Ore no Imouto Fashion Sense – Kirino, Top Model

Ore no Imouto Kirino fashion clothes screencap teen fashion model magazine

Ore no Imouto has given its audience a very interesting portrayal of a closet otaku, Kirino. And she has, in turn, stolen many of our hearts. Part of what makes Kirino and the anime so fascinating is the unlikely dichotomy of her “filthy” passion for eroge and her role as an all-star athlete, honor student, school idol, and teen model. Naturally, the anime places a lot of emphasis on Kirino’s otaku side, but it also does not forget to detail bits of her other aspects as well.

I am, of course, talking about her beautiful, chic fashion!

Let us just explore some of my favorites and see how they reveal bits of Kirino’s character.

Ore no Imouto Kirino fashion clothes screencap pink dress

Here, Kirino wears a petite pink dress. She seems to favor pink on several occasions, which is quite impressive. Pink is a fairly hard color to rock. Too pink will make her seem cheap; not enough, she will miss that youthful vibe. Kirino makes it look easy however. She balances the pink well with her light cyan accessory. That wrist scrunchie works wonders.

Ore no Imouto Kirino fashion clothes screencap blue top

Ore no Imouto Kirino fashion clothes screencap blue top

This is one of my favorite outfits from her. Kirino strays away from her relaxed, sloppy clothes at home to something that feels a bit more outdoors. The fitting sleeveless sweater vest shows off her slender curves well. The cool summer blue is furthered by the neutrual brown boots and purse. Her accessories add a small layer of complexity to the simple top and skirt. The matching necklace, earrings, purse, scrunchie, sunglasses, and stockings make this outfit fun, but also very precise. It is no wonder the other girls at the meet-up are intimidated.

Ore no Imouto Kirino fashion clothes screencap casual

This is yet another look similar to the last one: a simple blue T-shirt, a small white hooded sweatshirt, short jeans, and her signature wrist scrunchie. Youthful, complex, instinctive, and fresh!

Ore no Imouto Kirino fashion clothes screencap dress light tan white dress

This dress is my favorite of all so far. Although minimal, it has just enough sophistication to be interesting. I love the layered elements and patterns around the borders. The outfit has a laid -back, hippie, counterculture vibe, something popular among liberal arts college students.

Ore no Imouto Kirino fashion clothes screencap dress light tan white dress

Kirino manages to work into this by taking the dress in a slightly different direction. Notice her stockings, painted fingernails, and scrunchie (yet again). With these simple details, she adds a lot adolescent playfulness into this look, and translates it into teen fashion. I could totally see Kirino sporting this chic outfit in a magazine spread. This casual look really illustrates her talent and potential in fashion.

Ore no Imouto Kirino fashion clothes screencap Saori Kuroneko

In addition, the different clothes given to the characters provide a further sense of the contrast between the conflicting sides of Kirino, especially when we look at other characters, such as poor Saori. [1] It is kind of neat to note that although Saori and Kuroneko have terribly uncomfortable clothes, they seem to be much less awkward in their own skins.

Ore no Imouto Kirino fashion clothes screencap Ayase

I love anime that boasts a host of different clothes. [2] Kirino has worn at least two new outfits every single episode so far. Kyousuke, Ayase, and Kuroneko all have multiple outfits as well. For that alone, this is turning out to be my favorite series of the season.

Ore no Imouto Kirino fashion clothes screencap Ayase

I want to give a special note to Kirino’s model friend, Ayase. I have fallen so in love with this yandere!


  1. Someone please give poor Saori contact lenses and a makeover!
  2. Here are two of my posts also related to fashion in anime:
    K-On!! Fashion – What Casual Fans Like
    K-On!! Going Retro – Fashion in Listen!! and No, Thank You!

