High School of the Dead Review – A Comparative Genre Study

High School of the Dead Saya Takagi Saeko Busujima Rei Miyamoto

High School of the Dead is brings the classic zombie apocalypse genre to anime. Complete with violence, sex appeal, and mobs of infectious undead, this series blends all the standard aspects of zombie flicks with common tropes in anime.

High School of the Dead Saeko Busujima lingerie

The story and the characters are very reminiscent of film classics. We have the average lead, the girl, a team of experts, the dictator that comes at a pivotal point, self-sacrificing heroes, the innocent child, and the sadistic psychopath. Similarly, the story follows a familiar formula. When the zombie epidemic spreads suddenly and quickly, our heroes embark on a journey to find their families. The road trip soon turns into a stagnant fight for survival with various zombie and human obstacles. Eventually, they do get back on track and the story ends with some dim hopes for what is to come.

High School of the Dead Rei Miyamoto Saya Takagi Saeko Busujima

The interesting twist to this classic genre is the incorporation of typical anime elements. The male lead, Takashi Komuro, is not just the average kid we can relate to. He is now in the middle of a harem-styled love triangle. The girls are not just token hot girls. They now kick serious ass. One of them is even a kendo master. Of course, the sex appeal now emphasizes breasts, legas, and panties as opposed to wild college sex.

High School of the Dead Saeko Busujima Rei Miyamoto

While this mixture is fascinating, they do not all fit into a zombie flick though. The worst offense is the inclusion of teenage drama. The anime has enough complications just by being an apocalyptic story. It does not need that extra  teenage angst. Furthermore, this subplot disrupts the overall flow of the series, and cheapens the significance of the characters’ struggles. Of course, properly done, a good romance in the wake of disaster inserts a contrasting brightness to an otherwise dark premise. However, the romance here is tense and unresolved. It only made me dislike the characters even more.

High School of the Dead Saya Takagi Opening

High School of the Dead Saeko Busujima opening

At least the women are sexy… Really really sexy.

High School of the Dead Takashi Komuro Rei Miyamoto Gun breasts

Gore and sex have often been inseparable in various media, perhaps because of the gratuitous satisfaction that comes with both. The fan service in High School of the Dead is perfect for the story. Sure, there is some ridiculousness to the curves of these girls, the skimpiness of clothes, or the movements of breasts. However, the sex appeal adds an extra layer of passion during zombie killing scenes. Moreover, it keeps the anime exciting during slower moments. For a story with no real beginning and ending, the chase is pivotal. Fan service helps to maintain the necessary action-packed pace without having zombie killings in every single scene.

High School of the Dead Saya Takagi

Besides fan service, High School of the Dead keeps the pace fresh through exploring different socio-psychological aspects. We see different ways people deal with this reality. We see relationships broken down, bonds formed, and mobs manipulated. The characters do not just have to survive, but survive with their humanity intact. That extra complication gives the characters’ struggles so much more weight.

Although the cheap love triangle somewhat dampens that intensity, High School of the Dead still kept a great pace through its twelve episodes. The series also weaves in a coherent story and gorgeous characters. While far from a masterpiece, this anime is a captivating take on zombie horrors.

High School of the Dead Komuro Saeko Busujima Rei Miyamoto Saya Takagi Shizuka Marikawa

Even more fascinating is the genre’s future in anime. High School of the Dead paved the way for zombie apocalypse to enter this medium. Perhaps we will see a Shinto or Buddhist influenced version a la Shikabane Hime, but with more emphasis on mobs of undead. Or maybe an anime in the zom rom com genre similar to Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. We might even get a blend of magical girls and zombies. [1] The potentials are endless and I am extremely excited as a fan of anime and zombie films.


  1. Magical girls and zombies… Seriously?
    Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
    … Just kidding. This is not actually a zombie apocalypse anime.

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75 Responses to High School of the Dead Review – A Comparative Genre Study

  1. Smithy says:

    I like the anime adaptation for “High School of the Dead” and love the original manga. While I’m not fan of zombie horror, find that HotD adds so much to the genre, especially in how it explores the day to day challenges the survivors face during this apocalypse next to the zombie onslaught as well as the social and psychological ramifications.

    Not only the breakdown in society is explored, but more so here what it does to all the characters psyche and how most not only struggle to come to terms with these changes but also how they must struggle to keep their humanity. A question present but never explicitly asked throughout is: can they survive and still keep their humanity?

