Nitroplus versus Type Moon [Toranoana]

Toranoana Nitroplus Type-Moon Calendar cover Nishimura Kinu Demonbane Fate Stay Night

Type-Moon is a visual novel company that needs little introduction. With numerous celebrated visual novels, anime adaptations, doujins, and figures, Type-Moon has a huge fan base. Fate/stay night, Kara no Kyoukai, and Tsukihime are some of the most well-known titles among anime watchers. The popularity of Type-Moon is clear from the love the various characters receive. For example, Saber’s celebrity status is unparalleled by almost all other anime characters. Further, the success of Type-Moon products extend far beyond the games into almost every aspect of the anime culture.

Toranoana Nitroplus Type-Moon Calendar Miwa Shirow Phantom Inferno Fate Stay Night

Similarly, Nitroplus is another well-known name in the visual novel industry. Several titles have had anime adaptations, including Demonbane, Requiem for the Phantom (Phantom of Inferno), and ChäoS;HEAd. Evidently, Nitroplus has carved out a niche among visual novel enthusiasts with its dark psychological themes and touching stories. Saya no Uta is a beautiful representative work that embodies these elements. A fantastic thought-provoking story that blurs morality and inhumanity, it is a mature series in more than one way. Saya is by far the best visual novel I have ever played. It gave me shivers, made me cry, and taught me to love. I am a huge fan of Nitroplus because of it.

Toranoana Nitroplus Type-Moon Calendar 2010 artists

What happens when you pit these two giants of visual novel productions against each other?

You get a gorgeous calendar of course!

Toranoana Nitroplus vs. Type-Moon Calendar months

Toranoana’s Nitroplus vs. Type-Moon 2010 Calendar is a beautiful calendar featuring colored illustrations from sixteen well-known artists: Nishimura Kinu, Miwa Shirow, Tapo, Ito Ben, Nisieda, Eiwa, Midori Foo, Shirotsumekusa, Taskohna, Amazio Komeko, Sumihei, Ohsaki Shinya, Matsuryu, Mashin Eiichirou, Inue Shinsuke, and Imizu. These are all amazing artists who have published wonderful works. For instance, since watching Queen’s Blade, Matsuryu and Eiwa have been favorite artists of mine. I am quickly falling in love with Nisieda, Midori Foo, Amazio Komeko, and Ohsaki Shinya as well. Employing a variety of style, the calendar references games from both Nitroplus and Type-Moon. With gorgeous colors, cute characters, and stunning scenes, each page is a monthly eye candy.

Toranoana Nitroplus vs. Type-Moon Calendar set thanks Shijima

A bit about how I got this calendar. A few months back, I received a lovely package from a dear friend. After hearing that I am a fan of both Nitroplus and Type-Moon, she generously sent me this absolutely breathtaking calendar from Comiket 77.  Thank you so so very much! I was really ecstatic when I opened up the package to discover not only the calendar, but many other items as well, including two small artbooks featuring sketches that I may scan later. Again, thanks for such an amazing gift!

Here are the pages from this lovely calendar in chronological order from January to December.

Toranoana Nitroplus Type-Moon Calendar Ito Ben Demonbane Fate Stay Night
Ito Ben – Demonbane vs. Fate/stay night

Toranoana Nitroplus Type-Moon Calendar Nisieda Vjedogonia Tsukihime
Nisieda – Vjedogonia (吸血殲鬼) vs. Tsukihime

Toranoana Nitroplus vs. Type-Moon Calendar Eiwa Kikokugai Gekkou no Carnevale Fate Stay Night
Eiwa – Kikokugai (鬼哭街) and Gekkou no Carnevale (月光のカルネヴァーレ) vs. Fate/stay night
Such a nice coincidence that my favorite month, March, also happens to feature my favorite scan from the calendar.

April to December are on the next page.

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60 Responses to Nitroplus versus Type Moon [Toranoana]

  1. shinra says:

    Yay!! Same as u, i support Nitroplus!!! After watching an anime called Blassreiter & Chaos;Head from Nitroplus last year, I fell in love with Nitroplus products XD

    *Saying Sorry for these Fans*
    But somehow, I hate Fate/Stay Night for some reason. I don’t know why but somehow, yes, i hate it. Same goes for Lyrical Nanoha (HATE THE MOST!!!), Rosario Vampire n some others. Wonder why i hate them even if they are popular…. hummm…. Cause I hate Mizuki Nana n Tamura Yukari? Then who about FSN… swt… [went blank for a while n continue]

    Anyways, J.C stuffs, P.A works & Kyoto Animation is also great on graphics n stuffs. Oh well, guess we can’t compare since everyone have different skills XD

    Only Like or dislike matters.

