Lady Gaga Watches Anime

Lady Gaga Watches Anime

In 2008, Lady Gaga shocked the entertainment industry with her catchy music, fashion sense, and outrageous personality to quickly rise to stardom.

Lady Gaga meeting the Queen

These last two years are easily the years of Gaga. Every other month, she would appear on the front page of Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine, Us Weekly, Youtube, or even in front of the Queen for yet another surprising but stunning display. If you do not know who Lady Gaga is… Turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or read some celebrity gossip.

I have been a fan of Lady Gaga for a while. From following her music, videos, photo shoots, and appearances, I have realized she is an anime fan and I believe I have enough recent evidence to prove it.

Lady Gaga Poker Face white hair anime girl
As I have explored before, Lady Gaga likes to rock bleach white hair, particularly in her Poker Face music video. No one else has such a hair color in real life. This is obviously a tribute to all those pretty white haired anime girls. Her hairstyle is also a tribute to the popular hime cut.

Lady Gaga pantless
Lady Gaga must have seen and loved Strike Witches. She often attends events or shows up to Red Carpets with nothing but a swimsuit or pantsu on. She also occasionally goes to restaurants in such outfits.

Lady Gaga X-Factor Strike Witches
In her recent appearance on X-Factor, Lady Gaga takes her love and appreciation for Strike Witches a step further by combining nekomimi, pantsu, mecha musume, and neuroi all into the above outfit.

Lady Gaga Mikuru Beam
Mikuru Beam.

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Cover
Her newest music video, Bad Romance, is obviously a promotional video/ trailer for an H-anime.

Lady Gaga Anime Eyes
First, those eyes should not belong on any 3d human.

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Screenshots
I have compiled a quick summary screen capture of events. Lady Gaga is stripped of her clothes and forced to crawl over to a panel of men… Undoubtedly familiar scenes for some of you well versed in ecchi material.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

The evidence is overwhelming and indisputable. Lady Gaga is definitely an anime watcher and possibly enjoys some really kinky h-anime (Watch her music video for Paparazzi).

Edit: I only posted evidence that requires a little more imagination at first, and in doing so, I forgot to present the obvious ones as well. Thanks, Nogizaka and Mantha.

Lady Gaga Hello Kitty outfit

Lady Gaga anime eyes shoot

Hello Kitty and anime eyes photoshoot.

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84 Responses to Lady Gaga Watches Anime

  1. kluxorious says:

    lmao, when i first read your title, I thought… they ya go klux, now ya are not special anymore. But once I read it, it made me chuckles with hilarity. Nice observation you did thar.

  2. Kairu says:

    She watches anime?! Oh wow, she really IS weird. amirite?

    • Danny The Anime Lover ! says:

      no shes not weird , anime is created and loved all over the world as you can make anything you want with a bit of Manga/Anime art skills ,
      Pokemon = Anime
      Hello Kitty = Anime
      Digimon = Anime
      And so many more , so if you call Anime weird then sorry mate but looks like the only weird one here is You .

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  4. Not entirely convinced yet lol. Interesting evidence research though 😀 As I’ve said before somewhere, that it was only recently that I found that Lady Gaga is a singer and not a song >.> My knowledge of North American music scene is drowned by the anime songs I listen to all day…

  5. Canne says:

    I’m no expert in H-anime or Ecchi so I can’t comment on that point but the white hair style does look like an anime characters. Now Lady Gaga needs only wear school uniform and this issue is settled 🙂

  6. Yi says:

    @kluxorious: Thanks. ^ ^ I know some of them are kind of a stretch, but w/e.

    @Kairu: Seriously. I would even argue that watching anime made her weird.

    @lightningsabre: If you look at the video, at the very beginning, the Monster anime logo is clearly on the coffins. Also, just look at her crazy hair styles. If that doesn’t convince you…
    jkjk. This wasn’t a serious post.
    Anyway, I tend to read a lot of celebrity gossip and follow the entertainment industry and channels such as BRAVO quite closely, so yea… I do listen to a lot of anime music though in addition to North American artists.