    A great example is when Takashi inspires Saeko not to give up but fight and survive, part of him realizes he does so because he needs a powerful ally like her, regardless of his attraction or camaraderie towards her. He saves her because it will benefit his survival, and he realizes that.
    The manga especially has many such moments for most characters which makes it surprisingly deep for a zombie horror manga.

    As for the harem, guess we can blame that on it being popular with the majority of the viewer demographic though in some chapters it’s cleverly used to increase tension within their group.

    • Yi says:

      Those are definitely all things I thought were great about this series. The psycho-socio stuff really gives the anime more depth than just sex and gore. The example you gave is a great one. Although I didn’t particularly like the execution of that subarc, I love the look into Takashi and Saeko’s psyche. It sounds like the manga does it even better.

      I didn’t like the harem aspect at all… I think there are just much better ways to create tension given that this is zombie apocalypse. Teenage angst just seems so insignificant with respect to things. The anime tried to make me care about the two different love triangles (Takashi-Saeko-Rei and Takashi-Rei-dead ex-bf), but I just can’t take high school love drama seriously knowing that the world is falling apart.

  2. mrwan says:

    I want a series where people pilot giant robots to play cricket against zombies.

  3. Maik says:

    @mrwan Add magical girls to the mix and I’d watch that show so hard I’d need new eyes

  4. alucard13mm says:

    i only read the manga, i didnt bother with the anime. is there an airport side-story in the anime?

  5. EmperorG says:

    Excellent review as always comrade Yi.
    Kinda similar to my own review of this show, but of course, your review is more detailed, but in the end, we both tackle the same things that make this show good and bad at the same time.

    Personally, the only romance I was interested in was fat-man’s quest for Cranky Pinky. That boy is a true hero, like him or not. Then again, I haven’t read the manga, but as mentioned earlier, they say that it focuses more on the apocalypse rather than the cleavage.

    I’ve just got a brainstorm….HANABIRA OF THE DEAD! Think about it, lesbians vs zombies. Has that ever been done before? I think not. Either that or Zombieopolus, the war between the Nanoha universe vs the Evil Dead universe. So yeah, Ash meets NanoFate.

    • Yi says:

      Hirano and Takagi is an example of a romance that worked in High School of the Dead. We have the unassuming everyman who eventually discovers something good about himself and gets the girl at the end.

      Loll Hanabira of the Dead. I hope that never happens…

      • EmperorG says:

        Well said Yi-san. Their relationship was the ONLY one truly worth caring about, since Pinky was brainwashed by generic guy and it’s up to Fat-Man to show her who the real man of her life is.
        A haughty super genius and a gun otaku, it just doesn’t get better than that. What would have made the show better is a reunion between “Hello Nurse” and “Sniper Babe”.

        Oh? Is the thought of yuri zombie hunters a bit too extreme? I just thought of it since it hasn’t been done yet as far as I know. They already did bikini-clad zombie slayers, so….

  6. biotoxic says:

    I have to agree with all but one of the points you made about HotD. The pacing I felt could have been much better. I really enjoyed the first few episodes where we had Takashi & co. busting out of the school as all the other students around them crumbled to madness. We also got to see a bit more of what was happening in the city as survivors flocked to the safe zone and then what eventually happened there.

    But then it shatters all that had been built up around episode 8 and goes off into teenage angst mode with inconsistent and unwarranted outbursts from the various characters. We’re then left with a wishy-washy ending, untapped interesting characters (Shido?) and some pointless EMP nuke.

    There was plenty of potential in HotD, but they really dropped the ball on this one I felt. Too much that could have been developed further was not, and what was developed further was uninteresting and inconsistent.

    Saying that I still enjoyed HotD ^^.

    • Yi says:

      I think we’re actually on the same side about the pacing. I thought the intensity was done really well until the whole teenage angst part. I was not happy about the romance and love triangle stuff at all. It killed the intensity and disrupted the pacing. And worse of all, it added nothing to the anime. If anything, it made me hate the characters so much more. And I hate how that drama wasn’t even resolved by the end.

      Everything else I thought was good though. HotD isn’t the best effort, but it’s an effort.

