A Volume on Fashion in Anime – Victorique and Kurumi’s Hair

gosick gothic lolita fashion victorique de broix

Hair is an indispensable element in both anime and fashion. In anime, hair is often important in making characters unique. Likewise in fashion, hairstyles are necessary tools to creating beautiful, cohesive looks. This is a short post on a particular aspect of hairstyles: volume.

Gosick Victorique voluminous blonde hair

Lately I have been in love with girls with voluminous hair. [1] Victorique from Gosick offers a prime example. [2]

Gosick Victorique voluminous blonde hair

Such gorgeous, luscious hair! I really want to run my fingers through those gorgeous strands and locks.

Kimi ni Todoke Kurumi Sawako cheek squeeze

One important thing to note is that voluminous hair is not about length. Sure, having sufficiently long hair is needed to build volume, but just having long hair is not enough. The distinction is one between length and depth.

KimiTodo Sawako hairstyle

Take for example Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke. She has very pretty long black hairs that flow down her back. However, they do not quite have that size and “bounce,” nor are they as layered. [3]

Kimi ni Todoke Kurumi voluminous hair

Now let us look at Sawako’s rival in love, Kurumi (who is obviously the better girl). [4] The difference is clear. Although Sawako actually has longer hair, Kurumi has much more volume. Such full rich hair gives Kurumi a very luxurious presence. I love her!

KimiTodo Kurumi hair tear

Of course, adding volume to hair takes some time and skill. The process involves specific styling and blow drying techniques, appropriate brushes, and good moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and mousse. I would guess Sawako does not know much about any of this. On the other hand, Kurumi clearly takes really good care of herself. [5] And it makes her that much more adorable.


  1. In a earlier post –Lovely Himeko from K-On! – Pygmalion of Minor Characters– I mentioned really liking Wakaouji Ichigo. It is also largely because of her hair.
  2. Marina makes a great point about Victorique’s hair in the comments.
  3. I also really like Sawako’s hairstyle even if it is not as voluminous; I am a huge fan of straight fringe and hime cuts. But that is the topic for another post.
  4. All in jest. While Kurumi is my favorite, I do not think anyone can hate Sawako.
  5. For the considerably less screentime Kurumi gets, she boasts several hairstyles, which is far more than any other character in Kimi ni Todoke or even in most anime have. Kimi ni Todoke Kurumi hairstyleKimi ni Todoke Kurumi crying
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81 Responses to A Volume on Fashion in Anime – Victorique and Kurumi’s Hair

  1. EmperorG says:

    Hmm, hair, hair, hair…to pick a woman with natural, believable, non Final Fantasy fashioned hairstyle (Believe me, FF villains have the most ludicrous hairstyles) I would have to go for Tomoe-sama from Queen’s Blade. I tend to have a weakness form girls with black hair. Length isn’t important, just the fact that they have black hair gets me. Though I have yet to see KnT, I can already tell Sawako’s my #1 target to check out. Another Victorique’s hairstyle is win because it’s long, gold and swift.
    Kurumi also sounds like a badass from your descriptions and admiration of her “in your face” style, which is the impression the pics are showing me.

    • Yi says:

      I really like Tomoe from Queen’s Blade too because I love hime cuts: the straight edged bangs followed by a long flowing straight hair. They’re beautiful!

      If you do watch Kimi ni Todoke, I wonder if you’ll be on Kurumi’s side… There’s a lot of people (perhaps most?) who don’t like her, and I can understand why. She’s really manipulative and does a lot of little stuff to mess up Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship.

  2. Marina says:

    Ah, I had fun reading this post; what a delightful topic! Since I’m a girl myself, and a girl who loves doing my hair, I’ve always taken an interest in the hair styles of my favorite female characters. I’m glad you made a distinction between volume and length though, since I can definitely see people confusing the two.

    While I agree that Kurumi is a good candidate for volume, I do not think Victorique fits into that role as well. Her hair is extremely long, yes, and the curls give an illusion of volume, but I see her as a girl with fine, wavy hair. *shrug* But I’m sure plenty of people disagree.
    Aisaka Taiga exemplifies voluminous hair the best to me, which you can see best at the top of her head where the hair literally rises up instead of lying flat against her skull.

