Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Review

aragaki ayase kanzaki hiro kousaka kirino ore no imouto

Every once in a while, an anime comes along and promises the audience great introspections. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!) is one of them. Beneath all the blatant and successful attempts to charm us with adorable personalities lies a truly unique look at anime fandom. The series delves into the various interactions facing a closet otaku, who embraces her passion for anime, yet is keenly guarded against societal prejudices. It also presents glimpses of different aspects of anime ranging from the most personal to the industry. And, threading all these themes together is a cute genuine siblings drama.

aragaki ayase kanzaki hiro kousaka kirino kyousuke ore no imouto konnani kawaii

Ore no Imouto follows the life of Kirino Kousaka, an unlikely otaku and a little sister. On the one hand, she is a track star, teen fashion model, and an A-student. On the other, she has a secret, somewhat distasteful fetish for eroges, particularly in the little sister incest genre. Aside from this bizarre dichotomy, Kirino is just like any other fourteen-year old: cute, innocent, naïve, self-centered, and a bit bratty. And, like any little sister, she has an awkward relationship with her brother, Kyousuke. When Kyousuke finds out about her guilty pleasure, the two take Kirino’s curious hobby out of her closet.

kuroneko gokou ruri kanzaki hiro kousaka kirino makishima saori nekomimi ore no imouto

Built on this premise, Ore no Imouto presents wonderfully facets of anime: the expensive collections, eroge, maid cafés, anime, Comiket, cosplays, light novels, and even production companies. Indeed, the series is a fairly comprehensive view of everything anime. What makes this anime about anime effective is how sympathetic some of Kirino’s experiences are. Her reasons for owning multiple copies of the same shows, her desire to share her hobby, and her obsession with collecting figures are all common among anime fans.

aragaki ayase kuroneko gokou ruri kousaka kirino makishima saori onaka sukisuki oreimoi summer dress

Further, Ore no Imouto is not afraid to scale this tour of the anime world up from individual fandoms. When a production becomes interested in adapting Kirino’s light novel into an anime, the practical, negative sides of the industry is revealed. This series boldly illustrates how productions often distort the original works and author intentions for the sake of marketability. That Ore no Imouto itself is an anime adapted from a light novel makes this arc especially fascinating.

kuroneko gokou ruri gothic lolita fashion nekomimi ore imouto spirtie

As we see the anime world through Kirino’s lenses, we also watch Kirino grow more comfortable as an anime fan. With the help of Kyousuke, Kirino finds friends with common interests, as well as convince her father and best friend that anime is not all that bad. How Kirino’s fandom engages with the cast is especially powerful because of the authenticity in these interactions. The audience can easily relate to the rivalry between Kirino and Kuroneko over their tastes in anime. Likewise, we feel Kirino’s pain when her best friend Ayase breaks up with her over anime. We know all too well how most people perceive anime.

kanna asuke kousaka kirino kyousuke oreimo incest

This authenticity extends to the sibling relationship. The way Kirino and Kyousuke deal with each other feel extremely real. They bicker and they fight, but they also look out for each other. And, while Kirino can be very strangle-deserving and a huge pain at times, particularly when she treats Kyousuke unfairly, those moments only add to the love/ hate relationship that characterize most brother-sister dynamics.

kanna asuke kousaka kirino kyousuke oreimo incest

To be fair, Ore no Imouto does play around in the sibling incest direction. There are scenes when the series hints at feelings that go beyond sisterly love. However, most of those do not feel serious; rather, they feel as though the anime is winking at the audience. These scenes are simply moments of admittedly-awkward lightness at the expense of the title.

gokou ruri kirino kuroneko ore no imouto yuri ayase hazuki cross hearts

Ore no Imouto is a highly entertaining anime that explores fascinating areas driven by compelling arcs and lovable genuine personalities. However, if there is one complaint, it would be the disjointed flow. While the pacing is great, the way the arcs and episodes are spliced together feel choppy. There is also a random episode about Kyousuke and her childhood friend inserted into an otherwise completely Kirino-centric series. Still, this minor flaw is forgivable given the range and depth of the plots, its themes, and the characters.

kuroneko gokou ruri gothic lolita fashion ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai active mover arikawa satoru

Furthermore, Ore no Imouto is just so beautifully animated. The production value is high, the details are there, and the animation is smooth. All the girls look absolutely adorable in super cute outfits. Backed by its strong story, this anime really is a delightful, fun, and thought-provoking watch.


  • This review does not take into account of the extra episodes.

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112 Responses to Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Review

  1. Itachi says:

    It is one of the best anime in the past season. I’m totally fell in love with the character design. Good storyline and character development, what else do you want? Its all there..
    I hope theres a continuation of this series because somehow it seems to be incomplete…

    • Yi says:

      It was an anime I really enjoyed last season (or I guess it’d be two seasons ago now). Great character development and a very intricate story, not to mention adorable girls. I couldn’t ask for much more. It left a pretty nice impression on me, and it’s one of the few anime I try to get my brother to watch with me… Which led to some interesting experiences. But, that’s for the other past post.

      As for continuations, I’m kind of OK with the way it ended, so I don’t really mind if this is it. There are a few alternate ending OVAs that have came out and will come out, but I don’t care too much for alternate endings. I’ll still watch them though, but just not right now I guess.

  2. Ryo_kun says:

    This was one of the best shows for me along with Ika Musume back in fall. And like you, I liked it’s animation quality, especially the character design namely Kirino and Kuroneko.

    The story was okay overall but i’ll just have to finish the OVA first before I make the final judgement for this show.

    • MkMiku says:

      This and Ika Musume were probably the two funniest anime from the fall season. I’m kinda glad it’s over, though, so people will stop making “Can’t Be This Cute” jokes…

    • Yi says:

      @Ryo_kun: I really liked all the characters actually. They all have their own charms and cute designs. My favorites though are Kuroneko and Ayase, with Kirino closely behind. In terms of outfits only, Kirino is my favorite. She’s quite the fashionable young lady. Of course, Kuroneko’s goth loli stuff is really cute too.

      Anyway, this review doesn’t take into account of the OVAs, which may end up changing my opinion of the show.

      @MkMiku: I thought this was a bit better than Ika Musume, but both are cute, funny anime.

      Agreed about the “My 000 can’t be this 000” jokes. There are also way too many post with that title when this was airing. I stopped reading most of them after the first dozen.

  3. radiant says:

    *sigh* another one of those series which I have been wanting to watch but haven’t had the opportunity to. Your insights into it have fueled me to make time to watch it though. 🙂

    … at least I’ve shown my fandom so far with a Nendoroid. ^_^;

    • Yi says:

      It’s a very solid show that leaves a nice impression. I’d recommend it if you have the time. Hopefully, you get a chance to enjoy it!

