Two Levels of Wish Fulfillment in Ore no Imouto: Little Sister and Otaku Shame

buriki kousaka kirino ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute) is one of the few anime I will follow weekly this season. With such a title, this series clearly aims to glorify the little sister fetish. Kirino Kosaka is the perfect little sister. She is fourteen, smart, athletic, and beautiful. She models for a popular teen magazine. Furthermore, she is even a closet otaku. On the other hand, her brother, Kyousuke, is not into anime at all. When he discovers his sister’s obsession with anime and imouto-themed eroge, things turn interesting.

Ore Imouto screenshot

"My Younger Sister is Mai Waifu, Welcome to Younger Sister Land, Sister Collectors: Imoking ~Sorry to Trouble You Every Sister~"

Of course, OreImo’s premise screams wish fulfillment. Most male otaku want their potential girlfriends to share their interests. When we combine that with the hot younger sister identity and a tsundere personality, we have Kirino, the culmination of ideal girlfriend materials (for some). She represents the goal of fans’ desires through imagination or role-play. This is fairly apparent. However, perhaps Kyousuke and his reactions also offer wish fulfillment for many.

Ore Imouto screenshot

"Don't go polluting your mind with that filth"

Most people are inherently social. We want to share our lives and our interests with others. For someone as perfect as Kirino, her image must be quite important to her. Considering her father’s disdain for anime, it is understandable she would hide her hobby.

Ore Imouto screenshot

"I'm so proud of my collection!"

Moreover, I found Kirino’s reactions upon being discovered to be very believable: the initial fear to the threat of her reputation, then the plea for acceptance, and finally the sharing of her obsession. It must have been extremely lonely for her to host such an impressive eroge collection, but have no one else to show it to. Thus, when the secret is out, Kirino forces Kyousuke to play through an eroge. This scene not only furthers the ideal younger sister theme and provides a comedic plot device, it also displays a very real human instinct: our desire to have our passions recognized.

Ore Imouto screenshot

I sympathize with Kirino a lot. My attitude toward my fandom has always been one of discretion in real life. After all, bias toward anime does exist, and reactions such as those of Kirino’s parents are not uncommon. Still, I do crave some real life, face-to-face contact with others who share my interest for the casual conversations over anime, the feeling of camaraderie, or something else. Like Kirino, I would often force my siblings to watch anime with me, but this almost always fails. It would certainly be nice if they could be easily convinced… I would get them to play all the Hanabira games.

kanzaki hiro kousaka kirino kousaka kyousuke ore imouto konnani kawaii wake

This is exactly what happens in OreImo. Kirino has little trouble getting Kyousuke to accept her hobbies and even her unlikely fetish for imouto-themed eroge. She also effortlessly gets Kyousuke to try out an eroge. This interaction presents a subtler but a more compelling wish fulfillment in having our passion affirmed and shared. Together, the two levels make this interesting start truly satisfying.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai review

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92 Responses to Two Levels of Wish Fulfillment in Ore no Imouto: Little Sister and Otaku Shame

  1. FT says:

    the anime is quite funny…I really like it when they make references to other anime/VN(this was called core-anime ?-might be wrong though)..still I feel kind of bad for Kirino(and at the same time for myself)..

    anyway as a conclusion: this season is really good(Fortune Arterial’s amazing art, Yosuga no Sora’s twisted story, Bakuman and Tegami Bachi’s slow pace, TWOGK and Ika Musume’s comedy,Togainu’s bloody fights, OreImo’s easily to sympathize with characters, Zakuro’s romance and Shiki’s second vampire serving)

    sorry for this but I really felt like making an Autumn 2010 summary after reading your post :))

    • Yi says:

      I felt a little bad for Kirino too at times, which only makes her that much cuter.

      I was pretty skeptical about the season at first. I wasn’t expecting to pick anything up except for some sequels. But as series started coming out, I’m finding a lot of good stuff. I’m probably going to pick up Ika Musume as well, and maybe one more if I have time.