      • biotoxic says:

        Yep, after re-reading we do agree on the pacing of the plot. It was the “Fan service helps to maintain the necessary action-packed pace” that for some reason I failed to realise you were talking about fan service and not plot from that point onwards.

        But yeah, too much was left unresolved. I’m hoping for a second season, although if that doesn’t look like a possibility I may give the manga a go as Smithy has suggested.

        • Yi says:

          Yea, sorry about that. I need to work on being more clear in my writing. ^ ^

          I probably still won’t give the manga a try despite knowing that the manga is far superior to the anime because the anime just hasn’t done enough. I don’t feel like I care enough about the characters or the story to want to see more.

    • Smithy says:

      That’s actually because the anime had to cut off right where another important story arc starts in the manga. If you lied it, give the manga a try, some of the psychological and survival aspects are further explored in it.

  7. Sebz says:

    so fanservice and zombie apocalypse can be combined to make a good anime?

    not that I’m doubting you, but until I read this, I had found the fanservice a major turn-off for me.

    Thanks for the enlightenment. ^_^

    • Yi says:

      I think fanservice is still not for everyone. If you’ve never liked fanservice, I think you might still not like it in here.
      But for the right audience, HotD really makes ecchi work.

  8. shinra says:

    HOTD was really a nice anime…. tho after I watched till end, I gave up on re-watching it… 1 reason = I HATE THE MAIN CHARACTER!! Busujima was ok at 1st…. until the Harem starts. I totally hate it when the story turns sideways… Main Character = acting cool = gets all Harem = ends without telling who he ends up. ><

    I rather watch Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, one of the ep, if it were Zombies… There's even some Yuri-ish "Onee-sama" moments (Scanty and Kneesocks, I LOVE KNEESOCKS, THE ONLY Yuri-ish character!!! XD)… tho its not "ONEE-SAMA~~~<3" like Railgun tho.

    Note: if u want Yuri in this month's anime, Shinryaku! Ika Musume.
    (Sanae x Ika-chan!! WOOT!!!! btw, Sanae's seiyuu is the same as Saten's…. so U'll get the idea why she goes Yuri in this anime XDD)

    • Yi says:

      Yea same here. It’s not a bad anime; I appreciate its going outside the normal anime genre. But this is not something I would re-watch. There were very little character I liked or cared about, and Takashi is the worst. It’s pretty pathetic when in a zombie story, you’re rooting for the zombies.

      I should have picked up Panty/Stocking… I just couldn’t get into the art style initially and so yea…

      Ika Musume has a bit of yuri comedic fodder, but I don’t really like it that “yuri” much. It’s literally just a joke.

  9. kluxorious says:

    The fanservice is kinda too much for me and like you said the angst kinda tired me out as well. I dunno why I can handle the manga but can’t take it that well when it was adapted to animation…

    Then again, I can always tolerate the ecchiness in manga but not in anime.

    • Yi says:

      I’ve never really disliked fanservice that much in any anime, so in HotD where it seems appropriate, I didn’t mind it at all. However, I hated the angst part. It’s so painful and exhausting to watch…

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  11. The only part that I even bothered to watch is that bullet time scene with all the rippling and eeeeyeeeaaah. I don’t think I was missing out much here.

    • Yi says:

      Loll that is such a hilarious scene. I had no idea things could be taken to that level. Best sequence in the whole series. You picked the right scene to jump into. ^ ^

  12. Kigganaku says:

    I got bored enough one day to count the panty shots this series had.


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  14. Valence says:

    I’m sorry Yi, but there was wild college sex in the show, albeit on a bus …for what might have been the entire series while our protagonists travel on their own.

    You have to admit some most of the fanservice scenes weren’t necessary, but what could they do? After all, it is Hollywood convention to include some sort of sexual appeal into any zombie flick it produces – in fact I dare say that there aren’t any zombie flicks without a single bit of sexual appeal in them.

    • alucard13mm says:

      i was pretty surprise to hear that the bus scene was in the anime XD.. lawl

    • Yi says:

      Oh yea, good point. I totally forgot about the implied lewdness in the bus. Anyways, is fan service ever necessary? I don’t really know. But as you said, sex appeal is integral to this genre. In that sense, if there is an anime that should have fan service, HotD would be one. I think that’s kind of why I’m so forgiving of all the ecchiness and the ridiculously large breasts.