    Aisaka Taiga voluminous hair

    • Yi says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

      About Victorique… The curls near the bottom do give that large voluminous feel and I really just want to hug that part! It goes straight down but really flops and expands out at the end, making it look so huggable. ^ ^

      As for the upper parts, definitely agreed. Her hairstyle and her cut resemble the classic hime-cut and don’t quite have the same type of size. There are a few shots that give a voluminous look, but in general, it’s a lot flatter than Kurumi’s.

      I think I probably should have emphasized the thick wavy bottom parts. I actually spent quite a bit of time looking for a clear screenshot of Victorique that kind of showcases her volume, but in the end, I got too tired. Haha.

      Thanks for pointing this out! ^ ^ I’ll put an addendum in the notes.

      Also, agreed about Aisaka Taiga! I should really watch Toradora.

      p.s. Hotlink to danbooru removed for various reasons and image posted instead. I hope you don’t mind. ^ ^

  3. VucubCaquix says:

    You like hair? I think you’d like Emma’s in Victorian Romance Emma.

    Part of it is a consequence of the mangaka’s growing technical skill as the series continues, but while Emma keeps her hair in a pretty fierce bun at first, in later chapters when she lets it down as she’s about to sleep… it’s just… resplendent.

    • Yi says:

      Oh I sure do love hair!

      After hearing all these lovely things about Emma, I’m definitely going to check it out once I have time. The details and the Victorian flavors are just too alluring to pass up.

  4. shinra says:

    For some reason…. I prefer Anastasia’s hair from Gosick… and 2nd would be Victorique. Anastasia’s hair just makes me mune kyun even if she’s a side character who only appears not more than 15 mins in the whole anime. LoL

    I like hair styles like Aria from Seitokai Yakuindomo or charlotte from I.S…. you know, the warm cuddling fluffy type?? (okay, I’m not good at explaining. :C) Something like Mugi, Hellscythe, Reo or Victorique and yes, Anastasia.

    Another type that I really like would be cool hair styles like Lightning (FF XIII) or Misaka Mikoto. 😀

    • Yi says:

      It took me a while to find out who Anastasia is since I haven’t seen episode 10 yet, but I like her hair too.

      As for Aria and Charlotte, I’m not familiar with them either, but a quick google search does the job. I think they’re both fine, but not really my favorite thing. Same with Misaka.

      Mugi and Reo, on the other hand, do give me that warm cuddling fluffy feeling. ^ ^ I like their hair too.

  5. Duqs says:

    i thought you were referring to kurumi of air gear XD

    Voluminous hair rocks, i’d have to agree on that

  6. Nopy says:

    I’m lucky that I’m not a girl, I just wake up in the morning and my hair is perfectly fine. I do appreciate people that take the time to style their hair though, it’s so much more pleasing to the eyes.

    • Ristlin says:

      Lucky.. Im not a girl either but I still have to spend like 10mins every morning to do my hair in order for it to be socially accptable ==’. And Im not talking about just combing it with water either, I have to iron it to stop making it look like some visual kei j-rock lead’s hairstyle if his makeup artist decided to try combing with his own teeth

    • Yi says:

      @Nopy: Haha you’re lucky. It can be quite a pain to always have to take care of one’s hair.
      “I do appreciate people that take the time to style their hair though, it’s so much more pleasing to the eyes.”
      Same here. It makes me happy whenever I see gorgeous hair. Haha. ^ ^

      @Ristlin: Sounds like quite a bit of work, but it’s important to look good, right?

  7. Ristlin says:

    I prefer Victorique’s hair over Kurumi’s ultra-fuwa fuwa type, her hair jst feel more neat and natural while still retaining a really cute look. I actually like it when hair doesnt rise from the back in a really big puffy shape because it just looks so much more balanced. But this might be because I always try to make my hair straight because they have a tendency to puff up and annoy me…

    • Yi says:

      I’m actually the opposite. Comparatively, I like Kurumi’s ultra fluffy, large hairstyle. It seems like it’d be nice to stroke through her puffy hair. I just want to give it a huge hug!

      Although I think this might just be a phase induced by Kurumi. The straight hime-cut used to be my favorite.

  8. lvlln says:

    Ah, voluminous hair. Can indeed be quite beautiful when done well. I feel like Belldandy might be a candidate. Or adult Nia.

