May Sickness in March

Hiiragi Kagami Lucky Star Tinkerbell Tinkle Lolita Fashion

We are at that time of the year again. In high school, this is the third quarter slump, during which grade averages everywhere drop. In college, this is the time when I start skipping a lecture here and a discussion there. Further, as the regular visitors and dear blogging friends probably realize, new entries, comments, and replies are really slow to come.

Hiiragi Kagami Pillow Lucky Star

Flash back to about a year ago, we see that this is a trend that happens every year. Indeed, postings in February and March have always been sparse. While these are my favorite months and spring is a lovely season, I always get sick with May sickness around this time.

Konata Miyuki Lucky Star Horiguchi Yukiko

May sickness is a term I picked up in an episode of Lucky Star. In response to Konata’s using it as an excuse to get out of class, Miyuki explains May sickness as lethargy due to one of several specific reasons:

“By definition, May sickness happens after you’ve accomplished a major goal, such as a college entrance exam, or if you’ve just gotten a new job. It also happens when the relationship that started in April doesn’t work out. Or when you can’t reconcile the life you wanted versus the life you have. The symptoms include lethargy, apathy, and even a mind depression. You see, if you just feel lethargic, I don’t think you can call that the May sickness.”

For the last few weeks, I have evidently been very lazy for reasons that qualify for May sickness. Perhaps because I finished my first round of midterms around this time or perhaps because I have doubts about my post-graduation plans, the feelings are especially strong. In either case, I am glad I had nine days of vacation to just relax and recharge.

Konata Kagami pillow cornetto

The past week has been all about relaxation. I spent my spring break mostly just playing games, staying up late, sleeping a lot, and waking up late. Shrugging off all responsibilities is nice once in a while.

Now that spring break is ending (a bit too soon), it is time I returned to my normal routine with everything, including reviews that I am really looking forward to writing, scanlations for the final chapter of Gokujou Drops (so sorry for the delay on this), backlogs of anime and blogs, and many other things I love.

Although before getting to all of that exciting stuff, I should adjust my sleeping times and my circadian rhythm. I feel like I live in the wrong timezone.

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61 Responses to May Sickness in March

  1. shinra says:

    Me too!!! I get this sickness often this month. Sleep from 7:30pm till 12pm next day… Spend all my time online, Animes n games… Right after the Mountains of Assignments done last month.

    YaY!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for Gokujou Drop’s next release. I’ve been waiting for this Forever ^^

    • Yi says:

      @shinra: I’m really sorry about the delay on Gokujou Drops… 😦
      It should be up on Wings of Yuri soon.

      Anyway, your sleeping times sound like mine. I sleep in the morning and stay up all night wasting time.

      • shinra says:

        It’s ok ^^ Since it’s going to release soon… I’m feeling relief XD Thanks

        Oh, so u’re in the “Sleep in a very different time than normal” too like me… hahaha.. glad to found a comrade!!! ^^

  2. Sellers says:

    Sounds like a tough prognosis. Glad you had some time to recharge. Mind explaining to me the thought process behind the first pic?

    • Yi says:

      @Sellers: I try to post images relevant to the upcoming paragraph most of the time, even if I have to stretch a bit. However, for that first image, I just liked it so much that I decided to just use it anyways. It’s on theme with Lucky Star though.

      Btw. I like your avatar. It’s nice to have a picture to your name rather than just that blue square.

  3. I can sympathize with the whole worrying over what you’ll do after graduation. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but in light of the setbacks I’ve hit recently, I’m due for some serious re-evaluation. So yeah, just wait til you hit that quarter-life crisis like I have 😛

  4. bluedrakon says:

    You always need to take time to relax after a while. Need to get out of the house and remember what the flowers smell like. I am not online that much the last couple days myself. My Dad is in the hospital because he is not taking it easy. He should be out by beginning of next week. I plan to tie him down to a chair for a while.

  5. Baka-Raptor says:

    Sounds refreshing. Maybe I should catch May sickness in April…

  6. kluxorious says:

    I didn’t even know I have the May sickness until I read this

  7. glothelegend says:

    I must have chronic May sickness, seeing as you just described me all year round (except the posts, I post a LOT)

  8. Fabrice says:

    Well some of us at some stage go through this phaze i think
    For sure after reading this i can confirm i had may sickness.
    but its up to the individual to make that change. =)

    • Yi says:

      @Fabrice: Agreed. I think most bloggers have or will eventually go through a burn out phase. Some leave forever, while others continue later on. I think I get burned out every once in a while.

