Lovely Himeko from K-On! – Pygmalion of Minor Characters

k-on! matsuryuu tachibana himeko

Some time ago, I tweeted about a lovely yuri K-ON! doujinshi featuring a very unlikely pair, Tachibana Himeko and Hirasawa Yui. [1]

Himeko Yui yuri K-On! - After School in the Third Year (Sakayama Shinta) 03

A subtle romance, the doujinshi is tinted with the slightest hint of restrained love. The story is cute, but very short and obscure. I am surprised at just how much I enjoyed it, and, even more so, at how much I enjoyed Himeko.

Tachibana Himeko K-On cait

Himeko is a very minor character in K-On! Her role is only a sliver more significant than faceless passersby. In two seasons, she probably has at most ten lines. She is simply the girl who sits next to Yui. Yet Himeko seems to have captured many’s, including my own, fancy. Long before I read this doujinshi, I had already known her [2]. In an anime so character driven, it seems odd that a wallflower with almost no development, personality, or even screen time would be recognized, let alone memorable.

K-On! class 3-2 chart chibi fujii chika iida keiko kikuchi tae oota ushio saeki mika sano keiko satou akane seifuku taki eri tsuchiya ai wajima maki yada masumi

This could be a testament both to the popularity of K-On! and, not unrelated, its ability to make every detail count, from minute character growths to animation quality to even a whole class of supporting cast. The incredible care K-On! gives to building a complete world for Houkago Tea Time extends to the minor characters; each student in class 3-2 has her own unique face and name. As such, if we were to immerse in this slice-of-life, noticing and taking a liking to these girls would be easy.

hirasawa yui tachibana himeko k-on yuri sakayama shinta

Additionally, fan generated materials continue to build on the girls’ presence and develop their characters. For example, Himeko is often portrayed as having a secret crush on Yui (Oh Himeko, you adorable stalker!). [3] I find that especially fascinating since those feelings have little basis in K-On! other than the two being friendly table mates. However, the fans have sculpted Himeko to be this wonderful, interesting girl.

K-On Hirsawa Yui Tachibana Himeko yuri Shinya

Perhaps Himeko may shed some light on our general fascination with minor characters. Having merely the basic characteristics – appearance, name, and role in the series – and bare minimum development, Himeko provides a perfect skeleton for our imagination. She has the raw potential and freshness for fan fiction authors and doujinshi artists to expand on. Similarly we can latch onto her relative obscurity, and, to a certain degree, claim her as our own. In some sense, Himeko and other such minor characters [4] appeal to our inner Pygmalion.

k-on! syakatan wakaouji ichigo side character

As for me, while Himeko is charming, I have my eyes set on Wakaouji Ichigo, the kuudere lost in her own little world. I love her hair! [5] [6]


  1. This short K-On! yuri doujinshi with Himeko and Yui is by pixiv artist, Sakayama Shinta. Downloads for English translations are in the comments.
  2. I first started paying attention to Himeko after reading Smithy’s post.
  3. Himeko is also often paired with another side character, Asakura Nagi.
  4. There are a lot of such characters outside of K-On! who have found a niche fan base. Touhou is perhaps the best example.
    ごやっち Charlotte Madoka doujin Mogu Mogu
    And as @fkeroge points out, even Charlotte from Puella Magi Madoka Magica has her H-doujinshi.
  5. I talk about the sort of voluminous hair I love in a later post.
  6. It seems I was right when I wrote in my earlier review of K-On!! that I might never stop talking about this anime.
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80 Responses to Lovely Himeko from K-On! – Pygmalion of Minor Characters

  1. Tsuki says:

    To be fair, the reason why K-ON was able to put so much detail into the rest of the cast was because of all the extra cash flow KyoAni got from the Haruhi Movie. The high quality animation and attention to random side characters is probably KyoAni’s way of showing off their newfound riches.