    Also, Kurumi is awesome! Can’t help but dislike her a bit, but that’s her role, and she plays it in a pretty lovable way. I’m no fan of Aya Hirano, but she’s a perfect fit for that role.

    • Yi says:

      I think Belldandy does qualify. Her hair has quite a lot of depth and it really gives her quite the divine look. Not sure who adult Nia is… And putting that into the search engine was sort of a mistake haha.

      I guess you’re not a fan of Kurumi… I can understand why though. I think there are a lot of people who hate the way she approaches things, and I think if I were Sawako’s friend in real life, I’d absolutely hate her to death. But for some reason, watching her do all her little things to pull Sawako and Kazehaya apart made me love her so much. I have a huge crush on her now.

      And Aya Hirano really is perfect for that role.

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  12. Solaris says:

    Back to the times art style was yet poor, hairstyle was important to recognize the char at all. Did you ever ask yourself why do anime chars have such colours? And why the fashion to use weird colours grew weaker and weaker since art style itself improved?
    Hairstyle is part of the character image. It’s usually not just there for fashion, but as personality complement. The colour is very important too. This topic crosses also with that of stereotypes, and still everything is done only for the sake of letting the audience immediately recognize a char as having specific traits.
    The girl with long straight black hair is part of the Yamato Nadeshiko stereotype.
    Victorique should be a tsundere, but her style is quite different. Authors preferred to go for a mix of style based on gothloli. Victorique actually sums up more than a single stereotype such as tsundere and princess traits. That points to a very unique mix that adds points to Victorique as the most original one, thus being still pretty much tied to stereotypes, without the audience being able to figure it immediately. Victorique is the only reason many still watch Gosick that’s pretty failing in its own storytelling. Let’s not forget that.
    That tvtropes site pretty much has all the infos you’re looking at. I suggest paying up a visit, and than we could discuss it. Here’s the hair page.

    • Yi says:

      Old school anime tends to suffer from same-face phenomenon a lot. Sailor Moon girls all essentially look the same except with different wigs and colors. Same with Dragonball Z. It’s so nice to see production values come such a long way since decades ago. Further, I’ve never really like weird color hairs in anime grounded in real life, unless it was done specifically to denote a girls’ fashion style. So it’s nice to see such uses on the decline in general.

      “Hairstyle is part of the character image. It’s usually not just there for fashion, but as personality complement… This topic crosses also with that of stereotypes, and still everything is done only for the sake of letting the audience immediately recognize a char as having specific traits.”

      Good point and agreed. I’d like to add a further nuance to that. I like the way anime such as Kimi Todo or K-On! approaches fashion and personality. It’s not merely sticking to stereotypes. For example, we get a sense that Sawako and Mio sport such hairstyles because they both prefer not to stand out too much, so they don’t do anything too fancy other than the cut. And that is reminiscent of the Yamato Nadeshiko because they don’t flaunt their styles. But Yamato Nadeshiko do not completely define them. In these cases, it feels natural for Sawako and Mio to have the straight bangs.

      On the other hand, there are times when this kind of hairstyle-personality association prioritizes the stereotype too much. For example, I groan whenever I see a white haired pretty boy. There is no reason for that unnatural color other than his being a pretty boy, so by the conventions of anime, he must have white hair. Being so fixated on the stereotypes can make characters really boring. Luckily, Sawako doesn’t suffer from that.

      I’m not sure if I explained that clearly… I guess the main distinction boils down to whether it feels natural for someone to have a particular hairstyle.

      But anyway, I think that’s why Victorique is a wonderful character. Her fashion and her style isn’t as much based on anime stereotypes as it is on the story as a whole. She wears Victorian era clothes because of the setting, and she has long blonde hair… because it looks great on her.

      I’ve been on TV tropes before and wasted hours on it… It really sucks you in…

      p.s. I hate antennas.
      p.p.s. I was really harsh on the first few episodes of Gosick, but the latest arcs are actually really engaging for me. Victorique is a reason for that, but I think it’s also because I get a real sense of suspense with these episodes.

