Addressing Some Comments

I usually hate writing posts about the anime blogosphere, so this will be a very different post from usual. Please be warned that this post is going to be way too long (the longest post I have written) and possibly very boring. In fact, I have set this as an aside because I would rather keep it aside from my relevant posts and away from readers looking for anime or yuri. Feel free to “too long; didn’t read” this.

Having said that, if you do not mind a post on meta or the Aniblog Tourney, then you might like this.


Listless Ink Random C Banner

As I have mentioned before, I am in an Aniblog Tournament organized by fellow bloggers. In the recent round featuring Listless Ink and Random Curiosity, the poll and the result have both spurred up quite a conversation.


I would like to post my thoughts on the match and the tournament, and hopefully also clear some doubt and hostility.

Before I get to that… I am really glad to have more votes at the end of 5 days. I have all my readers and all the supporters to thank for that. For me, and hopefully for those who voted for me, this was not an empty victory. Your votes and your words of encouragement really warm my heart! (You know who you are. ^ ^)

Tsuruya Namamo Nanase

I also want to thank the people who did not vote for me, but provided sound feedback. Scamp says I am too fluffy and Aorii cannot stand the huge ecchi pictures. Impz led the most fervent criticisms on post quality, and really forced me to re-evaluate my content. He also said some nice touching things. I actually pride myself on having a personable personality, and I am very glad Impz picked up on that.

Lastly, I really appreciate anyone who clicked into Listless Ink even if they decide to vote for Random C. I especially want to thank those, such as Megalith, who took the time to read a post or two.

Addressing some comments

Megalith called the victory a meaningless victory on the basis that if Random C tried, they would have easily garnered more votes. I would go even further to say that though Divine did not try, it was still a close poll that could have gone either way. This is really an indication of how respected Random C is in the anime blogosphere.

Furthermore, a few days ago, I talked to my brother about the tourney. Like my sister, he is not at all an anime fan, watching perhaps only a series every 6 months, and only because I begged. Yet when I mentioned anime blogs, the only ones he knows are Listless Ink (for obvious reasons), Sea Slugs (I showed it to him three years ago when I first tried blogging), and Random Curiosity. Random C has incredible reach and has done so much for the anime community as a whole.

Marisa Kirisame

Still, I am a blogger. As much as I want to be holy and claim to be above blog hits and comment counts, I am not. I write posts and I want people to read my posts. As such, I cherish all my readers. I love responding to their comments and I love engaging them through my posts. I have also met some really charming people because of this.

Being in the tournament gives RC around 100 more views out of thousands per day. I understand completely their passive stance. For me though, having 100 more views is a noticeable increase. This is a really good opportunity for a relatively fledgling blog to gain a wider readership. I have also gained some new regular commenters since the start of the tournament. As a blogger, I do not (and should not) feel bad about wanting to expand my readership in successive rounds.

In a similar vein, passerby scorns bloggers for treating a win as a big accomplishment and sees any celebratory posts to be misleading. For many bloggers who have not the age, who know little about SEO, or who do not have a mass readership, a new regular visitor, another comment, or even a mere extra view can indeed be a big deal. Just because Random C has the very well-deserved luxury of a large following does not mean that all blogs should not delight in an opportunity to gain more exposure.

Hanabira pairs

For me, this “victory” is therefore not worthless. It meant that the community surrounding Listless Ink is expanding if only by a little bit. It represented recognition among some other bloggers. Most importantly, it shows that there are people who care about the blog enough to vote for it. Those, to me, are invaluable.

Addressing more comments

The other major point raised is that there is some voting manipulation by me or the tourney staff. This is really rather hurtful accusation as it questions the integrity of people. It is also my main reason for addressing the tournament directly.

Kurumizawa Ume Kimi ni Todoke

I may want to win, I may be team Kurumi, but I did not fix the votes.

I did, however, go into the match with a specific strategy.

Yukari Yakumo Touhou

I am currently reading this fascinating book on Feng Shui and ancient tombs. In it, it describes every success, failure, and event as a product of timing and position. Feng Shui is the art of recognizing where things are best in a particular space-time through certain patterns based on mostly tradition and superstition. Taking a lesson from the book, I thought a bit about my position and my timing based on some patterns from past rounds.

Here are some things I observed. Listless Ink garners around 120 votes with minimal campaigning. In Random C’s last round, it had around 250 votes, many of which came whenever a link to the tournament is posted in the comments of Random C. Based on my own blog statistics, I thought I should be able to get 250 votes or so (not all my readers are bloggers or readers of the Aniblog Tourney).

