Kureha and Oranges

Kureha figure photography Kotobukiya oranges

Kureha figure photography Kotobukiya oranges

Kureha figure photography Kotobukiya oranges

Kureha figure photography Kotobukiya oranges

Kureha figure photography Kotobukiya oranges

Kureha figure photography Kotobukiya oranges

Kureha figure photography Kotobukiya oranges

Kureha figure photography Kotobukiya oranges

Kureha figure photography Kotobukiya oranges

Kureha Touka
1/8 scale Pre-painted Kureha
Sculpted by Hiro

My roommate loves citrus fruits. When we first met, she gave me a lot of oranges as a move-in gift. It has been two months since then and I still have dozens left. The other day, I decided on a whim to take some photographs with Kureha.

This was my first attempt at figure photography. I do not have any background in photography nor a high caliber camera (I have a relatively dated digital camera most appropriate for Facebook and “hanging out” pictures…). Still, this was a really fun experience.

There were seriously a lot of oranges… After eating all the slices from the shoot, I just do not want to see another orange again for a long while. I still do not know what to do with the other thirty oranges.

Anyway, I now have a new profound respect for the extremely beautiful photographs posted by other bloggers.

I also got a Tsuki-board account: yihsieh

If you also have one, feel free to befriend me there too. ^ ^

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42 Responses to Kureha and Oranges

  1. Leonia says:

    This version is more dynamic than Max Factory adaptation (but the quality of M.F is better). I like this dynamism of this version ^^

  2. Yi: For your first attempt at figure photography, I have to say that you did an awesome job!!!!!!!! It just perfect, keep at it and you will do great!!!!!!!!!!

  3. shinra says:

    WoW…. The photos are really COOLLL!!! Color Effects of Orange n Oranges is really a great choice.

    My 1st attempt really sucked cause i use my phone instead of camera.
    [Its my 1st figure, K-on! Mio nendoroid, so totally no expirence on building it on my 1st try… swt…)

    BTW, if u want the best photoshoot on figures, the only person i can think of is defenately DannyChoo ( http://www.dannychoo.com/ ). I can say that he is the best example for u to try it, it works for me tho


    Oh, and about the oranges, hehe, try squeeze it to juices, u can save it in the fridge and finish up the oranges at the same time. An isseki ni chou(一石二鳥) plan. Or, U can just give it to your friends.

    [ I did that. Ppl just cant stop giving oranges to ppl on Chinese NewYear, swt, And I have 7 Large Boxes of It… *Sigh*]

  4. kluxorious says:

    the one with the knife is the best XD

  5. Ningyo says:

    Hoowow, you set the mood really well 😀
    Never knew Kureha would go well with oranges. I still don’t like Kureha because of what she did to Souma, but that’s another story.

    But well, I’ve an even crappier camera. Doesn’t tolerate any movement whatsoever, and can’t take a picture of anything unless you’re in the light of day. Hate it.

    And yeah, make orange juice. Always make orange juice. Nectar of the gods.

  6. Yi says:

    @Leonia: I liked her dynamic pose too!

    @Andrew: Thanks! I really appreciate the encouraging words.

    @shinra: Thanks for the tips! There are definitely a lot of really good figure photographers whom I really admire. I love looking at their photos and drawing inspiration from them.
    I think I might make orange juice then. It seems like the easiest way to get rid of them.

    @kluxorious: Thank. That took some effort to set up and I’m really glad you like it. ^ ^

    @Ningyo: I never finished the anime or the game actually… The anime is especially terrible. I just could not get into it.
    I am, however, a huge fan of Tony Taka… as is my mother. Kureha was actually a present from my mother.
    I’m definitely going to make some orange juice! ^ ^

  7. 2DT says:

    If you’re feeling adventurous, you could make citrus curd or orange marmalade.

    It makes a lovely gift, and mixed with some cream cheese it makes the most delicious spread for biscuits or toast… Well, orange juice is good too. 🙂

    Beautiful pictures.

  8. Sellers says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  9. enri says:

    Hey, nice photos!!
    Even though I have a good camera, I can’t seem to take pics that
    I would post for everyone to see 😦
    So keep on shooting ^^

  10. Smithy says:

    Wow, for you to claim you have an old camera and little experience this is one impressive photoshoot that shows talent or savvy/keen eye for photography! I’m impressed and jealous even! ^^

    The shooting angles and compositions are terrific, the whole color scheme and light play came out great, by using a theme with the oranges you really achieved a great result!

