Favorite Touhou Girls and Bad Apple

alice margatroid kirisame marisa medicine melancholy michii yuuki touhou.jpg

I have been an ardent fan of Touhou for a long time, way before it reached its current popularity. In fact, my current header image features a Touhou character. Anyways, I recently came upon this video and it was just so incredible. The choreography, the music, the animation, the originality… Everything is just so beautifully composed that it made me want to dedicate a post to it, even if I have nothing relevant to say per se. Anyways, just watch it.

Bad Apple
Song Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima Feat. nomico

I must have watched this stunning video over fifty times. I love the feeling of knowing everyone!

Not surprisingly, Touhou, with its variety and flavor, is a favorite among fan artists and doujin circles. It has especially carved out a particular niche among yuri fans. Gensokyo is almost completely populated by lolis, lending itself easily to the myriad of Touhou yuri doujinshis. Indeed, I have learned nearly everything I know about Touhou from these doujins. Anyways, everyone has her own favorite Touhou characters and her own favorite pairings.

Some of my favorite Touhou characters:

Alice Margatroid Tokiame Touhou Sway Wind

Reimu Hakurei Touhou

Yukari Yakumo Touhou Wind Mail

Patchouli Knowledge Touhou Project Tribute Art

Some of my favorite Touhou yuri pairs:

Alice Margatroid Kirisame Marisa yuri Touhou Wind Mail
Alice x Marisa is canon.

hakurei reimu yakumo yukari misaki kurehito touhou yuri
Yukari  x Reimu is just lovely.

Sakuya Izayoi Remilia Scarlet Banpai Akira touhou

Kaguya Houraisan Eirin Yagokoro Touhou Project Tribute Arts

Personally, I am an especially huge fan of Alice.

So, who are your favorite Touhou girls?

Edit: This was on CNN and Marisa creeped out one of the hosts…

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70 Responses to Favorite Touhou Girls and Bad Apple

  1. Ningyo says:

    hahah, so I did manage to tank out the night until you made your post >:D
    I was going to ask you on twitter about it but I didn’t know if you’d check back until you finished, so >.<

    Bad Apple!! is >>>>>>>>Yukari=Mokou=Kaguya=Yuugi=Yuyuko=Eirin=Yumemi=snake&frog, the latters in no particular order. But really, I like all of them. Or else how could I write like a 100 page fanfic on them :p?
    Okay, now I really have to go to bed >.>

  2. Ningyo says:

    uh oh, comment cut.

    what I said was, bad apple was love, and then I asked you if you’ve played koumajou scarlet symphony.

    Also, before the many ‘greater than’ signs is obviously Meiling.

  3. Guy says:

    Love that Yukari x Marisa painting’s vivid colours.

    Me, I don’t really know the characters, played just one game, and they don’t really have a personality there, so I just enjoy the pretty pictures that come out for them. No, it’s not as good as seeing pictures of characters you love, but there are so many drawings, and more importantly, in so many styles, that there will surely be things for me 🙂

    I like and dislike Bad Apple, love the song, the clip is very neat, but the transitions are sometimes awkward, though people had already disagreed with me on that.

  4. Ermm.. isn’t the picture that you called Yukari x Marisa really Yukari x Reimu?

    Anyways, Bad Apple is just really done well because of how well the scenes transition over from one character to another. As for my favorite, I think Patchouli has my vote on account of being a shut-in bookworm, which is pretty much what my dream life would consist of :p

  5. Yi says:

    @Ningyo: This was actually a filler post. I was burned out after my other post got lost during some browser problems. Anyways, texts between the greater/ lesser signs get stripped out in comments.
    I haven’t played koumajou scarlet symphony, but it certainly looks like something I can finally beat. I’m really not much of a gamer and my love for Touhou is usually in the doujins, the arts, and the music. (A bit ironic considering that official Touhou projects are actually mostly games).
    I kind of figured that Meiling would be your favorite.

