To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Misaka Mikoto Shirai Kuroko Tanaka Haruka

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is an anime I highly anticipated when it was first came out. Set in an advanced world, the anime centers around the lives of espers, people with various superpowers. Misaka Mikoto and Kuroko Shirai are two top level espers in Academy City. As an affiliate and a member of Judgment, the two fight with their friends to keep the city safe.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Misaka Mikoto Shirai Kuroko Uiharu Kazari Saten Ruiko Yamashita Yu

I am just going to cut to the chase. I love this series. Having an exciting premise, fluid animation, and strong characters (Kuroko), Railgun really delivered.

Toaru Kagaku Railgun Mikoto Saten Uiharu Kuroko Tateishi Kiyoshi

Superpower premises are always fun. In guessing what abilities each character has or imagining ways to best utilize such abilities, the audience has endless ways of immersing themselves in the world. Railgun furthers this experience with smooth, stunning animation. I was really impressed with some of the action scenes involving the espers. Moreover, the animation is flawless even down to the minutiae. For example, when Mikoto performs a violin solo, the bow strokes actually matched the music. This rarely happens in other anime. This attention to detail also creates a gorgeous world. From the crepes to the flower arrangements, everything is presented beautifully. I really felt as if I lived in Academy City.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Misaka Mikoto

Of course, one cannot talk about a superpower show without delving into superheroes. This is where I think To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, with its strong cast, really excelled. From the powerful level 5 Misaka to the responsible level 0 Saten-san, everyone has a distinct personality. Indeed, the girls in Railgun have their endearing traits and their frustrating weaknesses. For example, Uiharu often loses sight of the big picture and is prone to panic. Saten is insecure about her expectations. And Misaka, while endlessly cute in her short shorts, can be too recklessly emotional as well as blindly self-righteous. Their immaturity adds another dimension to each character, and reminds us that, despite their powers, the girls are just adorable middle school children trying to do their best. Yet, it does beg the question: Why are such young kids given such heavy responsibilities?

Railgun Shirai Kuroko yuri Katagiri Naoya

Perhaps the answer lies in Kuroko, who has the most layered and profound personality in the series. Under all the the sexual comedy is a mature woman, far keener than her peers, and more than capable of handling her powers. She excels at her responsibilities in Judgment and understands the limitations of her abilities. She reacts to disasters with composure and approaches problems analytically. At the same time, Kuroko is sharply aware of relationships and group dynamics. Even in love, she seems to have a more mature understanding and better sense than others, including her dorm room teacher. Kuroko really drew me in with her many sides, including her sex-craze façade.

Railgun scan Shirai Kuroko

I have to admit though that I am biased toward Kuroko. Indeed, I liked her in the beginning because of her questionably charming voice and her yuri tendencies. Still, I have realized that her character is much more than that. I would even suggest that, in addition to all the other things that make the series great, Kuroko makes Railgun excellent.

Railgun Misaki Mikoto x Shirai Kuroko yuri

Besides, it is always fun to see all the yuri doujins featuring Kuroko x Misaka.

Railgun Mikoto Kuroko katou hatsue

Railgun Saten Ruiko x Uiharu Kazari yuri Iwamoto Maguro

P.S. There are plenty of other yuri pairs that are super cute too.

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77 Responses to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

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  3. 2DT says:

    I have to admit, sometimes I had to remind myself that these were supposed to be thirteen-year-old girls. And indeed, why ARE thirteen-year-old girls going into service as the Gestapo of Academy City? But I suppose having the potential personal power of a handgun (a whole arsenal of them, in Mikoto’s case) means you have to sacrifice some parts of a traditional childhood.

    It’s actually a bit sad, when I think about it that way. But this inspires me to write about Railgun one more time. Thank you for that, darling. 🙂

    • Yi says:

      @2DT: Not to be cheesy, but “with great power comes great responsibilities.” In this case, I could really understand why Kuroko was there. She is a high leveled esper and has full concept of her responsibilities. Uiharu and others, not so much.

      It is a bit depressing if you think look too much into it… Reminds me a bit of child soldiers in Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, and such. 😦

      “But this inspires me to write about Railgun one more time. Thank you for that, darling. :)”
      Glad I could be of help. ^ ^
      Looking forward to that post.