    That being said, while K-ON may not have been the best show in town, it did pay a lot of attention to the little details that I didn’t notice at a quick glance, especially with the understated classmates of the Houkago Tea Time members. There are entire mini-fandoms in Japan devoted to some of these obscure side characters, which in a way almost scares me ^.^;

    • Yi says:

      That’s very true about KyoAni’s budget. They have the budget that most other anime could only dream of. It doesn’t make it appreciate the high production quality any less though. If anything, I’m glad a production company was able to garner enough finances to produce something so nice, and not have to worry/ be limited by money.

      Agreed that it’s fascinating how even the most obscure characters have mini-fandoms, and sometimes I too find anime fandom to be both surprising and creepy.

    • scantling says:

      I would think they budgeted K-ON!! before the Haruhi movie, but, a lot of the detail comes from the decision to broadcast in HD on TV. TBS is charge of the TV anime and they had a say in the production along with Kyoani

      • Yi says:

        I see I see. I have no idea how things are budgeted and planned by the companies behind anime, so I usually just make baseless assumptions. Haha.
        Anyway, thanks for the neat information!

  2. MkMiku says:

    Tachibana Himeko and Hirasawa Yui, that is an odd pairing indeed. I would’ve preferred Tainaka Ritsu instead, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who found Himeko attractive, despite the minor role that she played. ^^

    I think the reason we are attracted to minor characters, like you said, is because we can shape them into whatever we want them to be. Their lack of any significant background story also adds a bit of mystery to them, while giving us the freedom to create basically any story (or pairing) we want for them.

    • Yi says:

      I like this pairing, although my favorite for Yui is still Azunyan.

      It’s really interesting to think how, although we can shape them into whatever we want them to be, there is still a general consensus in the characters’ personalities and such.

  3. Sakurai_Hideru says:

    Who can ever forget K-on after watching it? Maybe when I turn into an old grandpa then maybe that thought becomes reality. X)
    Nice doujinshi btw. Himeko’s so gorgeous… Where did you find it? I wanna read it! =3

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. I’m really glad more K-On! stuff is coming out. It’ll be incredibly sad when it all finally comes to an end.

      Anyway, as for the doujinshi, check the footnotes. ^ ^

  4. hoshiko says:

    I’m ashamed. I’ve watched both of K-ON seasons and I know I’ve seen Himeko a few times but I never knew her name until I read your post. So, thank you. =) The reason why I know I’ve seen her is cuz like yourself, I really like her hairstyle. Haha. It looks really good on her.

    It’s very creative for the doujinshi artists to choose to develop a minor character instead of using one of the main characters. I bet it’s refreshing for you to have discovered such cute pairing instead of the pairings we’ve a dozen times online.

    • Yi says:

      That’s nothing to be ashamed about! I didn’t notice her before someone mentioned it either. Though I did immediate take a liking to Wakaouji Ichigo.

      Kuudere Wakaouji Ichigo K-On!

      While I do like Himeko’s hair, I love Ichigo’s more. I’ve been really into full voluminous flowing wavy hair lately thanks to Kurumi (KimiTodo) and Victorique (Gosick). Ichigo has that sort of feel. And it helps that Ichigo’s kind of a kuudere. She’s in her own world, playing with her split ends, and always looking so bored and uncaring. So charming!

      It’s certainly refreshing to have discovered this. There’s so many Yui x Azusa and Yui x Ui around, it’s nice to see something else. Actually, around the same time, I also found a Railgun yuri doujin featuring Kuroko x Konori. That is also a lot of fun.

  5. EmperorG says:

    Just goes to show how powerful K-ON!’s influence is, that even characters whose roles are quite minor have a fanbase. Reminds me of Boba Fett and the Familiar Faces segment, which focuses on introducing obscure characters that appeared on the show and weren’t exactly the most memorable, yet have made their presence felt.
    Thanks for both the doujin and the life lesson Yi-san.

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. K-On!’s overwhelming popularity and influence trickles down to even their side characters. Not sure who Boba Fett or Familiar Faces are other than they’re from Star Wars according to google. But agreed that there are parallels between the two.

      “Thanks for both the doujin and the life lesson Yi-san.”
      Haha, I didn’t really offer any life lesson.