My position in this tournament was not too disadvantaged both because I have some wonderful friends who follow the tournament, and also because Random C had expressed their passive stance. Knowing that, I wanted to have good timing as well.

There are some other subtleties to consider. Random C’s potential votes are endless, where as mine had an upper cap. Many people tend not to act when the results are set. To me, the key to moving on to the next round is amassing enough votes before the campaigning by Random C readers eventually sweeps the poll. Therefore, I tried to play the game as best as I could and monitored the results of the poll somewhat regularly.

Further, Scamp, Mefloraine, and RP did not engage in any fixing. My readers and I did not use proxies. I trust in all of our characters enough to know that we are honest and nice people. I think the result was simply a product of things going right in my direction.

Sakuya Izayoi Touhou

At the end of day 1, Listless Ink was down by around 20 votes, which represented a 35-65% split. After some tweets, plurks, and friend posts, I still trailed behind with this difference. By the end of day 3, the lead still hovered around 20 votes. The poll was now 45-55% though. At this point, votes started rushing in from Random C. I then made a post that linked to the tournament on my blog. By the end of day 4, the results showed Listless Ink to be within 10 votes of Random C. Random C’s latest campaign link to the blog had rolled to near the bottom of its page and fewer votes were coming in. However, my campaigning was still going. By the middle of day 5, I was leading with 5-10 votes. This lead kept up until 13:00 GMT, when the poll officially closed. I took the link off my post.

Despite all these nonsense theories and plans, I actually expected a total loss as Random C is such an esteemed blog. All I had hoped for was a decent showing. Only with a lot of luck did I come out with a few more votes at the end. Had Random C fans posted the link more frequently in the comments, had the links been placed in more popular posts (such as Bleach or FMA), or had fan campaigns simply started earlier, I would not have pulled ahead. Interestingly, a new link to the poll was dropped in another of Random C’s post a few minutes after the poll closed, and more votes rushed in. I really had some lucky timing. When Megalith claims to have indirectly handed Listless Ink the victory, he is partly right.

Hiiragi Kagami Lucky Star Namamo Nanase

Still, I give the most credit to my lovely supporters!


As I mentioned about my own blog, any success I have had with blogging had been because of the support of many and a lot of luck. This is no exception. I do not consider my blog superior to Random C. Divine and his team have a near unparalleled dedication to posting superb impressions and a large passionate following.

Patchouli Knowledge Touhou

Similarly, I have very lovely and sweet readers, without whom, my blog would never have the success it has today.


*I hope this post is not in bad taste. Don’t take it too seriously.
*Please keep the comments somewhat nice and respectful.
*I promise to blog about anime in the next post. ^ ^

*Edit: I am not offended or hurt as much as simply surprised.

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82 Responses to Addressing Some Comments

  1. Guy says:

    I’d say the victory is meaningless, but not because of what RC had done or failed to do, but because it’s a tourney. Online. About anime blogs.

    I’d say I’m surprised at how fervent and emotionally involved people got in the comments of that post, but…
    1. I’m not, even if the aniblog tourney is mostly meaningless, we take our blogs seriously.
    2. I’ve been online far too long to find this surprising, really. I’ve seen the very same fight online for well over a decade now.

    Congrats, and I do think this post is slightly too long, and could’ve had less picture breaks, to keep it not as lengthy (in centimeters). Pictures also break the reading, which might be nice for something really long, but too many and it really breaks the flow. Each such picture, while nice, tempts me to stop reading and skip to commenting. Another reason to try and go for pictures at the side.

    Just my two cents, from the height of the seat of my old age, superior knowledge, and endless cynicism*. Pick two.

    * I’ll let you pick out which one(s).

    • Guy says:

      P.S. I did vote for you*, and let’s hope it’ll get you more readers.

      RC seems like a perfectly good episodics blog, but I don’t find those too interesting. Personal taste.

      * We all do meaningless things. And it’s not entirely meaningless, because it affects emotions, as had been clearly demonstrated.

      • Swordwind says:

        Much in the same vein as Guy, and I hope you aren’t too offended by this, but I feel I need to say….HAHAHAHA ANIME BLOG DRAMA.

        I’m happy you’re happy.

        The assertion that you played dirty in any way is , to put it mildly, silly-as-fcuk (to use your preferred censor).

        Keep the pictures coming, Yi. I had the one of Sakuya & the Hanabira group, but I certainly didn’t have them all. And I’m happy that I have a few new ones, thanks to you. However, I’ll copy Guy again (I’ve decided he’s also a smart guy) in recommending that you place them less obtrusively. Maybe an Image dump post? Those are fun.

