Listless Blogging 2010: A Year in Review

The season is finishing as 2010 comes to an end… A bit early, but still a good time to do some brief introspections on this year’s blogging experience.

The year has been fairly emotional in real life and on the internet, and that shows in the archives. The posts weave their own story of ups and downs, life problems, drama, and growth. They also define my tastes and my thought processes.

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I really poured myself and my personality into this blog especially in this past year. [1] Of course, that means being a lot more open with people on the internet. Indeed, I have tried to be more engaging. Through simply writing more and actively interacting with readers and fellow bloggers, I have met some truly lovely people.

As I get to know more people through this blog, Twitter, and other means (anime live-watch in Skype, emails… etc.), there is an increasing pressure to share more of my personal life. Finding the right comfortable distance is going to be key. If 2010 marked a year of growth in content and in friendships, hopefully the coming year will be of maturation.


  1. Yes, I have been blogging for more than a year to the surprise of many.
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52 Responses to Listless Blogging 2010: A Year in Review

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  2. EmperorG says:

    A great year it was. although I didn’t quite find Saki’s successor in terms of anime of the year quality show in my eyes, we sure did get some sweet treats here and there. Here’s to a wiggy 2010 and hopefully some more Yi goodness as we’re fast approaching the big 11. those doods had better give me my Saki 2.0 I don’t know if I could handle waiting one more year.

    • Yi says:

      It’s been a fairly rich year in terms of anime with some very solid titles. We didn’t get Saki season 2 but we did get Strike Witches 2. As for myself, 2010 has been fairly rocky… Hopefully I won’t burn out in this coming year.

      “more Yi goodness”
      Loll. That made me laugh. ^ ^

      • EmperorG says:

        I meant it my friend. After all, I’m not just here because of your huge support for Yuri, Sono Hanabira and your opposition to the bill of darkness, you have very insightful things to say about other anime that you’ve seen as well. Here’s to a rockin’ 2011 dood with even more sequels to great shows that we’ve been looking forward to. (Points at Saki 2 and Koihime Musou 4, although the latter’s chances are lower than the former’s.)

        • Yi says:

          Awww… You’re so kind!! Here’s to hoping more good anime in 2011, even if they’re not exactly what we asked for.

  3. Shin says:

    I see Yi’s life flashing before me. And I see yuri. And more yuri.

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    >>anime live-watch in Skype

    What? Why? Twitter is bad enough. Now I want to know less about your personal life than ever. Stay away from me.

  5. Sebz says:

    congrats on surviving the year!

  6. I find the whole sharing of personal life thing isn’t that big a deal anymore since… well, maybe I haven’t met or had to deal with creeps. It helps that the live meetups I’ve had with other bloggers have been genuinely positive experiences and my coworkers somehow don’t care that I like japtoons (and japtunes). But then again, I’m not blogging about yuri, so I suppose that helps preserve my reputation somewhat :p

    • Yi says:

      One day, I’ll get enough courage to meet someone in real life… Maybe. As of today, I still have some reservations about getting too close with arguably strangers.
      The Skype thing is interesting though and it really opened me up quite a bit, as is being open to email chats and such.

  7. Swordwind says:

    Thanks for sticking around.

  8. ~xxx says:

    Hope to see more of Listless ink in 2011.

  9. Valence says:

    Being involved in the blogosphere’s a great experience. I would like to do so one day!

    Thanks for hanging around and not dying ;D

    • Yi says:

      It’s a fine experience, but it is exhausting. For me, blogging is sort of like an escape/ retreat/ refuge for me, so I’ve tried to keep it very separate from my real life. It’s pretty tiring to maintain this distance.

      Being able to interact with fans who express their fandom via the same media is fascinating though. It can really expand views. It’s been such wonderful rewarding experience.

  10. Johnny says:

    Good year in yuri : i played to the 1st Hanabira game, watch the 1st OVA, discovered Ore no Imouto (yeah, it’s not yuri)… however, i give a **** to the 1st OVA of “Kuttsukiboshi” !

  11. phro says:

    Yi is awesome!

  12. Smithy says:

    Even if it was eventful and moving, hope the balance at year’s end for you is a positive one. ^^

    Am not sure about pressure to share more of one’s personal life in one’s blog. All I share is related to the hobbies I write about, anything else I prefer to keep separate and I do understand and respect when others do so. Don’t have an urge to dig into their personal lives, they share what they want.