  6. Yuffie says:

    I just started to notice himeko (unfortunately her name remind me of kannazuki) when some fanart of her and mio appeared
    in /u/, i thought how i couldn’t see this cute girl in k-on.
    I loved the picture you post, kind of hot.

  7. necro says:

    K-on! fundom is frightening, side character doujins, thou i don’t mind it as long as it is good yuri. >< Thou i love tohou and ofc there is side chara that i love more then others, and it is ~~!!~~ Utsuho Reiuzi ~~!!~~ aka Okuu she is amazing i love her, thou she is baka^^.

    • Yi says:

      I don’t mind side character doujins either; I actually really enjoy them.

      I’ve seen Utsuho Reiuzi around, and she looks pretty awesome. I’ve kind of fallen off of Touhou fandom though so I don’t really know some of the newer characters very well. And there are just soooo many to keep track of.

  8. Blacksun88 says:

    thats why i always say kyoto animation = quality anime guaranteed ^^

    • Yi says:

      Sure is! I think I’ve enjoyed most KyoAni stuff I’ve seen, except for Endless Eight. Overall though, it’s a very solid production studio. Loved Fumoffu, Air, Haruhi (mostly), Lucky Star, and, of course, K-On.

  9. Ristlin says:

    I believe that one of the big reasons that k-on managed to get so big in such a short time is because its attention to details. Maybe the developers wanted there to be fan- made content so they left many characters out of the main plot but still gave them the basics for development ie; interesting personalities, great style, etc. This allows the fandom to grow and allow them to save some budget on development. In the end, isn’t it the fans that make an anime good or bad?

    • Ristlin says:

      umm ipod bug i think…srry

    • Yi says:

      Very good points. Having a name, a face, and a basic character outline is certainly much better in growing fans than generic face passerby #1 or female classmate #2. And it certainly gets us more interested in the overall environment.

      “isn’t it the fans that make an anime good or bad?”
      For some anime, at least partly.

      p.s. Sorry, my spam filter ate your comment earlier for some odd reason and I had to fish it out.

  10. Ristlin says:

    Well, it’s very possible that the developpers wanted it this way. Think about it, as you have said before Yi-san, fans get more and more excited when they talk to eachother about animes that they watched and get more enjoyement when theres lots of related content. So, what’s the best way to incite the circles to make fan-content? Create side characters that have lots of unexploited potential, i.e. great style, interesting personalities, nice designes, etc. That will lead to the creation of said contents and allow the anime and grow, expand and endure.

    • Yi says:

      It’s likely this was anticipated by the developers, and if it were, they are really good.
      Most of the classmates have great designs, so there are still a lot of unexplored potential, both from the fans and for more official K-On! stuff. I wouldn’t mind seeing a mini-series with some of the side characters.

  11. Duqs says:

    Its truly surprising how K-On! didn’t have generically designed classmates who didnt even act as supporting characters. Its kind of hard to balance making sure that the character design of the main five were more striking than the rest of the class even if their classmates do have a decent character design themselves. I guess the directors cured this by ensuring proper screentime for our heroines.

    Lol what if we get a K-On OVA featuring different characters, will you buy it?

    • Yi says:

      The most surprising thing for me was also that these are not even supporting characters. They’re just extras to fill in for the environment. Yet, all of them have pretty good fleshed-out design. It’s impressive that K-On!! still manages to balance that with the main cast, supporting cast (Azusa’s friends, Nodoka, Sawako), and others.

      “Lol what if we get a K-On OVA featuring different characters, will you buy it?”
      Yes!!!! I would soooo love that, especially if it features Wakaouji Ichigo.

  12. Smithy says:

    Himeko! ❤

    Adored her overall look from the first scene we saw her in during the second season. One must commend KyoAni for making the effort (and using the budget) to create a comprehensive cast of minor characters in the class 3-2 girls with such consistency, each having a unique face, look, name, class desk seating and appearances.

    Too many other series do off with the classmates as a faceless crowd (sometimes literally) but by so consistently animating and creating definite -albeit minor- characters for all the class 3-2 girls, they also managed to use this beneficially to increase the character depth and interaction of the K-ON! girls themselves. The five HTT girls aren't merely a famous (or infamous) club that play in front of a horde of faceless fellow school students but they have classmates with a face, personalities that interact with them.