  9. softz says:

    Hmmm… at first I thought you weren’t feeling well. Now, I’ve gained understand regarding this May sickness thingy. That’s pretty interesting. Also, it good to have you back. 🙂

  10. Ningyo says:

    I’d like to say there’s some rationalized, forgivable reason for me being lethargic, but really I’m just getting lazier and lazier >.> Soon I’ll be clocking over 24 hours of sleep a day…

    I used to complain about how living alone degenerates one more and more, but now I don’t even care anymore.
    Anyhow, it’s really nice that you were able to shrug off some responsibilities for a while. In theory I don’t owe anybody anything, but there always seems to be something nagging at me to be done.
    Anyways, I hope it’s as you say, and it is just seasonal slowdown to be found everywhere. Otherwise I might have that condition where my body doesn’t release enough adrenaline and I crumble in depression or something.

    • Yi says:

      @Ningyo: “In theory I don’t owe anybody anything, but there always seems to be something nagging at me to be done.”
      Yep yep. I get a similar feeling sometimes. It’s like a dull pain in the back of my head…
      Honestly, there’s really no rationalization for my lethargy either. I’m just lazy and prone to procrastination as well.
      Anyways, 24 hour sleep days actually sound really good.

  11. moemoekyun says:

    I thought you really sick @_@;; so this what you called may sickness.
    now I realized I have may sickness as well >.<;;;

    • Yi says:

      @moemoekyun: Haha but you do post quite regularly though, so at least on that front, you’re fine. ^ ^

      • moemoekyun says:

        time to tell you my secret every weekend I make 3-4 post ^^;;; so I can publish them every 2 days. >_>;;;;
        and sometimes I am to hasty publish my post =.= (E.G that anime,and otacool X_X) without realized it. I writing draft to relax from my stress but sometimes I forgot to click save draft X_X and click published without realized X_X wth? I am wrote ORZ
        I still asking myself why post them X_X.I usually delete them after 3-4 days

        • Yi says:

          @moemoekyun: That’s a good idea. I should write more drafts and save them up during times when I am in the mood to write.

  12. I think I am probably comming down with May Sickness as well, but hopefully by blogging, studying for two exams and relaxing this week (Spring Break Yea!!!!!!!!!!) I will be over it before I go back to school next week. I hope!!!!!!!!

  13. I am sooo lazy too! And my classes started just 1 month ago, I can’t be like this! It’s ok, that since it’s my last year, we don’t have many things to do, I have a some days off during the week to do other things, but God, I am lazy to do anything, I am not even watching animes like I used to, I am getting worried lol
    Damn it May sickness!

    • Yi says:

      @Yuri Downloads: Me too. I’m not watching anime or reading yuri as much as I used to either… Pure laziness.
      Anyways, it’s also my last year, so things seem to be much slower and relaxed.

  14. UnchainedMelody says:

    ^_^;; I’ve been feeling that the last few weeks… It’s a bit hard to motivate yourself at times, even skipping work not just classes. Though I did get my first job ever, so perhaps that’s adding to the feeling of lethargy. But! As much as you wish to give or even rationalize it, it still is just an excuse. So all you can do is pull yourself out of the slump and get back into gear!

    I suppose the biggest issue for comparison is the varying school years. Northern Hemisphere people start and end the year weirdly and us in the Southern Hemisphere start and end a school year in the Calender year. I suppose for us it’s the idea of starting another year and shaking off the laziness you gain on holidays.

    Ganbatte either way!

    • Yi says:

      @UnchainedMelody: “As much as you wish to give or even rationalize it, it still is just an excuse. So all you can do is pull yourself out of the slump and get back into gear!”
      Agreed. I’m really just lazy, but I should really pull myself out of bed and start doing some stuff.


  15. Canne says:

    Is this May Sickness divided into acute and chronic form? Cause I think I have it for a long time now; Chronic May Sickness!

  16. Reltair says:

    Glad you had a relaxing Spring Break! It’s almost the final push now and you’re done with college!

  17. Xine says:

    Is this thing contagious? I think I have some symptoms a few days ago and after reading your entry I think I already got it. Lol. I guess there’s really a phase when you become really tired, apathetic and stuff. It’s really good if we could slow down a bit and relax. I have a 4-day weekend coming up but I don’t think I can relax as much because my I still have an exam on Monday ^^;

  18. Xine says:

    Oh, btw, I love the photos you used on this post, especially the 2nd. ^^

  19. blur says:

    “Further, as the regular visitors and dear blogging friends probably realize, new entries, comments, and replies are really slow to come.”
    Lol. Happened to me looong time since.

