Help Me With My Anime Backlog!!!

Being an indecisive person, I often find myself wasting a lot of time simply because I can not make up my mind. I constantly start new series before finishing/ catching up with what I am currently watching. I drop shows on a whim only to pick it up arbitrarily for two more episodes four weeks later. I begin marathons and cut them short 3/4 of the way. Therefore, I want to finish some stuff first so I can gradually decrease the size of my massive to-watch list.

Here are the anime I am currently watching. I am also watching some other series, but these are the ones I really need to either catch up on or finish.

Aldora Irma Queen's Blade Reina
Amazing plot and character developments make Queen’s Blade more than tolerable despite the blatant fanservice.
Edit: I have finished watching both seasons.

Misaka Mikoto Shirai Kuroko To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun… Kuroko, yuri, and superpowers. Enough said.
Edit: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is every bit as amazing as I had hoped for.

alphard calendar canaan takeuchi takashi type moon
Canaan has unbelievably sexy girls and strong yuri implications.
Edit: Love the Canaan x Maria yuri, Alphard, and Hakko.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ushiromiya Ange
I honestly do not know why I stopped watching Umineko no Naku Koro ni, but I would like to start on it again.

El Cazador de la Bruja Nadie wallpaper
After Noir and Madlax, Yuki Kajiura does it again with El Cazador de la Bruja. Further, like the two precursors, this anime again features girls with guns and yuri.

Kimi ni Todoke Kuronuma Sawako Kurumisawa Ume Shiina Karuho
Kimi ni Todoke is a delicate drama that shows inner beauty really counts.

As for visual novels, I have quite a few lined up as well…

Aoi Shiro Osanai Shouko yuri
Aoi Shiro

Katahane yuri Christina Dorn Efa Fue

Hanabira 6 Yuuna Nanami yuri

As a busy college student desperately trying to get my act together before graduating in mere three months, I have a really hard time juggling school, a graveyard shift job, activities, and anime. There are a lot of items I would love to get to, but it is so difficult to prioritize. This is a problem I am sure most of you face as well. So please help me decide on what to get to first!

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54 Responses to Help Me With My Anime Backlog!!!

  1. LilSeebs says:

    I would recommend Kimi ni todoke :3

  2. Baka-Raptor says:

    1. Canaan (short & sweet)
    2. Queen’s Blade (“despite” the blatant fanservice? Perhaps you meant “in addition to” the blatant fanservice.)
    3. Railgun (haven’t seen it)
    4. Umineko (I love it, but it’s not a bad show to have backlogged. The longer you wait, the closer it’ll be to Season 2.)
    5. El Cazador de la Bruja (too much filler)

  3. Canaan first, for sure. It’s one of the most impressive girls with guns I’ve ever seen. The animation, the characters and the fight scenes are awesome. Then, El Cazador! But it does have alot of filler. But when you have such cute characters, filllers aren’t really a bad thing.
    About the others… I tried to watch Railgun. Didn’t get past fourth episode, but Umineko seems to be pretty cool

  4. Sellers says:

    I agree with the consensus thus far. Canaan’s really pretty good. Anime-wise, see that first.

    I saw the first few Umeniko, but really kinda abruptly stopped, for reasons that I myself do not understand. I guess it’s a common condition. I found it pretty good, albeit less interesting that Higurashi. Of the Anime, I’d recommend it second.

    I also saw the first several episodes of Railgun. It was cute, but didn’t really seem that…engaging? Nice idle thing to view, I suppose.

    I honestly couldn’t bring myself to finish the first episodes of neither Queen’s Blade nor El Cazador. Not for the same reason.

    I’ve never even heard of Kimi.

    Aoishiro is good. Yasumi’s route is great, and the others are strongly solid. It can take a while, though.

    The Hanabiras vary a bit between each one, so I’m unsure on how to recommend where I’d order it. The Yuri is a lot more direct here than Aoishiro, of course. Furthermore, they’re all really pretty short.

    Never played Katahane, but it’s supposed to be decent.