      I’ve had my eyes on the Kuroneko nendo for a while, but I have to save up for now. 😦 Maybe one day…

  4. Smithy says:

    Quite liked this series but unfortunately it didn’t really live up to my expectations (which can be blamed on my expectations) and it certainly didn’t help that many characters were a bit too extreme, especially Kirino. She was just too polarized in her abuse of Kyousuke and others for my taste. In fact, it remains a mystery to me how they put up with her after that sheer amount of abuse.

    Also feel the story arc with Ayase could have had a lot more depth and realism hadn’t they just decided to have Ayase as a yandere type character with a near yuri fetish for Kirono. Perhaps to appeal to a specific audience?
    Make her a concerned but judgmental friend with a severe cold reaction to Kirino’s hobby, sure, but not turn her into yandere mode to write the whole deal off easily. Feels like fan centric sloppy writing to me and a great possibilities wasted.

    In all, it was (is) a good show but it could have been even better I think.

    • Yi says:

      Hm… I didn’t find Kirino all that extreme. As a little sister, I think she has the right amount of brattiness. I can see her as one of those “mean girls” who’s very self-centered, but still tolerable because she’s cute.

      But good point on Ayase. I overlooked her yandere-ness. That was indeed too extreme. But I’ll forgive that as well given the yuri potentials.

      Anyway, despite a few flaws, I think this turned out to be a very solid series for me. Perhaps I’m too forgiving of its weaknesses, but I really did enjoy it a lot.

      p.s. I think I gave it a 7/10 on myanimelist.

  5. Konakona says:

    Uhm, the anime’s name is Ore no Imouto … ga Nai (you missed the last “i”).

    • Yi says:

      Thanks for pointing that out!!
      You can probably tell I was too lazy to type out the whole title, and just copy pasted it. I should stop posting after pulling an all-nighter… I make too many such typos.

      Anyway, thanks again. ^ ^

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  8. hoshiko says:

    OreImo certainly did well in showing the many aspects of this particular Japan subculture – anime, eroge and whatnot. I like that it touches lightly on social perception of anime fandom as well as altered adaptation of original works. I really enjoyed watching these. The choppy feeling we’re getting might be due to the fact this series has an episodic plot structure.

    It’s a series I had fun watching, but I noticed that I dread seeing Kirino as the series progressed. I liked her at first, but she’s getting a little too bratty during the second half of the series. And seeing her always getting what she wants, it felt unrealistic.

    • Yi says:

      Yea the choppy structure is one of the biggest problems I had with the series. I guess it is a bit unavoidable given the episodic nature and the short arcs. Still, it could’ve been even better if it managed to string some of the arcs together somehow.

      Kirino really got on my nerves during the middle too, but somehow she still grew on me. It’s kind of like a real little sister. She can be a pain, but I just can’t hate her too much.

      Also, agreed that she does get spoiled too much…

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  10. EmperorG says:

    Well written review Yi-san, as usual. Pretty much touched and delved deeper into the same details I did. What else can I say about the show other than it being one of the my best of 2010.
    Also, excellent find on the swimsuit pic. It gives those who haven’t read the manga or novels a kind of sneak of what Saori’s face looks like without the glasses. I don’t remember if they showed Saori’s face near the end of the default route.
    Speaking of routes, are you watching the alternate route as episodes premiere one by one?

    • Yi says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! There are still a few minor things I could’ve and wanted to addressed, but I felt like the post is running long and I was kind of tired. Plus, I got most of my feelings down, so I guess the review works. ^ ^

      Anyway, I think the swimsuit pic is a fan art, but I do remember seeing Saori’s face under the glasses somewhere. She’s cute!

      I haven’t watched any of the additional episodes yet. I’ll get around to it sometime… Not sure when though.

  11. Kyle says:

    I love your thoughts on the series. They are very insightful. I cannot say I fell in love with the series honestly. I agree with most everything you said, the pacing, story, and more. I could not really…feel compassion for the characters though, mainly Kirono. In a way I kept wanting to see her fail because of her attitude towards the people who actually cared about her.
    The more and more I watched built up a slight grudge against her I guess you could say. I do feel her character attitude was necessary. Strange huh? I really feel that if she was not so pushy and bitchy the plot, pacing, character development, and more would not have progressed the way it did.

    • Yi says:

      I understand all the hate Kirino gets, and to be honest, she really got on my nerves when I watched the series. At one point, I wanted to strangle her. But for some reason, once the series ended, I still really like her. She’s like the bratty little sister you just can’t ignore. In that respect, it makes her spoiled attitude even more authentic and interesting. And, you’re right about her attitude. The series is driven on that, so there’s another reason to appreciate her.

      … Or maybe I only still like her because she’s adorable.

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  13. Justin says:

    I liked the series–just didn’t like the last episode. I’m glad that they are working on a new one of it!

    • Yi says:

      I’m kind of the opposite. I like the last episode and I think the story tied up pretty nicely.

      But I guess more Kirino, Kuroneko, Saori, and Ayase can’t hurt. ^ ^

  14. Ristlin says:

    Ahh.. I really enjoyed the show. For some reason, after completing it, I felt a certain pride of being a visual novel fans and an otaku. I also found it extemely relatable since it was me who united all of my friends who were closet otakus and brought them together. Even now, it’s still me who organise our outings togethers and our nightly discussions. Though I will never know the feeling of hiding something like this (since I dont really care and Im just too hyper to even try to hid it), I can understand the feelings of someone who does. This show was truly an excellent watch.

    • Yi says:

      I think I kind of know that feeling of pride. And for me, I found Kirino’s experiences quite sympathetic as well. I was (still kind of am) a closet anime fan. I don’t really let my fandom cross over to the real life and vice versa. So I can kind of feel Kirino’s angst at times.

      “it was me who united all of my friends who were closet otakus and brought them together.”
      So you’re the Saori among your friends. ^ ^

  15. Aya says:

    I read the manga don’t really like it,watch the anime also don’t really like it 😦

    • Yi says:

      I guess it’s not for everyone. ^ ^

      • Aya says:

        Maybe because this get too much mainstream 😦 somehow I turn off with something that get too much mainstream, and don’t enjoy it as if i just follow the hype ?

        • Yi says:

          Ahh I see. I tend to like indie stuff in movies and music and even anime at times too because of that certain appeal. However, I don’t hate mainstream much, and the hype can sometimes be well-deserved. For OreImo, I thought it was (although there’s definitely a good argument for how it fails).