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai review

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76 Responses to Ore no Imouto Fashion Sense – Kirino, Top Model

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  2. EmperorG says:

    Yet more reasons why I label Kirino as a badass. /i guess he’s a teen model for a reason and you’ve successfully described in full detail why. KuroNeko is my heroine and Saori is what I would call a sexy nerd (Yes, I’m a strange person with strange tastes). Even though I highly doubt that Ayase will “see the light”, there’s a very small part inside me that hopes she does “see the light”, if you know what I mean. And so, our war against the BAD ending continues. I’ve stumbled upon many enemies who cheer for the BAD ending, but I’ll never give up, for this show’s too awesome so far to surrender against the forces of EVIL!

    • Yi says:

      I like both Saori and KuroNeko. Both of them are charming in their own ways. Saori is a really considerate mature girl. I think she should probably lose the glasses, but they are also part of her charm!

      When I watched ep. 5, I totally thought that those of us with our goggles will probably look at Ayase slightly differently. I guess I was right! ^ ^
      Anyways, I’ve kind of changed my mind about OreImo. Now, I’m not too opposed to an incest end. We’ll see how it plays out.

      • EmperorG says:

        Hehehe. Indeed.Ayase has definitely made an impact in episode 5. I expect great things from her from now on, that is if the writers plan to have her on screen more often.

        You have a great fashion sense Yi-san, so don’t lose it.

        Kuroneko is too adorable in my eyes. Her gothiness gets me every time for some reason. As for Saori, I have a strong feeling that she’s drop dead sexy underneath her nerdy babe appearance.

        • Yi says:

          I hope Ayase gets more screen time too, and I think she will. She’s a pretty popular character and she has an important role: she’s our window into the other side of Kirino.

          “You have a great fashion sense Yi-san, so don’t lose it.”
          Awww thank! I’ll try my best.

          I agree about Saori. I bet she’s gorgeous underneath that heavy shirt and thick glasses. All she needs is a make-over.

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  4. Kuchibiru says:

    You know, now that you point it out, I really do appreciate the different fashion in my anime. It gives it that refreshing touch; something so I don’t feel like the characters are unchanging or just mundane. OreImo explores all different kinds of fashion, and even though I’m no fashion buff, I can clearly see how the creators had managed to take advantage of Kirino’s teen idol status.

    Yeah, as of right now, I do believe Ore no Imouto is my favorite anime this season.

    • Yi says:

      One of my recent goals has been to bring a little more glamour to the anime blogosphere. I’m glad you like the extra touch anime such as OreImo and K-On give to their characters! I thought that was really neat!

  5. mrwan says:

    Since this is a show about imouto, its only right that AIC would pay special attention making Kirino look as good as possible.

    Not sure if this is a complaint or not, but AIC made Kirino look too good. To the point I’m having a hard time believing Kyousuke is her brother, since the guy doesn’t look good no matter what combination of buttoned shirts he wears, which I think it’s attributed to his figure.

    • Yi says:

      Kirino can make anyone look bad. I don’t think Kyousuke is that bad; just not as flashy when next to Kirino. He usually sports fairly casual T-shirts, fleeces, jackets… etc. A bit bland, but not bad. Kind of like any average high school boy. At least he doesn’t make any glaring fashion no-no’s.

  6. Ningyo says:

    Insightful. My mind has recently been the battlefield between pro-Oreimo and anti-Oreimo ideologies, and this post fits comfortably into the former. Once the former significantly overcomes the latter I’ll get off my butt and watch the series, but as for now…

    An art direction with a penchant for fashion is always refreshing to see – verisimilitude partly, because a changing wardrobe further establishes Kirino as a dynamic double-life living character allowing we the closet-otaku to ‘relate’, but really, just because it’s aesthetically pleasing. One of the little ways to show you the developer cares.

    My aunt gave me a scrunchie at some point, for unknown reasons. It was really flexible and avant-garde, so she told me to wear it around my neck and no one would know better. Suffice to say I never stopped getting crap the few times I listened to her.
    Well, you do have guys wearing hairbands…

    • Yi says:

      There’s a lot of talk surrounding this series right now. Every episode has been ripe for discussion. That’s yet another reason to pick this up. Personally, I am very deep into the pro-OreImo camp. It’s just such an emotive and well-executed anime.

      The changing wardrobe does exactly what said. It’s refreshing, gorgeous, and adds to the realism. Any anime can be better with that.