    @Canne: I’m not really an expert in h-anime either. I kind of just assumed from what I’ve read that auctioning women and raep are common themes.
    I’m so waiting for Lady Gaga to start cosplaying. ^ ^

  7. FaS says:

    Wow, lol, I really liked this post. To be quite honest, I’m not a big fan of Lady Gaga, and I still think she’s not completely a woman (though I don’t have a problem with that). When I saw your title, I was SOOOO interested though! Lol, bleach blond is definitely right and those eyes were definitely friggin crazy. I’m wondering what kind of contacts those were o.O! I always hear this song, but I never saw the video. The only thing though: the dancers and Gaga were so damn sloppy…like jeez.

  8. kluxorious says:

    I am not a fan of her so never heard of that song nor seen the video music. Did she by any chance mentioned that she wants a “vertical stick” and start doing the gesture? LMAO she’s definitely a fan of H-anime, that’s for sure XD

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  10. Akira says:

    Nice title Yi, definitely got me. lol

    Although I have to admit that I am not very fond of Lady Gaga. I just don’t really like her lyrics and songs. sorry. But I can agree with you on the hime hair though, never noticed that. Good eye^^

    Btw, do you know that there’s a comparison thing going on on the web between Lady Gaga and Koda Kumi? If you don’t know who Koda Kumi is, you should really check her out. I totally love her! Big Fan! But I think you will know her since she’s pretty famous and you know a lot of what’s going on in Japan. So I guess you know which side I’m on? hehe

    ~phew~ that’s 3 comments in one go~

  11. Akira says:

    @ kluxorious
    oh I think you meant ‘disco stick’ HHHHH

  12. blur says:

    Lol. U got me too. Xp
    Thought Lady Gaga announced it or something.

    Only liked one of her songs. Though the title escapes me for now. Goes something like “can’t shut my playboy mouth, how i turn my shirt inside out, etc. etc.”
    Her other songs, I didn’t enjoy.

    But now you guys got me curious. I didn’t know there were a category of North American music. If there really is, what’s the difference between South American music? or East or West?

    *Points at image: Those are some scary eyes… seriously.

  13. Optic says:

    I’m not entirely convinced yet but u got some strong points here. Lady Gaga is still making big around the air waves of Sydney and no doubt she has taken the music industry by storm around the world.
    Other than her great songs and her unique voice, her music clips are definitely an eye-catcher. At times, I often she things in the clips where many artist wouldn’t dare do or touch and that makes her one of a kind. ^^

  14. "G" says:

    i agree others that i’m not entirely convinced yet, but i was smiling when i read this entry. good observation!.

  15. Yi says:

    @FaS: I’ve definitely heard a lot of people doubting her femininity.
    I think those eyes may have been computer generated. I kind of thought the whole video, while sloppy, gave a sort of creepy feel, which was what the video aimed for.

    @kluxorious: Your comment reminds me of an interview she had. When the interviewer asked her what she looks for in a partner, she replied, “A big d*ck.”
    “And what else?”
    “That’s it.”
    So yea, I think she watches one too many h-anime.

    @Akira: I kind of like Lady Gaga. I think she’s very talented and creative and that her music is quite catchy. Still, I know a lot of people who don’t like her music at all.
    I actually didn’t know about Koda Kumi. My knowledge of the J-Pop scene is limited to anime and what I hear from tweets. I will definitely check her out though. From a quick look at her Showgirl PV, she looks like a lot of fun.

    @blur: I think the song you’re thinking of is Just Dance.
    Anyway, when I responded in my comment to Lightningsabre, by North American music, I simply mean music that originates in North America. It’s not a genre per se, but more like a regional thing, although Lady Gaga is pretty international these days.

    @Optic: Yea I really like her music videos. Not only are they weird and edgy, they tell an interesting story with a lot of undertones and themes of sex and confusion. It’s really quite fun to watch.