    That Himeko doujin is absolutely amazing, just the type of yuri I like, subdued, implied, yet undeniable and oh so very cute. ^^

    • Yi says:

      Same here. I liked her ever since I started noticing her, as well as a few other classmates, namely Ichigo.

      I think having a full class of unique characters really help to add authenticity to the environment. And I love that they interact with HTT as well. One of my favorite scenes, and a scene I think sets K-On!! apart from so many anime, is when they did that interview video thing, and went around asking for different opinions. In those short clips, we not only saw consistency and uniqueness in the designs of minor characters, we also get a quick sense of some of their personalities. It really helps to put the main five girls’ lives into perspective, and break them out of the clubroom.

      I loved the doujin! Perfect kind of story. And I love Yui’s reaction at the very end. ^ ^

  13. fathomlessblue says:

    Can’t say I’ve read the K-on manga or any of the fanfiction, but I remember Himeko occasionally appearing in the second season. I couldn’t be bothered finding out her name, so I just nicknamed her ‘sexy fox-girl’ and proceeded to moan on a few blogs that she needed more screentime. Even now I can’t bring myself to use her actual name, I prefer my little description. 😛

    I think one of KyoAni’s strongest points is that they add enough to the background and settings in their shows so that they stand out, yet are still vague enough to allow the fans to fill in the blanks themselves. When an anime does this, without feeling like poor planning or lazy storytelling, it really helps that show create a fully realized world, even when the details aren’t actually fleshed out. That’s party why Evangelion, despite being a very different series, is one of my fave series’, as it follows a similar approach of less is more.

    • Yi says:

      “Sexy fox-girl.” Haha, now that you mention it, I totally feel the fox in her too!
      Himeko does get a scene and there, but she has so little screen time overall. While I would’ve loved to see her more, I think it’s a great directing decision to cut back on these classmates roles but still maintain their unique identities. That helps to, as you said, create a fully realized world. Take our own lives for example. When I was in high school, I had a close group of friends whom I knew very well, but then I can easily recognize the unique faces of my other classmates. Yet, they don’t get that much “screen time” or “development” from my perspective. The way K-On! did the characters parallel this. Details need to be there, but they don’t need to all be treated the same.

      Evangelion does that really well as well… Unfortunately I hate Evangelion for other reasons.

  14. lovelyduckie says:

    She does seem cute, I don’t read any doujinshi but everything you posted seems really well done.

  15. Abscissa says:

    I just read that, “According to the twitter of Pony Canyon PR staff, the premiere date of K-ON! Movie was announced to be December 3rd 2011. The announcement was made at K-ON! live event “Come with Me!” held on February 20th at Saitama Super Arena. According to the tweet by anime log designer Kanaya Akemi, the director Yamada Naoko said the movie will be a brand new episode, not a recap. The story takes place before the graduation of Yui.”

    Hopefully K-On’s side characters will get more spotlight. As a side comment, I’m not surprise that Charlotte has growing fan base, she’s too cute not to have one, but to have an H-doujinshi… =_=!

    • Yi says:

      I’ve been really curious about the movie, so thanks for the info. December huh? That’s so late! It seems like it will be the usual extended-episode-that-doesn’t-have-much-relevance type of movie so many series gets. Still, K-On! is K-On! I’m just glad there will be more.

      I guess Charlotte can be cute. I never really liked her though… Not after Mami.

      The Charlotte H-doujinshi is quite… interesting. I saw some pages, and I don’t really know what to say.

  16. Sakurai_Hideru says:

    I noticed Himeko cuz of how pretty she was. Oh, and dun forget her beautiful hair too. I tend to notice gorgeous girls a lot… Seems to be a flaw of mine… X)
    It’s refreshing to see Yui paired up with someone else but I’m forever for YuiXAzusa. They’re so cute together! HimekoXMio is better imo since they’re both so gorgeous. XD

    • Yi says:

      I tend to notice gorgeous girls a lot too. I guess I’m kind of shallow when it comes to anime… And maybe real life too; I don’t really know. ^ ^ Anyway, most anime I watch has to have some cute girls in it. I avoid stuff that’s too gar oriented or have ugly designs. But I’m digressing.