    Lovely figure of Kureha, looks very nice. Was never able to catch any of the figure releases of her which is a shame since her costume/outfit is stunning.

  11. lylibellule says:

    For a first series of photos, you did very well. Your imagination is good and the result is great. 😉
    I like it a lot. Congrat
    LoooL, you’re disgusted of oranges after ate that much. If you don’t know what to do with the others, you can send them to me 🙂

  12. moemoekyun says:

    wow nice I like the pose more than the max factory ver kinda weird pose
    *_* oranges oranges oranges *_*

  13. "G" says:

    nice shots of Kureha 🙂 and yea..there are a LOT of oranges.

  14. biotoxic says:

    Great photos and an awesome figure. I’ve yet to play the Shining Tears/Wind games, which I doubt I will get to. The anime was terrible though.

  15. softz says:

    So many oranges!!! Your first attempt?! The photos are awesome. I believe that I’ll see more from you, Yi, huh. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  16. Reltair says:

    Neat photos, good job!

    When I see all those orange slices, I think of unlimited blade works. :3

  17. dai1313 says:

    Wow, the oranges worked perfectly in the photo!

  18. Don’t turn into another figure blog :3

    But yeah, now that the New Year’s stuff is winding down, I’m in the same boat with having too many oranges and not really knowing what to do with ’em. Maybe the bums in and around campus might take a few :p

  19. chubbybots says:

    Wow can’t believe this is your first time into figure photography ^^ I loved the combination of colors! Goes very well with Kureha 😀 Now you have given me an idea for all those left over oranges!!

    Can’t wait for your next photography session 🙂

  20. alice m says:

    why orange

  21. Yi says:

    @2DT: Thanks a lot for the recipes. They’re simple enough that I think I can make something really good with them, especially the curd. Anyway, if that fails, I guess I’ll just make orange juice.

    @Sellers: ^ ^

    @enri: Thanks for the kind words. I won’t be doing these that often but I will be doing more in the future. It was a lot of fun!

    @Smithy: The photographs you posted on your blog have always been really inspirational, so I really appreciate the kind words. About the lighting… I definitely cheated a lot with Photoshop. The raws were very bad.
    Thank you so much for the compliments. I really appreciate them, especially from you.
    Anyway, Kureha is one of the few figures that I have and I have always loved the colors and the dynamic pose.

    @lylibellule: You’re one of those bloggers that I admire for your figure photography! I’m really glad that you enjoyed this and I will definitely try to do this again.
    Haha I would send those oranges, but I think some of them are about to go bad… 😦
    Again, thanks for the compliment. That really means a lot to me coming from you!

  22. Yi says:

    @moemoekyun: The Max Factory version isn’t bad either. I like this pose though.
    Oranges indeed… I’m a bit tired of eating them.

    @”G”: Thanks! I’ll bring some back sometime.

    @biotoxic: The anime is terrible. I wrote a review a long time ago. Never finished the anime and never played the game, but I do love Tony Taka.

    @softz: Thanks. Such encouraging words from a great photographer like you is really inspirational, so thank you.
    I’ll definitely do some more later!

    @Reltair: Thanks. The slices do remind me of that as well. ^ ^

  23. Yi says:

    @dai1313: Thanks. I thought the colors might work well, and I’m glad you liked them. ^ ^

    @zzeroparticle: Don’t worry. I don’t have enough figures nor enough skills to make this blog into a figure photography blog. There might be a few more posts in the future, but I do prefer writing posts with more content.
    Anyway, that’s a good point. I should bring them down to the homeless clinic.

    @chubbybots: Thanks for the encouraging words. I took a lot of time to set up the color combination, so I’m very glad you liked the colors.
    I’ll definitely try more figure photography in the future. ^ ^

    @mom: My roommate gave me a lot of oranges. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the Kureha. ^ ^

  24. lovelyduckie says:

    Nice creativity with the oranges. I’m really fond of this Kureha figure, I own this one and the Max Factory one and I think they’re both beautiful. This one has lovely flow/movement.

  25. rockleelotus says:

    lol a fun and filling photoshoot. thse shots are beautiful, i love how the colors work together ^^ the idea of having the sectioned oranges laid out like that looks so cool!
    hope you continue to do more figure photography. it is indeed a difficult task, but it looks like you have a great eye for composition and the creativity to match 😀

  26. Yi says:

    @lovelyduckie: Thanks! I like the Max Factory one as well. ^ ^

    @rockleelotus: I think I will do more figure photography in the future for sure. This was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with Kureha. ^ ^
    Thank you so much for the nice words! They’re really encouraging.

