Queen’s Blade ~Rurou no Senshi~

Menace Nanael Reina Queen's Blade Eiwa

A while ago I finished Queen’s Blade Rurou no Senshi. Queen’s Blade is a bold and sensual anime set in a fantasy world. In searching for her own independence and growth, Reina leaves her prestigious heritage to participate in Queen’s Blade, a competition held every four years to determine the queen of all lands. Through her adventures, she soon becomes the center of Queen’s Blade and many’s attention.

Listy Reina Queen's Blade Eiwa

There is no doubt that this focuses much more on servicing fans with oppai and pantsu than any other aspect. In every battle, the first damage is always to the chest plate or the dress of these scantily clad female warriors. In particular, Queen’s Blade pays a lot of attention to breasts, which is fine with me (although I am more of a legs person). In fact, even the nipples are not censored with objects or fog as they usually are. It was definitely rather hard for me to digest at first, but I easily got past this. The yuri certainly helps!

Perhaps I am behind on the times, but this anime had the most fan service among the series I have seen. The level of ecchi borderlines that of an h-anime.

Claudette Elina Reina yuri Queen's Blade

Queen’s Blade has gotten a lot of ridicule and praise for this. Before watching the series, I had a prejudice against something so ecchi. I had thought I was above this kind of blatant mindless display. However, out of curiosity, I watched a single episode. Since then, I just could not stop.

Claudette Elina Reina Queen's Blade Miyazawa Tsutomu

The pacing, the story, the action, and the character development of Queen’s Blade are very well written. Watching Reina’s progress and her interactions with various personalities is just amazing. Further, there is a real depth to the characters. Claudette and Echidna especially come to mind; their motivations and relationship with Reina is just fantastic. Most of the other women are also extremely well developed, both in in their character and their physique.

Moreover, the characters designs are rather erotic and gorgeous. Some are voluptuous; others demure; there is even a loli. But all the women have a really refined luscious sexiness to them.

Queen's Blade Shizuka Tomoe Eiwa
I love Tomoe. The pairing between a shrine maiden and the also stunning demonic ninja, Shizuka, is just excellent design.

Queen's Blade Tomoe miko Eiwa

Queen's Blade Ymir Dwarf Princess
The loli Ymir wielding a huge axe. I like her a lot as well.

Queen's Blade Airi maid Melona Menace Miyazawa Tsutomu
I think Menace is one of the hottest girl.

Queen's Blade Airi Takamura Kazuhiro
Gothic maid always gets me. Airi is yet another super cute girl, something Queen’s Blade is definitely not lacking.

I did really enjoy Queen’s Blade. It is not mere fan service. It is not even just stupid trashy fun. More than those, Queen’s Blade is an anime with real depth, powerful characters, and intense development. I cannot wait to start watching the next season.

My impressions on the the second season, Queen’s Blade ~Gyokuza no Tsugumono~

More anime and manga reviews.

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53 Responses to Queen’s Blade ~Rurou no Senshi~

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  2. Canne says:

    Um, I must admit that I also have some prejudice towards this kind of anime as well. For a while now, I heard quite lots of admiration for QB so I think I’ll give it a shot soon. This maybe the kind of entertainment I need right now.
    hehehe, I never knew you are leg person 😉

  3. Persocom says:

    hey nice review ^^ I just did one last week about it myself 😛 It’s good to see more people giving QB the praise it deserves

  4. glothelegend says:

    Queen’s Blade was absolutely awesome. I agree with you that the writing was pretty good. At first I thought it sucked, but as the series went along, I felt that the writing just got better and better. I like to make fun of Queen’s Blade, but it was actually a good anime.

  5. Katsura-chan says:

    That’s a huge subject you decided to review here.
    I tried a first time but dropped watching after the episode featuring menace. I don’t know exactly why but i got disappointed by this episode.
    After few weeks i decided to try again and finally managed to finish it. I kind of agree with your analysis especially for Tomoe.
    Probably the girl i like the most ^^

  6. Guy says:

    So, which one is Reina? 😛

    Also, how much focus is there actually on her, is she truly the star of the show?