    @Guy: That was actually a Yukari x Reimu. The fan arts of Touhou are so varied, so beautiful, and so many… In some ways, I think the Touhou fandom has exceeded official works in many areas, especially in the artworks.
    I think I’m going to have to disagree with you there on Bad Apple, but I’m sure you’ve heard of all the reasons. ^ ^

    @zzeroparticle: Thank you so much for catching that. I feel really embarrassed by that mistake, especially being such a self proclaimed enthusiast of Touhou.
    Anyways, there was a lot of problems with blogging today; I have lost a post and in my frustration, I simply got confused when titling/ tagging the images with the various characters. How embarrassing… 😦

    “I think Patchouli has my vote on account of being a shut-in bookworm, which is pretty much what my dream life would consist of :p”
    Haha. Interesting aspirations.
    She really is kind of cute though in her pajamas.

  6. 2DT says:

    Just because I’m curious… Name them.

    In the video, I mean. Bonus points for doing it totally from memory.

  7. schneider says:

    I like Patchy the most, for obvious reasons.

  8. First, the video is awesome!
    About the characters, all Touhou characters are sooo cute, it’ hard to choose one, so: Marisa, Reimu, Satori Komeiji, Hina Kagiyama, Byakuren Hijiri, Yukari, Kaguya Houraisan, Fujiwara no Mokou, Remilia Scarlet and Reisen Udongein Inaba. I know, I know, it’s a big list =P
    Yuri pairs? I could tell ya a big list, but I am just going to say that Reimu & Marisa it’s my favorite pair ❤

  9. Shizuru says:

    fav chara…my perfect and elegant maid; Sakuya, she’s the main reason why I’m into touhou anyway :p and of course my fav pairing is sakuremi, masterxservant is love! xD
    for other fav chara…Iku,Yuka,Keine, Aki sister (the need more love!) and recently, captain Murasa lol

  10. joâo says:

    not in complex tohou in naid brasil

  11. Ningyo says:

    Ayeah, that was one thing that got left out too, I was going to ask about how you wrote ‘yukari x marisa’ and comment about what a crack pairing that was ^^; but you changed it now, so it’s all good.

    and you just taught me how those signs worked o.o I mean, it makes sense, seeing as how HTML is bracketed off like that, but I actually never thought about it that way >.<
    Doesn't that make my habitual shifty-eye faces potentially dangerous?

  12. Yi says:

    @2DT: I have to admit, I can’t name all of them from memory. I do know and recognize who they are though and know at a bit about their backgrounds for each character, but some of their names escape me. Especially that girl with the umbrella and the scythe at the end.

    @Schneider: It seems that intellectuals tend to like Patchy a lot. ^ ^

    @Yuri Downloads: Haha that is a big list, but it’s relatively small compared to how many Touhou characters there are. I don’t particular mind ReimuiMari, but I do prefer ReimuYukari or MariAli.

    @Shizuru: Sakuya is indeed quite lovely. She has to be the best maid in all of anime.

    @joao: … sorry I’m not quite sure what you mean. 😦

    @Ningyo: Yea… That was an embarrassing accident. Look at my response to zzeroparticle. Was simply dealing with so many names and shifting pics around… etc. etc.
    Yea, the bracket things are a bit inconvenient sometimes 😦

  13. phossil says:

    tough question, I like all Touhou girls, but maybe I would say Reimu FTW!

  14. FaS says:

    Wow 🙂 So wait, is this gonna be a PC visual novel or ecchi game? Cuz I’m a bit confused

  15. glothelegend says:

    I have no idea what Touhou is. I guess I’d probably like it, since I like yuri.

  16. Yi says:

    @phossil: She’s always a popular character. ^ ^

    @FaS + glothelegend: Touhou started as a series of doujin danmaku games but has since grown far beyond that.


    You probably have seen and can recognize more Touhou characters than you know.

  17. Canne says:

    The video looks amazing! The first scene (the apple scene) is kind of fasinating 🙂

  18. Sellers says:

    That video is quite good. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  19. Reltair says:

    Reimu is my favorite since I play as her in the games.

    Awesome video, the transitions between the different characters are fun.
    Time to go watch it again!

  20. chii says:

    i love all Touhou girls but Suika is by far the best imo

    a close second would be Minoriko 😀

  21. Yi says:

    @Canne: Yea that was really pretty great. I liked Patchy’s little segment too. Very cute. And I liked Suika and Alice’s as well.

