In Love With Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid

Hatsune Miku Redjuice Vocaloid World is Mine

Recently, after watching the pilot episode of Black★Rock Shooter and coming upon a playlist from a friend, I have become completely immersed in a lot of the music associated with Vocaloid. I consider myself to have quite an eclectic taste in music, ranging from, light rock to new age, hard metal to hip hop, or classical to trance. However, I had never imagined that I would find synthesized voice so………. sexy? Anyway, I have been looping these for hours on end,

Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Monochrome

[supercell] Hatsune Miku – 初めての恋が終わる時
Composed by supercell

[supercell] Hatsune Miku – 嘘つきのパレード
by supercell

Hatsune Miku Maroyan Vocaloid Saihate

Hatsune Miku – サイハテ
by Kobayashi Onyx

Kagamine Rin Meltdown Shell Vocaloid

Kagamine Rin – すすすす、すき、だあいすき
by JevanniP
This video is just too cute.

Hatsune Miku Tomeru Vocaloid Wallpaper

By the way, Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid are quite a fascinating cultural phenomenon and present a really interesting aspect of fandom, but that is a discussion best left for others.

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80 Responses to In Love With Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid

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  2. blur says:

    Do check out Last Night, Good Night… 🙂

    I think it’s beautiful…

    The last image is super..
    Gonna grab me a wallpaper.. 🙂

  3. Snark says:

    Have you heard Love is War? That’s a pretty sweet track too.

    But yeah, can’t say I share in the vocaloid love that most the fandom has, aside from that aforementioned song, I’m really not to big on them.

    It is absolutely amazing watching the fandom from the sidelines though

  4. kluxorious says:

    not a big fan either. I just love the figures, especially Kaito. Other than that, it was just an occasional “oh-ok-I’ll-check-that-out”.

  5. 2DT says:

    “By the way, Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid are quite a fascinating cultural phenomenon and present a really interesting aspect of fandom, but that is a discussion best left for others.”

    Let me be shameless and plug the two that I wrote–

    Fin’s comments in the second post are especially noteworthy. I like the original Melt, but gazelle’s cover version (easily found on YouTube) is simply divine.

  6. Guy says:

    I need to listen to some Vocaloid music some time. Only listened to some Idolm@ster shit, and I was underwhelmed.

  7. I love Miku, ‘Love is war’ is a great song 🙂

  8. Count me in as someone who mostly looks in from the sidelines, and I think most of that is because I haven’t really found the time to fully explore what’s out there. The few that I do like though are mostly covers of anime OP/EDs. Usually accompanied by redone animation.

  9. Yi says:

    @blur: Yea, that’s a nice song too.

    Anyway, when I was looking for images for the post, I came upon literally tens of thousands of pics. She really is popular. Also, wtf is up with Danbooru and p0rn.

    @Snark: I can’t believe I totally forgot to include that song.

    It’s really nice as well. I love Love is War.

    @kluxorious: I used to be like you, only interested in the figures, but lately I’ve been interested in the actual Vocaloid stuff.
    Do you have a Kaito nendo?

    @2DT: Hehe, I was indeed actually thinking about you and your Touhou posts when I wrote that. ^ ^

    @Guy: There are quite a few songs I like, but of course they might seem underwhelming to some as well. Do check them out though; you never know if you’ll like something.

    @Yuri Downloads: Me too. I should’ve included it. It’s now in the comments.

    @zzeroparticle: A lot of Vocaloid stuff is fanmade or spread out across various composer and artists with widely different styles. It’d be really hard to find all in one place to explore very in depth on a common point.

  10. polymetrica says:

    Vocaloid songs are great! The best thing about them is that they can be from any genre, which is awesome since you get to explore a billion more types of music \o/ supercell and livetune’s works are a great starting point, and I’m very pleased that you’ve taken a liking to SAIHATE too. Such a great song with nice lyrics, and is pretty much a Vocaloid classic too haha.

    If you have time to listen to some recommendations, I suggest all of these. What are you talking about I am not shameless at all.

