A Lunar New Year

gokou ruri ore no imouto teruru kuroneko usamimi

I’ve been back in Taiwan for about three weeks now, and much has happened. It all came way too quickly and I’m still feeling quite lost and empty.

Still, yesterday was Chinese New Year in Taiwan. It’s a pretty big deal here; it’s even a national holiday. Most people took this weekend to break away from work and school to visit friends and families. There are a host of strict traditions that are all fascinating to observe. The streets, while still too cold for my liking, are filled with festive spirits.

With that said, I want to wish everyone another good new beginning. Enjoy rabbits and moons and stuff. Good luck!

Much Love,

p.s. Thanks for all the kind wishes, emails, tweets, and comments I’ve gotten during what was certainly the worst time of my life by a long stretch. Even if I didn’t reply to them all, I read each one, and each one warmed my heart just knowing that people are supportive. Perhaps in time I’ll make a more concrete post about what happened, but for now, please bear with my occasional negativity.

I know we all have our complicated lives, and I’d hate to have to bring my personal issues and any resulting burden upon others. So don’t mind this rant too much. It’s more just for me.

p.p.s. I’ll be more active and pick up the post rate sometime soon… Hopefully.

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84 Responses to A Lunar New Year

  1. AXYPB says:

    I wanted to have the special thing finished by the end of this month, but personal obligations have seen to it that that won’t happen. My apologies.

  2. EmperorG says:

    You know I’ll always have you back Yi-san. It was an honor meeting you last year and I’ve been following your posts daily ever since. Thank you so much for all your hard work, kindness and being a follower of truth, justice and the yuri way. I salute a proud member of the yuri nation.

    Fight hard and let us continue going onward along with the rest of the doods and peeps here who support you as much as I do. Gambatte kurasai Yi-san.

  3. kluxorious says:

    Happy CNY Yi and may you have a prosperity year ahead of you

  4. Ristlin says:

    Happy ch new year Yi and may you have a better year than the last =)

  5. chikorita157 says:

    Happy Chinese New Years Yi… I celebrated mine with my mom, dad and sister eating Chinese Food… and it was good.

    • Yi says:

      Happy CNY to you too, chikorita. ^ ^

      I spent the eve with my grandmother and two uncles from my mother’s side, and the day with my father and my sister. Then after that, there’s a lunch with my aunts from my mother’s side. And today I just got back from visiting my grandfather and uncles from my father’s side. There’s a bunch of relatives to see. It’s nice.

  6. Johnny says:

    Happy new year, Yi !

  7. MkMiku says:

    Happy CNY! I hope you have a great one.

  8. Ruby says:

    Happy CNY Yi! 😀 ~ I don’t know what’s going on but I really hope life gets better for you 🙂

  9. Life’s been rough over on this end as well, but hopefully the end of the tunnel is in sight and we’ll both be able to find some direction once we get some signs pointing us in the right direction. All I know is that I’ll continue to read this blog and prattle on and on and on about anime music whenever I get the chance!

    • Yi says:

      Sorry to hear that about your life. I hope things will turn out better. Let’s both look forward to sunnier times ahead. Best of luck to us!

      Cheers to blogging and anime music. ^ ^

  10. glothelegend says:

    Happy New Year! Hopefully it brings you joy and all that stuff.

  11. Jo says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!!
    Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year, and that you got lots of red pockets!
    All the best.

    • Yi says:

      Happy Chinese New Year, Jo!

      I got quite a few red pockets, so that was nice. I’m going to save them up for later in the year; maybe I’ll get an artbook or a figure or something.

      Anyways, best wishes to you as well. May you have healthy, relaxing, fun times and succeed in all your endeavors. ^ ^

  12. Baka-Raptor says:

    I was going to wish you a Happy New Year earlier today, but you’re blocked at the Brooklyn Supreme Court for some reason. Surprisingly, I am not. I apologize for making your life suck more by informing you of this.

  13. radiant says:

    Happy CNY, Yi! Wishing you the best in all your goals, and may all your troubles and tough times be carried away by the wind.

  14. VucubCaquix says:

    I hope you’re doing well, Yi. We miss you.

    • Yi says:

      I’ve missed all of you Twitter friends too, especially those late night twit chats. Those were great times. It’s too bad I haven’t had much time to spend in front of my laptop recently.

  15. afkeroge says:

    I didn’t know Taiwan celebrates Chinese New Year. I’m a quarter Chinese, but I know almost nothing of the traditions and culture of Taiwan or China, I don’t even know how to read Chinese(shame on me).

    Putting that aside, everyone (including me), has their own personal stuff to take care of. Please don’t force yourself and take your time in reading our comments. You know that we always appreciate your posts and hope for more, but please do so at your own pace.

    Happy Lunar New Year to you!

    • Yi says:

      I didn’t know you’re a quarter Chinese. Anyway, there’s a pretty rich culture here, and it might be nice to experience it some time. The Chinese language is fascinating as well, and is going to be quite useful in the future internationally.