    In Short, my lack of knowledge of many of these media hampers my ability to rate them effectively. However, I’d recommend Canaan, Aoishiro, and the Hanabiras. Umineko probably deserves a slot somewhere in there, too. Hope this helps, and thanks for the, frankly, interesting post.

    P.S. Since you gave me an opening, why have I never heard of this anywhere before? Maybe the score is accurate?

  5. rockleelotus says:

    the only one ive seen thru all the way on this list was Cannan, so it has my vote ^^ stopped half way with Queens Blade and Railgun. the others i havent heard of… sorry not much help ^^;;

  6. Reltair says:

    Railgun! Biri biri~

  7. shijima says:

    Hehe, I tend to do the same thing, and with videogames too.
    Hmm…the only series I’ve finished on your list is Umineko, but I’d recommend the visual novel over the anime. =)
    It really doesn’t have much yuri but the story is most excellent.

  8. Ningyo says:

    Gogo Canaan! I’m strictly pro-Kinoko Nasu ^^
    Really, I’m not too sure about these series. All I can say is I was never for Queen’s Blade…
    You’ve got it tough Yi, college + night-shift + pre-graduation direction contemplation. I actually find it a miracle you can make time for anime… I only can now because school in canada is so damn easy :p

    I’ve got decision making problems really often too, and I think indecision is something that is displayed by everybody. Though, I don’t get hung up for long, because if I can’t decide immediately I usually go straight for the first choice (1st on the list, 1st I looked at, etc etc). I hate stopping halfway in a series, after all.

    Those are some strangeass related posts…

  9. kluxorious says:

    I can’t help you out on this one, Yi. I mean… have you seen my backlog? *cries*

  10. 2DT says:

    I personally prefer Railgun, but Canaan is finished. You can blow through it in an evening.

  11. Yi says:

    @LilSeebs: I’m 6 episodes in and really enjoying it. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Baka-Raptor: Wow, thanks for the breakdown. Season two of QB really turned up the fanservice (by a little too much). I think I will keep Umineko on the queue for a little longer then. Thanks.

    @GITS: That’s two votes for Canaan. It’s amazing from what I’ve seen so far, so I will probably watch that per suggestion. Thank you.

    @Sellers: I don’t remember why I sort of just dropped Umineko either. I’ve already started Katahane actually (before I started this post). It is decent, but it seems that there are hetero routes in addition to yuri routes. Hanabira is definitely always on my mind though; I’m just hoping I could wait just a little longer for some translations.
    Anyways, I’ve never heard of Tenshitsuki no Shoujo either, and it seems like something I would love. Yuri + girls with guns. Thanks for brining it to my attention.

    @rockleelotus: Yet another vote for Canaan. It looks like Canaan is going to be the one.
    Thanks. ^ ^

  12. Yi says:

    @Reltair: Definitely will consider it. Will probably watch this after Canaan. Thanks for the vote.

    @shijima: I should try playing all the Umineko/ Higurashi visual novels. I’ve heard so many good things about them

    @Ningyo: One more for Canaan.
    I have a direction for post-graduation (though not necessarily completely 100% with that), but there are a lot of stuff I need to do first. I think my last semester has all the sudden turned pretty busy, especially with the graveyard shift job… Still, I somehow manage to find time for anime.
    I should do what you do when faced with a decision.
    Also, agreed on the related post…

    @kluxorious: Yep yep. Mine pales in comparison to yours. Good luck on getting through it. ^ ^

    @2DT: Canaan and Railgun seems to be getting the most votes, so I’ll probably do that then. Thanks.

  13. Katsura-chan says:

    I’m in the same situation :/ I have about 15 shows i have to continue / finish and it keeps rising up.
    And now that i have my own blog it became harder to finish all the stuffs i watch.
    Let’s not speak about video games because it’s even more alarming.
    In this list i’m currently watching Queen’s Blade and Kimi ni Todoke. Never heard about the others but maybe i shouldn’t get involved with them or i’ll be really screwed lol

  14. Canne says:

    Suddenly I’m alone here. Well, I’m against Canaan except you really need a quick high dose of yuri-ness. I think the anime is a dazzling fire works but carries no substance…wait…I’ve realized I’m still working on Canaan’s review…got to finish that soon 🙂