    @Sellers: No problem. It’s been out for a while since it first appeared and I really liked it, so I decided to link the video even though I have nothing of substance to say. Heh…

    @Reltair: Another vote for Reimu. I generally play with her as well unless there’s another character I like even more. Her tracking thingies are useful though.

    @chii: I really like Suika as well. Should have included her. Her wobbly drunken loliness is so cute.

  22. 2DT says:

    Oh well. It was a lark. 🙂

    As for favorites, mine is Flandre. I don’t know if ZUN’s read any Jane Eyre, but Flandre’s concept is the classic “madwoman in the attic.” Plus her wings are rainbow-colored.

    Strange but true: At one of the elementary schools I visit, the first grade teacher is the spitting image of ZUN. It’s freaky.

  23. Yi says:

    @2DT: I think the youtube vid has a list of all the character names on the side with the times, so that might be useful if you really want to know.

    I’m not an expert on classic English literature, but I can kind of see the resemblance between those those two.

    Haha, I have no idea what ZUN looks like.

  24. Guy says:

    Dodo, that’s awesome, but in a way it diminishes. By adding shiny good looking backgrounds, you’re drawing attention away from the art of the original video.

    BTW, I like the music, anyone got links to other nice songs by this band/artist?

  25. Yi says:

    @Dodo: It’s nice to be able to see the girls. I like the simplicity and the minimalist look of the first.

    @joao: The video linked above your comment shows the girls in color.

    @Guy: Agreed with that. I prefer the original because of its use of positives and negatives to illustrate.

  26. Guy says:

    Re the earlier point: Yeah, I know Reimu, at least, just went automatically by the caption to save time.

    And that is one hot Reimu, even if she lost her cuter aspect 😉

  27. Yi says:

    @Guy: That was definitely my mistake… 😦
    I messed up the caption earlier. Thanks to zzeroparticle for quickly pointing it out though to save me from further embarrassment.

    Anyway, Reimu is super hawt in that pic as is Yukari. I love her legs (I’m more of a legs person.) For a while, that image was my wallpaper. It still is on my old laptop that I don’t bring to class.

  28. Dodo says:

    The original version is too simple for me, too ‘plain’, I need more entertainment. That’s why I disagree why Guy. Lyrics on the video are cool too

  29. sora says:

    best yuri web site, verygood tohou

  30. koyot3 says:

    Lovely vid! I did not like how they showed Alice almost last however. She has a very important role in Touhou! (getting Marisa).

  31. Yi says:

    @Dodo: That’s a fair opinion. I agree that the lyrics are a nice touch too.

    @joao: Very good indeed.

    @sora: You’re too kind. Thanks for the compliment.

    @koyot3: Haha yea. Although Alice did get quite a few seconds all to herself.

  32. Shance says:

    On the question of the favorite Touhou girl, it’s Reimu, hands down.

    Oh, also, you need to check the 8-bit version of Bad Apple. Awesome as hell:

  33. Yi says:

    @Shance: That really is awesome as hell! Thanks. ^ ^

  34. Yuki says:

    You just don’t know how happy I was when you said that MariAli is canon. I love you Yi~ XDDD kyaa~ XDDDD

    I havent read a doujin of Yukari x Reimu… I shall dig up some nao >D The next pair I like would be Sakuya x Meirin. XD As for the favorite girl.. I havent played the game or watched anything as to I’m still lost on where to start. @.@ so I can’t say really. XD

  35. shijima says:

    I loved that video.
    Very stylish. =)
    The images were also quite nice. I’m a big fan of Sway Wind.
    Hehe, I guess I’m a more recent Touhou fan.
    I like almost all the couplings but my favorites are
    MariAli, MeiSaku, and KaguMoko.
    Fortunately, C77 seems to have a lot of Touhou to offer. 😀

  36. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Marisa x Alice is really the best! Sakuya x Meirin is nice as well although I do prefer Sakuya x Remilia.