  16. Nopy says:

    Ore no Imouto does offer a good view into the “otaku” world, but it also played into the wants of fans quite a bit. If it weren’t for the hints of incest and added cuteness, I think it would’ve been as good as Genshiken in exposing people to the subculture.

    • Yi says:

      I wasn’t too put off by the incest hints. They felt more like inside jokes than anything serious, so there wasn’t as much icky feelings for me. And I thought the added cuteness also worked. OreImo was never meant to be super serious. Instead, it was sort of a light anime that wanted to create resonance with the target audience. In a sense, it was almost like Lucky Star’s Konata. So the obviously fan catering characters (i.e. Kuroneko) are OK with me.

  17. shinra says:

    You should check out HanaSaku Iroha. Its awesome like OreImo and Angel Beats! XD

    P.S: KuroNeko & Ayase ROCKS!!!

    • Yi says:

      I’m definitely going to be watching Hanasaku Iroha. It seems like something I’ll love.

      And, agreed totally about Kuroneko and Ayase. It’s why I have soooo many images of them in this post, even though the anime is much more about Kirino.

  18. Canne says:

    A big coincidence, indeed. I was expecting that my blog would be the only place talking about this show when I posted it 😛

    • Yi says:

      Same here. I thought the hype was over by the time I posted this, but yea, how weird right?

    • Guy says:

      I should blog about it too. Weird, when the series ended, I completely forgot about blogging about it… makes sense since my last entry was on the 30th of November v.v

      But the OVA is re-invigorating my desire. Also, I often blog about older series – good series remain good even years later. If a year later you can’t recall the show, then it wasn’t that good.

      • Yi says:

        The OVA is that good huh?
        I’ll watch it this week then. My distaste for it is simply a general blanket disliking for alternate endings, but I guess OreImo may change my opinions about that.

        Also, agreed about good classics. Being timeless is a good indication of being great.

  19. fathomlessblue says:

    I watched the show mainly on the hype and praise given to the first ep, although the show ultimately left a bit of sour taste in my mouth; it was ok, but as I’ve previously moaned (endlessly) about, tried to juggle too many, often conflicting, topics. For every decent scene, I always felt there was an awful one to counteract and often completely negate the good work that was done. Take the anime production ep for example, watching the executives discussing was pretty fascinating and maturely treated, that is, up until the point Kyousuke decides to give a Touma-esque rant to magically persuade the studio to give in to Kirino’s wishes. In the end, the main things I took from that ep was that incest material is a easy way to get a manga published, regardless of experience or talent, and that in business, moaning the loudest wins over any serious practical issue.

    If Ore no Imouto was intended to try and portray to otaku fanbase more favorably, then I think it failed. Mostly that’s due to Kirino’s personality. Acting a violent snotty bitch one moment, then rolling about on her bed, seemingly having an orgasim to incest material while Kyousuke cringes in the next room, does not promote the idea that anime fans are well adjusted people. The huge gulf between her rl and secret hobby also relects that. Kuroneko fairs better, but even she has some serious social deficiencies (she is awesome though :P). Saori ended up being the only one that brought any credibility to the fandom.

    I suppose I wasn’t really the intended audience for this series although I’m still not entirely sure who was, other than incest/imouto fans. My fave episode was actually the Manami/best friend episode; sure, like you said it completely went against the set pace, but I also thought it cut much of the show’s b.s. of pretending to be more profound than it was. Well that and bff’s are ftw! lol.

    they feel as though the anime is winking at the audience

    Well, that’s much preferable to the audience, err… winking at the anime. 😛

    • Yi says:

      That’s quite a response. Very valid criticisms of the series. And a great other angle to my generally positie review. I love it. ^ ^

      Agreed that the anime is ambitious, maybe overly so. Other than the disruptive flow, however, I didn’t think it was too bad. Though the transitions are awkward, the pacing of individual arcs is nice, and each arc is given its proper development. True, I hated the Touma-esque resolution, but I think it is an acceptable (but not great) way to end that arc. The mood of the series dictates that everything works out in the end, and not having a good ending for Kirino would’ve felt too awkward. Thus, I thought that particular end is pretty good. More importantly though, it, at the very least, raises the question of adaptation integrity, marketability vs. art, and the brutal influence of the production companies. It also raises another interesting question: how far should art and literature sacrifice for the sake of reaching the audience? Anyway, I think it exposes a little more of the nitty gritty of the anime industry than simply incest gets things published.

      I don’t think OreImo intends to portray otaku fanbase favorably (or disfavorably). Rather, I think more than anything, it wants to show different kinds of fans and different levels of fandom. We have pretty girls like Kirino and Bridget. We also have ugly fans (i.e. the two ugly cosplayers). We have adult males and teenagers who are into the same things. We have closet otaku, hardcore haters (Ayase), and people in between (Kyousuke). We have level headed fans like Saori and intellectual fans like Kuroneko. If anything, OreImo shows that there isn’t a blanket portrayal of anime fans. Admittedly, Kirino is… kind of weird and sometimes very annoying, but she is only one of the portrayals of otaku in this series.

      Taken this way, I think OreImo does a pretty good job at showing yet another reason why anime is a really multifaceted media. In addition to all the ways fans can interact with it -anime, manga, eroge, light novels, doujins, cosplay, figures… etc- the fans themselves are in no way a homogeneous group.

      That’s a good question about target audience, and I’m not entirely sure either. My initial reaction would simply be any anime fan who can relate to the experiences of Kirino. Someone who’d see her dad’s disapproval of anime, and think, “my parent’s are just like that!” Or understand the weird obsession Kirino has for collecting multiple Meruru figures without doing anything with them. That’s my first guess, but based on the comments and other reviews, it seems like OreImo doesn’t actually reach as many as I thought it would, so I don’t really know.

      I didn’t think the incest theme was played up too much. The imouto thing is though, but not in an incestuous way. I thought OreImo tries to present a very authentic sibling love/hate relationship between a pair of siblings: the bickering, respect/ disrespect, and care. I took the few hints of incest as minor fanservice and light humor. It is somewhat distracting though.

      I enjoyed the Manami episode, but I don’t think it has a place in the show. Felt soooo much like a filler, and fillers in a 12 episode anime is a big no-no.

      “the show’s b.s. of pretending to be more profound than it was”
      Perhaps OreImo is trying to be more profound than it was. And, I may be way too forgiving of OreImo’s flaws, but I didn’t think it was bad. Sure, it’s not a masterpiece nor the best of the season, but it was very engaging in many ways.

