occult was fun and interesting until Mikaze switched and was evil! Then again I remember I always thought she was bad news from the start, the whole time travel thing was cool and ending was great! Now to add this show to MAL since it wasn’t LOL thanks!

    • Yi says:

      I thought the pictures were nice too, although Occult Academy images were kind of hard to find compared to, say, K-On! images.

      I had a problem with Mikaze as well, but for slightly different reasons. She comes out of nowhere and has very little impact or importance for much of the series. In fact, she feels like a minor minor support/ joke character. Then, with only a few episodes left, she all of a sudden becomes the biggest villain, which she has not been set up to be. That threw me off in a bad way.

      Anyway, I can’t exactly recommend this, but I suppose overall, it is a bit better than just lukewarm, so very very slight recommendation I guess.

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  11. ItachiItachi says:

    Unique show, tells about the end of the world, Nostradamus key and occult stuff. Although its hard to believe, but at least it is an enjoyable shows for me. The end was a bit unexpected and kind a weird, but at least the male protagonist do his job as a hero.
    Maya personality is kinda cool too. XD

    • Yi says:

      I enjoyed it too… Just kind of wished it was executed a bit better. I would’ve loved it if they cut out all that filler crap or just made the anime more focused and the expositions more well-spaced. I did enjoy the ending though and how Fumiaki grew from a coward to a hero.

      “Maya personality is kinda cool too. XD”
      She’s awesome!

  12. Nopy says:

    I grew up in the 90’s too, but the mass of supernatural/occult stuff just made me reject it all. Science drove my beliefs, which is probably why I didn’t consider watching Occult Academy after the first episode. From your description of it, it sounds like Maya is the main thing keeping the anime from being really bad. I would rather watch an anime that’s not driven entirely by a single character, but I may watch a few more episodes just to see what Maya is like for myself.

    • Choco Titi says:

      Dun deny supernatural, it’s also a part of nature ^^;;
      Here, we have a science called “mythology study”, it’s taught in university, like how to call on spirit, how to help them and more advanced stuffs…
      So kéké, go watch Occult Academy… especially the ep with the little kid spirit. It’s the best part of this show.

      • Yi says:

        Is mythology study the study of myths? Or practice of myths? There’s a slight difference, where the first seems to be a more legitimate study than the second.

        • Choco Titi says:

          Hm… it’s exactly a subject where u study myths, and study = practice, using both modern (camera and motion detector for example) and what-u-call mythic method (like let spirit get into you and interview them). Well, I dun study it, so I dunno anymore than that (m studying risk management btw). But it’s sure taught in Paris West. But to practice, I agree that ppl must have a special power, and those who dun have that, i think they will only assist or use modern method.

          They showed on tv some special seance of their practical work several times too.

        • Yi says:

          Ahh I see what you mean. An interesting study, I bet, but not even remotely related to my field of expertise. Anyway, I’d like to see a real seance some day, although I doubt I’ll get a chance to see that.

    • Yi says:

      @Nopy: I think there’s a slight difference between finding occult and paranormal stuff fun and interesting, and actually believing in them. I consider myself a fairly rational thinker, and I’d like to think I’m very rooted in the sciences (I majoring in a heavily research-oriented science after all). But it doesn’t really prevent me from liking this stuff, I think. And with anime and fiction, the audience tend to have to suspend a certain amount of reality to accept the premise.

      Maya is indeed the main thing keeping the anime interesting for the majority of the episode. Fumiaki comes to his own at the end, but for a lot of the series, he was kind of a bore too.

      Occult Academy isn’t actually that bad. It’s not very very good, but it is enjoyable.

  13. Sekimatsu Occult Gakuen is a decent enough series that toys with some interesting ideas, but doesn’t really go any further than that. The problem is that the story is far too complicated for its own good, and because of this everything else in the show seems to have been thrown off course. It may have seemed like a good idea on paper, but like so many other things like that, the result is nothing more than a decent looking anime with no real substance.

    • Yi says:

      Great point. The story is too convoluted to have so many episodes and time dedicated to inane humor and filler episodes. I really would’ve liked more set up to the plot and more exposition earlier and in the middle of the series instead of those weird random sub-arcs.