  2. moemoekyun says:

    hmm I like nitro+ and fate works
    I don’t hate fate stay night but too much saber there not giving another character more space in the game and anime -_-(that make me hate saber lol)
    I like dark story so I like nitro+ works *_*

  3. Blowfish says:

    Rrrrrrrrrr Eiwa 😀

    So whats the Illustration for september? I somehow care about that month ^^

    Youve got a pretty sweet friend there.This reminds me that I seriously lack contacts in Japan

  4. Smithy says:

    Nice review and terrific seeing those scans. Like that the calendar is not only a crossover between these two visual novel makers, but also features work form so many different artists.

    Adore Matsuryu too, surprisingly dark artwork for him, nice to see.

  5. Ningyo says:

    spectacular. I was almost expecting a 2D fighter though, got my heartbeat up there for a second ^^;
    Saya no Uta deserves an award. People need to stop telling me how twisted their weak English ‘dystopian’ novels are and give Saya no Uta a read. I’m still angry at my teacher for making me read Blindness.

    The October piece looks orgasmic. Deserving of my birthday month >:D

  6. Yi says:

    @shinra: Nitroplus is really very awesome. ^ ^
    I actually really like Lyrical Nanoha and love Nana Mizuki… 😦
    Never liked Rosario Vampire and lukewarm about Fate/ Stay Night. I liked the characters in Fate/stay night universe a lot though except for Shirou.
    But to each her own. ^ ^

    @moemoekyun: I actually really like Saber. I can see why she’s so popular. As for Nitroplus, dark stories are the best, especially if it has references to the Cthulu mythos.

    @Blowfish: I absolutely love Eiwa’s illustrations. They’re just lovely.
    September is on the next page:
    Ohsaki Shinya – Gekkou no Carnevale vs. Fate/stay night
    It’s also one that I love a lot.

    @Smithy: Yep yep. I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much because of the variety of artists and styles.
    Anyway, I’ve recently started to really like Eiwa and Matsuryu, so I’ll hopefully get some of their artbooks.

    @Ningyo: I think there might actually be a 2D fighter if I remember correctly, although I don’t know my games very well. The way I titled the post though was definitely to kind of trick some people in… ^ ^
    Saya no Uta is indeed quite amazing.
    Anyway, October and Saya are both orgasmic!

  7. biotoxic says:

    That’s a really awesome calendar. My favourite scan has to be the October one. Dark Sakura & Saber are just too cool :D.

    I’ve not seen any of the Nitro+ anime series or played their VNs; but I have been aware of them for a while now. I’m quite interested in watching Chaos:Head some time soon. I did start watching Phantom -Phantom of Inferno- until FUNimation put up region blocking :(.

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  9. FaS says:

    wow, this is sexy! I like how classy it looks. Ooo sign me up ;D

  10. softz says:

    I like both, nitro+ and type moon (mainly because of Saber). I don’t have an in-depth knowledge about the two but I’m totally impressed with the works by nitro+. Their art styles simply suit my preference. Even the posted illustrations here are superb. I’m going to the next page to see more 🙂

  11. shijima says:

    Wow! It’s really kindhearted of you to scan in the calendar. =)
    Thank you for explaining the artists and characters too.
    I must admit I’m a little lacking in knowledge about Nitroplus,
    though I did read through Saya no Uta after your seeing you review on it.

    I like Saber too, but I guess I’ll have to elect Rin as my favorite Fate/Stay Night character.
    Anyways, I’d just like to say that the real generous person here is you. =)

  12. Oooh so here’s the complete calendar that I saw in your Tweets before! Thanks for the full scan now ^^

    Well I do like Saber, like a lot, but I gotta admit that she is kinda overused in these calendars, lol. The only story I read/watch/play was Requiem for Phantom from NitroPlus side. I loved Phantom! It was the first time I played these kinds of visual novels after I gave up on them back in high school.

