Aria is Kind of Special

ai aria mizunashi akari amane kozue

Ever since I finished watching Aria the Animation a few days ago, Aria has held a very special place in my heart. Besides being simply incredible, the anime and I also seem to be destined for each other. This may sound extremely sappy, but in the spirit of Akari and embarrassing words, this is how Aria found me.

aika granzchesta alicia florence aria mizunashi akari amano kozue

Lately, I have bemoaned repeatedly via tweets and filler posts about some real life stuff. Between medical school applications and serious family issues, it was actually a pretty overwhelming time. In fact, I am heading back to Taiwan today to take care of some things.

aika granzchesta akira ferrari aria amano kozue

A few weeks ago during all this craziness, I went to the local library. My printer had broken down and I needed to rush in some documents. As I was leaving the library, something caught the corner of my eye. Among the hundreds of DVD’s on the shelves of the video section sat Aria.

Due to my limited free time and growing backlog, I have a meticulous selection process for watching anime series. Only after extensive previews, recommendations, and other incentives do I start a new series. While I had heard good things about Aria before, it was not at all high on my planned watch list. Still, perhaps it was mere impulse, or maybe it was fate, but something compelled me to pick this series up. So I took Aria home.

alice carroll aria athena glory president maa amano kozue

That turned out to be just what I needed. The anime was the perfect way to unwind from all the stresses and all the business. Each episode of brightened my life by a little bit, such that by the end of the series, life seems beautiful. For that, Aria will always be especially close to me.

I am so in love with Aria.

aika granzchesta aria amano kozue

“Embarrassing remarks are not allowed!” – Aika

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53 Responses to Aria is Kind of Special

  1. Charles says:

    I’ve only seen the first few episodes of Aria, which I was able to watch when I had Anime Network On Demand. However, even in just those episodes, I could tell that this series had a special quality to it. Dreamy, calming and beautiful, it’s certainly a series I would like to eventually finish.

    P.S. Good luck with the med school applications! I’ve had many friends be in this spot and it’s not easy.

  2. kluxorious says:

    It is post like this that made me realized that my completed anime list is puny.

    • Yi says:

      This is a series I am just really fortunate to have added to my list. If you have time, I’d highly recommend at least watching an episode or two.

  3. You’ve only watched the first season, right? Watch the remaining two. It’s rare to see series get better with subsequent seasons, but ARIA is one of them. By the time you’ve finished with Origination, you’ll be crying tears of happiness. I guarantee it!

    Also, the soundtrack deserves a mention, but I suppose you already knew that :3

    • Yi says:

      I’m sure you’re right. I can’t wait to free up some time so I can marathon the next seasons. The soundtrack is really worth mentioning too. It’s soooooo relaxing.

  4. Yu says:

    Aria is wonderful. It is certainly sappy, yet it manages to pull off that sappiness by being so completely innocent and unassuming that nothing ever seems too cliche. The characters are all lovable in their own ways. Aria makes you wish the real world was so perfect.

    The music is lovely. Unfortunately Eri Kawai has passed on. Her singing was a highlight of the series.

  5. Swordwind says:

    I’m happy you’re happy.

  6. phro says:

    I could never get into it. I always fall asleep the first minute or two, not because I think lowly on it, but because of how calm and tranquil the anime is. I just drift into a deep slumber, not matter what time of the day aha.

    • Yi says:

      That’s actually one of the things I love the most about it. It’s so calm and it lets me sleep so peacefully right afterwards.

  7. Xine says:

    Haven’t heard of Aria, will probably check it out. Thanks for sharing. Haven’t been watching anime lately 😦

    Have a safe trip to Taiwan. All the best!

  8. Ryan says:

    I am so in love with Aria.

    Welcome to the club~ ❤

  9. Nopy says:

    I’ve also heard a lot of good things about Aria, but I never got around to watching it. Maybe I should give it a shot the next time I’m stressed out about something ^.^

  10. ~xxx says:

    I had watched aria months ago…

    But I haven’t been able to finish it when our local TV station streamed a Filipino-dub of it due to my fluctuating schedules.

