K-On!! Going Retro – Fashion in Listen!! and No, Thank You!

K-On Ritsu Tanaka No Thank You costume ending retro

Some time ago, I wrote a post about the fashion sense in K-On!! In that post, I lamented a lack of different pretty clothes in the second season. With successive episodes of K-On!!, I have since changed my opinion. K-On!! has exceeded the first season in style.

hirasawa_yui karata_hiroshi k-on! kotobuki_tsumugi nakano_azusa tainaka_ritsu

Besides wearing different gimmicky costumes, such as the lovely punk rock gears and swimsuits, the girls also sport some really nice casual clothes. It is very refreshing to see that they do not just have two sets of clothes (school and home) for the whole 26 episodes. What really caught my eyes this time though is the retro fashion in the two ending sequences, Listen!! and No, Thank you!

akiyama mio hirasawa yui k-on! kotobuki tsumugi mitsuki meia nakano azusa tainaka ritsu Listen

Whereas the first season’s ending is geared more toward cosplay, the two ending sequences of the second season are all about the vintage glamour of 1980’s (and late 70’s/ early 90’s).

Consider the first ending sequence of K-On!!

akiyama mio hirasawa yui hitsukuya k-on! kotobuki tsumugi nakano azusa tainaka ritsu Listen ed alternate costume

We see the characteristic loose tops coupled with tighter pants or flare skirts. The belts on Mio and Ritsu, the legging on Azusa and Mio, and the simple print designs are all very reminiscent of the 80’s as well. The printed lips on Yui are an especially iconic symbol of that era.

k-on! nakano_azusa polka dots strawberry listen ed senji

The colors also scream of retro fashion, which often features a faded vintage palette with paired with contrasting bright bold colors. For example, in Listen!, Mio wears a light purple boat neck top and bright red leggings. Similarly, Azusa has bold red polka dots on her white top and very blue leggings under a pale black skirt.

K-On ending No Thank You alternate costumes Mio Azusa Ritsu Mugi Yui

This retro theme is followed up by the second ending, NO, Thank You!

K-On No Thank You ending alternate costumes Mio Azusa Ritsu Mugi Yui

In No, Thank You!, we see the familiar influences again: the color schemes, simple large prints, and the dead giveaway, colorful leggings. We also see other fashion sense from the 80’s. Both Azusa and Mugi have tied their hair up into ponytails with scrunchies. Ponytails and scrunchies were very popular in the 80’s. Side pony tails are especially exclusive to that time period as they are rarely seen in pop culture later. Of course, we also have the wrist bands and sleeveless tops on Yui and dolphin shorts over leggings on Ritsu. The 80’s marked the emergence of sport and fitness wear as casual wear. Yui and Ritsu’s clothes reflect that trend.

K-On No Thank you ending costume Mio Akiyama hoodie gloves retro

Other characteristic clothing items include Mugi’s layered skirt shorts, Mio’s gloves and beaded bracelet, and the white loose dress with a black belt under Mio’s hoodie. In fact, even Mio’s hoodie is part of 80’s culture. Hoodies started taking off with the growth of hip hop culture in the late 70’s and has since gained widespread popularity. Further, Mio’s colors are certainly very retro. Indeed, These are all chic clothes of the fabulous 80’s.

K-On No Thank you ending HTT artwork

Just as Katy Perry is bringing retro back in US pop entertainment, K-On!! is spearheading the movement in anime… Kind of. At the very least, these two new endings have given me a new appreciation for 80’s glamour.

k-on! kotobuki_tsumugi rin2008 Listen

By the way, I think Mugi has some of the cutest clothes and Mio is super awesome in the new ending.

K-On!! Review

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95 Responses to K-On!! Going Retro – Fashion in Listen!! and No, Thank You!

  1. Swordwind says:

    …Oh. Cool. I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself.

  2. djhim says:

    I would’ve like the new ED even more if members HTT were playing music apps on their IPads.

    Yui’s costume in the second ED, without the wristband actually reminds me of a late 50s girl-band member. Except she’s not black.