        I like your blog because you bring attention to series that aren’t as well known. You have a nice “I found this interesting, but I didn’t like this” formula. When I was searching for yuri VNs, yours was the only helpful site for Hanabira. Thanks.

        • Guy says:

          More people need to appreciate smart blogging :O

          And thanks.

        • Yi says:

          @Swordwind: Yea. Anime blog drama… That’s why I mostly refrain from posting meta stuff. I prefer to stay out of internet drama, but I guess I’m not doing too good of a job these days. Hopefully, this post does not make it worse.

          I’ll definitely keep the pictures coming, but I do need to make them either smaller or place them less obtrusively. Check out my reply to Guy about my reasoning for this style of posting. I’ll add one more here. Google images provides a lot of my traffic, and sometimes, the images are there both for enhancing the post experience and for easy index. I’ll need to work on finding a better balance though.

          Image dump post does sound like fun. I’ll consider it for the future for sure.

          Thank you so much for your continued support. I think you have been one of my loveliest readers. You read my posts, you help with the comments, and you challenge my writing and ideas. It’s been great!

        • Swordwind says:

          It’s no problem, to the both of you. Merit should be recognized.

    • Yi says:

      @Guy: “I’d say the victory is meaningless, but not because of what RC had done or failed to do, but because it’s a tourney. Online. About anime blogs.”

      My point was that if the tourney translates into hit and comments, then it is meaningful to me.
      Meaning is hard to define and probably different for everyone. Does an online tournament about blogs matter? Does anything online have any worth? For that matter, do our lives have meaning?

      I’m not as quick to dismiss something as meaningless just because it’s small scaled or because it is ultimately inconsequential.

      “I do think this post is slightly too long, and could’ve had less picture breaks”
      I did warn against the length. ^ ^
      As for the picture breaks, this is the second or the third time I’ve received feedback on them. Josh from joshanime also mentions a distaste for image-post-image-post layout. Thanks for letting me know, and I’ll definitely think much harder about this.
      The reason I’ve kept this style is because of personal preference, some random theory on attention span and online reading, and habit. Perhaps it’s time I changed.

      Thanks for the vote and the support!

      • Guy says:

        I like the pictures, overall, but they need to be thought of better, yes. Sometimes you need a break, like between sections where people put “***”, but too often, and the reading experience suffers.

        And the scale is not what counts, you can find epic flame-wars online, after all.
        But the worth it has, it’s something people put into it. Yes, that is a worth of some sort, but it’s all in the people, nearly none in the topic.

  2. chikorita157 says:

    I voted for you and also defended you on my blog, but i think the drama went so far… I have also got a few trolls, but I completely ignored them and throw the banhammer on them… In the end of the day, it’s a popularity contest and if the RC fans wanted to win, they should campaign harder, but they didn’t… so yeah, it’s nothing that they should complain about since the results are legit and you won fairly.

    Random Curiosity is a good blog, but I don’t read episodics because there is nothing I can say about them compared to straight editorial posts.

    • Yi says:

      @chikorita157: I read your vote and thanks for posting your opinions on the drama. Thanks for coming to my defense as well!

  3. deaky says:

    This is all highly amusing to me, sorry to hear that it’s affecting you on a more personal level. It’s all just a game as far as I’m concerned, because anyone who gained any publicity from this is a winner. Whether or not it’s “fair” seems secondary to the whole “let’s have fun” aspect of it all.

    I do have to admit that it’s hilarious to see people get up in arms over it, though. It’s almost like watching the drama unfold when someone dares to question a popular anime’s merits, except real people (or their persona, anyhow) might be slightly affected. You’d think people would channel their rage into FIFA, now that it’s on..

    • Yi says:

      @deaky: “It’s all just a game as far as I’m concerned”
      It is all just a game and I approached it somewhat like a game would too.
      As I said, “I tried to play the game as best as I could…”

      I’m just a bit surprised at the drama that ensued.

      Well, let us just enjoy FIFA, a much more meaningful tournament. ^ ^

  4. A rational response to some nonsensical outcries from the ABT. I’m just wondering why people are wasting their time getting up in arms about something fairly inconsequential, especially when it’s not exactly increasing their happiness (though I suppose if they enjoy stirring up a ruckus like that, they might just be a bit on the masochistic side). Ah well, congrats and good luck battling out against GAR GAR :p

    • Yi says:

      @zzeroparticle: Online rage and getting offended by opinions are two things I never understand. Oh well, some people like to read drama and fuel drama.

      Thanks for the congrats and the good wishes on the next round!