      Scrunchie around the neck huh? Ningyo, always on the forefront of trends! ^ ^

  7. Snark says:

    Wait. Her friend’s a yandere?

    I have slightly more reason to watch this now.

  8. kluxorious says:

    You must be a very fashional gal in real life, Yi. I watched the same shit but didn’t give a damn on her outfits LOL

    • Yi says:

      Haha, hardly. I like reading magazines and articles about glamour, fashion, entertainment, and stuff, but I can usually only window shop.

      “I watched the same shit but didn’t give a damn on her outfits LOL”
      Haha. Well, the outfits aren’t that important. Just subtle details that kind of show the high production quality.

      • kluxorious says:

        I usually looks at the background and the animation to spot a good quality production. But you just gave me another thing that I can focus on.

        I only read design magazines. Girly stuff is not exactly my thingy.

        • Yi says:

          Animation and background are more important and a more direct indication of good anime than just a changing wardrobe. Sometimes that’s all you need. ^ ^

  9. necrocosmos says:

    I disagree on part that Saori clothes are uncomortable i would say they are really comfortable on a contrary, why wear somethis similar and u will see why is it^^.
    Kirino amount of outfits really make this anime more colorable, yet my fav character is Kyousuke, obviously he need to have strong characte to deal with whims of his sister, and Ayase suprised me with her sharpness, i thou she had more calm character and yet so aggresive.

    • Yi says:

      That’s a fair point. I don’t actually know if they’re uncomfortable. I guess I just kind of assumed she is because she was fanning during Comiket. She and Kuroneko look hot.
      Kyousuke has a very… interesting mindset. I still don’t understand his logic when he had that conversation with his dad and his outburst in front of Ayase. But I guess things worked out.
      “Ayase suprised me with her sharpness, i thou she had more calm character and yet so aggresive.”
      Exactly what made me fall in love!

      • necrocosmos says:

        I like when Ayase was calm and refined but its funnier to see her going aggro as well, it makes her more colorful and not so plain as she looked in first moment, thou normal is best, btw i thou she was hot(i bet wrong word, sry my english is still not as awesome as i wish it would been) on Kyousuke in first moment. and such change of situation made it funnier

        • Yi says:

          I definitely thought the same thing too initially. When Ayase and Kyousuke first meet, they exchang phone numbers… I thought there was something going on. I like how it turns out now though. It’s just plain fun!

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  11. ~xxx says:

    I remembered the dress she wore at episode 4, I really thought it was a single layer dress…[until that incident happened.]

    The question is, why would they(Kuroneko and Saori) always dressed like that? for easy identification? And Saori’s got this distinct voice that would make you believe that there is a truer her inside that glasses.

    I even like this anime after that Ayase deals Kirino about her hobbies.
    I think I liked Ayase as a Yandere character more than her image.

    • Yi says:

      I re-looked at that incident, and it is actually a dress paired with a skirt. It looked so cohesive together though! Just beautiful.

      I kind of do wish Saori would wear something a little different once in a while. It doesn’t have to be awesome, but something in the same style could be nice. Even Kuroneko varies her cosplay. (Major props to her for wearing cosplay as her casual look!) Anyways, I love Saori’s voice. It’s so cute.

      “I even like this anime after that Ayase deals Kirino about her hobbies.
      I think I liked Ayase as a Yandere character more than her image.”
      I liked this anime even more after the whole deal with Ayase. ^ ^

  12. Valence says:

    I think I love the show again. I don’t know. I think I’m tsundere for OreImo!

    Interesting post. But I wonder why Ayase doesn’t have such nice clothes , I thought they worked in the same industry? Kirino’s clothes definitely win handsdown.

    • Yi says:

      I think Kirino’s clothes win as well, but some of her best outfits have been her inside home. Ayase dresses really well too, and I think she just hasn’t had enough screentime to showcase more stuff.

  13. Canne says:

    It’s quite amazing how Kirino can fit into any light color theme outfit so perfectly. I wonder how would she look in dark colored clothes or even black.