  15. glothelegend says:

    I used to not like zombie plots at all. I read Sankarea and watched High School of the Dead. Now, I will devour anything with zombies in it. HOTD was fantastic, and kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire time. FILLED TO THE BRIM with BAM moments. The last episode might have been the most adrenaline packed anime episode I’ve ever seen. Another season better be coming or I’ll learn Japanese and write an angry letter to the government of Japan. That’s right, THE GOVERNMENT. Not messing around.

    • Yi says:

      I haven’t read Sankarea, but if it’s about zombies, I’ll check it out.

      I thought HotD is decent. When it’s not about the love drama stuff, I am also on the edge of my seat. The intensity is great then. Unfortunately, during the slower moments, it’s pretty horrible. The last episode is pretty blood boiling. I loved the self-sacrificing parents and just the awesomeness of some of the characters.

      I’m not sure if I’d like another season. For me, their story is wrapped up pretty well already. Classic zombie flicks never really have an ending, so I think ending it here is nice.

  16. softz says:

    I enjoy reading your review as always Yi. At least, this is one series that I actually watched with my wifey. I am also procrastinating in watching anime (too much work). However, for this, my wifey actually pushed me to watch from episode 3 to 12 when I was in U.K. I kinda enjoy the hacking and slashing, also how more and more becoming zombies. But, I seriously wonder how are they going to end this widespread.

    • Yi says:

      Your wife is awesome!
      Anyways, I had a similar experience. I watched the first four episodes with my sister, and she loved it. She’s a huge zombie fan, so she kept pressuring me to finish the series with her… Unfortunately, halfway through the series, I had to leave.
      I love the hacking and slashing too. There’s something stress-relieving about killing zombies by the dozen.

      I don’t think it’s necessary HotD ends the zombie infestation. It’s part of the premise and the setting.

  17. hi i haven’t been on for a will because i have been looking for new anime websits but i haven’t found any yet if i do find one i will infor you guys and girls.

  18. I haven’t watched this series yet (though it’s very high on my list), and I’ve been feeling a bit iffy, because everything I’ve heard has been mostly along the lines of “OMG itz awesome, zombies ftw!!!” and while I will always support the statement “zombies ftw”, I always like to hear something a bit more substantial.

    So thank you for this review, which actually added a bit of depth for me to take into consideration when I do get around to watching the series.

    • Yi says:

      It is mostly “zombies ftw,” but there are some subtleties in bringing the genre to anime and its fans. Anyways, I’m super glad this review was able to do a bit for you. ^ ^

  19. alucard13mm says:

    hmmm so i assume there will be a second season eh? i dont think the manga ended. it was on haitus or low activity last time i checked.

    • Yi says:

      I’m not sure if there will be a second season… And honestly, I don’t think I’d want one.

      • EmperorG says:

        There probably will, considering the inevitable male fanbase for this one. I wouldn’t mind one, but we’ll have to wait and see.

        As for the fanservice being excessive or not, keep it clean and tasteful. Also, the women should NOT have the intelligence of H-characters, meaning about as smart as a rock. So yeah, I don’t mind fanservice as long as the women aren’t complete morons.

  20. Nopy says:

    I really didn’t think the series was worth my time. Sure, it catered to my interests as a guy, but so do a lot of other anime. The only real selling point is that it’s the first anime about a zombie apocalypse.

    • Yi says:

      Exactly. I feel the same way. It not bad at all, but there’s so many better stuff. However, I do appreciate that it brought this genre into anime.

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  23. Canne says:

    uhm, I felt like this show, though extremely entertaining, was torn into two separated part; the post-apocalyptic and the fan-service part. While both are welcomed elements, they still had trouble fitting together.
    (Oh, I haven’t review this show yet, how lazy of me >_<)

    • Yi says:

      I guess my take is pretty different. I thought those two elements go very hand in hand… Most likely because of the long standing combination of sex appeal and gore, especially in stuff like zombie and slasher flicks.. I also thought HotD is able to integrate ecchi into its story pretty well. It wasn’t too distracting at all.