  5. enri says:

    Random C is a very esteemed blog, but yours is warm and cozy..

    PS. I too voted for you

  6. Baka-Raptor says:

    I like lesbians. So does your next opponent. This should be a good match.

    • Yi says:

      @Baka-Raptor: It should be a good match. Let’s hope my love for K-On! does not lose your points.

      Anyways, I was half expecting another rant on circle playing from you.

  7. IMSirius says:

    I like the large kawaii/ecchi pictures. I think they’re part of the charm of the blog.

    • Yi says:

      @IMSirius: I’m glad you like the pictures. I spend quite a bit of time finding, resizing, and incorporating them, so it’s good that they’re appreciated. ^ ^

      Thanks for visiting!

  8. Congrats on moving on to round 4. And I agree with you, you have a strong following and you had some really good luck in the tournament. I enjoy reading your blog because you have very interesting posts and that you bring a fresh perspective to the anime world. Keep up the great work Yi!!!!!!!

  9. Impy says:

    I have been reading your blog for a little over a year now and I just want to say you’re doing a wonderful job at keeping me entertained with your posts. I don’t have a lot to say but just to let you know that you are amazing as well as everyone else who helps contribute at least in some shape or form to keep you going. Keep up the good work, Yi!

  10. kluxorious says:

    I voted for you without even bother to look at who your opponent was. So you were up against RC? LOL this is the best!

    • Yi says:

      @kluxorious: Agreed. It is pretty good regardless of the drama. Thanks Klux! I hope you continue to vote the same way next round. (j/k)

  11. megalith says:

    (Reposted from the tourney site, who knows how long it’ll take to get approved there.)

    Because of Yi feeling hurt, I thought I’d better clear this up sooner rather than later.

    In case anyone needs a refresher on the backstory from Round 2, read here and here.

    Without further ado, here’s the list of sockpuppets from the RC/LI match results thread

    geass —
    megalith — (not to be confused with the real megalith@RC)
    peanut —
    HAHA —
    Otonashi —
    Nagarazoku —
    mikoto — (not the mikoto@RC)
    Kururi — (not the Kururi@RC)
    Shame on y’all —

    as well as
    Goat —
    whose comment “So RC was entered in the hopes of getting a boost and dropped once that didn’t materialize. That’s actually good thinking in a sneaky way.” wasn’t approved. Oh well, it may have been a bit much.

    plus from the RC/LI poll thread earlier
    Uppfinnarn — (only the first one, the other one was real)

    The only non-bloggers(?) actually taking part in the results discussion were


    Apart from maybe JonBob, none of them appeared much concerned with how RC did, it was all pretty much about the tournament meta. So yeah, the outcome here was a huge upset majorly upsetting RC and it’s fans… Oh, how we all seek to be relevant 😀

    If people are going to ask again what I was trying to “prove”, this time I was mostly just curious if I could pull off playing the role of “the fandom of the biggest anime blog of all” twice in a row. Apparently preconceptions and exaggerated self-importance still make people blind, or all this nonsense with overblown drama and wild accusations couldn’t have gone down as reality, especially not when I’d outed myself after Round 2. I was pretty surprised no one even suggested this was all just trolling again… The “poncy” Divine would have done some deluded folks here a big favor, had he pulled RC from the roster as he’d contemplated.

    And Scamp, you couldn’t close the poll? Really really? Not even manually? That has got to be the shittiest polling host on the Internet then. Works for this contest, I suppose… Please find something better next time, so no one can be trolled with fraud accusations by the likes of me.

    Now, Yi, I’m sure you won’t be thinking very fondly of me after this, but I just want you to know that this was never about hurting you, no more than it was about BtNR in the previous round. You seem to be a perfectly nice person with a nice enough blog, and it’s good if you were able to get more exposure and readers. Maybe I even helped a bit with making you a “celebrity”? 😀 Thanks for noting the effect of me not posting any links at RC. (Why would I have? Like you said, the win would have meant nothing to them.)

    I just hope you’ll get as many votes in the next round, because if you drop back to the previous 110 range, you’ll know that for most of the people voting for you, it wasn’t really about your blog at all. Shudder to think, eh? Well, I hope I’m wrong about that.

    • Yi says:

      @megalith: First of all, I’m not particularly hurt or offended. After a while on the internet, I do have a fairly thick skin. I was still surprised at the amount of rage though.
      Anyways, as much as this post was to address your comments, it was also to respond a bit to passerby, who seems to be the most… passionate about this whole deal.
      Well, I’ve said most of what I wanted to say. Passerby seems still upset over this “major upset” (which I do consider it as one since I, as well as some others, were surprised at the results). But for the most part, the controversy has cooled down. Let’s just enjoy reading whatever blogs we love.