    @j’ex: Crazy indeed.

    @”G”: Thanks! This wasn’t a really serious post. I just kind of wanted to poke fun at her. Also, if I wrote simply, “I really like Lady Gaga’s new music video, Bad Romance,” few would actually watch the video.

  16. Misu says:

    An amazing tie-in that explains all her wonky outfits! Brilliant, Yi! I don’t really like her fashion sense, but ohgod her shoes. *drools*

  17. Ningyo says:

    gah, your feed is lying to me again…

    I always thought her hime cut was distinct. It’s what allowed me remember her among all those M&Ms and black-eyed pies and 20 cents.

    but now it’s all very clear to me now. so that’s how it was. It’s got me thinking though, how many famous figures are actually ripping anime? What if the world cup is actually a cosplay of Ganbare, Kickers? What if the United Nations is actually a devious ploy to re-enact Hetalia D:?

  18. Sellers says:

    Eh pretty funny post (it was mitigated by my general disregard for any information on stars, bands, celebrities, people, public officials/monkeys that doesn’t highlight them as some sort of hypocrite or idiot [I.E. funny). Also, don’t lie. You’re clearly an expert on H-Gaming (Ph.D.?)
    P.S. She is a legitimate bloody-damned freaky SOB. Don’t particularly like her music. Clubs need to play less of her ffs.
    Love (sorta?),

  19. Yi says:

    @Misu: Her costumes are definitely not for any normal occasions, either formal or casual. I don’t usually find them that sexy either. I do love that polar bear coat thing though.
    I also love her shoes at 3:06. I think her shoes are made by Alexander McQueen and very very very expensive, some over $1000.

    @Ningyo: I did a diagnostic check some time ago and it did say my feed is a bit slow. Nowadays I usually simply use Twitter like a feed. That’s even slower though haha.

    “how many famous figures are actually ripping anime? What if the world cup is actually a cosplay of Ganbare, Kickers? What if the United Nations is actually a devious ploy to re-enact Hetalia D:?”

    Gwen Stefani comes to mind. As for the UN, I’m sure I can find some evidence of their schemes as well. ^ ^

    @Sellers: Wow, a rather harsh comment. 😦

    I do agree that Lady Gaga is definitely overplaying this edginess for attention, especially if one compares the her now to her a few years ago. Hypocrite? Maybe. More so though, I think she is really talented, but in today’s music scene, mere talent gets an artist no where. Thus, being so outrageous is the only way she could get noticed. It’s an unfortunate fact of the entertainment industry though and I do share a bit of your disdain for that aspect.

    “Also, don’t lie. You’re clearly an expert on H-Gaming (Ph.D.?)”

    Hehe. I wouldn’t call myself an expert on H-anime or H-games. I cannot stand raep scenes, especially gang raep, or overly degrading portrayals of women. I turn off anything if tentacles, demons, corprophilia, guro, or snuff comes up. (Exception being Saya, which is amazing for its own reasons). For that, I think I fail as an expert.
    I would consider myself really well versed in H-yuri though . ^ ^

  20. Sellers says:

    Quite reasonable (regarding your expertise). I guess you’d have a more specific doctorate. I don’t think you understood my initial comment, however. I wasn’t calling Lady Gaga names, I was noting that I’m uninterested about anything regarding anyone’s personal life, no matter how famous they are. The exception being that I find examples of hypocrisy or excessive stupidity funny. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. And I realized that my comment was a bit harsh, that’s why I signed it so endearingly. 🙂

  21. glothelegend says:

    She doesn’t just break the norm by obviously being an avid anime fan, but she’s also got a pen*s.

    I don’t really believe it though.

  22. Yi says:

    @Sellers: I should major in H-games with an emphasis in yuri.
    Anyway, sorry about misreading your comment. I thought you just meant that you don’t like any celebrities or public figures in general. Now I understand your point.
    Hehe, I guess I’m more of a gossip. I enjoy reading/ watching trashy tabloids now and then, but I recognize that most are sensationalized and are really just pointless. Maybe I shouldn’t waste so much time on that.
    Also, don’t worry about the harshness. ^ ^
    The endearing signature made my day.