  2. Ryan says:

    the culmination of ideal girlfriend materials

    Slightly, but I’m not sure I’d really want a girlfriend is heavily involved in ani/manga. The most attractive thing about Kirino imo is that she has style and sass; partially coming off tsundere. She’s also highly individualized and not singularly absorbed into one interest group (anime/manga/vs + fashion + socially healthy); Kirino can function normally in the world.

    I also sympathize with her, especially in that first meeting where there were others who had similar interests, but she was still estranged. Whether or not the bro-sis thing plays into the series in a large way is less consequential atm, because I think Kirino’s “journey” is that of being able to find a niche spot where she feels comfortable and likable.

    There’s been some great stuff so far.

    • Yi says:

      For me, the things you mentioned are also the best thing about Kirino as well. Appearance, smarts, personality, style. Those are definitely higher priority than sharing our interests. Still, her being an otaku does add a nice little bonus.

      Agreed about the brother-sister dynamic being secondary to Kirino’s finding herself. I think that’s the most brilliant part of this anime.

  3. shinra says:

    I’ve waited it to release ever since last month, and really dying for more OreImo after watching ep1…. I do wish I have a little sister like KuroNeko rather than Kirino, Just gotta love Loli gothic cosplayers. Xddd Like Kirino, I hide my Yuri Games, Animes and Mangas somewhere that my parents can’t find. (they’ll kill me if they found out I’m only on to anime girls/seiyuus. T_T)

    (I know that seiyuuing doesn’t matter for you but I still prefer Kirino’s seiyuu in MM! as Mio A girl who thinks she’s a God, a little sadistic and is kinda tsundere. ^^)

    • Yi says:

      I kind of like Kirino’s sassiness. KuroNeko has her charms too though and I love gothic lolis. Anyways, I hide my blog and my yuri stuff from others too, but my mom’s cool with it. She even buys me figures sometimes. ^ ^

      p.s. I wouldn’t seiyuus don’t matter to me. I think voice acting is really important. I just have a hard time recognizing all the voices and names. XD

  4. TWWK says:

    Great post! I’m really enjoying the show so far, too.

    I would take your assessment a little different direction, however. I think Kirino represents a duality that otaku want (at least in the U.S. – I’m not at all sure about Japan). Kirino not only likes anime…but she’s also a beautiful, popular girl. In fact, I would say beauty is probably more important to male anime fans than one who shares their interest, unfortunately. It’s human nature, especially as men connect on a physical level first.

    • Yi says:

      Yea. I agree. I think I made a mistake in my post by hinting that her anime fandom is what makes her so attractive. In reality, that’s just a nice bonus. I’ve since edited the post.

      Check out Ryan’s comment above and my reply.

  5. EmperorG says:

    Glad to see that you’ve also taken a liking to this show. Yes, I’m also a KuroNeko fan like Shinra. I don’t dislike Kirino, far from it, actually I think she’s pretty badass. So she’s not cute in my eyes, just awesome. Besides, KuroNeko hangs out with Saori Bagina. You’ll see who they are in ep2. Patiently waiting for episode 3.
    Great first impression Yi-san. I’m liking your style of expression more and more as I read your blogs.

    My one hope, my one HUGE hope for this show….is that it doesn’t end the way I deeply wish that it doesn’t. Please don’t let it end that way.

    • Yi says:

      I have a slight idea of who KuroNeko is based on images floating around, but I actually haven’t seen episode two yet. Now I’m pretty excited to do so.

      Anyways, what’s the huge bad ending?

      “I’m liking your style of expression more and more as I read your blogs.”
      Awww thanks! You’re far too kind, but your words still brightened my day. I hope you continue to visit. ^ ^

      • Shance says:

        Oh, a bad ending is going to happen indeed, and I think spoiling is a very bad idea for its intensity. It’s better to anticipate how they do it in this adaptation.

      • EmperorG says:

        No problem Yi-san. I’m glad to have learned about your blog and have now become a frequent visitor.

        Shance’s words worry me. Yes, I also know of the Bad Ending path that she speaks of, I just hope that the anime will take a different route than what I’m fearing. It’s not that hard to figure out what I don’t want to happen on this show.

        • Yi says:

          I was really curious before, but now on second thought, I’d rather it not be spoiled. Well, I hope it won’t be that bad.