  14. hoshiko says:

    I saw this series when the it was still airing, and now I couldn’t remember a single thing from it! I remember Maya. I remember Fumiaki. Heck, I even remember Kozue. I remember all the characters actually but I just can’t remember any stories. It’s either I’m really tired right now or the series lacks the umph. I’d say it’s a series one would easily forget.

    • Yi says:

      It is a pretty forgettable, overly complicated story. I’m sure in a few months, I won’t remember much of this save for Maya. In fact, I was watching this anime weekly when it aired too, and got stalled in the middle because of how boring some of the episode were. When I returned to finish it recently, it took a lot of skimming through earlier episodes to remember what’s going on.

  15. Personally speaking, I think the biggest mystery of Occult Academy is why pretty much every fan-art pic of Maya has doubled the size of her breasts! I mean I know that happens a lot with many anime art works; but seriously, every damned pic! Give Maya her proportions back, RAEG….

    It really is telling how bad the Summer of Suck 2010 was, when this was one of better series on offer. I honestly don’t even know why a plot was included seeing as most of the show wanted to focus on slapstick side stories. I mean, I have no problem with that in itself (Level E did it wonderfully!), but continuously trying to bring up the main storyline in the middle of all the silliness, was just jarring, especially since there was no absolutely plot progression until the final three eps.

    In addition, many of the side stories were terrible. I appreciate that O.C. had a pretty camp approach to its paranormal elements, but some of the scenarios I found just too forced to enjoy; the chupacabra ep for example, or the scene explaining the origins of the moth men/tengu which somehow managed to include both the Yggrasil/world tree and the famous Mt. Minakami earthquake in the same sentence. You really did get the feeling the writers were throwing everything at the wall to see what would stick. Naturally the results were just messy. Ok, I’ll stop as this is turning into a rant now.

    Ultimately four things saved the show for me:

    1. Tsundere main lead with Zettai Ryouiki for good measure
    2. Creepy, but beautifully well animated kiss scene between Fumiaki and Mikaze
    3. Kozue in the afterlife episodes
    4. Magically flying Battle Cat of pure awesomeness!!! 🙂

    That is all.

    • Choco Titi says:

      I think the biggest mystery of Occult Academy is why pretty much every fan-art pic of Maya has doubled the size of her breasts
      bc in BD releases, her “oppai” have been upgraded to double size, compared to TV broadcast. I think fans just stick to that and… ^^;;

      • Haha, surely not! XD I had to check the first ep again in BD to see if that was true and didn’t notice anything different. It’s not Maya’s, errr, lacking in that department, but still…

        • Choco Titi says:

          I have proof.
          Lemme re-download both TV version and BD of it. I will give u a comparison.
          It’s remarkable in face shot.

        • Yi says:

          The last image in this post is an official DVD or BD cover… Not sure which one. The first and third are fan arts by Haruyama. I don’t know how this contributes to the conversation about breast sizes, but yea…

        • Choco Titi says:

          I took it from ep 10, HorribleSub and CoalGirls’ file

          Occult Academy BD TV comparisons

          You can check it yourself. Since ep 8, i think, there is remarkable change. But it was hard to find a good shot.
          So, I wasnt lying *peace*

        • Wow, I have to take my hat off and apologise, you are in fact completely right. Kudos.

          Still, why are the upgrade was necessary is beyond me. I wonder if it actually boosted blu-ray sales in any significant way?

        • Choco Titi says:

          why are the upgrade was necessary is beyond me
          BD = not only HD. But also, BD = uncensored; BD = free expression; BD = things they cudnt show on TV (u know, jp is strict if about public media); BD = mean to do maximum fan service.
          Why? I dunno ^^;; maybe bc it’s jp?

    • Yi says:

      Haha, that’s some mystery with the breast sizes, although not I don’t think it’s limited to Occult Academy.

      Was summer of 2010 that bad? I guess other than Shiki (which I haven’t seen unfortunately), most series didn’t stand out that much. There was also Strike Witches 2, which I liked, but it’s not amazing, and High School of the Dead, which is mediocre at best. Yea, I suppose summer 2010 is sucky.

      continuously trying to bring up the main storyline in the middle of all the silliness, was just jarring, especially since there was no absolutely plot progression until the final three eps.
      Yes, that was my biggest issue with this anime too. I wanted to follow the core plot, but there were just so many distractions. Occult Academy really missed the balance between side stories and keeping the main arc important. The whole end of the world thing was so easily forgotten that when the series mentions it again–usually after a filler arc–I’d have to take a few minutes to remember what has happened.