    • Yi says:

      If I really tally up everything from my real life and stuff… It’s definitely not positive. 😦 But I’m hoping to end the year on a higher note. ^ ^

      The pressure is not an external one, but an internal struggle to find just the right comfort zone with others. On this blog, it’s a little easier to control, but during more personal contacts (emails, live-chats… etc.), it’s a lot harder for me. I think this is one area I need to mature in.

      Anyways, hope this year has been great for you!

  13. Ichigo says:

    i love your blogs….especially hanabira….congrats on one year!

  14. We know I’m still very new, but I can say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts so far, if that hasn’t been clear from my comments 🙂

    • Yi says:

      It’s comments like these that keep me from burning out. Honestly, without lovely people like you, I think I would’ve quit a long time ago… or at the very least, average one post every two months. It’s just too much time and too much energy if no one cares.

      So thank you so much! ^ ^

  15. Ruby says:

    I have a question.. how long have you been blogging exactly? xD I haven’t really been around much so can’t really say anything about this year..but good luck in 2011 ^^…btw you have a awesome looking laptop Yi 😀

    • Yi says:

      Around 3 years… For the first year or so, I kept a pretty low profile. I think my readerbase back then consisted of myself. That had its own charms…

      Hehe, glad you like my laptop. My brother picked it out for me and told me it has pretty good specs. I like it. ^ ^

  16. MyHatsOffToYou says:

    “If 2010 marked a year of growth in content and in friendships, hopefully the coming year will be of maturation.” I hope you keep up the friendship part since you’re the reason why I enjoy commenting and interacting with people on this site ^.^

    You have my support.

    • Yi says:

      Thanks for the support. I think the friendships that have come through this blog have been the most rewarding aspect of this experience! It’s so nice to meet lovely people like you. ^ ^

  17. K-Nashi says:

    he he, good for you, its been a long year hasnt it? I remember Ive been lurking in your blog since 6-7 months ago. Sorry it took awhile for me untill I posted my comments here..^^;a

    all in all, congratulation Yi~

    and carefull about sharing ur personal info, share it only with the one you really trust~ but really, you know more about this than me..^^

    • Yi says:

      Very mixed feelings about this year. It’s definitely been long, but at times, it felt too short. I kind of wished it was still January.

      I remember seeing you around on Wings of Yuri. I’m so glad you’ve decided to start commenting!

  18. It’s the end already? ^^; Hmm… I don’t usually do end of the year thing because well… I tend to forget what happened the rest of the 11 months before this month, lol. But I suppose that’s what the point of having a blog, right? Maybe I’ll do an end of the year post since I didn’t do a 2 year blogging post thing. Good idea Yi!

    • Yi says:

      I don’t tend to do end of year posts either… But then again, there’s not enough “end of years” for me to call it a trend. Haha.

      Anyways, idea isn’t all mine. This started as a desire to jump on the “12 Days of Anime” blog theme. Then realized I can’t think of 12 anime moments in 2010 since I don’t watch enough anime. That’s when @ninjovee suggested doing one about blogging. And then somewhere along the way, daily posts for 12 consecutive days got condense into one because I’m lazy.

      If you do do one too, I look forward to that!

  19. Canne says:

    I am not surprised you’ve been blogging for more than a year. In fact, I was certain you’ve been blogging for at least two years…:)

  20. rockleelotus says:

    i have enjoyed following your blog, hope to see more from you in the future!

    it seems this year went by too fast for me too lol, lets put in the effort to make next year a good one ^^

  21. Fai D Fluorite says:

    Keep up with the good work Yi 🙂
    Although I don’t comment much,I observe all your posts!Your reviews about the series which we both like have never been wrong ^ ^
    Waiting for more of your posts!

  22. biotoxic says:

    I hope to see you continue blogging into the next year as I enjoy reading your posts, but yeah, no pressure. Hopefully blogging will continue to help you through difficult times, or even just distance yourself from them for a short period.

    I agree that it can be hard trying to find the balance between how much or how little you reveal of yourself to your readers. The key is finding what you want to share and through what mediums.

    • Yi says:

      Yea I hope I can continue blogging for a while longer and real life doesn’t get in the way.

      And hopefully, I can find just the right balance and overlap between writing for me and writing for an audience.

      Thanks for reading all this time! ^ ^

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