      • Solaris says:

        Sure stereotypes come in handy when expressing characters visually, but that’s exactly the difference between sloppy and a great character design.
        Notice as how much sloppy animes just resort to the basics when it comes to design both the visual appearence of chars and their own char.
        Look at Victorique. As long as her char is still a combination of stereotypes, they are still adding depth. They cleverly unrelated her look from basic stereotypes as it could generate confusion, and went for gothic lolita style as a mean to add personality. Still she has visual traits that suggest an eerie appearance, she’s tiny as to letting people want to protect her, but she’s got princess traits too just to keep a safe distance.
        Victorique is indeed a masterpiece of moe, but yet she’s quite far from the real ‘deep’ char with her own psychology.
        The best examples that come in my mind as for now are Evangelion’s.
        A true ‘living’ char has a whole deepness that surpasses stereotypes: Just notice how much the classical sterotypes don’t apply to Shinji, Asuka or even Rei unless at surface. As a matter of fact stereotypes don’t apply to them, as they are pretty much useful as a first level reference for the chars themselves.
        PS: The ‘pretty white haired bishonen’ has its own meaning too. Just remember how white is the colour of death in eastern culture, isn’t it? A pretty boy enlightens the virtue and perfection by the means of ideal beauty, but white shifted it to evil. That is to say the white haired guy references ideal evil.
        I recently was watching Queen’s Blade and a fight in there did just show this. There is a perfect example of a Yamato Nadesiko in there, that eventually becomes corrupted at one point and her hairs turn completely white, so that with her own char being emptied and turned evil.
        PS: There’s a broken link in my previous link about gothic lolita style. Could you fix it please?

        • Yi says:

          Agreed totally about the use of stereotypes. That was the point I was making about the hair styles feeling organic. Mio and Sawako and Victorique’s all feel organic, as opposed to some others.

          As for white hair, I think Queen’s Blade’s Tomoe is a good example of a great use of it. (She’s one reason I love Queen’s Blade so much). Tomoe’s eventual white hair is a product of her “demonizing” as she carries on the spirit of her friend. And white haired demons are a modern take on traditional folklore: traditional artworks depicting hell, oni, demons, and such rarely have white hair characters, but modern fictions often incorporate white hair demons and ghosts and such. I find characters with white that vaguely reference that to be really cool, i.e. Tomoe, Jiraya from Naruto, and Mashiro from Mai Hime.

          As for the white color symbolizing death… It’s there, but it depends a lot on the context. Really pale white skin can look sickly, but that’s a physical fact. White clothing is indeed the color for funerals services. But white hair never had any specific death meaning until anime and its fans came along.

          Now white hair is associated with all the things said on TVtropes, and every time I see a white hair emo bishonen, I roll my eyes. I doubt most bishonens with white hair are given that color for any other reason except that “it’s so special and cool”. There’s no particular reason like there is for Tomoe or for Naruto’s Jiraya or for Mai Hime’s Mashiro. And that makes most of them sloppy designs in my opinion. (It doesn’t mean I won’t like them still though).

          Sorry for the rant. I’m not sure if I explained the distinction very well. I hope I got my meaning across. I feel like we’re often on the same side but not necessarily on the same page… Like we’re arguing the exact same points. Haha.

          p.s. The site it’s supposed to link to has stripped out. Do you mind posting the link again?

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  14. lovelyduckie says:

    I always liked how Kurumi’s hair looked on the colored images of her from the manga. I myself have curly/thick hair and I like seeing characters with thick curly hair, their hair is like what I WISH mine was. Because in anime I think the animators skip over the unattractive strands of fly aways that pop up all over my head during the day 🙂

    • Yi says:

      Yea I love Kurumi on the manga covers too. She’s so adorable!

      “I think the animators skip over the unattractive strands of fly aways that pop up all over my head during the day ”
      I know what you’re talking about! I have pretty thick hair myself too. Still, that gave me a funny image of your hair popping up all over the place and defying any attempts to keep them down. ^ ^

  15. Abscissa says:

    ‘…Kurumi (who is obviously the better girl). The difference is clear. Although Sawako actually has longer hair, Kurumi has much more volume. Such full rich hair gives Kurumi a very luxurious presence. I love her!’
    I haven’t seen Kimi ni Todoke, but I like how you’re so bias… I guess my view about Sawako is already tainted. ^^

    • Yi says:

      Haha yea. I have such a huge crush on her, and I guess it really shows. But honestly, Sawako is lovely too, and I can’t see anyone disliking her. In fact, by contrast, Kurumi has a bunch of haters. Well, Kurumi is pretty manipulative and underhanded. But that’s what makes her so cool!