  15. Shinra says:

    Railgun & Canaan…. Finish Canaan while watching Railgun in the mean time… U will slowly catch up till the latest of Railgun soon, so theres no need to watch it from ep 1 till…. HECK ep 24/26?? XD

    (add so non yuri’s if ya want to, like Umineko & Kimi ni Todoke)
    {my opinion: leave El Cazador as the last, new then old}

    Unless U wanna watch ongoing n old ones at the same time like me.
    Tips: Use KeyHole TV for LIVE airing animes…. like me. (shorten the amounts of unwatched animes)

    As for Visual Novel Yuri games, I think u should start of with Hanabira n Aoi Shiro.
    Hanabira is a very short game….. and i mean REALLLL SHORT.
    It just took me half day and I already finished 3 hanabira series ^^
    Aoi Shiro is long… 1 short +1 long=2 games finished

    Hahaha!!! Clever eh?
    Hope my opinion helps, best luck on watching/playing all…

  16. lylibellule says:

    I’m misplaced to conseil you on your animes choices to finish since i can’t manage to watch some myself.
    Those i saw were Canaan and Queen’s Blade and so, it’s the only 2 i can recommend.

  17. Smithy says:

    Haven’t watched all of those series.

    “Canaan” was nice but personally found the ending rather lackluster and not much for decent plot evolution.

    Am following “To Aru Kagaku No Railgun” and tremendously enjoying it, good mix of comedy, lighthearted episodes, action and more sinister plot underneath.

  18. Sellers says:

    Hmm. Well, first, I’m glad I could help inform you. I’m decidedly less glad that you have no idea what it is either, but that’s a survivable wound. Plus, I managed to ADD to your list, in a post where you asking for help streamlining it. I guess I’m an evil genius (MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA…haha?)

    I understand your desire to wait for Hanabira translations. Of course, you managed to artfully dodge exactly which hanabira you were talking about. Regardless, a bit of patience will probably be rewarded. Katahane’s translation won’t be for a while, if ever. Which is a shame.

    Oh, I did manage to find the Hanabira 2 Translations, over at Wings of Yuri, that you mentioned.
    Starting here:
    and continuing to the 7th page of comments. It’s honestly a bit of a bloody mess.

  19. CtrlAltDel says:

    For anime, I’d probably vote for Canaan and Railgun. Canaan’s got the sexy girls with guns, and Railgun has a cute yuri molester and kickass superpowers.

    As for visual novels, Aoi Shiro is an excellent game. It has a great plot–all of its routes do, and it’s worth spending the time to play. It’s got some surprising and refreshing twists to the storyline. Plus, shijima did an awesome job of translating it.

    And omg, you’re a guy? ;o

  20. Yi says:

    @Katsura-chan: Yea. Blogging takes so much time and I already have limited free time. Luckily, this season does not excite me so much so I only have a few more to add. Perhaps even more fortunately, I don’t play video games. ^ ^
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    @Canne: Looking forward to Canaan’s review. I guess it’s not going to be rated very high for you.

    @Shinra: Good idea. Thanks. I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Canaan, Railgun/ Queen’s Blade, KimiTodo, Umineko, then finally El Cazador.
    Anyway, this really did help a lot. Thanks.

    @lylibellule: Thanks for suggestion. Canaan, QB, and Railgun are what I’m going to try to finish first.

    @Smithy: I saw a few episodes of Railgun, and so far, I’m really loving it. It’s exactly as you described. ^ ^

    @Sellers: Yea… Keep adding more to Visual Novels. I haven’t even mentioned that I need to play Planetarian and Amaranto, and possibly Umineko and Chaos Head.
    Katahane’s translation is actually out in Chinese, so I’m playing with that.
    By the way, the only two Hanabiras I haven’t gotten to are 6 and 7. Those should go really fast with some sort of translation, and a bit slower without (some Japanese + translator).
    Hanabira 2 translations are all over the place, but I’m glad someone’s doing it.

    @CtrlAltDel: Yep Yep. Loving Kuroko a lot! I think I will probably move Aoi Shiro up. Shijima did do an amazing job translating it.