  6. Reltair says:

    Kirino’s sharing of her obsession made for some very believable scenes. In real life when a conversation topic moves to talking about anime/video games, I find myself talking way more passionately. Good stuff.

    • Yi says:

      Same here. I find myself always passionately explain the relationships of Gensokyo inhabitants to my sister, who regrettably could care less.

  7. Shance says:

    I think you forgot to consider the other people’s say on the matter of accepting Kirino, especially Kyosuke. Like you said, it’s not that easy to convince anyone to like otaku stuff, but if someone’s willing to give it a try, everything changes. I guess it does fit the wish fulfillment semantic since Kyosuke was willing to.

    • Yi says:

      Haha, if I have to consider others’ feelings, then it wouldn’t be wish fulfillment. The whole reason this is wish fulfillment is because of how easily Kirino could just force her hobbies onto Kyosuke.

      It’s the same reason most harem series are wish fulfillment. We don’t have to consider the motivations of the girls nor worry about the actual skills involved in being a player.

      • Shance says:

        You do have a point (especially on the harem part), but I think it still stands that the other end gets some sort of say on the matter, be it affirmation or denial. I mean, in harems, you usually force your ideal world to the girls, with the hopes that the girls would accept the world you yearn for. And if they do, the “wish” gets “fulfilled”.

        • Yi says:

          I’m not saying that Kyousuke doesn’t get a say in the matter. He does indeed. But I am saying that it is largely irrelevant in wish fulfillment, because once Kyousuke does accept Kirino’s hobbies, it becomes wish fulfillment.

          I feel like there’s some sort of circular logic going on here…

  8. kluxorious says:

    LOL I see that butt screen shot a lot! O_o

    I remember how proud I was when I managed to get my minions at the office addicted to Detroit Metal City. They called me the President after that *chuckles*

    Ah, now I kinda miss my old job >>

    • Yi says:

      It’s because that scene is so sexy. She has an athlete’s buttocks.

      Your office sounds freaking awesome!! You should feel proud. ^ ^

  9. necrocosmos says:

    I didnt have much expactation for this season, thou i knew Ore no imouto would be good cos i rode novel, and was good, and style is simmilar to bakamonogatari, conversation based, and i prefer those kind of anime over action ones thou some action is always nice to be seen.
    And Kirino is awesome but i like kuroneko more, i wonder if its cos i like goth fashion^^.
    About this season i thing there will be few interesting titles MM! was better then expected, Yosuga sora i might watch but its not as good as i thou it would be, then Star diver unexpectly nice watch and good graphic + cast. Need to check other titles
    And btw what do u thing lately on sec channel someone posted that anime industry is becoming porn industry cos of overwhelming fan service for example Queen’s blade etc etc.

    • Yi says:

      I did not expect to pick up any series prior to the season. Nothing really caught my eye. But now that first impressions are in, I’m changing my mind. Well, this tends to happen a lot.

      Anyways, I am now caught up, and I have to agree with most. Kuroneko is just adorable! I love gothic lolita.

      I’m probably not going to pick up MM! or Yosuga; I don’t have enough free time. I’m definitely not watching Star Diver… Not really into that genre. On the other hand, thinking about picking up Ika Musume for some light nonsense fun.

      Anyways, about the claim that anime industry is becoming a porn industry…
      I wouldn’t go that far. I think broadcast anime has definitely become more sexual compared to 20 years ago. However, the themes have been there for a long time. Fan service, panty shots, harem situations… etc. are not new. Queen’s Blade, Seikon no Qwaser, and others have simply become more revealing.
      The most important thing to recognize though that this is a trend in all media. There is a change in attitude in our generation and in our cultures worldwide. Sex is no longer taboo. People are more accepting to see breasts and genitalia in movies and such. Given that, I disagree that anime industry is becoming porn industry. It’s simply reflecting the general mood of the world.

      Lastly, I have seen porn. I have seen Queen’s Blade. They are definitely not the same.

  10. Smithy says:

    Am liking this series so far, mostly because of how it handles closet otaku Kirino, her personality and bond with Kyousuke, his personality and their interaction.
    While Kyousuke is thankfully not the typical male lead, he is an extremely nice guy and brother to Kirino, especially considering how poorly she has treated him.