  16. I love Victorique’s hair…it’s so pretty it makes me jealous. I’m stuck with awful, curly-as-hell hair that is a nightmare to take care of. (Everyone who isn’t me loves it.)

    And I’m a bit amused, because a friend of mine just started watching Kimi ni Todoke last night and was bitching about how much she hates Kurumi.

    • Yi says:

      I’m sure your hair is lovely! Even if it does take a lot of work to maintain, but that’s the price of having good hair right?

      Anyway, Kurumi seems to be quite a polarizing figure. I tend to really like the meaner girls though. Haha.

      Well, if you ever watch KimiTodo, I’m curious whose team you’d be on.

  17. Itachi says:

    Hair sometimes determines the personality of the character. For some typical anime, based on the hairstyle, sometimes, I can guess the personality of the character even on the first glance. So, hairstyle is an important traits which gives lives to characters personality.
    For some anime, the face design and proportion of all character looks almost the same. Hairstyle is the only things to determine the character.
    I like the way of K-on girls hairstyle, especially Mio. The movement of the hair and the details sometimes gives some special traits to the character and it makes me want to find the specific scene again.Its like showing the beauty of that specific character.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed about hair being important trait to showcase personality. Some anime goes overboard with it though when it relies too heavily on the tropes. Fortunately, most of my favorite anime and characters don’t fall into that trap.

      I really enjoy watching Mio move around too. ^ ^

  18. hoshiko says:

    “I would guess Sawako does not know much about any of this” – I ROFL-ed on this one. I imagine the same. Ayane should teach her a thing or two. 😉

    I love your choices here. I like both Victorique and Kurumi’s hair as well. They’re oh-so-fluffy. While I like them, I personally think this style is hard to maintain. I had to make sure they don’t stick out in different directions every morning, and that can be time-consuming >.<

    • Yi says:

      Sawako’s lucky she’s naturally gorgeous and don’t really need too much care. And I’m sure Ayane is there to help out on those special occasions when Sawako needs to look extra pretty (for Kazehaya).

      I love the fluffy hair too! But yea, Kurumi’s hair must take so much work.

  19. Persocom says:

    What about unicorn man from Gosick? His hair pierces the heavens! Really though, I also love characters with massive hair volume, like Victorique. Shiki is a recent anime where unique hairstyles really shine., I think the creators should receive an award for creativity. Chi from Chobits is another girl with massive hair volume that I adore. Actually there are several CLAMP characters with such kind of hair. I’ve tried keeping long hair and it takes a lot of work, too much for me.

    • Yi says:

      I’ve heard about Shiki’s hairstyles, but I haven’t actually gotten a chance to watch the anime. I should though, if only for those wacky dos.

      Chi could probably qualify, especially when you look at the bottom of her hair where there’s a really large curve. Near the top, it’s less volume. This is the same as Victorique, where near the top, her hair resembles more of the straight flatter style of Sawako.

      Not sure if I explained that well. Check out Marina’s comment and my reply above.

      CLAMP’s Kunogi Himawari is a pretty good example of volume, as opposed to Yuuko, whose hair is simply long.

      CLAMP xxxHolic Kunogi Himawari ichihara yuuko

  20. Aya says:

    can’t follow this, seems that I like Short hair more ^^ and like Persocom mention above yeah characters By ClAMP including the one in code geass

    • Yi says:

      Short hair is nice too. I guess to each her own. ^ ^
      By the way, I have phases when I’m really into short hair too. I really liked Canaan some time ago. For right now though, I have my eyes set on voluminous hair.

  21. bluedrakon says:

    Not too much thought about the hair – except maybe the color. It is interesting how the hair may actually make the character more appealing that most.I like Victorique long hair as it does give her a more ‘doll’ look than a person.

    I had a neighbor that hair that went past her ass and I found her more attractive then her friends with shorter hair. Maybe there is something to that – hummmm

    • Yi says:

      Hair really can make or break a character design, and I like how some anime really pays close attention to how the girls wear their hair.

      Although I have days when I love short hair (usually because of certain people or characters), most of the time, I still prefer long and thick hairstyles. I don’t really know why…

  22. Very interesting post Yi, I have to say that the volume of a characters hair really shows off their personality and emotions. It just captures your attention and never lets go of it.