    But yeah, their casual clothing are all pretty good. The clothes they wear for promotional posters in the Japanese anime pin-up magazines are even better, especially people like Mio and Yui who dresses pretty plain in the anime, but look like teen idol fashion models in those magazines.a

    • Yi says:

      Fan of the iPad huh?

      I can see that about Yui’s second costume. I think that outfit is actually quite generic and could fit into many different periods depending on your perspective. Without the wristbands, it definitely has a 50’s feel. Also, without the leggings or the white dress under, Ritsu and Mio feel kind of gangsta 90’s.

      Anyways, I should definitely go look for those posters and pin-ups. I’d love to see the girls in more clothes. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Nopy says:

    I don’t know much about fashion so I couldn’t really tell what era the cast’s clothes are from, but they do look nice. I like hoodies so I’m also glad to see Mio and Yui wearing them ^.^

  4. koyote says:

    Ugh, Kathy Perry sure is brining back something of the sleezy nature.. Gwen Steffan was so much better..

    And yes, it sure is nice seeing them in retro fashion as opposed to just goth or cosplay.

    • Yi says:

      It’s too bad Gwen Stefani hasn’t been relevant recently. I really liked her. Well, I like Katy Perry too… Sort of. Wasn’t too excited about her newest song though.

      Anyways, I really appreciate that K-On! is showcasing all these different styles. While I do really really love loli goth, it’s refreshing to see other fashion too.

  5. hisui19 says:

    oh, wow… now i know why they wear kind of odd clothes… it’s retro… XD
    thanks for the info, I’m so happy that I get it now… thanks as always Yi-san!

  6. Shinra says:

    Im a “baka” over fashion… so i cant comment much… my usual wear is just plain t-shirt (sometimes with jacket) and a jean and a sneaker. LoLz (guys wear)

    but i do agree that Mugi has the best fashion on Listen!!…. I really love her wear as a sailor.Best ever, even if im a huge fan of yui, i till think Mugi has the best fashion XD

    for No, thank you… I prefer Ritsu n Mio. both of them wears hoodies and i love hoodies. ^^

    (just wanna say this tho, the composer of “Rice is a Dish” died on July due to her heart attack… i know, sad… ><)

    • Yi says:

      Unless I’m going out, I usually just wear very plain casual clothes as well. Anyways, recently, I’ve been really appreciating Mugi’s fashion sense, not just in the EDs, but her casual clothes too. Although Azusa and Mio are probably my favorites, Mugi has my favorite outfits. I also really like how she dresses very elegantly; her upper class feel really shows.

      I feel sad about the composer’s death too. Thanks for the info. May she rest in peace.

  7. 2DT says:

    Maybe it’s a global thing. The first thing I noticed when I was back in the states was that big, thick 80s style glasses that used to get kids teased are now the coolest thing ever. Formerly dorky pilot sunglasses have also been “in” for a while. And I’m such a tool, because now I’m totally thinking of getting some nice thick glasses and some prescription pilots. 🙂

    • Yi says:

      Yea, aviator sunglasses are pretty popular. I remember being really excited to get a pair back in high school.

      The retro thing is a weird trend. I’m not exactly sure when it started, but it’s definitely there. Gaga really showcased retro shoes in a 2009 music video. Katy Perry has done several photo shoots. And some top designers are drawing a lot of influences from the old school. To be fair, it’s mostly only huge in entertainment, and hasn’t really trickled down to casual wear yet (except for a few elements), but I think it will eventually.

  8. Shin says:

    I watch K-ON!! for the fashion tips.