      Yui x Azusa is still my number one ship. I haven’t seen too many Himeko x Mio around, but that can be nice too. I’m more about Mio x Ritsu though. The subtext for these two is actually pretty clear in the anime.

  17. Nopy says:

    Himeko was my second-favourite character in K-ON (after Azunyan), but the only reason I liked her was because of her character design. I know that seems a bit shallow, but good character design is as important as personality when you think about it.

    • Yi says:

      Wow, second favorite for such a minor character. That really speaks to her design. She is really pretty indeed.

      I don’t think it’s that shallow… I’m the same way; good character design is so important to my liking a character and a series. For example, of the side characters, I love Wakaouji Ichigo the most only because I love her hair, but she barely shows any personality.

      Anime/ manga is, after all, a visual medium, so there’s no reason why character designs have to be regarded less.

  18. K-Nashi says:

    Daamn, definitely my most fave by stander ever lol. Its rather amazing though, how the fandom quickly “decide” her unrequited love for Yui…just by sitting next to her.*yuri google to the max*

    but then again, Himeko really going her way up, especally when there will be another Yui x Himeko doujin released on next comiket.^^

    • Yi says:

      Haha, I know. So many K-On! fans watch the anime with heavy yuri lenses. Yui x Himeko isn’t the only one either. There are a lot of artwork around that pairs Himeko with Asakura Nagi, another minor character, only because those two sat together on the train during the class trip. It’s all about those goggles.

      Another Yui x Himeko doujin next comiket? I’ll be looking for it for sure!

  19. PhantomPhreek says:

    Anybody knows if there’s a translated version for the Doujinshi?

    • Yi says:

      Hm… There might be some unedited translations on danbooru. If you want to, I can just translate and edit/ typeset this, but not this week or next since I’m pretty busy with other stuff.

      • PhantomPhreek says:

        Oh cool, If and when you get the chance a translation would be great..No pressure ;D

        • Yi says:

          I lied. I got exhausted from the monotony of writing research proposals, and needed to do something to clear my mind, so here it is.

          K-On! Doujin – Third Year’s After School
          English translation: MU | MF

          Please help spread the word and link back to this post. ^ ^

    • Jo says:

      Yi, you are awesome!!
      Thanks translating…


      • Jo says:

        thanks ‘for’ translating..
        crikey..I really need to read before it click ‘post comment’..


        • Yi says:

          No problem. ^ ^
          It wasn’t really anything much. With only five pages and few dialogues, it was a very quick job… Probably ten minutes total.

          p.s. Haha, don’t worry about the typo. I make those all the time too! I have the luxury of going back and editing on this blog though, and even then, my typos are still abound…

  20. I really need to watch K-on. Soon-ish. Tack that onto my schedule, since I do have it sitting on my external hard drive.

    Since I haven’t actually watched the series yet, the only other thing I can say is…Charlotte doujinshi. I just really don’t know how to feel about that. Part of me wants to read it and part of me says ‘dear gods, WHY!?!’.

    • Yi says:

      You totally need to! K-On! and its second season, K-On!! are both amazing series. K-On!! especially. It’s the best anime of 2010.

      Charlotte doujinshi surprised me as well, and even more so when I flipped through some pages. No comment on that…

      • EmperorG says:

        I applaud your well translated work on this simple, but effective Doujin Yi-san. Many thanks for the read.

        Also, I’m sadly not curious enough to bother peeking at the Charlotte doujin. Even I have my limits as to what kind of yuri I’ll actually watch or read.

        • Yi says:

          The doujin wasn’t much work to do. Only 5 pages with minimal dialogue (but so effective). I’m glad you enjoyed it.

          Charlotte doujin……. It’s not yuri at all.