  7. sora says:

    cleopatra -queen’s blade

  8. Baka-Raptor says:

    The next season is even better. That reminds me, I gotta write a review. Check back in 6-8 weeks.

  9. Yi says:

    @Canne: Despite the kind of images I tend to use for my posts, my favorite anime have all been the more subtle, less fan servicey, and for a lack of a better term, “classier” anime. There, I definitely looked down on this series at first. Needless to say, I was very surprised by how it grabbed my attention.
    Legs >>> chest. ^ ^

    @Persocom: Thanks! I will certainly check out your review. More people do need to give this a chance.

    @glothelegend: There is a lot to make fun of for sure. The fan service does get somewhat ridiculous at times. However, the intense writing is absolutely grabbing and is something that we all need to give Queen’s Blade deserving credit for.

    @Katsura-chan: Tomoe is also probably the girl I like the most. Probably because she is the least revealing of all. I don’t really know why, but I actually really liked Menace.

    @Guy: Reina is the blonde in the first three pictures. The series is very much focused on her.

    @sora: Ok… ^ ^

    @Baka-Raptor: Glad to hear that second season is even better! Looking forward to checking out your review.

  10. Ningyo says:

    Ah, queen’s blade… I’m still too ‘prejudiced’ to watch it, since usually blatant fanservice elicits my RAAAGGEEEEee, but I did take a liking into menace at some point. Kinda ironic, but muh.

    I’m still unsure if I should watch it. I’d love a good, relatively deep plot any day, but having this much service makes it seem like a very jarring mix.
    Well, maybe when the January dust settles.

  11. Sellers says:

    Eh? I’m surprised to be honest. I attempted to watch the first episode, but stopped pretty soon after the pink-boob-fluid attack. Hmm. I have my doubts, Yi.

  12. kluxorious says:

    if this has gore and bloodfest and carnage, I might have give it a go despite the ecchi

  13. rockleelotus says:

    i never got through the first season XD the first few ep were kinda hard to sit through even if it was packed with lovelies! i am shocked at myself lol but im halfway through the second season and finding it way better :3

    i might give the first season another try after i finished the second lol

  14. I tried to watch it. I found it to be ridiculous and stopped in the fourth or fifith episode, because I was following when it aired, so I couldn’t watch it all at once and ended up dropping it. From the episodes I watched, I coudn’t really say it had a good story or characters, it seemed to me just plain fanservice; but I’ve always wanted to continue this series, even the second season; and now after I read your review I’ll give it another try right away.

    I’ll just download it now! I’m running out of things to post on my site anyway, so I might aswell watch it all from the beginning and comment the episodes haha

    B00b’s Blade sure brings alot of traffic, so it’s a win/win situation, I guess 😀

  15. shijima says:

    Yah, the first episode was too fanservicy for me so I didn’t get past that.
    (Much like Strike Witches was too much for me.)
    Hmm…a game came out recently.
    I wonder if it’s any good. :p

  16. Smithy says:

    Glad to see you enjoyed “Queen’s Blade”. ^^

    To be honest the series was often far too explicit with its nudity and fanservice which when looking back actually wasn’t necessary although it is what the franchise is built on and for, to show scantily clad maidens battle it out.

    If you enjoyed the first season for the characters and story, you’ll adore the second season because the first season really only serves to set everything up for the main event, the Queen’s Blade tournament where all the girls will duke it out to become the new queen. After introducing the characters and their basic past in the first season, the second season goes in deeper in most characters’ motivation and shows real evolution for most. Plus the plot really thickens in the second season, much is up with the tournament and queen Aldra pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    Definitely try the second, I’m sure you’ll like it.

    Kind of a shame they didn’t make Queen’s Blade more serious, cutting down on the explicit scenes and focusing on the fantasy plot, would have made it a great show.