  9. Solaris says:

    Ehm… what if i say i dropped K-ON after a few episodes? I managed to look at the first performance episode, and after that i lost it. I regained interest in this serie after witnessing the huge popularity it gained. I even went to an event at TBS building during my latest visit in Japan and there was so many people.
    I felt rather cold feelings watching to the show as it aired. I couldn’t understand what appeal could possibly have a bunch of careless kids trying to play an instrument like that. Wasn’t that an anime about music?
    Well it wasn’t really the case there. K-On is not a musical, but a nice slice of life. Music is only there to make up some sort of stage on which the girl could act. Looking this way the show gains a different light. Once more the story or plot isn’t that important, as the chars themselves are. I admit i have a tendency to like well fleshed out characters. As for one my favourite anime is Gunslinger Girl, gread only for the sake of its well developed chars, than for the tiny plot it featured in its first run.
    I bet the authors didn’t bet that much on K-On at start. It shows as the anime is rather simple at start. But, as it gained popularity, the author started to ride the horse well and they put more efforts in the caracterization and visuals. After all K-On is about music and what’s social phenomenon is way related to music? Fashon. So they threw that in, and that was another win 🙂
    After this, i’d be guilty unless i restarted watching this anime. I feel it like i could appreciate it now.

    • Yi says:

      Just like most other popular works, K-On! has garnered very divergent opinions. Some love it a lot, while others just don’t see the mass appeal. I think it really depends on what each viewer is looking for.

      Certainly there is no overarching plot that string the season together and there won’t be a huge revelation when the series ends, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting (at east to me). In each episode, there is a small plot that drives the story along. And as you said, the characters are the star.

      I think it kind of is about music. As much as it is a slice-of-life anime, the first season is also about how the band matures and finally performs. However, it’s since strayed from that in the second season, and now it’s much more about the daily lives of the club.

      I sometimes wonder if the producers knew how big of a hit this would be when they first made it. I really don’t know. The visuals are amazing as always though, and it’s not often we get an anime that gives so much care to realism in setting the world.

  10. softz says:

    Why do I watch K-On!? Hmm.. for the humor and Mio 🙂

  11. Fai D Fluorite says:

    Haha K-ON has neat fashion indeed 🙂
    Although I havent seen this show…have heard mixed reviews!
    Its more popular among girls I guess!

    • Yi says:

      Very mixed opinions indeed. I think the only way you’re going to know if you like it is by watching it.
      I don’t actually know if it is more popular among girls. It is, after all, a moeblob anime, and that tends to attract a lot of male audience. Still, I think it’s something that can be enjoyed by everyone… except the haters.


        The creators have been quoted in various Japanese publicity magazines that the show was initially targeted towards a largely female demographic, and that they would continue to follow this into the second season and any subsequent related media.

        The show is merely cute. And while it does obviously reek of the usual anime cliche characters and reused cheap attractions, the term “moe” is something I think the filthy otaku should keep to themselves.

        • Yi says:

          Wow, coming on kind of strong and hostile huh?

          It’s really interesting the creators have publicly said that they’re targeting women. I can see that with Kakifly’s manga, but the anime adaptation seemed to be more unclear to me. I don’t necessarily disagree though. It’s got a lot of fluffy elements that I really enjoy.

          Regardless of who the intended audience is, it’s undoubtedly very popular among “filthy otaku.” And there are still many things in there that seem to be aimed for a male audience. For example, Mio’s striped panties and the various antics of Sawako in stripping Mio.

          Anyways, I use the term “moe blob” very liberally, so I guess I’m just filthy.

        • Swordwind says:

          I haven’t actually heard anyone use “filthy” as anything but a purely descriptive adjective in quite a while. So, I guess that using it in a derogatory manner is, well, novel. However, I have to retract any points I would have given for imagination as a result of the hatred you demonstrate towards the use of a commonly-used synonym. It makes it blatantly obvious. I’d give your trolling a C-, subject to review by the International Review Board for Obvious Trolls.

          Yi, the above comment was really more for your benefit; I don’t care about the trolls. You’re anything but filthy (unless your comment was a reflection on your state of being, not your actual being – I don’t know if you have been working on a construction site, but you’re certainly not a disgusting human being).