  21. feal87 says:

    Do I look bad if I say I don’t remember her? Hell apart from the main characters I don’t remember anyone else in that anime. :O

  22. Sakurai_Hideru says:

    Haha me too. I heard that Nodame Cantabile has a very nice story, but the artwork was so horrible I gave it up.
    The original pairings will always be the most popular, cuz they’re the original! Lol.
    Do you have any new anime to recommend me? I finished all the anime I bought, and now I got nothin to watch. Was thinking of checking out Nurarihyon no Mago… Any suggestions?

    • Yi says:

      Nodame Cantabile does have a nice story. I’ve never seen the anime though, only the J-drama. I didn’t find the artwork too horrible though. It’s not my favorite style, but it’s not something I’d hate.

      Anyway, as for recommendations, that’s tough since I don’t know your tastes.

      I can tell you what I’m watching in the current season: Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Gosick. Both have been pretty good so far. I’m also watching Kimi ni Todoke, and that’s not bad either.

      This is a link to my anime list with my ratings. I think anything 6 and above are solid series for me.

      Nurarihyon no Mago… I don’t really know too much about it, but it looks pretty good.

  23. Sakurai_Hideru says:

    Anything with a good story and okay artwork is fine with me. I guess I’ll give it a go when I have a shot. I’m a sucker for any anime with romance too, like Toradora for instance. Can’t wait for the wkend, u don’t how boring my week’s been… 😥

  24. Sakurai_Hideru says:

    Ohmygosh you didnt watch toradora?! How could you?! It was THE best anime of 2009! I must say I’m shocked to see someone not watch Toradora… 😦

    • Yi says:

      There should be plenty of good stuff around… Unless you’ve seen them all. Anyway, have fun!

      And sorry about not having seen Toradora. 😦 I haven’t seen a lot of other “must-watch” or “best-of” anime. It’s a shame, but I just don’t have the time or the energy. Real life kind of sucks.

      I’ll keep Toradora in mind though, and in the distant future when I have a lot of free time, I’ll get to it.

  25. Sakurai_Hideru says:

    Lol you remind me of my niece. It’s alright Yi-san, I understand. And I must say I’m quite jealous of the time that you actually had to watch anime. You watched so many! Makes me sad that I don’t have a computer… 😥
    I’ve gotta do my best to catch up. Hahaha =)

    • Yi says:

      “Lol you remind me of my niece.”
      I hope that’s a good thing. ^ ^

      Compared to many others, I don’t watch that anime, but I guess I kind of do. That’s not good though… I shouldn’t have time to watch all that anime. Haha.

      Anyway, hope you find something good to watch!

  26. Sakurai_Hideru says:

    Haha its just that she’s so busy that she’s been ignoring me lately for the past few months. Kinda sad when I used to talk to her from night till morning about nothing whatsoever. Maybe I’ve become boring or something? Haha sorry, you probably don’t need me telling you all this… At the very least you reply my every single comment, and for that I’m grateful. Thanks a lot Yi-san, and I’ll always support your blog no matter what! XD

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  28. scantling says:

    Himeko is just awesome eye candy and if she had a bigger role in K-ON!!, Mio would’ve been dethroned as the queen of the anime series

    IMO, the success of K-ON! is based on it’s ability of drawing viewers into their world and having everybody in that world identifiable makes it a lot easier to make that connection

    • Yi says:

      I think if given enough development and character building, most of the girls in class 3-2 could have become as big of a star as the main five. They all have potential to be incredibly interesting and adorable.

      “IMO, the success of K-ON! is based on it’s ability of drawing viewers into their world and having everybody in that world identifiable makes it a lot easier to make that connection”
      Agreed completely! I think that’s the biggest reason I’m so in love with K-On!

  29. Ryan A says:

    This is really sweet Yi. I caught the link to that translated doujin and very nicely done. I actually like the indefinite approach, leaving something half-baked. It’s great for fantasy of imagination~

    Anyhow, that hair ❤ Confession time! I have a little sister, but I never understood 'siscon,' since I never had a sense of attraction to her, but one thing I do enjoy is when she does her hair in a 'large curl' + volumized manner. So awesome… 🙂

    Enjoying luscious hair~

    • Yi says:

      I love the indefinite ending too, and the bare hints at possible romance. It’s so light but yet so much emotion conveyed in just five pages. This is one of the better doujins I’ve seen.