      Anyway, if numbers mean anything, I gave it a 7/10, which is a solid recommendation.

      p.s. Thanks for the well-thought out response! Always love to hear your responses.

      • Solaris says:

        I’d gladly answer about how chars are unbalanced at all and how much they fail to portrait even simple stereotypes, but i can’t keep silent about this: “…Manami episode, but I don’t think it has a place in the show. Felt soooo much like a filler…”. No no nooo! Compeltely wrong. Manami is the reference as a ‘normal person’. She’s seen as boring from the other side, wich are Otaus. Kyosuke sticking with her at the start of the serie makes a pair with his initial alignement as a ‘normal persn’. As the serie progressed Kyosuke is dragged into another world, wich is otakuism and his only safe anchor of normality is Manami. This is also why he feels so at ease with her, thus not loving her (or at least as much as she loves him). Moreover the true fight between Kirino and Manami over Kyosuke, mimics the fight of normality vs otakuism to win him over. And notice who the aggressive one is usually, as this has implications too. Later Kuroneko also joins the fight and takes the place of Kirino in arguing with Manami as well. If you ask me, that is really not a surprise at all.

        • Yi says:

          I disagree. Manami is indeed a normal person, but her episode with Kyousuke still has no place in the show, because it reveals nothing about how otaku interacts with a normal person. It was a nice sweet episode of how a normal person interacts with another normal person. However, I think although the story is told from Kyousuke’s perspective, OreImo is really about how Kirino, as an otaku, engages different personalities. Thus, it ultimately was a filler-ish episode that does not progress the plot nor the main theme.

          The fight between Kirino and Manami, on the other hand, is in line with the rest of the series, because as you said, it was an interaction between a normal folk and otaku, and more importantly, Kirino and Manami.

          *minor side note: Normal is of course a loose term.

        • Solaris says:

          “…it reveals nothing about how otaku interacts with a normal person”
          Indeed, but at that point in the story Kyosuke is not yet an otaku, but a normal person.
          “It was a nice sweet episode of how a normal person interacts with another normal person”
          That’s it.
          Oreimo is not about Kirino in the first place, but Kyosuke as he changes side from ‘normality’ to ‘otakuism’.
          That episode was meant to show his normal side in a (more or less) normal environment.

          *yes, ‘normal’ is a loose term indeed 😛

        • Yi says:

          “Oreimo is not about Kirino in the first place, but Kyosuke as he changes side from ‘normality’ to ‘otakuism’.”

          That’s a very valid point! If seen that way, the Manami episode is on theme, just poorly spliced in.

        • Yi says:

          Actually, I forgot to add one more thing. The Manami episode is on-theme only so far as a portrayal of two normal folk interactions. However, instead, that episode is not even really that though. It is a very forced inauthentic romantic episode about childhood friends. So yea, still don’t think it belongs in the anime. It’s a decent episode though, and I liked it as a standalone. But in the context of the series, it’s just so oddly placed.

        • Solaris says:

          Watch out that Kyosuke actually doesn’t love Manami, but he’s just at ease with her. It’s Manami who’d gladly like an upgrade status to lover. ^^
          If you got the underlying symbolism, than that episode sums up to: Kyosuke is a normal person that likes a boring normal life, that’s indeed how Kyosuke is portrayed at the start of the serie. Jut notice how things get more complicated, and less boring as long as Kyosuke is dragged into Otakuism. And notice also how Manami starts to fade off slowly as the serie proceeded. That is to say Kyosuke’d better forget his own old safe and boring life quickly.
          Notice also how Manami comes to be friend with Ayase off screen and enemy both to Kirino and Kuroneko on screen. It’s yet very symbolic.

        • Yi says:

          “Felt soooo much like a filler…”. No no nooo! Compeltely wrong.”
          Haha, completely wrong huh? Strong words. ^ ^

          I understand what Manami’s role is. I agree that she represents the normal life and all that other stuff. But notice, that still doesn’t make episode 6 relevant.

          Episode 6 is an awkward episode about Manami hitting on Kyousuke. I thought it was unnecessary, since most of Manami’s role is already shown much more aptly through the other episodes, especially the episode when she meets Kirino. Admittedly, there are a few nice scenes that have what Manami and Kirino are doing side by side, but I found them ineffective and too loosely executed to make a lasting impact. The later episode where Kirino directly confronts Manami is a much more compelling way to show their differences.

          Further, if you take out episode 6, we can still see exactly what Manami is supposed to represent, and how she fits into Kyousuke’s life. Thus, that episode doesn’t do much in establishing characters. The thing the episode does do much better is disrupt the flow, which is another thing fillers are known to do in a short series.

          Also, about an earlier point:
          “I’d gladly answer about how chars are unbalanced at all and how much they fail to portrait even simple stereotypes,”
          It’s exactly because the characters don’t portray simple stereotypes that make this anime a nice social depiction. OreImo would hardly be as interesting or as balanced if all the otaku are presented as filthy hikikomori. After all, not all otaku are the same, and I think that’s one of the major themes of the anime. A diverse cast often means a balanced cast. For OreImo, I thought it worked.

      • fathomlessblue says:

        Wow, thanks for the response, I’m honoured you took the time for such a detailed reply.

        Looking back at my initial comment, I may have been a tad too critical, especially using the term incest to describe the show as much as I did. I obviously still think there’s still a strong undercurrent of it in the show, but outright calling things like Kirino’s manga incest, rather than imouto material was probably a bad choice.

        I do agree that the anime production ep raised a lot of serious topics, such as the examples you mentioned (adaptation integrity, marketability vs. art, production costs etc), I noticed such issues myself, which is probably why I felt it was such a cop-out giving an unrealistic, feel-good ending to such serious and difficult to reconcile subject matter. That’s why no matter excellent the episode was at bringing such topics to light, and whether Ore no Imouto, being a fairly light-hearted show required a more positive resolution, I’ll still remember the cheap ending first and foremost when I think of the ep. I guess its human nature (or at least mine, sadly) to recall the negative aspects of something before the positive. Ah well…

        In regards to showing the otaku fan base in a certain light, looking back I guess it is quite impartial for the most part. I still think the viewer, whether intentionally or not is forced to make queries over Kirino’s personally and her hobby. Much of the reason is again down to Kyousuke’s rants, first at his dad, and then at Ayase. By trying to convince two people who are openly hostile to otaku culture (even if their reasons are based on flimsy propaganda) that such hobbies aren’t socially unhealthy, you can’t help but look at Kirino and ask yourself the same question; it kind of forces the issue to the forefront of your consciousness. If Kirino wasn’t such a polarising figure (and I don’t think she was intended to be) perhaps I wouldn’t have really noticed this, but because she is both the focus of series and is unlikeable to many viewers, it’s a little hard not to make the link between personality and hobby, even if being an otaku has nothing to do with her mindset. At least that’s how I saw it.