  4. Nopy says:

    Kuroko was one of the main reasons why I watched railgun. I didn’t particularly like the plot, but Kuroko’s unique personality made up for that. I also loved the Kuroko x Misaka moments, they were so funny XD

  5. Nice upper-lip sniffing in the last pic! =3

  6. Fabrice says:

    No, the main reason for me was MIAKSA ❤
    but i wanted more touma x misaka, i guess ill have to wait…

    • Yi says:

      @Fabrice: Looking at your avatar, I kind of guessed you would have this view.
      I really Misaka too! Can’ts say the same for Touma though. 😦

  7. More yuriffic goodness.

    I haven’t watched the entire series and I do mean to get to it sometime, but in watching it, the characters alone make me enjoy this much more than I do Index. No long-winded plot exposition that bore you to tears here. You get a lot of light-hearted fun, some good action scenes here and there, both of which make for an enjoyable watch. Even the random episodes aren’t too bad.

    • Yi says:

      @zzeroparticle: The general consensus seems to be that Railgun is much better than Index. I haven’t seen Index (planning to now though becuase Railgun is so awesome), but Railgun really has a very light and fun plot.
      “Even the random episodes aren’t too bad.”
      Yep yep. I even enjoyed the obligatory swimsuit/ beach filler.

      • Solaris says:

        Well Railgun sure is much lighter tan Index. It took advance from the fact all the premises are first explained in Index. Furthermore Railgun doesn’t have all the stuff regarding the war with magic faction, so the environment here is restricted to science side. When you watched Railgun you already knew all about the environment and you can jump right into the action. Pity that they had only a season worth of material when they made this anime. They wanted to strech it for another season but filled it with fluff. Well fillers weren’t too bad, but those sure dragged the show quite down. If they just waited for another year they’d have plenty of material to animate, with the pre-accelerator arc.
        On the other hand Index was blundered with the heavy chore to explain all of the heavy settings. They sacrificed much of the action for the sake of explaining us and it was a failure. People just got bored and dropped the serie. Pity cause Index is amazing. It does a wonderful job mixing up sci-fi and fantasy. It has comedy too. if you liked Misaka, just watch episode 18 and tell me if it’s not damn hilarious.

        • Yi says:

          @Solaris: I think my take on Railgun is a bit different from some because I didn’t watch Index first. I didn’t know the environment. I didn’t have the expectation of a plot heavy, theme dependent series. I went into Railgun with mostly a blank slate. So when I saw a series full of fluff, light slice-of-life episodes, I really took it in and enjoyed it. So I don’t think the fillers dragged it down. In fact, I didn’t consider those episodes to be fillers when I watched it, because those episodes mesh so well with the rest of the franchise (which is limited to just Railgun for me).

          Now I’m watching Index, and it’s certainly much heavier. Can’t wait for episode 18!

  8. Xine says:

    Kuroko somewhat reminds me of Rin. Based on your review, the characters look interesting and the story sounds pretty neat, I’ll probably check this out. ^^

    • Yi says:

      @Xine: Rin from Kodomo no Jikan? I haven’t seen that series, but from what I know about Rin, I think so too.
      Anyways, Railgun is really great and I highly recommend this.

  9. biotoxic says:

    I’m almost finish watching Railgun, just finished the Big Spider arc. I must say though I preferred Index to this spin-off. Meh, the final few episodes could change my mind, but I doubt it.

    I love Kurokos’ voice and character as well, although Mikoto can be cute when she sees that frog character or doctor (or was that in Index? I forget :lol:).

    • Yi says:

      @biotoxic: Hm… That’s an interesting perspective. I think most people think Railgun is much better than Index. Now this makes me really want to watch Index!

      Mikoto is really cute! Her obsession for the frog and her “denial” of anything childish are just precious. ^ ^

  10. Shinra says:

    LoL… After finishing all Railgun series (including Drama Cd Archive 1 n 2), I just fell in love with the Yuri bond of Kuroko n Misaka XDDD

    Their Yuri Humor is totally AWESOME!!! better than Saten n Uiharu….