    Though I haven’t read/played Jingai Makyo, I thought it’s kinda a missed opportunity since Ignis is a swordswoman and not portrayed in a sword battle against other characters with swords.

    And I think I found that 2D Type Moon vs NitroPlus game screen that I saw a long time ago. I’m not quite sure if it was real or an April Fool’s Day joke, but here it is:

  13. Xine says:

    Beautiful calendar. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing. ^^

  14. One heck of a nice find! I enjoy the stuff from Type Moon and though Chaos Head was a letdown, the character designs weren’t too bad. Combined, they make for some nice calendar art.

    Do have to agree that of the ones you posted, March looks the best.

  15. bluedrakon says:

    It is always fun getting gifts and then the gifts that keep giving more is even more awesome. Find November looks more to be an October with the flying witches, but I love the more comical artwork at times.

    I have seen Fate, but not the others. I will have to check them out (added to watch list)

  16. Blowfish says:

    Oh theres actually a second page hidden in this post? ^^;;
    Oh shoot! I wonder how much stuff ive missed in your other posts.

  17. lovelyduckie says:

    Love the images! Although I’m only familiar with the Type Moon characters. The only character I know from the other side is Al Azif.

    Although I say “I know” them, I only know them through the anime. That means I don’t understand them as well as I could. I’ve been meaning to play a visual novel game for ages.

  18. Lylibellule says:

    Wow! This calendar is marvelous! And the march illustration is for me the beautifulest!

  19. Yi says:

    @biotoxic: October is also one of my favorite scans. Dark Sakura + Dark Saber + Saya + Matsuryu are just too beautiful. ^ ^
    There are quite a few good Nitro+ visual novels and if you like yaoi, Nitro+ Chiral is awesome too. I highly recommend checking some of them out.

    @FaS: Sexy and classy indeed.

    @softz: Agreed about Nitroplus’s art style as well. I love them too. Anyways, these are really beautiful too.

    @shijima: I really like Rin too. ^ ^
    I’m not really that generous… I haven’t really given much to anyway and it’s always very surprising heartwarming to receive support from you and others. ^ ^
    Thank you so much, shijima!

  20. Yi says:

    @lightningsabre: Saber does appear in many of the scans. I guess she is just that popular. I haven’t played Jingai Makyo either. Thanks for letting me know who that is! ^ ^
    The scan that you linked is actually another page from the calendar. I just did not bother scanning it. In retrospect, I probably should have posted that first and trick people into thinking that this post is about a game.

    @Xine: I was really fortunate to have such a good friend. ^ ^
    Anyways, it is indeed a beautiful calendar.

    @zzeroparticle: I love any illustration by Eiwa, and I thought the March illustration is especially fresh and pretty. Glad we agree. ^ ^

    @bluedrakon: Yep yep. I thought that was a bit weird too in that November has a more Halloween feel. I liked the comical artwork too. ^ ^
    I thought Tsukihime is pretty good, as is Kara no Kyoukai. Phantom isn’t too bad either.

    @Blowfish: This is actually the first time I tried breaking a post up into pages. Notice the little 1 / 2 at the bottom. So you’re not missing much. ^ ^

  21. Yi says:

    @lovelyduckie: I would again recommend Saya no Uta. It’s a bit heavy and it’s really dark, so if that’s not your thing, maybe not.
    Anyways, the majority of characters I know only through the anime too. ^ ^

    @Lylibellule: Agreed. I love the march scan the most too!

  22. Reltair says:

    Damn, I’m so jealous. Nice calendar, so many Vs. Fate/stay night’s. =O

  23. blur says:

    Don’t mean to be picky. But any chance of higher resolution scans?

    Just thought I’d ask… Xp

  24. Shin says:

    Needs an actual fighter game that involves characters from various franchises.

  25. LEon says:

    That’s a good looking calendar. For type moon I like Fate stay night and Tsukihime. 🙂

  26. phossil says:

    The art in the calendar is awesome!!

  27. Yi says:

    @Reltair: Yea… I guess Fate/Stay Night is just that popular.

    @Blur: I do. I resized these images so the page would load faster. If you want higher quality raw scans, just email me. I think you have my email.

    @Shin: That would certainly be fun. I already which character I would use.