    “And omg, you’re a guy? ;o”

    I assume you’re referring to this.
    “As just another busy college student desperately trying to get HIS act together before graduating in mere three months”

    That’s just a remnant of my education in writing, where the outdated standard is using the male pronoun for nonspecific and general statements. I should really watch out for those…
    It’s a mistake in writing style. Anyway, fixed. ^ ^

  21. phossil says:

    Go with Canaan and then move to Queens Blade ~_~

  22. glothelegend says:

    Queen’s Blade
    Railgun (which I still have to start)
    Kimi no Todoke (another I want to start)

    That’s all I can actually say I would do. I’m in the process of watching El Cazador de la Bruja, and I’ll tell you that in the beginning/middle (episode 7) it gets rather boring and filler laden. Umineko was awesome in my opinion. I watched the whole thing in a day.

  23. moemoekyun says:

    From your list I watched them all but only one eps >_>
    only 2 finished canaan and Queen’s Blade

  24. bluedrakon says:

    Stop everything and concentrate on your studies. These are the most important times in your life and to waste it on this hogwash is simply ridiculous! – the adults.

    LOL – not that this is out of the way – I would keep with Canaan, though I have a fondness for El Cazador de la Bruja. If you need fan service, then take a look at Queen’s Blade every so often.

    It is hard trying to keep everything active as I have a laundry list as well of shows to watch. I keep starting and stopping as well. Sometimes I just pick a night that I need a break and just start watching them again.

  25. Yi says:

    @phossil: Will do Canaan first. Thanks for the suggestion. ^ ^

    @glothelegend: Umineko is interesting. I really should pick that up again after the Canaan, QB, and Railgun. I guess the consensus is to keep backlogging El Cazador. Thanks.

    @moemoekyun: Are you planning on finishing the other ones?
    Anyways, those two are quite popular, especially Canaan.

    @bluedrakon: Haha. Forget the adults!
    Canaan it is. It really is hard to keep up with all the good shows. ^ ^

  26. Sellers says:

    Uh, Sorry…. tell me if Katahane is any good, alright?

    By the way, that is probably the funniest fcking thing I’ve heard in a while. You want any help in…umm…correcting the gender of your posts?

  27. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Haha, I don’t think you understood me.
    For decades, when someone writes something, HE typically uses the male pronoun for a general nonspecific thing.
    Nowadays, some prefer to use he or she, or s/he. I think that’s just bulky and awkward. I prefer to simply avoid having to write those sentences at all. So I usually try to be careful in my writing to avoid any gender bias.
    If anything, I would use the female gender to make up for the decades of male bias in literature.
    And no, I’m not a hardcore feminist.

    Anyway, so far I’m really liking Katahane. The art style is really cute but it seems like there might be several heterosexual storylines… We’ll see how that goes.

  28. Akira says:

    I feel for you. Actually I think we’re in the same position, both college wise and anime wise 🙂 The funny thing is that the list that you just posted up there, your list is almost exactly the same as mine XD except for Kimi ni todoke (never heard of it) and some other anime (Sasameki koto, Koihime Musou) that are not on your list. So I can’t really give you much opinion on which to watch first, we’re on the same anime/manga/game boat that never fills up.

    To make you feel better about your work load, I’ll tell you that for almost a month, I haven’t been to any shopping malls!

  29. Kiwisu says:

    Sooo. Non-yuri is Kimi ni Todoke? Looks cute.

  30. Sellers says:

    Pshaha. I totally misinterpreted you. Like miles off. And, when one is speaking about general, unspecified things, they may use “they”. Even though it’s typically a plural. One may also use the pronoun “one” …even though that’s a bit redundant.

    Do hardcore feminist listen to heavy feminist metal? (This lame joke is an attempt to reduce the overall harshness of the rest of my post. If you think I’m coming off like a jackass, you can least write me off as an idiot).

    I’m not about to categorize you as anything, Yi, much less a feminist. But if were to classify you as a feminist, I wouldn’t deem it a particularly insulting categorization. I’m amused, and, well, bemused that you figured you had to place that “I’m not a hardcore feminist” line, to be honest.