    I prefer Archives 1 n 2 rather than the series cuz Kuroko is 10000% more yuri crazier than the anime itself XDD i just cant stop relisten it.
    (Misaka n Uiharu is 100% more intense too ^^)


    • Yi says:

      @Shinra: I definitely like Kuroko x Misaka as a pair more than Saten x Uiharu too. The yuri humor is just so funny.
      I should check out the archives. Thanks for letting me know.


  11. Swordwind says:

    I didn’t find it terribly engaging. Maybe I was too put off by the aforementioned ridiculous competence zone in which thirteen year old children are the only ones accomplishing anything. In fact, I never actually finished it. Hmm. Kuroko yuri put up a valiant effort, but proved incapable of elevating this anime to noteworthy.

    On a side note, didn’t Mikoto and long-black-hair-girl seem like a more well-matched pair, at least in the first couple of episodes?

    • Yi says:

      @Swordwind: I thought the anime was really engaging from the start. The young age of the girls is a bit off putting and does make you wonder where all the good adults are. Further, there are some real flaws in the series, including the generic villain who conveniently misses all her opportunities to finish off the hero.

      “didn’t Mikoto and long-black-hair-girl seem like a more well-matched pair, at least in the first couple of episodes?”

      Actually, I also got the feeling very early as well. But her interaction with Uiharu quickly cements that yuri pairing.

  12. Reltair says:

    When I heard Kuroko’s voice in the first episode, it was instant win. Good series with a highly memorable cast of characters.

  13. Mint says:

    I really enjoyed the first few episodes of Railgun (I really have to get around to finishing it). I liked it much more than the main Index title, since there didn’t seem to be as much confusing exposition. The characters were a lot of fun to watch and the superpowers were pretty cool; seems like a very strong series overall. Glad to know you enjoyed it so much!

    • Yi says:

      @Mint: It’s a really strong series overall. Light fun plot, but enough depth not to seem shallow or empty.
      Anyways, I have to watch Index.

  14. statwiz says:

    haha true Kuroko x Mikoto is the only reason watch this anime(since i am kinda don’t really like the story after few eps somehow boring in the last 8 eps) and yeah ^^ i lost count how many Kuroko x Mikoto yuri doujinshi i read >_>;;;

    • Yi says:

      @statwiz: I agree that the villain for the second arc is not as strong, but overall, the series is still really wonderful.
      Kuroko x Mikoto all the way. ^ ^

  15. You have a much better assessment of the characters than I do ^^; I feel so outclassed by everyone’s writings, lol, but I’m glad to hear it so eloquently put.

    Kuroko’s voice is an interesting one… I mean, yes, she is as mature as you say, but sometimes I feel that her voice also seems to match that of an old perverted lady, lol. But she’s great. Definitely the second favourite character & powers after Misaka.

    Misaka has suddenly snuck in and became one of my top favourite characters of all time. Yes, her sense of righteousness and immaturity can be a bit too much, but her powers and her determination (whether be it some villain ruining the day or wanting to try something cute on) just make up for it. There’s a reason why I chose to have “lightning” in my name, I’m very fascinated by lightning/electrical powers. Misaka fit the bill perfectly.

    Great choice for the first picture by the way d(^_^)b

    • Yi says:

      @lightningsabre: Oh you flatter me too much and you’re way to humble. ^ ^
      Anyways, Kuroko’s voice does sound like a perverted old lady at times, but for some reason, it somehow really grew on me. (Hence the “questionably charming.”)
      Can’t disagree about Misaka. She’s indeed very cute and just has an awesome personality.
      Maybe your next blog should be “Within a Flash of Shorts.”

  16. Shin says:

    Uiharu made the first half of the series bearable for me. I actually thought the series had ended then, before I realised that there was a swimsuit fanservice episode that I didn’t bother, and eventually let this slip out of my watchlist. Looking at how things progressed since then, I felt nothing of value was lost.

    • Yi says:

      @Shin: Haha, Uiharu is a pretty interesting character (and loli), so I can see why you like her. The second arc isn’t as good as the first, so if you didn’t particularly love the first arc, I’d agree the second does not add anything of value.