  17. Akira says:

    Ah I’m finally back! Sorry Yi for not posting/visiting your blog for so long ever since the Christmas holidays hit. Hope you still remember me. Been super busy with exams, families, holidays, and the first week back at school. But it feels so good to be back and to see your blog. Got to catch up with all the yuri/anime news.

    Queen’s Blade huh? I have already finished the first season, and I’m almost finished with the second season. And I do agree that the second season is better, since it is actually going somewhere and a lot of action and character development takes place too. And the best part is that my favorite character, sexy gothic maid Airi, gets more screen time, and she even has a small side story. (Don’t want to spoil you, so I’ll just stop there)

    There is A LOT of fan service available for otakus, and even more in the second season. I was actually quite shocked at the level of fan service they added to the second season when I watched the first episode (involving tentacles and swallowing stuff…). But there are also major pluses in the yuri side as well ^^

    Oh I have just started the newest Sono Hanabira game involving Runa-sama and Takako. I actually think it is more enjoyable than the previous Sono Hanabira games. It is so light-hearted, entertaining and Runa-sama dominates all! lol loving this pairing ^^

  18. Shin says:

    I thought of following the franchise for Ymir, but the excess boobage was just too overbearing.

  19. Yi says:

    @Ningyo: If you can look past the fan service, the series is pretty good. Of course, there are episodes that are a bit filler-ish or episodes dedicated only to showcasing the women, but overall, Queen’s Blade is actually not bad in terms of plot and characters.

    @Sellers: Hehe… yea Melona is a bit much. At least you didn’t see Cattleya, with an emphasis on Cattle.

    @kluxorious: Unfortunately, no gore, bloodfest, or carnage. 😦

    @rockleelotus: You watched the second without finishing the first? That’s kind of different. ^ ^

  20. Yi says:

    @Ghost In The Shell: Yea I have to admit there are definitely some episodes that are nothing but fanservice. But the reason I’m making the claim for character developments is because of the very visible inner growth of Reina and the interesting interplay between her, Listy, Claudette, and Echidna. I just thought there is some real depth in their relationship.
    Besides, there is a fair amount of yuri.

    @shijima: I think I gave Strike Witches a pretty positive rating as well. Queen’s Blade has more of both fan service ans substance.
    I did hear about that game somewhere…

    @Smithy: The nudity was really not necessary and I certainly would have preferred a more tasteful treatment. That certainly is a shame. It might have been even as good as Mai HiME if it did cut down on the emphasis on ecchi.
    Anyways, I am actually really excited to get to the second. ^ ^

    @Akira: I hope you enjoyed the holidays! And I definitely remember you. ^ ^
    I thought the first season was pretty decent (even pretty good), and everyone is saying that the second season is even better! I really like Airi too; I hope to see a lot of all the characters I love.
    I was pretty shocked by the nudity as well. I guess second season is going to have more of everything.
    I still haven’t gotten around to Hanabira 7. I can’t wait to be dominated by Runa-sama though!

    @Shin: Haha, I figured this would not be your thing.

  21. Hey, could you change the link on my banner to: http://en.yuriness.net/

    Having two languages in the same domain wasn’t working out so I decided to make a only English subdomain. I’m still setting it up, but I might overflow it with posts in a week or so haha

  22. lylibellule says:

    Well, another post on Queen’s Blade. That’s a anime who’s still have a lot to be said about …

    True that many people classified QB as a lame anime after the first episode. You juste need to try the second one and you’re deep into the show.
    I loved this anime as much for the beautiful girls (Menace, Nanael and Mellona are my favorites) as for the story itself.

    Thanks for illustrations. There’s a few very nice one i didn’t had yet.

  23. Yi says:

    @Ghost In The Shell: Updated it with relevant link now.

    @lylibellule: Yea, once you really start get into the show, it’s really great. I liked the girls a lot too. Menace in particular as well as some others.
    Haha, in order to find those scans, I had to wade through hundreds of disgusting nasty stuff…

  24. TheFatherCat says:

    I actually saw this show a couple of weeks ago. I heard way too many good reviews about this show to ignore it despite the ecchi-ness of the anime.