    @shijima I like MariAli and KaguMoko a lot too. Looking forward to C77. ^ ^

  37. Dodo says:

    @Shance : thanks for sharing! I must add this to my Touhou video collection

  38. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Nyahahah! I agree so much. MariAli yay! XD I haven’t read a doujin of Sakuya x Remilia, I should start digging for those then >D

  39. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Mari Ali is the best ever! Favorite pairing.

    @Dodo: Thanks for the link. They’re indeed beautiful.

  40. Guy says:

    What do I need to click to actually watch that video?

  41. Yi says:

    @Guy: You need to be logged in to Nico Nico. Once you’re logged in, the link should play.

  42. Sellers says:

    Wow. Youmu and Yoyuko haven’t even been mentioned. Not once. Guess my position isn’t very popular. I agree with just about everyone: Reimu and Yukari & Alice and Marisa are nice, though, too. If you were to ask me, Sakuya and Remilia is a bit better than Sakuya and Meirin. I probably prefer Reimu out of the entire cast of characters.

  43. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Youmu x Yuyuko is a nice pair too. Neither characters stands out to me too much though, so that pairing is not too awesome for me.
    It’s also partly because I haven’t read too many doujins featuring either. Still, I tend to think that’s a canon pair as well (at least more so than Yuyuko x Yukari).

  44. Sellers says:

    I appreciate the concession, Yi. From what I’ve seen, it is more accepted than any other pair involving either of the two. I like ditzy-to-the-point-of-insanity position Yuyuko generally takes, and enjoy Youmu’s indulgent allowance of it.

  45. yurigirl29 says:

    Oh my God! I can’t believe I missed this post. I love them. Sakuya and Remilia…Alice and Marisa.. Was that Reimu, the girl in red with butterflies around her? See looks gorgeous..

    I didn’t see Meiling though or maybe I didn’t recognize her from the image. I love Sakuya and Meiling pairing.. That’s Marisa and Reimu kissing right?

    I haven’t played the games but I enjoyed reading the touhou manga.

  46. Yi says:

    @Sellers: ^ ^

    @yurigirl29: That is indeed Reimu. The pair kissing are actually Reimu and Yukari. The scans are really gorgeous indeed.

    No images of Meiling because unfortunately, she’s not a favorite of mine, nor is Sakuya x Meiling. Sorry Meiling fans.

    I really enjoy Touhou doujin as well. ^ ^

  47. Sellers says:

    CNN aparrently gave a short report on it. Unfortunately, the people who were supposed to be reviewing it had no idea what was going on. It’s really kinda funny.

  48. Yi says:

    @Sellers: Yea I saw the CNN report… It was a minor segment in a rather small program, and they were still massively misinformed. Eh…

  49. Accelerator says:

    No love for Flandre?
    Flandre is by far my favorite, however way you see it, she is the most complex yet simple character.

    Yi, out of all your posts, this one has struck me offensively.
    RemiliaxFlandre? No? Is it the incest? Is it because AliceXMarisa VS FlandreXMarisa?
    If so, then we are destined for opposition! PREPARE YOURSELF FOR COMBAT >=(
    No matter…I just had a fan rage, forgive me =(

    After all these posts, I should conider making an account….wow.

    • Yi says:

      For some reason, Flandre and Remilia just never caught my fancy. I don’t really know why, but it’s definitely not because of incest. I think I just prefer some other characters more.

      ” Is it because AliceXMarisa VS FlandreXMarisa?
      If so, then we are destined for opposition! PREPARE YOURSELF FOR COMBAT >=(”
      Haha, I guess we have to battle then. ^ ^

  50. Accelerator says:

    ~Update~ WHAAAAAT!?!?!? Im taking a poll for pairings, my money goes to RemiliaXFlandre allways, SakuyaXRemilia closely at 2nd place.