      Anyway, got kind of off topic. Happy lunar new year!!

      Also, thanks for your continued support. ^ ^

  16. jacqivarius says:

    Happy Chinese New Year.

    A lot of people are off work for the whole week in China/Taiwan. Ah… If only that happened here. Anyways, I truly wish that you have a good one; stay safe and happy.

    • Yi says:

      Happy Chinese New Year, jacqivarius~

      Yea, a lot of businesses are closed these last few days. It’s good times for most. The trade-offs though is that there isn’t as much of a break during Christmas times, so I guess it all balances out.

      Anyway, have a great one yourself as well!

  17. Janette says:

    Happy New Year. And hang in there—as my former adviser would say, keep shoveling through the crap.

  18. rockleelotus says:

    happy CNY Yi! you are very much appreciated around here so if you need some encouragement or motivation to get through the hurdles that come in life, we are here to offer some support ^_^ wish you a good new beginning also!

    • Yi says:

      Awww thanks! I think I’ll manage even if life keeps giving lemons. It’s heartwarming to know your support though!

      Best of luck on all your stuff as well. ^ ^

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  20. Nopy says:

    Happy New Year!

    I hope that you’ll get over whatever happened soon. Things happen in life that we can’t avoid, but it’s best to look forward to the future.

    • Yi says:

      Happy New Year Nopy! Lovely wishes and good luck with all your stuff. ^ ^

      “Things happen in life that we can’t avoid, but it’s best to look forward to the future.”
      You’re absolutely right. Life can be so unfair, but all we can do is look forward…

  21. shinra says:

    Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!! XD I love CNY but too bad, I fell sick since last week… I can’t even go house visiting…. oh well. ^^

    • Yi says:

      Gong Xi Fa Tsai! And Happy Chinese New Year!! Hope you got quite a few red envelopes.

      Sorry to hear about your illness. So many people I know got sick this past week, including me and my sister. It must be the extra cold spring.

      Get well soon! ^ ^

      • shinra says:

        Thanks ^^ (I did get a lot of red envelopes… but its thin in the inside. :C)

        P.S: Darn those soft drinks and New Year snacks…. I think my sickness will go on till March. LoL

  22. I’m a bit late in saying this (again), but happy CNY Yi! Looking forward to seeing/talking to you this year 😉 Have fun and I hope you get lots of red pockets and the such.

    Until laters 🙂

    • Yi says:

      Sorry I haven’t been visiting your blog all that often recently. I’ve been either sleeping a lot or just running around so much lately… 😦

      Anyway, looking forward to seeing your around the blogosphere more this year as well. And happy CNY!

      Cheers, Serenata. ^ ^

  23. 2DT says:

    I’m jealous of the expat teachers in China/Taiwan who’re still on holiday for the Lunar New Year. But I guess it’s revenge for no Christmas vacay. 🙂

    Have a good one, Yi.

    • Yi says:

      I think if given the choice, I still would’ve preferred Christmas/ New Year vacation as opposed to lunar New Year break. I’ll take what I can though, and this vacation came at a much needed time.

      It all balances out in the end. I don’t think any one place get that much more break than any other, even across country lines.

      Anyway, cheers to rabbits, 2DT!!

  24. Abscissa says:

    Happy CNY Yi! Looking forward for your more posts. Your blog is one of the few spots where I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts. Thanks!

    Btw, “the best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up”, I hope that at least made you smile for that will do the same thing for me.

    • Yi says:

      Thank you. Happy belated CNY to you too Abscissa. ^ ^

      And that did make me smile! Thanks for cheering me up. I’m going to go cheer others up now too. ^ ^

  25. softwerkz says:

    Happy Lunar New Year Yi! May you have a blessed year ahead.

  26. Cell says:

    Happy New Year, Yi! Can’t believe it’s already time for New Years, time flies by fast. (I feel like a loser, still getting red envelopes from my parents :P.)

    • Yi says:

      Time sure flies. I feel like I’m growing up way too fast… At least my age is going up faster than I’d like. Wouldn’t it be nice to be back in high school…

      Anyway, happy New Year, Cell! I’m still getting red envelopes from my parents as well. No shame in that~

  27. Canne says:

    Happy Lunar New Year!
    I went to the shrine again yesterday and asked the deities for my fortune telling. It turned out that 2011 will be a year of hard working for me T_T

    • Yi says:

      A belated happy lunar year, Canne!

      I’m sure all that hard work in 2011 will bore something great. ^ ^
      I also went to the shrine a yesterday and two days before. My fortune is pretty good, so hopefully I’ll have a good year ahead.

  28. feal87 says:

    Coff Coff, if only all those rabbits were as the post image…:P

  29. bluedrakon says:

    Happy Lunar New Year – though a bit late 😦

    My wife is happy however as this is her year – Rabbit!