    I guess, I have to finish it when I buy my own copy of ARIA.

    The good thing I could say about ARIA is that it’s soothing that it releases all my stress due to it’s ‘slowness’.

    In all, it does focus in coming-of-age of an individual.

    • Yi says:

      Good point on the coming-of-age theme. It subtly strings the somewhat plotless story together really well.

      Anyways, for me, the slowness is what really made this shine.

  11. radiant says:

    The first time I saw Aria was actually the cover of the manga. It was attractive and serene. I never actually bought the manga, but it remained ingrained in the back of my mind.

    A few years ago, I finally started watching the series. The first two episodes were okay. I did enjoy the very relaxing atmosphere. My wife was turned off to utter boredom though, so we basically stopped watching the series.

    Something about it makes me refuse letting it go. I want to watch it again someday. Maybe it’s the constant drumming from peers saying how much they enjoyed the series. Maybe because I already know how good it is.

    One day.

    • Yi says:

      Amane Kozue’s manga have such amazing artworks and calming presence. Aria, Amanchu… etc. are all just lovely.

      Your wife is very much like my sister. She thought it was boring as hell as well and didn’t sit around for the second episode.

      I loved it though, and I think if you like this kind of a serene story, Aria is going to be excellent.

  12. Fai D Fluorite says:

    Wow your post found the perfect time!I was searching for a new series to watch,and Aria was on my mind 🙂
    Well I’ll definitely give it a watch,and its good to hear a positive review about it 🙂
    I finished seeing Clannad and Clannad After Story.You should see it if you haven’t,it became the best and my most favorite anime 🙂

    • Yi says:

      I’ve been meaning to pick up Clannad for a while now, but I just haven’t had a chance yet. Anyways, I’m glad the timing was nice, and I really hope you like it!

  13. Hellomotto says:

    I’m glad to know that the anime had as much, if not more, of an impact on you as it did on me.

    It really is hard to talk about an admiration for ARIA without sounding a bit cheesy. It’s calming, soothing, just what I need in the rush of everyday life. Every now and then, I take out the ARIA the Origination DVDs and just play an episode; and afterwards, it’s just pure bliss.

    On another note, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been going through a rough time these past few months. I dunno about the family issues, but applications are stressful. I nearly broke down a month ago due to the stress of college apps–and that was just for undergrad. I can’t imagine the pressure for med school. In spite of this, I express the utmost happiness for your discovery of ARIA. (That reminds me, I’ve got to check PLS and see if it’s not on hold; I may grab the copies over a break and watch them again–relive the experience, if you will. :D)

    May your anime pursuits be rewarding and your future even more so. Cheers.

    • Yi says:

      Haha yea. Soon after I wrote the post, I realized how sappy it sounded. I’m actually a bit embarrassed by my words. Oh well.

      Anyways, thank you so much for the encouraging thoughts. It really means a lot to hear support from kind souls like you. ^ ^


  14. Reltair says:

    I should probably give the sequels a chance since I wasn’t as into anime as I am now when I first watching Aria.

    Also…they have anime at the library? I used to go to the library a lot to borrow old movies to watch. But alas, high-speed internet connections has changed all that for me.

    • Yi says:

      Yea I was super surprised too to find anime at the library. I never noticed them before. It was pure luck that I saw it, and on a whim, decided to check it out.

      I rarely watch DVD’s anymore. Internet has become my main source as well. Still, it was a nice change of pace to not sit in front of my laptop all the time.

  15. hisui19 says:

    oh? it this really good? I’m gonna watch it XD i hope that what this series did to you, will happen with me too ^_^ thanks!!!

    • Yi says:

      I thought so. Some people might found this really boring, including my sister and a few comments above, but I really enjoyed it. I hope you do too.