  17. Jay says:

    So, where are these Kuroko x Mikoto doujins? 🙂

  18. Ningyo says:

    When I first saw this series, I was impressed by how the fabled railgun was incorporated in an anime. Then it became part of a really cool series name – and yet for some reason, I still didn’t stick to the series. It’s strange, the choices that go into what I watch. And perhaps regrettable.

    Maybe one of the reasons I gave this one berth is the superpowers – always a fun premise when done correctly, yes, but potentially disastrous. Like, the Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes or something. That’s not really an apt analogy, but I didn’t quite flow with Needless, which is a pretty atypical one. Well, just my thoughts on superpower series. After reading everyone’s posts I acknowledge Railgun as something more.

    Tell you what, I’ll marathon this faster than Usain Bolt if ya read Planetarian :p

    • “Tell you what, I’ll marathon this faster than Usain Bolt if ya read Planetarian :p” Does this deal work for me too? XD

    • Yi says:

      @Ningyo: That actually happens to me all the time. I’d start a series and fall in love with it, but simply unable to complete it for a long time. I think for me, it’s usually because once I start really liking a series, I’d have to wait for the perfect environment and timing to finish the series, and I’d end up delaying it for a long time.
      I haven’t watched either shows that you mentioned and I don’t plan to. Needless in particular just seems sloppy.

      “Tell you what, I’ll marathon this faster than Usain Bolt if ya read Planetarian :p”
      “Sure does. So are we on or what? Race you to the review post?”

      @lightningsabre: “Does this deal work for me too? XD”

      We are on!

  19. shijima says:

    Thank you for the wonderful review.
    I really like the picture of a Misaka in a frilly dress since it’s rare for her to dress like that I think.
    Hehehe, I think I recognize one of the doujin covers too. 😀
    Anyways, thanks again as always!

  20. Raph says:

    I loved Railgun. I think I was a bit harsh in my treatment of it because, having read the manga, I was expecting something much more action-heavy (the action scenes were gorgeously animated and generally awesome, but there weren’t that many of them). For me, it was more of an exploration of Academy City than anything else, and it served as a tool to get to know the characters. Which is actually a great thing; it just wasn’t what I’d anticipated. Anyway (sorry, I go off on tangeants a lot xD), I – like you – adored the characters and the attention to detail, two things which I really look for in a series. By the end of it, I was left feeling really satisfied and like I knew Academy City and, more importantly, the people living in it extremely well. In addition to this, the character development was done fantastically, so not a single person who appeared felt like a cardboard cut-out or a moe archetype. The world they lived in was presented so interestingly and intelligently too. Also… superpowers! I have a big thing for superpowers. xD I loved how they were handled in the series, as something everyday and almost to-be-expected but still as something wonderful. I hope a second season of either of the franchises is on its way!

    • Yi says:

      @Raph: Very good points you brought up. I didn’t really want to go into the negatives of this post (I am a very biased reviewer…), but while watching, I definitely felt that the anime could have used a bit more action. Granted, the animation is beautiful, but I’d rather watch Kuroko teleporting in and out of explosion than Saten taking a walk around town.
      That relates to your second point: “it was more of an exploration of Academy City than anything else, and it served as a tool to get to know the characters.”
      I didn’t think of that. Very true indeed.
      “I hope a second season of either of the franchises is on its way!”
      Me too. I’ve actually started watching Index because I wanted to see more.

  21. Kairu90 says:

    I have wanted to see this for a while now but I have not had the time. I got some time off work so I might try and catch the first few episodes. To be honest I have not really seen too many anime series with much yuri content, so this might be something new for me. Thanks for reminding me of this series.

    Also the very last picture is adorable! >.<

    • Yi says:

      @Kairu90: It’s a lovely series and I would highly recommend it. As for the yuri, it’s mostly just comedic relief. The series is fine with or without it, so if you end up not liking yuri, I think you can still enjoy this. And if you do like yuri, you would love this.