    @LEon: I liked those two a lot as well. ^ ^

    @phossil: Agreed.

  28. 2DT says:

    Being rather unfamiliar with Nitro+, these images look more to me like the Nasuverse characters duking it out with some kind of crazy parallel dimension invaders. But they are quite nice.

    Question: Does this mean that Tora no Ana, the store, produces calendars?

    • Yi says:

      @2DT: It does kind of seem like that, doesn’t it?
      I’m actually really unfamiliar with Nitro+ works relative to Type-Moon franchise, so that definitely rang true for several scans.
      For example, Nisieda – Vjedogonia (吸血殲鬼) vs. Tsukihime felt a lot like that.

      Anyways, I guess Tora no Ana does produce calendars. I always thought they were just a store… But the calendar is clearly copyrighted by Nitroplus, Type-Moon, AND Toranoana. It’s also branded on the cover.

  29. julianusginting says:

    actually i dont like cartoon..but i have read this posting, i think i will follow this story..hehehe…thx..

  30. Fabrice says:

    Nice review and great seeing those scans. Like that the calendar is not only a crossover between these two visual novel makers.
    I want that calendar and stuff! =/

    personally im edging towards nitro+ atm.

    • Yi says:

      @Fabrice: I want to be more of a Nitroplus fan too, but for me, Nitroplus is just much more inaccessible…
      Though overall, so far I have more knowledge of Type-Moon, but I did enjoy Nitroplus more.

  31. Sellers says:

    I’d have to say Nitro fairly blows Type-Moon out of the water. Cool calender.

  32. Wow Yi,

    I have to say that these pictures are amazing!!!!!!!!! They are just breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Katsura-chan says:

    Wow it’s a very unecxpected gift you received here. Lucky you 🙂
    And what a gift, wow it’s really sweet. Illustrations are amazing. I love Saber so my judgement is truncated.

    • Yi says:

      @Katsura-chan: I really loved it to. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least. Saber is a bit over-represented, but I love her too, so I don’t really mind.

  34. Kiyotaka Tsurugi says:

    honestly… “Nitro+ is filled with the dark and the crypitc.. ”
    ive had enough of hearing that.. Type Moons equally enigmatic… if not better, the presentation was far too capricious, I mean with Kinoko Nasus unique story sense and style of presentation..
    You guys should read the original Tsukihime Dojin visual novel ^_^.. I have NEVER been more flummoxed or had a more horrifying death experience in visual novels.. Fate Stay Night VN too.. the anime covers about 8% of the total content and not to mention the injustice done to the beautiful FATE route..

    Type moon had better heroines.. il tell you that : D.. Aozaki Aokos clearly a goddess!

    Im not saying Nitro+ is bad though.. I loved Saya loli or psycho Ein or bitchy Claudia.. and its true Chaos head was incredible.. but heres the verdict which I have come to after careful weighing..

    Type moon wins at quality.. EXTREMELY narrow margin though.. their stories are a BIT more dark, a LOT more variant, characters equally appealing.. but il give Kinoko Nasu a much higher score for presentation.. compared to Nitro+’s writers.. But I guess Nitro Plus wins at diversity.. ONE major drawback about Type Moon is, since its only got ONE creator.. plots and certain characteristics of people are carried over to other novels.. Sakura really does remind me of Kohaku.. and Rin reminds me of Akiha.. Fujinee reminds me of Arcueid lolol..

    Nitro+ wins hands down at quantity.. : | Type moon hardly have a handful of series under their wing..

    Verdict.. Nitro+ wins ^_^.. sorry guys!

    • Yi says:

      @Kiyotaka Tsurugi: Thanks for the long thoughtful dissection of the two companies. Personally, I haven’t come to a conclusion on which I think is better. Saya is one of the best things I have ever played, but I loved Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai as well. Canaan, Chaos Head, and others were all amazing as well. And each one has great characters.

      I don’t think I have played enough from both to know which I prefer.

      This post was about a calendar that features artworks of characters from Nitro+ and character from Type Moon in crossover fights. It was not an argument of either.

      I do want to thank you for the comment though. It gives an idea of the strong points of Type Moon. (I agree completely about the lovely heroines!)