        • Yi says:

          @Swordwind: To be fair, he didn’t exactly call me out, but I did somewhat feel like it was directed at me. And thanks for the vote of confidence. ^ ^


        I see I came off a little strong. It was early and I really wasn’t looking forward to work…although I realise that’s not really an adequate excuse, I certainly wasn’t “trolling” or implying you yourself were filthy. Sorry for that.

        When I read the article on K-on’s demographic (I’ll try to get my hands on that again, if you’re interested.), I was a bit taken aback myself. When watching the show the ambiguity for me was always there, but I thought little more of it than that. I saw it as merely an attempt to keep the show “clean” and….innocent, even?

        I’ve not got the chance to watch season two, but I definitely thought the panty scene (the one on stage, right?) was handled with a bit of class 😛 Does the fact that they were stripped hold any significance?

        I think I’ll be around for a while, so please learn to put up with me and my confrontational banter orz

        • Yi says:

          Don’t worry about it. ^ ^
          Actually, I think I was very much at fault here. I usually read comments through email. I saw your email address and immediately jumped to the wrong mind frame. I’m way too oversensitive… Sorry.

          I think what the producers said is more clear with the second season. They’ve cut most of the more blatant fan service scenarios out. With the first season, however, I’m not so sure. The panty on stage thing is one thing (it is indeed done more elegantly), but Sawako stripping Mio seems to be included for the male audience. However, they’ve really cut back on those parts now. I’d be interested to see when the statement was made, and if it’s referring to season 2.

          By the way, striped panties don’t hold any particular significance for me, but shimapans seem to be really popular among some anime fans. I prefer lacy stuff though.

          Anyways, I’m really glad you’ve decided to stay around. I think my earlier reply was a little too sarcastic than it should have been. I’m usually much nicer… I think. I guess it wasn’t a good day for me either. ^ ^
          Thanks for visiting and commenting.

        • Swordwind says:

          This is interesting. It’s an accidental troll.

  12. kluxorious says:

    damn it Yi, you make me want to resume K-ON!! again. Besides, I need an inspiration for my upcoming event this early September where theme is vintage. I might go retro…

    • Yi says:

      The anime is still very much the same moe fluffy thing, so if you dropped it because of that, not much has changed. The girls do have new clothes though, so that’s always nice.

      That event sounds really fun! I love themed parties and such. I think going retro is a safe bet, especially with the trend today.

  13. Valence says:

    You’ve got to admit you hardly see shows where they actually have more than one set of clothing per character, aside from school and home. Of the current school-life shows that are airing, if I’m not mistaken only K-On!! has changing clothes outside of school (They wear school uniforms, it doesn’t exactly count.)

    But heck, the colours are nice. Imagine a band playing a music video. Their clothes have to make a statement too, don’t they? Lady Gaga makes people feel that she’s some kind of freak (I hope that’s what she wants us to think), while some simply focus on pure singing and playing power. Nevertheless, clothes matter as well , when it comes to the band’s attractiveness and style. Similarly, since Listen!! brings out this retro mood, so do their clothes. As such, we get this retro clothing, like what you’ve said.

    Then for No! Thank You!, it’s just as how you’ve said it. Don’t Say Lazy? We get performance gear, although I’m not sure whether it’s based off some style of fashion movement, it gives me the impression of there being a concert, that they are performing or something along those lines.

    • Yi says:

      It’s definitely very rare for anime to have more than two sets of clothes for each character. We’re almost always given simply a set of school uniform, a set of casual, and the occasional costume for that swimsuit episode or whatever. Compare that to K-On! where everyone has at least 3 pairs of simply casual clothes for outside the school. Then you add to that all the performance gear, the swimsuits, the ED cosplays, and K-On! really stands out as a fantastic fashion display.

      I agree that clothes and image is very important to a band. I think I liked No, Thank You! much more after I saw the ED. Don’t Say Lazy, for me, felt like a blend of gothic lolita and pop idol. It’s very lovely too.


        It’s worth noting not every show can afford such extravagances….

        Again, it points towards the demographic and how forceful they are in reaching that target. I would love to know exactly what kind of portion of their budget was allocated to fashion.