  30. ninjovee says:

    This is late, but belated happy Chinese new year, Yi!
    I hope that you’ll be having a better experiences for the rest of the year!

  31. Set-chan says:

    Like all before me, Happy “Chinese/Lunar” New Year!!!… again, jeje, and late u_u
    Impresses me that you also find yourself with problems, the World (and the Internet XP) is very small…… or I’ve been too disconnected from everything???
    I hope you find soon solutions to your issues since “in this life we all deserve to be happy”… at least that said my Fortune Cookie, jajaja.
    Anyway, greetings Yi-chan!!!

    “Felíz Año Nuevo Chino y ánimo en todo lo que te propongas”… I want a Usagi, jeje

    • Yi says:

      I guess we all have our own problems. Hopefully, everyone’s lives will get better each day.

      Anyway, happy late Chinese new year to you too, Set-chan! I want an Usagi as well. ^ ^

  32. Xine says:

    Hello Yi.
    Sorry I wasn’t able to visit your site as often as before. I hope you’re doing well and I hope that 2011 will be a much better year for us. Take care!

    • Yi says:

      No worries. ^ ^
      This is a busy time for so many of us. Anyway, hope the coming days will be much kinder for all.

      Take care as well, Xine~

  33. chii says:

    Happy Belated Chinese New Year Yi ^_________^”
    I’m sure everything will be on the up and up this year!
    *hopefully for me too :P*

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  35. Shin says:

    Cheers Yi. I hope you got loads of red packets unlike me though ww

    • Yi says:

      I did get several red envelopes, which is really nice. Sorry to hear you didn’t get that many, but I hope you at least had a good time.

      Have a lovely year, Shin!

  36. Fai D Fluorite says:

    Happy belated Chinese New Year to you Yi ^^
    Hope you have good times ahead!
    (Apologies for the really late comment and non frequent comments)

    • Yi says:

      Cheers, Fai~
      Hope you have a delightful wonderful months ahead as well!

      p.s. Don’t apologize for being infrequent with comments and such. ^ ^ We all have much more important stuff going on in our lives. I’ve been pretty disconnected from my internet friends myself lately. Anyway, it’s great to hear from you again!!

  37. Happy late chinese new year! Hope you had a great time celebrating it! Did you get to see the Chinese national chinese celebration program on TV? Or is there another TV program for new years in Taiwan?
    I hope your personal burdens work out. (I may be budding into your business, sorry but if you have a personal burden, you should talk it out with someone to ease the tension. We all have these bad days/weeks.) 🙂

    • Yi says:

      There were some TV programs here in Taiwan, but I didn’t catch any of them. I think I mostly just spent New Years relaxing and recovering from a sickness.

      Anyway, thanks for the kind thoughts. I hope everything works out perfectly in the coming days for both of us!

  38. CainHyde says:

    Happy (Extremely) late Chinese New Year Yi! ^^
    Are you still in Taiwan?

    ^ Note: I hope you are healthy now Yi.
    I don’t know about Taiwan, but lately the weather in my place is not really supporting living creature to be healthy.
    Several of my friends, my sister pet, and myself seems to have a bit of problem with our health.
    Take care of your health.

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. I’m still in Taiwan. I’ll probably stay here for a while… Maybe until April. I’m not sure yet.

      Anyway, I’m feeling physically much better now. The illness has passed.
      It seems that this winter has been unkind to all across the world.

      Take care! Drink lots of water and have a delightful day. I wish you, your friends, and your sister pet the best!

  39. necro says:

    Wow didn’t know u celebrete in Taiwan lunars new year, though it was only chinease, well world is filled with mystery. Thou i come from kinda oriental place for u i thing which is Poland~~. Still u make awesome blog and its always nice to read your articles. Everyone hates ExamS~~, they are like fluffy in madoka, when new year starts they seem nice and end up nasty. Btw i dont thing anyone consider a bother that u post about your rl, in spite its fun to see its kinda omg i want to peek and see~evil big brothers eyes @~@.
    ps. i hate to edit so dont hate me for mistakes in text~~.

    • Yi says:

      I think other places around Asia also celebrates it besides China and Taiwan.

      Anyway, that’s pretty cool you’re from Poland, so far from both places I’m usually in (US and Taiwan). It’s very nice to hear from people all over the world.

      “evil big brothers eyes @~@.”
      Haha. ^ ^

      p.s. Don’t worry about mistakes in typing. I make them all the time too.

  40. Misu says:

    Cold? In Taiwan? That’s a rarity.

    A belated Lunar New Year’s to you too!

    • Yi says:

      Hard to imagine, but it really is! It’s even worse since most homes don’t have heaters because cold waves like this year’s are so rare. It’s been terrible.

      Anyway, have a lovely time ahead. ^ ^

  41. Reltair says:

    Happy Chinese New Year! Better late than never, right?
    I wish you the best of luck in everything you do!

    Ahh, I just realized I didn’t even make a post for this year even though I’m a rabbit. >_<

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