        Ultimately I’d rank the show 5-6 out of 10. I didn’t dislike it in general, but by juggling far too many, often serious/weighty subjects, and either not giving them enough exposure or resolution, or just not treating them seriously enough, the show tended to shoot itself in the foot. Then again, perhaps I’m treating the show more seriously than it was intended to be. Arghhh, my head hurts!

        The weird thing is out of all the shows I’ve watched over the last few years, I seem to have had the most in depth conversations regarding Ore no Imouto, so in terms of debates at least it’s obviously doing something right, lol.

        Man, I really need to learn how to edit my posts; brevity just isn’t a strong point of mine. XD

        • Yi says:

          I don’t think you were being too critical. I think we just saw the anime from different perspectives, and different elements jumped at us.

          I agree. The way Kirino’s anime arc ends is not the best possible ending. I appreciate that it at least brings the issue to light though, and much like the rest of the series and Ore no Imouto as a whole, the arc explores very interesting areas, but is by no means a perfect execution.

          About Kirino… Yea that’s another really good point. In hindsight, I enjoyed Kirino a lot, and I thought her attitude is a perfect portrayal of a bratty, authentic little sister. But yes, while watching the series, she got on my nerves. A lot! And it’s clear that she made the show much much less tolerable for a lot of viewers.

          It’s also valid that she’s the representative of the otaku in OreImo. And as a representative, she gives anime fans a generally bad image. I think the anime attempts to balance it out with level headed characters like Saori and Kuroneko, but it is not entirely effective.

          “the show tended to shoot itself in the foot.”
          That’s a very true point. I think this could have been even better, but solid nevertheless.

          “Then again, perhaps I’m treating the show more seriously than it was intended to be.”
          Not at all! OreImo tries to raise social issues, and so it should expect to be taken seriously (even if the plot is supposed to be light).

          I could see giving the series a 6 (based on my numbering system), but going down to a lukewarm 5 is a bit too low for me. I did enjoy it after all, and the characters are lovely, especially Kuroneko and Ayase. I would give it a solid recommendation to most people.

          p.s. I love long comments!!

  20. Mikoto says:

    This is certainly one of the series that gave me the wrong impression from the description, but it turned out to be pretty funny and heartwarming series that plenty of anime fanatics can relate to (hopefully not to the same extreme extent, though).

    • Yi says:

      Haha yea. The title threw a lot of people, including me, off. But in the end, I love it. It is heartwarming indeed!

      “hopefully not to the same extreme extent, though.”
      Haha yea!
      I tried watching this with my brother, and it was kind of weird. It felt a bit too much like Kirino playing imouto-themed eroge with Kyousuke.

  21. ~xxx says:

    OreImo was pretty interesting especially when AIC posted up their True route episodes when the true events in OreImo was put up and the story was trickled down and was simply based by the original material…

    But, on the contrary… OreImo did support the fact that Otakuism is still a societal problem… But in a positive way, I wish that this show end their True route in a very nice and beautiful way.

  22. Fabienne says:

    Well, in the first four episodes of this show were really great and well made.
    The Ayase drama afterwards was a bit awkward and the solution was silly.
    The plot of the later episodes was also a bit to disjointed in comparison with the first few eps. My main problem was that Kirino’s behavior became just too annyoing after some time, I think it ruined my whole experience with this anime, overall there was nice comedy and animation style in this show, but I couldn’t enjoy it like you did.
    When it comes to otaku culture related anime, Welcome to the NHK would be my favorite.

    • Yi says:

      Not being able to finish an arc satisfactorily seems to OreImo’s Achilles’ heel. It takes a really interesting idea, and takes it to an extreme and somewhat ridiculous resolution. We definitely see that with Ayase’s arc. I still don’t really understand how Kirino and Ayase made up. We also kind of seen that with the light novel/ anime arc as well. Most recently, the extra episode with Akagi.

      It’s unfortunate. This anime could have been much better, but I still maintain that this is a solid solid series.

  23. Jo says:

    Thats some cool fanart you found there Yi..


  24. Solaris says:

    This anime left me with the worst first impression since years. The depiction of otakuism felt awkward and not objective at all. It also went in the way of acting a lot during the first part of the anime. I told my first impression before, so I won’t dig insight it now.
    Luckily soon enough the author realized Oreimo could work better as a comedy than a social depiction, so the focus quickly changed for good. A nice comedy followed but chars were presented as bad as they couldn’t be redone. This favoured those chars who were left in the shadows in the first episodes: Saori and Kuroneko.
    But as erratic as the direction could be, they chose to cut a lot of novels material hinting at Kyosuke’s harem, ruining the comedy too, at least to some extent.
    A whole section meaning to flesh out Kuroneko X Kyosuke relationship, whith Kirino in the background was rewritten so that it lost sense completely. They changed it in the infamous Anime arc, that was only useful to make fun of anime’s horri-bad adaptation itself. Many happenings in that couple of episodes are impossible to understand for those who didn’t care to look for infos about the original Novels.
    When I thought anything could go worse and the show was doomed here it come the anime original episode nine. It was so very well done. It fleshed out Kirino by the implicit comparison to a char in a game she’s playing, without her realizing it. It was simply a touch of genius. Then a couple of nice comedy followed till the infamous ‘good ending’. I mean, something in that job was done really good, and it was yet thank to the implicit comparison of the ubiquitous game chars that gave voice to Kirino’s unexpressed feelings. But alas, that ending was lame indeed. Finally these extra episodes seem to follow the novels a little closely, so that i don’t expect big flaws.
    As a conclusion, I really think this could have been a much better comedy unless it was for the sloppy starting and the bad execution later.

    • Yi says:

      Is the depiction of otakuism not objective? I feel like OreImo presents a fairly balanced portrayal of anime fans. I also think it actually helps to break the stereotype that many otaku have and show that they’re not a homogeneous group. As such, I found the social depictions to be a very wonderful element.

      I also like that this is not exactly a comedy a la Ika Musume or the likes. Instead, it’s more of a drama with moments of levity. I think it’s better like this: a mix of drama, social commentary, and comedy. It gives Ore no Imouto more weight.

      Similarly, I am very glad the anime didn’t focus on the harem; yet another anime with a bunch of cute characters vying for some guy is not exactly what I’m looking for.

      “Many happenings in that couple of episodes are impossible to understand for those who didn’t care to look for infos about the original Novels.”
      Hm… I think I got the gist of everything.