    • Yi says:

      I know. I’m jealous of how easily she slips into her outfits and how gorgeous she makes them look.
      Dark colors… I have mixed feelings about dark colors. I think for young girls, black is even harder to look good in than pink. Dark colors usually give off a mature, sophisticated, high class elegance. If you’re just throwing on any dark T-shirt, jacket, fleece, or top without careful attention, you’ll end up looking bland. And if you try to play too much with it, you run the risk of giving off a certain image (goth, ghetto/ fab… etc.)
      But I am sure if she wanted to, Kirino will make it work.

      • Canne says:

        You made a good point there. Wearing dark color might interfere with Kirino’s portrayal as a character. Thus, it’s unlikely that we will get to see her wear something dark. Plus, we already have another character who always wear dark (kuroneko) ^^

  14. Shance says:

    Very nice post! You sure have an eye for fashion to note out Kirino’s sense for clothes. I guess this contributes a lot due to her work as a model. And because this aspect of the show is pretty much undermined for the very obvious reason that Kirino stands out too much, doing justification to at least one of her aspects (in this case, fashion sense) is the right thing to do.

    Enlightening, indeed, especially for one who has bad fashion sense such as myself.

    • Yi says:

      Exactly. I thought it was great that the show draws attention to her perfect sister side too. Besides the beautiful clothes, there were also two scenes that further this: one at her track practice and another at a shoot. It reminds us that she’s not the eroge/ doujinshi obsessed girl.

  15. EmperorG says:

    Ayase is definitely a cuter, cooler Kirino clone.

    • Yi says:

      I liked the unexpected “psycho” side of Ayase a lot, and Kirino can be kind of a jerk sometimes. Kirino has better clothes though.

      • EmperorG says:

        Hopefully the epic Saori will receive a makeover just like the main character from Kuragehime did. I’m enjoying Kuragehime quite a bit. What other cool stuff can we expect from the gang this coming Sunday? We shall see.

        Oh yes, Ayase’s sudden burst of psychotic was nothing short from epic. The thunder in the background increased its greatness.

        Yes, Kirino’s obsession with being a tsundere does get on my nerves sometimes. That doesn’t change the fact that she has one of the most badass poses in a poster I’ve ever seen. That’s right, the ONE reason why I consider Kirino a badass instead of cute…is because of her incredibly simple, yet marvelous pose in a poster, pointing to the skies. EPIC!

        • Yi says:

          Kuragehime… I should be watching this anime, but I’m not. 😦 Anyways, I’m extremely excited for the next episode of OreImo.

          That poster sounds badass! Link?

    • Shance says:

      Panty is a cooler Kirino clone, actually…

  16. Thanks for the compilation! I’m getting her Azone doll so I’m kinda looking for clothes that will fit her and looks good on her later on 🙂 It will be hard to find stuff she wears since it’s limited to what Azone International offers ^^;

    • Yi says:

      Oooh, Kirino Azone doll. I can’t wait to see your pictures! Anyways, I think most doll clothing shops I’ve seen have a pretty good collection of chic stuff. But I’m not that familiar with that stuff… I hope you find some nice outfits. ^ ^

  17. rockleelotus says:

    another great fashion post ^^ i like it when animes give characters an actual wardrobe. not only is it nice to admire cute girls in cute outfits but it helps in keep an episode fresh and different from each other. that is at least one thing i can say i like from this series lol ^^;

    Saori doesnt need contact lenses, just maybe some new frames… megane love :3

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. I think any anime can be better with an actual wardrobe. That’s a guaranteed positive and guaranteed freshness.

      Haha, yea. I can see Saori rocking some sexy glasses. I guess anything but those huge frames. @ @

  18. shinra says:

    LoL….. I have been waiting for the anime ever since their drama cd released….. which was before the anime. Luckily they were able to kept their original seiyuu cast which was requested by their fans.

    Love Kirino, Ayase n KuroNeko only for 1 reason, they are just too cute!!!!