    Do hope it’s going to be interesting character and social exploration and won’t simply become a siscon series.

    • Yi says:

      Same here. I’m loving this series because of how interesting Kirino and Kyousuke are to watch. Kyousuke deserves especial mention because it is so easy for the nice guy to be so bland, fake, and lacking in any personality. But Kyousuke manages to be actually caring. I like him.

  11. This looks like an anime that I will have to make some time for this season!!!!!! It will be a must watch for me.

  12. radiant says:

    This sounds like an interesting series that I’d like to watch, if not for the wish-fulfillment, definitely for cute anime girls.

    I don’t understand the fetish with younger sisters. Is it because family members are more easily accessible than a potential love interest outside of that circle?

    The whole idea of getting family members to share your interest is a commonality among almost everyone, I think, in any hobby or passion. I think psychologically, it’s a way for people to connect and find common ground; to not feel alone; to be validated and their interests validated. There’s a lot at work here…

    I also have to agree with TWWK on the priority of interests over physical beauty. But I think that’s just an initial reaction/impression. I think that for long-term, interest sharing is more important than physical beauty. This is from first-hand experience.

    • Yi says:

      In the words of Kirino:

      Little sisters are just so cute! Like in these galge, they call you “Onii-chan” or “Aniki” or “Nii-nii” or “Nii-chama”! They all love me and have their own names for me! It just makes me go crazy! […] They look so pure, you just want to protect them, or hold them tight! They’re so lovely! […]
      Don’t mix 2D and 3D! No way any sister would love her brother in real life!

      I don’t think most sis-cons harbor incestuous feelings. The attraction of little sisters probably comes from the puppy-ish loyalty with a mix of loli fetish. Those and the feeling of being depended upon are compelling reasons driving the fetish.

      I don’t actually know though. I’m not that into younger sisters myself. Although if I did have one, I’d probably over-spoil her.

      Anyways, having our feelings validated is such an important thing. I think it’s one reason coming out of the closet can often be so cathartic.

      “I think that for long-term, interest sharing is more important than physical beauty.”
      I hope so. ^ ^

      • EmperorG says:

        Unfortunately, I don’t have a younger sister myself, so I’m actually fortunate to not have dealt with an incestuous dilemma. I don’t dislike those who do (After all, Candy Boy is a work of art to me), but I just would not like to be caught in a situation where I would fall for a relative. Then again, I did have a crush on my 5’9 cousin at one time.

        • Yi says:

          Incest is one area where there’s a huge difference in attitude between 2d and 3d. I wouldn’t ever want to have that dilemma in real life.

  13. Nopy says:

    It’s so true, Kirino is like the ideal girlfriend for many otaku. She’s probably the only reason some people started watching the series in the first place.

    I have trouble finding people with the same interests as well. While a lot of people here watch anime, I haven’t met anyone that collects figures or blogs about anime. Most anime clubs and organizations in the city seem to fall apart within a year, and not to mention a lot of the people there scare me with the way they act and how often they drop random Japanese words into their speech.

    • Yi says:

      I should have no problem finding people with the same interest. There is a fairly vibrant anime population where I live and where I attended college. I’ve just been kind of afraid to make the leap. 😦

  14. Zeroblade says:

    Late to the party, but I just gotta say, the first image of Kirino is ohgodsohawt.

    Lately, I’ve also begun to be more Kirino-like when it comes to sharing hobbies and stuff, but rather than forcing people to watch anime/play eroge I’m more subtle – do it in front of them to pique their curiosity, then reel ’em in :3

    • Yi says:

      “the first image of Kirino is ohgodsohawt”
      Oh yes definitely!!

      I tried doing that once with my sister. I played Saki in the living room. It didn’t turn out in my favor though. Instead of being lured in, she started playing her guitar and drowned out the sound, thereby forcing me to watch in another room… alone.
      I’ll probably need to work on a being a little more tactful and subtle with my luring.

  15. I used to be like this. Then I stopped caring what people thought about me and kinda threw caution to the winds. I usually won’t go up to their face and say I love this medium (hell, I don’t really tell people I like playing video games or boardgames), but if they asked me what my hobbies were, then yeah, that’s when I’ll start talking.