    I love Tomoe too! She was the only reason why I could actually finish the first season XD. Some people like goth lolis. Others, school girls…but I would have to go with mikos! Her relationship with Shizuka was so sweet too.

  25. lylibellule says:

    @Yi : I guess so… in any case, thanks for doing researches, those few scans worth it 🙂

  26. blur says:

    No offense.. but imagining you watching QB and praising it after really surprised me. Lol! In a good way… 🙂

    I only need one reason to hate Queen’s Blade, and it is spelled C.a.t.t.l.e.y.a. Lol.

    Although… seeing how I always end up liking the animes you recommend, I’m gonna go into season 2 with an open mind. Lol… 😉

    IMReallyReallyHO, ass > boobs & legs… Lol..

  27. Winter says:

    Hey there! It’s rare to see someone do a good review on Queen’s Blade, including the yuri parts as well. If you did enjoyed the first season, I recommend you get your hands on the second. It runs somewhat deeper than the first, plus the relationships between the various females are more fleshed out. Which also means more yuri and I was also pleased that Queen Aldra was a yuri-ish character at heart as well.

    For those who are hoping for an Echida and Reina pairing, unfortunately for you fans, they went back to the basics with this one. Reina x Original pair Risty, and Echida x Long-time female she knows way back.

    I propose downloading SFW subs for the second season. Their work is fantastic as always.

  28. Yi says:

    @TheFatherCat: I heard both many positive reviews and scathing reviews about this as well, and I realized that this is something I need to give a chance to, since all good things are polarizing.
    Tomoe is really cute! I think she’s also my favorite character.

    @Lylibellule: Heh… Np.

    @blur: I do agree that Cattleya is way too much. She’s disgusting… If she was the first character I saw, I probably would have dropped it. I do hope you enjoy it though if you give it a try.

    @Winter: “the relationships between the various females are more fleshed out”
    That’s really great! Even more of what makes Queen’s Blade great. Plus, more yuri is always always appreciated. Thanks for the preview of second season! ^ ^

  29. koyote says:

    The middle sister who acts like a feline is my fave, probably because of the manga Hide Seek. Ymir is lol as well.
    Maybe ill try the psp game, though it seems to be a fighting type.

  30. Yi says:

    @koyote: I read a few chapters of Hide and Seek and for some odd reason dropped it. I think I’ll get back into it though. Is it official work?
    Anyways, I think Elina is actually the youngest. ^ ^

  31. FaS says:

    Omfg, I need to put this on my watchlist like ASAP. I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard a lot of good things 🙂 And there’ve been A LOT of ecchi on the net with it. Lovely post.

  32. koyot3 says:

    I dont think it’s official but more of a doujin series? 2 vols are out now.

  33. Yi says:

    @FaS: I think this is something you would really enjoy for sure.

    @koyot3: Yea, that’s what I thought. I’ve read several chapters on Yamibo and a few dl-ed chapters, but there are some inconsistency issues with the series, so I wasn’t exactly sure. Thanks for the info. ^ ^

  34. Blowfish says:

    I approve of you my dear!
    Seriously there are so few people that actually gave this anime a chance and I am so happy that there are actually a few chosen ones that looked into it.
    People pretend that its crap just because some tits flesh and yet say that another retarded moeblob show is the best damn thing next to sliced bread.

    Kudos to you 😀

  35. Yi says:

    @Blowfish: “People pretend that its crap just because some tits flesh and yet say that another retarded moeblob show is the best damn thing next to sliced bread.”

    They can pretend all they want, but until they have given it a chance, they won’t know what they’re talking about.