      The side stories were very messy indeed. And the themes feel somewhat too chaotic. I still don’t know exactly what is supposed to bring down humanity, the demons or the alien tripods. And what the demons’ goals are in the series? Why does Mikaze not like Maya? The plot is just soo convoluted, and the references all over the place.

      With that said, I did have fun picking out all the references. Maybe it’s a vanity thing, but I felt pretty smart knowing most of the occult stuff.

      “Ultimately four things saved the show for me”
      Loll, four really good things indeed. Zettai ryouiki is always lovely~

      • Overlord-G says:

        Seitokai Yakuindomo, Strike Witches 2, Shiki, HotD (I guess) and this show were my picks for most enjoyed shows of Summer 2010. I haven’t watched Sekirei so I can’t say much about that.

        • Yi says:

          I guess relative to other seasons, I don’t know if it’s better or falls short. I don’t watch enough anime after all. 😦

        • Choco Titi says:

          SYD the coolest! Strike Witches the cutest. Shiki the weirdest. HotD I rather die.
          Sekirei… dun watch it. Honestly! (unless ur seiyuu addicted like me)

          to pick from that season, Amagami SS (dating sims), Ookami-san (fairy tale + tsundere) maybe a good choice.

        • Yi says:

          Ookami-san, maybe, but Amagami SS, definitely not. It’s not my kind of anime. In any case, I have a lot of anime lined up right now with the new summer season upon us. I doubt I’ll be able to squeeze another anime in my schedule.

      • There was watchable stuff I suppose, but then again I didn’t watch Strike Witches (perhaps one day), while Amagami, Shukufuku no Campanella, Mitsudomoe, Kuroshitsuji and HSotD were pretty sucky for me personally. Occult Academy, Ookami-san and Shiki were the only new shows from that season I found bearable and very little was happening in the latter during the first half of the show. The only other stuff I liked (K-on!!, Giant Killing and Maid-sama) were from the previous season, so yeah…

        I wasn’t the one that coined the phrase ‘Summer of Suck’ in regards to that season, so at least I wasn’t the only one dejected (i.e. being a miserable old git 🙂 )

        • Yi says:

          It’s possible that overall, that summer was just worse, so I’m pretty sure that you’re right about “summer of suck.” Luckily for me, I only watch like 2-3 series a season usually, so I don’t usually feel the weight of crappy series too much.

  16. Bass says:

    I’m gonna be completely honest. I read this post cos of the images. True story.

    I’m actually surprised at the conclusion, since I had the impression that you didn’t really like this haha. Since you do though, I’ll have to pick this up again. I dropped it at ep 5 I think, so not much more to go.

    • Yi says:

      I get that a lot actually with some of my posts. People seem to be more interested in clicking into a post if there are cute girls. I guess I’m not too surprised. Sex sells.

      Anyway, I think I may have bashed the disappointing elements a bit too hard, but honestly, I don’t think it’s really time wasted since I did come out of the series enjoying it, even if only slightly. Having said that, there are definitely better series out there more deserving of the time you’d put into this. I suppose this is a very very slight recommendation, just a little better than average.

      If you’r at ep. 5… Ugh. It’s pretty much the worst, most boring stretch of the series. It will take a while before things pick up again.

      • Bass says:

        Unfortunately that’s the state of our society these days, and I’m fully aware of it too *cough*SJ header*cough*

        I was interested in Occult Academy based on the first good episode, great art direction and vicious female lead. I’ll probably be able to soldier through the boring bits, since I’m pretty good at turning off the critique side of me when I need to.

        Btw, what are other occult-related anime that you would recommend?

        • Yi says:

          I really enjoyed the animation and the vicious girl too, so the series turned out alright for me.

          As for other occult-related anime… Hm… I have a few mangas on the subject, but as for anime, I can’t really think of any that is so occult-oriented, as opposed to just on stuff about specific supernatural themes, e.g. vampires, spirits, and such.

  17. Fabienne says:

    In the 90s I also Iiked slighty spooky mistery shows a lot, like Eerie indiana, X-files or Buffy( with the enchanting Allyson Hannigan ^-^) and I still like them, Supernatural for example.