  22. 10sigh_baka says:

    It took me a while to get used to Kuroko’s way of talking, but eventually I really came to like her =] (Misaka’s still my favourite though)
    Kuroko’s obsession with onee-sama is entertaining, but personally I like her best when she’s more serious. Like at the end of ep 12, when the two of them were talking on the rooftop (but before she starts going perverted again :P)

    • Yi says:

      @10sigh_baka: I’ve read a lot of hate for Kuroko’s voice actually, which is why I qualitied it with “questionable.”
      I love it instantly though!
      Still, I love Kuroko the most when she’s serious as well. I’m really impressed with her way of handling things.

  23. Leonia says:

    This is not my favorite anime, or the better 2010 anime, but I like To Aru Kagaku no Railgun ^^ Characters are cute, and funny. I like especially Misaka. She is always cute when she like child things (pyjama, bikini, Gekota..). For the moment I am watching it (episode 14/15), and I like ^^ And Kuroko is just crazy xD Just crazy !

    • Yi says:

      @Leonia: Me too! I love Misaka when she gets so embarrassed about pajamas, bikinis, and Gekota. Those scenes are always cute and fun to watch.

  24. Yuki says:

    I have no other reactions but…


    I agree with everything you’ve said. Now I hope Mikoto becomes serious with Kuroko’s confession… or something…

    *rewatches railgun

    • Yi says:

      @Yuki: “Now I hope Mikoto becomes serious with Kuroko’s confession… or something…”
      I hope so too and I try to ignore any objections or any suggestions of its impossibility.

  25. poga says:

    -Removed by Yi-

    • Yi says:

      @poga: The same comment was posted in two other posts and is completely irrelevant to this post, so I have removed it. I hope you understand.
      Best wishes.

  26. poga says:

    ok thanks…so at least pls tell me the link for the post….pls…

  27. poga says:

    oops sorry… I forgot to look at the other comments..sorry for the bother..

  28. koyot3 says:

    I dont know why Kuro has eyes for only Mikoto as there are other oneesamas too.
    And Mikoto doesn’t seem all that special. But I guess that’s why it’s a tragic romance? or rather unrequitted as of yet (She’ll get her, if not in the doujins).

    • Yi says:

      @koyot3: Honestly though, I really liked Misaka too. If I were Kuroko, I’d fawn over her as well. Sometimes crushes work in mysterious and uncontrollable ways.
      Well, that’s why there are doujins. ^ ^

  29. Blowfish says:

    Oh my,Oh my I highly anticipated Railgun aswell but this is the only point where we think alike.
    I was looking forward to this series after really enjoying Index despite its shortcomings and was utterly disappointed about what it delivered.
    And unlike you I hated Kuroko with all my heart.

    I can only guess that this has to do with the fact that I started with Index and then progressed to Railgun having certain expectations while you started fresh with Railgun and started Index afterwards.

    My biggest beef with this series was that it was compromised of so much filler material and I basically expected a more plot driven series like Index (I know Index wasnt strong on plot either but atleast there was some).I already cried myself to sleep when I saw the second episode that only focused on Yuri Fanservice driven comedy about how Kuroko wants to get into Misaka`s pants.
    I would have tolerated Kuroko probably more if she had her antics layed out more evenly among all epsiodes and not whole episodes focusing on this fact or at least large parts of it.

    Furthermore there were like what 2 thin plots in this 24 Epsiode Anime and these were worked off in lets say 5 Overall Episodes?

    I can see that you might have enjoyed this if you went clean into this without any expectations but this was one of the biggest disappointments I had in my Anime Viewing Live.I expected a second Index that kicked that annoying Index completley to the curb and focused on Misaka doing the same as in Index.
    I also cant understand that they didnt pick up some of the Clones stuff from Index….
    So much potential wasted 😦

    The biggest rays of Light for me were when Touma appeared or when the show focused a bit more on “story” and not some schoolgirl shenanigans.

    This post is of course not meant to bash you I just want let go of my disappointment ^^

    • Yi says:

      @Blowfish: Those are all really good points. I kind of avoided talking about plot in my review. Frankly, the story was not that strong, especially after the first arc. (I write very biased reviews). I think it didn’t bother as much though since I enjoyed it as a relaxing ride through the world of Railgun. It was more about getting to know the characters, seeing the scenes, and understanding the rules of the world. I would’ve been fine with 24 incoherent episodic plots without an overarching arc. Still, I admit that if there is one thing Railgun misses, it’s an engaging conflict.

