Christmas in Taiwan, 2009

Maria-sama ga Miteru christmas yuri Yumi Touko

If you have been following my twitter, my recent sporadic and rather sparse tweets have all been about my winter break in Taiwan. A trip to Taiwan has become an annual event during which I reconnect with my extended family and culture. It is also a great chance for me to really connect with my family, taste many of the cheapest and most delectable food in the world, and of course, do lots and lots of shopping.

Taiwan food steak squid

Taiwan food chicken shrimp

Taiwan food SOGO steak rolls

Taiwan food SOGO dumplings

Taiwan SOGO appetizers

Purin pudding 7-Eleven

I arrived yesterday and have already had some delicious food.

The familiarity and the hospitality of everyone here, even toward someone who has not been around for about the last fifteen years, are truly heartwarming. To me, Taiwan is quite a lovely place.

Anyways, I will be a bit remiss on the blogosphere for the next two to three weeks. I will still try to update, keep up with other blogs, and occasionally watch some anime, but for the most part, I simply plan on really just doing nothing.

Sono Hanabira doujin novel Nanami Yuuna

Anyways, merry Christmas and happy New Years!
Please take some time to appreciate and enjoy yourselves.

Hanabira Christmas Yuuna Nanami

Some links about Taiwan:
Guide to anime shopping in Taiwan on Yukifuri Dawn
My trip to Taiwan Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009 part. 1
My trip to Taiwan Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009 part. 2

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32 Responses to Christmas in Taiwan, 2009

  1. schneider says:

    Such mouthwatering food… merry Christmas!

  2. enri says:

    I was in Hong Kong 3 weeks ago, I guess it kinda similar in Taiwan?
    Anyway, please enjoy your time with your family and happy holidays 🙂

  3. phossil says:

    the food seems delicious!
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. shijima says:

    Wah! Looks so yummy!
    Hope you have a great vacation!
    Taiwan definitely has such yummy food! =)

  5. hashi says:

    Merry Christmas! I’m not from Taiwan, but I’ve been there several times and it is a wonderful place. The food in Taibei is wonderful. Soy milk and buns at a little hole-in-the-wall in the morning. Dingtaifeng for dumplings at noon. And then maybe a Taiwan buffet for dinner. Beautiful island, beautiful people.

  6. rockleelotus says:

    merry xmas and happy holidays! wow, the food looks soo frickin good O_O what is that huge first disk called? and ill take my yuri dessert to go! haha love the last pic ^^

  7. Guy says:

    I expect an in-depth description and photos of what you end up buying 😉

    Have fun!

  8. Sellers says:

    Enjoy yourself

  9. Ningyo says:

    aww, good food, the warmth of family… ii na. I wish I could pay a visit to the ol’ Hong Kong ;-;… the food is really reminisce of the old family stuff back there.

    Yup, have a great break, enjoy yourself, you’ve done enough here. I probably need to shed my few responsibilities for a bit too…


  10. blur says:

    Just woke up feeling fine but now I’m all hungry. -.-”

    I’ve always loved Taiwan game shows. Funny stuff. They always seem to be the fastest to adopt Japanese games into their own. That plus all the Taiwanese idols. Hahaha… How could I not love those shows.

    Well, that is until I got back into animes again. -.-”


    The second picture with the 3/4 fried egg at the side. That dish will be my Christmas gift from you to me. Lol! :p

  11. "G" says:

    merry Christmas!!!!

  12. Merry Christmas! Enjoy yourselves with the family, food and shopping in Taiwan! ^_^

  13. Reltair says:

    Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year!

    I wish I was going somewhere for Winter Break, but I’ll just be chilling at home.

  14. Canne says:

    I wish I had a relative in Taiwan, too. I always want to visit there.
    Happy Holidays!

  15. seinime says:

    That’s an awesome meal. Merry Christmas!

  16. Yi says:

    @Schneider: Yea. And that’s only day 1. I’m going to need to exercise and diet a lot more once I get back to California. Merry Christmas.

    @enri: I’ve been to Hong Kong as well and they are pretty similar. Both amazing places. Anyway, thanks. Merry Christmas to you as well.

    @phossil: It sure is! I really love Taiwanese cuisine, especially the stuff in kiosks. Merry Christmas.

    @shijima: Merry Christmas to you too!!! Definitely have a great holiday season and I hope you have and amazing time in Japan. ^ ^

    @hashi: “Soy milk and buns at a little hole-in-the-wall in the morning. Dingtaifeng for dumplings at noon. And then maybe a Taiwan buffet for dinner. Beautiful island, beautiful people.”
    Yes, exactly!!! Love the simple stuff and Taipei. Anyways, definitely need to start dieting once I get back.
    Happy holidays!