      I don’t think Ore no Imouto is as bad as you thought. In fact, I enjoyed it quite a bit, and it does do a few things really nicely. Personally, I didn’t feel like the anime wanted to be comedy or a harem, and I appreciate it for that. It’s a compelling drama depicting sibling relationship, spliced with nice social commentary on the otaku culture.

      Lastly, I really loved the first few episodes, and I think I’m in the majority for this. If I remember correctly, the first arc generated a lot of buzz, and many were very excited about its potential to explore the anime fandom. It sort of falls apart in the middle (Manami episode), but still somewhat follows through it.

      As a side note, I haven’t checked any of the light novel stuff, so my opinions are strictly on the anime itself. I think perhaps people who have read the novels might have come in with different expectations, and consequently not enjoyed it as much. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the anime itself is bad.

      p.s. Thanks for the thoughtful opinion!! The comments really help to complete the reviews. ^ ^

      • Solaris says:

        Well, it looks like I have to add something. For starters, I’m trying to analyse the show as more objective as I can. I’ll try to refrain from commenting about personal taste.

        About the social depiction.
        I see what they tried to do with Otakuism as seen by the normal char Kyosuke as he’s being dragged in by his own Sister. As normal people just see otakuism as bad, they tried to portray that by the eyes of Kyosuke, who’s got a neutral point of view, the father, who’s the rightful uninformed man and Ayase who’s the hater. As soon as Kyosuke start to understand Otakuism and switched sides, he clears misunderstandings and accepted it as good, shielding it from wrong external opinions and haters.
        So, it’s indeed a social depiction, but a very opinionated one. At the very least you viewer are presented with the idea that Otakuism is good and people who move against it are just wrong or haters. It’s wrong to force some controversial concept to the audience that way. It would’ve been fair if they just showed up what is what and let the audience build their own opinions about it.

        About the chars.
        Kuroneko, Saori, Manami and Ayase, Sana and her bro are actually better depiction of their own stereotyped otaku-related chars. Saori herself is a better balanced type similar to Kirino. But Kirino herself is just a catalyst, and a very wrong one, cause the ultimate opinion her char try to force on is that she’s so bright and good girl, so what if she just have that hobby? Pity cause usually people don’t show such a double personality in real life, and moreover addicted to porn actually have important personality disorders themselves, something that Kirino really doesn’t show.
        Another interesting way to look to Kuroneko and Kirino as social depiction of Otakus, that is indeed well done is that of closet elitists (kuroneko) vs moe (kirino). Useless to say the two class of otakus usually are found arguing a lot on the net.

        About comedy and harem.
        As Oreimo just works better as a sentimental comedy (completely different than Ika-musume) the harem subtropes are actually present. At the very least it’s clear there’s a fight between three chars for Kyosuke. But there are hints about Ayase and Saori too. I don’t want to spoil more, as the latter novels really dig inside that matters, showing how the relationship with all the girls are developed and not as bland as those usually we find in generic harems.
        Notice also how otakuism stuff got demoted to background environment when Oreimo took going as am actual comedy. They indeed got developed better this way too.

        About the anime arc
        I don’t know if I can make some spoilers about the actual arc of Kirino’s novel. I’ll tell you and you’ll see how much got changed and how little sense all those changes did.

        • Yi says:

          “At the very least you viewer are presented with the idea that Otakuism is good and people who move against it are just wrong or haters.”
          I don’t think it does that. As I said to fathomlessblue, I think OreImo doesn’t actually present anime and its fans positively or negatively. While it does argue against extreme views against otakuism, the oddities and bad aspects of otakuism are keenly pointed out multiple times: Meruru doujins, extra large female cosplay for men, ugly cosplayers, male audience obsessed with little magical girls, nude opening to Meruru… etc. Indeed, OreImo depicts some of the weirdness and reputation-damaging sides of anime fandom. Of course, along side this, we have Kirino, Kuroneko, and Saori who show perhaps a prettier side of it. So really, what OreImo is about is giving us a balanced view of otakuism, warns us against extreme prejudices like Ayase’s view, and leaves the rest of the judgment up to us.

          “Pity cause usually people don’t show such a double personality in real life, and moreover addicted to porn actually have important personality disorders themselves, something that Kirino really doesn’t show.”
          Haha. Trust me, there are people with a “double personality” even here in the comment section. ^ ^
          I actually found Kirino to be a very authentic and relatable character.

          Loved the taste battles between Kuroneko and Kirino. That’s one of the best things about this series.

          “About the anime arc
          I don’t know if I can make some spoilers about the actual arc of Kirino’s novel. I’ll tell you and you’ll see how much got changed and how little sense all those changes did.”
          Hm… I think I’m OK with not knowing the novel. How closely (or not) the anime follows the original work doesn’t matter too much to me, as long as the anime is a good work independently. Thanks though. ^ ^

        • Solaris says:

          Sorry for the ‘no no! wrong’ from before. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, k? Nevertheless I think you’re overestimating this a little bit, maybe cause you really loved it.

          How can’t you see Oreimo just pampers Otakuism by presenting Kirino as a reference, who herself is just not a good reference and all? Her being a model student is only there to make her ‘bad side’ as an otaku accepted. She’s just the sugar that helps the medicine go down! Usually real people aren’t that extreme. I tell you there are much better otaku depictions in Saori and Kuroneko, at the very least. Not to mention other shows that really show up fair and balanced depictions of Otakus, i.e. Kuragehime.

        • Yi says:

          I feel like I should really clarify what I mean even further.

          First, I said balanced cast. Kirino is one of the cast. Together with Saori, Kuroneko, Kyousuke, and Ayase, they represent a very complete and balanced depiction of many types of fans.

          If anything, I’d say an anime that only shows anime fans as basement otaku or BL obsessed ugly girls is too narrow. That’s neither fair nor balanced to the anime fans who are well-rounded individuals. They do exist too, you know. ^ ^ And, not every otaku wants to dress up in huge glasses or in cosplay all the time.

          Another note, in Kirino’s exaggerated character, OreImo highlights some of the most human elements when it comes to otaku shame. That’s what I mean by authentic.

          Finally, I know my review is a bit too forgiving of its flaws in execution, particularly in ending arcs. However, I don’t think a positive review is unjustified. I also think that the appreciation for its social commentary is well deserved. The anime is enjoyable, raises good questions, and has lovable, relatable characters. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s much better than average.

          p.s. I do really love it… But of course, I say I love a lot of stuff. Numbers probably gives a better idea. I gave OreImo 7/10 on MAL.

          p.p.s. Are we having our own Kuroneko and Kirino moment right now? Haha. ^ ^

  25. glothelegend says:

    I thought that while funny at times, Kiririririririirririririirirrirririiriririno was just so god damn annoying that….it…….she……UGH!