  24. K-Nashi says:

    ha ha, I agree with most of the part you wrote there~
    honestly, this series is actually pretty good.. but with a heavy note here..;*only if you can look past the extreme fanservice*

    so many of the service doesn’t feel necessary for me(God, I almost stop watching after I watched that Boob of Matrix Bullet scene),yet, one must admitt this does have a good characterization march..*again, only noticable if you could look past the..etc,etc etc..XD*

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. I think a lot of genre and elements are like fan service. If someone hates it, it will be pretty hard for that person to tolerate it regardless of how well it’s done or how appropriate it is. HotD is a pretty good example of this. In terms of fan service, I think an anime on zombie apocalypse is one of the best places for it. Furthermore, I thought the execution of ecchi is done pretty well. Yet, if you can’t get over that, you probably won’t like the series at all..

      The matrix scene was… pretty awesome in its own special way

  25. Fabienne says:

    In general Im really bad with zombie movies when it gets too cruel or disguisting.
    Therefore I feared that I couldn’t watch this show, but after I watched the first ep,
    I was some kind of relieved that it wasn’t that cruel.

    I liked this show,well the atmosphere and the action the most.
    in my opinion the amount of fanservice wasn’t really neccesary.
    I didn’t liked the design of the boobs in this show too big, to saggy.,
    I can still remember these absurd boob squeeze scenes XD

    I started to read the manga as the show was at episode 6 or so,
    because I was a bit unpatient and curious about the story progress.
    Well I spoiled myself a bit but I couldn’t stop reading the Manga,
    it was too entertaining.

    Well, the first season ended far too soon :/

    • Yi says:

      It wasn’t as violent as I expected… and I suppose that’s a good thing. The atmosphere is nice, and the fan service is decent. The breasts are ridiculously large, but I think that in some ways, helps to pull you into this absurd world. Or maybe I’m just trying too hard to justify the ecchi…

      It sounds like the manga is much better. Maybe I should check it out.

  26. Baka-Raptor says:

    I’m disappointed that the girls didn’t start turning to each other for comfort. That’s what I would’ve done.

  27. 2DT says:

    I wish you’d have gone into a bit more detail about why you dislike the characters. I noticed you mentioned the same on Twitter, but why exactly don’t you like them? Is it the odd mix of over-pragmatism and immaturity? Because, to be honest, I don’t like them much either, but strictly as people.

    Maybe it’s a bit much to ask for a single comment, but I want to know more of your thoughts. 🙂

    • Yi says:

      Ooh now that’s a good question and I’m probably going to go on for way too long on this. But before that, I just want to mention that I tend to be super negative on Twitter. I complain way too much on really insignificant stuff there.

      With that said, I still didn’t like the characters though. Most of them are fairly neutral. Some have their moments in the spot light, but just not enough to make them likable. Alice, the sniper, the nurse, and even the self-sacrificing characters/ the parents from the mansion may be pretty cool from their brief screen time, but it’s not enough for me to start liking them.

      Then of course, a lot of people are just straight-up terrible. The sadistic teacher, that delusional woman ranting about tight control, and random bad guys are no where near likable.

      Now, for the core characters, it’s a bit hard for me to answer. I had to really think about why I didn’t like them.

      I hate Takashi the most. I hated how he fails to see the big picture in the first few episodes. The world’s going crazy and he’s having an emo moment over a girl. He’s in high school. It’s not that big of a deal. Get over it.
      As the story progresses, that side of him really starts to surface. And the more he and Rei gets mired in their drama, the more annoying they became. Then there’s the whole deal with Saeko. He’s kind of an ass…
      Also, he’s kind of a boring character in that there’s nothing too special about him. His whole identity is based on Rei and Saeko. Sure, he’s the leader, but only by default as the main character.

      Similarly, I hated Rei because of this whole drama he has with Takashi. I mentioned in the review that the teenage angst/ drama made me hate the characters. That part was so painful to sit through that I pretty much hate everything involved with that.

      Saeko suffers a bit from that, but overall, I think she’s a decent character. She is too emo about her violent side and her past though. Again, get over it. We all have power lust and it’s not a big deal. And especially at a time when zombies are roaming. These kids really need to see the big picture.

      Furthermore, these kids don’t inspire hope at all. I think the things that make many zombie movies tick are that the characters inspire some sort of a safer future even in an apocalypse.

      I didn’t dislike Takagi as much as I did the others, but I’m not sure if I like her either. She’s smart and everything, but her attitude is kind of annoying at times. As the series continued, I started to like her a lot more.