    I’d say get some rest, take a break, and come back relaxed and fresher than ever!

  20. lovelyduckie says:

    Last semester in school was very frustrating and busy, so you could say I’ve had May sickness since January. This semester is turning out to be easy and I’ve let my performance drop as low as I can and still get the grades I want. But 🙂 I’m happy and having more fun than before, so it’s a good balance for me. I don’t mind that I’m a bit less attentive than before.

    • Yi says:

      @lovelyduckie: “This semester is turning out to be easy and I’ve let my performance drop as low as I can and still get the grades I want. ”
      That’s a really impressive skill to have. I remember trying that once in high school… I did the least amount of work for the grade I wanted, and ended up failing. 😦
      Anyways, I’m glad you’re having fun. ^ ^

      • lovelyduckie says:

        The program I’m in hands out B’s like candy so I’m not too worried. There isn’t much skill involved in this case, as long as I don’t SKIP any assignments entirely I pretty much automatically get a B.

        I guess I wouldn’t say I’m having fun…lol I’m just not a miserable curled up ball any more 😉 sanity > school

  21. Ninjovee says:

    Thanks to this post… I’ve diagnosed myself with chronic May sickness too. TAT; it’s not good at alllllll ;A;

  22. Katsura-chan says:

    Lol i have this feeling that everybody feel lazy for now ^^ I feel it myself as i’m always tired even if i sleep for so many hours :/
    Well i really got sick too which didn’t help of course.
    Also i feel a need for changes, major changes actually and it involves all aspects of my current life. Don’t know how it’s going to turn, maybe i’ll be a monk in a Tibetan temple yelling sutra … we’ll see 🙂
    Good luck with your early may sickness ^^

    • Yi says:

      @Katsura-chan: Agreed. I feel lazy/ tired even after 16 hours of sleep… This is kind of bad sometimes.
      Good luck with your life changes!
      Tibetan monk yelling sutra… actually sounds really interesting.

  23. AS says:

    Haha, I’ve been there. I wish I could still do that but with school ending soon I can’t relax, especially with midterms coming up ~_~. Though once summer comes it’s going to be all fun and maybe more posts lol.

    I added you to my blogroll. Mind adding me back? Thanks ^^.

    • Yi says:

      @AS: The relaxation is nice, but the unproductivity is not something I desire…
      Good luck with your midterms!
      I am so looking forward to summer already.

      Anyways, I’ll be adding you to the links page soon.

  24. mikiwank says:

    It is true that this period is strange how every year. I filled with desire, preojets, but I lack time and money to achieve them. Pity. So if that’s how I’m going to walk with my dog and I enjoy the beauty that procures the spring as the trees in flower. And then spring is the best time to make gunpla as is explained in Genshiken.

    • Yi says:

      @mikiwank: Strange time this year indeed. Agreed that walking a dog in the nice spring weather is really relaxing though.
      And anytime is a good time to make Gunpla.

  25. phossil says:

    mmm, May sickness hits again. Hang in there!! 😉

  26. biotoxic says:

    I can begin to feel lazy now :lol:.

    For us our 2nd semester at uni lasts until now, and they give us loads of coursework to do. Now it’s all done I’m kind of lost on what to do. I know I need to revise for upcoming exams, but I’ve just finished a truck-load of work and I can’t be bothered :lol:.

    • Yi says:

      @biotoxic: Good luck with upcoming exams! I just finished my last round of midterms so I can kind of relax a bit.
      The only things left are final exams/ papers/ apps.

  27. Snark says:

    You and I both share in the spirit of laziness.

    Also, can I borrow some of your commentors? I think I’ve lost some of mine =P

    • Yi says:

      @Snark: Yea… We don’t update too often anymore.
      Anyways, haha, most of the comments are my own, and I’ll gladly lend myself to you. ^ ^

  28. Hrmm… I’m trying to remember if I ever felt something like this when I was in school. But that felt like it was a lifetime ago. These days I get this feeling sometime in January or February at work because we get two weeks off during Christmas/New Year’s. So I don’t really feel like working around that time and just kept counting down to the next two weeks off in the next Decamber ^^;

    Funny enough March was one of the most posts I had in my blog, but of course it was because of that special day on the 30th, lol.

    • Yi says:

      @lightningsabre: Everyone has her own down times… I think I feel really lazy around Christmas/ New Years as well. Well, I’m lazy all the time.
      Anyways, March 30th is indeed a very important day. ^ ^

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