    Also, the need to converse with people makes it a good reason for you to go to conventions. Meetups are awesome and it’s great to associate a face with a screen name.

    • Yi says:

      Anyways, if people ask me what my hobbies were, I wouldn’t mention anime. If they ask me if I like anime though, I wouldn’t deny it. But only when I meet someone who loves anime do I start going on and on about it. Of course, the exception to that is my family, who often has to sit through my rants about Touhou or whatnot.

      I really do wish I could be a little more comfortable with myself and not care so much what others think. I have a lot of respect for people who can be… But it’s easier said then done. I need to work on this.

      Anyways, I want to attend a convention at least once. Right now, what’s holding me back is having no one to go with. Meetups would certainly solve that!

  16. afkeroge says:

    I used to be like this. Then I stopped caring what people thought about me and kinda threw caution to the winds. I usually won’t go up to their face and say I love this medium (hell, I don’t really tell people I like playing video games or boardgames), but if they asked me what my hobbies were, then yeah, that’s when I’ll start talking.

    Actually, I’m kind of lucky that my parents are quite loose on the subject that I’m an otaku that plays visual novels, reads manga and watches anime. Heck, I even have a lot of Anime posters in my room and nobody cares.

    But yeah, when I was in high school, where I discovered my love for these kinds of things, I was quite secretive about it and didn’t want anybody to find out… then I met people with the same interests. And there were quite some of them in our school.

    Kirino has it tough though… as her parents are strongly opposed to otaku culture, she can’t bring herself to express her interests openly and has to hide it(had known that feeling before). Her brother Kyousuke provides a kind of refuge inside her home. He serves as kind of like a savior and someone she could talk to about her hobbies(given the very outward downlooking of people on otaku culture).

    Anyway, Yi-san, I read your blog quite often, and I have to say that I like your writing style… It somewhat similar to my own thoughts(including the yuri part). And I hope that you will continue to post good stuff here.

    • afkeroge says:

      Lol, sorry about that… I’m not used to posting yet…

    • Yi says:

      My mother’s pretty cool about my hobby too. She buys me figures and artbooks now and then. She even occasionally reads my blog… She does tell me that I should post less pantsu and ecchi pictures though. Haha. We’re both pretty lucky on that front. Luckier than Kirino for sure.

      “Her brother Kyousuke provides a kind of refuge inside her home. ”
      I think that’s a lovely and very accurate way of putting it.

      Anyways, I’m so happy you like my writing style! That’s really encouraging. Comments like these make me feel like all this blogging is worth it. Thank you so much for that. ^ ^
      Also always glad to see another yuri fan!

      p.s. Fixed the funky post look and the blockquote that got lost.

      • Oh wow! Your mom reads your blog? That’s awesome! I have no idea what my mom would say if she read mine XD My brother does though and he just laughs at the stuff I write. Probably because we share the same type of humour.

        • Yi says:

          My mom doesn’t say much about it. She’s too lazy to read the text most of the time so she just looks at the pictures. She’s always telling me to post fewer images of pantsu though…
          My brother, on the other hand, doesn’t care for my blog at all.

  17. Psycho says:

    This anime got my priority watch. Not only because of the artwork is good, but also has nice story. For someone who hoping this show turn into incest story, just give up. Somebody who already read the light novel says, that will not gonna happen.

    • Yi says:

      This is my priority for the season too. I love the story.

      Anyways, I was kind of trying not to be spoiled of the ending yet because of what Shance wrote above… 😦
      It doesn’t seem to be going in the incest direction though.

  18. ~xxx says:

    somehow, It really is one of the very reasons why I also want to try this one out…

    Asides, Kirino’s Case is somehow similar to the issue of third sex in the Philippines in the 60’s or 70’s where it is a shame to a family that they had a child that wanted to act to what society is somehow not opened to.

    Unlike that one, being an otaku is not really that much of a big issue(unless society does).. and also I had embraced the fact that I need to do it in moderation, It’s all just in the control of the individual.