        • Yi says:

          It’s really nice when they do have the budget. The animation team can actually make the direction into reality.

  14. Smithy says:

    Have always appreciated that “K-ON!!” has such neat outfits for the girls, such stylish retro ones in the ED and most girls sport modern casual wear when shown out of school.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed. I think it really shows a wonderful care to setting a complete world when the girls have several sets of realistic casual clothes outside of school in addition to the school uniforms and costumes. It makes them feel a bit more relatable too.

  15. Perrin says:

    I knew you were gonna write about this, I just knew it xD
    I spotted all the new costumes and was like: “Well, Yi’ll be on it” 😛

    • Yi says:

      Haha, you know Yi. ^ ^ Always trying to add a bit of glamour to anime blogging. j/k
      When I saw the second set of clothes, I knew I had to mention it. It took me a while to find the time and flesh the post out though.

  16. Yu says:

    Heh. While I do notice their outfits and think “Oh, that looks nice.” My thought process never goes further than that. For a girl I’m scandalously lacking in fashion sense and interest. Appearances have never been something I’ve stressed myself over or enjoyed stressing over. Shopping for fun? Ick.

    It is nice to see characters in different clothing. If there’s anything I don’t like seeing on an anime character, it’s lipstick. Lipstick looks unnatural on characters who usually have lines for mouths xD

    • Yi says:

      That’s really interesting. I’ve never really thought much about lipstick in anime. I have seen lips done rather nicely in manga. Two immediately come to mind: Alichino and the works of the yuri artist, CHI-RAN. I think lips are done beautifully there. I think in the first ED, alternate Mio wears her lipsticks, but it didn’t feel too jarring for me though. Still I agree though that for more traditional anime styles, lips vs. lines is a delicate thing. There are certainly some really awkward ones.

  17. Marx-Taich0u says:

    Two words that made my day: Azunyan. Ponytail.

    ..HNNNNNNGGGG! I seriously have to watch K-On!! nao. *W*

    On another note, yet another detailed report on what people usually don’t notice much. I’ve always lamented on the fact that, aside from school uniforms, school-themed anime characters only have two or three pairs of plain clothes. K-On!!..well, it just surpassed my expectations again (first time being S1 Fuwa Fuwa song). Now, time to find time to watch it. D:

    • Yi says:

      I loved ponytailed Azunyan too! There isn’t enough ponytails in anime and I really like them. It’s so nice to see Azusa with one.

      K-On!! isn’t just an average moe blob series. I think there is really a lot of nice stuff in there.

  18. rockleelotus says:

    these retro endings are really cool, i like the style. i did missed a few episodes of the second season but it is nice to see when they show more variety of clothes. they look good in anything though, even dog suits… err thats more of a costume 😛

    Mio looks so cool sporting the hoodie!!

    • Yi says:

      I actually really like those creepy furry costumes too. They made me laugh. Anyways, Mio looks so bad ass in the hoodie. I love it!

  19. Reo-chan says:

    Very good, girls K-On very elegant.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed. I think these recent endings have gone a more retro pop look than the first one, which felt a bit more elegant. I like both a lot though.

  20. Persocom says:

    Haha, I was born in the early 80s, so the fashion really takes me back. It’s pretty cool seeing fashion from 30 years ago making it’s way back, especially in anime. Mugi definitely has one of the better outfits, not sure why it looks so good but it does. I really love the No, Thank You fashion, and Yui’s look in Listen!!

    • Yi says:

      I’m more of a 90’s kid, so I’ve never actually experienced the 80’s. Even the 90’s is more of a blur/ teenage thing for me. My exposure to that era is purely through TV and other media, so it has always felt a bit fantastical. It’s nice to see it come back again for sure though.

      I think my favorite look in Listen is probably Mugi or Azunyan’s. In No, Thank You, I like all of them about equally, except Yui’s, which is a bit too generic. The other girls all looks amazing though.