      “Now, Yi, I’m sure you won’t be thinking very fondly of me after this”
      Haha, you’re right. ^ ^
      I don’t particularly think too fondly of trolling. I should have realized it sooner though since I did read that post at Nihon Reviews and read those comments.

      • megalith says:

        It’s true that passerby seems more invested in the issue than I am, but I haven’t really seen him(?) say anything unreasonable so far. What you did was a neat tactical trick that utilized the favorable circumstances well, but some people were drawing outlandish conclusions from the results and that’s just not warranted. Personally, I think the contest organizers shouldn’t have included blogs that had no interest in the contest, and this whole issue could have been avoided. The objective measurements of RC’s powerhouse status remain the same after your victory, so in that sense I still hold the victory meaningless — although of course it was helpful for your purposes and thus means something to you. I don’t think anyone was denying that subjective value.

        In any case I’m glad you’re not taking what I did too seriously, because while I don’t mind cutting a wide swath, I don’t necessarily want it to go through someone’s heart.

        • Yi says:

          @megalith: “while I don’t mind cutting a wide swath, I don’t necessarily want it to go through someone’s heart.”
          Don’t worry about it. ^ ^

  12. glothelegend says:

    I, for one, and IMMENSELY happy that you beat RC. RC is the one who I wanted to see lose most of all, mainly because it’s an episodic and it’s one of the most popular blogs ever. So to have someone I like beat them is awesome. You’ve got my vote pretty much the whole way through.

    • megalith says:

      Just for the record, seeing too much retarded reasoning like “RC is the one who I wanted to see lose most of all, mainly because it’s an episodic and it’s one of the most popular blogs ever” is what makes SOBs like me troll your asses.

    • Yi says:

      @glothelegend: I’m glad to have your support! Your words may be harsh, but at least you shout out your preferences and opinions. If everyone is as polite or as neutral as me, the blogosphere would be boring. And that’s what I love about you and your blog. ^ ^

      @megalith: I don’t particularly think that glo’s comment is retarded. He wrote that he does not like episodic format and that he does not see why RC is so popular. That’s just his taste in blogging.

      For example, if I wrote something like, “XXX is the one who I wanted to see lose most of all, mainly because it’s on guro rape and it’s one of the most popular blogs ever,” would anyone consider that a retarded reasoning?

      Glo dislikes a particular type of blog, and he does not see any reason for it to be popular. That’s all.

      • megalith says:

        Except that there is something a little wrong with guro rape (in most people’s minds, anyway) and its unlikely such a blog would be the most popular ever, whereas bashing episodics just because of the format is definitely retarded. At least say that you don’t like divine’s and the rest of RC staff’s way of doing episodics or something. You can have a shitty editorial blog just as easily as a shitty episodic one. I’ve seen some “editorial blogs” in this tourney where the blogger can barely use English, are they still superior because they aren’t episodics?

        • Guy says:

          I’m not buying it.

          Sure, many episodic blogs are far superior to many editorial blogs. But I find episodic blogs categorically uninteresting as opposed to editorial blogs that will stand or fall as I read them.

          Can an episodic blog catch my attention? Possibly, but it’ll be an uphill battle.

          But, two more things:
          Bashing episodic blogs is not ok.
          Saying, “I don’t like it because it’s an episodic blog” is not bashing.

        • megalith says:

          Wanting someone to lose (on principle) just because they’re an episodic is going a bit farther than just disliking episodics. You said it yourself, even if you think episodics are categorically uninteresting, there are plenty of editorials that suck compared to many episodics. And really, a reasonable person can surely come up with a better elucidation of their dislikes of a blog than “it’s an episodic”. That’s pretty much just prejudice talking.

        • Guy says:

          Prejudice against an idea is ok.

          And again, I didn’t draw a concrete line, but I did say there was a line.
          It’s ok that someone is not interested in television, it’s ok that someone is not interested in anime, it’s ok someone is not interested in episodic discussion of anime.

          Likewise, each person who votes against episodics because they are episodics is basically saying, in private, “I want them to lose because they’re episodics”, and it’s ok.
          The getting worked up and militant over it, is not.

        • megalith says:

          Retarded and ok by some other criterion aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive 🙂

  13. Canne says:

    *sobbing* ‘even a mere extra view can indeed be a big deal’ *sobbing*
    Somehow that phrase really touched me. Nothing is meaningless if we look at it in the right way.
    The commotion will die down soon and those words will be washed away. But your readers will remain. 🙂

    • Yi says:

      @Canne: “The commotion will die down soon and those words will be washed away. But your readers will remain. ”
      Exactly. That’s all I hope to get out of this whole deal. Good luck with your next round!