      Kohta Hirano… I didn’t like him that much only because he’s kind of ugly. Sorry. 😦

      Take for example Zombieland. By the end of the series, the main character in Zombieland is able to overcome his fears. The girls overcome their distrust of others. And this other guy started to care for others. Together, they waste zombies. When the movie ended, I can feel that they’ll be all right even if the world is infested with zombies.

      On the other hand, in HotD, the main character and these two girls don’t grow much. They’re such stagnant characters. In episode one, they had teenage troubles. At the end of the series, they still have a love triangle. In episode one, they had a hard time staying alive. At the end of the series, they’re still having a hard time staying alive. There was little character growth for Takashi, Saeko, and Rei. And if they were barely alive at the beginning, it only makes sense that they won’t survive long. The characters are such downers.

      Sorry for the long comment… And I kind of went into a tangent at the end.

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  29. foshizzel says:

    Loved the manga from what I got to read, anime version was great too even thou it ended kind of fast. Only girl I liked on the show was Saeko, I really hated Rei not sure why but she wasn’t that great.

    In the end it’s great entertainment and amazing artwork.

    • Yi says:

      I would’ve really liked Saeko, but there were just a few things that made me dislike her… Check out my comment above. And of course, I hate Rei too.

      The anime isn’t too bad, but it’s not too good either. It’s fine entertainment for killing time, but not exactly a masterpiece. The best thing for me though is that it’s zombie apocalypse in anime form.

      • foshizzel says:

        True after reading it you are right, most of them are kind of lame with all the emo parts they each have to deal with.

        But it’s cool everyone has their view on characters and likes/dislikes and I agree this is no masterpiece but good for the whole zombie survival in anime form 🙂

  30. Nakayo says:

    I’m impressed by your use of pictures!! I was like O_O when I first read your post… It’s been a while since I watched it so kind of forgot the level of fan service in it. It was good entertainment on a weekly basis. hahaha

    • Yi says:

      Thanks! I just steal them from different sites though like oreno.imouto.org. I’m glad you appreciate the pictures though. ^ ^

      I probably should have watched it weekly instead of in a marathon. In a marathon, zombie killing gets kind of dull and the romance just drags on painfully.
      Still, overall, HotD is pretty entertaining.

      • EmperorG says:

        HotD isn’t one of those shows that should be viewed consecutively. this is definitely a “once a week” kind of deal, which is what you learned before making this review. I also read your above argument and while I’m still a fan of the “epic duo”, your reasons for not liking them that much are valid. Saeko’s nothing more than a bloodthristy kid with a crush, badass in combat, not so likable in the character aspect. I already explained that I don’t like Takashi and Rei because they’re simply too generic. Nothing to make them stand apart. Nothing that gives the viewer a reason to cheer for them. Nothing that makes them unique or capable of surviving an apocalypse.
        They simply don’t have the “Hokuto no Ken” in them. they need some “Hokuto no Ken” energy.
        Oh, and lots more “Hello Nurse” and Sniper scenes, where they actually do compotent things and not drink themselves to sleep. Okay, the sniper doesn’t do that per se, but you get the point.

        • Yi says:

          Yea, they’re just nothing special. I didn’t even really like the nurse or the sniper. Neither got enough screen time, and it’s hard to justify liking them just because they might potentially have a yuri relationship.

  31. lovelyduckie says:

    I plan on reading the manga at some point…but I didn’t realize this series was a harem. I didn’t even realize there was a male lead until you mentioned something about it. All the images I’ve seen made me wrongly assume it was a team of girls with the brownish blonde as the main character. That has me a bit bummed.

    • Yi says:

      Yea… I didn’t realize that either. Even worse, it’s not just a harem… It’s a harem with lots of teenage angst attached. Anyways, that element pretty much killed the anime for me.

  32. Accelerator says:

    Its funny really, I came to Kore wa Zombie Desuka thinking it was another zombie apocolypse anime.
    HoTD…hmmm….well, I enjoy Inazuma’s doujins, so his artwork here was familiar with my senses.
    It disappoints me I find no guro game of this………..

    • Yi says:

      During early preview season, I thought Kore wa Zombie Desuka would be a zombie-apocalypse anime as well. But for now, HotD remains the only anime (I could think of) that is true to this genre.

      A guro game of this… Should be fun! ^ ^

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