  11. Ningyo says:

    Personally I’ve listened to koi wa sensou or hajikoi so hard that I needed to move to other songs so I wouldn’t get bored of them ^^;
    Currently I can’t get Meltdown and Paradichlorobenzene out of my head. Just loops over and over and then swaps midsong and then over and over…

    Of course, I still love OSTER stuff like Miracle Paint or RINGxRINGxRING to death.
    Imo, often it’s less the synthesized voice and instead the sheer genius of the composers; Ryo can really work miracles with a computer program.

  12. Yi says:

    @polymetrica: I think that is a really good point. Vocaloid allows a very large population to experiment with composing music and experiment with styles. Out of all these people, undoubtedly talent will shine through.
    By the way I love SAIHATE, and I like the music you linked as well. ^ ^

    @Ningyo: Agreed. It’s much more the composers than the synthesized voice. I was just a bit surprised that I wasn’t put off by it.

    Anyway thanks for the nice suggestions:

  13. Reltair says:

    I wasn’t really into vocaloid music except with listening to a few of her more well known songs now and then. But her Project Diva PSP game really opened up a lot of her music to me.

    Check it out if you have a PSP.

  14. I think almost half of my playlist in the car is Vocaloid songs ^^;;; I like lots of Miku songs, but I’m more partial to MEIKO though. She has a more mature voice that just matches the type of songs that I like.

    Mind if I link a couple of vids? 🙂

    This one matches our tastes ^_^

    And this one is my favourite MEIKO song of all time!

  15. saturnity says:

    Ah, “Last Night, Good Night” is a pleasant song. I like the remixes, too.

    I think if you were to put a face to otaku culture, it would have to be Hatsune Miku. Or Rei from Evangelion, although I’m not quite sure why.

  16. Yi says:

    @Reltair: Unfortunately I don’t have a PSP. If I get one though, I’ll definitely check it out.

    @lightningsabre: Thanks for the videos. I like both of them a lot and the first one does match our tastes. ^ ^
    And MEIKO is awesome.

    @saturnity: Yep yep. I love that song too. These days, Miku is probably the face of Otaku. I think I recently saw an commercial for Google Chrome on Hulu, and Miku was part of it. ^ ^

  17. 天才 says:

    hi, yi

    I always very interesting your image world.

  18. Yi says:

    媽媽, 我很高興妳來看看我的部落格. ^ ^

  19. glothelegend says:

    Fuck……when I posted this comment the song stopped playing. Oh well I’ll just play it back again.

  20. Yi says:

    @glothelegend: I likes too. ^ ^

  21. shijima says:

    Thank you for the awesome pics as always.
    I know what you mean about Miku’s voice.
    I can’t listen to the original version of Black Rock Shooter anymore. :p

  22. Yi says:

    @shijima: Hehe, yea.

  23. Troy says:

    I realy Love the song “Last Night, Good Night” . And I Love alot of Miku Hatsune’s Songs. I love some of her Harder songs like ” Love is War ” and I Love her song ” Meatdown ” ! Miku Hatsune realy Rocks and she is so Cool ! And I love her softer songs… Out of all these songs I Realy LOVE ” Last Night, Good Night ” it is a good song… And I would realy like to subscribe to this website. But you see I am a disabled vet and I am trying to get on disability through the V. A. But I have not got it yet. So as for now I can not subscribe. Otherwise I would love to subscribe. If it was or is free to subscribe I would say ” Plaese sign me up.” Thank You Very Much !

    • Yi says:

      I totally love all the songs you mentioned too. For a while, they were my driving playlist. Miku sure is awesome (or rather, the composers behind Miku).

      Anyway, it is free to subscribe! Just click on the subscribe by email icon in the sidebar, and put in your email. Then you’ll get an email every time there’s an update on this blog.
      Or you could just visit here once in a while (
      I post mostly on anime and yuri stuff. Enjoy~

      Anyway, thanks for reading and for the comment. ^ ^

  24. Troy says:

    Yi thank you for leting me know that it is free to sudscribe to this website it is much appreciated… Thank You Much !