  14. Impz says:

    Lol, I always find it amusing with the divide on episodic and editorial blogs (since labeling T.H.A.T is somewhat of a futility on its own). That said, it makes me sound like I am leading a crusade against Yi, lolz. 😛 I do admire personality in writing, particularly a warm writing. That much is very clear from the nice following you have here ^^. It’s a thing I need to emulate myself.

    I don’t read much editorials, and I am the direct opposite type of reader compared to glolegend. I care little about Japanese culture, philosophy or any complicated stuff or theories through the anime series. The reason is because my mind literally shuts down on me when I am working. At work, I am already dealing with very high concept work involving my country’s policy and philosphy in educational and technological reform. I really don’t need anything more complex to make my head hurt.

    Episodics, on the other hand, is a refreshing of the anime episode that I watch, making it fun for me as I refresh the funny moments as written by the blogger. It’s an outlet for the sharing of love of an episode, and also to find out new information through the other commentators. People all watch things differently, and writing an episode entry elicits these different views so you can go back and re-watch some scenes to see their perspectives. Makes it more fun, and for shoujo, more kyaarific.

    Anyway, congratulations on your victory in the Aniblog tournament, and I don’t wish to meet you. I will be swallowed whole by all the “I-HATE-EPISODIC-BLOGs” crowd… Unless I throw in yuri baits. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Guy says:

      I tried to throw some yuri/yaoi bits, didn’t work as well for me as it did for Yi, must still find some secret ingredients, heh.

    • Yi says:

      @Impz: I don’t see the divide either. Episodic is a description of format while editorial is… Well, I’m still not sure what it means. Either way, both are just a label, and they are not mutually exclusive. The division is silly.

      “That said, it makes me sound like I am leading a crusade against Yi, lolz. ”
      Haha. Thanks for the feedback.

      “Unless I throw in yuri baits. Hmmmmmmmmmmm”
      Seems like a lot of people are doing that recently. I’ve got to up my yuri output as well.

  15. Ningyo says:

    Oh come now, it only took me seven hours to finish this school project. I come back and the comment count goes up thirty.

    A very different post from usual, but also very substanceful. Don’t need to beat up on yourself.
    But then, I think one of your primary points of charm is your humbleness. Humbleness augments your friendliness, and then that translates into homeliness. There’s a lot said there; I think you’ve achieved a fascinating effect with your blog and writing style, and that’s where your victory lies. What can the whims of a couple hundred statistics measure, compared to the cascade you see here? I’ll even go ahead and call that your secret formula. Y’know, cuz I jump to conclusions.

    I definitely share your viewpoint on the pageviews, having such a smalltime site myself. Though blogging has become self-imposed responsibility, each comment is a little touch of happiness. I’ve had my rough times with it, but I wouldn’t trade this hobby for anything.
    Except maybe a ticket to Gensokyo.

    • Guy says:

      People might want to look up homeliness in the dictionary 😉

      • Swordwind says:

        I think he meant something to the effect of ‘coziness.’

        Also, you’re absolutely correct. Tehahaha.

        • Ningyo says:

          Ah crap, right, exactly what I meant. There I go flapping my mouth again. Someone can shoot me out in the yard now. Still, I blame the English language.

    • Yi says:

      @Ningyo: Every blog had to start somewhere. A small increase or a new commenter is something to be cherished!

      “But then, I think one of your primary points of charm is your humbleness… your secret formula”
      Anyways, you’re too kind! Virtual hugs. ^ ^

      I’m waiting on my ticket to Gensokyo too.

      @Guy: homeliness – unpretentious.
      synonyms: homely – characterizes that which is comfortable and attractive, it is equivalent to homey

      At least that’s what I thought Ningyo meant.

  16. Fabrice says:

    I dont care about this blog tourney nonesense, that shouldnt be a factor to change the way you write, you have your style like each and any other blogger doesn on anime or in general, (btw i voted for you) so dont need to look on that, just keep on doing the usual =)

    • Yi says:

      @Fabrice: I don’t plan on changing too much of how I write, although I will probably take in some suggestions and make some adjustments. For example, I’m probably going to rethink how I insert images and such.

      Anyways, thanks for the continued support!

  17. Prooof says:

    Why did someone pose as Megalith in the comments?
    Popularity tournaments cause more trouble than they are worth.