    (If u listen to their “Ore no Imouto wa Radio de mo Konna ni Kawai wake ga nai” Radio show, U can listen to lots of Yuri moments from KuroNeko to Kirino. ;D)

    * There is also a part in both radio and drama CD, where KuroNeko acts like Kirino, and Kirino acts as KuroNeko back XDD*

    • Yi says:

      Oh it’s always nice when drama CDs and anime have the same seiyuu. It just feels more right.

      “Love Kirino, Ayase n KuroNeko only for 1 reason, they are just too cute!!!!”
      Same here!!

      There’s also some nice yuri moments in the anime if you let your imagination work. ^ ^

  19. Janette says:

    I was wondering if someone would comment on this eventually…

    I really liked her painted nails. Little details like that really stand out to me.

  20. hisui19 says:

    about Ayase being a Yandere, are you sure?!
    Fashion is really hard to do, when I’m drawing, it always takes time for me to draw the clothes! so hurray for the dress designer in all of anime!!! XD

    • Yi says:

      I got a lot of flak for calling Ayase a yandere. I used the term loosely and in jest. I had no idea that there was a pretty big uproar in the blogosphere about that. Oh well…

      Yea, it’s hard to draw fashionable clothes, but it adds so much!

  21. EmperorG says:

    It’s really nothing special at first glance, but there’s something about this pose that makes me go squee. So yeah, sorry to have build up your emotions for nothing, however, to me this pose of hers screams badass each time I look at it.
    I truly wish I could explain why something so simple pumps me up so much.

    • Yi says:

      No, I definitely see the intensity in this image. The confident pose, the mean eyebrows, the serious face. Even Kyousuke is surprised by her badassery!

      • EmperorG says:

        So you do understand why I’m left in awe by her badassery rather than her looks. I’m glad. I wonder if the other ladies will also have their shot at being awesome with a pose of their own?
        Tomorrow night doods. Stay tuned for more Oreimoto.

  22. Solaris says:

    Saori’s outfit looks like a disguise to me. I’m fairly optimistic she hides something beyond that thick lenses… maybe she’s an actress or something…

  23. fabricerequin says:

    You are right, the clothes are beautiful, you dont see much attention on designed clothes in anime, but kirino pulls it off well of course. my favorite is the dress as well.

  24. bluedrakon says:

    Fashion tips from anime – got ta love Japan. Wonder if that will make any changes in the real fashion world or just be in Japan.

    • Yi says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s giving any tips to the fans. It’s merely reflecting some of the fashion trends. Anyways, in general, I don’t think anime and its average fan are glamorous enough to actually impact popular fashion significantly. OreImo is doing a good job keeping up with it though.

  25. softz says:

    Chic fashion! Some of the animes really exhibit some very nice, yet simple, fashion sense. I think they are typically applicable for Asian. I believe that I’ve seen them on the street especially in such a temperate country. IMHO, it’s simple, convenience and nice if they are matched properly.

    • Yi says:

      Yea definitely. It’s casual yet refined. Gorgeous, but relatable. Kirino’s looks are very well put together, but without going overboard. It’s quite impressive.

  26. lovelyduckie says:

    I still need to try this series out. The nendoroid of her really caught my eye.

    • Yi says:

      I highly recommend the series. Every single episode so far has been intense, fun, and emotional.
      The nendo is soooooooooooooo adorable! I love her angry expression and the fang tooth expression. I’m kind of hoping for one in a different outfit from the school uniform in the future though.

  27. Reltair says:

    Great descriptions of her various outfits. I noticed she had different outfits in every episode, but thought that it was a given since she does work as a model. So she’s constantly updated on the latest fashion. 🙂

    • Yi says:

      Not only does she have different outfits in every episode, what sets Kirino apart from the likes of Lucky Star cast is that her clothes are actually really chic. She consistently dresses much better than girls in most other anime.

  28. Nopy says:

    The white dress is my favourite too, it looks like something a friend of mine would wear. Having different outfits for anime characters really is a treat, especially considering most of them just wear their school uniforms for the entire show.

  29. StayCold says:

    I think in the manga it shows Saori without glasses. If I remember correctly; she looked pretty decent, no, cute, when compared to Kirino.

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