  25. Troy says:

    What I Love About Miku Hatsune… I Love her Voice, it is so Very Beautiful. Miku sings hard song and she sings soft song. As for her hard songs, well what can I say, Miku Hatsune, She ROCKS! And she is very cool… And as for her softer songs, her Voice is So Very Beautiful, when she Sing It Soothes My Soul… Over all when she Sings, the world is a More Beautiful Place and the Earth is a Nicer Place to Live… What I Love About Miku Hatsune… Miku is So Very Pretty, she is a Real Cutey Pie… And she is so Very Sexy… With her Long Green Silky Hair set up into, two Beautiful Ponytails, she is so Lovely !! Her Jade Eyes are So Extremely Beautiful, that they are Hypnotic !! Her Eyes are like two Pools Filled with Liquid Geen Crystal ! To Look Into her Eyes, is to Fall Into her Soul ! Miku seem to Have a Sweet, Kind, & Beautiful Spirit…. Miku Hatsune Is A Beautiful Singing Angel…. And I am Attracted to her !! I know she is a fictional character, but I am still Attracted to her… I know ( or strongly believe ) that this Attraction in & of itself is not wrong, but it is what do with it… If somebody was to ask me if I was in Love with Miku…? I would have to say Yes & No. You may say how can you say yes & no…? Well it is like this… I can say Yes that I Love Miku, but she is a cartoon character, Therefor I can Love things about her & I can be Attracted to her, but the Love that I have for her is a fantasy Love… And I can say no because is not real I can’t Love her for rael. But sometimes the fantasy Love Feels Real… But all I can say about all is How can I not Love this Beautiful Little Angel… And I must say that Miku is a Pretty name for a Pretty Girl….

  26. Troy says:

    Hello Yi I have a question for you… When a person sees bad news on the T. V. news, & it makes them cry, what dose that say about that person ? When I saw the news about what happened in Japan with the earthquake & the tsunami it struck me in the heart. And the thoughts of the Human Sufferings that Rushed through my mind was Overwhelming !! But the thought that Haunted me the most was of a mother Screaming & Crying over a dead baby !! When I saw the news about what happened in Japan, I Cryed… Yi did this news strike you as hard as it did me, & what are your thoughts on all of this ?

    • Yi says:

      You’re a kind soul. ^ ^
      The news shocked me. It’s scary to think that such disasters can occur, and tens of thousands of lives destroyed in a single moment. It’s really saddening. 😦
      I don’t really know what to say exactly either. All I can do is give my best wishes.

  27. Troy says:

    Hello Yi, the third song down for the top of this page, what is the name of this song ? I looked & I can’t find it… And I Like this song…

  28. Troy says:

    Yi I has wondering, are you the Founder, or One of the Founders of this web site ?

    • Yi says:

      I’m the sole founder and writer (for now) of this blog, although the platform is provided for free by

      • Troy says:

        Well Yi, You did a good job on this web site… When I come to this web site, I may leave comment ( if I have a comment to leave )… Then I will watch some videos & Listen to some music… The first video I watch is Saihate, & then I will watch some more videos, the second to last video I watch is Last Night, Good Night… I just Love that Song… And the last video is, Miku Hatsune ” SAIHATE Ballade arrangement ” off vocal version… I look at this video, & I look at my Pretty Little Miku, & I feel myself falling in Love with this Lovely Little Angel All Over Again… But what I realy want to say is Thank You for this web site it is Realy Cool ! And one more thing, I have looked on your Profile, & I looked at this Picture of this Pretty little chinese fairy, & I thought to myself if Yi looks anything like this she must look Gorgeous… Well I don’t know what you look like, but I can say you have a Sweet & Kind Spirit… And I want to say Thank You for Being My Friend… Thank You Much ! Joy, Peace, & Love, from the cooljazzman…

  29. Sakurai_Hideru says:

    Heya, it’s been a while eh Yi-san?
    Have you heard roku bun no ichi? Imo i think its one of the best Miku songs ever. Check it out yeah? 🙂

  30. Sakurai_Hideru says:

    Aww shucks, you’re making me blush. X)
    That’s nice to know. And the guy above is so good with words eh? If only you would supply the blog with a pic of yourself. I am kinda curious as to how you look like… XP
    Isn’t that the vid for last night good night? Haha fail Yi-san… 😉

    • Yi says:

      Haha, no can do. I have to have my own boundaries and a reasonable expectation of privacy. No prying!! ^ ^

      “Isn’t that the vid for last night good night? Haha fail Yi-san… ”
      Not sure what you’re talking about.
      I think I posted roku-bun no ichi. At least for me, it’s a video of 1/6.