    She’s why I gave this a 4.

    • Yi says:

      No love for Kiririn-sama?

      I can kind of understand that feeling. She can be soooo grating! Still, I think once the series is over, I just can’t keep hating her.

  26. bluedrakon says:

    OMG – that was a cosplay of the girl reporter from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s – never would of thought they do one of her??

  27. kluxorious says:

    I am still on episode 8 and unable to continue because Kiririn pissed me off too much. She ruins the whole show.

    • Yi says:

      Yea… She’s a spoiled brat. Hopefully at the end of the series, you can still find something a bit lovable about her like I do. ^ ^

  28. Fabrice says:

    The anime was alright, wont categories it as ”best” of the year or even season,
    im glad it was kept faithful to the novel and didnt go retarted like some adaptions… ^^”

    • Yi says:

      Same here. It’s very solid, but far far from the best of the year or the season. K-On!! easily took that spot. Even Arakawa Bridge x2 is close. Still, it’s a very nice series, and definitely one I would happily recommend.

      Love it!

  29. feal87 says:

    I still can’t find myself to bear Kirino’s personality unfortunately…:|

  30. Arashix says:

    Nice review, Yi. You keeping up with the OVA’s?

  31. @fkeroge says:

    This anime betrayed my expectations. And there I was, relating it to some deep societal references expecting a show that explores the nature of the otaku mind, but what I got was a pretty average adaptation. It wasn’t bad, but it’s not a masterpiece either. I felt that the whole anime was just to get some people to fanboy/fangirl over the characters.

    All that said, I still enjoyed it. I got my over-analytic side to work too much, though.

    • @fkeroge says:

      I haven’t watched the extra episodes yet too. I can’t handle webcast quality video. I’m weird like that.

      • Yi says:

        I was like that too… I really needed the higher quality videos. But then curiosity and repeated mentions of it finally got to me.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Also, am I the only one here not annoyed by Kirino? Sure, she can be quite a handful sometimes, but such is the nature of sisters in general. I have cousins like that too.

      • Overlord-G says:

        If you were a girl, I’d hug you. Why? Because you understand how I feel about Kirino. Sure she’s a type-A tsundere but what some fail to understand is that for the role that she plays, this personality works. She’s SUPPOSED to be this bad because it helps make her character more believable, at least that’s how I see it. I know people with Kirino’s characteristics…except they aren’t otakus.

        Make sure to never forget that Kuroneko rules over all in this show. I don’t know about Ruri Goko though.

      • Yi says:

        You’re not the only one! I feel the same way about Kirino. I think I made a specific point in the review about how that adds to the authenticity of the sibling relationship:

        “And, while Kirino can be very strangle-deserving and a huge pain at times, particularly when she treats Kyousuke unfairly, those moments only add to the love/ hate relationship that characterize most brother-sister dynamics.”

    • Yi says:

      Though it wasn’t a masterpiece, I thought it was not at all average either. At the very least, it lives up to the buzz, and gave us much to talk about. I think that’s worth at least some appreciation.

  32. shinra says:

    Just something to share…. I tried to mimic Hanazawa Kana ( aka KuroNeko and Angel Beat’s Tenshi) as the same voice as possible… Does it sound alike?

    Talk: http://twaud.io/qwBy
    Sing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B4fkR_lKjs&feature=related

    And yes, thats me… I’m 1000% not a seiyuu.

    • shinra says:

      sry… 2nd try… this time will try talk like the normal Hanazawa Kana. LoL

      • Yi says:

        OMG, you sound lovely! ♥
        And you’re a really good singer. ^ ^

        I’m actually really surprised at hearing your voice in a good way.

        • shinra says:

          LoL Thanks for the compliment. ^^ I was quiet surprised myself that i can mimic Hanazawa Kana… KuroNeko’s seiyuu too. XD

          I’ll try to cover Masquerade! with KuroNeko’s voice soon. ^^

        • Yi says:

          You really have a wonderful voice!

          Let me know when you a new cover. ^ ^

      • shinra says:

        Ok ^^ The next cover will be up in a week or 2…. and its the cover “Futari Sizuka” from Otome Youkai Zakuro by Hanazawa Kana and Hino Satoshi. (KuroNeko and Yuuji frm Shana)
        Freaking awesome song!!!

        P.S: Does it sounded like Hanazawa Kana (Tenshi, Anri, Nadeko, KuroNeko)

        • Yi says:

          That’s lovely to know! I can’t wait to hear your next one. ^ ^

          Also, yep yep. You do kind of sound like Hanazawa Kana.

  33. lovelyduckie says:

    LOL MAN reviews for this series are all over the place. Some make me feel that Kirino’s selfish/spoiled personality will be too much to put up with, and others (like yours) claim that this series hits its desired mark spot on. Maybe someday I’ll see for myself! My anime season happens to coincide with my boyfriend’s golf season. While he is off golfing 2 days a week I watch all the anime that I’ll like but he won’t.

    • Yi says:

      Hm… Reviews and opinions really are all over the place. All the more reason to watch it! There must be something in the anime worth discussing right?

      Anyway, all reviews and critiques are subjective by nature, and I think this might be worth checking out for yourself. ^ ^

      p.s. Kirino is indeed super annoying, but that’s one of her charms!

  34. E says:

    Eeek, even the title sounds a bit..incest-y

  35. I agree with you how disjointed it was. So I just thought, whatever, it’s kinda like slices of their lives. Still a bit hard to believe for Kirino to get a novel written, published and made into an anime within such a short time though ^^;

    • Yi says:

      I had a hard time believing Kirino could get a novel published and made into an anime in so little time as well, especially since she also succeeds in school, sports, and modelling. She’s quite the genius.

  36. Q says:

    I meant to comment on this shortly after I’ve finished watching this anime (which is round the time when this post was up actually), but got daunted by the long words in the first place – that’s just me though since I am not good at reading long passages in the first place (as well as writing long passages myself) ^^;

    Hm… What can I say about this series? I’ve decided to watch it after a colleague of mine gave me a bunch of anime series to watch, so “OreImo” is the first one I’ve decided to watch after feeling a lot of initial hype (I did hear the novel was good in the first place).