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  17. SparkyTheGryphon says:

    What a cool way to come across this anime! Sometimes little things like a TV show can really being one’s spirit up, I’m quite glad that it helped you feel a bit better. ^^

    I’ve never heard of this particular series before, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I think I’ll check it out. Besides, it seems a certain stress has decided to rear its ugly head in my life again. I am in need of something calming.

    • Yi says:

      I thought it was kind of a cool and refreshing way to find anime as well. Usually, I just read previews and synopsis, watch some trailers, look at some images, and dl fansubs. This was certainly much different from the usual routine. That in of itself was kind of fun.

      Anyways, I love love love Aria, and I hope if you do check it out, you like it as well. And good luck with your life! I wish you the best. ^ ^

  18. Perhaps I was constantly tweeting about Aria that it got ingrained? LoL that’s just me thinking too highly of myself ^^; But anyhoo, a lot of people talk about Aria and that’s how I get into it permanently. I saw the manga and found it boring despite the beautiful art. When the first episode came out, I got a hold of it, but never found the time to watch it. Like Radiant, I did feel it was kinda boring for the first couple of episodes, but it was Aika that kept me coming back… She was like the light shining in the darkness. HAZUKASHII SERIFU KINSHI! Oops. I made her say that line >.>

    Anyway… Yes, Aria is definitely special. It spoke to me when I felt that my job was getting tiresome and it was like telling me to hang in there. And I did… That was around the time when I got my new job and suddenly I was busy at work, yet I felt happier, especially after watching Aria.

    It was funny that I wasn’t interested in it at all in the beginning but now I can’t stop talking about it… So before I start rambling on and on about Aria here, I’ll stop for now ^^;

    • Yi says:

      Haha, I think it might really be because of you and others’ constant endorsement for Aria that made me “randomly” decide to pick this up.

      Anyways, I don’t have a favorite character. Rather, it’s their interactions that kept me watching… Although Alice is just lovely. Aika has the best line though!

      Aria can really do wonders. It can really warm hearts, especially during tough times. Don’t worry about the rambling. I already spent a whole post doing that. I will likely do more, and I definitely don’t mind reading more love. ^ ^

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  20. lovelyduckie says:

    I hear you on your love of Aria, just thinking of this series brings a happy smile to my face. This is one of the FEW worlds in anime/manga that I wouldn’t mind being a part of in my life. I’ve only read the manga so far, but I plan on watching the anime soon. I wanted to space out between when I read the manga and when I watched the anime, that way when I watched the anime I’ll be reminded of certain stories I like and feel nostalgic. If I watch it right after reading the manga I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much. I was drawn to the manga first because the illustrations associated with this series are INCREDIBLE. I even went out of my way to buy all three of teh Japanese art books.

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. I would love to be an undine in Neo-Venezia. In fact, given the chance, I’d prefer that life to my life right now.

      Good plan on the anime and the manga. ^ ^ I’ll probably space out watching the anime and reading the manga as well, except with anime first.

      Also, Amane Kozue is incredibly talented!

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  22. Hayat Berbat says:

    Türkiye’ dede bu kadar ilgi olsa keşke 😦

  23. afkeroge says:

    Now, you’ve done it, Yi. You’ve made me get this and watch it. 😀

  24. Accelerator says:

    Im dissapointed, I thought this was about Aria The Scarlet Bullet (Hidan No Aria)
    Ah well, Aria was ok too, gave off a nice peacefull tone.

  25. Zergdramon says:

    Akari – Undine with the greatest smile in Aqua.
    Aika – Tsundere?
    Alice – Ah, Orange Princess
    Alicia – my wife. XD
    Akira – the demon instructor
    Athena – The clumsy Prima with an Angelic Voice
    Ai – next generation Undine
    Grandma Akino – Living Legend of Neo – Venezia
    Akatsuki – The Passionate Salamander
    Woody – Sylph = Wind Messenger
    Al – the only shotacon in Aria despite being 19.

    Ah, I can’t find the words to describe how wonderful this anime is. Sorry guys but my head spins when I try to think about words to describe it, I can’t think of anything because I might give an “embarrassing remark”. Sorry guys.

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