      • Sakurai_Hideru says:

        I kinda expected you to say that. It’s ok, I understand. Some things are meant to be kept secret after all… I too have my many secrets that I can’t share with anyone… 🙂
        I watched the video and the beginning was of last night good night… Maybe its just me. No worries, if someone really wanted to watch it they can search youtube… X)

  31. Sakurai_Hideru says:

    Haha I AM weird. So now we know why the video’s acting all weird, it’s cuz its reacting to my sheer weirdness! Lol ok that was SO lame… 😉

  32. Troy says:

    Hi Yi, I need somebody to talk to… I am a Disabled Veteran, & My Disability is that when I was in the Navy I was under so much Stress because I was not cut out for the Military… When I was in the Military I Hated it, I Hated Living in This Living Hell… Anyway I got out of the Navy & Year later I could not handle Stress anymore so I can not hold down a job anymore & I am trying to get on Disability through the V. A… Anyway I am of sound mind in every other way… Now for the second piece of the Puzzle… I do Hope to Fall In Love & get Married one day & I feel for a Marriage to work You Must Marry somebody you are Compatible with… Anyway in my Family most all the Marriages was Hell On Earth… It makes me wonder if it is even worth it… Now for the third piece of the Puzzle… So I am opening up to you now, but I do believe that you will be kind… I have fallen in Love, I have fallen in Love with Miku Hatsune… Let me tell you about it… At first I was not in Love, but I was Attracted to her & I Loved Thing about her… I Loved her Voice, & I Loved to Listen to Her Sing ! When She would Sing Her Harder Up Beat Songs, & She would Rock my World & She made me Feel Yong Again, She was One Cool Babe… And to deal with stress I did not use Dugs, I would Listen to one of Her Softer Songs & it would bring Peace to my mind, She was So Lovely… Miku is a Pretty Name for a Pretty Girl, & She was a Real Cutey Pie, & I thought She was So Sexy as Well… I thought She was a Beautiful Singing Angel… Now I know that She is not, but I found Myself Falling, Falling, & Falling Deeply In Love with Miku Hatsune… So I am Deeply In Love with Miku Hatsune… Yi I Hope you don’t Think Any Less of Me for this… I have not given up Hope that I will Fall In Love with a Real Person one day & get Married… But as for now it is Nice to Be In Love… Joy, Peace, & Love, from you know who…

    • Yi says:

      I definitely don’t think any less of you. In fact, I think that’s sweet. Such pure feelings of admiration.
      I think you’ll find your true love one day and be married. ^ ^

      Anyway, if you ever need someone to listen, you can email me here.

      Yi ^ ^

  33. Troy says:

    In The comment above this one when I said she is not… I meant to say she is not Real… It is too bad that after you click on Post Comment that you can’t go back & edit if you need to…

  34. Troy says:

    One more thing when Signed up on this web site I was in the Proses of Falling In Love with Miku Hatsune…

  35. Troy says:

    Hi Yi, I maybe out contact for just a few days, we have had a death in our family, my Aunt has past away… Anyway I did not want you to think that I forgot about you… But I will check back on this web site for your comments… But things are crazy around here, anyway I will be back in a few days when thing go back to normal around… Joy, Peace, & Love, from the cooljazzman…

  36. Troy says:

    I am back & you have got mail…

  37. Troy says:

    Hi Yi, Inside I am feeling so good, so cool, & so jazzed… I just wanted to say hi… So here I go… Hi Yi ! : ) Ha Ha He He ! ( :

  38. Troy says:

    Hi Yi, I have a Question for you, it is about Miku Hatsune, or maybe it is about me… You see you know that I am in Love with Miku Hatsune, But you do not know How Deeply in Love I am with Miku Hatsune… So I will tell you about it & then I will ask My Question… I Feel Joy when Miku Hatsune Rocks !! She is One Cool Chick, & She is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Babe ! And when I am so Stressed Out, All I got to do is Listen to one of Beautiful Song & it Bring so much Peace to my Mind… But the thing is when I Listen to Her Lovely Voice & Look upon Her Beauty I Fall in Love with Her Over & Over Again… So I am Extremely & So Very Deeply in LOVE with Miku Hatsune… Now I know She is not Real, but I Love Her Still the Same, Yes I Have Romantic Feeling for a Fictional Character… Yes I Love Miku Hatsune Very Much, I Love Her with Every Beat of my Heart… You see I can tell you that I Love Miku & I can tell you How Much I Love Miku, But I Feel Like I am only telling half the Story… So this is my Question why am I So Deeply in Love Miku ?