  51. Accelerator says:

    ~Update…..again…forgive me being a nuisance~
    CNN will face the destruction of my laevateinn!!! I played touhou since the first, they offered frustrating bitter sweet memories, nostaligic, Touhou the Highly Responsive to Prayers throught out today (getting first copies of TH13 ten desires) all thanks to my nerdy little otaku bretheren. I dont like how the community is doing, its filled with fans that cant even beat Mokou, heck, they cant even beat CIRNO without bomb spamming. Theyre mainly in it for the fanbase and I wont judge them, but I wont tolerate them in a sense either. I simply dont favor them. It was rather peacefull before 2005, and the growth of the community between 2000 and 2005 was flattering, lots of doujins, JPsimulation mods, plenty of remixes and vocal bgms. 2006, no, just no, theyve distorted everything. Touhou Fortress? Cmon, its sickening watching Sakuya (Only character I care about that has been moded in) get blown up and respawn over and over…..and what is the general public idea of Flandre today? Well, its stupid, they think shes an unintelligent monster uncapable of doing anything other than destroy, cant talk, cant be normal, etc. That infuriates me, yeah, she is emotionally unstable, but she isnt like THAT (though many illustrations of her that way are VERY nice, but then again, to me, all of them are xD).. those heartless bastards =((
    And CNN had just doubled what the McRolled has done, fill up the fanbase with stupidity. Though most people watching CNN probably dont care and will do nothing hopefully (I mean, they didnt even mention the name it seems).
    Well, only my love for the games and Flandre keep me a fan today. But if it gets out of hand, im unable to do anything, touhou is officially an internet memo and a sub culture….
    Im overeacting……..
    Flandre spread her lunatic effect to me directly, and Ive directly and lovingly accepted it =D

    • Yi says:

      I… can’t beat Mokou. I haven’t beat any of the Touhou games, not even on easy. I got into Touhou fandom mostly because of the abundant doujins and gorgeous artworks. So I guess, yea, I’m exactly the type of fan that you can’t tolerate. ^ ^

      It’s possible I never really liked Flandre that much because doujins featuring her are usually pretty unexciting for me.

      p.s. The CNN thing is pretty stupid, but oh well. It is from quite a long time ago. This post was written over a year ago.

  52. Accelerator says:

    What? Not even on easy? If it gets to that point, just bomb spam.

    And yeah, the abundant fan works resulted from the 2000s boom. Mixed feelings resulted from all of it.

    • Yi says:

      Believe me. I tried. But in the end, I just gave up because of the frustration. I don’t really play games ever, so yea…

  53. robotnazi says:

    Izayoi Sakuya.

    izayoi sakuya knife maid touhou
    (via konachan.com)

    Her ability with a knife and her character makes her so very…………..alluring 😀
    i have an interests in knives and stuff so you have to forgive me for that: http://interestsoap.wordpress.com/all-things-about-pointy-blades/

    • Yi says:

      I really like her too, but more so because of the time stop/ maid aspects. The knives are cool too. And, while I’m not really a knives fanatics, I do find them interesting in the right contexts.

      ps. I like your blog. ^ ^
      (pps. Edited the link to the image to embed the pic for various reasons. I hope you don’t mind. ^ ^)

  54. Massaca says:

    Bit of a necro post 🙂
    I’ve been playing Imperishable Night inconsistently for several months now and started playing Embodiment of Scarlet Devil a week and a half ago. 1cc’d it a few days ago on Normal after 4 days of practising and after getting destroyed in the Extra stage a few too many times (and only reaching Flandre a few) I’m now trying to 1cc Imperishable Night with Youmu/Yuyuko and Marisa/Alice through 6b. Had a quick play around on all of them but I’m doing them one at a time (was supposed to be playing Perfect Cherry Blossom now but got dragged back to Imperishable Night). Massive fan of the games but haven’t paid a lot of attention to the doujin work other than a heap of music (a lot I deleted real quick but some of which I absolutely love), a couple really damn good fight videos and 2 games so far (New Super Marisa Land and Touhou EoSD 3D)

    Err, gone quite off topic, sorry, I tend to ramble on and on about Touhou. Anyway, a mate showed me this vid about a month ago and I fell in love with it and the song. The full version (5m19s) was released on the album EXSERENS published by Alstroemeria Records.
    Have you heard the english version? Sung by Christina Vee (apparently from K-On)

    As for my favourite character, that’d be Reisen ♥
    http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/496214 – my fav pic of her.
    I’m not sure why but from the instant I encountered her in Imperishable Night she became my fav. I even bought a 1:8 scale figure of her made by Griffon Enterprises (as well as an awesome 1:7 scale figure of Flandre with a flaming base and Laevateinn and Remilia with the GUNGNIR spear)
    I also really like Kaguya, mainly from the “Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth” comic series which I love to death.