  35. PORNWITPLOT says:

    They both rock but if I had to choose I would go with Nitro+ there style suits me better

    • Yi says:

      Hehe, I like both. I can’t choose one over the other because I haven’t played enough of either. Anyways, the calendar featuring crossovers is certainly nice though.

  36. Kiyotaka Tsurugi says:

    naante subarashi…. : )
    utsukushiku, kokoro ga attata-maru..
    September, both versions.. were my favourite from the lot.. my birthday is the 23rd of September..
    I was on my cell earlier.. the nets so lopsided, the pictures hadnt loaded.. I just noticed the topic and a few posts. sumenaai na : )

    I know its late in the year but I wish I had one of those

    • Kiyotaka Tsurugi says:

      though I must admit.. id pick TYPE-MOON now,
      Playing the Melty Blood anthology, I realise they are more than just a story : )

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. The September image is really pretty. I should really play more TYPE-MOON games. Most of my experiences with it has been through anime rather than the visual novels.

      • Kiyotaka Tsurugi says:

        me too actually.. atleast untill a year back or so.. the anime chops it off like a chainsaw on wax statues.. taking FATE for example.. the anime was 80% FATE, 15% Unlimited Blade Works and 5% Heavens Feel.. but only covered a piffling 35% of FATE.. (lol.. H-Scenes excused)

        Speaking of which, I really admire both companies for that part.. I cant think of ANYBODY whod make such a thrilling Eroge.. exposing characters to “NASTY” environments.
        Stunts like that are normally the end of a public figure’s respect.. it grabs them attention at the cost of respect.. YET I see absolutely NO decline nor do I intend to support the decline in character extol of N+ and T-M

        • Yi says:

          I admire both for that too. They’ve really carved out a niche in the industry, and are well respected for that.

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  38. vernaides says:

    Has anyone read Fate/Zero? It’s a tie-up between Type-Moon and Nitroplus. This awesome calendar looks like a by-product of this collaboration.

    I love both of these companies’ works. It’s not about which is better, it’s more like “the more the merrier”. ^_^
    I’d love to see more anime adaptations of their works in the future, esp. Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Aoko Aogami’s story), Gekkou no Carnevale, Saya no Uta (horror!).

    I find the mad concert of Akiha and Dr. West (with support from Kohaku, Hisui, and Elsa) quite amusing. My favorites, though, are the March, September, and October pictures.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Kiyotaka Tsurugi says:

      *aoZAKI >_<
      shes my favourite Tsukihime.. or rather TYPE-MOON character by a mile-shot as I mentioned earlier :D.. no, probably my favourite fictional character too, rivaled only by Galatea from Claymore

    • Yi says:

      I wasn’t aware Fate/Zero was a collaboration between the two. That’s kind of neat. And it goes back to the point that it’s all about “the more the merrier.”

      I’d really love to see Saya no Uta in anime (preferably non-hentai). Anime industry today could use a bit more darkness.

      Those three months are also my favorite. Just gorgeous!!

      Anyways, I’m not too familiar with Aozaki. 😦 I’m only vaguely aware of her existence from Tsukihime anime and from wiki.

      • Kiyotaka Tsurugi says:

        That should change soon : D, Mahoutsukai no yoru (Witch on the holy night) is upon us… it features her as the main character.. dont worry, its a non eroge Visual Novel. Shes childlike yet hosts a fearsome personality beyond fathoms that even the princess knows and fears her. Her appearances are always perfectly timed, shes a mysterious character, nobody ignores her with even little fact. yet describe her with such simplicity… as quoted by Sion Eltnam Atlasia in Melty Blood “She is London’s problem child”. Her personality’s beautiful if you ask me ^_^

        • Yi says:

          Oooh! Looking forward to it. She sounds like a pretty complicated and fascinating character. I’ll definitely keep this title in mind.

  39. afkeroge says:

    Two words:


  40. Bruce says:

    Do Want ! lol

    I have to agree about Saya no uta , it’s the best VN i have ever read so far . And i wish to read Demonbane too, hopefully they’ll finish translating it soon .

    For me F/SN is a great VN , mainly for the UBW route . but , the ending was disappointing for me .

    • Yi says:

      It’s a pretty nice calendar right? I love my friend.

      Saya no Uta was such an emotional and well written VN. It’s one of my favorites. As for F/SN… It’s nice too, but I still like Saya more.

      Thanks for visiting. ^ ^

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