    Back to topic I liked Occult Academy a lot, it was slighty spooky and the comedy was hilarious.
    Yeah Maya was such a great character and I loved her dress which looks like it came straight from the 60’s. Well I wouldn’t like to get stepped on by Maya XD
    The show wasn’t that well paced, but it was very entertaining for me 😀

    • Yi says:

      Oh yea, Buffy was a really hit-show. I remember I had a teacher in my freshman year in high school who not only loves Buffy, but also looks like Allyson Hannigan. Had a little crush on her…

      Anyway, I digress.

      I love Maya’s dress as well. Very elegant and the cut is really pretty. The show is entertaining, but enough flaws keep it from being too memorable.

  18. tomphile says:

    The ending was a real “WTF” moment. I’m not even kidding – destroy the enemy with a spoon?

    I still liked the whole feel to the anime though. It’s an unusual subject matter to take up – the occult. And I have to say, Maya was the main draw, even if cute little Spoon-kun was funny.

    • Yi says:

      I suppose it kind of is a bit silly the way Fumiaki uses the spoon to destroy those tripods, although I imagine it’s more just a symbolic medium for his psychic powers.

      Anyway, this certainly is a very unique anime in that it touches on a theme few other anime explores. And agreed about Maya. I can’t imagine this anime being half as good if it doesn’t have her.

  19. Ryan A says:

    Turned out enjoyable, though because of the consistency issues (mid-story was a bit.. off), I feel Occult Academy isn’t a story one can enjoy as a journey. Maybe the weaker characters have something to do with that as well, but I hadn’t pondered it until your mention of “unimaginative.” Characters often drive a journey more so than the story, and though a viewer might take a great liking to plot and setting, characters are where we connect and identify.

    If the story were less erratic and the characters more distinguished and identifiable, Occult Academy could have been a gem among recent series (Level E managed to do so), but it did have it’s enjoyable morsels.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed completely. I had an issue with it’s flipping back and forth between being an episodic series and being a mystery adventure. The transitions aren’t smooth. And yes, not much of a journey. If anything, more like awkwardly compiled snap shots. Mikaze especially. She was a cute girl, flirty girl, and a villain, but never anything in between.

      I am a bit disappointed that Occult Academy isn’t more than what it turns out to be. It’s pretty rare we get a story so focused on this niche subject, and I guess I was hoping this would be something I could remember.

      I guess there is still the Haruhi franchise, which is a much more successful occult story, even if it isn’t really specifically about the occult as much as it’s about Haruhi.

      • Ryan A says:

        Perhaps the joy of Haruhi comes in recognizing Haruhi herself as occult. ^ ^ (oh those adorable eccentrics… they’re everywhere~) And it is disappointing, because they seemed to have the entire catalog of occult at their fingertips, but teased with it more than anything.

        Off the top of my head, another series that brushes well on the occult was Ghost Hound, but with GH, the viewer is given an eerie blend of occult in a situation rather than “textbook occult.”

        Wish I could recommend Ghost Hound, but I’m confident you’ve so much on your plate recently, and it isn’t exactly a brilliant series overall.

        Cheers Yi.

        • Yi says:

          That’s a good point. Occult Academy could have delved into any of the occult stuff much more, but they didn’t. Instead most were given a mere 30 second reference/ explanation and that’s that.

          I feel terrible sometimes because I often tell people what I like and ask them for suggestions, and when they do give me a spot-on solid recommendation, I end up telling them I have no time. 😦 I really wish I could watch Ghost Hound (and many other series), but as of right now, I really am watching too many.

          Anyway, thanks, darling. ^ ^

  20. Choco Titi says:

    Perhaps… But I have a feeling those who don’t get the jokes wouldn’t have liked it anyway. This is a fairly niche series.
    Yah, it’s similar to Lucky Star and SYD, ppl dropped it bc they dun understand. Now, Nichijou is falling in the same fate too (well, jokes in Nichijou seems senseless even to me at some points thu).

    Morita-san is only 2 minutes? Wow, that’s shorter than I expected. I’ll check it out.
    I recommend Houkago no Pleiades!!!

    And I checked it out bc… Eila’s seiyuu was there. I like her voice when she is in tsun mode.
    *choco is remembering Eila’s line “Don’t look at (my) Sanya like that”*

    An interesting study, I bet, but not even remotely related to my field of expertise.
    I like Mythology, but m scared at the same time ;;;;; (i know its uncool ~,~)
    Btw, as u study medical, do u believe in Treatment use Human Magnetism? Just curiosity.