    • Yi says:

      I’ve tried my hand at both of those games, as well as pretty much all the Touhou games (except for the few most recent), but I have never beaten a single one even on easy mode. 😦 I’m really bad at these types of games. I still enjoy it regardless though, and I like checking out other people’s play-throughs. It’s just so wonderfully colorful. Plus, the music is nice.

      Anyway, I haven’t heard that English version, but I like it! Thanks for the link~

      Ahhh, so Reisen’s your favorite. I like her a lot too. She’s such an adorable bunny. Here’s a funny little note. I thikn in almost all the fanarts, doujins, and most everything, Reisen’s always the “bottom,” the “M”, and the submissive. For some odd reasons, she just seems like she’d me a masochist. Hehe.

  55. Massaca says:

    Sorry I’m replying late, been distracted and forgot v_v

    Re games: Yeah, they can be pretty tough. Stage practice is invaluable as it helps you to memorise the stages easier (because it’s always the same) and lets you keep trying the hard bosses without going through most of the game again. But it does require good control, focus and precision, those generally come with practice too.
    I plan to keep practising until I can at least clear Imperishable Night on Hard without using a continue. Lunatic is scary though x_x
    But they are immensely fun to me, even when I’m dying a lot, haha. A lot of replay value in such short games.

    Re Reisen: Mm, even in official work (like the Inaba series) she’s treated like that a bit, pushed and ordered around and punished quite severely. But she is, as you said, adorable. I just think she’s a wonderful character. Oh, and it doesn’t need saying as you know who I’m talking about but whenever I mention Reisen I mean Reisen Udongein Inaba. There’s another Reisen who appears in some of the official print works, I think she’s usually recognised as Reisen II though.
    I’ve also come to like Youmu quite a bit too. I’d put her as my 3rd fav. I really like her Odachi (sword), I plan to customise a Katana I’m getting (currently being forged) to be very similar to hers from this pic: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/560677 (not sure if you can see it full size)

    I’m not really in to the idea of Touhou yuri, well, just not explicit anyway. If i had to pick it’d be Kaguya and Mokou, I think they’d be really nice and interesting together. Mokou carries a strong grudge against her but Kaguya is so carefree and just doesn’t care too much, nor remembers too well why Mokou has that grudge and either ignores it and acts all friendly or goes along with it for fun. I think if Mokou let go of her grudge a bit but kept her rivalry they could be lovely together and still have epic Danmaku filled confrontations every now and then, followed by Kaguya losing interest half way through or getting distracted.

    • Yi says:

      I found the games pretty fun, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the time or the patience to practice for hours. I love watching people’s replays on lunatic though. It’s impressive, incredible!

      “I’m not really in to the idea of Touhou yuri, well, just not explicit anyway.”
      To each their owns, I suppose. ^ ^

      p.s. I like Kaguya and Mokou too!
      p.p.s. Thanks for the gorgeous pics~

      • Massaca says:

        Ah, yeah. Time and patience can be killers.
        Have you seen any World Record score runs? Now those are downright insane.
        There’s and archive at the wiki with almost all the WR run replays saved and available for download if you ever get interested. I DL’d all of them but I’ve only watched a few Lunatic and Extra runs with Youmu solo and Youmu/Yuyuko but they’re just unbelievable.

  56. Massaca says:

    Dunno if anyone’s interested but someone showed me two more versions of Bad Apple with another female vocalist who goes by the name Miku-tan. She did the original in Japanese (which I don’t really like), the Piano version in English (which I love) and the Violin version in Japanese (my fav). Apparently she was a bit sick when she recorded them though they still sound great to me.

    Piano version

    Cover of original

    Sadly she doesn’t have the violin version up on youtube to conveniently post but she has it (along with those two) in a MediaFire folder if anyone wants to listen to it as well (or DL all 3)

    • Yi says:

      I’ve seen the piano version actually. They’re really awesome indeed. There’s actually a bunch of different versions of Bad Apple running around. Thanks, Massaca, for the links!

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