      This might sound kind of weird, but your sister seems like a really really cute girl ~♥
      Luscious hair sure is the best!

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  31. Nice post~

    Honestly to say KyoAni actually carry this franchise more serious than Kakifly does. No offense to the original creator but after seeing the new member of Azunyan’s bandmate (perhaps) Sumire, it feels like the mangaka was either running out of ideas or dreading that fans would leave if s/he didn’t “bring” back Mio and Mugi to the club. KyoAni on the other hand can simply tell how different and alive all the 30+ girls are in Class 3-2 simply by judging the character design and their action on the background. Hell, even the two Occult Club girls were finely designed. Another one of the most flashy classmates worth mentioning is Taki Eri (girl with a side ponytai, member of the volleyball club). By just observing her action on the background, for certain reason you can tell she’s the hyperactive Aho/Bakayarou type. Not just that, KyoAni even came up with official info of each of these girls which somewhat give more hints and inspiration and fanartists to come up with their own unlimited ranged of fanworks and doujins based on these girls; which pretty much explains why there are quite a lot of fanarts of Himeko in Lawson uniform and Eri sipping on Coke.

    k-on satou akane tachibana himeko taki eri extra

    One other interesting thing worth noting is Kinoshita Shizuka, the short haired loli who sits behind Mugi. Eversince that Romeo & Juliet episode, fanartist started to fancy the Mugi-Shizu pairing. This somehow received more heat after the release of Shizuka’s official info that she finds calmness by watching Mugi being all giddy-joy in front of her. Honestly enough, the class really possess the fragrant of Lily flowers :3

    Whether these wonderful girls will be featured more in the third season (K-on!!!, perhaps?), we can only hope. My focus goes to Himeko (of course), Ichigo, Fuuko (bespectacled Mio), Eri and Akiyo, the ponytailed meganekko who silently adores HTT and asked them to take pictures with her in episode 24… which somehow triggers that she may make a return occasionally as a closet stalker, hopefully.

    Sorry, before I noticed I already typed this wall of text. I dunno, it probably have something to do with my natural deep interest on the side characters 😛

    • Yi says:

      Yes exactly. KyoAni does a lovely lovely job integrating these minor characters into the show, and imbuing them with just the right amount of personality as not to distract from the cast, but still feel part of the world. Great example with Taki Eri too. I didn’t know who she is at first, but the moment you mentioned volleyball and side ponytail, her image comes to mind. It’s quite a remarkable thing.

      “This somehow received more heat after the release of Shizuka’s official info that she finds calmness by watching Mugi being all giddy-joy in front of her. Honestly enough, the class really possess the fragrant of Lily flowers :3”

      I didn’t know this. Now I’m feeling all giddy about the yuri possibilities. ~♥

      I really do hope there will be more K-On! and that these girls will return, although I suppose it is a bit unlikely to think that all the favorite characters from that class will all end up in the same university, or that the story will track them all if they spread apart. Still, I hope Himeko’s still around.

      “Sorry, before I noticed I already typed this wall of text. I dunno, it probably have something to do with my natural deep interest on the side characters “

      Oh, I loved your comment! ^ ^ Thank you so much for reading!!

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  33. czechz says:

    I just little suprise about this!!.. However, I really want to see the continuation of the story of Yui and Himeko.. short but awesome!!,, why?? why? Yui mumbled at last scene.. I wonder how will be the story continue?.. Now, that i think about it, they have a good combination.. I really hope, there the next, next story.. no, stories of Yui Hirasawa and Himeko Tachibana… I’m looking forward to it.. I’m excited to wait..

    • Yi says:

      Just a note—which may be unnecessary: the little manga above is fan made, and not an official story. Still, K-On! has definitely laid some subtext into Himeko though.

      Consider this scene in the K-On! movie:

  34. Ren says:

    Have you read k-on fanfiction stories by Adrenaveris?

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