Gokujou Drops Volume 3 Preview

Gokujou Drops Volume 3 cover preview

A few posts ago, I wrote my review/ impressions on Gokujou Drops, which at the time had two volumes out. Retrospectively, I actually had really good timing, as four days after my post, volume three of Gokujou Drops was released by Ichijinsha.

Gokujou Drops Volume 3 Chapter 18

Obviously, I was elated to hear about the news. There were also some preview images of Gokujou Drops chapter 18 floating around (I guess they are not really previews anymore since it has been released). Anyway, I thought I would share some images.

If you have not read Gokujou Drops, it is a really good yuri manga, one of the best in fact. I also think this is a particularly good introduction for those who do not generally read or watch yuri to slightly ecchi material. Without being way too hardcore Gokujou Drops instead leaves the readers with a nice, heartwarming, but slightly naughty story.

Gokujou Drops Volume 3 Chapter 18 pages
Looks like it has gotten some fun action, and as always, molestation of Komari.

Also, I think we may find out more about Komari’s necklace and Yukio’s brother.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to scanlations of this. If Wings of Yuri picks this up, I hope she allows me to be the editor again.

Thanks to @EcchiYuri for tweeting out links to the preview images and to Akira, who told me about the release date.

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26 Responses to Gokujou Drops Volume 3 Preview

  1. Ningyo says:

    Really though, is there distinctive art styles between different yuri series for people who are enthusiasts and actually know their yuri? I gotta say, the art of each series looks waay to similar to others of its kind…
    I’m supposing this style is a trait of the genre.

    Tbh, I can’t really get into something that looks very similar to another series I’ve read/watched before (which is why I avoid those generic eroge >.>). Still, since you give it high acclaim, it can’t be bad.

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  3. FaS says:

    Dude, I seriously need to get on it and read this. I’m not quite sure if I’ve already commented about it, but I don’t really have the resources to get as much manga as others. At least the really good shit. i remember finding out about Ranma 1/2 and the topless antics. Just so great. Hmmm, I might post about it hahaha. The nostalgia.

  4. I saw the scans some days ago, and I am looking forward to WOY starts to translate it *.*
    Hahahaha the twins ‘cleaning’ Komari was funny thing =P

  5. Yi says:

    @Ningyo: For me, I can see a very clear difference among the prominent yuri manga artists, and that really affects how much I enjoy the manga. For example, Hanjuku Joshi by Morishima Akiko has much more rounded faces and busty characters. Girl Friends by Morinaga Milk features really shoujo styled settings and cute girls. Kurogane Kenn’s Shoujo Sect shows very loli looking girls. Fujieda Miyabi have a really rather clean style in Iono the Fanatics, Twinkle Saber Nova, and the Teahouse one. Hadzime Mikuni in Gokujou Drops and other works have rather slender girls and pretty faces. Many of these artists show up a lot in many one shots and in yuri magazines in addition to their longer volumes. After reading a lot of these, I can start to recognize different styles between the more notable artists. By the way, other yuri mangaka that I really like are CHI-RAN and Natsuneko.

    Even their stories have distinct flavors. Hadzime Mikuni in her one shots and her manga is slightly ecchi. Fujieda Miyabi is really tamed and usually does very shy yuri (except in Iono Fanatics). CHI-RAN has really wtf stories…

    Anyways, I wrote way too much… I can go on long rants on yuri.

    @FaS: You can find scanlated versions of Gokujou Drops on Wings of Yuri. ^ ^

    @Yuri Downloads: Looking forward to it too. Also, I love the twins as well. It seems like Komari never gets a break from everyone in her dorm.

  6. OOoh interesting timing on your post then ^_^ I hope to read the continuation of this great series. The twins are on Komari again now? You don’t see them doing that too often, or did I forget already? XD

  7. shijima says:

    Hehe, of course you can be editor. =)
    It seems Vol. 3 is the last volume in the series but I think it wraps everything up.

  8. @shijima: Awww… only 3 volumes, eh? Well at least it has an ending rather than going on and on with no conclusion at all.

  9. Yi says:

    @lightningsabre: Agreed on volume three… It’d be a bit sad though that it’s over. I think I can always use more Yukio x Komari-chan.

    @shijima: I really look forward to editing this. ^ ^
    I had so much fun last time.
    Anyways, last volume. 😦

  10. koyot3 says:

    Ah a good ero start that includes that magic fluid that stays persistantly (and only) on boobies.

    Btw, my other favorite is Ebisu-san to Hotei-san from the Tsubomi. Even though it has low yuri, I will eat it up

  11. Snark says:

    More rug munching! Rejoice!

  12. Yi says:

    @Koyot3: Haha yea.
    I don’t think I’ve ever read Tsubomi. Will check it out when I get a chance.

    @Snark: Yep. Always happy to see more. ^ ^

  13. Hirobot says:

    The art is rather nice.

  14. phossil says:

    I think there are some interesting (and funny) situations. Lol

  15. Akira says:

    thanks for the scans & links Yi ^^

    hahaha the twins are on Komari again ! i just wish one day my japanese would improve so much that i could understand everything in the preview chapter. i think i understood like 35-45%?

    oh congrats again on the win Yi ! hope you’ll be enjoying your prizes 🙂

  16. Yi says:

    @Hirobot: They are indeed.

    @phossil: Hehe, Gokujou Drops does get ridiculous at times and is always fun.

    @Akira: Me too. I should improve on my Japanese. Maybe I should have taken Japanese in high school instead of German… but w/e. Good thing Wings is translating this.

    Anyway, thanks for the congrats and thanks for reminding me of its release date.

  17. Akira says:


    Ha, you took German in high school huh? I took French! lol Wished we taken Japanese instead… hahaha

    No problem, I’m glad that I could help ^^

  18. Akira says:

    @Yi Oh and thanks for mentioning me, I’ve never been mentioned before. (always been a lurker) Makes me feel very special 😉

  19. FaS says:

    MOREEEE POSTS, MOREE POSTS lol. Just playing (well not really), but I understand that thing called time can be a bitch. Nice hearing from you. And I decided to actually read that manga when I get some time. After reading up on Hen Koi and a couple others I didn’t post about, I figured the wonderful world of manga is definitely a cool one ;D

  20. Yi says:

    @Akira: Well, I enjoyed taking German too. It’s still a bit unfortunate though. I love my visitors and I especially love comments. So I really try to credit helpful stuff. ^ ^
    Thanks for the info.

    @FaS: Haha, yea I should post more. I try to post once every 3-5 days, but time is hard to manage. The world of manga is definitely awesome, just like Gokujou Drops.

  21. FaS says:

    Yeah, I know, I’m gonna try to make up for lost time with my anime and school over this thanksgiving

  22. Yi says:

    @FaS: Sounds good. Happy Thanksgiving. ^ ^

  23. Sellers says:

    Wow, thanks for the heads up; this is a fun series.

  24. Yi says:

    @Sellers: No problem. This is indeed a fun series.

  25. Utopia says:

    The art of this yuri manga is fantastic ! The story goes really well , this is one of my favourite .

  26. Yi says:

    @Utopia: I love both the story and the art. It’s one of my favorites as well (if not the favorite).

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