    • Yi says:

      @Prooof: In a comment above, Megalith has stated that he’s not the same Megalith as the regular at Random C.
      Anyways, the trouble’s unavoidable. 😦

  18. phro says:

    Random Curiosity and Listlessink are both great blogs. I think the purpose of the aniblog tourney is to just introduce and appreciate all of the great blogs out there. Even Aniblog said, “Why are we doing this? Now I know many people will just scoff at this reasoning, but the main reason is for fun.” The conspiracy of using proxies to get more votes is so bullshit lol. To whoever became negatively over dramatic about this, just chill out, its all in good fun!

    • Yi says:

      @phro: “To whoever became negatively over dramatic about this, just chill out, its all in good fun!”
      Agreed. Let’s just watch some anime, read some blogs, and have fun!

  19. Tomoyo says:

    Congrats on moving on to the next round. Since this tournament seems to have some importance to you, I’m sorry the win comes with such silly drama attached.

  20. Reltair says:

    There was aniblog tourney drama? Sigh at internet drama.

    Congrats though. I liked reading the part about your strategy. ^o^

    • Yi says:

      @Reltair: I think I exaggerated my planning in the strategy part. Hopefully that didn’t come off in bad taste. But I’m glad you liked it.

      Thanks for the congrats.

  21. Clare says:

    When the tournament was announced, I expected RandomC to go all the way because they’re huge. Their first match changed my mind and I thought they could be beaten because they didn’t campaign and didn’t get that many votes. So I’m not all that surprised, but I expected a bigger blog to take them out, so this is still a notable achievement by Listless Ink, congratulations. I’m actually more surprised that people still thought RandomC was unbeatable after their vote count in the 2nd round was exceeded by several blogs.

    • Yi says:

      @Clare: I expected Random C to go all the way too when I first saw the brackets.

      “I expected a bigger blog to take them out, so this is still a notable achievement by Listless Ink, congratulations.”
      Haha, thanks! Based on blog hits alone, my blog isn’t actually all that small compared to many blogs in the tournament. Of course, it’s not near the level of Random C or the bigger names, but yea.

  22. Hellomotto says:

    Before I had started blogging (and even after I started), I really didn’t follow too many blogs (just because I hadn’t known many). In fact, the only blogs I really knew were Star Crossed, THAT, and (of course) Sea Slugs!.

    This AniBlog tourney really opened my eyes to the aniblogging world and the various anime blogs. (Wow, that sounded cliche. XD) I discovered a lot of blogs that I wouldn’t have discovered via a simple google search on my favorite anime. Example: A lot of buzz around 2-D Teleidoscope was going around, and his relatively-far advance in the tourney made me take notice. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the blog: I regard it as one of the best editorials around.

    Thanks to the tourney, I also found Listless Ink. Admittedly, I was never fond of editorial blogging: I wanted my blogs episodic, since that’s what I had read for more than a year. However, in reading your posts, I had fallen in love with editorials and their insight into anime. I thank you, then, for two things: 1) Making me fall in love with editorials, and 2) Introducing me to your blog.

    Great post; you’ve said what has needed to be said. Hopefully, people will still be passionate about the aniblog tourney without going overboard. Admittedly, I also felt overly-passionate about it and said some less-than-noble things about it. Still, it’s an important topic, and it can occasionally get a bit sensitive.

    • Yi says:

      @Hellomotto: While it does sound trite, ABT has exposed many blogs to some people. Like you, I’ve also begun reading other blogs that I’ve never visited before.

      Some people have called ABT a huge circle play. While there is an element in that, I think it can also be argued that it breaks bloggers out of their set cliques. I used to mostly visit only a select number of blogs, but that’s no longer the case.

      “However, in reading your posts, I had fallen in love with editorials and their insight into anime.”
      Awww… you flatter me. I think there are plenty of bloggers that write much better than I do and probably contributed more to your budding love for editorials. Also, I don’t particularly consider my blog to be very editorial focused. Still, thank you so much for the kind words. They mean a lot!

      Anyways, good luck with Sea Slugs!!

      • Hellomotto says:

        Well, I don’t think there’s any argument that you’re one of my favorite editorial bloggers. (Loved that K-ON!! post, for example, even if I didn’t really like the show. =D) I’m sure many people share my sentiments.

        And thank you for the wishes! The poll is very close right now. And good luck with Listless Ink! Fight-o!