    • Yi says:

      Yea, I’ve heard mixed things about NIchijou. Those who like it often really like, while those who don’t find it completely pointless.
      I’ll take a look at Houkago no Pleiades when I have time. (p.s. I know I always say that, but unfortunately, I really just can’t watch all that many anime for one reason or another. :()

      As for treatment using human magnetism, sorry, I don’t quite believe in that. There just hasn’t been enough peer-reviewed studies in controlled environments that have shown any validity of these alternative treatments (faith healing, acupuncture, and many other also fall in here). Testimonies and anecdotes don’t quite cut it for me or for patients who face life crises both in their health and often, as a result, their their financial burdens. As a doctor, it’d be pretty… mean to suggest something that is unproven and unknown when there are really important things on the line.

      • Yi says:

        I should add that if someday, it was shown to work in a controlled, demonstrable setting, which I think it’s possible that it will, then I’m all for embracing human magnetism treatment. ^ ^

        • Choco Titi says:

          It’s a clever way to answer the question, you know. My most respect.
          It’s hard to believe after all. And ppl who actually practice it always do it in secret (like an unwritten rule for it to be effective). It’s nice to hear your opinion. I think I may say thanks here ^^;;

          Animes in Summer 2010 that I mentionned above arent recommendation, just in case. So dun stress over them please. ;;;;

          But, Houkago Pleiades here is. It’s a Net Anime, broadcasted on YT (like some other anime broadcasted on NicoNico for example), it’s actually very short (about 6 min each ep, and 4 ep in total). So give it a try whenever you have time.

        • Yi says:

          Clever huh? Wasn’t expecting that, but sure. ^ ^

          Anyway, thanks for the heads up on Houkago Pleiades.

  21. feal87 says:

    “Maya is yet another girl, by whom I would love to be abused. Step on me please wearing those knee socks!”

    You’re not alone, trust me on that…:D

  22. Just from the pictures you (or, I) feel like being able to tell a lot of Maya’s personality. Just because of her I feel like I’d want to pick Occult Academy up, cause she seems like a very interesting character.

    And yes,
    “I love the way the faces are drawn and Maya’s very sexy, elegant, petite dress”
    I thought exactly the same, and the dress was surprisingly the first thing I’ve noticed on the picture. You’re turning me into a fashionist Yi!

    • Yi says:

      I agree. Maya just looks like someone who would be the harsh, tsundere oujo-sama type. She’s pretty intense.

      “You’re turning me into a fashionist Yi!”

  23. Joojoobees says:

    I’m not sure I have anything particularly different from what has been expressed above, but here is my take:

    Occult Academy would have been a better series, in terms of plot, if it had been forced into a 6 episode OVA. I really did like the series. I thought there were a bunch of interesting ideas, many of which were handled quite well (and the ending was great), BUT …

    The show had two things going on, 1) telling the interesting time-travel / apocalypse story, and 2) spoof or otherwise reference a variety of supernatural sub-genres. IMO, in the show woul have been better if it had been forced to choose (1 over 2), but, given the 13 episode run, they believed they could do both.

    As I said, I liked the series. I get what they were trying to do, and there were some side-stories that I think were well done, despite being merely a distraction from the main story. I also liked some of the side-characters (and adored Chihiro-chan), despite them never becoming well-developed. I would recommend watching the show, despite it not being one of the truly great ones.

    • Yi says:

      That I agree with. There were just too many fillers and distractions. And for good point about the apocalypse story versus the spoofs. Those two run counter to each other. The spoofs make the apocalypse story becomes too insignificant for an overarching plot. Similarly, the core plot makes the random references feel unnecessary. I could totally see a 6 episode OVA that does one or the other.

      Interestingly, there was a short special included. It was a story about a young Maya and her friend finding this mythical animal and domesticating it. That was actually very enjoyable, and perhaps it’s a good sample of what Occult Academy could’ve been if it kept to an episodic nature that focuses on referencing various occult stuff.