    I had a sister, but she not like that. She became one after I bought and watch Fullmetal Alchemist… and then, history has changed and i drag my brother into it[not much]. overall, when I trying to think of the years that passed after I became one…
    Well, I really didn’t care now If I’m also branded as a ‘die-hard fan’ or something.

    My college friends also know that already(crap, my ultimate crush also know this…).
    And I think, if not bragged it will continue on without causing something worse to come upon me… I’m now worried at my imouto.

    [if there is a good thing happened after being converted into an anime fan, it’s the bonding time I had with my little sis who just loved edward elric so much].

    • Yi says:

      Kind of agreed with the comparison the “third” sex. Although Kirino and otaku shame is often not as large of an issue, the tension from societal pressures and having to be in the closet is there in both cases.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. I wish I could also “convert” my siblings to be huge fans too. Anyways, I’m glad you’re able to bond with little sis over anime. I think that’s one of the best things about sharing our hobbies with others.

  19. Ninjovee says:

    First off, a lot of girls got misled by the title thinking that it could only lead to incest. Personally, I thought of this too but I still gave the series a shot. After watching the episode, I love it! It’s definitely has a level of realism to it that makes it so relative to a lot of female otaku. Personally speaking, I’m similar with Kirino with the fact that I am a younger sister with a brother who’s not that into anime as I am and parents who think that anime is such a wasteful hobby and a bad influence. I also love how they share a realistic sibling bond bickering with each other and not being able to stomach the thought of actually having an incestuous relationship — although I’m kind of miffed at the direction it seems to be leading to after watching the third episode. I really hope that I just read Kyousuke’s reaction in the last scene of episode 3 wrong. I’m actually thinking of making my own entry about OreImo but in a different way.

    This season’s lineup is just so awesome for me. I haven’t been so pumped watching so many series in quite a while.

    • Yi says:

      When I saw the title, I was misled as well. Only after I saw the first episode did I realize that this is much more about a female otaku than simple imouto incest.

      I love the realism depicted in the sibling interaction. It’s refreshing to see a break from the usual loyal, obedient, loving younger sisters who just adore their older siblings. Anyways, I haven’t seen the third episode yet, but now you’ve gotten me curious. It didn’t feel like it was going in the incest direction before… I guess we’ll see.

      There’s a few series I’m pretty excited about this season. It’s not a bad lineup indeed.

      “I’m actually thinking of making my own entry about OreImo but in a different way.”
      Oooh looking forward to it. ^ ^

  20. Solaris says:

    General depiction of Otaku-ism looked pretty much well made, from Kirino’s own struggle to keep her “hideous” hobby hidden from her “normal” friends, the negativity that’s supposed to belong to Otakuism and the people at the meeting. Man, Kirino vs Kuroneko battle speech is so much alike the speech wars you’d find on any anime forum around. That was nice.
    But yet its premises… i mean maybe somebody wanted to play with the concept of having an imouto fond of imouto porn, but ugh… that sisn’t sound right
    Quote Kirino (by Yi above):
    Little sisters are just so cute! Like in these galge, they call you “Onii-chan” or “Aniki” or “Nii-nii” or “Nii-chama”! They all love me and have their own names for me! It just makes me go crazy! […] They look so pure, you just want to protect them, or hold them tight! They’re so lovely! […]
    Don’t mix 2D and 3D! No way any sister would love her brother in real life!

    This is the least plausible speech i heard there and the key point on how wrong Ore no Imouto premise is. I mean wtf? That kind of porn game are made for the player to fap on lolicon stuff. What “they look pure or protect them” bullshit is it when the next scene you’re supposed to stick it in them without mercy? The only way someone, and moreover a girl, should like that is she’s not right in her head too.
    It was beyond ludicrous, unless totally ridicule when the good brother attempted to question about the sexual implications of the matter and kirino, disgusted labelled him as hentai. Hentai my ass. Who the fuck played that stuff in the first place?
    So they wanted to sell us Kirino play porn loli stuff for the cuteness and never had issues with that before as if the porn side was totally accidental? And what about don’t mix 2D with 3D sentence? It looks it’s aimed at the audience as an exortation to behave, rather than at kirino herself.
    If they really wanted to let us believe something that extreme, maybe they should have given up on perverted stuff in the first place and stick with all age romance related game and animes.
    I mean that was not so hard to do. This show has similar premises to Nogizaka to Himitsu, and it was really well handled there…

  21. biotoxic says:

    I really wanted to watch this one. I’d seen some posts on mangagamer and been reading previews, sounds like an interesting concept. Too bad ANN licensed streaming, locked out non-US IPs, and then leaked their episode. I’ll maybe try watch this if no UK streaming appears over the horizons.