    @glothelegend: I was just watching a video about popular news. A recent poll said that the truth in this issue is the most asked question about celebrities in 2009. Besides that picture, there’s also her whole disco stick thing and avoiding an interviewer’s question about the topic, stating only that her vajayjay is offended.
    I don’t think it’s true though either, but it’s a lot of fun to speculate.
    P.S. Sorry your comment was spam blocked earlier. That happens if there is a link and references to pen*s.

  23. I loveee her! I confess that her fashion style is weird, she is like Cher in the past, but LG ‘shock’ more with her clothes.
    But her songs are soooo good, and I like that she is one of the celebrities that make more videos for songs, if I am not wrong she made 5 videos for ‘The Fame’ and now ‘Bad Romance’ for ‘The Fame/Monster’.
    Maybe we should send some e-mails to magazines ask her if she watch hent*i =P, then people will stop talking all that she is hermaphrodite, and will say that she is a perverted and watch hent*i! hahaha
    U made me laugh in n.2! =P

  24. phossil says:

    She deny it but we all know your evidence is convincing

  25. Yi says:

    @Yuri Downloads: I liked her Paparazzi video a lot too. Actually all of her videos that I’ve seen are really very good.

    @phossil: Haha. That’s because it’s the truth. ^ ^

  26. anonymass says:

    The possibility of Lady Gaga watching h-anime outweighs the possibility of her having a pen*s

  27. Yi says:

    @anonymass: Very very true. ^ ^

  28. shijima says:

    I’ll admit I’ve not seen much of her, but I do appreciate the white hair. =)
    Thanks for the pics as always.

  29. Yi says:

    @shijima: It was actually really hard to find pics of her that have decent quality. I wasn’t really too familiar with celebrity photo sites as I am with anime art/ scans. That took a lot of time searching google images.

  30. Ruby says:

    I’m a lady gaga fan too! 😀 people say that she’s hermaphrodite but I don’t buy into those stories but you would not imagine how many people believe in that crap. She has a very freakish style. All her live performed have the WEIRDEST costumes LOL its amusing to look at but that’s what makes her unique. The eyes in her ‘bad romance’ vid is so creepy!! it gives me goosebumps just by looking at it o_o

  31. Yi says:

    @Ruby: I love many of her costumes. Very edgy and different. I love it. It may be too much sometimes though (like at the VMAs), but I like how she constantly pushes the boundary.

  32. Nogizaka says:

    Here’s another solid proof to back-up gaga’s love for japan culture. She has this Ganguro fashion sense in this picture

    According to Wikipedia:
    Ganguro (ガングロ; “Black Face Girls”) is an alternative fashion trend of blonde or orange hair and tanned skin among young Japanese women.

    and lets not forget her hello kitty model picture ^_^

  33. Yi says:

    @Nogizaka: Yea that’s definitely reminicent of Ganguro.

    And how could I have forgotten her lover for Hello Kitty:

    Thanks for the info. ^ ^ The evidence is really piling up now.

  34. koyot3 says:

    I adore Lady Gaga x). She actually has a good reason for not wearing pantsu revealed during an interview (possibly the worst interviewer in history). She used to dance sort of like cabaret style.

    But there is no denying that Asia loves Lady Gaga (including korea where we love anything that dances) and she loves asia as well. That means an obligatory love for everything asia including anime.

  35. Yi says:

    @koyot3: I didn’t know that about her. That would explain her love for corset style fashion.
    Anyway, agreed on Lady Gaga and Asia. ^ ^

  36. Spice says:

    i almost deleted all the anime i had. glad to know she only watches dubbed anime (based on the information above), and is therefore not a real otaku.

  37. Yi says:

    @Spice: Sorry, but I’m kind of confused about your comment. Still, thanks for reading.