      I like the series too, and I would recommend the show… But only a very slight recommendation.

      p.s. One side story that I really enjoyed is the Christmas one. A simple story about the simplest of the supernaturals: a ghost. But nonetheless, very emotional and very well done. It’s also a very nice episode in that we see a softer part of Maya and see Maya change in her attitude/ resolve her daddy issues.

      Thanks for the comment!!

  24. Occult Academy was an average series to me, in my opinion. Sure, I love Maya’s personality and the occult themes, but the story was just kinda…. strange (spoon ending)? Hard to explain it, but nevertheless, it was an entertaining show and I’m glad to have seen it.

    Maya happens to be my type, and I wouldn’t really mind being “dominated” by her… 😉

    • Yi says:

      For me, Occult Academy is indeed pretty average, maybe just a sliver better than average, but certainly not something brilliant.

      The spoon ending I actually have less of a problem with. What I didn’t like is the lack of set up to that spoon ending.

      Maya happens to be my type, and I wouldn’t really mind being “dominated” by her…
      Seems like there are plenty of masochists here. ^ ^ Or maybe it’s just because of Maya~

  25. Gelotaku says:

    Yeah… I kinda felt like it started off strong, and kinda when downhill just a little towards the middle. However, it did wrap up rather nicely. But Maya is what got me through it’s not so stellar moments~

    • Yi says:

      Yea, Maya is the true driving force behind this series. I remember this one episode about demon moths. That was sooo boring to watch. Luckily Maya’s personality carried it through. She’s the glue that holds the disparate plot and subplots together.

      Thanks for reading. ^ ^

  26. biotoxic says:

    Oh man, I’ve almost completely forgotten about this series. Maya really wasn’t a character I could like. She had likable traits such as her heavy handed treatment of Uchida, but on the whole she just annoyed me. The fat dousing rod guy was the best character, he needed WAY more exposure, and the guy with the giant wrench too.

    I actually forget how it ended now, something with a demon or witch. However I do remember the ending being rushed. The whole first 3/4 of the anime was slow random “super natural” encounters. Then the last quarter felt like a ‘crap, we need to finish this soon’ rush to the finish line.

    Ack well, I guess I enjoyed watching it to the end, I did finish it at least.

    • Yi says:

      I liked the dousing guy too, but he didn’t get enough screenshot at all to make him relevant. I probably like him just because he’s got style, but that says nothing about who he really is. Same with the wrench guy. It’s a problem I had with many of the support characters.

      Anyway, the story is pretty unimpressive in general. It’s been a few weeks since I watched it, and I’m already a bit hazy on the particulars of the plot. I do remember a pretty epic ending where the male lead saved the world with a spoon, but that’s about it.

      Pacing is a huge issue. Arguments could be made about whether they needed more time or less time, but I think it’s just poor distribution of fillers and exposition. Middle part and subplots dragged too long while the ending felt rushed.

      But yea, like you, I enjoyed watching it to the end, I suppose! Thanks for reading. ^ ^

  27. lightningsabre says:

    Hrrmmm… Am I alone that I liked the show not knowing that any of critiques you’ve mentioned doesn’t faze me? ^^; I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but by around the arc with the dream machine, i was hooked. Oh well ok, I kept watching so that I can see Maya in that petite dress and thigh highs… Black and white is a great combo. ANYHOO… I enjoyed it quite a bit. I even liked the ending where she became a shotacon, lol.

    • Yi says:

      No no. You’re definitely not alone. In fact, even with all the criticism I put out there, I still came out of the series enjoying it. Maybe not a lot, but I did like it.

      Maya in her petite dress and thigh highs don’t hurt. ^ ^ I actually really like her aesthetics. She’s very very pretty. Yea, she’s definitely the highlight.

      I even liked the ending where she became a shotacon, lol.
      loll! ^ ^

  28. Swordwind says:

    I think you liked this quite bit more than I did…

    I think I’d agree with you on what you view the faults to be, but I didn’t really find what you liked to be all that amazing. I don’t like the art in this series, for example. Including the faces.

    • Yi says:

      Then I guess you must have really disliked it then, since I only like this a little bit.

      The art is probably a personal preference thing. It’s very different from a lot of styles seen commonly today, but I think it worked for me. Maya looks a bit masculine, and I really liked that.

      • Swordwind says:

        Well, hate is a strong word…but I didn’t care for it.

        Art tends to be a personal preference thing, doesn’t it? It just didn’t work out for me this time around.

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