    • Yi says:

      It’s a pretty good series to pick up. It could even be the best of the season.
      Anyways, you could always try downloading the episodes if you’re having problems finding it.

      • EmperorG says:

        Ah, episode 3, that was a HUGE episode. The epic confrontation that everyone has been waiting for takes place a lot sooner than expected. If you haven’t seen it yet, WATCH IT DOODS!

        • Yi says:

          Yea, just saw it. It was nice to see Kyousuke taking the fall for eroge and getting beat up for it. Fun fun fun!

  22. bluedrakon says:

    Not really my cup of tea and will keep with my Mecha’s and bouncing boobs. Though that bent but shot was intriguing – hummm.

  23. Valence says:

    As a general rule of thumb most, if not all little sisters in anime exist for the purpose of humour or sexual gratification.

  24. afkeroge says:

    I’m thinking that this series is more on the otaku side of things rather than the imouto fetish side. I mean, If you want something on the more lecherous side, why not go for Yosuga no Sora? It’s one of the more explicit anime this season (if not the most).

    I think this series emphasizes the life and hardships of being an otaku. Kirino, as a respected member of society falling for the deepest hole for the quite “abnormal” hobby which is eroge, makes the series really stand out.

    I don’t quite agree with the accusations of some that OreImo has a messed up plot. It’s actually very believable premise (we do not know how many girls out there are playing eroge. I know quite a few, actually). Though it may seem to be a stretch on why she prefers imouto-moe games. I think this is just to satisfy the niche market by giving them something to fawn over or laugh about. Kirino being a family member, I think is to give her and Kyousuke some sort of “connection” rather than being complete strangers.

    About the impressions of society towards the otaku subculture in Japan, it is mostly negative. I pointed this out in my site. Basically, a respected member of society, which is Kirino, will have problems dealing with the same society that looks down on otaku culture.

    • afkeroge says:

      Sorry about the bad English in this one (did not go over the text).

    • Yi says:

      All very fair points. ^ ^
      After seeing the first few episodes, I agree that this is much more of a commentary piece on the closet otaku rather than an anime catering to the imouto fetish.

      Anyways, about the premise, I’m a bit torn. I don’t actually believe that someone as involved in different groups/ activities as Kirino can devote time to develop a deep passion for eroge. On the other hand, the interactions, the attitudes, the social aspects and everything else is done amazingly. I’d like to think of this more as a very subtle and clever parody though. In that case, her surprising obsession with imouto-themed eroge only furthers the point.

      Agreed about the societal impression on the otaku subculture. Even Kirino herself is keenly aware of this.

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  26. Shin says:

    My only real regret is that I did not groom my sister into Kirino, as she had all the potential, minus good taste.

  27. hisui19 says:

    oh wow! i heard this anime, might be nice to watch this XD

  28. Persocom says:

    So far this show gets two thumbs up. It’s still kind of early to be sure it’ll keep up the pace but I’m really enjoying it right now. I had expected a lot less from it so I was pleasantly surprised. I think the realism of the situations in it (so far) has been the highlight. Having not read any of the manga, and not wanting to spoil the anime by doing so, I have high hopes since the first four episodes have been great.

    • afkeroge says:

      The manga runs a little differently from the anime, though.

    • Yi says:

      I was pleasantly surprised too. It was not on my radar at all as it looked like another comedic series that capitalizes on a particular fetish. That’s totally not what this is!

      I’ve long realized my season predictions have always been misses; I never end up watching the shows I say I will. Part of the reason I don’t do season previews posts anymore… OreImo is another case of that.

      Anyways, I don’t usually read manga before watching an manga-adaptation either because of fear of spoilers. Regardless of the differences, I try to learn as little as possible before going into it.