    I applaud your attempt to make up for a history of male bias. Maybe it’ll do a bit of good.

    That’s about it, I think. If you could keep us posted about Katahane, I think I wouldn’t be the only one to appreciate it.

  31. Yi says:

    @Akira: Kimi ni Todoke is a sappy non-yuri drama, so it’s a bit different from what I usually watch. I like it though.
    As for Sasameki Koto, I’m putting that in indefinite limbo because I’ve already read the manga. Koihime Musou… I dropped it. I can’t really stand such distortions of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
    But I can really relate to that feeling of never catching up.
    Well, good luck with college and other stuff. ^ ^

    @Kiwisu: Yep. KimiTodo is non-yuri and it’s really cute.

    @Sellers: My original comment (before the edit) was definitely really confusing though and I can totally see the ridiculousness of it, so you’re not too far off. Rather, I think I was the one off my own intended meaning.
    That feminist line was a little joke to lighten the mood. I believe in feminist ideals, but I don’t fit the stereotype that generally comes with that label.
    Anyways, don’t worry about being harsh. I’m used to it and I honestly really enjoy your comments. ^ ^
    It keeps me in check and forces me to really rewrite stuff. I also really appreciate a difference in opinion or a challenge to my posts. So thank you for that.

    I will definitely write a review of Katahane soon!

  32. Shin says:

    Kimi ni Todoke; Mostly ambivalent about the rest. Queen’s Blade is shit, don’t let Baka-Raptor fool you!

  33. Yi says:

    @Shin: Haha. Is it the lack of loli and over presence of breasts in QB?

  34. Misu says:

    Kimi ni Todoke. I just got caught up on it today, 12-15 went by soooo fast.

  35. Depends on what you’re looking for. Given your scarcity of time, I’d recommend picking a priority type of series and going with that. In general I would recommend Kimi ni Todoke out of the group, with Railgun second and Canaan third.

    If you want great shoujo with a surprisingly strong protagonist, excellent victories over the enemies of true love and friendship, and lots of beautiful scenery p0rn then go with Kimi ni Todoke.

    If you want a mix of about 2/3 humor and friendships/yuri, with 1/3 action, go with Railgun. It’s infinitely better than the Index show which spawned it.

    Canaan would be the pure action choice. While it’s not the best action show I’ve ever seen, it did have some very memorable scenes and characters.

  36. Yi says:

    @Misu: I am still on episode 6 for KimiTodo. Honestly, I kind of stopped it for a while simply due to being so busy, and by the time I realized it, I have picked up all these other series.

    @Executive Otaku: Thanks for the really helpful breakdown!
    Scenery p0rn sounds pretty good. Now I’m torn between catching up on KimiTodo first or Railgun first. I’m leaning towards Railgun though.

    My indecision will be the end of me.

  37. Akira says:

    hahaha, yea i am reading the manga too, so that’s why Sasameki Koto is further down on my list. about Koihime Musou, I only watch it because of entertainment and yuri element. you can’t stand Romance of the Three Kingdoms being trashed around XD? but you can just watch the OVA, it’s only one episode, it doesn’t have anything relating to the plot, and it’s quite entertaining ^^

  38. Anonymous says:

    1. Canaan (just because it is girls with guns)
    2. Railgun (just because it is Kuroko)
    3. Umineko (just because Ange has a killer ninja kick)

  39. Yi says:

    @Akira: I think I will check out Koihime Musou OVA when I need a quick fix of yuri. I don’t want to bother with the series though.

    @Anonymous: We think alike. ^ ^

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  41. softz says:

    Hey Yi,

    Firstly, thank you for visiting my humble blog.

    You sure do have lots of thing to do (juggling studies and graveyard shift and anime)! Gosh, where do you find the time 🙂

    I’d recommend Canaan probably. As for Queen’s Blade, I’ve not finished watching either. It seems quite lengthy (I’m not sure), am I wrong?