  23. fathomlessblue says:

    Nice to know I’m not the only Kurumi supporter, I mean Sawako’s nice and all but KnT needs more people with attitude and bitchiness.

    I really appreciate the effort that’s been put into Kurumi’s hair both in volume, and the numerous styles that she carries off; everytime I see her sporting a new look, I’m reminded of that first episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, where Haruhi changes her hairstyle for every day of the week. Attention to detail like that is great, plus it adds to her rather vain personality.

    Still, if I had to commend any character’s hair in KnT, I’d pick Ayane’s. That probably has a lot to do with my overwhelming bias for her character, still I think she has a great look; a bit curly, and ever so slightly bedraggled/unkempt, in an effortlessly fashionable sense. She has the look of someone who’s stylish without even trying. Sorry Kurumi, you can change your hair as many times as you want, but as far as I’m concerned all Ayane has to is put her hair in a side ponytail and the battle is won.

    Kurumi Ayane side ponytail

    • Yi says:

      I like girls with a bit more attitude too, and I’ve always loved the manipulative, smart, somewhat evil girls.

      Ayane’s the other really fashionable girl, and arguably more so than Kurumi. I do like her look too, and she also dresses really nicely. Still, just as you have your biases, I have mine. ^ ^

      Though I have to admit Ayane looks really nice in that screenshot.

      p.s. T.H.A.T. Anime Blog’s screenshot link replaced by an image for various reasons. I hope you don’t mind.

      • fathomlessblue says:

        Ha, well the cast of KnT is pretty awesome all round, so your onto a winner no matter who you prefer….

        …unless it’s Kazehaya. XD

        Oh, and cheers for changing that image around, I was tired when I wrote that post, and it only occurred to me later how rude it might be considered to nick/link to another site without permission. I Don’t want to annoy the guys at THAT, so thanks again. 😛

        • Yi says:

          Haha yea, I don’t really like Kazehaya either. I don’t dislike him, but there’s nothing interesting there to make me like him either.

  24. ryo_kun says:

    Good point you made there. In fact, in real life situations, the first thing I’d take notice of a girl is, of course the hair. Which pretty much describe what kind of girl she is. Well, girls with voluminous hair is alright but I personally prefer girls with long silky hair and a fringe on the front, be it a 2D or 3D girl. And Sawako would be a fine example. =)

    • Yi says:

      I wouldn’t say hair totally describes who the girl is in real life or in anime, particularly in real life. But it is part of her image.

      Anyway, long silky hair are nice too. ^ ^

  25. Cell says:

    Yea, one of the reasons why I love Reo from Hanabira so much is because of her long and puffy hair. Of course, Straight hair is also nice – not only hime-cuts, but short hair too (I love Mia’s and Syouko’s hair).

    • Yi says:

      Yea, Reo is a pretty good example of voluminous hair, and I really like her because of that (among other reasons).

      While I love puffy hair now, I still really like straight hair too, and short hair at times. Syouko is awesome! Her look reminds me of Mai a lot.

  26. CainHyde says:

    “Such gorgeous, luscious hair! I really want to run my fingers through those gorgeous strands and locks.”
    I also often thinking like that everytime I see character with long and/or fluffy hair. ^^
    For me, rather than normal sexy feature of female character, hair and face is more important for me. (Excluding their personality)

    To be honest, this is also one of the reason why I enjoy watching/reading anime, manga and game more than those real adult or sexy female picture and video.
    I rarely see any model in those video or picture have hair that interest me.
    While in manga, anime, and games I can find it easily.

    I don’t really follow fashion news, but at least in my country short hair or simple hair seems to be popular among the teen to adult female.
    Other than the not-much care needed advantages, I don’t really understand why older female prefer short hair.
    I personally think long silky hair or fluffy hair is cute and the cuteness itself outweigh the disadvantages of long or fluffy hair. (The time needed to prepare the hair)
    If I can have the opportunity to have that kind of hair, I think I wouldn’t refuse it.
    I would be able to play with that silky hair as much as I want to.
    Unfortunately since I’m not female, it’s not possible at all…

    Btw in real life, how would long voluminous or fluffy hair looks like?

    • Yi says:

      For me, face and hair is a very important part of a girl’s looks, and so I pay attention to that as well.

      Short hair has its charms too, and it’s so much easier to take care of by so much. And it doesn’t necessarily fit everyone. So athough I enjoy people with long fluffy hair, I still wouldn’t do it myself.