    @rockleelotus: It’s a shrimp and steak dish with rice and black pepper sauce.
    I’ll definitely be looking for some yuri stuff in the anime district places.
    Merry Christmas. ^ ^

    @Guy: I might do a loot post later on. Happy holidays. ^ ^

    @Sellers: I sure will. I wish you happy holidays as well.

    @Ningyo: Yea, this is always my favorite time of the year. Merry Christmas to you too and I hope you get to relax and enjoy your holidays.

    @blur: Haha, besides going out with family and family friends, watching idols and game shows on TV is all I do. I love them as well.
    Anyways, merry Christmas to you too!

    @”G”: Merry Christmas!

    @lightningsabre: Thanks! Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays.

    @Reltair: Spending quality time at home is really nice too. In a way, going to Taiwan is kind of like going home for me. My parents live in Taiwan now as well as all of my extended family.

    @Canne: If you ever get a chance to go to Taiwan, it’s definitely a nice visit. Happy holidays!

    @Seinime: Thanks. Food here is pretty good and they’re really cheap. Merry Christmas!

  17. jantp27 says:

    Merry Christmas!! ^^

  18. optic says:

    The food reminds me a lot like China. I recall eating so much on my 3rd day, I actually got sick for almost a week while I was still there. I knew I over did it when I had the ice-cream after dinner. -_-

    Happy Christmas and New Year. Everyone needs a break from time to time and this is one of them. ^^

  19. koyot3 says:

    They look so delicious! I know most of food in taiwan is spicy xD. Have a belated happy Xmas and happy New Year!

  20. godz says:

    Merry Christmas!!!
    Got busy these couple days…and when I check back…all the MF link for Sono Hanabira series already being uploaded….
    All the thanx and gratitude going to Sellers and Yi !!!
    I bow my head to you guys…..m(_ _)m

    BTW the food picture makes me drooooollll…..
    squid…no I should say GIANT SQUID + beff + egg + noodle…
    chicken + ebi furai + egg + noodle…
    Is it even legal to mix this ingredients together???….wkwkwkwk

  21. saturnity says:

    Oh. My. God.
    That food looks delicious…

    Also, belated Merry Christmas, Yi!

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  23. Yi says:

    @janpt227: Thanks! Happy holidays to you too. ^ ^

    @optic: That’s pretty much exactly how I feel right now after 4 days here.

    @koyot3: Happy holidays! I hope you have a good one.

    @godz: Happy holidays! Yea the food is pretty delicious. That was only the first two days too. I’ve been sampling a lot of other stuff since then. Some good, others not to my taste, but I really do enjoy Taiwanese cuisine.

    @saturnity: Happy holidays, saturnity!!!

  24. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    Pictures certainly look appetizing~ Food related or not. ^^
    Hope you’re enjoying your trip there. It’s probably monsoon season over there too huh? Looking forward to a detailed travelogue after this! Take care and don’t fall sick!

  25. Ruby says:

    The food looks really good 😀 I wanna go to Taiwan now 😛 I had a lot of fun on Christmas playing video games and eating chocolate :3 happy holidays!! ^^

  26. Blowfish says:

    The first picture rised high hopes for yuri-licous christmas pictures of you but those were crushed with delicous food pictures.
    Enjoy your time!

  27. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: Yea it’s been very cold and a bit rainy… I got sick too. 😦 However, I will not let that get in the way of my vacation.
    Happy New Year! I hope you’re enjoying your time.

    @Ruby: Happy holidays. It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun! Enjoy yourself! ^ ^

    @Blowfish: Sorry for not having enough yuri… 😦
    I’ll make up for it. ^ ^
    Happy New Year!

  28. Yuki says:

    Uwah, that post rather made me… hungry. XDDD I hope you enjoy your winter break so much. =D Even if this post was soo late, nyahaha Belated Merry Christmas I guess. XD

  29. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Belated happy holidays to you too. Hope you had a good one. ^ ^

  30. FaS says:

    Long Time no read! Sorry, been busy with the site and other REALLLYY involved crap. I’ll probably make a podcast about it -_-” since it’s too much to type. Anyways, wow! Taiwan? So cool 🙂 AND THAT FOOD!!! I gotta say I’m REALLY picky, but that looks soooooooooo good. Like seriously. And oh! Have you started reading that yuri manga yet? I plan to soon, but haven’t gotten around to it. Been making time-consuming posts lately.

  31. FaS says:

    Oh, and btw, MORE POSTS MORE POSTS! Lol

  32. Yi says:

    @FaS: I’ll get around to more posts soon! Been rather busy with stuff. Thanks for continuing to visit!

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