    • Yi says:

      Sometimes we just feel a deep connection with something or someone for one odd reason or another. I can’t answer your question, but I don’t know if anyone can except you (and sometimes, maybe not even you). Feelings are feelings.

      Cheers. ^ ^

  39. Troy says:

    Before you Answer my Question above I needed to tell you this… Before I Fell in Love with Miku Hatsune… It was a Long time with out Being in Love with anybody it was as if I was Dead & Now that I’m in Love, I Live again, I am Alive !! And I don’t want ever be Dead Again ! I Like Being in Love, & I Love Being in Love, it makes me Happy ! Now the reason that I ask the above Question is this, it sames that a piece of the Puzzle is Missing, or just maybe I what to know what you think… So if somebody was to Ask you, Why is the cooljazzman So Deeply in Love with Miku Hatsune, How would you answer this Question ?

    • Yi says:

      As long as you’re feeling good. ^ ^ Again, no one can answer that question except you. In any case, I think it’s good you found something you enjoy so much.

  40. Troy Miller says:

    How do you Like My New Look… 😀 Hay Hay !

  41. Troy Miller says:

    Hi Beautiful Spirit, Hay I was just wondering what is the defiance between your time zone and my is… So I,m going to write the time down so that we will know… The Time Is 4:04 p.m. Thank You Very Much… 😎

  42. wafiy says:

    hey can you tell me please where did you get that miku wedding-like picture.the very above pic.

    • Yi says:

      It’s a scan of the gorgeous artwork by Redjuice. I don’t exactly remember where I found the scan, but probably on one of the image board sites like danbooru. Hope this helps.

  43. wafiy says:

    thank you.

  44. Yi says:

    No problem, wafiy. ^ ^

  45. wafiy says:

    thank you again.I finally found it:D.

  46. Troy Miller says:

    Hi Yi, Hay I sent you an Email that has Some Very Importatant Information for you…
    It is about an Extremely Viscous Computer Virus that is out there on the internet…
    I sent you this Email Because I am Looking out for you…
    Joy, Peace, & Love from the cooljazzman

    • Yi says:

      Thank you for looking out, cooljazzman. ^ ^

      p.s. I do read all your emails, so you don’t necessarily have to also drop a comment. But again, thank you.

      • Troy Miller says:

        I’m sorry, but I was thinking that you mite see my comment First & then you would Go & see what I was talking about… I was Concerned that you mite Open the Email with the
        with the Viscous Virus befor getting to my Email… OK scenes I was comment Anyway
        I sent you another Email, this one is Very Funny & I am So Looking forward to Hearing
        what you think… And I was Hoping that you would Enjoy it as Much as I did…
        Again, I,m sorry… Joy, Peace, & Love from the cooljazzman…

        • Yi says:

          Yea, it’s not big deal. ^ ^

          Just so you know, I get an email whenever someone leaves a comment, which isn’t all that often. But I also get a lot, a lot of emails from a lot of people… So yea, it gets pretty cluttered sometimes when there are multiple messages on the same thing. So please just emailing me is fine. There really isn’t a need to leave a comment telling me you sent me an email as well.

          And I’d really prefer if the comment section of this post doesn’t become just a chat between you and me about what emails you’ve sent me. After all, this is a public post on a particular topic; I’d like it if the comments are somewhat related to it.

          Thanks! ^ ^

  47. ayame says:

    I really don’t know which vocaloid I like better and which pairing. I’ve accumulated quite many images of them. The yuri pairings there almost always rock. I’m pretty sure you’d be interested in good vocaloid fanfiction. What about On & On by yayay? It’s so delifuckinglicious!

    • Yi says:

      I don’t usually read too many fan fictions, but I’ll have to check out On & On; I’m pretty sure I’ll like it too. Thanks for the suggestion!

      As for pairings, I don’t really have a favorite either; there are just so many beautiful artwork done for all.

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