  27. Kairu says:

    Wow you did an awesome job for your first time! Kureha is a beautiful figure I am quite jealous ^^;

    I really love fruit and basket in the photos, awesome choice of colors!
    I am so jealous >.<

  28. softz says:

    You flattered me,Yi. I’m just an amateur photographer. Lots of things to learn.

  29. blur says:

    Lovely shots..!
    A great and matching idea, to couple oranges and Kureha.

    Don’t know if it’s weird to comment on this but your watermark looks great too. Lol!


  30. Yi says:

    @softz: I really do enjoy looking at all your photographs. ^ ^

    @blur: Thanks for the compliments. I still have a lot to learn about photography and it’s really great to hear encouraging words from an awesome cosplay photographer. ^ ^
    Anyway, watermark is just my signature.

  31. Katsura-chan says:

    My first impression was “how warmhearted”, i’m appeased 🙂
    These are beautiful photos so congratulations, photography is such an obscure world to me ha ha
    I hope somebody will offer tons of apples to you or bananas, i prefer those over oranges 😛

  32. Blowfish says:

    You dont need a fancy high-end camera to take some beautiful pictures.I know that I am far from beeing a great photgrapher but my camera is a cheap 90€ Nikon Point and Shoot Camera.

    I like your creativity thats apparent in the shots but I think that it was a lil bit too risky to put orange next to orange.A little more lighting might make this look alot different though.

    I hope to see some more pictures soon 😀

    oh and thanks for the friend request

  33. koyot3 says:

    that’s a good concept there 🙂
    Do you mind if I use the first image for on my blog? As an image or banner?

  34. Yi says:

    @Kairu: Oops… It seems my reply to your comment got accidentally deleted.
    Thanks for the compliments. Anyway, I thought Kureha’s colors worked well with the rest of the palette. I’m glad you enjoyed it. ^ ^

    @Katsura-chan: I actually don’t like oranges all that much. I prefer mandarins or something less messy, like apples and bananas. I hate getting the juice all over my hands.
    Anyway, thanks!

    @Blowfish: Thanks for the feedback. It’s a great point and I’ll try to have more contrast next time so that the figure stands out more.

    @koyot3: Thanks. I don’t mind at all. Feel free to use anything. ^ ^
    I’m really flattered and I’m really happy that you liked the photographs!

  35. Oooh wow! Beautiful shots! Her colour really matches oranges! You were very meticulous with the orange slices shots there. They look great! Your roommate doesn’t help you to finish the oranges? ^^;

    And in reference to your reply to Ningyo, the anime to Shining Wind/Tears really did look terrible. I am still trying to watch it for the sake of Xecty, but it’s difficult when the anime is bad.

  36. Xine says:

    Nice pictures. I love the concept and the bright summer-y hues. ^^
    Great job!

  37. phossil says:

    hehe, this is why I like oranges. cool pictures and really good composition. ^^

  38. Lylibellule says:

    @Yi : Thanks, i’m deeply touched. 🙂

  39. blur says:

    Awww.. Shucks!
    Thanks but, I’m overrated. Seriously… :p
    Although, now I’m all pumped up about improving my figure shots which always look so dull. Lol.

    Looking forward to your future works.

  40. Yi says:

    @lightningsabre: My roommate gave me those oranges because she had a lot for herself. Our room smells very strongly of citrus…
    Anyway, thank you for the compliments! I think I was partly very motivated to try out figure photography because of all those wonderful Saber Lily comics. So thanks. ^ ^
    Anyway, about Shining Tears anime… I wrote a “review” about it a while back. https://listlessink.wordpress.com/2008/04/11/shining-tears/
    Although all I did was pretty much say how bad I thought it was.

    @Xine: Thank you so much for the nice words. I had a lot of fun doing them.

    @phossil: Thanks. That was really encouraging coming from a photographer like you. ^ ^

    @Lyli + blur: I really do love your photographs a lot. ^ ^

  41. Ah thank you! I didn’t think my comics would have that kind of impact ^^ Likewise your pictures with the oranges makes me want to do better when I do static figure shots now! I seldom do anything interesting with my figure shots ^^;

    Heheh, guess you won’t need air freshener for a while, then XD

  42. Yi says:

    @lightningsabre: I love the Saber Lily comics! They’re funny. ^ ^

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