      I’ve started Index and it’s much more intense. It delves into a major conflict from the beginning and I like that too. The two series are really very different.

      “This post is of course not meant to bash you I just want let go of my disappointment ^^”
      Don’t worry about it! You’re points are totally valid. I think I might agree with you a lot more if I watched Index first.

      Also, I like Kuroko also because I watch everything with yuri goggles on.

  30. lovelyduckie says:

    When I was a kid myself I didn’t really question why so many young teens were given such heavy responsibilities in anime. Honestly to me these 15 year olds were “adults” and 15 seemed like the perfect age to save the world at. But now looking at these series as someone 10 years too old to be qualified to save Japan, I do think it’s a bit odd.

    • Yi says:

      @lovelyduckie: Weird indeed. Even thinking back to Pokemon now, Ash was only ten. He was a ten year old traveling around the world on his own. The list goes on and on.
      It’s questionable to say least.

  31. Bizhaku says:

    I Must Look This Anime!!!! Thanks for Info Guys 😀

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  33. Uppfinnarn says:

    Haven’t you seen the prequel Toaru Majutsu no Index? You sound like you’ve never “been” in Academy City before…

    • Yi says:

      @Uppfinnarn: I’m actually watching Index right now because of how much I enjoyed Railgun. So at the time I wrote the post, I had not “been” to Academy City, and what a nice city it was. ^ ^

  34. Yu says:

    This comment is surely overdue, but I really could not help myself.

    Although the violin strokes match the music, the animation does not match what a violinist would be doing to get the tone Mikoto did. Her bow was sliding absolutely onto the fingerboard! Grah! How can they admire her musicianship when her technique is so obviously terrible!

    At least matching strokes to the music is a step closer.

    That is all.

    • Yi says:

      @Yu: A comment is never overdue, and I’m so glad you pointed that out to me.

      I played violin for only a year in elementary school, and then decided that wasn’t for me, so I have no idea what good technique is. I guess there is still room for improvement either in the animation or in Misaka’s playing.

      Anyways, thanks for visiting!

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  36. Chad Senga says:

    Awesome review! I just started watching Railgun today (currently at ep. 5) and searched random blogs for reviews, in which I was able to stumble upon yours. Kudos to you and your writing style \m/

    I’m not really fond of yuri anime (maybe except for Canaan x Maria where anyone can empathize, and the humorous slapstick antics of Minami Shimada x Miharu Shimizu in Baka Test), and that’s probably ’cause I haven’t watched much from that genre. But the one between Misaka x Kuroko and Saten x Uiharu really takes the cake with varying flavors: serious, comedy, action, what have you!

    To be honest, I started watching this because of Misaki and her unusual shorts, but after getting to know the other characters, I saw that Kuroko actually plays a very vital role in everything because without her, Misaki wouldn’t shine as bright as she should.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your other reviews! Any new anime you’re watching recently? I’ll put you in my bloglist, btw. I’ll come back to this post after I’ve finished the whole series! :3


    • Yi says:

      Thank you. I’m really really glad you enjoyed this review. ^ ^

      I think the yuri in Railgun is mostly used for comedic effects. The anime is still easily enjoyable without a particular preference for yuri materials.

      “serious, comedy, action, and what have you!”
      Precisely! I think those are also the elements of Railgun that I loved! It’s just so… fun!

      Misaka is lovely and charming and all, but I think Kuroko is the girl that really impressed me. The group dynamic and the story would unhinge without her presence. And yes, Misaka would certainly not be as lovely without Kuroko!

      p.s. If you’re interested in my other reviews, feel free to look around the blog or this archive of my past/current reviews:
      I’m watching several series right now. Among them, the only currently airing one is Natsuiro Kiseki, a delight! If you’re interested, I blog fairly semi-regularly on shows I’m watching, so I hope you visit again. ^ ^

      p.p.s. I’ll put your blog in my blogroll as well. Cheers!

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