        • Yi says:

          @Hellomotto: Thanks! I really like your posts at SS!AB as well. Hopefully you’ll post on series I’m watching next season so I can write better comments. ^ ^

  23. Oops… Was there a vote going on? ^^;;;;;

    Ok, yeah, I actually knew it was going on, but I lost track of it once the first round started. It’s not because I wasn’t interested, but there were many things going on over here and in my mind that I just couldn’t keep up (not to mention keeping up with everyone else’s blog). So yeah… Congratz on passing to round 4!

    I would actually vote for your blog anyway. So it would be one more vote for you. Honestly… and I mean, HONESTLY… I’ve never heard of Random Curiosity… >.> I’ve never gone to until you pointed out here. And in respect to your blog and theirs, I’ll keep some of my opinions to myself (and then to you in an email… Email, email… where’s your email addy? Ah there it is!). The other “some of my opinions” I’ll place here: In the past I thought that “anime blog” is supposed to only talk about anime. That’s fine and dandy, but the world of anime involves so much more than the anime episodes itself; figures, merchandise, blogs, etc. And they all change so quickly like a flash of lightning (see what I did there? nyuk nyuk nyuk). So focusing on just one thing is fine, but it’s not my style and perhaps not your style either, plus it’s our own personal blog and we like to add personality in it, right? And I’ve seen many sites with anime episode summaries already, so I avoided that when I started mine. That’s all I’m saying here.

    I felt that reading some comments were more tl;dr than your actual post ^^; It’s just me I guess. I did read some and quite an interesting read, especially Ningyo’s and Guy’s. XD You did quite a calculation there. You really kept a good track of it!

    Here’s to your successful next round! ^_^

    • Yi says:

      @lightningsabre: “there were many things going on over here and in my mind that I just couldn’t keep up”
      Good luck with life and stuff. ^ ^

      My one rule for writing entries has always been simply to write about what I like in my own way. It doesn’t necessarily have to be unique. It doesn’t have to be particularly analytical. And it doesn’t mean that it needs to be fun. I think my blog is thus a bit more loose in structure and mixed in content. I guess we are both a bit similar in that respect.

      Anyways, this whole thing has been a huge TL;DR. I will say more in email. ^^

      p.s. Love the puns.

  24. Vash says:

    I came by to see what the commotion was about and I can see why some people can’t believe this blog won against Random Curiosity. Sorry if that offends anyone.

    The thing is, for me anime is casual entertainment and most of the time I only care about the series I’m watching. At Random Curiosity and other good episodic blogs I can quickly compare notes about the latest episode and see if I missed anything. I have no use for editorial articles about anime, because it’s not high art and I don’t live to think about it all the time. I don’t have a problem with people doing that, but I think most people aren’t interested in it and that’s why episodic blogs are more popular.

    It’s like people read newspapers for the news and the editorials on the side may be interesting but they aren’t essential.

    • Yi says:

      @Vash: You have a very valid point. We have vastly different audiences. It’s not a matter of quality, but simply of content.

      “I can see why some people can’t believe this blog won against Random Curiosity.”
      I guess that’s why the result was considered an upset by some.

    • Swordwind says:

      I don’t think that analogy is accurate. Unless, of course, you buy newspapers in order to read the summary of the movie you just watched, or go over the basic facts of an event you witnessed. To put it another way, I prefer this style of information for the same reason my friends and I don’t discuss parties we were all present at.

      Of course, you’re entitled to your opinion.

    • Guy says:

      I think episodic blogs are more popular because there’s something for every person, and they get updated rapidly, and constantly.

      • Yi says:

        @Guy: More updates correlates to more hits. Being the first to pump out an impression of a review also means more hits.

        Many anime fans browse blogs looking for a place to simply post their thoughts on a particular episode. The plot turns, the jokes, the characters… etc. Episodics provide a place for that.

  25. Janette says:

    I’m sorry you got involved in some drama as well. When it’s at this magnitude, it’s tough to deal with.

    Also, I like the ecchi pics.

  26. EwanG says:

    Regardless of any controversy, it helped me find another good blog about anime (this one). In that sense I would have to think most folks could agree the contest had a favorable outcome.

    • Yi says:

      @EwanG: Thanks! I’m very very happy you found this blog. I think another thing that the tourney has done is make some bloggers (like me) become more aware of writing a better content. I hope you will continue visiting. ^ ^

    • CShen says:

      I have to say I haven’t heard of this blog before, but looking at the semi-final’s, I came here to take a look, and needless to say, I’ll be coming back to read some posts. =D So I guess in that sense, some people have learned of blogs they haven’t known before.

      • Yi says:

        @CShen: Thanks for visiting and commenting!
        I’m really glad that you’ll be coming back. I hope you enjoy your time here. ^ ^

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