  29. lovelyduckie says:

    “She represents the goal of fans’ desires through imagination or role-play. This is fairly apparent.”

    It’s really hard for me to think of watching this series after reading that. Sometimes those situations in an anime just make me feel like the authors are pulling cheap shots to make their series popular. I can understand about trying to share your passion, I have a bf that enjoys shonen anime, but that’s about it. My interests in anime/manga go a lot farther than the most popular shonen series. So many amazing series are only available in manga form and it stinks I can’t share those stories with him (he refuses to read manga). My manga collection is at over 2000 volumes now and I don’t have anyone around me who is interested in trying any of it. But I also don’t try and push anime/manga on anyone.

    • Yi says:

      To be fair, the anime does seem to be pulling a cheap shot when they made Kirino like, of all things, imouto-themed eroge. The series really pushes the little sister theme… I don’t think that takes anything away from the series as a whole though. It’s a funny, touching, enjoyable, and relatable comedy with a pretty good message about passion. The title is really misleading.

      Ore Imo does not go in that direction and it is not that kind of anime.

      It kind of sucks that you can’t share all the bests with your bf, but hopefully, you guys do enjoy the ones you’ve both seen. ^ ^

      “But I also don’t try and push anime/manga on anyone.”
      Haha, it’s probably good that you don’t.
      I do… And my sister and brother hate me for that!

  30. Janette says:

    The main way this anime is wish-fulfillment for me: I was the little sister/younger twin, so I’ve never had one. I always wanted one…

  31. afkeroge says:

    If you wear your goggles, you will see some nice moments in episode 4… you know what I mean, Yi.

    Though it’s really farfetched, we may see more of those cute moments.

  32. hisui19 says:

    Arrrgghh!!! I already watched it! and it was a hell great!!! XD my favorite is Episode 05 ^_^ Thanks for this review!

    • Yi says:

      Haha episode 05 is lovely! Love the little interaction between Ayase and Kirino.

      • afkeroge says:

        However, Kyousuke is becoming more and more of a loser… he doesn’t even try to defend himself… 😦

        But in exchange, we see some veeerrrry faint undertones, if you know what I mean.

        No, you DO know what I mean! The power compels you! The world will be at the mercy of those who-


        • Yi says:

          Haha! Oh yes I see it. ^ ^
          It’s just wishful thinking, but it’s fun.

          I actually don’t disliked Kyousuke that much. He’s kind of weird when it comes to Kirino. I still have no idea how he arrived at that conclusion at the end of ep. 5. I don’t see how going incest could have helped the two girl make up, but I guess it did.

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  34. I notice a few people are misled by the Imouto title being an incest title. I’m actually GLAD that the premise won’t happen… I hope. Someone had told me about the babies that were created by incest in real life… I didn’t see any pictures, but I was turned off by the prospect of it. So that recent anime, Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka, which had a tsundere moving into the male protagonist’s house with his sister and in the end he chose his sister. I’ve heard it’s his actual sister… I’m not completely turned off by the incest aspect, just kinda wish if it was a step sister instead ^^;;; Ok, this is turning to be too serious…

    Anyway, the reason why I like this show is that it’s a more realistic girl otaku than Nogizaka Haruka.

    Hmm it’s kinda funny about anime and siblings. It was my brother who got me into anime back in Indonesia, but these days he lost interest so I’m tried to get him to watch more with me, but doesn’t happen too often these days ^^;

    • Yi says:

      I have siblings myself. And the idea of incest in real life doesn’t jive with me. Ugh… I get goosebumps just thinking about it.
      But in anime and in fiction, incest does have that forbidden and hopeless romantic charm. I’ve kind of changed my mind about OreImo and incest. I wouldn’t be too opposed if it went that route.

      “Anyway, the reason why I like this show is that it’s a more realistic girl otaku than Nogizaka Haruka.”

      I find that to get my brother to watch anime with me, I often have to lure him in with bait and deals… It still doesn’t happen too often.

      • He lives apart from me now and lives with his girlfriend, so it’s hard to get him to watch anything since he’ll only watch it with her. The only ones she’d watch are the Ghibli movies.

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