  21. RyanA says:

    Is Cyndi Lauper amused? Maybe XD

    I really like the fashion sense they have going on. Those costumes at the wedding were just totally mindblowing though. Personally, I think the overall styling gives off a more vulnerable vibe, but it’s cool.

    • Yi says:

      A more vulnerable vibe. I can kind of see that. Anyways, the punk rock costumes at the wedding was really breath taking. I think it’s one of the best sets the show has to offer yet.

  22. bluedrakon says:

    Though I didn’t get into the show, I do like how they have fashion sense and really partake in the everyday styles. It should make for some easy cosplay for a group of girls as well.
    Nice report 🙂

    • Yi says:

      That’s my first thought too when I saw K-On!; cosplaying the girls should not be too hard for certain costumes. And it’s always a rare refresher to see an anime actually have daily styles. There are too many school uniforms and such around.

  23. "G" says:

    i love retro clothes!!!i would totally watch K-On season II just because of the fashion~

  24. fathomlessblue says:

    The whole revival-retro look seems to have originated from the UK around the last ten years or so (80’s revival has been around about five years) with the indie scene before moving on to more commercial band and subsequently the open market. I mean even the sailer look that Mugi is sporting has been highstreet fodder for a while. Katy Perry’s only bringing stateside a look that has been popular for a good while longer with brit bands like the Pipettes, to name one.

    Much of the clothes in UK fashion stores over the last decade has harked back to previous era’s, which I suppose is good for bringing back classic looks (I love 70’s style) but isn’t really pushing innovation or creating any actual trademark style for the last decade which is rather sad.

    I personally think the producers of the anime have been watching a lot of euro music videos and used the look as inspiration in the season two Ed’s. I mentioned this on another blog a while back but check out the 2008 music vid to the Ting Ting’s ‘shut up and let me go’ and some of their other stuff on youtube (not that i’m a fan or anything) and you’ll see parallels with all three K-on Ed’s in terms of presentation, clothing and imagery (e.g. Mio’s White Stripes-esque hand triangles). No doubt UK music/fashion’s not the only inspiration but the connection certainly seemed apparent to me.

    • Yi says:

      That’s really fascinating information. I’m not very familiar with euro music, but I checked out some of the names you mentioned, and I definitely see the similarities. It’s possible that K-On! drew inspiration from there.

      Thanks for the comment. It’s always nice to have someone more knowledgeable about something share a different perspective into the topic.

  25. Reltair says:

    Nice to see some interesting facts about the fashion in K-ON!!

  26. mrwan says:

    So in the end did you ever try to get your sister to watch K-On season 2?

  27. glothelegend says:

    A lot of bad things can be said about K-On (like….a LOT), but one thing that K-On does have is good OPs and EDs. That much, I will not deny.

    As for fashion, I feel like 80’s styles are coming back in a big way.

    • Yi says:

      Yea, K-On has really catchy OP/ ED music and sequences. The animation and the movements are really smooth and fun to watch.

      Anyways, I agree about 80’s style.

  28. Hellomotto says:

    It’s pretty weird, really: my teacher remembers the 80s and she simply wishes the style would go away.

    As for me: I haven’t been too into the 80s style, but it’s definitely caught my eye. I think the boat-neck tops and side pony tails (if that’s what you call them?) pretty much define the fashion for me. Oh, and those skirts with the leggings: totally 80s. (I wonder what guy’s fashion was like…)

    And wow, I never knew there were such subtleties as the color differences (ie, bright vs faded colors). Guess I learn something about fashion everyday…

    As for the hoodies, I really had no idea that they were the 80s. If they are, then right now, they’re making a huge comeback. I own many hoodies, and my friends do too. Going on a bit of a tangent, I noticed that hoodies work well for both guys and girls. It makes guys look cool, yet it also gives that sense of style for girls as well. It’s just cool. I don’t know how else to describe it.

    (Alas, I think this might be the only think I’ll like from K-ON! and K-ON!!. XD)

    • Yi says:

      I wasn’t that into 80’s back in the early 2000’s. Then glamorous and beautiful people started to dress in those styles, and now cute girls from K-On! are doing it too. So now I’m into it. I guess I’m more influenced by who’s wearing it.