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  39. I did recently finish this. I think it’s just that because I have err… sensitive “roommates” (read: parents) that I couldn’t finish it til now. I’m surprised that it’s Reina who gets the unlikely feature in this main character-heavy anime. Oh and I’m not complaining that it’s Ayako Kawasumi (my fave seiyuu) who’s voicing Reina. I picked up the Erina figure back then, not knowing she had Kuroko-like qualities XD And like you, I like legs better, but I think I made that obvious somewhere ^^;

    I haven’t started the second season yet, so I haven’t gotten to your second season post yet. So I’ll try to get back to that one later.

  40. Oops… forgot to mention about the amount of fan service… My co-worker just told me about the show Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It’s a show on a premium cable channel in the US, but it had lots of sex, full frontal nudity and lots and lots of blood and violence. So evolution of what’s allowed on TV is really interesting. Some channels did censor Queen’s Blade, but what we get on fansub is the real deal. And I really liked Echidna toying with Reina, lol.

  41. Yi says:

    Yea… TV has definitely been much more open compared to only several years ago. I like it. ^ ^
    Anyways, Echidna definitely is very Kuroko-ish. I love the yuri. I’m going to echo many here; second season is even better!
    I hope you find time and place away from your “sensitive roommates” to see it soon.

  42. Optic says:

    Alright, so Blowfish managed to convince me to give it go and so far I’m likely it. As more of a moe lover, I’m actually shocked. LOL
    Other than big tits, hardcore nudity etc. the storyline is very solid and simple. The warriors are in a contest to be worthy of being the next QB and it doesn’t get more harder than that.

    Looking back now, I think the reason why I never gave it a go is because the amount of images in the ‘imaging world’ has kinda deterred me away. >_>

  43. Yi says:

    @Optic: Yea, the fanservice was really unnecessary and put a lot of people off. Other than that, this is an awesome series! I’m glad you gave it a try and I’m even happier that you liked it. It’s always nice to see someone appreciate Queen’s Blade.

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  46. StayCold says:

    lol finally a review about Queen’s Blade that DIDN’T view the ecchiness as a downer ^^

    • Yi says:

      I’m never one to dismiss fan service in a series if it does what it wants to do. Not in Queen’s Blade, not in Strike Witches, not in High School of the Dead.

      Mayoi Neko dropped the ball on ecchiness though.

      • EmperorG says:

        The shows are either about hot chicks who bare it all or adorable witch girls who wear no pants. the difference between these two great shows and Overrun is that despite the excessive fanservice in the former two, most of the characters are all beyond awesome. Unlike Overrun where the characters are vomit inducing and annoying.

  47. Hotspot says:

    I’m watching Queens Blade, which is surprising since I’m a homosexual male and all. But the only reason why I wanted to see it, is simply because I love action adventure anime’s!
    So I thought I would give it a shot! I have only seen the first episode so far, and Ithink the story is nice! But the main character’s shirt falling off or tearing so many times was just beyond ridiculous! I will however continue to watch the series for it’s action/adventure and the story.
    But I will watch out for anime that say ecchi, this way I can avoid them next time xD
    I didn’t know Queens blade was one until her shirt got ripped to shreds.

    • Yi says:

      It may be super ridiculous and super fanservicey, but I thought it is a decent–in fact, very fun–action adventure. I loved it. It probably could have done without the tearing of clothes at every movement, but I guess then it wouldn’t be Queen’s Blade.

      (p.s. Queen’s Blade actually has quite a bad reputation among many anime fans because of how ecchi it is. I like to think of it as its own unique quirky charm~)

  48. Ryan says:

    I watched this a while ago, and I would agree that it does the story and characters fairly well, but I will admit I watched it mostly because of the fan service.

    Nowa would have to be my favorite character, though Tomoe and Risty are good as well. Ymir was funny.

    Cattleya is far too much and I want to shoot her.

    • Yi says:

      Every once in a while, there will be an over-the-top fan service anime that actually has a decent plot and cast. Strike Witches and Queen’s Blade are two that immediately come to mind.

      I found Cattleya far too much as well, and I was actively disliking her and repulsed by her.

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