      As for real life, I think Kurumi is actually a fairly realistic portrayal of what it could look like. Google search for voluminous hair gives pretty good results too.

      • CainHyde says:

        I think some of those voluminous hair is still cuter than short hair.
        Yeah… definitely.
        Although similar like what you said, it seem not everyone looks really good with those hair.

        • Yi says:

          I think the most important thing about fashion is finding a look you’re comfortable with. Long hair, short hair, it all depends what you can walk around confidently in.

  27. softz says:

    Well said. Hair does make an anime character looks unique. It also makes a person look pretty/handsome/ugly. I bet most girls hate a bad-hair-day, that include guys too. Those girls having pretty hair (long lustrous or wavy) will spur the curiosity of the guys. We would tend to walk faster with the eagerness to see her face 🙂

    • Yi says:

      Agreed. Hair really can make quite a difference and quite an impression on both genders. Whenever I see a girl with beautiful hair from behind, I get really curious about what she looks like too.

  28. Reltair says:

    What…you have to do all those things just to add volume to hair? So much work.

    But yeah, a character’s hairstyle is one of the main features that helps to make them unique and memorable.

    • Yi says:

      It really is quite a bit of work, isn’t it? Not to mention all the proper hair care stuff you have to do to maintain good healthy hair…

  29. necro says:

    And i had 1 meter long hairs, and they are gona mostly, just 1/5 of that left~~, and they were curly, this is sad think for me but it was a heavenly punishment for being pretty. Anyway about hairstyles in anime i love hime-cut, my favorite hair has Enma Ai from Jigoku shoujo, and if it come i prefer black straight hairs, and if it comes to blond i prefer them curly~~, And victirque has adorable hairs as well, but why blonde, it makes me suffer thou it fits her loli image. And About KnT still need to watched i heard its really good, so gonna give it a try.

    • Yi says:

      A meter long hair? Oh my gosh… I can’t even imagine the amount of effort that must go into taking care of it. I’m really impressed. ^ ^

      “it was a heavenly punishment for being pretty. ”
      Haha, can’t have everything I guess.

      Anyway, hime-cut used to be my favorite right before I started watching Kimi Todo. My current love for this style mostly stems from a love for Kurumi. This phase with voluminous wavy hair may pass soon once the series ends. And once it does, I’ll go back to my old favorite: hime-cuts. It’s just such a classy look!

      I kind of think Victorique’s hime-cut works really well with her blonde hair. It gives a really interesting doll-like feel.

      Anyway, I highly recommend Kimi ni Todoke. It’s probably my favorite among the series I’m watching currently.

      • necro says:

        Started watching KnT am in half of first season(thou cant download later episode till better internet is fixed). MY though about it its like Sawako acts so immature its scares at some moments, she lacks common sense, kinda scary thou i like about her that she can put her thoughs so logical, and its side i like about her. Anyway i like most Yano-chin, she is just to awesome, so clear judgement of whats going around really impressed me, how she took down Kurumi shames, on side Kurumi is kinda strong as well and pretty clever, anyway need to watch rest, but this random working internet is just bad ><, and i wanted to watch new season animes, btw ore no imo has a new episode which was broadcasted online, and its awesome i love Kuroneko she is the best, and i pray for a certain ending, thou i dont want to spoil^^.

        • Yi says:

          Agreed mostly. Sawako’s naivete is both scary and charming. I really like her. Yano-chin is also really cool. She’s such a tough girl! And of course, Kurumi. You know my thoughts on her. ^ ^

          I’m holding off on the OreImo extra episodes for now, but I’ve always loved Kuroneko.

          p.s. Hope you get better internet soon!

  30. Accelerator says:

    I dont know why, but I get the feeling you’d love Ookami Ryouko’s hair
    I do!
    Maybe even the personality, minus the manipulative though
    You only find that in the most devious =)

    • Yi says:

      I checked out some images of her, and I adore her hair in several shots, especially the ones where she has puffy hair!

  31. Accelerator says:

    And maybe the same thing for Nemuru Kushinada

  32. Accelerator says:

    Eh…? Ookami with puffy hair? Never seen it.

  33. Accelerator says:

    Ah, I get it. Forgive me, im still alittle naive on this topic.

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