      Anyways, as for the colors, the examples and images I used are pretty bad. I just like Azunyan a lot. I think it’s more clear on Yui in Listen! and Mugi in No, Thank You!. The colors are from a vintage pallete mixed with a sort of neon prints/ leggings.

      Hoodies indeed started gaining really widespread popularity, especially sport hoodies. However, I don’t think they ever left. They were always cool, so come back is not necessarily the right thing. Mio and Ritsu look super awesome!

  29. Xine says:

    Haven’t started watching the 2nd season but seeing those vids, the K-On! girls really look amazing with those outfits. I guess we can expect more versions of K-On! figures soon.

    • Yi says:

      I haven’t thought about the figures at all, but now I’m actually kind of excited to see some of these in figure/ nendos, especially Mugi and Azusa.

  30. shijima says:

    Yah, I like Mugi’s sailor hat quite a bit.
    I noticed there’s been quite a lot of hat-wearing (especially straw hats) in Japan in the summer. =)
    Gotta love the fashion sense there. =)

  31. Ninjovee says:

    I think Mugi and Mio are the most fashion forward of the girls. I remember that episode where Mugi was trying to get hit by Mio. She purposely threw on a weird outfit mix for summer classes, but it still looked cute (minus the socks), and Mio commented on it.

    Definitely love all of Mugi’s outfits, no question about it. I’m also glad that they don’t only have just two types of clothes. I think Sailormoon and Card Captor Sakura had a lot of casual stuff too — most of the time.

    • Yi says:

      I remember that episode too. At the time, I had no idea she was trying to upset Mio. I just thought she looked really good. Mugi’s certainly the most fashionable; I guess it’s also because she can afford the best stuff.

      I don’t remember much about Sailor Moon, but Card Captor is super cute in that respect. Each episode has a different costume (Thanks Tomoyo!). Tsubasa Chronicles is also great at that. It’s one of the reasons I love CLAMP.

  32. Mikoto says:

    Those clothes would look rather nice in real life.

  33. It’s an interesting take on the fashion of the anime. This seems to be perfect for stealth cosplay too. It’s like going retro, but cosplay at the same time! Though I have to say it can be quite hard to obtain some of these retro-looking clothes… Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything >.>

    • Yi says:

      Haha stealth cosplay. I like that idea of cosplaying, but only fans would recognize them.

      “Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything >.>”
      Hehe sure. I believe you. j/k ^ ^

  34. lovelyduckie says:

    That eye on Riku’s shirt in the first image looks like the “Friend” symbol from 20th Century Boys.

  35. Platypus says:

    Thank you for finding a way to make K-On actually interesting to me. I’m impressed, as I didn’t think it was possible.

  36. Janette says:

    Very nice post.

    I really love the new ending.

  37. EmperorG says:

    Glad to see that you’re also a K-ON!! fan. How could I not have noticed the badass 80’s clothing that the team was wearing in the season 2 ED sequences? They already looked awesome wearing the threads, but to associate them with the glorious 80’s, I have found yet another reason to love K-ON!

    Also, Mugi is an international treasure and Mio is a gift from the stars.

    “Please join the light music club, Nyan!”

    • Yi says:

      The retro look added a really neat touch to a carefully executed and lovely show.

      “Also, Mugi is an international treasure and Mio is a gift from the stars.”
      Haha, agreed. Azunyan~ is also worth mentioning too. ^ ^

      • EmperorG says:

        Ah, but of course. Actually, the entire cast of both K-ON! and Mini K-ON! (Ui, Azunyan and Jun-chan) is a gift to the entire otaku nation. Can’t wait for the movie to come out. Hopefully my dream of watching the “Road to Budokan” will come true in the movie. Maybe we’ll get to see even more awesome retro clothing.

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  44. Akita neru says:

    K-ON! NO Thank you!

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