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  39. Crystal says:

    In my opinion, I think all these are just coincidences. Just because someone has bleached hair and their own fashion they watch anime? Uh…

    There’s also Gwen Stefani and her hair. But then we can’t deny her Harajuku culture.

    But my point is, there is more celebs who probably dress weird, and dye their hair in different colors…how is that evidence when they didn’t even tell their audiences?[Okay, leave out the hello kitty, but that’s a franchise everywhere, not just Japan]

    Why are we even caring about what celebs do these days?! Crap magazines like People and Stars have nothing better to do than stalk celebs.

  40. Yi says:

    @Crystal: This post is not to be taken seriously. I didn’t write it seriously, I didn’t really do too much research, and I was hoping for a small chuckle from the readers.
    I agree with your points though.

  41. JOJO says:


  42. D*cks McF*ckington says:

    OP is a weeaboo faggot

  43. Yi says:

    @JOJO: … ?

    @DM: If you don’t understand that this is not a serious post nor understand that this is an anime blog, and if you’re going to be offended by the content, you’re welcome to leave the site.
    It might do you well to show a little maturity and a modicum of respect.
    Weeaboo? Please.

  44. Mantha says:

    I’m surprised you left out her Hello Kitty outfits. And those fashion senses where she places anime-looking eyes over her closed eyes.–crazy-cat-lady

  45. Yi says:

    @Mantha: Yea, right after I wrote the post did I realize that I forgot about that… And I call myself a fan. 😦
    I was too busy over-analyzing the small stuff that I forgot the obvious ones.

    Another commenter did mention it earlier though:

    I’ve now added it in. Thanks a lot for reminding me.

  46. Well, her new video pretty much cements it. There is a One Piece reference (as well as a Star Wars and a Command and Conquer reference as well).

  47. Kayla says:

    Mikuru Beam= priceless.
    If I ever meet Lady Gaga, I’ll make sure to ask her about that. lol

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  50. Nakisha says:

    Lady Gaga is The Best.

  51. MkMiku says:

    I wouldn’t doubt it. Although, I’m surprised Lady Gaga hasn’t officially announced this. It’s funny that you mention Strike Witches, because the anime came out around the same time as her first album. o_O

  52. Anyway, I think Gaga is the best. I recorded myself singing her songs, give me some advice!
    Hope people like it, lol.

  53. Hetaromano says:

    Also, doesn’t the background in the hello kitty one look like the background to death note?
    Or am I mistaken…?

    • Yi says:

      Now that you mention it, I kind of see it too.
      As long as we allow our imaginations to run wild, the resemblance will be there. ^ ^

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  56. whats wrong with a girl watching anime hey it keeps me sane, most ppl drink and smoke!

  57. EmperorG says:

    Lady Gaga isn’t human, but we all know that. She’s basically a talented woman who is held back by the media’s desire to make her into an extraterrestrial. I feel bad for her. Ah well, the media’s plan worked as she has brainwashed so many, a pity it is through her atrocious themes rather than her applause worthy ones.

    Oh, I suppose she gets some bonus points for being an animeniac.

    • Yi says:

      Hm… I actually think the media’s been very kind on her. At the very least, she knows how to create an empire through it. She knows how to make the front pages usually portrayed in a good albeit a bit weird image. Plus, she has really good PR and is also a positive advocate for many good causes. Generally speaking, whenever she’s in magazines, it’s usually saying something good about her.

      • EmperorG says:

        Definition: Yi-san might become a Bieber follower in the future. I hope I am wrong about this, I really do.

        • Yi says:

          Seriously? You seriously think I’d become a Bieber fan?
          I like Lady Gaga not because of her massive popularity and fan appeal, but I actually think some of her music and her videos are really great. I don’t see how that makes me a likely candidate to become a Belieber.

  58. viri says:

    theyve spotted her at a hetalia convention before.

  59. says says:

    o my god!

  60. kent says:

    anime is better than drugs and alc

  61. anthony305 says:

    lol cancer fail… so cancer fail

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