    I think I don’t mind the disjointed flow as much as I have thought now reading your thoughts about it. Probably due the way what I do from time to time is quite disjointed anyway, hence I am a little used to this nature. However I do have a hard time watching through a lot of awkward scenes here and there, and that really made me had a hard time motivating me watching the next episode. In fact I did stop watching twice before reminding myself that I ought to finish it. I guess some blatant fanservice and sexual awkward moments (which seems to be quite common in many series nowadays, but then I can be generalising) really is not my cup of tea.

    But there are some interesting things shown in this series. One is the negative social perspective on “otakus”, which is a concerning issue in societies, and it’s noticeable in Asian societies. Prejudices and media exploitations are easily seen in real life. The other one being how animation is not as glorious or easy to do as one might think, the way how directors and staff explained to Kirino about how her requests cannot be fulfilled with a snap of a finger shows that (well how her online published novel can get so popular in such a short time with animation studio considering it animated after just 1 volume out puzzles me), although things got kinda overthrown a bit with Kyousuke orzing and begged them to fulfil his sister’s wishes. As you said, some of these subplots don’t seem to finish off fully, for example we don’t get to see Kirino’s book getting animated at all. Oh well.

    Kirino’s sense of fashion is believable, and is not just random clothings pulled out from wardrobes. Some of them will be what I will expect some teenage girls will wear (even though I have poor fashion sense), but seeing her wearing something new each episode and some I’d think “that looks good even on the streets” gives me a thumbs up there.

    I do applaud how Kyousuke decides to go all out for his sister for all sorts of stuff, and the way he slowly gets involved in her sister’s hobby does get the two closer, even though there is a lot of mixed relationship between them. Now thinking about it, it makes me glad that my (older) sister is nothing like Kirino in terms of brattiness…

    • Yi says:

      Thanks for leaving such a detailed comment!! I try to cut my posts shorter, but sometimes I go on and on and on… Sorry about that!

      For me, the flow was a huge problem. I dedicated an entire post on it. Still, considering everything else, it’s forgivable.
      I didn’t have much problem with the awkward scenes and fan service on the other hand, but I can see how that can be off putting.

      I do like the otaku social aspect of the series. While things are not fully explained or tied up really nicely, I appreciate that it at least touches on the issue.

      I really liked Kirino’s outfits. It’s a little young for me now, but it looks adorable on teenagers!! Loved it. ^ ^

      “Now thinking about it, it makes me glad that my (older) sister is nothing like Kirino in terms of brattiness…”
      Haha, I think brattiness usually comes from the younger sibling. Not sure about you, but I’m pretty sure I was a bratty little mean thing.

      Anyway, thanks again for the long detailed thoughts! And thanks for reading. ^ ^

  37. Xine says:

    I first read about this anime when I saw the Nendoroid version of Kirino. I got curious because she has this tsun tsun face which is really cute. Lol. I just started watching this, the plot seems interesting and your review makes me want to see how the story unfolds. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yi says:

      The Kirino nendo is super cute! The plot is nice, but I think Kirino can be pretty grating. It’s a pretty good anime overall though, and I’d say a solid recommendation.

  38. Anime says:

    Great story line..one of my favrites….thanks for sharing

  39. Richard says:

    I loved the story, as it had great potential. However one large flaw i saw where the main characters. Seriously, I’ve never been so irritated by main characters before. You have Kyouske who is just plain, and lacking an interesting personality. But the real bother is Kirino. Honestly. Shes a complete and utter bitch (please excuse my language, but it’s the word that fits best) that wouldn’t be accepted in modern society contrary to the anime. Come on; no one likes people who cant even go a few seconds without either complaining or screaming/fighting, let alone someone who cant admit their real feelings. All in all, this anime is great and i cant wait for the last episode of the OVA. But sometimes it becomes truly irritating.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed that Kyousuke is kind of bland and that Kirino is a bit of a self-centered jerk, but I think at least, their dynamic is interesting.

      Also, I’d actually think Kirino would function very well in our society. She is pretty, talented, and confident, all qualities that would make her succeed regardless of how pushy she is. In fact, I think her bossy personality is actually something to be admired. I certainly would like to be her friend in real life I think. Of course, to an outside observer, Kirino is super annoying. I also got really annoyed watching her being so mean sometimes.

      As irritating as it is though, I think she’s the reason the anime’s plot is so interesting. I found the OVA a bit lacking without her dominating presence.

      Anyway, thanks for visiting and commenting!

  40. MyHatsOffToYou says:

    “…….the way the arcs and episodes are spliced together feel choppy.”

    I would disagree on that. Even though the anime is mostly centered around Kirino, I think that having the episode where we can learn more about Aniki’s (Kyousuke’s) childhood friend is a good breather. It brings out more emphasis on the “silce-of-life” part of the anime (since Aniki can’t always stay by Kirino can he? He IS a normal dude and have friends) and it also shows how lonely Kirino was without a person to brag about her new toy IRL.

    This is (arguably) one of the best comedy / slice-of-life anime I’ve ever seen. May I suggest putting this title on the “Recommendations” page?

    • Yi says:

      I do agree that it’s good to try to expand beyond the core cast to see snippets of other character’s lives. I’m only criticizing how Ore no Imouto goes about this. The execution disrupted the flow so much that it became distracting. I think if there is better pacing and ordering, than those episodes could be a very good breather. Again, it’s not as much of an issue of what content, but rather the execution. I think the poor execution makes what would otherwise be a good refresher into a distraction.

      As for the “slice-of-life,” I’m not sure if that’s the best description for this anime, nor am I convinced that the anime ever tried to be or have elements of one. But then again, there’s a lot of debate on what the term means, arguments that I don’t want to get into really.

      In any case, the anime is really good, but it falls just short of being one of the best for me.

      Thanks for the comment, MyHatsOffToYou. ^ ^

  41. JTMaster says:

    This series is amazing and was well worth the buy when I got the limited edition box set. It’s definitely in my top ten favorite animes of all time. Right up there with Blue Exorcist, Soul Eater, FMA, Infinite Stratos, Death Note, and others of the like. Ohhh and by the way, the last two images on this review actually came from a full color doujinshi. I know this cause I bought it. Halfway through it there is some nice artwork. Still not sure what the title of the book is. Just google “Active Mover*Cross Hearts” and you will get a few links to the book. Ohhh and yes it’s an H doujin, so watch out.

    • Yi says:

      While I wouldn’t necessarily call Ore no Imouto my favorite anime of all time, it’s certainly something I enjoyed a lot. I really had a good time with this series.

      Anyway, thanks for pointing out the sources of the last two images. I tend to use a lot of unofficial art to complement my reviews, and I thought those looked nice. I had kind of guessed they were likely from some doujin. In any case, I’ll check them out for the nice artwork. ^ ^

      Thanks for visiting and the comment!

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