  42. Yi says:

    @softz: No, thank you for visiting.
    Canaan is first on my list now, and at the time I wrote this post, I was already done with the first season of QB, so it’s not too long for me.
    Anyway… Trying to do all this stuff is pretty tiring sometimes. 😦

  43. lovelyduckie says:

    Umineko no Naku Koro ni and Kimi no Todoke are ones I want to look into

  44. Yi says:

    @lovelyduckie: Haha. In the end, everyone gave me different opinions. At least I know what not to watch though… El Cazador.
    Thanks. I’ll probably try to catch up on KimiTodo and Railgun soon.

  45. Optic says:

    I’m so behind right now, I think I need to make a list like urs. xD

    Just started continuing FMA: Brotherhood tonight.
    Railgun needs catching up as well and since I’m behind, I doubt I will make a start any series from this season.
    Sadly, my marathon days are like over. I can’t seem to watch anymore than 5 ep. in a day. I guess the more anime I watch in a day, it quickly bores me out regardless of the storyline or I’m just getting old for this anymore. 😦

  46. Yi says:

    @Optic: I feel the same way. I just can’t marathon very well anymore nor can I run through that many episodes in one day. It also doesn’t help that I have a pretty busy schedule. 😦

  47. Ha says:

    “Amazing plot and character developments”?
    Are you really talking about Queen’s Blade? If so, you’re definitely an idiot. I’m not trying to offend or mock you, but since you criticize classic anime and yet watch this kind of sh*t (based on your overral list, not just Queen’s Blade), it’s the best definition for someone with such superficial line of thought.

  48. Yi says:

    @Ha: First of all, calling me an idiot without backing it up and claiming not trying to offend do not work well together. It just sounds like an insult. Further, judging someone based on personal tastes does not show that I’m superficial; rather it shows that you are narrow-minded.
    Moreover, I do not think you have watched Queen’s Blade. You might have seen scans, screenshots, other reviews… etc. To be so critical without sitting completely through it, your opinion will matter less to others. Character development and plot is not something you can judge by merely looking at previews. That said, if you have seen and came to that conclusion, then good for you. You might want to check out my own posts on why I think it’s a great anime and respond to that. Maybe you can even persuade me to reevaluate my thoughts on QB.
    Now, about the personal attacks. I would like to defend myself a bit. I do not think you have read enough of my posts or even know at all what my tastes are. I think you came to this site, read one line, and superficially judged my whole character. I also think that that’s simply not a good way to go.
    Moreover, you bring up that I criticize classic anime. I don’t think I have done that on this site, which is a further testament to your jumping to conclusions. Even if I did criticize an anime you liked, unlike you, I do not criticize fans for their tastes. That’s just distasteful.
    However, you are someone with a superficial line of thought. You look down on people who disagree with your own preferences without understanding why something might be good and without exploring possible reasons something may be enjoyable. You can not see past the obvious to find gems. In short, you judge books by their covers, and that is being shallow.
    Lastly, you are immature for calling names. I have no problem being called an idiot as long as my idiocy is demonstrated and explained well. You do neither. And saying that you do not intend to offend is not only a lie, but a rather shallow move.

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  50. phro says:

    how is Katahane? And do you have any idea if there is a group or someone working on an english patch and translation for the game? If so, can you tell me who is working on it and where to find it (english patch and translation).

    • Yi says:

      @phro: Katahane is pretty decent so far. Compared to Hanabira, it’s a lot more story/ plot driven, so things feel a bit slower. I had to click through walls of text before I feel like anything happened. I guess that’s kind of why I’ve kind of put it on hold. However, the flip side is that the story is great. It has an amazing premise and it looks to have a very promising strong plot. The characters are well developed and lovely. Also, the art is just adorable. It’s really one of the cutest visual novels I’ve seen.

      As of right now, I don’t think anyone is translating it or working on it. I’m also not quite sure where to find it. The usual suspects, nihonmaru and hongfire, might have it, but I’m not certain. Good luck and I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  51. phro says:

    I actually have the game, but I can only understand a few words of japanese, and I am not able to read any japanese. All I know so far about the game is that I like the music in the beginning rofl.

    • Yi says:

      @phro: I like the music too and I love the opening sequence! Hopefully, this game would eventually be translated by some group. The likelihood is actually relatively high.

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